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Constructing Journal Week 7 Tutorial: Site Visit Level 1 of the building is a lightweight timber floor. And currently level 3 is the roof which is yet to be poured (concrete). Figure 7

Figure 6

Figure 1

This project consists of 6 buildings with 411 apartments The structure of the buildings are lightweight structures. The bond deck (Fig.3) before it is put on the building is all rolled Figure 2 up. The bond deck is used to both reinforce the concrete when it is poured, as well as holding the concrete in place when it is poured. Up on the top of the bond deck the formwork could be seen (Fig. 2, Fig 4), the formworks job is to hold the concrete in place temporarily until it has set. The formwork is also propped up Figure 4 so that just incase the concrete exhorts a large amount of pressure on the formwork and it cant stay in place.

Figure 3

Figure 8

Figure 7 and 8 show the post tensioning of the steel cables before the concrete is poured in situ. The reason for this tensioning is that it pulls all the concrete together and makes it stronger once it has been poured and dried as the cables contract once the tension is released. For post tensioning there is a live end and a dead end. At the dead end there is an ‘onion’ (Fig. 7)

Figure 5

Figure 8 shows a box that acts like bar caps - it protects people if they fall on the steel.

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Figure 9

Figure 12 Figure 10

Figure 13

Figure 11

Above in Figures 10 and 11 the outside shell and inside of the balcony shell of the apartments can be seen. It uses steel as its frame as it is very strong or tough.

This is the basement of the building. There is a rock anchor where a drill drills down and strands are put inside, it is similar to the post tentioning on the bond deck. But in this case there is circular casting where the strands are coming through. The peers support the cathing beams. The pipe (Fig. 13) is a stormwater pipe. Insulation is required in the walls because there are apartments above, it is needed for thermal protection. There is a bond deck in the ceiling of the basement which does exactly what the other bond deck at the top of the building does.

Readings and Glossary Word

A downpipe is a piece of PVC or steel piping that takes water from the gutter down to the stormwater pipe through to the stormwater drain. It is commonly used as seen in the photo to the right. The downpipe fit in nicely with the readings this week as the reading was about roof systems and a downpipe typically connects to the roof. The roof systems reading would have been more helpful if I was doing the Span Man option for my A02, however it was just as interesting regardless.

FIgure 16

A02 Site Visit 5 Below (Fig. 21) is a wooden beam which is in place (much like the steel beam) because of the large span. It is needed to support the floor above its loads

Figure 17

As can be seen in figure 22, there is plywood on the outside of the houses wooden frame. This is a form of bracing for the frame, and is used to stop the frame from twisting when forces such as those from wind act upon it.

Figure 18

There is reinforcing steel in the basement floor so that when the concrete floor is poured it is strengthened.

Above, the balcony of the first floors room can be seen. The BLUE is three Laminated veneer lumBelow is a window with a lintel beam brer pieces which are across the top of it to provide strength laminated together for across the wide opening of the winstrength, and the PINK dow as it is a weak point. The little studs is the floor joists for the at the top and bottom are called jack balcony, they support the studs. Figure 21 Figure 22 floor. Figure 20 shows a steel beam sitting on two posts. This is because there is a wide span opening and the beam takes the weight of the floor above and transfers it down into the posts holding it up. The steel beam is necessary to support the first floors floor loads.

Figure 19

Figure 20

These horizontal pieces of wood are temporary bracing so that the walls don’t fall inwards.

FIgure 23

The walls are being temporarily propped until the floor joists go on.

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Constructing journal week 7  
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