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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ride of a School menu goes local lifetime marks 89th birthday By Eve Britton

The Cheshire Citizen

The Cheshire Citizen

For one of the biggest leaps of faith in her life, Laura Clementsen didn’t seem nervous—not too nervous. Clementsen, just days away from her 89th birthday, was finally going to do it. She was going to ride a motorcycle. Clementsen writes a folksy column for The Cheshire Citizen. In a recent reminiscence, she wrote of how she’d missed an opportunity to catch a ride on a motorcycle — specifically a Harley. A Harley rider who hap-

pened to read that column and made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. Mark Dacunto, a former Cheshire resident now living in Southington was the man with the Harley and the offer. But first he said he had to find his nerve. “I drove up and down the street several times, before I finally went to her door,” Dacunto said. When she answered the door, and he told her why he was there, “She smiled and hugged me, and said, ‘God bless you.’” So Sunday morning, Sept. 29, Clementsen was not getSee Clementsen / Page 24

Laura Clementsen grins as she takes off on a ride through a Cheshire neighborhood. | Joy VanderLek / The Cheshire Citizen.

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Freshman Conrad Reynolds mugs for his friends with his school lunch. | Eve Britton/The Cheshire Citizen.

local items all school year. “Actually, we use fruit from Drazen Farms (in Cheshire) until they have no more fruit,” said Sharon King, food services manager at the high school. “And we have Ardmore juice from Ellington and we use that all year.” King said the school system tries to use local products as often as feasible. But with 1,563 student lunches and another 210 staff lunches every day, that’s not always possible. “We try and stay local as much as possible, but it’s very expensive, “ she said. Lunches at the high school are sold at three prices, $3.10, $3.25, and $4.25, depending on

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the entrées students choose. Students have food accounts online and money is deposited into them. While the meals are made as healthy as possible, with nothing fried, it’s nice to have it all local as well, King said, Students agreed, though some who were interviewed said they didn’t know their meals were coming from local sources despite the school system’s effort to promote the initiative. They were aware of the taste, however. “I didn’t even know there was such a week here,” said junior Will Griffin, who had See Menu / Page 11

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By Joy VanderLek

Cheshire Public School breakfast and lunches are going local this week, as part of “CT Grown for CT Kids Week.” Fruits and vegetables from Cheshire farms, pasta primavera from Carla’s Pasta of South Windsor, calzones from Red Door Pizza in New Britain, sauce from Raggozino Foods in Meriden, Scott’s Jamaican beef patties from Hartford, and Miller Farms turkeys from Avon are just a few of the local items students and staff are finding on their food trays this week. While Cheshire schools are the only local schools taking part in the program, Meriden, Wallingford and Southington schools also use local and state grown products as well. “We’ve been using locally grown produce for the last nine years,” said Sharlene Wong, food services director for Wallingford schools. “In the beginning we had to pick it up, now they deliver.” In addition, the Wallingford schools use produce grown in their own garden. “We have carrots, beets, zucchinis all in our garden,” Wong said. “And we try to support local farmers in the state.” Cheshire schools also use


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A2 Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Cheshire Citizen |

The Cheshire Citizen

About a dozen concerned parents, grandparents and other residents of Cheshire showed up at an open forum Oct. 3 to discuss the pros and cons of all-day kindergarten. The possibility of an allday kindergarten program beginning in the 2014-15 school year is currently being investigated by the school district’s curriculum committee. State Rep. Alfred C. Adinolfi, R-Cheshire, opened the discussion in support of the program, saying that at some point in the near future it may become a state mandate anyway. One parent, whose children are past the kindergarten age, said she feared that all-day kindergarten would take away precious time that parents get to spend with their children. “I personally feel all-day kindergarten is not in the best interests of the children,” Jane Lyon said. “It’s a good segue to get children into the school system but you need to treasure the mornings you have with your kids.” She added that parents who already feel their children may not be ready for a half day of kindergarten may be hesitant to enroll them in a full-day program. Denise Terzakis said she is concerned about how much

time it takes children out of the home, as well. “My kid would be going from a seven-and-a-half hour week to a 32-hour week,” she said. “I want him home for as much time as I can.” Jeff Natale, a member of the curriculum committee studying the issue, said he supports full day kindergarten. “When you take out potty breaks, settling down and break times, it’s only two hours of instruction per day (now),” he said. “People are saying it’s extended day care and that’s not what it is. It gives more time for instruction. Let’s get the kids ready (for future schooling).” School board Chairman Gerald Brittingham asked those in the audience what they would like to see in an all-day curriculum. “I’d like to see a lot of free play time,” said Amanda Celone. “I’m concerned it’s going to be too much instructional time.” Adam Grippo, who is running for a school board seat, said that he is concerned about the child being away from home for such a long period and feeling abandoned, especially for children who’ve never gone to a preschool or day care. “You’ve got to prep your kids, whether it’s day care, kindergarten or whatever, it starts with mom and dad. You’ve got to cut those apron

strings” Brittingham said. “You’re kidding yourselves if you think it’s going to be smooth as silk, that you’re never going to have a crying kid.” Elissa Tanner, who is in support of all-day kindergarten, said she thinks it will help children in the long run. “I want my children and the town’s children to have the best learning experience,” she said. Half-day doesn’t allow for emotional, social growth. And it’s a high pressure situation in half-day because of the curriculum demands. Demands on children have shifted in the last decade, the last four years especially.” B o a rd m e m b e r To ny Perugini echoed Tanner’s sentiment, explaining that all-day kindergarten would allow both time for play and a better instructional environment because it wouldn’t be as rushed.

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By Eve Britton


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Residents debate all-day kindergarten at forum

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The Cheshire Citizen |

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Cheshire all-day K could start next year If it is approved by the Board of Education, all-day kindergarten will begin in the next school year and cost about $700,000. During discussions throughout the year, the allday program has been opposed by some who feel it is too taxing for children. It has been supported by others who say children need a full day to better prepare for the academic challenges in future grades. The cost of teaching the projected 280 kindergarten students next year would include eight more teachers (there are seven now), plus supplies and furniture, said Scott Detrick, assistant superintendent of schools. There would be a saving in transportation, as there would no longer have to be a mid-day bus run for kindergarten, Detrick added. This year, there are 220 half-day students, with a projection for 245 students next year, if it were to remain halfday. Detrick and the all-day kindergarten feasibility committee expect that students who would go to private or parochial schools for full-day kindergarten would choose Cheshire schools instead, bringing the class total up to about 280. Kindergarten students would be in classes of 16 to 20 students, Detrick said. Darcy School, which now houses all kindergarten classes for the school system, is not big enough to handle a full-day program, so students would likely go to Darcy and neighborhood schools. “That’s what we looked at for implementation next



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year,” Detrick said. “We are not considering redistricting.” Board of Education President Gerald Brittingham said he supports all-day kindergarten because he feels it will help students. “The needs and demands of the world are ever increasing and we can’t lament the fact that students in American schools are lagging if we don’t do something about it,” he said. “We can’t remain stagnant.” He added that although students will be in school longer hours, it doesn’t mean they will be stuck at a desk that whole time. “They will not be sitting at a desk, six, seven hours at a time,” he said. “We know the age limitations and capabilities of the students.” The Board of Education curriculum committee was scheduled to meet again to discuss the issue on Oct. 7 In neighboring towns, Southington started allday kindergarten this year. Meriden schools began an all-day program in the last

does not require that they go school year. Wallingford experiments.” However, if parents don’t at age 5. schools are studying early learning options, including feel their children are ready for kindergarten, the state all-day kindergarten. See Kindergarten / Page 16 Statewide, for the 2012-13 school year (the last year for which figures are available), 74 percent of schools have all-day kindergarten. That figure has likely gone up, said Harriet Feldlafer, of the state Office of Early Education. “The real variations tend to be in more (suburban) disLIVE MUSIC ~ ART ~ COMEDY tricts like Cheshire,” she said. “Most of the urban districts CAFE & GALLERY Fri. 7/26, 5:30-7:30 pm: have gone to all-day because Fri. 10/11, 7 pm: Happy Hour on the Courtyard $5/cover of the number of both parents working.” 10/12, 7 pm: Fri.Sat.7/26, 8 pm: She said the department $15/cover, reservations required Fri. 10/18, 7 pm: supports all-day kindergarten. LIVE MUSIC ART GALLERY$5/cover Sat. 7/27, 8 pm: “We’d love it if it would be Sat. 10/19, 11-5: a mandate,” she said. Thurs. 8/1, 6-9 pm: 1 0 0 % FA I R T R A D E O R G A N I C CO F F E E The biggest benefit is inSUPER PREMIUM ICE CREAM Brazilian Buffet & Dancing, Courtyard Sat. 10/19, 7 pm: structional hours will jump G O U R M E T S O U P$25 S , Benefit S A L Afor D SBrazil & PA N I NCitizen I SAN WICHES Global C.DBlackburn from about 450 a year to Fri. 10/25,F R8 Epm: S H B A K E D G O O D S & D E C A D E N T D E S S E R TS Fri. 8/2, 8 pm: about 900. S H A D E D, S E C LU D E D CO U R T YA R D S E AT I N G “It allows for more instrucSat.Sat.8/3,10/26, 6-9 7pm:pm-10 pm: tion ... It’s not such a rushed WeedStrong/Food Pantry sBenefit Wi - Fi Acce s day,” she said. “It’s not about 130 Elm Street at The Watch Factory Shoppes in Cheshire 130 Elm Street at The Factory Shoppes in Cheshire packing more facts into kids’ tel Watch 203.439.9161 el 203.439.9161 fax 203.439.9162 heads. It’s about more time to address individual kids, a lot more time for inquiry,


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The Cheshire Citizen |

Police department is hiring now By Eve Britton

said they were looking for candidates with a strong sense of community service. Th e C h e s h i re Po l i ce “We’re looking for people Department is looking to hire who want this job for the seven officers to fill vacant right reasons. They need to be interested in helping the positions. Five of the positions are public as a career, not just a open due to recent retirement job,” he said. “They have to and two positions are open have a real interest in public because of the recent resig- safety.” All applicants need to benation of Detective Capt. Jay Markella and Officer Robert gin the process of applying Anderson. Markella and online, said police spokesAnderson are under investi- man James Fasano. The webgation for using police union site is, funds for personal purposes. and applicants need to regMarkella has also applied for ister by Oct. 10, so they can take the written test later disability retirement. Police Chief Neil Dryfe this month in Trumbull. The Cheshire Citizen

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The Cheshire Citizen |

Thursday, October 10, 2013



A6 Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Cheshire Citizen |

Land trust celebrates barn opening By Eve Britton

The Cheshire Citizen

The barn is finished and ready for use by the Land Trust at Ives Farm seen here Oct. 2. | Christopher Zajac / The Cheshire Citizen.


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Guided nature walks, hayrides, a flea market, farm market and other activities were on the agenda Oct. 5 for the grand opening of the new timber frame barn at Ives Farm. The event was hosted by the Cheshire Land Trust at the 164-acre working farm, 1585 Cheshire Road. “I think it’s going to be a really fun day, a great day for families,” said Tim Slocum, of the land trust. “We’re also hoping to encourage people to join the land trust.” The land trust, which oversees 638 acres, is a private, non-profit group.

About half of the land trust properties are still used as working farms, Slocum said, including Ives Farm, which is known for its strawberries and sweet corn. “There’s a lot of old stuff on the property,” said David Schrumm of the Cheshire Land Trust. “We tried to save the (circa 1825) barn but we realized we could put $100,000 into it and it would still fall down. We don’t know if this one will last for 200 years like the old one, but we’re hoping.” The new, farm-red barn was built for $40,000 and paid for with state grants and donations.


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The Cheshire Citizen |

Thursday, October 10, 2013



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More information is available from Rick Marinaro (203) 592-8318 or Tim Slocum (203) 464-1830 or the land trust’s website, www.

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and site for weddings, wine From Page 6 tastings, and other events, Ives’ farmers Joe Arisco Schrumm said. “We’re not ready this fall, and T&D Growers were at the event, as well as exhib- but maybe soon,” Schrumm itors, including Denali of said. During the winter, the barn Cheshire, American Country Barns, Cheshire Historical will be used to store equipSociety, Cheshire Land Trust, ment from Ives Farm and the Quinnipiac River Watershed land trust, Schrumm said. The farm and surroundAssociation and Quinnipiac ing forest, bordering the Valley Audubon Society. The land trust has already Quinnipiac River, was deeded had requests from people to the land trust by Betty Ives wanting to use the new barn upon her death in 2006. (203) 317-2208 Twitter: @EveBritton

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A8 Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Cheshire Citizen |

Annual race scheduled Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Towers in New York City. Jardim ran as a member of the Cheshire High School cross country team and was a 1980 gradu-

… for everything in glass and mirrors

ate of Cheshire High School. The race is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. and cover the Cheshire Park trails. The event has raised more than $64,000 for the Mark S. Jardim Memorial Scholarship Fund, the Cheshire Special Olympics, CHS cross country teams, the Cheshire Police Benevolent Association, and other charitable organizations. Numerous sponsors have helped make the MJMJ a success, including Cheshire Dental and Allan M. Walker Insurance.

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The launch of the town’s new solar energy program, Solarize Connecticut, has been delayed until after the Nov. 5 election, although no exact date has been set. The launch was initially scheduled for Oct. 10. Under the program, residents will be


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The 12th annual Mark Jardim Memorial Jog is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 13, at Cheshire Park. The event honors a former Cheshire resident who was killed in the

eligible for discounted solar panel installation. Former town councilor and solar activist Tim White detailed the revised timetable at the Energy Commission meeting on Sept. 30. White said a solar selection team — town operations manager Walter Gancarz, Energy Commission member Carol Wilson, and resident John Fischer — visited the Rocky Hill headquarters of the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority to select five finalists from a list of solar installation companies. Three will become the town’s designated installers in the solar program. Clean Energy Finance will administer the program. The selection team arrived at its list of five solar vendors after comparing prices, experience, references, and whether the companies’ solar panels are made domestically, Wilson said. The team also gave priority to state firms. The selection team was scheduled to meet the week of Sept. 30 with the town’s solar ambassadors, a group of residents who have agreed to promote the program, most of whom are solar energy users. On Oct. 9, the five finalists will be interviewed by a town panel that includes the solar selection team and will be ranked from one to five, Wilson said. On Oct. 15, the town’s three designated installers will be named, White said. Energy Commission Chairman Rich Ogurick said he was optimistic about the initial response to the program from residents. The commission promoted it at its Fall Festival booth, and many people expressed interest, he said.

The Cheshire Citizen |

Thursday, October 10, 2013

House plant auction The Suburban Garden Club of Cheshire has scheduled its annual grown-withlove house plant auction for Wednesday, Oct. 16. The auction is a fundraiser for the club’s Garden Therapy programs including The Marbridge Retirement Home, The Highlands Health Care C e n t e r, T h e Ro n a l d McDonald House and

Connecticut Hospice. A donation is suggested for non-members. Refreshments begin at 7 p.m.; program at 7:30 p.m. All meetings are held at the Cheshire Senior Center, 240 Maple Avenue. New members are welcome to join at anytime. For information, call (203)881-1620 or (203) 272-8315.

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A10 Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Cheshire Citizen |

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Coupon must be presented at time of purchase. Not valid with any other offers or prior purchases. One coupon per household. Offer Offerexpires expires11/30/13. 9/4/13.

The Cheshire Citizen |

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Menu From Page 1

the fresh salad, pasta primavera and chicken. “It was good. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I buy my lunch.” Junior Tom Saraceno said he liked Wednesday’s lunch. “The food tasted fresh. But most of the time it’s really good,” he said. “I like the idea that it’s local. I think that helps us get fresher food because it’s not being transported.” Sophomore Victoria Barbieri said she also likes

Art show The Cheshire Art League has scheduled its fifth annual art show and sale “Art in the Garden” for Saturday, Oct. 19, through Sunday, Oct. 27, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., at Cheshire Nursery Garden center, 1317 South Main St. For more information, call Dale at (203) 281-0228.

the school lunches and supports the idea of buying local. “They have a little bit of everything, that’s cool,” she said. “I think it’s good for people to know it’s local.” Sophomores Gabi Terry and Taylor McKinley said they eat school lunches mainly for the convenience, but they like the use of local products. “It’s faster to buy and they have good lunches,” Terry said, munching on a turkey and cheese wrap. “It’s cool to support the farms.” Both girls said they’d like to have avocado as part of the offerings. Freshman Conrad Reynolds enthusiastically attacked his lunch, saying the portions were large enough to get him through the day without feeling hungry. “It’s so delicious. It makes my day, every day. It’s a good price and it goes toward the school,” he said. “It makes my tummy feel good. It purrs like a cat. I’m not even kidding.” Freshman Adam Gaudette said he noticed the freshness

of the food, not just this week, but every day. “It’s really good,” he said. “It’s totally not like it’s microwaved or anything.” The “CT Grown for CT Kids Week” runs through Friday in schools throughout the state. The idea is to bring school children together with Connecticut farms, farmers, and Connecticut agriculture. The week is sponsored by the School Nutrition Association of Connecticut and Connecticut’s Farm to School Program, which is a coordinated initiative of the state Department of Agriculture and the state Department of Education. “It’s just so kids get to know their food sources are coming from a nearby source,” said association President Trish Molloy. “It’s not from across the country or from another country.”

Britton/The Cheshire Citizen.


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231 Maple Ave., Cheshire, CT Phone: 203-272-4463 Fax: 203-272-4094 Hours: Mon-Fri 7-7 • Sat 8-6 • Sun 8-5


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g ratin Celebears of 29 Y ing the Ser v shire Che unity Comm

Sophomores, from left, Taylor McKinley, Gabi Terry and Janaia Skibitcky say they enjoy the school lunches. | Eve


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A12 Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Cheshire Citizen |

Two officers resign “They didn’t say why they were making the decision,” police Chief Neil Dryfe said of the letters. By Eve Britton Dryfe has said allegations The Cheshire Citizen against the officers are being investigated by an outside atThe two police officers torney on behalf of the deunder investigation on sus- partment and the chief state’s picion of using police union attorney’s office. Neither offifunds for personal purposes cer has been charged. Anderson’s resignation lethave resigned. T h e r e s i g n a t i o n s o f ter, dated Sept. 18, said only Detective Capt. Jay Markella that effective Sept. 20 he was and Officer Robert Anderson resigning from his position as were received by letter Sept. a police officer for Cheshire. 30, according to town offi- Markella’s letter said that, in cials and police spokesman addition to resigning from his position, he had applied for James Fasano.

disability retirement “based July 23, pending the outcome on the cumulative effect my of the investigation. “The investigation is not many work-related injuries have caused.” Markella’s continuing on our end,” Dryfe letter did not specify his injuries. Markella and Anderson could not be reached for comment. Dryfe said the resignations came as somewhat of a relief to the department. “Anytime there’s an allegation of misconduct it’s troubling. This allows us to move in a forward direction. It frees us to go on.” The duo had been placed on paid administrative leave

said. “Our administrative investigation was for disciSee Officers / Page 17


Premium Screened Top Soil w/ Organic Compost Blend





Both are under investigation

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Tuesday-Sunday 11:30am-1am, Closed Monday ITALIAN • SEAFOOD • VEAL • STEAK

Sun.,US Tues. & Wed. JOIN FOR Order off a special menu and receive: BRUNCH INNER 1 Appetizer, $16 DSUNDAY 1 Entree & 1 Dessert EVERY SUNDAY 2:00PM Add10:30AM Glass of House Wine $5



SPECIAL LOBSTER Bar HappySPECIAL Hour Only 203-439-2727 or Luca Martini $6.








Tuesday-Sunday 11:30am-1am, ⁄2 Price Apps. - Tuesday thruTUESDAY Friday SUNDAY, Closed Monday WEDNESDAY 3:30 pm-6 pm and 9& pm-11 pm Sandwich Menu Available BANQUET ROOM







ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊU Lorraine Warren EVENTS Wednesday, Oct 30


U Bill Burr Saturday, Nov. 23


1 Appetizer, 1 Entree Dessert SHOWERS, Buy 1 Lunch/Get 1 for 1/2& 1Price SUNDAY, TUESDAY Add Glass ofANNIVERSARIES, House Wine $5

SPECIAL Private Room Available for up to 40 People Happy Hour Bar Only

High price prevails. Cannot be combinedFUNERALS with any other offer. 8/31/13 ANDExp. MORE & WEDNESDAY

or Luca Martini $6.

1 Showers, Dinners and ... ⁄2 PriceRehearsal Apps. - Tuesday thruMore Friday

beginning Serving Lunch/Dinner 3:30 pm-6 pmTue.-Sun. and 9 pm-11 pm@ 11:30 AM Sandwich MenuSeptember Available Brunch will re-start 8th


1291989 41917R



Buy 1 Lunch/Get 1 for 1/2 Price

The Cheshire Citizen |

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Food As Art

a culinary celebration

Sunday, November 17, 2013 12:00 - 5:00 Aqua Turf, Southington, CT Get high visibility for your business at the region’s new premier food event.

Food As Art... combines the region’s best culinary delights with nationally acclaimed culinary stars, The Hearty Boys and Susan Heaton, from the Food Channel and Connecticut’s own Kevin Cottle. Hundreds of guests will sample your delicacies or spirits before, during and after our afternoon demonstrations.

Indulge your business BE A SPONSOR. Receive heavy online, print and social media promotion and event visibility. BE A VENDOR. Sell, sample and promote your wares to hundreds of food enthusiasts. REGISTER TODAY IF YOU ARE A: Bakery Caterer Cheese Emporium Coffee Roaster Confectioner Cookbook Author Cooking School

Farm Food Market Kitchen Store Specialty Food Producer Winery/Brewery/Distillery Wine and Beer Merchant And More.


TO LEARN MORE, CALL: Alyssa Calvanese at the Aqua Turf 860-621-9335, email, Or Leigh-Ann Fletcher - 860-877-4324.


A14 Thursday, October 10, 2013

Congregation Kol Ami

Ratner. The public is invited welcome. Oct. 19 - Saturday Torah Congregation Kol Ami, Study and discussion with 1484 Highland St., has sched- Rabbi Ratner at 9 am. Regular Shabbat Service at 10 a.m. uled the following: Oct. 18 - Friday service at Everyone is welcome. Nov. 2 - Saturday morning 7 p.m. at Kol Ami with Rabbi

The Cheshire Citizen |

Faith Torah Study and discussion with Rabbi Ratner at 9 am. Community Shabbat Service for everyone, at Kol Ami at 10 am. Special complimentary lunch immediately following services, made by members of Kol Ami.

St. Peter’s Church St . Pe te r ’s E p i s co pa l Church, 59 Main St., has scheduled its second annual PumpkinFest for Saturday, Oct. 19, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Rain date is Sunday, Oct. 20. The event includes food, games, bounce house, hayrides, “touch-a--truck” as well as a tag sale and vendors. Children, 12 and under, are welcome to wear Halloween costumes and participate in the 1 p.m. costume parade.


SINGLES DANCE SATURDAY, OCT. 12 8 pm - 12:30 am

165 Brainard Rd Hartford, CT 06114

Variety of Top 40 old & new Coffee & Dessert • Cash Bar Dressy Attire/No Baggy Jeans Admission $15 “for Singles only...” Dances Info: (860) 633-0600 • 1-800-824-3083 (inc. map)

Family photos, by a professional photographer, will be available from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Free parking; no pets allowed. For more information, call (203) 271-3939. The Preaching Hour “The Preaching Hour” has scheduled a new three month series on “The Book of Hebrews: If You Know Jesus You Will Persevere” airing Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Public Access Cox Cable Channel 15. The show is hosted by Cheshire resident Br. Tobin Hitt, founder of Zion Pentecost Mission. Bereavement Group Cheshire’s First Congregational Church has scheduled a Bereavement Support Group for anyone struggling with the loss of a loved one, beginning Oct 24 for seven sessions. The group will meet at the church, on the Green in the center of Cheshire, on consecutive Thursday evenings. (There will be no meeting on Thanksgiving.) All are welcome. The group offers a safe, confidential, quiet, peaceful place to share the burdens of loss with one another. It will be facilitated by trained leaders, and will follow the book series “Journeying Through

Grief” by Kenneth C. Haugk. For more information, call the church office at (203)272-5323.

Cheshire United Methodist

Cheshire United Methodist Church, 205 Academy Road, has scheduled its 4th annual Festival of Trees and Marketplace for Saturday, Nov. 23, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Vendor space is available. For more information and vendor fee, email CheshireUMC@sbcglobal. net.

Temple Beth David

Temple Beth David, 3 Main St., has scheduled the following: Torah study - Saturday, Oct. 12, 9 a.m. with Rabbi Josh Whinston. B e re ave m e n t s u p p o r t group - Wednesday, Oct. 16, 23 and 30 at 7 p.m. with Rabbi Hesch Sommer. TOT Shabbat Morning Worship at Temple Beth David. Join Rabbi Josh Whinston at TOT Shabbat for singing, movement, and family Torah study on the third Saturday of each month from 9 to 10 a.m. For more information, call (203) 272-0037 or visit www.

Services When you go away, I’d rather STAY HOME, and sleep in our bed, where it smells like you, than go to that crowded kennel, where the other dogs bully me. Please call a caring pet sitter to visit me, feed me, walk with me and give me belly rubs!




If your pets could talk they’d tell you to CALL US! Our award winning services are provided by caring, experienced, bonded, insured, professional pet lovers, at your pet’s favorite place … HOME.

Calvar y Life Family Worship Center, 174 E. Johnson Ave., Saturdays, 6 p.m.; Sundays, 10 a.m. (Gate 43 - Children’s Church and nursery available); Mid-week service on Wednesdays at 7 p.m.; The Loft (junior and senior high) meets every Wednesday at 7 p.m. (203) 272-1701. Cheshire Lutheran Church, 660 W. Main St., Sunday – 8 and 10:30 a.m. services. Education for all ages, 9:10 a.m. (203) 272-5106. Cheshire United Methodist Church, 205 Academy Road, Sunday – 9:30 a.m. service. (203) 272-4626. Christ Community Church, 120 Main St., Sunday – 10:15 a.m. service; Sunday school, 9 a.m. (203) 272-6344. Church of the Epiphany, See Faith / Page 20

The Cheshire Citizen |

Southington Jensen’s Activity Club Oktoberfest: 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. Platzl Brauhaus, Pomona, N.Y.. There is a fee to attend. For information, call Barbara Desrosiers at (860) 621-1344. Southington St. Paul’s Pumpkin Patch: 7 p.m. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 145 Main St. For information and hours of operation, call the church office at (860) 628-8486.

Friday Oct. 11 Cheshire Football: 7 - 11 p.m. Cheshire High School, 525 S. Main St. Cheshire vs. Daniel Hand. Cheshire Girls Soccer: 3:30 - 6:30 p.m. Cheshire High School, 525 S. Main St. Cheshire vs. Amity. Cheshire Girls Swimming: 4 - 6:30 p.m. Cheshire Community Pool, 520 S. Main St. Cheshire vs. Daniel Hand. Wallingford vs. Cheshire Girls Volleyball: 5 - 7 p.m. Lyman Hall High School, 70 Pond Hill Road. Lyman Hall vs. Cheshire. Cheshire Public Library Drum Time: 10:30 a.m. 104 Main St. For information about this program, call the library at (203) 272-2245 or visit www.cheshirelibrary. org.


Southington Arts and Crafts Association free children’s collage workshop: 10:30 a.m. - Noon; The Orchards Community Room, 34 Hobart St. To register, call Joan at (203) 699-9497 or email LilMoeStudio@aol. com. Wallingford 2013 Public Square Rosary Rally : Noon. Church of the Resurrection, 115 Pond Hill Road. This event is one of 10,000 scheduled throughout the nation to pray for world peace. For information, call Susan at (203) 265-9605. Wallingford Scarecrow Festival: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Zion Lutheran Church, 235 Pond Hill Road. Proceeds will be donated to The Fisher House Foundation and Helping Military Families. Rain date: Saturday, Oct. 19. Visit www

Sunday Oct. 13 Cheshire 12th annual Mark Jardim Memorial Jog: Noon - 3 p.m. Cheshire Town Park, Highland Ave. This fundraiser honors the Cheshire resident killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks and supports various memorial and charitable organizations. For information, visit www.markj Cheshire Newcomers Chili Cook Off: 5 - 6:30 p.m. Cheshire Park and Recreation Building, 559 S. Main St. This event will

benefit the Cheshire Fuel Fund. For information or to complete an entry form, call (203) 272-8975 or visit http:/ / ents/chili-cookoff/. Southington October art exhibit: The Orchards of Southington, 34 Hobart St. For viewing times, call (860) 628-5656 or visit www.south Southington Walkathon American Cancer Society Bark for Life: 12:30 pm. - ; Southington Drive-In, 935 Meriden-Wallingford Turnpike, Southington. Registration begins at 12:30 p.m. For information or to register, call (800) 227-2345 or visit

Monday Oct. 14 Cheshire Daughters of the American Revolution: Noon - 3 p.m. Highlands Health, 745 Highland Ave. Lady Fenwick Chapter. Program is Declaration of Independence as a Spiritual Document. Cheshire vs. Wallingford Girls Volleyball: 6:30 - 9 p.m. Cheshire High School, 525 S. Main St. Cheshire vs. Sheehan.

Tuesday Oct. 15 Wallingford vs. Cheshire Boys Soccer: 3:30 - 7:30 p.m. Sheehan High School Riccitelli Field, 120 Meadow St. Sheehan vs. Cheshire.

Saturday Oct. 12

Cheshire Girls Swimming: 7 - 9 p.m. Cheshire Community Pool, 520 S. Main St. Cheshire vs. Branford.

Wed. Oct. 16 Cheshire Girls Volleyball: 6:30 - 9 p.m. Cheshire High School, 525 S. Main St. Cheshire vs. Foran. Cheshire free retirement planning seminar: NEi Financial, 1781 Highland Ave., Suite 202. To reserve, call (203) 272-9111. Southington Soup Nite for Bread for Life: 4:30 7 p.m. Southington High School, 720 Pleasant St. For information, call (860) 2768389 or visit www.southingt Wallingford free blood pressure readings: 1 - 3 p.m. Masonicare Health Center, Outpatient Specialty Clinic, 22 Masonic Ave. For information, call (203) 679-5902.

Thursday Oct. 17 Wallingford Public Library book discussions: 200 N. Main St. For information, call Beth at the library (203) 265-6754 or visit www.wallin

Friday Oct. 18 Cheshire Football: 7 - 10 p.m. Cheshire High School, 525 S. Main St. Cheshire vs. Hamden. Cheshire Boys Soccer: 6 - 9 p.m. Cheshire High School, 525 S. Main St. Cheshire vs. Shelton. Southington 21st annual Music Of The Knight: 2 - 10 p.m. Southington High School, Fontana Field, 14 Heritage Drive. This marching band competition will feature 20 High School bands from across Connecticut. For information, call (860) 406-1525. Southington St. Thomas Italian Night Dinner and Music: 6:30 p.m. St. Thomas School cafeteria, 99 Bristol St. The St. Thomas Ladies Guild is hosting this event. There is a fee for tickets. Call Kathy at (203) 439-0105 or Jean at (860) 628-7913. Wallingford Veteran Award Ceremony dinner dance: 6 p.m. Villa Capri, 906 N. Colony Road. This event is sponsored by American Legion Post #45, Sons of the American Legion Squadron #45 and American Legion Auxiliary Unit #45. There is a cost per person. For information, call Becky at (860) 628-1469 or (203) 634-9876 or email See Calendar / Page 31

SUMMA CONSTRUCTION SERVICES L.L.C. 1482 Mer-Wtby. Rd. • Southington, CT Cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions. Exp. 12/31/13.

CALL (860) 628-0073

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Remember, NOT REGLAZED OR MOLD HIDING LINER. APPROX 5X8, Start on Monday ... Finish that Friday ...


Cheshire pumpkin painting and fall crafts festival: 10:30 a.m. - Noon; Cheshire Public Library, 104 Main St. Children ages four and up are invited to bring a pumpkin and participate. For information or to register visit www.che or call (203) 272-2245.

Cheshire Girls Soccer: 6 - 8:30 p.m. Cheshire High School, 525 S. Main St. Cheshire vs. Daniel Hand.



Thursday Oct. 10

Thursday, October 10, 2013

SUMMA CONSTRUCTION SERVICES L.L.C. 1482 Mer.-Wtby. Rd. • Southington, CT

Licensed & Insured Over 40 Yrs. Experience

& Operated CALL (860) 628-0073 Family Owned Lic. #P-1-0204630

A16 Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Cheshire Citizen |


Send us your school news and photos!

School Briefs

The Cheshire Citizen, 11 Crown Street, Meriden, CT 06450



Consultation Schedule Today!

860-426-1336 196 Queen Street Southington CT Botox Laser Hair Removal Scar Reduction Laser Skin Rejuvenation Body Contouring • Cool Sculpt Dermal Fillers Laser Vein Reduction Spray Tan • Latisse Facials • Chemical Peels Microdermabrasion Massage


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Medical Director: Dennis Buonafede, MD

karoake, make your own ice cream sundae, scavenger hunts Wilby High School has and much more. There are also scheduled its 50th reunion a variety of volunteer opportufor Saturday, Oct. 26, at Vasi’s nities available at The Yellow Restaurant, 1700 Watertown House. Ave., Waterbury. For more Fall trips information, contact Vickie Stemmer at (203) 755-3144 Friday, Oct. 18 - Lake or Gerry Eckhardt at (203) C o m p o u n c e Haunted 888-0740. Graveyard, 5:45 to 11 p.m. (Rain date, Oct. 19). Trip inThe Yellow House cludes bus, admission into The Yellow House, 554 graveyard and rides. Open to South Main Street (across the Cheshire residents in grades street from the high school six through eight. Limited in Bartlem Park), is Cheshire to 50 participants. A fee is Youth Services’ Program charged. Download a permisFacility. The house is intended sion slip at www.cheshirect. to provide a safe, comfort- org/youth-services. High school Friday night able, fun environment for the youth of Cheshire to enjoy. activities Friday events are schedPrograms and activities held at The Yellow House are de- uled from 6 to 11 p.m. for all signed by Youth Services Staff ninth through twelfth grade in conjunction with Cheshire Cheshire residents. Events are Youth and the Cheshire Youth supervised by Cheshire Youth Advisory Council. The Yellow Service staff. All activities are House has programs that are free and held at the Yellow both recreational and educa- House unless otherwise stated. Middle school Saturday tional and include weekday programs including various night activities Saturday night events are club activities and leadership training workshops. Friday scheduled from 6 to 9:30 p.m. and Saturday nights include for all seventh and eighth themed activities such as pool Cheshire residents. Events are tournaments, movie nights, supervised by Cheshire Youth Service staff. All activities are free and held at the Yellow House unless otherwise stated. Pre-registration is required for all students who want to participate in an activity to ensure that they will be able to attend

JUNIOR RIFLE CLUB Rifle Club Classes

See Schools / Page 17

Oct. 21, 2013 - March 29, 2014 Registration Dates: Oct. 5 & 6 • 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Kindergarten From Page 3

Choice of Weekdays from 3-5 p.m. or Saturday Mornings from 9:00 a.m.-12 Noon. Practices last approximately 1 hour start to finish (Parents and children must attend Registration)

Use of Rifles and Ammunition Furnished Season $575.00 per pupil Payable $375.00 on Registration $200.00 by January 1st also includes Free Junior NRA Membership, FREE Entry in The Connecticut State Gallery Championship, AWARDS NIGHT at the end of season.

316 N. Branford Road, Wallingford, CT 06492 203-269-3280


Safe Gun Handling - Marksmanship

“ Th e re a re o p t i o n s ,” Brittingham said. “But parental prep is the key. You cannot shield a kid from every bump in the road.” Detrick said since it is a major change some parents will need time to adjust. “It’s very different, but it also takes perspective,” he said. “With the gift of time, things will seem normal.” (203) 317-2208 Twitter: @EveBritton

The Cheshire Citizen |

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Officers plinary action only, and with their resignations there’s no action that could be taken.” Town Attorney, Dwight Jo h n s o n , w i t h M u r t h a Cullina, LLP, out of Hartford, confirmed the town’s investigation of the matter had ended with the resignations. “There will be no further investigation from the town’s side, at this time.” Johnson said. He said he could not elaborate further.

Dryfe said, as far as he knows, the chief state’s attorney’s investigation is continuing. A spokesman for the chief state’s attorney’s office said he could not comment on a pending investigation. Markella, who had been with the department since 1996, was making $88,004 annually. He worked in internal affairs, and was promoted to captain in 2010. He was a member of the department’s SWAT team and was public information officer from (203) 317-2208 Twitter: @EveBritton

Recycling event The Town of Cheshire Public Works Department has scheduled a free community wide electronics recycling event for Saturday, Oct. 19, from 9 a.m. to noon, at Cheshire High School, 525 South Main St. Acceptable items include computers, monitors,

printers, televisions, copy machines, stereos, modems, telephones, VCRs, DVD players and batteries. Only recyclable electronic items will be accepted. For more information, call (203) 271-6650 or visit


From Page 16

a particular night. Youth Literacy Project The Youth Literacy Project program is designed to promote reading among first graders through working oneon-one with a high school mentor, demonstrating the importance of reading and the part literacy will play in their lives as they get older. The two hour meetings consist of a oneon-one reading experience for each first grader paired with a high school volunteer followed by hands-on activities related to the reading of the day. The program meets on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to noon at the Yellow House. Student Math Mastery Club Student Math Mastery Club is designed to promote confidence among third graders through working one-on-one with a high school mentor, demonstrating the importance of math and the part it will play in their lives even as they get older.The program meets Saturdays from 12:30 to 2:00pm at the Yellow House. Peace Jam PeaceJam gives high school-

aged youth a platform to explore complex issues facing youth today, including violence, oppression, social justice and what it takes to be a leader and peacemaker. As part of the curriculum, participants learn about the life and work of one of the PeaceJam Nobel Laureates, and the strategies they use to address pressing global issues. They develop their own service projects that address the Global Call to Action, becoming creative leaders who are committed to solving the most difficult problems facing their communities and our world. The program also includes the annual PeaceJam Northeast Youth Conference, where youth spend a weekend with the Nobel Laureate they have been studying, giving them an unprecedented opportunity to exchange ideas and work towards becoming leaders in their own community. The program meet twice a month on weekdays from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Yellow House. For more information, call (203) 271-6691 or email cheshireyouthservices@




GUTTERS • SIDING • SNOW REMOVAL Commercial & Residential Installation, Repair & Cleaning


A Community Event Sponsored by


Fully Licensed & Insured Lic. #HIC.0633535

2006-2010. Anderson, who started in 2002, was making $68,608 annually. He was the union president from 2005-2009. Both had received special commendations for their work over the years.

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A18 Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Cheshire Citizen |

Opinion Commentary

Letter to the Editor

Why reinvent the wheel? Eric Cotton

Special to The Citizen

Cheshire may soon join t h e n e a rly t h re e - q u a r ters of school districts in Connecticut that provide fullday kindergarten. Locally, Meriden and Southington have extended the school day for kindergartners, while 11 states and the District of Columbia already mandate full-day K, according to a recent study by the Education Commission of the States. “A strong P-3 system requires that students transitioning from high-quality pre-K programs do not land in kindergarten programs that fail to build on this strong beginning,” the report states. “This has never been truer than now, as the rigorous Common Core State Standards, being implemented in 46 states plus the District of Columbia, were constructed to build on a foundation of early knowledge beginning with kindergarten.” During a forum in Cheshire last week, state Rep. Al Adinolfi, a Republican, said he supported the move to full-day K and anticipated it would soon become a state mandate anyway. A handful of parents voiced concerns that their children weren’t ready for a full day of school or that it would take away from quality time spent at home. That’s a typical worry ex-

pressed during debates about full-day K, but the benefits of additional instructional time far outweigh the trade-offs, as demonstrated in the more than 100 Connecticut school districts where full-day programs have been successfully implemented. Parents also have the option of withholding a child for up to two years if they feel the child isn’t ready. Cost is obviously a concern, but full-day programs can be adopted for less money than you might think, and certainly just a small percentage of the school budget overall. That’s true in part because districts save on transportation costs since they no longer have to run morning and afternoon programs. So it’s strange to see the school board in Wallingford somewhat reticent when it comes to the subject. The board recently appointed an Early Childhood Exploratory Committee, but administrators strained to make the point that full-day K was just one option under consideration and may not ultimately be recommended. The panel will do a thorough analysis of all aspects of early childhood education, looking not just at national research, but international data as well, according to Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Shawn Parkhurst. School Superintendent Sal Menzo emphasized that members

Government Meetings Thursday, Oct. 10 Human Services Committee, 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 15 Economic Development, 7:30 p.m. Inland/Wetlands & Waterways, 7:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 21 Historic District Commission, 7:30 p.m. Library Board, 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 23 Water Pollution Control Authority/ Flood & Erosion Control Board, 7:30 p.m.

will consider more than just full-day kindergarten, so calling it the full-day K committee would be “inappropriate,” he said. The committee has 13 members and five subcommittees which will look at specific areas such as “District Transformation Initiative Alignment” and “Resource Cost Analysis.” The plan at least initially was to have each subcommittee meet once a week, and the full committee meet every three weeks. But a few members sounded the alarm recently after realizing the panel couldn’t possibly complete such an ambitious agenda in time to make a recommendation by mid-November so that it can be included in the next budget. “I don’t think we’re going to be able to completely explore all the pros and cons of all of those different programs in just six weeks,” committee member Chet Miller said. Why is Wallingford trying to reinvent the wheel anyway? It seems to me the panel’s time would be much better spent simply working out the details of a quality full-day K program. Reach Eric Cotton at (203) 317-2344 or ecotton@record-journal. Follow him on Twitter @ecotton3

Community focus To the editor: It’s that time of year again when we see political candidate lawn signs sprouting up around town and candidates from both political parties making arguments about the issues of the day which at times can distract us from the great community we live in. Recently I attended a Cheshire high school football game and saw up close our community at work. Although the main goal was to support the efforts of the Cheshire high Rams on the field we also saw recognition for the great efforts of organizations like Best Buddies of Cheshire. They won the title of best program in the

nation and were honored in midfield during halftime. Many other organizations were also present to support other important parts of the community. These all form the values and character that contribute to a strong community, one that focuses on what we have in common beyond team or party allegiances. We should all forgo political lawn signs this year and instead join together and share in our pride of the community by requesting the Cheshire High School Swim team fathers club paint a RAM head stencil on your driveway. Bill Costello Cheshire

Letters policy for political season For Letters to the Editor regarding any candidates or issues that involve the political season, The Cheshire Citizen will only accept and publish letters that are 100 words or less. This policy is in keeping with the policy of the Record-Journal and will be in effect starting with the next edition of The Citizen. The last edition for which we will publish letters of a political nature is Oct. 24. We ask writers to focus on their candidate’s worthiness for office and refrain from personal attacks on individuals. As always, we reserve the 11 Crown St. Meriden, CT 06450 Reporter – Eve Britton Features – Joy VanderLek News Editor – Olivia L. Lawrence Assistant News Editor – Nick Carroll Executive Vice President and Assistant Publisher – Liz White Senior Vice President of Operations and Major Accounts – Michael F. Killian

right to edit letters or to not publish a letter. Letters should contain contact information, including, full name, address and phone number. Only your name and town will be published. If you have a specific role in politics or the political process, please include that information. Letters on other topics will continue to be accepted up to a 300 word limit. Send letters to or The Cheshire Citizen, 11 Crown Street, Meriden, CT 06450 or email

Senior Vice President and Editor – Ralph Tomaselli Advertising Director – Kimberley E. Boath Advertising Sales – Christopher Cullen CONTACT US Advertising:

(203) 317-2327 Fax (203) 235-4048 News: (203) 235-1661 Fax (203) 639-0210 Marketplace: (203) 317-2393 Published every Thursday by the RecordJournal Publishing Co. Delivered by mail to all homes and businesses in Cheshire.

The Cheshire Citizen |

Thursday, October 10, 2013


CHS library opening postponed again Women’s Kreidwise, “It’s frustrating.” Students file past the stacks of pallets on their way to a separate back room where some library science classes are held, and in the back of the library, where some teachers hold make-shift classes with tables set up there. Junior Haley Rosenbeck was on her way to the library to take a make-up test.

Britton/ The Cheshire Citizen.

By Eve Britton

The Cheshire Citizen

First, the Cheshire High School Library was supposed to open two weeks before school started. Then, the date was changed to Oct. 1 because bookshelves hadn’t arrived. Now the bookshelves are there, but they’re the wrong ones. If the right ones do come in, the library might be open by November. “They were supposed to be 48-inch shelves, now they’re 66-inch, 72-inch with the wheels,” said principal Jeff Solan. “It’s hard to see over them, which is what we didn’t want. It’s hard to see the whole room.” The library was completely renovated during summer break. Solan said he was disappointed with the delays, but is willing to wait to make it work. “I’d rather see it done right than settle on what doesn’t work,” he said. “The students are still able to access technology, but it really puts a cramp on checking out books.” About 13,000 books for the library are stacked in boxes on pallets waiting to be housed in the redesigned library. “I think it’s inconvenient because I can’t do homework in here,” said junior Steven Caldwell, who was taking an AP European history class in the back of the library. Librarian Sarah Peters said the shelves are not only too high, but the wrong design. “Of course it’s frustrating

not to have books available,” she said, looking at the huge pallets of books in the center of the large space. “And, I thought they were going to be wood casings with metal shelves, but they’re all metal.” The shelves were also supposed to have recessed wheels, but the ones delivered have large external wheels that will be hard to keep out of students’ paths as they walk among the stacks. In addition, the height and wheels could cause problems for disabled students. Making the library compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act was one of the main reasons the library was redone. In addition to not having access to books, most students said the main problem is losing a quiet place to study. The cafeteria, commons and auditorium are open for study halls, but are loud and distracting places, the students said. “During study hall, I could be working on stuff for classes in the library,” said Ted Li, a senior, who was sitting with a group of friends at a table on the outdoor senior walk. “Last year, I used to go to the library for study hall, now with no books or computer resources, I sometimes get to go work in the back of a business class,” said senior Ani Katipally. “I feel like I’m imposing on everyone but I need to do it.” “It’s inconvenient. I can’t go in there to get the books I need. I go to the public library,” said freshman Maya (203) 317-2208 Twitter: @EveBritton

Each month the Cheshire Women’s Club meets on the first Thursday of the month for a general business meeting with a luncheon, followed by a program that is open to the public. For more information about joining the Cheshire Women’s Club, call Paulette at (203) 272-8779 or attend any meeting.



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The metal shelving and books in boxes, make the library look more like a warehouse than a learning space. |Eve

“It’s inconvenient for a lot of things, but I’m excited to see what it’s going to look like when it opens,” she said. A spokeswoman for the office supply company, WB Mason, out of Brockton, Mass., did not return calls for comment.











874 BERLIN TPKE. BERLIN, CT (860) 828-6547 OPEN: MON.-FRI. (9:30-9) SAT (9:30-6) SUN. (11-5)

A20 Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Cheshire Citizen |

Faith Saturday, 4 p.m. Vigil. (203) 272 - 4355. www.epiphanyct. 1750 Huckins Rd., Mass sched- org. Cong regation Kol uled for Sunday through Wednesday and Friday at 8:30 Ami, 1484 Highland Ave., a.m.; Sunday at 10:30 a.m. and Wednesday, 6 p.m.; Thursday, From Page 14

8 a.m.; Friday, 7:30 p.m. Shabbat service; Saturday, 10 a.m. service with Torah Study at 9 a.m. (203) 272-1006. Cornerstone Church, 1146 Waterbury Rd., Sunday


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program in English. Joint worship service first Sunday of month at 10:30 a.m. (203) 272-3621. Oasis, 176 Sandbank Rd., Sunday, 10:15 a.m. Children’s church and nursery available. (203) 439-0150. St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 59 Main St., Sunday – 8:15 a.m. Holy Eucharist Rite I; 10:30 a.m. Rite 2 with choirs. (203) 272-4041. St . T h o m a s B e c ke t Catholic Church, 435 No. Brooksvale Rd., Masses: Vigil (Saturday) 4 p.m. EST, 5 p.m. DST, Sunday 8:30 and 10:30 a.m., Confession: Saturday, 3 p.m. EST, 4 p.m. DST, (203) 272-5777. Temple Beth David, 3 Main St., 7:30 p.m. service Friday, except first Friday of month when family services are at 6:30 p.m. (203) 272-0037.

services 9 and 10:45 a.m.; Youth Sunday 6:30 p.m., Wednesdays: Alpha 6:30 p.m. and Grapple 7 p.m. (203) 2725083. Cornerstonecheshire. com. Fe l l ows h i p o f L i f e Church, 150 Sandbank Rd., Sunday - 10 a.m. Worship and teaching; Wednesday - 7:30 p.m. Revival prayer. (203) 2727976. First Congregational Church, 111 Church Drive, Sunday – 9 and 11 a.m. services. Nursery and child care provided at both services. (203) 272-5323. Grace Baptist Church, 55 Country Club Road, Sunday - Worship, 9:15 a.m. in Mandarin, 11 a.m. in English; Sunday School for all ages 9:15 a.m. English, 11 a.m. adults Mandarin; Tuesday - 7:30 p.m. Prayer meeting: Wednesday - small group; Friday - 7:30 Chinese Fellowship/youth

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The Cheshire Citizen |

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Adopt-A-Spot beautifies town By Joy VanderLek

The Cheshire Citizen

If you drive, bike or walk through Cheshire, no doubt you’ve seen sponsored Adopt-A-Spot gardens. One Adopt-A-Spot planting off I-691 welcomes travelers all summer long with its lush planting of gold, white and blush-red flowers. The Adopt-A-Spot on Rt. 10 across from the Masonic Temple in the north end of town features masses of marigolds, yellow and gold. Head into the south end of Cheshire and you’re rewarded with three more beautiful examples. Waves of wax begonias and sedum stand at the entrance to Bartlem Park. Brown-eyed Susans, luscious roses and eye-popping green potato vine decorate the bed in front of the Yellow House, and an awesome assortment of summer annuals can be found at the South End Fire House. It might surprise you to learn that these little touches about town are the handiwork of volunteers.

They are local community, religious and business groups who volunteer to plant and maintain the planting beds each season. When the program began in 2007, the Town Beautification Committee, TBC, was unsure of what response, if any, there would be that first year, said Jerry Sitko, Economic Development Coordinator. “We received 20 responses.” That prompted a lottery to draw the first five names and the Adopt-A-Spot program was up and running. Sitko points out that while TBC may give a few tips on flower choices or rules, such as water and weed all summer long— volunteers are free to design and use whatever plantings they want. The Adopt-A-Spot plantings are in high-visibility areas. “They enhance our town,” Sitko said. He added

that when you’re stuck in traffic, it’s nice to look up and see these beautiful plantings. The groups who volunteered for Adopt-A-Spot this past summer, did “an outstanding job, and deserve to be recognized.” Sitko said.

This year’s sponsors, clockwise from top left: Yellow House , adopted by Suburban Garden Club of Cheshire; I-691 West, exit 3, adopted by Dietrich Gardens; Bartlem Park, adopted by Cheshire Nursery Garden Center and Florist; South End Fire House on Route 10, adopted by Congregation Kol Ami; Masonic Home area, adopted by Cheshire High School Key Club. | Submitted photos.

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A22 Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Cheshire Citizen |

Seniors Senior Happenings

C.H.A.T. - Cheshire Home and Safety Awareness Team, in conjunction with the Alzheimer’s Association of Connecticut, has scheduled a four-part family caregiver course for Tuesday, Oct. 15,

22 and 29, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. The four part program is designed to educate caregivers on the necessary skills and information needed to provide care for persons with memory loss. Topics include:

Make a Difference

Join the Wheeler Clinic Foster Care team and help us make a difference in the life of a child. Several programs to choose from • 24/7 support • Extensive training



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Overview of Alzheimer’s Disease & Research, Communication techniques, Identification of Behavioral Challenges, Family Dynamics, Co m m u n i ty Re s o u rce s , Legal and Financial Issues. For more information and to register, contact Stefanie Theroux, LCSW, at (203) 272-8030. Senior Bookworms are Hooked on Reading –

For more information contact:

Central CT: 860.793.7277 • Western CT: 203.755.4963 E-mail us:

Visit our website:

Lunch reservations must be made 48 hours in advance by calling (203) 272-0047. A donation is requested. Monday, Oct. 14: Senior Center closed in observance of Columbus Day. Tuesday, Oct. 15: Beef stew, egg noodles, roasted winter squash, multi-grain dinner roll, fresh fruit. Wednesday, Oct. 16:

cussion on how to find responsible, commonsense solutions to secure Medicare for future generations and prevent harmful cuts to Social Security. Share ideas on these critical programs that impact you and your family. Co-sponsored and presented by A.A.R.P. RSVP by calling (203) 272-8286 no later than Oct. 15. Eye Health– Friday, Oct. 18, 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Presented by Dr. Timothea Ryan from MidState Medical Center. Menu Registration is required by calling (203) 272-8286. A A R P Sa fe D r iv i n g Garlic chicken quarter, rice and beans, broccoli, rye Course – Monday, Oct. 21, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Registration bread, peaches. Thursday, Oct. 17: Pork is required by calling (203) loin with gravy, baked sweet 272-8286. Photo ID – Monday, Oct. potato, green beans, wheat 21, 1 to 3 p.m. bread, pineapple. H e a l t h p r o g ra m s Friday, Oct. 18: Spinach Grandioli with sauce, fresh zucchini, carrots, garlic See Senior / Page 29 breadstick, lemon cookie, apple juice. Tuesday, Oct. 15, 10 to 11 a.m. Book discussion: “The Art of Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein. Group will meet in the Senior Center Library. New members are encouraged to attend. Military Whist – Thursday, Oct. 17, 1 to 3 p.m. A fee is charged. You’ve Earned a Say – Thursday, Oct. 17, 7 to 8:30 p.m. An interactive dis-

Senior Calendar

Paula Bevilacqua

Cheshire Dermatology to Open Satellite Office in Meriden

Dana Correale

Cheshire Dermatology is pleased to announce the opening of a satellite office at 546 South Broad Street in Meriden. Board certified physicians, Drs. Paula Bevilacqua, Dana Correale, and Michael Thibault, PA-C, practice medical, surgical, pediatric, and cosmetic dermatology and are currently accepting new and established patients at our new location Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm beginning November 4th.

Michael Thibault


Patients may call 203-250-7577 to book appointments.

Monday, Oct. 14: Senior Center closed in observance of Columbus Day. Tuesday, Oct. 15: Crafty Ladies, 9 a.m.; Zumba Gold, 9:30 a.m.; Senior Bookworms, 10 a.m.; Moderate exercise, 10:15 a.m.; Yolartis, 10:30 a.m.; Bingo, 1 p.m.; Blood Pressure, 1 to 2:30 p.m.; Pinochle, 1 p.m.; Poker, 1p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 16: Busy Bees, 10 a.m.; Mah Jonng, 1 p.m.; Nickel, Nickel, 1 p.m.; Poker, 1 p.m.; Senior Club, 1 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 17: Line dance - advanced, 9:30 a.m.; Moderate Exercise, 10:15 a.m.; Line dance, beginner, 10:30 a.m.; Pilates, 11 a.m.; Scrabble, 12:30 p.m.; Military Whist, 1 p.m.; Poker, 1 p.m.; Writing Seniors, 1:30 p.m.; Medicare program, 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 18: Get Fit with Phyllis, 9:15 a.m.; Golf Cards, 10 a.m.; Art Painting Class, 10:30 a.m.; Eye health program, 10:30 a.m.; Tai-Chi beginner, 10:30 a.m.; Bridge, 12:30 p.m.; Set Back, 12:45 p.m.; Discussion Group, 1 p.m.; Poker, 1 p.m.

The Cheshire Citizen |

Thursday, October 10, 2013



Health tips: sleep and aging A good night’s rest helps you stay healthy and alert. But many older people don’t sleep well. If you’re always sleepy, it may be time to see a doctor. You shouldn’t wake up every day feeling tired. Older adults need about the same amount of sleep as young adults — 7 to 9 hours each night — but they tend to go to sleep earlier and get up earlier than when they were younger. Older people may nap more during the day, which can sometimes make it hard to fall asleep at night. There are two kinds of sleep — REM (rapid eye

movement) sleep and nonREM sleep. We dream mostly during REM sleep and have the deepest sleep during nonREM sleep. As people get older, they spend less time in deep sleep, which may be why older people are often light sleepers. There are many reasons why older people may not get enough sleep at night. Feeling sick or being in pain can make it hard to sleep. Napping during the day can disrupt sleep at night. Some medicines can keep you awake. No matter the reason, if you don’t get a good night’s

sleep, the next day you may: be irritable. have memory problems or be forgetful, feel depressed, have more falls or accidents, feel very sleepy during the day. Insomnia is the most common sleep problem in adults age 60 and older. People with insomnia have trouble falling and staying asleep. Insomnia can last for days, months or even years. If you’re having trouble sleeping, you may: take a long time to fall asleep, wake up many times in the night, wake up early and be unable to get back to sleep, wake up

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ple worry about not sleeping even before they get into bed. This may even make insomnia worse. Older adults who have trouble sleeping may use more over-the-counter sleep aids. Using prescription medicines for a short time might help. But remember, medicines aren’t a cure for insomnia. Developing healthy habits at bedtime may help you get a good night’s sleep.


Free community assistance program Addiction Services. The CAP trains citizens to provide support and assistance to individuals and families struggling with addictions such as alcohol, drugs and gambling, and other mental health issues. CAP provides six hours of in-depth training with addiction professionals on topics such as available treatment options, com-

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The Cheshire Human Services Committee has scheduled a free community assistance program to Cheshire area residents on Wednesday, Oct. 16, at First Congregational Church of Cheshire, from 6 to 9 p.m. The free program is coordinated through Problem Gambling Services - a division of the CT Department of Mental Health and

415 Highland Ave., Route 10, Cheshire Walk-in Hours Available

Cheshire Family Medicine Introduces Dr. Hendrix ProHealth Physicians is delighted to announce that Ashley Hendrix, DO has joined Cheshire Family Medicine and is welcoming new patients of all ages. Dr. Hendrix is board certified in family medicine and geriatrics. We use new technologies to provide quality primary care with a patient-centered focus. • Secure electronic health records • myProHealth online patient portal • Most major insurance plans accepted

About Dr. Hendrix… Education: Doctorate of Osteopathy from Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Residency: UConn/ St. Francis Hospital Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Memberships: The American Geriatrics Society, American Academy of Family Physicians, American Medical Association Special interest: Geriatrics

To schedule your first visit, call toll-free: 855-CTMD-411

Michael Olsen, MD • Joanne Priolo, APRN • Richard Williams, MD • Ashley Hendrix, DO • Sarah Balfour, MD


Cheshire Family Medicine • 335 Highland Ave, Cheshire, CT • (203) 271-3060

A24 Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Cheshire Citizen |


Police Blotter The following people have been charged by the police: Aug. 27 Alexander Bateson, 24, 51 Crescent Cir., traveling unreasonably fast; failure to meet minimum insurance requirements; improper use of marker, reg., license; operating unregistered motor vehicle. Naomi O’Leary, 55, 1752 Old Waterbury Road, disorderly conduct. Aug. 28 Robert Babcock, 41, 20 Nod Brook Road, op motorcycle without motorcycle license; theft or possession of a number or exp. sticker; improper use of marker, reg, license. Aug. 29 Jeffrey Casey, 32, 485 Academy Road, criminal violation protective order; disorderly conduct. Aug. 30 Katherine Krukowski, 33, 2 S. Pond Circle, sixth-degree larceny; possession of

narcotics. Noel Serrano, 44, 27 Hickory St., Waterbury, sixth-larceny-shoplifting; possession of narcotics. Jacob Morris, 25, 123 Quarry Village Road, failure to drive reasonable distance apart by motor vehicle other commercial vehicle; operating under the influence of drugs/alcohol; evading responsibility injury or property. Aug. 31 Anabel Negron, 45, 160 Kelly Road, South Windsor, operating under the influence of drugs/alcohol. Cory Zibell, 23, 880 Farmington Ave., operating under the influence of drugs/ alcohol. Dylan Baumgardner, 19, 55 Charter Oak Dr., evading responsibility injury or property. Angelica Baca, 22, 8 Jeremy Dr., New Fairfield, possession of marijuana less than 1/2 oz first offense.

Patrick O’Leary, 27, 1752 Old Waterbury Road., possession of marijuana less than 1/2 oz first offense. Shane Cambell, 23, 1568 Meriden Road, possession of marijuana less than 1/2 oz first offense; first degree failure to appear. Jontay Davis, 22, 23 W. Farm St., Waterbury, possession of marijuana less than 1/2 oz first offense. Sept. 1 Sara Vergnetti, 32, 67 Country Lane, Meriden, second-degree breach of peace; third-degree criminal mischief. Sept. 3 David Durlach, 19, 175 Vine St., New Britain, rcv/mon/gds/ serv/by ill use cc; illegal use of a credit card less than $500; credit card theft; sixth-degree larceny (general); third-degree larceny auto theft; third-degree criminal mischief; first-degree burglary.

Coming Saturday, November 23rd at Norton School

We’re looking for runners, sponsors and volunteers to make this year’s event a success.

For more information please contact Sarah Morocco at 203.272.5607 or go to to sign up today! The Cheshire


media sponsors


The 5th Annual Hot COCO 5K and Kids Fun Run

From Page 24

Laura Clementsen, center, is shown with her biker friends and family as she saddles-up for her first ride on a Harley. | Joy VanderLek / The Cheshire Citizen.

ting ready for church as was her routine, but instead she was zipping up her leather jacket and putting on her tattoos (of the temporary kind). Neighbors, friends and relatives came to watch what will forever be known as “The Spectacle on Brook Lane.” Brenda Wood and her husband, Clementsen’s nephew, Ernie were also there. They came from Vermont just that morning, a two-hour ride at least. They rode in on their own Harley, and Brenda’s hands were still frozen from the ride. It was Brenda who urged Clementsen to take this ride. Brenda was the one mentioned in Clementsen’s column; together, they had gone into a Harley-Davidson shop while visiting family out West. There’d they’d been offered a chance to ride. Laura declined at the time, but recently wrote that she regretted that choice. At the appointed time of 10 a.m., the bikes came down the street. You could hear the roar of the bikes before you saw them. It was a beautiful sight; nine bikes in all came cruising down the street, and almost all with two riders. These Harleys were mostly touring bikes. There were Road Kings and Electra Glides and three-wheeled Trikes. The club calls themselves the Undesirables. They comprise a group of friends who tour together on bikes. They have averaged 7,000 miles each of the last 10 years. The group just returned from an excursion and today they

were on their way to Bristol for the 4th Annual Ride for Justice, the Petit Family Foundation Fundraiser. First, however, they had a special mission to take a special lady for a ride. Clementsen put on her helmet and gratefully accepted gloves for the cool morning. Off the group went. Clementsen’s smile was a mile wide. They traveled down the street, around the cul-de-sac, back up past the small crowd that had gathered on her lawn, and past neighbors farther up the street who came out of their houses at the commotion and onto their own lawns with cameras in hand. It was a short, quick trip. When Clementsen and Dacunto arrived back from the tour, she still had that huge smile on her face. “I could get used to this,” said Clementsen, plainly exhilarated from her zip around town. Dacunto’s smile was just as big. “Watch, she’ll start calling me now every week,” he said laughing. Before leaving, Dacunto reached into his saddlebag to retrieve a gift bag, which he gave to Clementsen. It included a Harley-Davidson badge. After thanks and goodbyes, the group left for their next destination. Clementsen treated neighbors to cider and donuts, and then spent the rest of the day with her family. “This was a great day,” Clementsen said. “A really great day.”

The Cheshire Citizen |

Thursday, October 10, 2013



Ram Notes

Farrel sets assist record; Boys XC rolls on Volleyball Cheshire 3, Amity 1: It took just about one full game for Cheshire to get settled in its match with visiting Amity. Though they came back from as many as eight points down, it was a little too late to take that first game. But once the Rams were settled, it was over. Un d e fe a t e d C h e s h i re took over the match completely with accurate serving and hard hitting for a SCC Housatonic victory over the Spartans by game scores of 23-25, 25-19, 25-15, 25-22 in front of a capacity crowd that was often deafening after each point. Time and again, junior Jillian Haberli came up with hard hit after hard hit for Cheshire, which improved to 9-0 overall and 4-0 in the Housatonic. She finished with

a game-high 17 kills and three digs. Rams senior captain Becca Ligi came on strong in Game 4 with most of her seven kills to go along with three digs. Cheshire 3, Branford 0: Maria Buzzelli had 16 digs as the Rams, ranked No. 4 in the state poll, improved to 10-0 with the SCC interdivisional win in Branford. Game scores were 25-13, 25-16 and 25-19. Kathleen Hastie (three kills, five aces, two digs) and Sarah Rodgers (23 assists) paced Cheshire’s offense. Branford is 5-4. Cheshire 3, Mercy 0: Laura Heynen filled the stat sheet for Cheshire with 13 assists, three aces, three digs and four kills in the SCC interdivisional win at home. Cheshire improved to 11-0 with game scores of 25-18, 25-9 and 25-17.

Eva Whelan (five kills) and Maria Buzzelli (eight digs) played well for the Rams. Mercy is 8-2. Field hockey Cheshire 8, Mercy 1: Emma Farrel scored three goals and assisted on two others to lead Cheshire to a SCC rout of Mercy. With the second of her two assists, Farrel became the all-time assists leader at Cheshire High with 42. She surpassed Rebecca Slisz, who recorded 41 while playing from 1987-1990. Against Mercy, Farrell

staked the Rams to a 2-0 lead by scoring twice in a span of 34 seconds less than three minutes into the game. Farrel completed her hat trick 5:16 into the second half. Mercy got a goal back less than a minute later on a strike by Katie Hanley, but the Rams eventually erupted for five goals in the final 15 minutes. Michelle Federico scored twice. Erica Stauffer, Emma Gaudio and Allie Rosadinio had single goals. Fe d e r i c o, Danielle Ballantonio, Oliva Larson and Alyssa Stevens all had assists. Cheshire out-shot Mercy 29-1. Mercy goalie Shannon Murphy made 20 saves. The Rams improved to 6-1 while Mercy fell to 0-8. Cheshire 5, Branford 3: Michelle Federico and Olivia Larson each had a pair of

goals for the Rams in a SCC interdivisional showdown in Cheshire . Emma Farrel added a goal and two assists for the Rams and Federico chipped in with a helper as well. Goalie Maddy Levy had seven saves for Cheshire (71). Branford is 3-4. Girls soccer Cheshire 2, Shelton 1: Hannah Bonitz and Kathleen Castrilli had second-half goals for the Rams in a SCC Housatonic victory at home. Cheshire erased a 1-0 deficit when Kacey Conlon assisted Bonitz at 51:50 and Castrilli scored the game-winner from Alexandra Pelletier with 5:40 left. Zoe Riccio had five saves in net for the Rams, now 5-3 overall and 3-1 in the Housy). See Ram / Page 29

Rams escape Sheehan in OT By Bryant Carpenter Special to The Citizen

The lights of Riccitell Field don’t reach all that well into the north end zone. There, the shadows are long and seem to merge into the darkness beyond the field. Which is fitting, because what transpired there Friday night, Oct. 4, between the Sheehan and Cheshire football teams is the sort of stuff that will stretch into memory long after the lights go down and playing days are over. The details may grow murky other than the big plays in overtime. The Rams allowed Sheehan a touchdown only to block the extra point, then scored on their first play and booted the PAT to escape with a 28-27 SCC crossover victory. The Rams will remember the win, the Titans how well they played and how they, a Class M team with a roster

half the size, nearly knocked off their Class LL rival to the west. The teams finished regulation tied at 21. Sheehan delivered the first blow in OT, where each team got a set of downs from the 10. Jeremy Gannon, who had taken over at quarterback in the second half, ran around left end from one yard out. But on the extra point, Cheshire’s Mark Dietrich blocked Brandon Gauthier’s attempt. The Rams took over and, on the first play, Jack Cunningham followed Andrew Yamin and Tony Marcucilli out of the wishbone from 10 yards out. Matt D’Andrea delivered his fourth and final PAT, and that was the difference. “Historically, you go back to whenever, it’s always a Cheshire quarterback Josh MacNiven looks for an open receiver Oct. 4. war when we come here,” | (Justin Weekes / Special to The Citizen) said Cheshire coach Don Drust. “I tried to tell my we come here, it’s going to here with a win. We made added. “But that being said, kids, ‘Don’t look at records, be a battle.’ some mistakes; we didn’t exdon’t look at scores. When “I’m happy to get out of ecute a lot of things,” Drust See Football / Page 27

A26 Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Cheshire Citizen |

Sansone looks to make a higher grade Aspiring to Ivy League, NESCAC, former Cheshire QB putting in PG year at Exeter By Bryant Carpenter

Special to The Citizen

Vincent Sansone has always had high aspirations for college, both in terms of academics and football. And he’s always had a pretty high IQ in both. The catch is, last year, in his senior season at Cheshire High, Sansone was moved to quarterback from free safety, the position he’d manned since cracking the varsity starting lineup as a sophomore. He made a quick enough study, but the move may have cost him some collegiate options. He had no varsity pedigree at the position. He was learning on the fly. There wasn’t much in the way of film to send out to potential suitors.

While other Cheshire players, including his fellow captains, Matt Escoto and Sam Pascale, both now at Salve Regina, found their next port of call, the tide wasn’t breaking the way Sansone would have liked. He was thinking Ivy League, NESCAC. He still is, and by choosing to take the prep school route through Phillips Exeter in Exeter, N.H., Sansone is putting himself in position to actualize the goal. “I chose a post-grad year at Exeter because I thought it would help me out academically and physically and prepare me more for college,” Sansone said. “I wouldn’t say I needed them, but it wouldn’t hurt to improve in those areas.” Anyone who saw the Sept. 28 game in Wallingford between Exeter and Choate would attest Sansone is most certainly improving in the area of quarterback. In his second season at the position, with another 10-15 pounds on his frame, the Cheshire native is developing as a run-

pass threat. He had Exeter at 2-0 following the Sept. 28 24-7 win. Sansone ran for a touchdown and threw for two. “He’s playing well,” said Don Drust, Sansone’s former coach at Cheshire High. “He worked his tail off all summer. He’s 215 and he looks the part. His grades have improved dramatically. He’s doing all the right things right now.” Being at Exeter, Sansone assesses, is starting to generate interest from schools that, a year ago, faintly had him on their radar. Exeter’s no joke. Founded in 1781, it is still considered one of the top prep schools not merely in the U.S., but worldwide. The Economist mentions it in the same sentence as Eton and Harrow of Great Britain. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerman and novelist John Irving are among its more recent notable graduates. Its endowment — $970 million as of 2011 — is the largest of any New England boarding

school. Sansone’s translation: “The reason I chose Exeter over some of the other prep schools is I kind of felt like Exeter is a school that would give me the best opportunity to get into some of the schools that I want to get into.” That list features Brown, Yale, Dartmouth, Williams, Wesleyan and Trinity. If Sansone winds up in the Ivy League, he’ll be following recent Cheshire predecessors Billy Ragone (senior QB at Penn) and Sebastian Little (sophomore receiver at Yale). If Sansone winds up playing quarterback at the next level, he can chalk up a lot to this post-grad campaign. Exeter’s offense is fairly dynamic. Sometimes Sansone is under center in the I, sometimes he’s in the shotgun making zone reads or rolling out. In the bigger picture, he’s growing into the position, building on a foundation laid a year ago. “I definitely feel a lot more comfortable throwing the ball,” Sansone said. “Reads are coming a lot easier to me. Having a year under my belt of playing quarterback at the varsity level really helps me this year.”

Sansone has found the level of competition in the prep world to be better than expected. The perception is that the post-grads are strong, the underclassmen not so much. Cheshire Academy has certainly dispelled that notion locally, and Sansone has found it to be otherwise in New Hampshire as well. “There’s a lot of talent around me that’s definitely helping me out,” he said. “We’ve got great linemen up front; we’ve got physical players. Our defense has been playing unbelievable.” Exeter has a good thing going. Last year, Big Red ran the regular-season table before falling to Salisbury 29-26 in the New England Division A championship. At 2-0 so far this year, Exeter has won 10 straight regular-season games. The way Drust sees it, it’s the next step in the education of a quarterback who is steadily increasing his value. “That’s what going to happen with him, no doubt in my mind,” Drust said. “He just physically hadn’t gotten there (last season) and had just one year at QB under his belt. He’s always been a great kid. This is just allowing all that physical stuff to completely come all the way up.”


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Thursday, October 10, 2013


Football From Page 25

we hung together, we stuck with it and our guys stood shoulder to shoulder and got a W.” Cheshire improved to 2-2 heading into a home showdown with Hand. The Titans fell to 1-3, but coach John Ferrazzi believes Friday’s effort will galvanize the team as it heads to North Haven. “We played football tonight. We played football the way I know we’re capable of playing,” Ferrazzi said. “They’re upset about this, but this is going to bring us back. This group is going to respond.” The Titans responded Friday. They twice rallied from 7-point deficits, riding the quick, low running of Rafael Dominguez (19-128) and an aerial attack led by Gauthier (9-83 receiving). Cheshire’s offense wasn’t as crisp (238 yards to Sheehan’s 370). The Rams, however, capitalized on two of Sheehan’s four turnovers. The biggest came in the first quarter. The Titans led 7-0 on a 22-yard TD catch by Gannon and were pushing for another when Cheshire line-

man Cullen Clairmont tipped an inside screen from Lange at the 20, caught it and galloped 60 yards the other way. Six plays later, Cunningham was in from four yards out. In the second quarter, a 46-yard burst by Yamin led to a 3-yard scoring plunge over center by Cheshire QB Josh MacNiven. Sheehan answered with a 63-yard scoring drive, the key play a fourthand-14 fade that Gauthier timed perfectly for a 23yard gain to the Cheshire 4. Dominguez finished it on the next snap. The third quarter followed the same pattern. A 40-yard receiver screen to Dietrich paved the way to another short TD by MacNiven over center. A 68-yard Sheehan TD drive directed by Gannon followed. A 23-yard hitch to Bobby Carey was the big play; a 15-yard scoot by Dominguez tied the game. The fourth quarter was scoreless, though Sheehan did hit for a 57-yard score from Gannon to Gauthier that was nullified by a clip. Had it stood, the Titans, the little train that could, would have.

Above left: Cheshire’s Josh MacNiven hands off to Colin Thorne Oct. 4. Above: Cheshire’s Andrew Yamin takes off for a big gain Oct. 4. | Justin Weekes / Special to The Citizen.

Memorial jog


The 12th annual Mark Jardim Memorial Jog is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 13, at Cheshire Park. The event honors a former Cheshire resident who was killed in the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Towers in New York. The event benefits the Mark S. Jardim Memorial Scholarship Fund, the Cheshire Special Olympics, CHS cross country teams, the Cheshire PBA, and other charitable organizations. For more information, call (305) 807-6906.

A28 Thursday, October 10, 2013

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2010-2013 2 0 1 2

Store Hours: Mon.-Wed. 10-6, Thurs. & Fri. 10-8, Sat. 10-6, Sun. 12-5 Consignment Hours: Mon.-Sat. 10-4 Thursdays 10-6

South Windsor

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151 Queen St. 860-620-1266


Rocky Hill

781 Cromwell Ave. 860-257-1661



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Thursday, October 10, 2013




From Page 22

Physical Therapist and Reiki Practitioner, Cynthia Mazzaferro, has scheduled two presentations on “Positivity” and “Energy Medicine” for Oct. 21. Part 1 (original presentation) 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., will focus on positivity, self esteem, energy flow and how you can make changes to positively impact you and your life. Part 2, 1-3:30 p.m., and is available for all participants who have already attended a previous presentation. Part 2 will continue to explore additional tools and build upon the foundation that was taught at the first session. For more information and to reserve a seat, call (203) 272-8286 by Oct. 15. Hearing Screening – Wednesday, Oct. 23, 9 to 11:45 a.m. Have a complimentary hearing screening . To schedule an appointment, call (203) 272-8286 by Oct. 17. Lunch & Learn – Thursday, Oct. 24, 11:30 a.m. Amy Davis, APRN, and clinical specialist in dermatology will present “Skin Changes

Associated with Aging”. Information about both benign and malignant common skin changes seen in mature skin plus practical suggestions about what you can do to properly care for your skin will also be shared. Seating is limited. Registration is required. RSVP by calling (203) 2728286 by Oct. 17. No Elderly Nutrition Lunch Program served this day. Investment Q&A – Friday, Oct. 25, 10:30 to11:30 a.m. Wealth Management advisors, Kevin Paul and Jeff Pangaro will host a Question and Answer on investing in your retirement years. Registration is required. Call (203) 272-8286 by Oct. 23. Blue Plate Special and a Movie - Monday, Oct. 28. Lunch (a fee is charged) served at 11:45 a.m. Movie is “Arsenic and Old Lace” at 12:30 p.m. Register by Oct. 25. Cooking with Chef Craig at The Highlands Health Care Center – Wednesday, Oct. 30, 11:30 a.m. Advanced registration is required. Call

the Senior Center at (203) 272-8286. Space is limited and transportation is available upon request. H a l l owe e n Pa r ty & Karaoke – Thursday, Oct. 31, noon to 2 p.m. Entertainment by Jenni B Karaoke and DJ Entertainment. Costumes are welcome. Prizes will be awarded. A fee is charged. Tickets must be purchased by Oct. 23. Seating is limited. Transportation provided upon request. For more information on senior programs, call (203) 272-8286.


The Cloister Museum and Garden, Metropolitan Museum of Art - Nov. 7. NY Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show - Dec. 10. Trips are scheduled through the Senior Center Travel Club. Payment for trips may be made by check or money order payable to: Cheshire Senior Center, Attn: Travel Club, 240 Maple Ave., Cheshire, CT 06410. Checks may be dropped off with Violet in the main office. Cash is not accepted.

From Page 25

Jessica Wilm had five for the Gaels (2-5-1, 2-2 Housy). Cheshire 2, North Haven 1: Hannah Bonitz scored a pair of first-half goals to erase a one-goal deficit as Cheshire earned a SCC interdivisional victory over North Haven. Alexandra Pelletier and Lily Dolyak each had an assist in the game for the Rams (6-3). Cheshire keeper Zoe Riccio had four stops in net. The Indians dropped to 1-8. Girls cross country Branford 26, Cheshire 31: The Hornets escaped a strong challenge from the Rams in an SCC dual meet at Cheshire Park. The two team split the top 10 places. Branford’s Cyrene Nicholas was the overall winner. She covered the 3.0-mile course in 20:12, edging runner-up Natalie Wickenheisser of Cheshire by three seconds. Liz Cunningham was fourth for the Rams in 21:15. Camille Lewis (7th, 21:52), Kimmi Grove (8th, 21:57) and Erin Strahley (10th, 22:27) rounded out the scoring for

Cheshire, which is now 5-2 overall. Boys cross country Cheshire 18, Branford 45: Behind Trey Phillips and Lucas Marcouiller, the Rams went 1-2 to take the SCC interdivisional dual meet at Cheshire Park. Phillips blazed the 3.0 mile in 17:05. Marcouiller crossed in 17:11. The Rams (7-0 overall) also took spots 4-6 with Jordan Kolpak (18:31), Russell Adam (18:31) and Ryan Shalagan (18:32). Rya n C o n n e l l wa s Branford’s top runner. He finished third in 17:57 for the Hornets (5-2). Swimming Cheshire 95, West Haven 78: The Rams rolled to 5-0 with the SCC victory at West Haven. Individual winners for Cheshire included Morgan Fountain (200 freestyle, 2:06.68), Laura Mongillo (200 IM, 2:19.34), Emily Murphy (50 free, 27.02), Erin Mostoller (diving), Niletta Burton (100 freestyle, 1:01.10) and Denise Costello (500 free, 5:28.61). West Haven is 1-5.




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A30 Thursday, October 10, 2013

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Thursday, October 10, 2013


Calendar School, 525 S. Main St. Cheshire vs. Xavier.

From Page 15

Monday Oct. 21

Cheshire Girls Volleyball: 6:30 - 9:30 p.m. Cheshire High School, 525 S. Main St. Cheshire vs. Sacred Heart Academy.

Cheshire Boys Soccer: 6 - 9 p.m. Cheshire High


Southington Columbus Day celebration dinner: 6:30 - 10:30 p.m. Testa’s Banquet Facility, S. Center St. The Southington Chapter of UNICO National is sponsoring this event. There is a fee. For information, call Luigi at (860) 628-2241 or Mark at (860) 919-8374.


Wed. Oct. 23 CheshireGirls Soccer: 6 - 8:30 p.m. Cheshire High School, 525 S. Main St. Cheshire vs. Guilford.

Thursday Oct. 24 33743R

Cheshire Friends of the Public Library fall book sale: 9:30 a.m. 104 Main St. For information about the sale or donating items, visit the library or call (203) 272-2245.



Friday Oct. 25 Cheshire Friends of the Public Library fall book sale: 9:30 a.m. 104 Main St. For information about the sale or donating items, visit the library or call (203) 272-2245. Southington Ecuador benefit dinner: Hawk’s Landing Country Club, 201 Pattonwood Drive. This event will raise funds to provide residential, educational and psychological services to abused and neglected girls in Guayaquil, Ecuador. There is a fee to attend. For information and tickets,

Cheshire Friends of the Public Library fall book sale: 9:30 a.m. 104 Main St. For information about the sale or donating items, visit the library or call (203) 272-2245.

Monday Oct. 28 Cheshire Historical Society paranormal lecture: 7 - 10 p.m. The HitchcockPhillips House, 43 Church St. Northeast Paranormal Investigations Society will present a free lecture. For information and to reserve a seat, call (203) 272-2574.

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A32 Thursday, October 10, 2013

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PONTIAC G6 GT 2009 Coupe, Automatic, FWD Stock #1379B $9,988


CNC OPERATORS AND SETUP INDIVIDUALS FOR SWISS, LATHE, MILLS & SCREW MACHINES. 1st & 2nd shifts - Full & Part time positions available. Pay rate based on experience. Our team members enjoy a safe working environment & good benefits such as paid personal and sick days after 6 months and vacation time after one year. PETER PAUL ELECTRONICS CO., INC. Applications will be taken from 10-2 at 480 John Downey Drive, New Britain. 860.229.4884

It’s All Here! (203) 235-1953

Trucks & Vans Need A Car Loan? Bad Credit... Good Credit... Bankruptcy... Divorced.... No Problem! Proof of Job, Proof of Address and Blasius Will Give You a Loan 100% Guaranteed Ask for Darrell 1 888 207-3682

Help Wanted

TOYOTA Highlander 2001 Limited Edition 4 Door, 4 WD $5,800 Call 203 631-3191

Help Wanted ASSISTANT -Person who is good with numbers. AM hours - Detail oriented. Call Lois or Lou (860) 747-1621

HOUSECLEANERS WANTED MAIDPRO Southington. Must be available M-F, 8-5, need Driver’s Lic, reliable car. Up to $13/hr starting wage, plus tips, gas reimb. Hours will vary. Call 203-630-2033 ext. 118. Hablamos Espanol. JOB HUNTING?? LOOK NO FURTHER! NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! $450-$550/wk base If you’re motivated, neat in appearance, have reliable transportation and need to start yesterday, then we need you TODAY!!! We’re hiring all departments. Multiple positions need to be filled. GREAT EARNINGS POTENTIAL Monthly bonuses and benefits available after 90 days. For an interview call: 860-506-5865 Call Today, Start Tomorrow! PIZZA Delivery Drivers Full or part time, day hours needed. 203-265-2379 PT/FT Groomer Needed Experience required. Saturdays a must. 203 269-6600

Houses For Sale

Condos For Sale

15 Westerly terrace Meriden, ct $228,000 Looking for an updated home that is ready to move-right in?! Well look no further! Fabulous 4 BR Cape near Highways, Schools, Buses, Shopping and Hubbard Park. Remodeled & Gorgeous! Close to Southington/ Cheshire Lines! Newer Furnace, Hot Water Heater, Circuit Breakers, and windows. Roof ‘06. ADT Security System. Large flat yard. This one will move fast, don’t wait! Please contact LouAnn Brannan, Your Favorite Real Estate (203) 203237-4971 or louann@ YourFavoriteRealEstate.

WALLINGFORD 2BR, 2 Bath in Well-Maintained, Secure Complex With Handicap Entrance, Elevators, Community Room & Plenty of Parking. Central Heating/Cooling Sys. Large MBR w/Large Double Closets and Own Bath. $132,000. Renters Considered. Call Josie Kamansky (860) 966-0569 Executive RE

Always a sale in Marketplace.

SUBARU Impreza 2010, all wheel drive, good cond. 15,000 remaining miles on factory warranty. $12,500. Call George 860-256-7161

Condos For Rent MERIDEN - 1BR Condo 1st FL W/D, Secured Building, Spacious. No pet. $775 plus Security. Available November 1st. 203-376-1259

CHESHIRE - 4 ROOMS Appliances, 1 Level, Deck. Incl Heat. No Pets. Convenient to 691 & 84. Lease. $1200/Mo. Call 203-393-1117 MER. 1 BR, 2nd flr, new carpet, W. side, prvt backyard & 2 attic rms, w/d, stove/refrig incld. $865/mo. + sec. 203-634-1195 12pm-8pm MER. Furn. Apts. East Side Incl Heat, HW, Elec. 2nd flr. Studio, $180/wk+ sec. 203-630-3823 12pm-8pm MERIDEN 1, 2, 3, & 4 BRs Starting at $580. W. Side. Sec & Refs a must! No Pets. Sec 8 Appr. 1st Mo. FREE! 203 600-5105

CHEVY TRAILBLAZER 2004 4 Door, 4WD, LT, Auto Stock# 3124A $7,988

Meriden 1023 Old Colony Rd. 2 BR Avail. Starting at $800. Heat & HW incl. Off St. Parking. 203-886-7016


MERCURY SABLE 2000 LS PREMIUM $2,988 BUY HERE - PAY HERE! (203) 269-1106


Apartments For Rent SOUTHINGTON. 40 Cornerstone. List Price $169,900. Beautiful townhouse located in the heart of Plantsville CT. A small complex conv to everything. Updated kitchen, baths, c/a, and natural gas. Move right in! Contact listing agent for information. Rob Marucci 203-756-2520.

BMW X3 2004 3.0 Premium Cold weather package 4 WD 152k miles. One owner. $8,900 or best offer. Call (860) 839-1465

SATURN ION 2 2006 Stock # 13205PB $5,500 Don’t Miss... Call Chris 203 271-2902

Mobile Homes For Sale

MERIDEN East Side Condo 2 BEDROOMS Fully applianced No pets. No smoking. $900 (203) 235-4853

LINCOLN 1988 Towncar, excellent condition, 43,000 orig miles. $2500/neg. 203235-9360, ask for Paul

Local. Local. Local. Your Marketplace.


MERIDEN 1-2 BR Hubbard Park Central Air/Heat. 775 West Main Street. $795$995/mo. + utils. No pets. Call Chino 203 935-6224 or Niki 203 992-5605

A34 Thursday, October 10, 2013 Apartments For Rent

MERIDEN 1 BR, East Side. 1st Fl. Bright & Modern. Large Kitchen. All Appliances + Dish Washer. Off St. Parking. $725/ mo. Call 203 269-0763

WALLINGFORD 2BR, 1st Floor. 5 RMs Eat-In Kitchen, Hdwd Flrs. 2 Porches, WD Hookup Off-Street Parking Heat, HW and Trash Pickup Included No Pets/No Smoking $1350. 203-464-1847

MERIDEN 2/3BR, 2nd Fl. Spacious, Modern. Appliances incl. Off st parking. Sec 8 Approved. $800 + sec. Interested? Call Judy 203 927-8215 MERIDEN 2 BR, Lg 5 RM. All refinished hdwd flrs. New windows, fresh paint. Off st parking, WD hookup. Porch & deck. $995. 203 599-5130 MERIDEN 2 BR. clean. Well maintained. 6 Gold St. Lg BRs, sunny kitchen. WD hookup. $725. Call Will 860-834-2876

WALLINGFORD - Clean 2Br APT, W/D Hookup, off street parking, No Smoke/ pets, $900, 203-464-0766 WALLINGFORD Cute 2 BR Townhouse, end unit. Full bsmnt. WD hookup. Private entrance. Off street parking. Walk to school. $875/mo 2 mos sec + application fee. No pets. 203-284-0597


Wood / Fuel & Heating Equip

Fall Package Riding Specials Birthday Parties Pony Rides Rosehaven Stables, LLC Meriden www. 203-238-1600

Lawn and Garden

LAWN MoWer, Ariens, Wide Area Walk Mower, Model WAW1034, 34 inch cut. Exc Condition. $1100. Please Call: 203-235-4640

MERIDEN - 3 BR, 2nd FL. Heat & HW Included. Hardwood floors. Appliances, Off Street parking. No smoking. No Pets. $1,150/ mo. 203-444-5722

YALESVILLE - 1st flr, 2 bedrm apt, off st. parking, laundry room, big yard, no pets, 6 mo. lease, Wilcox Ln. 203-265-3939

Furniture & Appliances

MERIDEN 3 BR, 2 full baths and 2 BR, 1st floor. Franklin St. 2BR - 116 Hobart St. Very nice units, w/d hookup, off st parking. (203) 634-6550

Rooms For Rent

MERIDEN Clean 1 Room Efficiency 2nd Fl. Randolph Ave. Utils included. No pets. $450. 2 mos sec. Credit check required. 203-284-0597

Furniture & Appliances

Meriden-Clean safe furn 1st flr rm, utils incl. Share kit & bath. $110/wk. 203238-3369. Leave message.

AFFORDABLE Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators and Stoves. Appliance Repairs Will Deliver (203) 284-8986

MERIDEN Cottage St. 2-3 BRs. Unique. 2 Flrs. Off St. Parking. No pets. Sec. $1000/mo. 203 715-5488 MERIDEN Nice 2 bedroom, deposit, credit reference, no pets. 25 Griswold St. $850. Call 203-675-0171 or 203317-7222.

Stores & Offices for Rent

MERIDEN-WALLINGFORD Line Large 2 BR Modern Condo. Walk-in closets & Laundry. No pets. $900+ Utils. Call (203) 245-9493 PLAINVILLE-31 Tyler Ave. Just renovated 3 BR, 3rd flr. $1050/mo + sec & utils. Avail immed. 203-886-8808 SOUTHINGTON 1 BR, 4 Rm, 2nd floor, near hospital, A/C W/ Appl, utilities not included, ref and sec dep req. 860-621-2693 SOUTHINGTON 1 BR, 4 Rms, 1st Fl . Appls. Off st parking. Newly renovated. No smoking. No pets. $760. (860) 6214463 or 860 302-6051 SOUTHINGTON Immed Occup 2 BR apt, large kit w/ ref & range. Ample storage space, off st parking, safe, quiet residential neighborhood. 1st flr. No smoking, no pets. $875 plus utils. Call 860 628-8386 SOUTHINGTON - Lrg. 5 rm. 1BR, C-Air, Appliances, WD Hookup. Utilities not incl. Near hospital. Refs., Double security req. 860-621-2693

DINING TABLE Dark Wood, 60” plus 18” Leaf. With 6 Chairs 2 Captain, 4 Regular. 2 Years Old. $300 or Best Offer. Call 860 620-0892 or 860 205-2952

MER Clean Safe Rms. Inclds. H, HW, Elec, Kit Priv. E side. off-st park. $125/wk.+ sec. 12-8pm 203-630-3823

North Haven Meadowstone Motel Off I-91. Satellite TV. Short Stay/ Daily/ Wkly. On Bus Line. 203-239-5333

KENSINGTON. 650 sq. ft office or retail space for lease, prime location. $900 negotiable. Call 860-8281848 or 860-930-4772.

Pets For Sale Attention Dog Owners! Dog Obedience and Canine Good Citizen Classes starting October 7 at Cheshire Park & Rec. Bruce Giannetti, Phil Huntington & Kathy Queen - Instructors. Call 203-2722743 9am-4pm. After 6pm Call 203-235-4852. BEAUTIFUL PUPPIES FOR SALE! Father: Italian Cane Corso Mastiff - Blue Bloodline. Mother: American Pitbull Terrier, Razors Edge Blue Bloodline. Blue & fawn male and females available now! Exceptional family dogs! Priced $600-$800. Call Jason - 203-980-6186 LOVING PUPS Reduced puppies for adoption. To view the puppies & notice of our next adoption day event, visit us at www.LOVINGpups.cOm Or Call 828-208-0757

Wanted to Buy

White solid core doors $25 call 203-238-1977

WLFD. 2 BR, 3rd flr, electric heat, gas hot water. $900/ mo plus util, washer & dryer included. Off st parking. No pets. 203-915-6183

MERIDEN 2 BRs Heat & hot water included. Off street parking. $900/mo. 203-639-8751

Miscellaneous For Sale

Moving MUST SELL Six months old Frigidaire Black Gas stove, asking $550. Call after 3 p.m. Call (203) 907-9758

Miscellaneous For Sale BED Frame, Twin, Maple $95. Mitre Saw, Manual, Metal $25. Pet Cage $40; Micrometers, 1” $20. Baby Dresser, Maple $30. (203) 235-1154 CANNISTER VAC - Kenmore. Qith tools. Very good condition. $60. (860) 621-6746 ELECTRIC HANDICAP SCOOTER Like new, New Battery runs for Hrs, Will easily climb hills, Great on dirt as well as paved rd, asking $700/OBO. Phone Cookie 203-272-5009 GENERATOR - G.E 13KW, Brand New, Never Used. 200 Amp, Auto Breaker, Runs on LP Gas. Battery & Manual Included. $2500. (203) 710-6439

EARLY SALE! Cleanest seasoned firewood in the state! $210 Full cord delivered. Discounts over 2, over 4 and picked up. South Meriden. MikE 203 631-2211 SEASONED FIREWOOD Cut & split. 18-20” Delivery or Pick Up $200/cord - $125/half cord 203-294-1775

Sporting Goods & Health

PISTOL PERMIT Or Long Gun Certificate Required for Connecticut Residents. 1 Session, $110. 203 415-1144

Antiques & Collectibles

THE Old brick factory, indoor & outdoor. Antique & vintage collectible. Sat & Sun, 9-3, 387 So. Colony St, Meriden, 203-600-5075.


ALWAYS BUYING CASH PAID Vintage Electronics, Amps, Musical Instruments, Ham Equipment, HiFi, Radios, CB, Guitars, Audio Equipment. 860 707-9350

MARKETPLACE Call 203-235-1953 to place your ad today!

Wanted to Buy 1, 2 or 3 Items or an estate $$$ CA$H $$$ 203-237-3025 ESTATE SALE SERVICE Costume Jewelry, Antiques, paintings, Meriden-made items, toys, lamps 1-2 ITEMS Silverware, China, Glass. Furniture, 50’s Items. Whole Estates 203 238-3499 AARON’S BUYING Old Machinist Tools, Lathes, Bench Tools Hand Tools, Much More. (203) 525-0608 ALL CASH FOR MILITARY ITEMS 203-237-6575 ANYTHING OLD WE BUY! (Call Us) FRANK’S (203) 284-3786

HOT Water baseboard heating units.(2) 4’ $20;(1) 8’ $30. Call 203-238-1977 VALLEY Stock horse Trailer 16Ft 1984 $800, Coleman generator 5000 watts $500, Honda pressure washer 2200 TSI 5 HP $350. Call 860-2769157

DEE’S ANTIQUES Buying Collectibles, Jewelry & Silver. China, Glass, Military, Musical. Anything old & unusual. Single item to an estate. 203-235-8431


Apartments For Rent

The Cheshire Citizen |

DEE’S ANTIQUES Buying Collectibles, Jewelry & Silver, China, glass, Military, Musical. Anything Old & Unusual. Single item to an Estate. 203 235-8431

OLD TOOLS WANTED, always buying old, used hand tools, carpentry, machinist, & engraving & workbench tools. If you have old or used tools that are no longer being used, call with confidence. Fair & friendly offers made in your home! Please call Cory, 860-322-4367

Local. Local. Local. Your Marketplace. WANTED Swords, daggers, helmets, medals etc. Call 203-238-3308

Music Instruments & Instruction

Music By RoBeRta PeRfoRMance & instRuction Voice Lessons All Ages and Levels Welcome. Piano Lessons Beginner to Intermediate. (203) 630-9295 TRUMPET Wanted for elementary school child, gently used. Please call 203-265-5713

Call to place your Marketplace ad any time



Marketplace Advertising Direct Line 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Cheshire Citizen |

Thursday, October 10, 2013


BUSINESSES & SERVICES Attics & Basement Cleaned Gary Wodatch Debris Removal of Any Kind. Homeowners, contractors. Quick, courteous svc. All calls returned. Ins. #566326. Office 203 2357723 Cell 860 558-5430

If you can’t find it in Marketplace it’s not for sale. GARY Wodatch Demolition Svs Sheds, pools, decks, garages. Quick, courteous srv. All calls returned. Ins. #566326. Office 203-2357723/Cell 860-558-5430

Carpentry REPAIRS & Replacement Lg/ Sm, Int/Ext. Stairs, Railing, Decks, Entry, Door, Window, Finish Basement. Complete Home Improvements. I can fix it. Work done by owner. 40+ years exp. Free Est. Ins. #578107 (203) 238-1449

Child Care HOME Daycare has 2 openings. 24 years experience. Loving home environment. (203) 269-6248 Lic # 26338


ENHANCE Your Outdoor Living Space with Custom Decks. Also do Roofing, Siding & Gutters CT Reg #621315 (203) 675-8084

Electrical Services T.E.C. ElECTriCal SErviCE llC All Phases of Electrical Work 24 hr. Emergency Service SMALL JOBS WELCOME 203-237-2122

Excavating GRADING, Drainage, Foundations, Trucking, Retaining Walls, Pavers, Water/Sewer/ Septic. Lic. #1682. Cariati Developers, Inc. 203-2389846 MC/Visa Accepted

Gutters GUTTERS DON’T WORK IF THEY’RE DIRTY For gutter cleaning, Call Kevin at (203) 440-3279 Fully insured. CT Reg. #569127


ICE DAMAGE? Seamless Gutters. Gutter repairs. 100% no clog leaf guard system w/lifetime warranty. CT Reg #621315 (203) 675-8084

Over 25 years experience. Call today for free est. Call 203-440-3535 Ct. Reg. #578887

Handypersons A-1 HANDYMAN PLUS CT Reg #606277. Give us a Call-WE DO IT ALL! Free Estimates. 203-631-1325 HOME DOCTOR LLC Small-Major Work. Outside/ Inside, Plumbing, Remodeling, Roofing, Any Odd Job. Since 1949 203-427-7259 Lic #635370 MGW HOME IMPROVEMENT Kitchens & Baths, Painting, Windows/Doors, Interior Remodeling, Gutters, Drywall, Decks/Porches & Basements Call MGW! CT #631942 203 886-8029 T.E.C. ElECTriCal SErviCE llC All Phases of Electrical Work 24 hr. Emergency Service SMALL JOBS WELCOME 203-237-2122

Always a sale in Marketplace. YALESVILLE Construction. Lic & Ins. #0631937. Additions, roofing, siding, decks, baths, kitchens, trim, floors, remodeling & plowing. (203) 535-2962

Find everything at our Marketplace.

Home Improvement



YALESVILLE Construction. Lic & Ins. #0631937. Additions, roofing, siding, decks, baths, kitchens, trim, floors, remodeling & plowing. (203) 535-2962

admiral lawn care md Hedge Trimming, Grass Cutting, Fall cleanup. Free Est. Call (203) 630-9832

LENA’S MASONRY Family tradition, Over 25 yrs experience. Walkways, stone walls, veneer, brick, concrete, stucco & repairs. Free estimates. Lic. & ins. CT#600890 203 732-4544

House Cleaning BUSY MOM’S Cleaning Svc No job is too big/small. Free window svc w/wkly cleaning. Sr disc. 860-839-1707 HOUSE Cleaning, Home, office, res/com. Insured Done by an exp’’d lady. Good refs. Call Ilda 203234-7958/ 203-848-4781

Local. Local. Local. Your Marketplace. IF You don’t have time to clean your house, call me. I will do everything you wish for a great price. Good job, fully ins. Renata (860) 538-7963 or Email:

Junk Removal

Find your dream home in Marketplace. BILL RUDOLPH LANDSCAPING Certified Installer, Paver, Walks, Patios, Ret. Walls, Stairs, Shrub Replacement, Landscape Design/ Renov., Mulch/Stone, Waterfalls/Ponds, Lawn Repair/Install, Drainage/ Backhoe Work. Bus. 30 + yrs. We’re on Angie’s List! Free Est. HIC#0563661 203-237-9577

JUNK REMOVAL & MORE! We remove Furniture, Appliances, And Entire contents of: Homes, Sheds, Estates, Attics, Basements, Garages & more. **Fall Yard Clean-ups.** FREE ESTIMATES LIC & INS. 203-535-9817 or 860-575-8218

Home Improvement MGW HOME IMPROVEMENT Kitchens & Baths, Painting, Windows/Doors, Interior Remodeling, Gutters, Drywall, Decks/Porches & Basements Call MGW! CT #631942 203 886-8029 ROOFS R US LLC Fin. Avali. Remodeling, Windows, Repairs, Siding, Since 1949. Decks, Gutters, Additions. 203-427-7259

SIMPLY Devine Plumbing Highest quality installation & service. No job too big or small. 203-514-0434. simplydevineplumbing. com

PAUL’S MASONRY New & Repairs. Stone walls, arches, chimneys, sidewalks, fireplaces. Free est. #614863. 203-706-9281

POWERWASHING Houses, decks, fences. Local co., satisfaction guar. Ins. Olsen Oil & Power Washing 203-272-2699

PAUL’S MASONRY New & Repairs. Stone walls, arches, chimneys, sidewalks, fireplaces. Free est. #614863. 203-706-9281

HEDGE TRIMMING RICK’S Affordable Pricker Removal, Mowing, Soil/Seed, Cleanups. Brush, Tree. No Job Too Big or Small. 15 Years Exp. 203-530-4447

W. BOOBER MASONRY 25 Years Experience All Types of Masonry CT #626708 203 235-4139

Fall Yard Clean-Ups Brush, Branches, Leaves storm damage **JUNK REMOVAL** Appl’s, Furniture, Junk, Debris, etc WE CAN REMOVE ANYTHING Entire house to 1 item removed! FREE ESTIMATES LIC & INS. 203-535-9817 or 860-575-8218

WE HAVE DUMP TRUCK We do all the labor. Registered and insured. Free on-site estimate. Call Ed

Kitchen & Baths

JT’s Landscaping, LLC Top Quality Work. Full Lawn Maint. Grass Cutting. Comm /Res, Lic/ins #616311 Free est today 203 213-6528 RJ LARESE Landscaping Res/Comm Lawn Maint. Fall Clean-Ups. Sr Disc. Free Est. 203 314-2782

Power Washing

POWER WASHING IS SPRING ClEANING On the outside. FREE ESTIMATES. #569127 Call Kevin 203-440-3279 POWER Wash M.D Houses, Gutters, Vinyl, Aluminum, & Decks, driveways & sidewalks. Free Est. Call (203) 630-9832


Painting & Wallpapering EddiEs Total Home Painting Ext/Int, powerwashing, decks, sheetrock repair, ceilings. 203 824-0446 #569864 Painting, interior & exterior, power washing, repair/ removal of wallpaper, popcorn ceiling & drywall. Lic/ hic 0637346. For free est call Mike 860-794-7127.

Paving D & G PAVING Over 25 yrs exp. Paving, seal coating, concrete work. CT Reg#0577005. 203-237-6058


Hardwood Flooring PEREIRA Services Specializing in Laminate, Pre-finished hardwood & tile Installation. #636625. Joe 203 715-0660

See the great selection of used cars in Marketplace.

Gary Wodatch Landscape Svs. Hedge/tree trimming. Trim overgrown properties. Est 1985. All calls returned. #620397. Office 203-2357723 Cell 860 558-5430



CARL’S Plumbing & Heating 20% Sr Citizen Discount. Cell 203 272-1730, 860 680-2395 Frontline Plumbing. One man company, fair price quote. Top quality installations & repairs. Plumbing, heating, fire sprinklers. Fully lic & ins. 203 213-0691

C&M ConstruCtion *THE ROOFING SPECIALIST* 10% off 203-630-6459 CT Reg #608488 CHLOE’S Home Solutions LLC Quality Products, Prompt Service and Excellent Installation at Fair Prices. Roofing, Siding, Decks, Paint, Home Repairs & Remodels. Licensed and Insured. HIC #631419 Credit Cards Accepted Call (203) 631-2991

Find everything at our Marketplace. CPI Home ImProvement Highest Quality- Kitchens/ Bath Siding, Roofing Windows, Remodeling, Decks, Gutters, Additions. Credit cards accepted 203-6346550 CT Reg #0632415

Masonry C&M ConstruCtion *THE BATHROOM & REMODELING SPECIALIST* 203-630-6459 CT Reg #608488

BEGO’S Masonry Retaining Walls, Brick and Block works Fireplace, Chimneys, Stairs, Stoops, Sidewalks, Masonry Repair & much more. Free est. 20yrs exp. #601857 203 7545034 or 203-565-7129

MEDINA Sewer & Drain Cleaning Services LLC Quality work, affordable prices. 24hr Service. Benny Medina 203 909-1099

Roofing, Siding, Windows & More. Free Est. Fully Insured Reg #604200 Member BBB Call 860-645-8899


Roofing, Siding, WindoWS, Decks, Remodeling Gutters CT Reg#570192 (203) 639-1634

Siding CPI Home ImProvement Highest Quality-Kitchen, Bath, Siding, Roofing, Windows, Remodeling, Decks, Gutters, Additions, Credit cards accepted 203-634-6550 CT Reg #0632415

You name it with Marketplace, anything goes.

Siding, Roofing, WindoWS, deckS, Remodeling gutteRS ct Reg#570192 (203) 639-1634

Siding, Roofing Windows, Decks Sunrooms, Additions 203-237-0350 CT Reg. #516790

Top Soil, Sand & Fill BEAUTIFUL FARM FRESH Screened Top Soil, Fill, Sand & Stone, Mulch. Picked up or delivered. No min. Cariati Developers, Inc. 203-238-9846

Tree Services Gary Wodatch LLc Tree Removal, All calls returned Reg #0620397. Quick courteous service. Office 203-235-7723 or Cell 860-558-5430 LAVIGNE’S Tree Service In business 31 years Tree removal. Stump grinding.Crane Service. Free Est. Fully insured. 203-294-1775


CheshireOctober 10, 2013 A36 Thursday,


ALYSSA DR DR 1414 ALYSSA Cheshire Cheshire


14 ALYSSA DR Cheshire Cheshire


14 ALYSSA ALYSSA DR DR 14 Cheshire Cheshire


This is a house. Buy it. This is a house. Buy it. This is a house. Buy it. ThisSUN is a house. Buy it. OPEN $439,900 is a house. Buy it. 1This - 3PM



Fabulous new 2000 sf ranch model at $439,900! Come see new floor plan plus other models! 41 elegant homes on a magnificent 32 acre $499,900 $499,900 parcel. 55 & over. Call Marilyn Rock at (203)272-1821 x307 This is a house. Buy it.

2,258 2.2 Buy This3is a house. it. SQ.FT BED BATH This is a house. Buy it. This is a house. Buy it. OPEN SUNis a$224,900 This house. Buy it.

12 - 2PM


Cheshire Cheshire

This is a house. Buy it. SQ.FT BED BATH Buy This is a house. it. This is a house. Buy it. This is a house. Buy it.


Pliny-Hitchcock house, active adult community of homes in luxury condo setting. Originally built in 1764 & completely restored in 2004.

Move-in Condition starter home at end of quiet cul-de-sac. Home has 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, screened-in $499,900 porch, oversized 1 car garage & $499,900 large basement. Call Brette Stern This is a house. at (203)272-1821 x320 Buy it.

14 ALYSSA DR Cheshire Cheshire


2,258 2.2 Buy This3is a house. it. SQ.FT BED This is a BATH house. Buy it. This is a house. Buy it. This is a house. Buy it.


Move right into this picture perfect remodeled home majestically set on almost 10 acres! 2 car detached $499,900 garage w/ 1/2$499,900 bath. Property overlooks pond. Call Melanie Ricci This is a house. Buy it. at (203)272-1821 3 2.2x328 2,258

14 ALYSSA ALYSSA DR DR 14 Cheshire Cheshire


This is a house. Buy it. SQ.FT BED This is a BATH house. Buy it. This is a house. Buy it. This is a house. Buy it.



Cheshire The Cheshire Citizen |$499,900


ALYSSA DR DR 1414 ALYSSA Cheshire Cheshire


14 ALYSSA DR Cheshire Cheshire


14 ALYSSA ALYSSA DR DR 14 Cheshire Cheshire


Rare opportunity to own new construction on beautiful wooded 1 acre lot offering privacy yet walking distance to shops & restaurants. Harper 1 model.

This is a house. Buy it. This is a house. Buy it. This is a house. Buy it. This is SUN a house. Buy it. OPEN $429,900 This a house. Buy it. 1 -is3PM Impeccably maintained ranch on culdesac. Gorgeous remodeled OPEN kitchen w/Corian countertops, four 7/21 bedrooms, heated solarium w/hot $499,900 1-3p $499,900 tub & wet bar. And More! Call Stacey Deangelis (203)272-1821 This is a at house. Buy x367 it.

2,258 2.2 Buy This3 is a house. it. SQ.FT BED This is a BATH house. Buy it. This is a house. Buy it. This is$215,000 a house. Buy it.

Fabulous 2 Bedrm condo with office & finished walkout lower level, SS appliances, updated bathrooms, $499,900 quiet beautiful complex, convenient $499,900 to highways. Call Ellen Levada at This is a house. (203)272-1821 x364 Buy it.

2,258 2.2 Buy This3is a house. it. SQ.FT BED This is a BATH house. Buy it. This is a house. Buy it. This is a house. Buy it.


Sprawling colonial in South end of Cheshire on cul-de-sac. This 3 BR OPEN 7/21boasts and open floor plan, home $499,900 $499,900 1-3p floor to ceiling stone FP, large 16x32 Trex deck! Call Ann Marie This is a house. Buy it. Micacci x327 2,258 3 at (203)272-1821 2.2

This is a house. Buy it. SQ.FT BED This is a BATH house. Buy it. This is a house. Buy it. This is a house. Buy it.


Royal Crest Estates-3 large privately set quintessential home sites. Featured home, not avail., constructed by John Ricci at a higher price point.

Since 1969, we’ve helped over 40,000 families just like yours find their homes throughout Connecticut. We’ve built relationships throughout Since 1969, we’ve helped over 40,000 families just like yours find their homes our towns while learning all the hidden gems, throughout Connecticut. We’ve built relationships throughout our towns while nooksgems, and nooks crannies from the totothe valleys, learning all the hidden and crannies from hills, the hills, the valleys, to the shoreline. Because we know Main Street is our street too. to the shoreline. Because we know Main Street is WE ARE YOUR LOCAL REAL ESTATE our street too. COMPANY.


12 - 2PM



This is a house. Buy it. This is a house. Buy it. This is a house. Buy it. This a house. Buy it. OPEN isSUN $375,000 This is a house. Buy it. 1 - 3PM

2,258 2.2 Buy This3 is a house. it. SQ.FT BED This is a BATH house. Buy it. This is a house. Buy it. OPEN ThisSUN is a house. Buy it. $225,000


Tastefully decorated, conveniently located, well maintained ranch. Spacious family room off kitchen $499,900 $499,900 overlooking beautiful backyard. Spacious garage. Call Stacey This is a house. Buy Deangelis x367it. 2,258 3 at (203)272-1821 2.2


Strathmore Woods! Beautiful 4 BR meticulous home in desirable neighborhood. Updated Master Bath, CAIR, hardwood, fireplace & $499,900 $499,900 finished lower level. Call Francine Leventhal This is at a (203)272-1821 house. Buyx356 it.


Largest 2 bedrm model in The Commons w/ garage which is rare for OPEN 2 full baths, screened this complex. 7/21 $499,900 porch1-3p & storage $499,900 room. Convenient to town center. Call John Ramadei at (203)272-1821 x301 This is a house. Buy it.

2,258 2.2 Buy This3is a house. it. SQ.FT BED BATH Buy This is a house. it. This is a house. Buy it. This is a house. Buy it.

OPEN 7/21 1-3p





203.272.1821 • •




Cheshire Citizen Oct. 10, 2013

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