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 y t r a P s a m t s i r h C Organizing Committee Application

GOAL •  To celebrate the Christmas holiday and to bond with fellow AIESECers from all LC’s •  To immerse the EP’s into Filipino Christmas culture and to strengthen our international bonds •  To bring back old and new members •  To reward ourselves for all the hard work we all accomplished throughout the year

ProgramHeads •  In-charge of creation of the programs and program flow of the party and theme if possible •  In-charge finding hosts (or hosting) and creating the script •  In-charge of listing all possible materials that will be needed for the programs/games •  In-charge of making sure the guests are participating in the program •  In-charge of the music that will be needed for the game

reati v es C •  In-charge of creation of posters or videos to promote the Christmas party •  In-charge of creating the Events page for this event •  In-charge of creating special awards for the guests and prizes •  In-charge of documenting the event (picture taking, video taking)

ogi s ti c s and F i n ance L •  In-charge of budgeting for the materials needed for the programs/games •  In-charge of budgeting for food and drinks •  If there is a need for extra funds, creates an entrance fees •  In-charge of making sure all materials are ready at least a day before the event •  In-charge of setting up the place for the party

PublicRelations •  In-charge of promoting the Christmas party to all AIESEC LC’s •  In-charge of promoting the Christmas party to EP’s that are currently in the Philippines •  In-charge of updating and managing the events page •  In-charge of the reception desks for when guest arrive and ensuring they know the programs •  In-charge of taking care of any concerns of the guests

Requirements Just answer these simple questions: •  What makes you qualified for that position? •  What will you do to ensure that this event will be the most memorable Christmas experience for all AIESECers? Email your name, position, department and school schedule plus the questions above to


Deadline •  Dec 3, 2012 at 11:59 PM •  Results will be released on Dec 5, 2012 •  First OC meeting will follow that Friday at 2:30PM

Christmas Party OC Application!  

Please check the requirements carefully! Apply now! :)

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