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Syllabus: English I Teacher: Captain Chesnoff Phone #: (941 )926-1700, ext. 515 Email:

The English I Experience: Welcome to 9th Grade English. During this course, I am confident that we can work together to create a novel academic environment – an environment where we can grow as language users as well as academics.

Goals: 1. 2. 3. 4.

To become experts at Close Readings and Higher Order Thinking. To improve our skills in Reading, Writing, Listening. Speaking, and Viewing. To become prepared for the Language or Verbal Obstacles which await you during the remainder of your high school careers. To use technology to enhance our literacy and learning experience.

The 3 Commandments: Commandment #1 - Thou shalt respect each other and the learning process. Commandment #2 - Thou shalt contribute in making our class a safe learning environment and in creating stimulating lesson sessions (through positive participation). Commandment #3 - *Thou shalt never forget Commandments #1 and #2!

SMA Procedures:  

Please refer to the Sarasota Military Academy School Handbook about school policies and procedures. The beginning of each class starts with the class being called to attention and either the TA, class leader, or myself calling role. Your response will be either “yes sir” or “here sir” (or mam when appropriate). Should any administrator walk into the room, you are to stop whatever it is you are doing and immediately come to “attention” until the administrator tells you to take your seats.

Materials: 

You are expected to come to class prepared with the following materials every day: o Notebook  Three Ring Binder (at least 2 inches thick)  10 Dividers (Syllabus & Procedures, Mini-Lessons, FCAT Practice, Vocabulary, Lectures, Language Activities, Quotations, Writing Critiques, Handouts, [leave this blank])  Notebook Paper o Composition Book (the black marble kind) o 2 Pens (Black Ink), 2 #2-Pencils (for tests) o Dry Erase Marker and/or 2 erasable whiteboard pens (expo) o 3 Highlighters (One Yellow, One blue, One Pink) o 1 Old Throw Away Clean Sock o Sticky Notes/Post-its (73mm x 73mm or 27/8 in x 27/8in) o Flash drive or jump drive for saving assignment (USB connection) o $10.00 Supply/activity fee (this is a one time fee) Failure to be prepared for class will result in a drop in your employability grade. 1

Policies and Procedures: 1. Attendance  Absences will be marked unexcused until and unless student provides a written excuse from a parent/guardian for faculty signature. Written excuses are required, regardless of whether or not the parent called or contacted the school prior to or on the day of a student’s absence, and must be submitted within three days of the student’s return to school. 

If the student is tardy, please go to the Tardy Tank to acquire a pass so you may be allowed back into class. Doors will be locked at the beginning of each class.

Three unexcused tardy constitutes a 5 point drop in the student’s employability grade.

At SMA, the bell does not dismiss the class – the teacher dismisses the class. Do not begin to pack up your things until class is dismissed. Before dismissal I will call the class to attention and inspect the room to make sure it is left clean. Your cue to leave will be when I say, “Have a nice day.” Your appropriate response will be “Thank You.”

2. Homework & Assignments  All hand written assignments must be in black ink. 

Essays and projects need to adhere to the requirements described on the paper format sheet that will be given to you.

All the work turned in must contain your name, period, and the assignment’s due date.

3. Tests & Quizzes  The purpose of testing is to evaluate the student’s comprehension of the subject; therefore, the test is given at the completion of the topic or project. 

Students will be given a minimum of one week’s notice prior to a unit test so that they will have ample time to study.

Quizzes are used as a form of progress monitoring to determine how the students are grasping the material. They will sometimes be announced one to two days prior and they will sometimes come as a pop quiz.

4. Integrity  If the student cheats in class punitive actions are as follows: o Teacher/Parent Conference o Teacher/Parent/Administration Conference o Student receives a grade of “0” on assessment (test) 

Plagiarism, when you copy someone’s ideas or writing, is considered cheating and will result in a grade of “0” on an assignment.

4. Bathroom Policy  Students in High school are expected to handle going to the bathroom in a mature fasion. They will sign out of class with the TA and get a bathroom hall pass. Students should try to go between classes if possible and sparingly during class. o Students will be allowed to go twice per week. Each additional usage will result in a 5pt drop in participation in employability. o If you have any medical reasons that require you to go to the bathroom on a regular basis, please have your parent email me about it. 2

Grading Scale: For Class Average 100 – 90 …………A 89 – 80 …………B 79 – 70 …………C 69 – 60 …………D 59 – 0 …………F For Individual Assignments A+ 100 A 95 A92 B+ 88 B 85 B82 C+ 78

C CD+ D DF 0

75 72 68 65 62 59 – 1 0

Grading Breakdown Classwork, Assignments, & Tests – 70% Employability – 20% Midterm / Final – 10%

Make-up Assignments or Tests:    

Assignments are made up in two days, if and only if the student has a permissible admit – no exceptions. Tests are made up during the lunch period or before school. Please turn in assignments on their due date and during the class period. If accommodations are needed, please work out arrangements with me as soon as possible and before the assignment is due.

ABSOLUTELY NO LATE-WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED. ***If you need to stay after school for help or make-up work, please schedule an appointment with me. I typically stay after on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Dear Parents, Please review this syllabus with your child. These policies and procedures are used to make the class run smoother and in turn create a positive and productive learning environment. If you understand these classroom policies and procedures, then please sign this sheet along with your telephone number.

Print Student’s Name:

Student Signature:

Parent Signature:

Email Address:

I prefer to be contacted by (check one box):

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*Email is the fastest and most convenient way for me to communicate. Please print your email address so that I will be able to contact you. If you do not use email, please write NA on the line.


English 1 Syllabus  

Description of classroom procedures and student expectations.

English 1 Syllabus  

Description of classroom procedures and student expectations.