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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Town proud to be home of newly-elected representatives By Andrew Ragali The Cheshire Citizen

Election Day victories will send two Cheshire Democrats to Washington. Chris Murphy, who moved to Cheshire from Southington in 2006, defeated Republican Linda McMahon and will take over the seat of retiring U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman. Elizabeth Esty, a resident of Cheshire since 1994, kept Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District in the hands of De-

mocrats by defeating Republican Andrew Roraback to win the seat that Murphy left to pursue the Senate. Ernest DiPietro, Democratic town chairman, said the focus of both Murphy and Esty will now be wide-ranging, and they won’t be able to contribute as much directly to the town. Still, DiPietro said “for us, it’s a big deal, and a very nice thing to be able to say.” He thinks residents can draw plenty of pride from the fact that a small town such as

Home sweet home

Citizen photo by Joy VanderLek

The Cheshire Historical Society hosted its annual Gingerbread House Workshop Nov. 18. The event is free and lead by master gingerbread architects Dave and Diane Calabro. Above, 7-year-old Isabella Wiltshire, of Cheshire, takes care in constructing her house. See additional photo page 27.



Cheshire has two residents playing important roles at the Capitol. “You had New Haven with Sen. Joe Lieberman and Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, but in recent memory, it doesn’t really happen,” DiPietro said, pointing out that New Haven has a much larger population than Cheshire, making the occurrence even rarer for the town. “It’s a great tribute to Cheshire.” Democratic Town Councilor Michael Ecke served with Esty on the Town Council from 2005 to 2008, and thinks she’ll get a lot done in the 5th District. Ecke said “it’s fantastic” that both Esty and Murphy are representing the town. “There can’t be too many cities in the country with a U.S. senator and congresswoman,” Ecke said.

Town Council Chairman Tim Slocum, a Republican, said he has a good relationship with both Esty and Murphy. “These are very intelligent people,” he said, “but basically, we have a different view on politics.” Slocum said he doesn’t agree with the direction of the Democratic Party, but he did credit Esty for saying she would try to reach across the aisle. He added, however, that she might have said that because Democrats aren’t the

majority party in the U.S. House. “I have more concern with Murphy in the Senate,” Slocum said. “That’s where the Democratic majority exists.” Slocum said he doesn’t want pork barrel politics to be the reason any federal money comes to Cheshire now that the town has two representatives in Washington, and he doesn’t think that will be the case. Slocum said that the only possible measure that could be examined at the federal level and would affect Cheshire is the Clean Water Act, which has forced municipalities in the state to fund upgrades to wastewater treatment plants, Slocum said. “That’s maybe something they could look at,” he said. Despite their political differences, Slocum said, “I do take a measure of civic pride that the town of Cheshire has attracted these two people to live here.” Slocum said that Esty and Murphy, who both have fami-

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The Cheshire Citizen — Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dogs and owners learn the basics at obedience class COUPON

By Joy VanderLek The Cheshire Citizen




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Walker Luoma-Blagys tries to keep his balance as he trains with his dog Chestnut during a recent class at the youth center. approximately 20 dogs, with owners, participate. Giannetti does not hesitate to dole out discipline and yet uses exaggerated praise for a dog that has followed instruction. He offers a string of “good boys” to an enormous German shepherd that appears to understand and falls

under the spell of the trainer. It’s owners who have to learn to “understand the mentality of a dog,” Giannetti said. “A lot of us relate to a dog like they are human beings. Dogs are not human beings.” His teaching method See Dog, page 4

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Some dogs barked, some jumped and a few didn’t listen at all. Each dog enrolled in the Monday night beginning obedience training class at the Cheshire Youth Center brought along some emotional baggage. For instance, Maggie, a 7month-old Brittany, was in for her second round of obedience classes. Her owner said she was not quite ready to advance to the next level. Isobel, a beautiful, spirited black lab was a little too energetic. Spencer Biondi, a cockapoo is a little more than a year old and his owner said he was a bit too “fresh” and “spoiled.” One little dog, a rescue Chihuahua named Blue had the bad habit of nipping at the owner’s husband. No matter the concerns, instructors Bruce Giannetti, Phil Huntington and Kathy Queen were ready to pull these pups into shape. The three instructors have a combined total of 100 years of experience. Lead instructor, Gianetti was an AKC judge when he was 19, many years ago. “A lot of people who came to my class,” he said, “now their kids are coming to the class.” The class lasts an hour and

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Thursday, November 29, 2012 — The Cheshire Citizen


“Elizabeth and Senatorelect Murphy share a hometown, but most importantly they also share a strong, proven commitment to fighting for the needs of Connecticut’s middle class families,” he said. “When she served as a member of the Cheshire Town Council and as a state representative, Elizabeth was proud to fight alongside Congressman Murphy for the needs of their constituents, including working to ensure that displaced workers received new job placements or early retirement packages when Pratt & Whitney closed its Cheshire plant. Elizabeth is looking forward to again working with her friend and neighbor, Senator-elect Mur-

comment directly, said campaign spokesman Jeb Fain. “Elizabeth is honored that voters have given her the opportunity to represent the hard-working people of all of the 41 cities and towns of the 5th District, including her hometown of Cheshire,” Fain said. “Elizabeth has been proud to call Cheshire her home for almost two decades. She’s raised her family in Cheshire, been an active member of the community, and she will continue to live in Cheshire as a member of Congress.” Fain said Esty and Murphy have a history of working together for Cheshire, and will continue to do so as they serve higher office.

Continued from page 1 lies, make themselves very available in town, and that he often sees them at local pizza and bagel shops. “I wish them the best of luck in a really tough environment,” he said. Murphy couldn’t be reached directly for comment, but Ben Marter, his campaign spokesman, said, “Chris has been proud to represent Cheshire in the House, and is delighted that Elizabeth Esty will be joining the delegation.” “They’ll be a great team for Cheshire and all of Connecticut,” Marter said. Esty also was unable to

date after upsetting House Speaker Chris Donovan in an August primary. Murphy was first elected to office in 1997, when he served on the Planning and Zoning Commission in Southington. He ran for higher office in 1998, and at the age of 25 unseated 14-year incumbent Angelo M. Fusco to represent the 81st House District. After serving two terms, he was elected to represent the 16th Senate District. He was elected to Congress in 2006. “Elizabeth and Chris are both quality individuals and politicians,” DiPietro said. (Contact Andrew Ragali at or on Twitter: @AndyRagz)

phy, to boost job creation and to stand up for the needs of middle-class families across the 5th District and across Connecticut.” DiPietro said Murphy and Esty always did their best for Cheshire, and were always open to make a case for the town’s needs. While they won’t be monitoring the town quite as closely, DiPietro still thinks there will be some “spillover effect in Cheshire.” Esty began her career in higher office when she became a state representative in the 103rd District in 2008, defeating Republican Al Adinolfi. In her 2010 re-election bid, she lost to Adinolfi. Esty became the Democrats’ 5th Congressional District candi-

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The Cheshire Citizen — Thursday, November 29, 2012

Parenting TV show

“Creating Cooperative Kids,” a talk show for parents and teachers, is scheduled for Wednesdays at 7 p.m. on Cox PATV15. Host Bill Corbett addresses parenting questions, interviews and demonstrates parenting tips for a live audience. He is the author of Love, Limits & Lessons: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Cooperative Kids. For more information, visit

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By Andrew Ragali The Cheshire Citizen A local man crashed his motorcycle into a tree on Ives Row early Thursday afternoon, Nov. 22. Police said 33-year-old Marc Kubovic, the operator of the motorcycle, sustained serious leg injuries and was transported to St. Mary’s Hospital for treatment. He is currently listed as in stable condition, according to police. The accident occurred at around 1:30 p.m., when Lt. Joe Mazzini said a man driving a motorcycle crashed on the side of the road. “The guy got pretty banged up,” he said on Thursday just

Continued from page 2

after the emergency call came into the police station. Cheshire police and Campion Ambulance Services responded to the accident, and on arrival found Kubovic lying next to his motorcycle off the north side of Ives Row. A preliminary investigation by police indicates Kubovic was traveling westbound and was approaching the N. Timber Lane intersections “when for unknown reasons, it left the paved portion of the roadway and struck a tree,” police said. The accident is under investigation by the Cheshire Police Traffic Division.

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The Cheshire

izen en Cit iz

W e welcome Simina Ionescu, MD Specialist in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics

Simina Ionescu, MD, has joined the Masonicare Primary Care Physicians practice. Dr. Ionescu’s primary role is within the geriatric assessment program. Known as Masonicare Pathways, the team conducts evaluations of cognitive, emotional and physical function and provides follow-up recommendations. In addition, Dr. Ionescu is part of the internal medicine staff and sees patients over the age of 55 from the community. Dr. Ionescu is Board-certified in internal medicine and geriatrics. She received her medical degree from Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest. Dr. Ionescu was formerly an attending physician at the Hospital of St. Raphael, where she oversaw geriatric assessments and also served as clinical education coordinator for geriatric fellows. Masonicare Primary Care Physicians is Masonicare’s community-based physician practice. For additional information or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ionescu, please call 203-265-0355. 1262362

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begins with learning how to talk to your dog in order to establish boundaries and tell them what you want and expect of them. Discipline first and cuddling later, he said. In class, owners and the dogs learn the sit command, lie down and stand. The command “stay” is a biggie according to Giannetti and Queen. “That’s the one that saves your dog’s life.” Giannetti asked the class “Who did their homework last week?” On cue, the Chihuahua named Blue, demonstrates that he has learned to sit on command. This surprises owner Diane Gagliardi. However, she confirms that she did practice with Blue. Since it’s a beginner class, Queen explained learning to walk is one of the basics. Speaking in a calm voice, Queen explained that AKC rules require that owners walk their dog in a specific way. “The idea is, the dog should walk with you on your left hand side” and “the leash should be loose.” The owner of two Newfoundlands, Queen said “People come in thinking that they are holding the leash, when actually the dog is holding them.” Huntington learned to train dogs from Giannetti, and after realizing he had a knack for it, started his own business. After so many years of training puppies and adult dogs, Huntington said, “I have a harder time training people than dogs.” When an owner offers his dog a treat, Huntington rolls his eyes at the offender. Treats can be given on occasion, but not to the point where the dog only behaves for food. Huntington also reminds owners to “correct immediately.”


Thursday, November 29, 2012 — The Cheshire Citizen

Holiday Briefs Christmas Fair First Congregational Church of Cheshire, 111 Church Drive, has scheduled its annual Christmas Fair for Saturday, Dec. 1, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The fair features the church’s famous “Cookie Walk” as well as a new room dedicated entirely to chocolate. Children may visit with Santa Claus. Lunch, including the church’s signature corn chowder and sandwiches, will be available. Handcrafted gifts from around the world, as well as Christmas items and home decor goods, poinsettias, pine centerpieces, one-of-a-kind scarves, and items from “Granny’s Attic” will also be offered. Parking is available behind the church. For more info, call (203) 272-5323.

Cheshire Grange craft show The Cheshire Grange has scheduled its first annual craft show, bazaar and bake sale for Saturday, Dec. 8, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the Grange Hall, 44 Wallingford

Road. Several crafters are scheduled to offer their wares. The event also features a Grange craft table, a bake sale, a bottle booth and a Grannie’s Attic. For more information, call (203) 272-9421.

Holy night

Holiday Wreath Walk The Highlands Health Care Center, 745 Highland Ave., has scheduled its 2012 Holiday Wreath walk for Friday, Dec. 7, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Participants will be given a wreath to decorate. It will

be returned to the care center

to be raffled off to benefit

The American Red Cross and victims of Hurricane Sandy.

For more information, call

(203) 806-2301 or (203) 8062309.

See Holiday, page 7

Art, Live Music & Comedy Friday, 11/30, 7-9 pm: Live Music w/ Alex J Cohen Project Saturday, 12/1: Live music with CHS Jazz Quintet, complimentary wine and appetizers. Opening gallery reception for awardwinning quilt artist Kate Themel.

An arts cafe for people of all stripes to chill and enjoy delicious nutritious food, amazing Friday, 12/7, 8:00 pm: Stand Up Comedy Night ($15/cover) art, great live music, stand up comedy and other entertainment

Tree lighting Cheshire Lutheran Church, 660 W. Main St., plans to construct a life-size crèche on the church lawn. The crèche will be illuminated at night.

Look hot. Stay warm.

130 Elm Street, Cheshire • 203.439.9161


Tree Lighting on the Green, hosted by the Cheshire Parks and Recreation Department, is scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 2 at 6 p.m. Join the Cheshire community Chorus in an oldfashioned carol sing-a-long at 5:45 p.m. Refreshments will be available. Santa is scheduled to visit. For more information, call the Cheshire Parks and Recreation hotline at (203) 250-2470 after 4 p.m.

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The Cheshire Garden Club’s 32nd annual Holiday Luncheon fundraiser is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 5, at Aqua Turf in Plantsville. Doors open at 9:30 a.m. Floral designer, Jacob Moss, is scheduled to speak. His holiday designs will be raffled after the program. Club members’ craft items will be available for purchase, as well as baked goods and decorated fresh green wreaths, swags, table arrangements and boxwood trees. A fee is charged. For more information and reservations, call Pat Lee, at (203)527-7576 or Sue at (203) 6319340.


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The Cheshire Citizen — Thursday, November 29, 2012

Republican Zupkus bucked election trend, is ready to take 89th House seat By Eric Heredia Special to The Citizen

In her first run for state office, Republican Lezlye Zupkus, of Prospect, man-

aged to defeat an 18-year House incumbent and buck an Election Day trend that saw mostly Democratic gains nationwide. Zupkus, 46, admits she

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still has a lot to learn about state government and legislation, but says she’s ready to get to work after she is sworn in, in January. Running in the 89th House District, which covers Bethany, Prospect and part of Cheshire, Zupkus defeated Rep. Vickie Nardello, co-chairwoman of the Energy and Technology Committee, by 233 votes, slightly less than 2 percent of all votes cast. Adam Grippo, Cheshire’s Republican town chairman, was a delegate at Zupkus’ convention and voted for her. He credits her victory to Zupkus’ hard work on the campaign trail, knocking on the doors of every Republican and unaffiliated voter in Cheshire, and called her a very personable candidate.

Zupkus is director of development for the St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation, which involves reaching out to corporations and individuals to raise money for medical equipment, an intensive care unit for infants and whatever else the hospital may need, she said. She has also worked on the annual Dorothy Hamill “Women Fore Women” Golf Tournament, which raises money for breast cancer screenings. “People could warm up to her ... and could see she’s a confident, approachable person they would like to see representing them in Hartford,” Grippo said. Zupkus also benefited from independent expenditures by Voters for Good Government, a super PAC

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Citizen photo by Christopher Zajak

Lezlye Zupkus, director of development, in her office at St. Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury.

based in Fairfield, according to Nardello. The group sent two mailers, on Nov. 1 and 2, to registered voters portraying Nardello as a tax-andspend Democrat who would raise taxes again if re-elected. “How BIG will Vickie Nardello’s next tax hike be?” one mailer read. State Democrats have filed a complaint over the expenditures, saying the group did not disclose them by the state deadline. Each violation carries a possible fine of up to $10,000. “The concern there is now you have interests outside of

Leif Olsen • Owner

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Thursday, November 29, 2012 — The Cheshire Citizen

Symphony concert

A joyful noise

The Cheshire Symphony Orchestra has scheduled the start of its 27th season with a concert Monday, Dec. 3, at 7:30 p.m., in Nelson Hall at Elim Park. A fee is charged. Under the direction of Richard Brooks, the Cheshire Symphony Orchestra is composed of students, professionals from various fields and retirees from

Cheshire and surrounding communities. The orchestra rehearses weekly at Dodd Middle School and performs three concerts annually. Qualified musicians are always welcome and string players are particularly

needed by the group.

Tickets are available at the

door, in advance online at tickets.nelsonhallelimpark.o

rg or in the Elim Park Place office from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Political Advertisement

Citizen photo by Joy Vanderlek

Cheshire Community Chorus Music Director Lisa Zolkiewicz-Ives, standing, left, as rehearsal begins for the “Rejoice, Sing and Be Glad” annual Holiday Concert for the Chorus. The concert is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 15, at 7 p.m. at Dodd Middle School. Tickets can be purchased at the door.

Elect 89th District Constitution Mortgage a division of BCI Financial Mortgage Corporation

NMLS 85688

Holiday Continued from page 5

Road to Bethlehem

Lessons and carols First Congregational Church of Cheshire has scheduled its annual Candlelight Festival of Lessons and Carols for Sunday, Dec. 16, at 4 p.m. The traditional service will feature carols, anthems and hymns sung by the congregation and the Chancel Choir. The public is welcome.

Purchase or Refinance Rates are lower than ever!

Thank You Bethany, Cheshire and Prospect I look forward to serving you in Hartford Paid for by Zupkus 2012, Paul R. Vallilllo, treasurer. Approved by Lezlye Zupkus

Now offering HARP No Equity No Problem


The Cheshire United Methodist Church has scheduled its Road to Bethlehem, a live, drive-through nativity for Saturday, Dec. 8. Visitors can view 10 scenes of the nativity, from the comfort of a vehicle, which features sheep, donkeys, goats and a llama. The Road to Bethlehem is scheduled for 5 to 8 p.m. in the parking lot of the church, 205 Academy Road. Admission is free. Donations of cash and non-perishable food

items will be accepted for local food and fuel banks. In case of inclement weather, call (203) 272-4626 for cancellation information. For more information, call (203) 272-4626.



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The Cheshire Citizen — Thursday, November 29, 2012

Zupkus Continued from page 6

the towns and Connecticut weighing in on a state House race,” Nardello said. “You’ve got to ask yourself, ‘Why would people do that?’ In my

case you can tie it to energy ... wealthy corporate interests worked with my opponent to defeat me so I would no longer be chair of the Energy and Technology Committee.” Zupkus said she had read

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about the mailers, but didn’t receive them at her home. She said she didn’t even know what Voters for Good Government is. She also said she was unaware of Nardello’s record of fighting for consumers and keeping tighter regulations on business. Nardello claims Zupkus ran a negative campaign but Zupkus said she just pointed out the facts about Nardello’s voting for tax increases, the early release prison credit program and to abolish the death penalty in Connecticut. “Eighteen years is way too long,” Zupkus said. “Everyone I spoke to was upset about the death penalty.” Nardello defends her sup-

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heard on the campaign trail, she said. She said she’s spoken to college graduates with master’s degrees who can’t find a job. Young voters who answered the door during her campaign said jobs are the most important issue for them, Zupkus said. “They want to be out on their own,” said Zupkus, a Mississippi native. “We want to encourage people to come here to live and work if they choose to do so.” On election night, after beating Nardello, Zupkus said helping small businesses grow and create jobs would be her top priority at the Capitol. Beyond tax increases, she opposes what she considers anti-business mandates like the paid sick leave requirement for companies with more than 50

port of the state budget with its tax increase, but she said she would not have raised taxes again. “The suggestion that I would seek to continue to raise taxes is patently false,” she wrote in an email. “The budget was put in balance through a tax increase which was structured to have the least impact on middle income earners. Singles earning $50,000 and couples earning $100,000 saw no increase. We also balanced the budget through over 800 million dollars in spending cuts and millions in employee concessions. “No legislator likes to raise taxes. There are times that we must in order to be responsible,” she said. But Zupkus said high taxes discourage private enterprise and make Connecticut unfriendly to business, which hurts average residents, a common refrain she

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Thursday, November 29, 2012 — The Cheshire Citizen

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opers. In her free time, Zupkus said she enjoys exercising, biking, hiking and running. She ran in the New York City marathon in 2006, finishing in 4 hours and 26 minutes.

She’ll be sworn in as a state representative on Jan. 9.

(Contact Eric Heredia at or on Twitter: @EHerediaRJ)

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approached again, but she felt her kids were too young and Kathy Brown really wanted to run, she said. Her husband, Greg Zupkus, owns BNE Energy, a group of private wind devel-


I see babies having babies all the time and I don’t think Continued from page 8 God intended that to happen but that doesn’t mean I would want them to have employees. “I think businesspeople abortions,” Zupkus said. Zupkus served on the just above or under will adPlanning and Zoning Comjust to prevent from hitting mission in Prospect and was that benchmark,” she said. During her time as south- the fundraising coordinator ern New England account for M. Jodi Rell when Rell coordinator for Clinique was lieutenant governor. Inc. and district sales man- She also served on the board ager for temp agency Jaci of directors at Holy Cross Carroll Staffing Services, High School in Waterbury. She attended Embry-Ridshe says she learned about the anti-business climate in dle Aeronautical University in Daytona, Fla. At first she Connecticut. With Republicans general- wanted to work for NASA, ly faring poorly with women but she said she soon realvoters nationwide, many ob- ized she was too much of a servers have speculated that people person to sit behind a the party needs to change its computer all day, so she platform. Zupkus wouldn’t went into management. Zupkus said Republicans answer whether or not she approves of state grants for first approached her about Planned Parenthood, saying running against Nardello in that she would have to look 2008, but a more pressing into the issue further. She family issue came up. “I went to China to adopt considers herself pro-life but supports sex education my second child,” Zupkus said. and contraception. “Working at the hospital, Two years later, she was


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The Cheshire Citizen — Thursday, November 29, 2012

Library Briefs PARK

Humorist program


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The Cheshire Public Library has scheduled cook book author and food writer Adrienne Kane for Thursday, Dec. 13, at 7 p.m. She plans to discuss her book United States of Pie. The program includes a book signing and samples of pie. The program is free and open to the public. Space is limited. For more information and to register, call (203) 272-2245 or visit www.cheshirelibrary,org.

December is Show Your Card month in Cheshire. Library patrons may show their Cheshire Public Library card at participating businesses to receive a discount. Show Your Card is supported by the Cheshire Chamber of Commerce and the Cheshire Economic Development Commission. For more information, visit www.cheshirelibrary .org.

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The Cheshire Library has scheduled Joyce Saltman for Monday, Dec. 3, at 7 p.m. Saltman will present “Are You an Innie or an Outie?” She will explore the myth regarding introversion and extraversion. The program is free and open to the public. Seating is limited; registration is required. For more information and to register, call (203) 272-2245 or visit

Sweet Pie

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Thursday, November 29, 2012 — The Cheshire Citizen

Contract gives unionized library workers 2.3 percent annual raise By Andrew Ragali The Cheshire Citizen

the contract attractive, even though he also disagreed with wage increases. “I don’t disagree with David,” Slocum said. Slocum said that if the contract wasn’t passed, it would go to binding arbitration, which would cost the

town more money and wouldn’t allow the town to negotiate specific language. Instead, he decided enough of a balance was struck to pass the contract. “It had some realistic changes that we thought outweigh negatives in wage

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The children’s department at the Cheshire Public Library is looking for donations of new or gently use LEGO blocks for children’s programs. Small Legos are preferred, but all donations are accepted. For more information, call (203) 2722245, ext. 3003.

rates,” Slocum said. Basel said a four-year contract was negotiated for stability and in part “to see where the economy is going in those four years.” (Contact Andrew Ragali at or on Twitter: @AndyRagz)

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A four-year contract approved by the Town Council gives unionized public library workers a 2.3 percent raise annually. The contract passed 5-3 Nov. 13 with Republican councilors Jim Sima, David Schrumm and Tom Ruocco voting against it. “Even though the salary standards seem modest by historical standards, I’m very concerned with being locked into salary increases over the next four years,” Schrumm said. “It’s going to be very difficult.” Bill Basel, president of the Cheshire library union, said that pre-recession wage increases were closer to 3 percent. “We’re satisfied with wage increases,” Basel said. “We know what the trend is in the industry.” Basel said an increase in the cost of living makes raises necessary. “I know the private sector is doing badly right now but when it’s booming we are stuck to our contract,” he said. Assistant Town Manager Louis Zullo said union library workers make between $15.81 per hour for an entry level clerk position, to $36.90 per hour for a department head position. The contract covers 18 employees. “There are six different job grades,” he said. The new contract stipulates that employees must pay more into medical and pension funds, and will pay higher co-pays and prescription costs as well. Even with raises, employees are “breaking even” with other costs rising, Basel said. Schrumm said that the town receives money from

three sources: growth of the grand list, state aid and taxpayers. He doesn’t expect the grand list to grow much in the next four years, and thinks state aid will decrease, “so the only source of money for raises is the taxpayer’s pocket.” “I find it difficult to go to people whose incomes are down and ask them to pay additional taxes,” Schrumm said. Fellow Republican councilor Tim Slocum approved the contract for two reasons. With the contract, he said library management got “better control over distribution of workers hours.” Also, the offsetting element of increased medical costs made

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The Cheshire Citizen Thursday, November 26, 2012

Honor Roll

Xavier High School has announced the names of local students named to the first quarter honor roll. Honors Michael Purcell, Daniel Tomanelli, Dongmin Jun, Henry Klaas, Joseph McCormack, Christopher Longo, Ian Pekar, Andre Zumerchik, Aiden McCormack, Austin Thomas of Cheshire.

St. Bridget Catholic School, Cheshire, announced the first quarter honor roll. Grade 6 high honors: Nicholas Bailey, Jenna Denomme, Alexandra Dwyer, Jameson Hardy, Kiley Herlihy, Swathi Jacob, Fiona McCormack, Luke Riemann, and Sandhana Sankar. Grade 6 honors: David Alino, Adrian Allegro, Sarah Alvarez-Petit, Cameron Casey,

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Michael Celentano, Catherine Ciampi, Alexa DeLott, Julia Dobie, Connor Dwyer, Todd Fournier, Dayna Freeman, Owen Guglielmino, Alexandra Hakim, Carolyn Marchak, Julie Ann Marciano, Brigitta Marcus, Luca Mazzella, David Michaud, Ashley Moore, Zachary Nemphos, Lauren Sirios, and Chase Wheeler. Grade 6 honorable mention: John Anderson, Devyn Bouchard, Antonio Giano, Mol-

ly Guglielmino, Shannon Lindsey, Dante Malaspina, Martina Monthei, Kevin Nellik, Jack Purdy, Natalia Resendez, Bridgette Riffe, John Waitkus, Patrick Walsh and Mackenzie Wolff. Grade 7 high honors: Giovanna DiRubba, Kiley Harnish, Gianna Mecca, and Charlie Spreda. Grade 7 honors: Dylan Albert, Nelson Alino, Juliana Amaral, Jack Argiro, Kailey


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Collins, Christopher Fryer, Reese Gallagher, John Garvey, Megan Horvath, Maia Jakubowski, Alexis Kaider, Caroline Kent, Kayla LaPointe, Elizabeth Mackey,Caroline Mayer, Evan Mikulski, Sarah Nastri, Jocelyn Oliva, Brian Perrotti, Klara Schommer, Victoria Shemo, Jessica Solnik, and Andrew Walton. Grade 7 honorable mention: James Ali, Evan Bajohr, John Deko, Riley Griffin, Liam Ireland, Amy Izzo, Christopher Lombardo, Kian McCormack, Jon Parenteau and Steven Rapillo. Grade 8 high honors: Colleen Carroll, Anthony Cifarelli, Justin Dillon, Cathleen Halasinski, Katherine Mackey, and Timothy Singler. Grade 8 honors: Richard Borecki, Grace Carey, Donald Ciampi, Nicholas Dobie, Melissa Gurzenda, Christian Hakim, Madeline Hekeler, Samantha Hekeler, Thomas Jenkins,Patrick Klaas, Rachael Krawiecki, Stephen Longo, Nathanial Marcus, Megan Maruzo, Stellina Mercadante, Caitlyn Napierkowski, Ashlee Pyne, and Michael Stickney. Grade 8 honorable mention: Reilly Barnes, Thomas Dobensky, Hannah Lawlor, James Miele, and Naomi Wells.

Cheer clinic

The Cheshire High School cheerleadering team scheduled its annual fundraising cheer clinic for Sunday, Dec. 2, at the high school. The clinic gives cheerleaders the opportunity to learn skills, cheers and dances taught by the high school team. The clinic is scheduled as follows: Kindergarten through grade 3 from 9 a.m. to noon and grades 4 through

See Schools, next page



Thursday, November 29, 2012 — The Cheshire Citizen

Schools Continued from page 12 8 from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. Bring a water bottle and snack. A fee is charged. For more information, call Lisa Frazier at (203) 804-1717.

The Musical Club of Hartford, Inc. announced its 36th annual scholarship competitions for high school students living or studying music in Connecticut. The piano competition is scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 5, at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 2080 Boulevard, West Hartford. The winds, strings and voice competitions is scheduled for Sunday, Jan. 6, at Hartt School of Music, University of Hartford. The deadline for applying for all competitions is Dec. 10. As space may be limited, interested students should ap-

Yellow House The Yellow House is located at 554 South Main St. (across from the Cheshire High School). For more information, call (203) 271-6690 or email cheshireyouthservices@ches High school Friday night activities All ninth through twelfth



grade Cheshire residents are welcome to attend the Friday events, scheduled from 6 to 11 p.m., at the Yellow House. All events are supervised by Cheshire Youth Service staff. All activities are free and held at the Yellow House unless otherwise stated on the registration/permission form. Middle school Saturday night activities All seventh and eighth grade Cheshire residents are welcome to attend the Saturday events, scheduled from 6 to 9:30 p.m., at the Yellow House. All events are supervised by Cheshire Youth Service staff. All activities are free and held at the Yellow House unless otherwise stated on the registration/permission form. Pre-registration is required for all. Youth Literacy Project The Youth Literacy Project is designed to promote reading among first graders through working one-on-one with a high school mentor,




tance of reading. The two hour meetings consist of a one-on-one


ence for each first grader paired with a high school volunteer followed by hands-on


See Schools, page 15


Scholarship competition

ply early. All winners must perform in a free concert at Westminster Presbyterian Church on Sunday, Jan. 20, at 2 p.m., at which time the prizes will be awarded. Applicants can download application forms and performance requirements from, click on High School Competition. The winners will share $4,000 in prize money. For further information, email Anne Mayo,

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The Cheshire Citizen — Thursday, November 29, 2012

Train show a big hit and great fundraiser for Ram band By Joy VanderLek The Cheshire Citizen

Cheshire High School was the destination for train lovers of all ages, during the November Fall Train Show presented by the CHS Ram Band the weekend of Nov. 17 and 18. The annual event is one of two shows sponsored by the Band Parents Association. This year, it was headed by BPA member Glenn Thompson, his first time in the lead position. “This is the largest show of its kind in the region,” Thompson said. It is a mega event. The full parking lots at the school and across Route 10 at Bartlem Park are full. “We had 1,500 at the last show in March.” Over 1,200 people were expected over the course of the day Sunday. The train show is a major fundraiser. According to BPA president Cliff Perdion, it’s the second largest fundraiser for the organization. That translates into almost a tenth of the operating budget. This helps defray costs families

Citizen photo by Joy VanderLek

The November Fall Train Show, presented by the Cheshire High School Ram Band, was fun for all ages. At right, 12-year-old Sam Unsworth and 10-year-old Cameron talk with Bruce Clouette of the CT Society of Ferroequinologists, train aficionados whose group was formed in the early 1950s. Sam and Cameron have visited many train shows and have their own train sets at home. 1265343



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would otherwise need to pay. Tom Kotulski, a teacher in Cheshire, coordinates the more than 60 vendors who participate in the show. The event had grown so large, vendors and layouts took up the three largest areas of the building: the east gym, the commons and the cafeteria. Every room was bustling with activity as people surveyed the train displays, accessories and layouts. Families, including grandparents, comprised much of the crowd. Dressed in a motorman’s full regalia of the period, Cary Arotsky, with the Connecticut Trolley Museum in East Windsor, took time to talk to the kids at the show and have his picture taken with them. “I am not a conductor,” he said, pointing to his motorman’s cap. His reason for being at the show was to promote the museum, and more importantly, interest those 12-years and older in becoming “guest” motormen with the privilege to operate a trolley. In the cafeteria, Dennis Caruso with the CT 5 Gaugers club drew a crowd by having smoke come out of the stack from his engine cars. Caruso said his club has been at the CHS Train Show for about 20 years. He loves the event and crowds. “It’s very kid-friendly, too,” he said. Vendors of train accessories and paraphernalia were in the Commons selling items such as cabooses and small-scale accessories for layouts, lengths of track and switches and railroad lanterns.

28 Eden Avenue, Southington

“the hunt is half the fun”

See Train, next page 1259976

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Thursday, November 29, 2012 — The Cheshire Citizen

Train There were also clubs with layouts. One elaborate display with a fishing port theme, held the interest of 6year-old Nolan Serra. Darryl Serra, his father, explained that his father, Nolan’s grandfather, was a railroad man for 30 years. “Once you’re with the railroad, you stay with the railroad,� he said. The layout


Continued from page 14

was set-up by The New Haven Society of Model Engineers, Inc. Bob Winnie is vice-president and said his HO-scale group appreciates the attention they get at the show. “We’ve been here for 30 years,� he said, adding he likes getting people interested in the hobby. The Cheshire High School Ram Band will present its Spring Train Show on March 3, 2013 at the high school from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


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and work of one of the PeaceJam Nobel Laureates, and the strategies they use to address pressing global issues. The program also includes the annual PeaceJam Northeast Youth Conference, where youth spend a weekend with the Nobel Laureate, giving them an unprecedented opportunity to exchange ideas and work towards becoming leaders in the community. The program meets twice a month from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Yellow House. For more information and for listings of upcoming programs, call (203) 271-6691 or email


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Dec. 2



lighting - Tree

Lighting on the Green, hosted by the Cheshire Parks and Recreation Department, is scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 2 at 6 p.m. Join the Cheshire Community Chorus in an old-fashioned carol sing-a-long at

5:45 p.m. Refreshments will be available. Santa is scheduled to visit. For more information, call the Cheshire Parks and Recreation hotline at (203) 2502470 after 4 p.m.

The Cheshire Citizen Thursday, November 29, 2012

27th season with a concert on Monday, Dec. 3 at 7:30 p.m. in Nelson Hall at Elim Monday Park, Cheshire. A fee is charged. Tickets are availConcert - The Cheshire able at the door, in advance Symphony Orchestra has online at or in the Elim scheduled the start of its Park Place office from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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Grange meetings - The Cheshire Grange is scheduled to meet on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at 44 Wallingford Rd. Visitors are welcome. For more information, call (203) 537-5212. Garden Club holiday luncheon - The Cheshire Garden Club’s 32nd Annual Holiday Luncheon fundraiser is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 5, at Aqua Turf in Plantsville. Doors open at 9:30 a.m. Floral designer, Jacob Moss, is scheduled to speak. His holiday designs will be raffled after the program. Club members craft items will be available for purchase, as well as baked goods and decorated fresh green wreaths, swags, table arrangements and boxwood trees. A fee is charged. For more information and reservations, call Pat Lee, at (203) 527-7576 or Sue at (203) 6319340.




Girls night out - The 2nd annual girls night out and holiday shopping event is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 6, from 6oto 9 p.m. at In Touch Massage & Spa, 350 South Main St. Admission is free; a donation of a nonperishable food item for the food pantry or a new, unwrapped toy for Toys for Tots will be collected. For more information, call (203) 272-9995 or visit Legislators at library – Incoming state and national legislators have been invited to appear at the Cheshire Public Library on Thursday,

See Calendar, next page


Thursday, November 29, 2012 — The Cheshire Citizen

Calendar Continued from page 16

Dec. 6, at 3:30 p.m. for an informal meet-and-greet with constituents. Legislators will have an opportunity to observe the library’s afterschool STEM program for children in grades 3-6, followed by refreshments with constituents in the library’s lobby.



Bazaar - The Cheshire Grange has scheduled its first annual Bazaar craft show and bake sale for Saturday, Dec. 8, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Cheshire Grange, 44 Wallingford Road. Crafters are wanted. For more information, call (203) 272-9421. Cheshire Women’s Club - The Cheshire Women’s Club is scheduled to meet Thursday, Dec. 6, at 12:30 at the Cheshire Senior Center. Sylvia Nichols, floral designer, is scheduled to share her ideas for decorating with flowers for the holidays. Members and guest



Blood drive - The American Red cross has scheduled a blood drive for Wednesday, Dec. 12, from noon to 4:45 p.m. at United Methodist Church, 205 Academy Road. For more information and to schedule an appointment, call 1-800-RED-CROSS (1800-733-2767) or visit




Police investigate burglary


Concert - The Cheshire Community Chorus has scheduled its 32nd annual holiday concert for the chorus for Saturday, Dec. 15, at 7 p.m. at Dodd Middle School. Tickets are available at the door.

The Cheshire Police Department is investigating a burglary at Salon Gary on Highland Avenue. Police say the business owner arrived to his shop about 7 a.m. Friday, Nov. 23, to find a back door had been forced open. The owner and police were still on scene trying to determine the circumstances of the burglary and what was stolen. –Richie Rathsack

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are asked to support the Pajama Program this month by donating children pajamas (sizes infant to teens) and books for children who live in shelters or never owned a pair of pajamas. For more information about the Cheshire Women’s Club or to join, call Trudy at (203) 272-1772 or come to a meeting. Black Belt testing Family Martial Arts and Fitness, 490 Cornwall Ave., has scheduled Black Belt testing and promotions for Saturday, Dec. 8, from 1 to 3 p.m. The public is welcome to watch. For more information, call (203) 439-9193.

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Festival of Trees

The Cheshire United Methodist Church, 205 Academy Road, has scheduled its annual Chocolate Café and Festival of Trees for Saturday, Dec. 1, from noon to 6 p.m. The event includes a silent auction, a chocolate café with desserts and beverages, crafts tables, a Christmas Shoppe and baked goods for sale. Admission is free and the public is welcome. For more information, call (203) 272-4626.

Quiet Christmas

The holidays can be a difficult time for anyone who is grieving, or for anyone expe-

riencing loss or transition of any kind. The whole world seems joyful and ready to celebrate, while those who grieve feel like their whole world is lost to them, or turned upside down. To address the needs of grieving people, Cheshire’s First Congregational Church annually conducts a “Quiet Christmas” service open to all. This service, led by the Rev. Alison McCaffrey, is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 13, at 7:30 p.m. The service welcomes the Christ Child into our midst in a deeply meaningful but subdued way. It is for anyone who has experienced a loss of any kind. We invite

The Cheshire Citizen Thursday, November 29, 2012

you to gather in the company of those who, more than ever, need God’s word of hope and strength, and who need to hear the angels sing. Parking is available behind the church. For more information, call (203) 2725323.

Lessons and carols First Congregational Church of Cheshire has scheduled its annual Candlelight Festival of Lessons and Carols for Sunday, Dec. 16, at 4 p.m. The traditional service features will feature carols, anthems and hymns sung by the congregation and the Chancel Choir. The public is welcome.

Services Calvary Life Family Worship Center, 174 E. Johnson Ave., Saturday – 6 to 7:30 p.m.; Sunday – 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. (203) 272-1701.

Cheshire Lutheran Church, 660 W. Main St., Sunday – 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Services; 9:10 a.m. education hour. (203) 272-5106. Cheshire United Methodist Church, 205 Academy Road, Sunday – 10:45 a.m. service; Sunday school, 9:30 a.m. (203) 2724626. Christ Community Church, 120 Main St., Sunday – 10:15 a.m. service; Sunday school, 9 a.m.; AWANA Wednesday, 6:15 p.m. (203) 272-6344. Congregation Kol Ami, 1484 Highland Ave., Wednesday, 6 p.m.; Thursday, 8 a.m.; Friday, 7:30 p.m. Shabbat service; Saturday, 10 a.m. service with Torah Study at 9 a.m. (203) 272-1006. Cornerstone Church, 1146 Waterbury Rd., Sunday services 9 and 10:45 a.m.; Youth Sunday 6:30 p.m., Wednesdays: Alpha 6:30 p.m. and Grapple 7 p.m. (203) 272-5083. Fellowship of Life

Church, 150 Sandbank Rd., Sunday - 10 a.m. Worship and teaching; Wednesday - 7:30 p.m. Revival prayer. (203) 2727976. First Congregational Church, 111 Church Drive, Sunday – 9 and 11 a.m. services. (203) 272-5323. Oasis, 176 Sandbank Rd., Sunday, 10:15 a.m. Children’s church and nursery available. (203) 439-0150. St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 59 Main St., Sunday – 8:15 a.m. Rite I; 10:30 a.m. Rite 2. (203) 272-4041. St. Thomas Becket Catholic Church, 435 No. Brooksvale Rd., Masses: Vigil (Saturday) 4 p.m. EST, 5 p.m. DST, Sunday 8, 9:30, 11 a.m., Confession: Saturday, 3 p.m. EST, 4 p.m. DST, (203) 272-5777. Temple Beth David, 3 Main St., 7:30 p.m. service Friday, except first Friday of month when family services are at 6:30 p.m. (203) 272-0037.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012 — The Cheshire Citizen

Not-yet-named restaurant generates buzz By Andrew Ragali The Cheshire Citizen Paul Zentek, owner of Zentek Farms, has partnered with two local businessmen to open a new restaurant on the former site of Scooples Ice Cream, at 839 W. Main St. The restaurant is under construction and still without a name. The property is being leased by Zentek to Cheshire residents Dennis Damato and Kurt Hummel. Zentek said the area has been the site of his farm stand for the past two years, but Damato and Hummel “are going to be taking over.” “I’m just trying to get better use of the land,” said Zentek, whose farm covers 40 acres. Zentek said he decided to find potential tenants for the property when “I had an idea about a year ago.” Hummel is the son of Robert Hummel, who along with his brother William Hummel emigrated from Germany and started Hummel Bros. in 1933. The company, based in New Haven, is still around today, and its hot dogs are famous in the region. They are served at Blackie’s Hot Dogs in Cheshire. Zentek described the

Photo by Joy VanderLek photo

The site of the former Scooples Ice Cream. restaurant as similar to a hot dog and hamburger stand. Damato said the restaurant “is going to have hot dogs and hamburgers, but it’s going to be better than that.” Asked if Hummel hot dogs are going to be served, Damato said, “Sounds like it.” He said the restaurant will also serve a variety of fried seafood. “We’re a little early in giving out information, the reason being — let’s be honest — we haven’t even settled on the name yet,” Damato said. That’s the way he likes it, though. Damato said he’s been hearing rumors around town and a lot of talk about

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sit in front of a golf driving range. Dill has driven by the location recently and said construction is moving fast. The building’s foundation will be finished in January, which will be when a name is settled on, Damato said. Zentek said construction should be finished by March. Dill doesn’t think there will be any heavy competition between the restaurant

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the restaurant, which he thinks will build anticipation and boost business. Chamber of Commerce President Sheldon Dill has heard rumors for a long time, “and that usually means there’s some substance to the rumors,” he said. Dill thinks the location is promising for what Zentek, Damato and Hummel are proposing. The restaurant would

and Blackie’s, which he called “an institution in the state and region.” “There’s certainly a big enough market for two restaurants like that,” Dill said. With the demographics of the town, Dill thinks there aren’t enough restaurants, so any additions are welcome. Besides Blackie’s, the only other hamburger and hot dog stand in town is Rose Dairy, a seasonal stand on South Main Street. “I think we need something like this for the town of Cheshire,” Zentek said. (Contact Andrew Ragali at or on Twitter: @AndyRagz)


CitizenOpinion Letter to the Editor

To the editor: I offer my sincere appreciation to the residents of Meriden, Cheshire, Middletown, Middlefield and Rockfall who have entrusted me as their next state senator. To represent the citizens of the 13th District in Hartford is truly an honor, and I will serve your interests with the utmost honesty, integrity and transparency. Once taking office on Jan. 9, I will work to further understand and advocate for the unique needs of your respective communities. In order to represent you well, it is important that I hear from you.

Feel free to share your thoughts and concerns by calling me at (203) 440-2272. I pledge to approach the challenges facing our state with a spirit of respect and bipartisan compromise that I believe is needed in today’s political climate. While doing so, I will continue to be a passionate voice for working families, fiscal responsibility, education, seniors, women and healthcare. Again, thank you for the privilege of serving as your next state senator. Danté Bartolomeo State Senator-elect

Government Meetings Monday, Dec. 3 Zoning Board of Appeals, Town Hall, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 4 Inlands/Wetlands Commission, Town Hall, 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 5 Parks and Recreation, Youth Center, 7 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 11 Town Council, Town Hall Council Chambers, 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 12 Environmental Commission, Town Hall, 7 p.m. Public Safety, Town Hall, 7 p.m.

Thursday, Dec. 13 Board of Education, Town Hall, 7:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 17 Historic District, Town Hall, 7:30 p.m. Library Board, Cheshire Public Library, 7 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 18 Economic Development, Town Hall, 7:30 a.m. Inlands/Wetlands Commission, Town Hall, 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 19 Public Building Commission, Town Hall, 7 p.m.

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Cheshire High School in the 1950s how times have changed By Annie Wnuck Special to The Citizen Imagine walking down the halls of Cheshire High and seeing nothing but poodle skirts and greased-up hairdos. When the school first opened its doors in the mid1950s these sights were common as it was during the age of Elvis that the Cheshire High School spirit was born. From that point forward, Cheshire players in their eyecatching scarlet and white uniforms were to be known as the “Rams” - a mascot likely chosen to instill fear in opponent teams. Back in the 1950s CHS was a very different school. The building itself was quite different. The cafeteria was only about half the size it is now. The auditorium did not exist and the stage was located in the cafeteria. In addition, the library was only about the size of one classroom. Cheshire High opened in 1953. Prior to that, high school age students in Cheshire attended local high schools in Hamden, Southington and Waterbury [Hall]. During the 1950s, only about 10 students drove to school, which was a good thing because parking was limited. A lot of students rode their bikes to school. There were class presidents and representatives, like there are today. There were school dances

The Cheshire

Cit i zen 11 Crown St. Meriden, CT 06450 News ............................................(203) 235-1661 Fax - (203) 639-0210 Advertising....................................(203) 317-2324 Fax - (203) 235-4048 Marketplace..................................(203) 317-2393 Fax ...............................................(203) 630-2932

The Cheshire Citizen Thursday, November 29, 2012

Olivia L. Lawrence, News Editor Stephanie Wilcox, Assistant News Editor Andrew Ragali, Reporter Joy VanderLek, Features Nick Carroll, Sports Editor Kimberley E. Boath, Advertising Director Christopher Cullen, Kathy Ford Advertising Sales Michael F. Killian, General Manager The Cheshire Citizen is published every Thursday by the Record-Journal Publishing Co. and is delivered by mail to all homes and businesses in Cheshire.

Submitted photo

This postcard of Cheshire High School, circa 1953, was published by Bond Mfg. Co., New Haven and is part of the Cheshire Historical Society collection. in the “old days”. The first prom ever held at Cheshire High was in 1955 and the theme was Oceania. Fortunately, some things about Cheshire High have changed. Back in 1955, the only sports available for girls were cheerleading and baton twirling. However, girls were allowed to participate in intramurals. Girls were required to take home economics, cooking and sewing. Boys had a chance to take automotive and drafting classes and were required to take a cycle of courses which included woodworking, metal shop and — surprisingly — homemaking. Today, students are able to choose most of the classes they take. According to Barbara White (class of 1957, the first graduating class of CHS to attend all four years) approximately 90 percent of stu-

dents who graduated in the 1950s went on to pursue some type of higher education such as college, secretarial school or the military. When White was a student, the dress code was much different than it is today. Girls were not allowed to wear pants, only skirts and dresses, and boys were not permitted to wear shorts. Some activities available to students at Cheshire High in the 1950s included glee club, debate team, drama club, archery and chess club. The school newspaper was called The Scarlet Banner. One of the most significant differences however, is the use of technology in education. Back in the 1950s, there weren’t the tools we have today to streamline the learning process. The closest See 1950 CHS, next page

Letters policy E-mail letters to; mail to 11 Crown St., Meriden, CT 06450 or fax to (203) 639-0210. The Citizen will print only one letter per person each month. Letters should be approximately 300 words. We reserve the right to edit letters. Letters must be signed and names will appear in print. Include a phone number so The Citizen can contact you for verification. Letters must be submitted by 5 p.m. on Friday to be considered for publication for the following Thursday.


Thursday, November 29, 2012 — The Cheshire Citizen

1950 CHS (Continued from page 20) thing to a computer was a typewriter, which has limited utility, even compared to the simplest computers. On the weekends, The Juke Box Willows was the place to be. Located just south of where Colorama paint shop is currently, The Willows was often filled with live music. Formerly located next to where 7-Eleven now stands, The Cheshire Theater showed movies on weekends. Students would also go to a burger joint called Lux’s Drive-In. In the winter, there were ice-skating parties, and in the summer swimming at Mixville. Sometimes there were sock-hops or dances. A great number of students worked after school. John White, a 1957 CHS graduate, recalls his teenage job at a small grocery store in southwest Cheshire called The Food Basket. During growing season, students from Cheshire High commonly worked on farms. Some students even had paper routes. In the 1950s, the average grade for a high school student was a C. Today, according to a national study done by Fresno State University, the average is a B+. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the average intelligence has increased. Interestingly, nowadays, everyone is above average. It is surprisingly drastic and almost unbelievable how the culture has changed since CHS first opened its doors. However, the school spirit and great reputation remain the same. Whenever you walk down the hallways, remember that you are walking in the footsteps of those who came before you. (Former CHS sophomore Annie Wnuck wrote this column in 2011 for the CHS school newspaper The Rampage.)

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Powderpuff team before… The defensive linemen, from left, Chandler Caso, Aly Sklenarik and Hannah Perlroth line up for a drill during powder puff practice at Cheshire High School Nov. 4. Photo by Justine Weekes

By Kimberly Primicerio Special to The Citizen Under the lights of Cheshire High School’s football field, senior girls ran plays, practiced blocking and passed footballs. Powder puff practice was held on a recent evening at the high school. Dozens of girls wearing gym clothes, mouth guards and cleats took their newfound knowledge of the game and put it to use on the field. They’ve been practicing hard and making their coaches proud. They have just one week left before they play their one and only flag football game against Southington High School. “My sister did it and she had so much fun,” said Catherine Pearsall, a senior and a captain on the team. “I definitely had to do it.” Pearsall, a soccer player who underwent surgery this fall, was happy to play a sport this season since she wasn’t able to play soccer her senior year. Since the start of practices, Pearsall said the coaches have been fun and good at giving direction, especially to the players who didn’t know a lot about the sport. “I knew a little bit from my dad and older brother,” said Alicia Torello, a senior and a captain on the team. “I didn’t know the technical stuff.” Torello said the experience has been exciting and interesting. “It’s different from any other sport,” she said. “It’s more physical.” Like many girls on the team, Torello wanted to play powder puff because it is a high school tradition. “You only get to play football once if you’re a girl,” she said. “So I figured, why not?” During the evening practice two groups of girls were on the field. One group lined up and practiced blocking

one another. Coaches explained that they can only use their hands on defense. At the other end of the field, girls practiced passing the ball. When a player made a great catch, cheers and applause could be heard. Senior Kierstyn Bourdeau has been waiting since her freshman year to play powder puff. “It’s the best senior experience,” said Bourdeau, who is also a team captain. With a father who played football in high school and college, Bourdeau knows the rules of the game and was

excited to get on the field. “This brings the senior class of girls together,” she said. Practice continued throughout the chilly and breezy evening. The team scrimmaged against one another and cheered one another on. “The girls have learned a lot,” said head coach George Gilhuly. “They can sit down with their fathers and explain the game to them now.” As Gilhuly chatted about his team he shouted out compliments and directions to his players. “You have to be loud to get over their voices,” Gilhuly joked. “If you’re not loud you won’t get anything done.” Between plays and player switches, the girls asked questions and Gilhuly was happy to answer. Just a week before their big game, Nov. 20 at Cheshire High School, the girls called the plays. Gilhuly said the team has common sense about football. They line up well and know what to do. “Great catch,” Gilhuly yelled as one player retraced her steps to catch the underthrown pigskin. He added, “They’re learning.”

…and after Southington won 13-10 on an interception returned for a touchdown by Maeghan Chapman and a 5-yard TD run by Erica Kosienski. It was the second win in as many nights for the Blue Knights Puff team, who beat New Britain 146 Monday night at Fontana Field, and the first time since 2005-06 that Southington beat Cheshire in back-to-back years. Matt Leidemer Submitted photo

Suited up and ready to go, the Cheshire girls take the field during last week’s powderpuff game at Cheshire High School.



The Cheshire Citizen Thursday, November 29, 2012

Senior Happenings

Tri-Town Holiday Party Friday, Dec. 7, 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Enjoy the holiday season at the annual Tri-town holiday party at Zandri’s Stillwood Inn. Full dinner menu is available. Cash bar. Entertainment by Bob Giannotti. A fee is charged. Registration Oct. 11 through Nov. 8. For information and cost, call (203) 272-8286. Wreath Stroll -Thursday. Dec. 6, 4:30 p.m. at The Village at Kensington Place, Meriden. Enjoy cocktails and hors

NMLS 85688


19, 4:30 p.m. Thousands of lights will brighten your spirits when you ride through Hubbard Park to view the beautiful displays. Dinner at the Green Olive diner in Meriden. Individual pay for dinner. Limited seating. Register by Dec. 14. Mature Driver Safety Program Screening DaysThursday, Dec. 20, 10 a.m. The free program, funded by a grant from the Jefferson House, is a way for older drivers to assess their own safety abilities related to driving. Individual appointments. Pre-registration is required; sign up at the senior center in person. For more information,c call (203) 272-8286. “Noon” Year’s Eve Party- Monday, Dec. 31, noon2 p.m. Ring In the New Year at the ‘’Noon” Year’s Eve Party complete with buffet lunch, party favors, noise makers and entertainment provided by Brian Gillie. A fee is


Senior homeowners age 62 and older. • Access To Additional Cash • Enhance Your Financial Security • Home Improvement • Peace of Mind Get The Facts

Cheshire Senior Center’s new social worker, Stefanie DiGioia Theroux. She is available Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday and Friday’s from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. C.H.A.T. Planning Meeting - Wednesday, Dec. 12, 10 a.m. Glucose screening - Friday, Dec. 14, 1 - 3 p.m. Complimentary glucose screening compliments of Cheshire House. No appointment needed. AARP Safe Driving Course - Monday, Dec. 17 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. A fee is charged. Check or money order only payable to “AARP”. Pre-registration and payment is required. Photo ID - Monday, Dec. 17 from 1 to 3 p.m. Senior Bookworms are Hooked on Reading - Tuesday. Dec. 18, 10 a.m. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Holiday Lights at Hubbard Park- Wednesday. Dec.

d’oeuvres as you view a wide array of wreaths decorated by their local sponsors. Choose your favorite one, make a bid and take it home for the holidays. There is no fee; Registration is requested at (203) 272-8286. Transportation is available upon request, but seating is limited. Holiday Military WhistMonday, Dec. 10, 4:30 p.m. No fee to play. Registration is required. For more information and to sign up, call Cindy at (203) 494-1676. Snow date is Wednesday, Dec. 12. St. Bridget’s Annual Senior Christmas Bingo Monday, Dec. 10, 7 p.m. A Christmas party for seniors with Bingo, refreshments, raffle, prizes and more. Admission is free. Transportation is available upon request by calling the Senior Center at (203) 272-0047. Coffee with Stefanie DiGioia Theroux - Tuesday, Dec. 11, 10 a.m. Meet

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Contact Ken Penfield 203-439-9400 x427


NMLS 106220

HOD #001016


We welcome

charged. Sign up by Dec. 21. For more information, call the Senior Center at (203) 2728286. Connecting with your grandchildren Do you feel disconnected with your grandchildren? Would you like to be a better grandparent? Sandra Biller-Rakic will be available on Mondays from 2 to 3 p.m. to help to become better acquainted with some of the issues and concerns many families face. Meetings are scheduled on the first, second and third Monday of each month. Pre-registration is requested; walk-ins are welcome. For more information, call (203) 272-8286.

Senior Menu

Lunch reservations must be made 48 hours in advance by calling (203) 272-0047. A donation is requested. Monday, Dec. 26: Boxed lunch. Tuesday, Dec. 27: Mushroom barley soup, Quiche Lorraine, bean blend, garlic breadstick, fresh fruit. Wednesday, Dec. 28: Stuffed salmon with rosemary sauce, brown rice pilaf, California blend vegetables, oat bread, cranberry juice, chocolate chip cookie. Thursday, Dec. 29: Meatloaf, mashed potato, mixed vegetables, whole wheat bread, fruit cocktail. Friday, Dec. 30: Lemon baked chicken, bowtie noodles with parsley, spinach, rye bread, Jell-O.

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Masonicare is pleased to announce we have partnered with Hartford Anesthesiology in our GI suite. This means a wider variety of expert outpatient GI procedures from endoscopies to colonoscopies and more, with quicker recovery times. Our state of the art colonoscopy suite features the latest technology while still assuring you of a private, personalized experience. For more information, or if you have a referral, call 203-679-5902. Most insurances accepted. Conveniently located off Route 150 in Wallingford.


Dr. Gregory Kernisan of Hartford Anesthesiology and Dr. Jon Ernstoff of Connecticut GI with Caroline Hebert, RN, Nurse Manager


Thursday, November 29, 2012 — The Cheshire Citizen


Senior Trip Tuesday, Dec. 4 - The Vienna Boys Choir, Springfield Symphony Hall.

Senior Calendar

The group of women come from different backgrounds and lifestyles, yet have similar needs and shared desires to be the best mother they can be. MOPS provides a caring, accepting atmosphere for today’s mother of preschoolers. Meetings are an opportunity to share concerns, explore areas of cre-


Cheshire MOPs Cheshire MOPs, Mothers of Preschoolers, is a group for mothers with children, aged newborn to 5 years. The group meets twice a month from September to May, on the first and third Fridays, from 9:15 to 11 a.m., at Christ Community Church, 120 Main St.



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The Cheshire Women’s Club is scheduled to meet on the first Thursday of the month at 11 a.m. at the Cheshire Senior Center. The business meetings are followed by a luncheon and a program. All women from surrounding towns are welcome to join the organization. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 6 at 12:30 and is open to the public. Sylvia Nichols, floral designer, is scheduled to share her ideas for decorating with flowers for the holidays. Members and guest are asked to support the Pajama Program this month by donating children pajamas (sizes infant to teens) and books for children who live in shelters

or never owned a pair of pajamas. The club has scheduled its holiday luncheon for Wednesday, Dec. 12 at 11:30 a.m., at Luca’s Restaurant. For more information, call Marilyn at (203) 272-6527. For more information about the Cheshire Women’s Club or to join, call Trudy at (203) 272-1772 or come to a


Monday, Dec. 3 Let’s learn Spanish, 10 a.m.; Get fit class, 10:15 a.m.; Knit/crochet class, 12:30 p.m.; Board meeting, 1 p.m.; Poker, 1 p.m.; Tai Chi - advanced, 1 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 4 Crafty Ladies, 9 a.m.; Zumba Gold class, 9:30 a.m.; 9 to 5 Cards, 10 a.m.; Computer basic, 10 a.m.; Moderate exercise, 10:15 a.m.; Yolartis class, 10:30 a.m.; Bingo, 1 p.m.; Blood pressure, 1 to 2:30 p.m.; Pinochle, 1 p.m.; Poker, 1 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 5 Reiki sessions, 9 a.m. to noon (by apt. only); Busy Bees, 10 a.m.; Chair yoga class, 10 a.m.; Moving meditation, The Hawaiian Way, 11:30 a.m.; Nickel, Nickel, 1 p.m.; Poker 1 p.m.; Senior Club, 1 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 6 Freestyle art, 9:30 a.m.; Team Wii, 9:30 a.m.; Computer Basics, 10 a.m.; Moderate Exercise, 10:15 a.m.; Pilates class, 11 a.m.; Woman’s Club, 11 a.m.; Arthritis Class, 12:30 p.m.; Scrabble, 12:30 p.m.; Poker, 1 p.m.; Texas Hold ‘em, 1 p.m.; Writing Seniors, 1:30 p.m. Friday, Dec. 7 Get fit class, 9:15 a.m.; Golf Cards, 10 a.m.; Art/Painting class, 10:30 a.m.; Tai Chi beginner class, 10:30 a.m.

Women’s Club

ativity, and hear instruction that equips mothers for the responsibilities of family and community. The group is active in community outreach programs and also have a themed “mom’s night” out once a month. For more information, visit


The Cheshire Citizen — Thursday, November 29, 2012





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The Cheshire Citizen Thursday, November 29, 2012


Cheshire falls to Southington, wraps up 6-4 campaign By Bryant Carpenter Special to The Citizen

Motivation? There was no lack for the Southington Blue Knights as they hit the field Thanksgiving morning to face Cheshire in the 17th Apple Classic. An undefeated regular season was on the line. So was a shot for a state playoff game on their home field. There was said field. This was the first game on the new artificial turf of Fontana Field. What really fueled the Southington fire, though, was the Apple Classic itself. The Blue Knights hadn’t beaten Cheshire in five years. That, they said, had to change. And it did. Oh man, did it. The Blue Knights opened the game with a touchdown drive and truly never looked back. They scored on their next three possessions to put Cheshire away early in a 3813 romp before an estimated crowd of 4,500. “This is a great atmosphere, opening the field, but these guys, the seniors, they’d never beaten Cheshire. They wanted to get it done,” said Southington coach Mike Drury. “It was a goal for them at the start of the offseason and a rally cry this week. They wanted to get it done. They wanted to be victorious in their senior year.” That desire was never in peril. The Blue Knights (10-0) got rushing touchdowns from four different ballcarriers as they mostly played power ball behind an offensive line so dominant it collectively earned the team’s Offensive MVP Award. On the other side, Southington was led by Defensive and overall game MVP Zach Maxwell. The junior defensive end and his mates kept the Rams (6-4) off the board until the third quarter. By then, Southington was up 31-0. The touchdowns Cheshire got from senior running back

Photo by Matt Leidemer

Cheshire’s Vincent Sansone gets a pass off Thanksgiving morning as Southington’s Zach Maxwell (No. 54) and Travis Daly (No. 66) close in. Sam Pascale and team Offensive MVP Vincent Sansone, the senior quarterback, were the first any opponent has gotten after halftime this season against Southington’s starting D. That hardly put a dent in the post-game celebration.

With the Apple Classic trophy heading back to the north end of Route 10, the Blue Knights could check another goal off the list and start preparing for Tuesday night’s Class LL quarterfinals. “We were looking forward

to (Thanksgiving) all year. It was just the biggest game of my life — so far,” said Maxwell. “Our goal was to get a win so we could get the first playoff game here.” Southington was slated to host Glastonbury (9-1) on Tuesday.

Cheshire, meanwhile, headed home heartbroken, yet with its first winning season since the 2009 state championship year. 2012 was a rollercoaster ride for the Rams, who endured a coaching change in the spring when head man Mark Ecke resigned under pressure and assistant Don Drust was promoted on an interim basis. Spring practice was lost, but the Rams, a mix of veteran seniors and sophomore phenoms, found cohesion as the season rolled on. “We weren’t given a chance in the beginning of the season. People said we were 1-9, 2-8 at the most,” said Pascale. “We came out and played 6-4. I couldn’t ask more of my team. I love ’em to death.” On Thursday, the Rams died before a Southington offensive onslaught they simply could not stop. The Blue Knights powered 65 yards in 10 plays on the game’s opening possession. Junior quarterback Stephen Barmore swept home from 10 yards out, dragging some would-be tacklers with him.

See Cheshire, page 27

Rams had old school look in season finale By Bryant Carpenter Special to The Citizen A surprise was waiting for the Cheshire Rams on Thanksgiving morning. When they got to their locker room to pick up their equipment for the ride up to Southington, their helmets had a new look. Actually, an old look: The tightly curved Cincinnati Reds-style “C” that has adorned Cheshire helmets since 1989 was replaced with the old soaring Ram that the team wore on its helmets during the 1980s. Head coach Don Drust and his staff slapped them on Wednesday night after

the team had its annual “Burning of the Shoe” ritual. “These are high school young men. You try to get things to get them going and get them excited,” Drust said. “I wanted to do something to get some excitement and make today their own.” The idea was the brain child of assistant athletic director Rich Pulisciano, a former Cheshire assistant coach who played for the Rams in the 1980s for thenhead coach Bill Cunningham. Cunningham was in the stands last Thursday. His grandson Jack, a sophomore, is a two-way starter

for the Rams. “I thought about Coach Cunningham and his grandson playing on the team,” said Pulisciano. “Donny thought it was a great idea; (athletic director) Steve Trifone thought it was a great idea. So we got ‘em done last night. Kids had no idea until this morning.” The move struck a chord with the players. “We were all excited when we came in the locker room and saw everybody had new stickers on their helmets,” said senior captain and quarterback Vincent Sansone. Unfortunately for the Rams, the buzz didn’t carry

over to the 17th edition of the Apple Classic. They fell behind off Southington’s opening drive and, by the time they got in the end zone twice in the second half, it was too late. They headed home to Cheshire with a final mark of 6-4 in their first season under Drust. “Listen, things happen,” Drust said after the 38-13 loss. “You know what? I love my seniors. They gave me everything they had. They’ve been through a lot. They did everything and anything I could ask of them.”


The Cheshire Citizen — Thursday, November 29, 2012

Letter to the Editor

Compassion appreciated

To the editor: Nov. 3, the East Haven High School football team played Cheshire. The game was postponed due to storm Sandy. East Haven was hardhit, sustaining heavy damage, especially in the beach area. As head coach at East Haven, I saw how the devastation affected players and the general population; no electricity, no water, no heat, people unable to even get

back to their homes. One player told me his father’s house, which had just been rebuilt, was heavily damaged yet again. A football game seemed like an extremely insignificant thing when weighed against such heartbreak. Cheshire coach Don Drust contacted me the week of the game to discuss the film exchange. His first words expressed how sorry he felt for what had happened, and that he and his team were there for any help they could give. A couple of days later, my

athletic director, Mike Marone, told me he had spoken with Cheshire AD Steve Trifone, who informed him that anyone from East Haven would receive free admission to the game. On game day, Coach Drust let me know that along with the free admission, East Haven fans would receive free food at the concession stand. Cheshire is an excellent football team, and we are young and undermanned. Cheshire scored on their first play from scrimmage

and never looked back, playing clean and hard throughout the 39-0 win. What Coach Drust and his team did on an emotional night for the East Haven football team was show what class and character is. What also struck me, having shaken the hands of thousands of players in my career, was how polite and concerned the Cheshire players were. And I will never forget that. As we left for the ride home, I was informed that Cheshire had given us cases


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of fruit and candy for the players to share. It was a final classy gesture on a special night for the East Haven football team. In summation, on behalf of the East Haven football team, the high school and the town of East Haven, I would like to thank Coach Drust, Steve Trifone, Cheshire High and the town of Cheshire for showing concern and compassion during a tough time for a neighboring town. Greg Volpe

Head football coach, East Haven High School


Thursday, November 29, 2012 — The Cheshire Citizen

Cheshire Continued from page 25

Cheer duty

Citizen photo by Matt Leidermer

When the Cheshire High School senior girls took to the football field, for a Powderpuff game, held in Cheshire last week, the boys were on the sidelines to cheer them on. But despite the support of the Cheshire Puff cheerleaders, shown above, Cheshire fell to the Southington High School Blue Knights Puff team 13-10. rushing yards on the series. Sansone broke free for 28 yards on a fourth-and-short play and ultimately scored on a 4-yard run. Despite missing the extra point, Cheshire kept momentum going by recovering the ensuing onside kick — Tyler Bailey supplied the kicking, Kyle Hodgdon the recovery. The surge died, though, as a fourth-and-4 pass fell incomplete on the last play of the third quarter. And that was it. The teams traded fourth-quarter touchdowns — Barmore scrambling from 7 yards and Pascale powering from 16 — but



the Rams didn’t attempt an onside after their score. The game ended as it began, with Southington muscling down field behind Grimmett, Hyde and that offensive line. The Blue Knights got to the doorstep of the red zone with a minute and change to play, then ran out the clock taking knees. “We look at every game and, all year, we’ve said, ‘It’s not as bad as it looks, it’s not as good as it looks.’ You know what? The kids played a great overall game,” said Drury. “We know as a team we can always get better. There are


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things we’ve got to look at to get ready for Tuesday night. But the kids played great. The seniors really wanted it. The underclassmen knew it. They really played their hearts out for those guys.”

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The Rams responded with a promising drive, moving from deep in their own territory (the kickoff was misplayed) and into Southington territory on a fourth-down conversion run by sophomore Jack Cunningham. But on the very next play Cunningham, motioning out of the slot, juggled a shovel pass from Sansone. He lost the handle and Southington senior linebacker Justin Rose recovered. Cheshire argued in vain that the play should have been ruled an incomplete pass. “They ruled it a fumble. I don’t agree with the call, but I have to agree with it because that was the call that was made,” said Drust. “One way or another, we’ve got to hold on to the football and control the clock. It’s not why we lost the game.” It did, however, fuel Southington momentum. Junior kicker Kyle Smick turned the turnover into a 100 lead with a booming 37-yard field goal on the final play of the first quarter. In the second, the Blue Knights extended the lead to 24-0. A 52-yard punt return by Corbin Garry put Southington on the Cheshire 23. Jarrid Grimmett gobbled up 17 yards on a sweep and fellow junior running back Tyler Hyde later took it the final five yards around left end. Grimmett would finish with 130 yards and Hyde with 89 running behind senior captains Travis Clark, Travis Daly, Josh Irizarry and the rest of the MVP line. “Game in and game out, their play is so crucial to the success of the offense,” said Barmore, who ran for 47 yards and threw for 138. “When the offensive line has a good day, the entire offense has a good day. They were a huge part of what we were able to do today and they completely deserve that award.” “Two weeks ago against Manchester we didn’t play that well. Barmore got sacked I think five times,” Clark noted. “We took it on ourselves to get back to basics, get technique down, communicate with each oth-

er. Today, we let it loose. I don’t know how many rushing yards we got, but we ran the ball very, very well.” The answer: 267. In the meantime, the offense was back at it after Rose burst a Cheshire bubble screen on a fourth-and-8 gamble at the Southington 32. The Blue Knights marched 63 yards in 10 plays. Completions to rangy sophomore Connor John and the surehanded senior Anthony Bonefant led to a 1-yard plunge by Maxwell, who was inserted at fullback. “They’re a good football team. You can’t spot a good football team 24 points in the first half,” said Drust. “We did not wrap up on defense; we did not play well on defense. That’s on me. That’s on me getting the kids prepared to play.” Cheshire did pick off Barmore twice, oncee by Cunningham late in the first half and once by Defensive MVP Beau Bartone early in the third quarter. These were mere hiccups. Southington went up 31-0 midway through the third frame on a 71-yard drive. Grimmett started it gaining 25 yards on an option toss. He finished it rambling through the right side from 8 yards out and diving across the goal line. “Their offense, we couldn’t stop them. They were moving the ball well,” said Cheshire’s Pascale. “Offensively, we were moving the ball, we just couldn’t get it in the end zone at first. We played our butt off and did everything we could, but in the end, Southington’s a solid football team and they deserved the W over us.” The Rams did get off the mat with an 80-yard scoring drive. They spread the field with the speed of Cunningham, who gained 33 of his 49


The Cheshire Citizen — Thursday, November 29, 2012


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CONSIGNMENT 32 North Colony St., Wallingford (203) 269-9341 Two levels, 1800 SF of Consigned Home decor & Furnishings 30 Day Layaways Available $5 Off a purchase of $25 or more $10 off a purchase of $100 or more Check us out on Facebook Ample Free Parking in Our Lot Free Gift w/$15 or more purchase Mon-Fri 9:30-5, Sat 10-5, Sun 10-2

KITCHEN TABLE Dark Maple with Four chairs. Brand New. From Pilgrim Furniture. $300 obo. Call 203-440-9723 MATTRESS SET: Queen pillow top mattress and foundation NEW in plastic. Must sell! $150. Call/Text Jim 860-709-7667


Get more space to describe your item ... You can place up to 2 items under $100 each.*


RAP A PONY FARM, Wallingford Christmas is coming! Don’t know what to give? Call for reservations for CHRISTMAS WITH HORSES. Mon., Wed., Thurs., & Friday Dec. 24 26 27 28 9am12pm $200 for 4 days Lessons every day and more. (203) 2653596 or

STELLAR Condition Jefferson Pine Table & 6 Chairs. Table 65x43 w/ two self-storing 12” leafs. Extends to about 90 in. Asking $400 Please Call 860628-2088 and leave message.

*We can’t Guarantee the start date of FREE ads. Enhanced $3.00 ads will start the day after we receive them.








AFFORDABLE Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators and Stoves.

Appliance Repairs

Cash/Check Credit Card # Expiration Date

Credit Card

Will Deliver


*Ads must be placed online or by coupon. Phone orders will be charged $9.95. *1 item per ad, 1 ad per household per week & the price must be included. *No commercial/tag sale ads.

Mail coupon to:

The Cheshire Citizen Marketplace Department 11 Crown Street Meriden, CT 06450

Call to place your Marketplace ad any time

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Marketplace Advertising Direct Line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

(877) 238-1953

Is your merchandise "blending in?" Placing a Marketplace ad is an easy and affordable way to whip up some interest among potential buyers. What are you waiting for? Contact us today and start turning the stuff you don’t want into something you do want:


WOODBURNING Stove. Excellent Condition. $500 Call 203-715-1396


10 MUSIC BOXES Pristine Condition. Excellent Gifts $80. (860) 919-8374 23 DETERMINED People Needed TO LOSE 5-100 POUNDS! DR. RECOMMENDED! GUARANTEED! (203) 715-2779

JACKETS Ladies Winter Jackets (2) Sizes Medium & Large. $20 each. Like New. 203 440-3919 PAIR, Kiss Lamp Co. Boudoir Lamps (9 1/2”). Hand painted shades. 1940’s. $95. WILCOX And Gibbs Sewing Machine. Patented 1871. $50. Call (203) 235-1858 TABLE GATELEG WALNUT 21” closed, 48” open. 2 leaves. $100. 860-620-9424

Music By Roberta Performance & Instruction. Voice Lessons All Ages and Levels Welcome. Piano Lessons Beginner to Intermediate. (203) 630-9295 OUT of work counselor offering guitar lessons to beginners in your home. Call Stephen for appt. 203 228 2606




DESK Rolltop Dark wood. 40 H x 4’ W x 20” D. $45. (203) 238-4478


KENSINGTON 131 Main Street 5 Room, 2 BR Ranch. Lg Kitchen w/Dining Area. Lg LR w/FP. 2 Car Garage. Very Prvt, No pets. $1300. 860-306-0147

For Military Items

203-238-3308 ROUND Antique Oak Table with 3 Inserts. $400 Oak Mirrored Buffet $400. Natural Birch Desk, Pompanoosuc Mills, 30 x 72 $450. Call (203) 269-0877.


203-237-3025 TWO ANTIQUE HUTCHES One is cherry with 3 glass shelves $275 obo. One is solid oak with four oak shelves. $300 or best offer. Call 203-440-9723


PILATE’S Machine for Sale. In Good Condition. Asking $159 obo Call 860-620-0634

$$$ CA$H $$$

4 LOUVER SHUTTERS Wood, 15x55. Excellent Shape $99. (860) 919-8374


100% SEASONED Hardwood Cut, Split and Delivered. $200/cord; $125/half cord. Pick Up Available 203-294-1775



ROTTWEILER PUPS. German Bloodlines. Big heads! Parents on premises. 1st shots & tails docked. Only 4 left. $750. Call or text for info/pics 860-575-8218.


Estate sale service. Costume Jewelry, Antiques, paintings, Meriden-made items, toys, lamps.



MERIDEN East Side. 3 Plus BR, 2 BA Full Finished Basement, Rec. RM, HW Flrs Thru Out, FP, DR, LR. Pets Negotiable. $1500/mo. Call 203-903-6613


MERIDEN. Town House Condo, 5 rms, 2 br, 2 ba, 2 separate LR's. Great for roommate, inlaw or child to have separate living area. Full appl., w/d. No pets, $1,200 + utilities, good credit, first mo rent + 2 months sec deposit. Call Pat Burke 203-265-5618.

Silverware, China, Glass. Furniture. 50’s Items. Whole Estates.

203-238-3499 2ND Generation buys old Christmas items, Valentines, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Dept 56 collectibles, Napier & costume jewelry, estates. 203-639-1002 Always Buying All Contents of Estates. Antique, old toys & collectibles. furniture, costume jewelry, etc. Call or stop by Frank’s, 18 S. Orchard St. Wallingford. 203-269-4975 or 203-284-3786 Open Mon.-Sat. 9am-5pm

SOUTHINGTON Town House, Gettysbury Village. 2BR 1 1/2 BA, W/D Hookup, Remodeled, No Pets $990 Call 860-276-1114

APARTMENTS FOR RENT CHESHIRE - 4 Rooms Appliances, 1 Level, Deck. No Pets. Convenient to 691 & 84. $1225/Month. Includes Heat & Garage. Call 203-393-1117

Flanders West Apts Southington ALWAYS Buying Handtools, Old, used, and antique handtools. Carpentry, Machinist, Engraving and Workbench tools. If you have old or used tools that are no longer being used, call with confidence. Fair & friendly offers. Please call Cory 860-322-4367

Studio & 1 Bedroom Apts Affordable Housing for qualified applicants 50 yrs of age or older. Amenities Include: Computer Learning Center, TV/ Games Lounge, Laundry Facilities, Off Street Parking, Free Bus Service to local shopping ctrs. On site: Resident Serv. Coord. Small Pets Accepted Please call 860-621-3954 for information. TTY: 711

DEE’S ANTIQUES The Happy Place Consignment & Gifts is opening 12/1 at 1225 Queen St, Southington! 12/1 Photos w/ Santa & Raffle! Now accepting your consignments by appointment. Wanted new to gently worn clothing, shoes, video games ,consoles, collectables, artwork, jewelry, pet items, vintage/small antiques, small furniture, etc. Call Bonney @ (203) 605-3868 for appointment!

Buying Collectibles, Jewelry & Silver. China, Glass, Military, Musical. Anything old & unusual. Single item to an estate.

203-235-8431 WANTED By Private Collector Bradley & Hubbard, Parker and Miller Parlor Heaters and Oil Lamps, Also Angle Lamps & Parts. Call 203-537-3941

HOMES SWEET HOMES OFFERS: Meriden 1 BR, recently renovated. From $695. Includes h & hw. plus sec. Avail immed. Call 203-8868808. MER. Furnished Apts. East Side Incl Heat, HW, Elec. 1 BR, 1st Fl, $845/mo+sec. 1BR, 2nd Fl $801 /mo+sec. 203-630-3823 12pm8pm or


Thursday, November 29, 2012 — The Cheshire Citizen APARTMENTS FOR RENT



MERIDEN - 1st Flr, 2BR, Kitch, LR, DR, BA, Fire place. Recently Remodeled. $1,100/mo. Ready to move in. 203-886-6977, 203237-9500, & 203-565-4719

MERIDEN Large 2 BR, 1.5 Baths, 1st FL. WD hookup. Off st parking. Randolph Ave. $695 /mo. 2 mos security + application fee req. No pets. Call 203-284-0597

MERIDEN -1-2 BR Hubbard Park Central Air/Heat. 775 West Main Street. $745-$995/mo. + utils. No pets. Call Niki 203 992-5605 or Steve 203 721-5215

MERIDEN STUDIO Efficiency Apartment. Utilities Included. Security & Lease Required. $650 per month. (203) 235-6988

MERIDEN -WALLINGFORD LINE Large 2 BR Luxury Condo. Laundry. No pets. $900 + utilities Call 203-245-9493

MERIDEN- Nice 2 BR No pets. $795 per mo, Deposit, Credit & References. 25 Griswold Street Please Call 203-317-7222

MERIDEN. West side. Clean 1 BR, heat, hw, electric. Hdwd flrs. $870/ mo plus sec. 12pm8pm, 203-630-3823 or WALLINGFORD 1 BR, Kitchen, Living Room, Bath and Office. Spacious Rooms. WD Hookup. Like New. Near Library. No Pets. $975/mo + utils. Ready December 1. Call 203 641-3182



MERIDEN CLEAN SAFE ROOMS Includes Heat, HW, Elec, Kit Priv. East Side. Off-st park. $125/wk. + sec. Call 12-8pm 203-630-3823 or


Seasonal Call Center Positions Now Available



Wallingford, CT Headquarters 20+ Hours per week Apply during our Open House 11/26 – 12/4 at 95 Barnes Road, Wallingford, CT 9:00am – 5:00pm

Meadowstone Motel- Off I-91. Sat. TV. Short Stay/ Daily/Wkly On Bus Line. 203-239-5333


Or visit our Careers page at

MERIDEN 1 & 2 BEDROOM APARTMENTS 657 East Main Street Call 203-376-8114 or 203-630-9481


MERIDEN 1 2 BR. Good location. Newly Remodeled. Off-st parking. Appliances. No pets. WD Hookup, Sec 8 approved. $700-$850 Call 203-379-7817


1 BR & Studios Available Heat & HW incl. Off St. Parking. Starting at $595 203-639-8751 MERIDEN 1 BR 1st Fl Apt Avail Living Room, Kitchen & Bath. Private & Clean. Off St Parking, Section 8 Approved. $700 Plus Utilities. Contact 203-379-0454 MERIDEN 1 BR Off-street parking. Wall to Wall carpets, appls, $795 Per Month. Heat & HW included. No pets. Sec & refs required. Call 203-238-7133 MERIDEN 1, 2 & 3 BRs - CLEAN Starting at $575. Security & refs a must. Off st parking. No dogs. Sec 8 approved. 1st Month FREE! 203-443-2299 or 203-537-6137


MERIDEN-2 BR, 2ba, Utilities, heat, gas, $995/mo. No pets. Chris 203-238-9411

living & kit. water incl. No laundry. 19 Gold St

MERIDEN-3-4 BR 2 floor unit. Nice, big apartment. Off street parking. Available December 1. $1,250 per month. Call 203-440-1003 MERIDEN-CROWN STREET 2BR Apt $750 3BR $850 No utilities incl. Security Required. Section 8 Approved. Available immediately! 203-815-5399 MERIDEN. 1 BR, Heat Included, $825. 9 Guiel Place. Call 203-376-2160 or 203-213-6175

WALLINGFORD 2 Bedrm, 1 BA, Townhouse. Remodeled. Close to schools & parks. W/D hookup. Off street parking. Quiet Area. $1,100 Call 203-233-4795

WALLINGFORD 2 BR, 5 Rooms First Floor. Good locale. Fully Applianced. Wall to Wall. NO pets. Utilities not included. Lease & Security Required. $875 Month 203 848-7955 WALLINGFORD 2BR 1st Floor $850 Per Month, No Pets Available Immediately. Call 203-284-0212

WALLINGFORD-$314,900. Elegant, spacious, unique. Enjoy one of the largest units in one of the most prestigious complexes in town. Library w/ wbar, cedar closet in basement, beday in mba, cair + more. Call Roy Haynes 203265-5618

HIRING: ● Foremen ● Concrete Form Carpenters ● Concrete Finishers ● Laborers for a project in Wallingford, CT area. Application required, apply on-line at: For more information contact Lonny at (601) 842-2695 EOE, Drug Free Work Place & E-Verify LOST Or Found. The RecordJournal will run your lost or found ad FREE in our Marketplace Section! Call 203238-1953 for details.

Right employer. Right job.

MERIDEN 1023 Old Colony Rd.

2 BR Available

Find what you’re looking for, with is Connecticut’s most

Starting at $750. Heat & HW incl. Off St. Parking. 203-886-7016

comprehensive online job board, offering hundreds of the best jobs with top local companies

MERIDEN 2 BR, 2nd Floor. Prescott Street. Hardwood floors. Private laundry & deck. No pets. Security deposit. $850. (203) 715-1965

in almost every industry throughout the state. Find the right job, right here, at

MERIDEN 2 BR, 2nd Floor. Prescott Street. Hardwood floors. Private laundry & deck. No pets. Security deposit. $850. (203) 715-1965

Right here:

MERIDEN 2 BR, Newly Renovated, Off St Parking. $900/mo. Heat & Hot Water Included. Call 203-200-9339 MERIDEN 2BR, 2nd fl,. New carpeting. Freshly painted. all appliances including washer/ dryer. Garage. No pets/smoking. $950. After 3pm. 203 235-3304 MERIDEN 5 Rooms, 1st Fl. Freshly painted. Hardwood floors. $900 monthly plus deposit. Utilities not included. (203) 237-2680 MERIDEN Central Location 1BR, LR, Kitch, BA. $695/mo. Lease & Sec. Deposit Required. No pets. Call (203) 235-2372

MERIDEN Crown Village. Large 2BR Recently Remodeled w/ HW Floors. $925/mo. includes heat & hot water. Call 203-856-6472 MERIDEN HUGE 4BR, 2nd Floor Large yard. Off Street Parking. W/D hookup. Available Immediately. $1250/Mo plus Security. 203-294-1229

BOOKKEEPER/SECRETARY Responsibilities include managing Southington Library’s busy business office. Must be proficient in Excel & Word. Three years of bookkeeping & accounting experience required. Send resume & cover letter to: Executive Director, Southington Library & Museum, 255 Main St., Southington, CT 06489. CSR-Sales

GET HIRED IT’S YOUR DAY! 100 Interviews Guaranteed 3 Major Depts to Hire Central CT Outlet Opens its doors STARTING TODAY to any individuals seeking IMMEDIATE WORK!

● ●

POSITIONS AVAILABLE: Retail/Sales (15) Customer Service (25) Entry Mgmt/Key Holder (10) S E E KI NG BE T T E R P A Y O R CAREER OPPORTUNITY? 1.. Call HR Dept 860 329-0316 2. Email resume or contact info

Department Manager Department Manager needed for Agway of North Haven; a growing lawn, garden, nursery, feed & pet retail store. Candidates must have retail experience and the ability to effectively manage & communicate with others. Product knowledge in the pet and/or lawn & garden industry is preferred. Responsibilities include employee supervision, cash register/floor sales & stocking (must have the ability to lift 50lbs). Benefits provided; insurance, vacation, sick & holiday pay, 401K. Please email resume with salary requirements to: or mail to: Agway of North Haven Attn: Store Manager 66 State Street North Haven, CT 06473


CTJOBS 2 4x5.75

MERIDEN Crown Village 2 BR Just renovated. Heat & Hot Water included. Pool access. $925 per month plus security. L & E Prop Mgmt 203-886-8808.

AUTO TECH, Experienced, FT/PT, Excellent Wages & Benefits. Call 203-284-8989 or Fax 203-269-1114.

Pay for your RecordJournal subscription with your credit card. For your convenience we accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover & American Express. Call (203) 634-3933 to order your Record-Journal subscription today.

HELP WANTED ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATE This is a responsible professional position which directly supports all aspects of the City’s economic development agenda and special projects under the supervision of the Economic Development Director. Bachelor’s Degree in related field (i.e. marketing, public administration). Masters Degree a plus; applicable experience in economic development, commercial real estate, business financing, urban redevelopment. Experience working with or for municipalities, state agencies and federal agencies a plus. Ability to manage grants and do grant reporting preferred. Ability to use Microsoft Word, Excel required. Must have a valid CT Drivers license. Salary range $58k to $62k. Last date to apply is Friday, December 28, 2012. See to apply. GROUP HOME MANAGER For Human Services in Hamden /North Haven Area. Previous experience required. Room for growth. Send resume to: dsterling@ Fax: 203-407-1625

INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR Record-Journal is looking for an independent contractor to deliver open routes and make individual deliveries to other contractors and subscribers during the hours 4:30am - 10:30am five days a week. Reliable vehicle and cell phone needed. Knowledge of Meriden, Wallingford, Southington, Cheshire areas helpful. May lead to permanent position. Call or email Robin at (203) 317-2441 or resposito@

INSTALLER of Overhead Cranes and Hoist. Full Time. Competitive Salary. Full range of benefits. Drug testing required. Call Becky 203-235-5795 Ext. 308 Or apply at Production Equipment Company 401 Liberty Street Meriden, CT 06450 TIRE TECH FT/PT. Must have valid drivers license & clean driving record. Apply in person: Town Fair Tire, 994 North Colony Rd, Wallingford, 860 Washington St, Middletown or 55 Washington Ave, North Haven.


The Cheshire Citizen — Thursday, November 29, 2012


35 off


Select 4G LTE Smartphones

Exclusive Offer From Southington 860-793-1700 • East Windsor 860-292-1817 Unionville 860-675-0005 • Cheshire 203-272-0005

Samsung Galaxy Stellar™

Coupon only valid at above location. New 2-yr. activation req’d with data pak. Void if copied or transferred. Cash redemption value 1/100th of $0.01. Any use of this coupon other than as provided constitutes fraud. Cannot be combined with other offers. Excludes Apple products. Expires 12/9/12.

Android(tm) power and simple to use

20 off



Any Basic Phone

Exclusive Offer From

$50 2-yr price - $50 mail-in rebate debit card with new 2-yr activation.

Southington 860-793-1700 • East Windsor 860-292-1817 Unionville 860-675-0005 • Cheshire 203-272-0005 Coupon only valid at above location. New 2-yr. activation req’d. Void if copied or transferred. Cash redemption value 1/100th of $0.01. Any use of this coupon other than as provided constitutes fraud. Cannot be combined with other offers. Expires 12/9/12.




All Droid does in a compact design $


Any Accessory Purchase


Exclusive Offer From

$149.99 2-yr price $50.00 mail-in rebate debit card with new 2-yr activation.

Southington 860-793-1700 • East Windsor 860-292-1817 Unionville 860-675-0005 • Cheshire 203-272-0005 Coupon only valid at above location. With this coupon. Not valid with other offers or prior purchases. Offer expires 12/9/12.




Patten Brook Plaza 966 Queen St. 860-793-1700

Country Plaza 1081 S. Main St. 203-272-0005

Visit Our Other Locations in Unionville • East Windsor Activation/upgrade fee/per line: up to $35 IMPORTANT CONSUMER INFORMATION: Subject to Cust Agmt, Calling Plan, rebate form & credit approval. Up to $175 early termination fee ($350 for advanced devices) & add’l charges apply to device capabilities. Offers & coverage, varying by svc, not available everywhere; see While supplies last. Limited time offer. Rebate debit card takes up to 6 wks & expires in 12 months. DROID IS A trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. and its related companies. Used under license. 4G LTE is available in more than 400 markets in the U.S. LTE is a trademark of ETSI. © 2012 Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC Samsung, Galaxy and Stellar are all trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. © 2012 Verizon Wireless.

CheshireCitizen Nov. 29, 2012  

Cheshire Citizen Nov. 29, 2012

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