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About SAGA Projects Ltd

Transforming your environment inside and out

SAGA Projects Ltd is one of UK?s leading Aluminium and Glass Architecture Design & Build Specialist with our head office in the heart of Knutsford, Cheshire.

Straight talking and easy to deal with We offer superb project management from experienced teams ? dedicated to the size & scope of your project.

Our partnerships We work with the consumer, construction companies, architects, surveyors, designers and project managers to deliver projects ranging in value from about ÂŁ500 to over ÂŁ1m.

We work your way We work tirelessly to meet our client?s requirements and to deliver what we said we would, on time and on budget.

Your own team of specialists With any order placed with SAGA Projects, with you?ll be assigned a team based on their expertise and the nature of the job in hand.

We listen to our clients Part of what makes Saga Projects different is the extent to which we embrace our clients?feedback to shape the experience we offer on our future projects.

Flexible approach Our teams work across a wide variety of projects, so we?re in a position to offer a number of different options when it comes to your project ranging from contractual to framework agreements.

Environmental Saga Projects is committed to achieving the highest possible environmental ratings for each project. Call: 01565 399 108 Email: 2

MERCEDES-BENzACLASS Get t in g you t h er e f or 26 year s

M er cedes A200 AM G Lin e Pr em iu m 5dr Au t o

£240.46 + VAT M ONTHLY RENTALS (£2164.14 + VAT initial rental* )

Booking Fee (£300 + VAT)

Ext r a Feat u r es In clu ded in Ren t al Advanced plus navigation system Aluminium longitudinal trim

The A Class completely refines modern luxury. It?s solid, quiet and smooth-riding. For more information call us on 0800 0966 488 or visit w w k V4B LTD: Ellkat House, Coed Aben Road, Wrexham Industrial Estate, Wrexham, LL13 9UH

Business User Contract Hire 48 month term with 9 months initial rental up front. 10,000 miles per annum.

V4B are a credit broker and not a leader, we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority . Reg No: 669956. All offers are subject to change at any time, you must be 18 or over and finance is subject to status, vehicle availability and terms and conditions apply. We can introduce you to a limited number of finance companies, a commission may be received. Failure to maintain payments may result in termination of your agreement and the vehicle being returned, this could affect your credit rating and make it more difficult to obtain credit in the future. All prices correct at time of publication. All vehicle images and car descriptions on this site are for illustration and reference purposes only and are not necessarily an accurate representation of the vehicle on offer. VAT at 20% may be payable. You should try and estimate the distance you will travel as accurately as possible to try and avoid excess mileage charges at the end of your contract. Registered in England & Wales with company number: 08851104 | Data Protection No: ZA048218 | VAT No: 560062964


Welcom e As summer starts in earnest and the heatwaves start coming it will surely bring to some people?s minds the topic of climate change. This is one area that the business community and leadership in the northwest are not taking lightly. With massive investment in this area with collaboration happening between businesses, local government communities. In this edition our featured article focuses on some of the truly revolutionary developments that are going on in Ellesmere port. Cheshire is fast becoming a world leader in green energy and smart grid technologies and Peel Environmental energy hub in Ellesmere port is playing a big part; to find out more read the full article on page 34. As a county we are also showcasing some of our best towns in some unique ways. One good example of this is how Bollington recently hosted its own TED talks conference. TED is an online platform where people can give inspirational or interesting talks on virtually any subject. Find out about this special event that happened in Bollington on page 16. We have had lots more investment happening and being announce over the last two months. Lymm truck wash is receiving ÂŁ2.3 million to upgrade its facilities. Cheshire and Warrington?s LEP has announced that they are investing ÂŁ4.1 million in grants to business that are developing low-carbon technologies. There is a

new restaurant that has just opened in Chester by Simon Wood who won BBC'S MasterChef in 2015. Businesses are growing and moving to bigger sites like Bella Design & Marketing relocating to Tatton Locations. There are also two great spotlight interviews with two very successful business leaders from the North West business community. First we have Barry Dowd who is senior vice president at MDS Global then there is our interview with Leigh Price who is director of Real Stone & Tile. It's always very useful when your running your own business to get a different perspective or some wisdom from other business leaders. Go to pages 42 and 43 to read their interviews. So, we have a jam-packed edition this time and it shows that Cheshire is a thriving place with one of the best local economies in the UK. We are doing things here in Cheshire to get the world attention which can only be a good thing for the businesses and the local community overall. As always, I hope you enjoy this edition and if you?re a business owner and have some great news you would like to share then please feel free to give me a call and we can talk about it.

Joseph Taylor Managing Editor / Cheshire Media




Regu lar f eat u r es New s 7 Ch esh ir e bu sin esses in dar in g abseil dow n Ch est er Cat h edr al f or m en t al h ealt h ch ar it y. 8

Sim on Wood?s Secon d Wood Rest au r an t Now Open in Hist or ic Ch est er


Bella Design Relocat es Of f ice t o Tat t on Locat ion s??Cr eat ive Hu b

11 Ch esh ir e East Cou n cil elect s n ew m ayor of t h e bor ou gh .

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Ch esh ir e an d War r in gt on open s £4.1 m illion En er gy Gr an t Fu n d.


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Con glet on Com m u n it y gr ou p f in ds a f r ien d in Redr ow

You & You r Bu sin ess 38

You Better Shape Up: 6 Marketing KPIs every B2B Company Needs


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Bar r y Dow d, Sen ior Vice Pr esiden t at M DS Global


Leigh Pr ice M an agin g dir ect or of Real St on e & Tiles bases in Ch eadle

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10 im por t an t qu est ion s t o ask abou t Dir ect or s loan s an d w h y you n eed t o k n ow

SUBSCRIBE: Su bscr ipt ion is easy an d FREE. Sim ply visit w w esh ir e.m edia an d click su bscr ibe t o r eceive an d elect r on ic lin k t o t h e m agazin e as soon as it is pu blish ed. EDITORIAL: We ar e on t h e look ou t f or n ew s ar t icles r elat in g t o bu sin ess act ivit y w it h in Ch esh ir e. If you r egu lar ly sen d ou t pr ess r eleases or ar e look in g f or pr ess cover age please get in t ou ch by ph on e on 0151 345 6363 or sen d an em ail t o h ello@ch esh ir e.m edia ADVERTISE: We of f er a f an t ast ic r an ge of adver t isin g oppor t u n it ies, f r om f u ll pages t h r ou gh t o eigh t h pages t h at of f er adver t isin g at ext r em ely r eason able r at es. For m or e in f or m at ion please visit ou r w ebsit e an d dow n load ou r r at e car d. Alt er n at ively please em ail h ello@ch esh ir e.m edia or t eleph on e 0151 345 6363




Yoga society Chloe Kennan in briefing

Ch esh ir e bu sin esses in dar in g abseil dow n Ch est er Cat h edr al f or m en t al h ealt h ch ar it y ocal bu sin ess an d com m u n it y leader s t ook on a dar in g f r eef all abseil at Ch est er Cat h edr al on Sat u r day, r aisin g over ÂŁ2,500 f or local m en t al h ealt h ch ar it y Ch apt er .


In total, 29 people abseiled down the building. Participants eased themselves down a rope, without even a wall to settle themselves against, directly down the centre of the Cathedral, the nave of which is around 24 metres in height - nearly 80 feet. Four members of Chester Cathedral's own staff took part, including the Dean of Chester himself, Revd Tim Stratford. Participants also included the University of Chester 's Yoga Society, brave 12-year-old schoolgirl Grace Spink, and several members of the local business community who were keen to show their support for Chapter. Lisa Whitehouse, Managing Director of business-to-business marketing firm Clever Jellyfish, who share a building with Chapter and are also members of the West Cheshire & North Wales Chamber of Commerce, said: ?I was delighted to be involved with the Charity Abseil for Chapter. The work Chapter do is hugely important, both in directly supporting adults with mental health issues, as well as their work to raise awareness of an issue which affects so many families. It was also an amazing opportunity on a personal level, it?s not every day you get asked to abseil down a historic building, and the views were spectacular! I?m looking forward to the next challenge!?

Tristan Hartey of Hartey Wealth Management and IPS Business Coaching?s Ian Spink were among the other representatives of the business community.

make a big difference, but there's still a lot more work to do to make sure our service continues to reach the people who need us.?

The ÂŁ2,500 raised in registrations and sponsorship will go towards Chapter 's core work of supporting local people with severe and enduring mental illness.

Professional photographer Heulwyn Roberts also donated her time to capture the day's events. Roberts said:

Chapter 's tailored support includes one-to-one meetings, group activities, training, day trips and work placements. Their support helps people to feel more confident, have improved mental health, make friends, and feel hope for the future. Chapter was formed by a group of psychiatric nurses and their patients and has provided support to over 2,500 people since 1991. There are an estimated 3,000 people with severe and enduring mental illness in Cheshire West & Chester. Chapter 's Matt Zeqiri said:

"I volunteered to photograph Chapter 's Charity Abseil in Chester Cathedral to support a great cause. With close family members who suffer with their mental health, I know the importance of them getting the support not just at the height of their problems, but in every aspect of their lives. "Chapter makes it possible for people suffering with mental health issue to work through them and find solutions every single day and it was important to me to support them in any little way I could." The event was facilitated by North West events company Challenge the Wild.

"It was an extraordinary day in an absolutely stunning setting, and it was great to see so many fundraisers getting out of their comfort zones for mental health. "A 'comfort zone' is something that you don't really have if you've got mental illness, so we thought it was a good theme for a fundraiser. The Cathedral is the iconic local landmark, so we're really grateful that they were willing to accommodate us. "We are a small charity, so ÂŁ2,500 will



Sim on Wood?s Secon d Wood Rest au r an t Now Open in Hist or ic Ch est er im on Wood?s secon d f in e din in g r est au r an t , WOOD Ch est er , t h is w eek (Th u r sday 20 Ju n e) open s it s door s t o t h e pu blic at t h e n ew Hot el In digo® Ch est er .


Wood, famed for his octopus and squab pigeon in the 2015 series of MasterChef, was described by Greg Wallace - a regular visitor to WOOD Manchester - as an incredible talent and John Torode said that Simon took something ordinary and made it special! Guests to the new Chester restaurant can enjoy Simon?s unintimidating fine dining experience with each dish on the menu created with top quality seasonal produce. The design of the 96 cover restaurant nods to Simon?s signature style, and is a relaxed natural environment in which to enjoy his unintimidating fine dining, making it the

" Fan s of M ast er Ch ef can n ow t r y Sim on?s m u sh r oom r aviolo, an jou squ ab pigeon , an d cit r u s t u t t i f r u t t i f or t h em selves as par t of t h e Wood Ch est er A La Car t e m en u ." perfect new outlet for locals and hotel guests to dine in. At the heart of the restaurant is the chef ?s table and theatre kitchen providing the perfect vista for guests to watch Simon and his team as they work. The jewel in WOOD?s crown, Simon?s tasting menus have been created to deliver a journey through food and flavours, featuring some of the chef ?s favourite ingredients of the season. Each tasting menu is served blind, with the option for guests to add a specially matched wine flight to the five, seven and ten course menus. Since winning the show in 2015, Simon has continued to evolve his offering but some of the food that won him the title are still on his menu, with the dishes developed even further. Fans of MasterChef can now try

Simon?s mushroom raviolo, anjou squab pigeon, and citrus tutti frutti for themselves as part of the Wood Chester A La Carte menu. Dishes also available on the A La Carte include belly pork with cider, apple, sage and onion; Cheshire short rib with Seven Bro7hers stout and truffle; monkfish with Wye Valley asparagus, wild nettle and white beetroot; plus the assiette of lamb with Bosworth ash, Jersey royal and lavender honey. A massive favourite in Manchester is the Tomahawk steak with peppercorn steak and sides, which will also be available on Tuesdays and a steal at £50 for two to share with two sides and a sauce! There are also plenty of options for vegetarians with British vegetables forming a large part of Simon?s menu, and the restaurant also offers a number of gluten free options. WOOD Chester will be open seven days a week, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, meaning diners can expect a number of new dishes only available at Simon?s Chester restaurant. New to WOOD Chester is the Sunday lunch menu, which will be served each Sunday between 12 and 6pm. Diners can choose to have one, two or three courses from the set menu, to include the roast rib of Cheshire beef with Yorkshire pudding, cauliflower cheese, buttered greens, and beef dripping roast potato.

meals and picnics all day in the hotel bar and lounge. From flat breads and artisan cheese, charcuterie boards, and baked camembert to the signature Wood Burger or Vegan Wood Burger, there are options available all day alongside the extensive drinks menu. Hotel Indigo® Chester, the much-awaited new boutique hotel, opens this month and combines the historic charm of the city with modern design motifs full of historical character. Just as no places are alike, no two Hotel Indigo properties are alike. Each Hotel Indigo draws inspiration from the local neighbourhood, culture and popular trends in food, drink and design to create a warm and vibrant atmosphere. The new-build features 75-rooms, each designed around historic Chester with quirky nods to the city and its culture. With three room types which differ by floor, guests can expect an eclectic combination of fabrics, wood panelling and references to people and dress from the city?s past. The new restaurant will also be offering room service within the hotel with WOOD?s special picnics, each delivered to guests room in a wicker picnic basket. There is the option of a Ploughman?s with cheese & pickle, scotch egg, pork pie and scone, or the soup and sandwich with cheese, biscuits and chutney. Each is served with homemade rose lemonade. WOOD Chester is now taking bookings for the new restaurant here:

Breakfast at the hotel offers a variety of guests favourite dishes such as a full English, poached eggs and avocado on sourdough toast, pancakes, crispy bacon and maple syrup, all alongside an extensive continental buffet. WOOD Chester also serves snacks, light



Bella Design Relocat es Of f ice t o Tat t on Locat ion s??Cr eat ive Hu b?


ella Design & M ar k et in g is deligh t ed t o h ave r elocat ed it s Ch esh ir e of f ice f r om Kn u t sf or d t o Tat t on Locat ion s?Nor t h Ran ge at Ash ley Hall n ear Hale, Ch esh ir e. North Range provides a creative hub for the film, TV and associated creative industries and as such offers a superb creative environment from which to operate the business. Bella Design originally established itself in 2005 as specialists in the property sector, working with the North West?s leading commercial and residential agents and developers on both corporate and scheme specific marketing projects. Whilst the

agency retains a strong foothold in the property market, they have successfully diversified into a range of sectors working with a large roster of clients across a wide range of industries and markets.

be invigorating for our design team to work from such a creative and stimulating environment. Clients too will enjoy the beautiful rural location and the excitement of a film & TV location when they visit. The new Cheshire location complements our Manchester City centre office beautifully.?

With two offices and a ten strong team of designers, developers and marketers, Bella Design?s comprehensive offering ranges from bespoke website development, digital and print media design, brand strategy and identity transformation to providing an extensive PR & marketing service.

The company's impressive project portfolio includes work with local, national and international clientele including The Royal Cheshire County Show, Find A Better Way, Baxter Neumann, DMD, Eternity Technologies, Mistral Group, ITR, Immersive AV, Acro Aircraft Seating and many of the UK's leading commercial property development companies and agents.

Paul Watson, Managing Director at Bella Design & Marketing, comments: ?We're delighted with our move to Tatton Locations' North Range at Ashley Hall. It will

Wh y t h in k ou t of t h e box, w h en you can bu ild it an d ever yt h in g ar ou n d it . Specialist s in Recr u it m en t f or Tech n ology



Get the staff you need now and let us look for you! Call now on 07733746638

Sector Recruitment Specialisms


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Digit al M ar k et in g Fin Tech & Reg Tech Ser vices Sof t w ar e Developm en t

con t act @m or r issin clair .co.u k

01001 10110

01001 10110

01001 10110

Tech n ical Sales IT Su ppor t In f r ast r u ct u r e

w w w.m or r issin clair .co.u k





Ch esh ir e East Cou n cil elect s n ew m ayor of t h e bor ou gh Mayoress Sue Bidwell, Mayor Councillor Barry Burkhill, deputy mayor Councillor Steven Edgar and his consort Barbara Edgar civic duties on behalf of the council and residents of the borough.

ou n cillor Bar r y Bu r k h ill h as been elect ed as M ayor of Ch esh ir e East .


He was sworn in at the annual mayor-making ceremony on Wednesday 22 May. His deputy, elected by members, is Councillor Steven Edgar, who represents Haslington, near Crewe. Cllr Burkhill has represented Handforth for 38 years and for 28 years was a member of Macclesfield Borough Council, of which he was elected mayor in 2007. Cllr Burkhill was elected as a member of Cheshire East Council in 2011. He has sat on a number of council committees, including planning, licensing and corporate overview and scrutiny. By tradition, both the mayor and deputy mayor are non-political roles, carrying out

The mayor chairs meetings of Cheshire East Council and can use his or her casting vote, if required to do so. The mayor is seen as the first citizen of the borough and can expect to attend many events during the civic year. These can range from fun events among communities and local schools to solemn occasions such as Remembrance Day. Cllr Burkhill, who has a keen interest in medieval history, music and his university subject of geology, was sworn into office, along with his wife Sue as mayoress, at a civic ceremony held at Tatton Park?s Tenants Hall. The ceremony was attended by special guests and dignitaries from around the borough, including local mayors from town councils, Aldermen and members of Cheshire East Council.

Cllr Burkhill said on his election as mayor: ?Although it has been totally unexpected to be asked to become mayor for the 2019/20 municipal year, it is nevertheless an honour and a privilege to represent the people of Cheshire East. ?These are difficult times and my wife, Sue, and I will be using the year ahead to highlight the prodigious voluntary work that is daily carried out throughout the borough. In particular, we look forward to visiting all centres which work with food banks and homeless people and support those of our number who face challenging times.? ?I thank you all for your support and my wife and I hope to be very worthy successors to Lesley and David Smetham, the outgoing mayor and her consort.? Cllr Burkhill?s first duty was to chair the annual meeting of the new Cheshire East Council later that day.

CHARTERED ENGINEERS Experts in Management solutions primarily in Quality or Lean Manufacturing/Process Improvement Bespoke training in Quality and Lean topics Expert Witness Reports

T: 07815 564986


W: Elmac Consulting Limited


New s

Digit al sk ills par t n er sh ip f or Ch esh ir e an d War r in gt on lau n ch ed en ior r epr esen t at ives f r om t h e Depar t m en t of Digit al, Cu lt u r e, M edia an d Spor t join ed h eadlin e speak er M aggie Ph ilbin OBE at t h e lau n ch of t h e Ch esh ir e an d War r in gt on Digit al Sk ills Par t n er sh ip - a gover n m en t led in it iat ive aim in g t o in cr ease t h e digit al capabilit y of in dividu als an d or gan isat ion s deliver ed locally by Ch esh ir e an d War r in gt on Local En t er pr ise Par t n er sh ip (LEP).


The event which took place yesterday, 15th May 2019, at Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre, saw over 70 businesses attend to learn more about how the Local Digital Skills Partnership (Local DSP) will accelerate digital skills capacity in Cheshire and Warrington, building further on the progress to date in bridging the digital skills gap. Demonstrating existing projects, guests met teams from Digital and Computing Science students from Priestley College and Crewe University Technical College

(UTC), along with Bentley Motors and Daresbury SciTech. With businesses at the heart of the Local DSP, it was explained how they can get involved and help shape the availability and breadth of skills of their current and future workforce, across all sectors of industry, in order to take full advantage of new digital technologies. The Local Digital Skills Partnerships are part of an ongoing strategy by government. Minister for Digital and the Creative Industries, Margot James, said:

digital world is fast moving and holds many opportunities. Tomorrow?s World must be shaped by the many, not the few. Obviously, my focus is on young people ? helping them develop the right skills and to realise how much they might enjoy working in this space. But it doesn?t matter whether you?re 8 or 80, the learning never stops.? Christine Gaskell CBE, Chair of the Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership explained ?Driving forward the skills provision in Cheshire and Warrington is fundamental to growing our economy. The LEP and our partners from across the

"We are working hard to build a world-leading digital economy that works for everyone. Through the newly formed Cheshire and Warrington Local Digital Skills Partnership we will empower regional businesses, educators, charities and public sector to come together to boost skills and the local economy." Maggie Philbin OBE, CEO of TeenTech describes herself as being ?obstinately determined?to ensure young people recognise and develop their potential ?The

region recognise the need to invest now, so that we can ensure all residents and businesses have opportunity to develop the right skills needed now and in the future. We are delighted to formally launch the Cheshire and Warrington Digital Skills Partnership and to work with businesses, government and training providers to deliver this project which will future-proof our growing economy.?

Ch est er t r ain in g com pan y lau n ch es f ir st appr en t icesh ip pr ogr am m e f or t ext ile car e oper at ives


TG Tr ain in g, an appr oved appr en t icesh ip t r ain in g pr ovider based in Ch est er , an n ou n ces t h e lau n ch of t h e UK?s f ir st t ext ile car e oper at ive appr en t icesh ip sch em e. This new programme is designed to equip candidates over the age of 16 who are either new to the commercial cleaning industry or currently working as a laundry, dry cleaning, wet cleaning or garment cleaning operative in a junior role. It is a level 2 qualification, delivered over a 13-month period, through a blended learning approach combining classroom-based tuition and webinars with on-the-job training. Modules range from cleaning processes, finishing and machine usage, quality, health, safety and environmental, through to IT, communications and time management.

Commenting on the launch of this specialist apprenticeship programme for textile care operatives, NTG Training Managing Director Lee Morris said: ?Increasing emphasis on new technology and practices has been seen across the commercial cleaning sector. This means that individuals and organisations alike must ensure that their staff have the necessary skills and competencies to be able to provide clients with the best service.? ?Our new apprenticeship scheme supports employers to do just that. We can either help them to recruit and train new high calibre apprentices as they look to grow their team or bring in new skills, or as we are increasingly seeing, by upskilling their current commercial cleaning operatives through investment in training and

development.? NTG already has 50 apprentices on this new programme who are employed by Johnsons, the UK?s leading dry cleaning company, as well as a premiership football club. The NTG Training textile care operatives apprenticeship is 90% government funded and also available under the Apprenticeship Levy scheme. For more information about NTG Training textile care operative Level 2 Apprenticeship Programme, visit or call 01244 678100 12

New s

Jer em y Kyle lab can n ow set t le pat er n it y r ow s w it h a t oot h br u sh A lph aBiolabs h as st epped u p it s in n ovat ion dr ive by equ ippin g it s labor at or y t o set t le pat er n it y dispu t es u sin g DNA sam ples f r om a t oot h br u sh .

The company, which performs the DNA tests for ITV?s The Jeremy Kyle Show, has introduced the technique at its Warrington headquarters. It follows studies by AlphaBiolabs?in-house geneticists which showed that toothbrushes can provide a good source of DNA. The method has been adopted at labs in the US and Canada but this is the first time it has become available at a UK lab. Toothbrush DNA testing is the latest innovation at AlphaBiolabs. The company recently achieved a UK first by introducing non-invasive prenatal paternity testing, and in 2018 added medical assessments to its range of services amid growing demand for workplace drug and alcohol testing. Each toothbrush submitted for analysis is examined for up to 35 DNA markers. AlphaBiolabs?commercial director Rachel Davenport said this makes it one of the most accurate DNA tests on the market.

Results are available in up to five days.

The usual method of DNA collection in paternity and other relationship disputes is from a sample taken by rubbing a swab on the inside of the donor ?s cheek. The DNA is extracted from the buccal cells collected in the sample when the swabs are returned to the lab for testing. Rach el said: ?Our extensive tests have demonstrated that the method of brushing and the type of toothpaste used has no effect on the DNA extracted from a toothbrush of any kind.

?Once the toothbrush has been returned to our lab for testing, the first step is to extract the DNA from the sample using one of the latest techniques.? She added: ?An advantage of toothbrush testing is that it can be used even when an individual has died.

case of paternity disputes, as they need not be aware that a test is being undertaken. ?For example, in the case of a paternity dispute, using a swab on an older child could lead to awkward questions. Choosing the option of their regular toothbrush instead allows for discreet sampling.? Consent must be provided for all toothbrush samples that are sent in to be analysed. Next of kin or another qualifying relative can sign consent for an individual who has died. A parent or guardian must provide consent for a child under 16 years of age. Rachel said: ?We pride ourselves on being pioneers and this is a further demonstration of our commitment to remain at the cutting edge of developments in this industry.?

?The DNA collected from their used toothbrush could be used to prove a biological relationship in the case of unresolved issues. Alternatively, a DNA profile could be a lasting memento of a loved one. ?Another advantage is that it could prevent awkward questions from children in the

Rachel Davenport of AlphaBiolab




For more information call us on 0199 271 5214 or visit us online at w w scaf f oldin



With over 30 year s exper ien ce in the access industry our company prides itself on saf et y, r eliabilit y and af f or dabilit y. We offer a complete scaf f oldin g ser vice including free quotation. w w w.n or t h ch esh ir escaf f oldin Widn es, Ch esh ir e 0151 424 4449 9.


Sp e c i a l f e a t u r e

TEDx Bollin gt on , In t er view w it h Sar ah Kn ow les w h o or gan ised t h is f an t ast ic even t h e global ph en om en on TED t ook place in Bollin gt on , Ch esh ir e as TEDxBollin gt on on 16t h Ju n e 2019. TEDx is par t of TED, a n ot -f or -pr of it or gan isat ion devot ed t o spr eadin g ideas an d spar k in g in spir at ion t h r ou gh t alk s t h at ar e 18 m in u t es or less. It ?s a gr eat w ay t o con n ect local com m u n it ies acr oss t h e globe.


Wh o or gan ised TEDxBollin gt on ? Sara Knowles is the Licensee and Lead Organiser of TEDxBollington. She?s also the North West International Trade Adviser for the Department for International Trade. After being a fan of TED for many years, Sara presented her own TEDxNantwich talk ?The Case for Cultural Fluency?. She described it as ?one of the most challenging things I have done in my life, but amongst the most exhilarating and empowering.? Her e Sar a t ells u s m or e abou t TEDxBollin gt on an d h ow Bollin gt on?s com m u n it y an d con n ect ion s w ill be sh ar ed on a global plat f or m . Wh y Bollin gt on ? Bollington is my hometown and it?s a creative place with big ideas and interesting people. Situated in a distinctive position, between urban landscapes and the rural environment of the Peak District, Bollington is truly unique. It?s very welcoming with a strong sense of community. Everyone pulls together and is proud to experience what Bollington has to offer. Wh at w as t h e t h em e? The theme was ?The Art of Connection?. We wanted to celebrate the connection that is already apparent in Bollington, to amplify it. Having a strong sense of community doesn?t always happen easily, but Bollington has it.

The people make it happen. The talks shared at TEDxBollington have helped us to further connect with each other through the past, new ideas and the environment. Every individual has a story and they all cocreate Bollington?s narrative. Wh o w er e t h e speak er s? There was a line-up of eight speakers in total. Each of the speakers have been on their own journey and they?re were excited to share their stories on the global stage. They were given support and coaching in preparation for TEDxBollington that?s enabled them to grow their public speaking confidence and to be stronger communicators overall. For more information about the individual speakers, visit How can you get in volved? There is a really active online TED community and the videos of each talk will be uploaded to the TED global website. If you didn?t manage to get a ticket to the live event, you can watch the speaker videos, engage with us on social media and keep up to date with all of the latest TEDx news by subscribing to our newsletter via

From the actual TEDxBollington talks we wanted people to take away a sense of connection and how that can come through others. An overarching theme of the talks is health and wellbeing and how people have connected with themselves, others and nature. Some of the speakers have felt a sense of isolation but used the environment and community of Bollington to feel connected again. We?d love for TEDxBollington to have a lasting legacy and live on even though the event is over in the form of mini TEDx talks, creative roundtables and seminars. Wh o?s h elped t o m ak e TedXBollin gt on h appen ? Everyone has got onboard, and businesses and individuals have been volunteering their services and time. It?s been fantastic to see the collaboration between our local creative businesses including Embrace Marketing, Stein IAS, Visual Sense and Bollington Print Shop. The volunteers at our event venue Bollington Arts Centre have been continuously dedicated to making sure TEDxBollington runs smoothly and the local council have also played an important role.

Wh at ar e t h e ben ef it s f or Bollin gt on ? It?s fantastic for a small town like Bollington to have a TEDx event, with members of our own community performing on the global TED stage. There was a lot of curious excitement about the event. I?m always asked about it wherever I go and receive ongoing support from the community. Sarah Knowles


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Eu r ope?s lar gest t r u ck w ash in vest s £2.3m in n ew Ch esh ir e sit e ym m Tr u ck w ash Lt d ? t h e lar gest an d oldest t r u ck w ash in Eu r ope ? is in vest in g £2.3 m illion by r elocat in g t o a n ew , pu r pose-bu ilt sit e, 100 m et r es f r om it s cu r r en t locat ion in Ch esh ir e.

development of the new site to make sure we

drive into the services simply for a wash and

continue to provide the excellent service our

don?t use any other facilities. This gave us the

customers are used to and expect.

confidence to secure planning permission and

The family-owned and managed business is


?The new facility will feature state-of-the-art

buy the site opposite.

WashTec washes, alongside a bespoke

?But this move isn?t only about our customers;

pressure washer system and payment system

it?s also about securing the future of our

with automatic number plate recognition

long-serving and loyal staff, and in turn their

(ANPR). The site will also be quicker and easier

families. Plus, the investment will benefit the

currently based at Lymm Services, just off

for our customers to access from the

local economy and business community.?

Junction 20 of the M6 and Junction 9 of the

motorway because they?ll no longer have to

M56, near Warrington. It will move to its

enter and exit Lymm Services.?

new site on the opposite side of the A50 in

Started by John and Anne Cardwell, the 52-year-old company is now owned by their

Founded in 1967, Lymm Truckwash washes

daughter, Laura. It has a dedicated team of

more than 60,000 trucks a year for

staff who have been with the firm for many

customers from the UK and across Europe,

years, including operations manager Paul

The investment will offer an even better

ranging from owner-drivers to major fleet

Maskall, who joined in 1987.

experience for drivers thanks to the

operators such as BP, DHL and AW

installation of state-of-the-art equipment at


autumn this year, when customers can expect a seamless transition.

a more convenient location. It will also secure the long-term future of its team of dedicated and long-serving staff. Lau r a Car dw ell, m an agin g dir ect or of Lym m Tr u ck w ash , said: ?This is an exciting move for our company. We?re investing £2.3 million into the

The firm has recently undergone a rebrand and launched a new website, which features

The decision to move was made in March 2016 after it was discovered the lease at the services couldn?t be extended beyond December 2019. Lau r a said: ?We undertook professional market research

regular updates on the relocation. ?We?ll continue at our current site until we?re ready to open the new premises in the autumn,?added Laura. ?Our customers can expect a seamless transition with no shutdown of our wash facility.?

and this showed that 80% of our customers


w w w.cyn er gysecu r it k


Tr u st u s w it h you r bu sin ess, w e w ill gu ar d you w it h ou r s. Event Security - sports, concerts and festivals Site Security & Hotel Security Door Security for licensed premises Private/Corporate events

Visit w w w.cyn er gysecu r it k to find out more For more information call 01244 536687 or email Chester Office: Regus House, Herons Way, Chester Business Park. Chester CH4 9QR Company Number: 6934600


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Ch esh ir e m an u f act u r er s am on g f ir st in UK t o en r oll in ÂŁ20m M ade Sm ar t er bu sin ess su ppor t pr ogr am m e. Gerry Weston (l) and Tom Coyle, DT Engineering

w o pion eer in g com pan ies in Ch esh ir e ar e am on g t h e f ir st in t h e cou n t r y t o ben ef it f r om a gover n m en t -back ed pr ogr am m e design ed t o boost UK m an u f act u r in g pr odu ct ivit y an d gr ow t h .

Over the last three decades Mackinnon &

to capitalise on new products and markets

Saunders have brought to life some of

and give us a technological advantage over

children?s most beloved TV characters

our international rivals.

DT Engineering North West Limited, based

Attacks!, Frankenweenie and Corpse Bride


in Widnes, and puppet-makers Mackinnon

including Bob the Builder, Postman Pat and the new Clangers, and collaborated with Hollywood director Tim Burton on Mars and Wes Anderson on Fantastic Mr. Fox.

& Saunders, based in Altrincham, are aiming to transform their businesses by adopting new digital technologies through the Made Smarter Programme. They are among a cohort of nine North West companies who have successfully applied for Made Smarter matched-funding, allowing them to explore and adopt leading-edge advanced manufacturing

increasing its use of computer-aided design and 3D printing technology.

embrace the very latest developments in additive manufacturing and innovative software solutions to help design and create its models.

quality and accuracy of the company?s

3D-printing and robotics.

products, boost efficiency and increase

support, alongside specialist advice and

is helping businesses across Cheshire. ?Made Smarter is relevant for any North

Saunders, said that exploiting the potential

Estate in Widnes, wants to incorporate

of these new developments will help the

digital technologies into heavy engineering

company maintain its position as a world

environments to ensure the safe operation

leader in its sector.

West SMEs who make, create, manufacture or engineer, and I urge local businesses not to miss this opportunity. I would encourage anyone who may be interested to register today for a fully-funded audit of your

"Recent improvements in CAD, virtual

Tom Coyle, Managing Director, said the

sculpting and, in particular, some incredible

project with Made Smarter will create new

ground-breaking developments

jobs and boost sales opportunities.

in 3D printing, are creating new

digital technologies and systems to

technology. Often, they need funding

export sales opportunities.

equipment based at Everite Road Industrial

profitable as we anticipate the integration of

about the benefits of adopting new digital

?This is exactly how Made Smarter can and

Peter Saunders, Director of Mackinnon &

company to grow and become far more

?We have found businesses are enthusiastic

approach for their business.

manufacturer of crane and lifting

transform our business, allowing the

applications, including DT Engineering

insight to help them select the right

These new processes will increase the

?Success of this project will completely

now supported the first successful SME North West and Mackinnon & Saunders.

The forward-thinking firm now wants to

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT),

of potentially dangerous equipment.

Donna Edwards, Director of the Made Smarter North West pilot, said: ?I am delighted that the Made Smarter pilot has

In recent years, the company has been

methods such as Artificial Intelligence (AI),

DT Engineering North West, a specialist

"We are excited to benefit from the Made Smarter business support program."

operations and see how Made Smarter might be able to help you.?

opportunities for us to utilise digital technology alongside the traditional craft skills associated with puppet-making. "Working closely with some of

complement our current core business,? he

the most innovative digital


companies in the world will put the company in the best position

Fantastic Mr Fox - created by Mackinnon and Saunders 19

Ch a m b e r Ne w s

M agic w as in t h e air at t h e lau n ch of t h e Halt on Bu sin ess Aw ar ds 2019 Halt on?s bu sin esses w ill be able t o sh ou t abou t t h eir su ccesses an d be r ecogn ised f or t h eir ach ievem en t s in t h is year ?s Halt on Bu sin ess Aw ar ds. Once again, Halton Chamber of Commerce will be hosting the Awards with a glittering gala dinner and presentation evening held on 15th November. The 2019 Halton Business Awards were launched at the Everglades Park Hotel in Widnes on the 27th June when previous winners and sponsors shared their experience of the awards and how their businesses have benefitted as a result. We were joined by over 40 businesses as we heard from Amber McLoughlin (Ace Blinds), Robbie Hardman (Hardman Office & Commercial Cleaning), Anita Morris (Hack Back CIC) and Paul Treloar (Sci Tech Daresbury) as well as magician Robbie Danson. The 2019 categories were announced and applications were opened on the night. This year the award categories have been reviewed, creating some new and exciting opportunities for local businesses to get involved. The Gala Dinner has been moved to November so a year ?s

achievement culminates in Borough wide reward and recognition. Last year marked the 10th Anniversary of these awards and saw record numbers, with over 340 people coming together and representing business excellence across all fields and from all sectors. This year, we are once again looking to build on this success and deliver a bigger and better event than ever.

celebration of all the great work that takes place throughout the year and across the Borough. There are plenty of opportunities for all, as these Awards are open to every Halton based business and with a range of categories recognizing all size of business and stages of development, there really is something for everyone, plus you can enter as many categories as you wish.

Rachael Owen, Chief Executive of Halton Chamber of Commerce said:

The Halton Business Awards are widely recognised and winning one can bring real, tangible benefits. An award can be a catalyst for growth, not just in the kudos it brings and the increased profile, but also the message it gives to potential customers,

?The Business Awards recognise and reward excellent performance, good business practices and promote Halton organisations to our wider business community. A true


Ch a m b e r Ne w s which can in turn, increase sales.?

take advantage of the opportunity to share their capabilities through the Halton Business Awards ? good luck.?

Halton Business of the Year 2018, LPW Technology Ltd comments:

get involved as a valued sponsor, proud applicant, honoured finalist, successful winner and much welcomed Gala Dinner guest.

Val Allen, Chair of the Halton Chamber Board says:

?LPW Technology was delighted to win two of the 2018 Halton Business Awards ? the ?Health and Well-being?and Business of the Year. We have had a period of exciting developments in the last 12 months which have relied heavily on the commitment of all our employees. Here in Widnes, we have continued to build on the ?Health and Well-being?award which we hope demonstrates the value we put on our dedicated workforce. We very much appreciate the support received and encourage local businesses to

The awards are free to enter and open to all Halton based businesses that have been trading for at least six months. There are also sponsorship opportunities available with more information on the Chamber website where organisations wishing to enter the awards will be able to do so until the 8th September with application forms available now. Tickets are also now on sale at a discounted early bird price. Please visit the Chamber website for more information or call 0333 358 3480.

?The Halton Business Awards are amongst the most acclaimed business events in the region. The number of businesses entering just keeps on rising, the range of winners widening and the quality of entries is fantastic. Winners come from sole traders to larger, household names. There really is something for everyone!? We hope you are as excited as we are about the 2019 Halton Business Awards as it?s become such an important event in the Halton business calendar and we want to make sure that more businesses than ever

Ch am ber Even t s M eet t h e Ch am ber

17t h Sept em ber 2019

7t h Au gu st 2019

Alstom, Lovel Way, Widnes,

Municipal Building, Widnes,



M icr osof t Excel Level 2 Tr ain in g Cou r se - Ef f icien cy & Ef f ect iven ess

1st u esday Br eak f ast Net w or k in g ? In t er n at ion al Tr ade

Municipal Building, Widnes,

The Hillcrest Hotel, Widnes,


Alst om Visit & Sit e Tou r w it h Halt on Scien ce & M an u f act u r in g

Cu st om s Tr ain in g Cou r se 9t h Oct ober 2019

M icr osof t Wor d Level 2 Tr ain in g - Beyon d t h e Basics 27t h Sept em ber 2019

Municipal Building, Widnes, WA8 7QF Halt on Scien ce & M an u f act u r in g Clu st er Tr ain in g & Sk ills Developm en t

17t h Sept em ber 2019

3r d Sept em ber 2019 WA8 9AR


15t h Oct ober 2019 Riverside College, Kingsway, Widnes, WA8 7QQ

Municipal Building, Widnes, LEADING FABRICATION ENGINEERS Proflo Engineering Ltd has rapidly established itself as one of the leading hygienic fabrication contractors within the food industry. We are an independent, family run engineering company which has grown our reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. Being a family run business means every customer and every contract is personal and very important to us. Services Include: Hygienic Pipework Fabrication - Stainless Steel & Mild Steel Fabrications

0151 548 3247

Gas Safe Registered Specialists

Company Reg: 4633761

Design - 2D & 3D AutoCAD Inventor

Unit 2, Gillmoss Ind Estate, Liverpool, L11 0EE


M AKING A DIFFERENCE TO YOUR LIFE WITH PRACTICAL AND EXPERT LEGAL SOLUTIONS Forster Dean Solicitors have been in the towns of Runcorn and Widnes for over 20 years. Over that


time we have advised many thousands of local


people on buying a house, making a will or obtaining compensation for an injury.


We have 6 offices in Cheshire and Merseyside and offer a wide range of legal services.


Our teams of experienced lawyers can provide


honest and practical advice in many areas of the law.


In life we all come across our ups and downs. Life can certainly be complicated at times, and we can often find ourselves facing situations that leave us


a little out of our depth.


At Forster Dean we?re here to offer a helping hand.


Our legal services are designed around people; around you and the issues you may be dealing


with. We will guide you through the legal process, whatever the issue; ensuring you feel supported


and well-informed at all times. Further information can be found on our website -


w w w.f or st er dean .co.u k - and you can speak to a member of our legal team by calling 0151 422 0982


or calling into one of our 6 high street offices.


Cr ew e

Widn es

St Helen s

Ellesm er e Por t

Ru n cor n

(Head Of f ice)

213 Nantwich Road

32 ? 34

9 Hardshaw Street

58 Whitby Road

High Street

Victoria Square


Widnes Road

St Helens

Ellesmere Port





WA10 1QX

CH65 8AE






Pr o p e r t y

Wor k st ar t s on £12m Bir ch w ood Par k in du st r ial w ar eh ou se


or k h as st ar t ed on t h e

said Martin O?Rourke, commercial

secon d ph ase of

director at Birchwood Park .

PATRIZIA-m an aged Bir ch w ood Par k 's

"We've taken on board experience

Caven dish War eh ou se developm en t

from the first phase of our

f ollow in g a £12m in vest m en t .

development to ensure we?re able to offer

Local Enterprise Partnership, said:

greater flexibility when it comes to adapting The scheme will introduce 170,000 sq ft of industrial warehouse space to the park.

this industrial space, to suit the needs of

Set to complete in spring 2020, the

boast excellent road access as we?re located

development will feature five new industrial

within easy reach of J11 of the M62."

warehouses, a 24,000 sq ft warehouse and larger 50,000 and 58,000 sq ft warehouses. A £5m investment has been made into the road network surrounding the park.

invest in phase 2 of the Cavendish Warehouse development that will provide much needed grade A speculative industrial

Cllr Russ Bowden, Warrington Borough

space to attract and retain high value

Council leader, added: "Birchwood Park

science and engineering tenants in

continues to go from strength to strength


and this investment is the latest success story for the site. It forms part of our plans

Birchwood Park welcomed representatives

to deliver a first-class destination that

from Warrington Borough Council and the

attracts new businesses to Warrington and

Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise

helps drive our economy."

Partnership to a ceremony at the site to

Cheshire Science Corridor and we are delighted that the LEP has been able to

both our current or future occupiers, and

units comprising of two 18,000 sq ft

"Birchwood Park is a key element in the

Designed by architects' practice AEW, Caddick Construction has been appointed as main contractors on this latest development with Warrington Martin having been appointed as project manager and

Future occupiers at the Cavendish

quantity surveyor. BDP Structural have been

Warehouse site can expect to benefit from

appointed as structural engineers and the

"Warrington has been crying out for

Enterprise Zone status as Birchwood Park

planning process was overseen by Turley?s,

industrial space of this size and spec for

forms a part of the Cheshire Science

with Crookes Walker providing advice on

some time, and so we're confident that the

Corridor Enterprise Zone.

M&E and Vectos providing highways advice.

mark the start of construction.

second phase of our Cavendish Warehouse development will meet the needs of

B8 Real Estate and JLL are join agents acting

Robert Mee, chair of the Cheshire Science

on behalf of Birchwood Park.

Corridor Enterprise Zone and a board

businesses and plug this gap in the market,"

member of the Cheshire and Warrington

SIS (GB) Lt d, Han over Hou se, Han over St , Liver pool L1 3DZ T: 0151 285 3884

E: sisgb@sk

Th e Healt h & Saf et y Exper t s SIS GB Ltd is a family run company which has been trading successfully for over 15 years. All of our consultants and associates are highly qualified within their respective fields and hold the appropriate levels of accreditation.

Premier security A FEW OF OUR REGULAR COURSES service provider

First Aid Work Managing Safety CITB Site Management Safety


ARM ED FO p o rary On tem en t ? assign m


EDU CATI O N n yo u r o w Bu yin g t? n e eq u ip m

CON STRU CTI ON p loy Self em

ed ?


Th e aver age 4-year t ax r ef u n d is £2,500. Wh at w ou ld you spen d you r s on ?

Ref er you r f r ien ds t o r eceive a £50 Am azon vou ch er

Phone: 0151 345 6363 Email: Address: 4 Whitworth Court Runcorn Cheshire WA7 1WA

w w w.sw if t r ef u n k


Pr o p e r t y

Tat t on Par k visit or s t o see f u r t h er im pr ovem en t s as cou n cil in vest s in st ableyar d pr oject h esh ir e East Cou n cil is t o in vest ÂŁ1.55m in t h e r ef u r bish m en t of t h e st ableyar d ar ea of Tat t on Par k , a popu lar f ocal poin t f or visit or s.


The 1,000-acre park, in Knutsford, is the jewel in the crown of the borough?s cultural heritage and leisure offer and the council?s cabinet has now approved the next step in the ?Tatton Vision?investment programme ? which is to implement a stableyard project. The stableyard project is part of a wider investment programme to enhance the welcome and visitor experience, which includes a new visitor arrival building ? currently under construction. Benefits will include improved access and landscaping, new toilet facilities, additional events space and a facility for seasonal activities such as theatre, outdoor markets and exhibitions. The stableyard serves as a focal point for many of the 800,000 visitors the park receives each year and the project will significantly enhance the visitor welcome and experience, encouraging them to stay longer and return. The park is managed by Cheshire East Council on behalf of the National Trust, which has approved the plans to sustain this significant heritage asset. Councillor Nick Mannion, Cheshire East

Council cabinet member for environment and regeneration, said: ?The borough is extremely fortunate to have an award-winning visitor destination such as Tatton Park and it is vitally important that we continue to invest in this facility and build on the current visitor offer.

heritage restoration, have been commissioned to develop initial designs and today?s approval by cabinet means the

?The park plays an important role in the life of Cheshire East, making an important contribution to the visitor economy, while offering conservation and environmental benefits alongside educational, cultural and commercial objectives.?

Plans for the phased improvements to the park were first approved, in principle, by the council in June 2016, with planning permission granted the following year. Purcell Architects, one Councillor Nick Mannion, Cheshire East Council cabinet member for authority can now progress the stableyard of the country?s leading specialists in environment and regeneration


Pr o p e r t y

Ch est er Race Com pan y Re-Su bm it s M ast er plan C

h est er Race Com pan y h as

up views of the

r e-su bm it t ed it s lon g-t er m

racecourse from

M ast er plan f or developm en t at t h e r acecou r se. After planning permission was refused in March 2019, the racecourse spent a period of consultation addressing the key concerns raised by the Planning Committee, before approaching Cheshire West and Chester

Watergate and the City Walls. Racecourse architects describe the new application as having these key elements: -


Council with a revised proposal. The

of the

updated plan sees the two key buildings in


the development proposals combined into a


new Conference Centre and Grandstand,

and removal of all car parking and

located next to the Holiday Inn Express

ancillary buildings between the

hotel and overlooking the racecourse.

railway viaduct, Holiday Inn

In a carefully considered response to local residents who had raised concerns against

Express and the County Stand -

racegoers and the public will be

the original application, the racecourse has

created between the County

now withdrawn its plan to build a

Stand, viaduct and Holiday Inn

multi-storey car park and to use Saddlery Way to access the Roodee on racedays. Instead, it is proposed that cars will use nearby Kitchen Street and an existing route through the railway arches.

A new pedestrian zone for

Express -

A new Conference and Events Centre linked to a new Hospitality Grandstand is to be located between the Holiday Inn Express

In a further move, a large public lawn has

and the racecourse, with a service

been introduced in place of the Leverhulme

courtyard secluded between the

Stand. The lawn will extend from the County

two buildings

Stand to the new development and will become the focus for the revised scheme, drawing on the sustainability and benefits of green space within the plan and opening

Chester Race Company Chief Executive, Richard Thomas, commented:

future of the Race Company and represents a massive investment in Chester. We have worked hard since March to deal with a number of objections and are very pleased with the public response so far. The Conference Centre and Grandstand will be a fantastic Civic building for the City and, on racedays, provide a new viewing and hospitality Grandstand like no other. With a strong focus on sustainability in its design, construction and use, this innovative new building will again put Chester at the forefront of the UK?s major sporting venues. This will be a project which the Race Company and the city can be very proud of.? The application is expected to be considered by the Planning Committee in August and, if approved, a first phase of work would begin in the autumn.

?The Masterplan is very important to the



Cr ew e M ar ket Hall's £3m il r ef u r bish m en t sch em e begin s or k h as begu n on a £3m pr oject t o t r an sf or m Cr ew e M ar ket Hall, w it h pot en t ial t r ader s u r ged t o r egist er t h eir in t er est in t h e sch em e n ow.


Building work to refurbish and remodel the Grade II listed building got underway at the beginning of June as part of a total £50m programme of investment in Crewe town centre. Opening six days a week, with a new commercial operator, the refurbished Market Hall will be brimming with high-quality, fresh food and independent eateries and retailers, while also featuring pop-up stalls and events. There will be a regular programme of activities and demonstrations and flexibility for the building to be opened up during the evening for events, entertainment and other themed activities. With a planned opening date of summer 2020, Cheshire East Council is seeking expressions of interest from potential traders, who are keen to be part of Crewe?s exciting future and want to set up shop in this attractive building. Cou n cillor Nick M an n ion , Ch esh ir e East Cou n cil cabin et m em ber f or en vir on m en t an d r egen er at ion , said: ?Crewe is a town that?s very much growing and the refurbishment and remodelling of Market Hall will play an important role in the town repositioning itself as a prime leisure and retail destination. ?We want to hear from traders who believe in our vision for the Market Hall and want to see it, and the town, thrive as much as we do ? whether that?s an artisan wanting to retail their products, a sole trader wanting to take the next step, or an established trader looking to expand or relocate to a prime new spot.?

The refurbishment will see the Victorian building?s large archways opened up as entrances and fitted with glazed doors, while external repairs will be made to the brickwork. The interior will undergo a complete redecoration and remodelling, with the existing stalls replaced with units more in keeping with the building?s rich history, alongside the amenities that modern traders require. There will be 22 new permanent stalls, a further 12 regularly-changing pop-up stalls, event space and fully renovated and extended toilet facilities ? all complemented by new flooring, electrics, heating and lighting throughout the building. Potential traders can find out more and register their interest in the scheme by visiting:

" Th er e w ill be a r egu lar pr ogr am m e of act ivit ies an d dem on st r at ion s an d f lexibilit y f or t h e bu ildin g t o be open ed u p du r in g t h e even in g f or even t s, en t er t ain m en t an d ot h er t h em ed act ivit ies." and filling in the online form. Details submitted via the webform will also be passed to a new markets operator, which will be appointed by the council in the near future. Cllr M an n ion said: ?We will shortly be beginning our procurement exercise to find a new operator that shares our vision for Crewe?s markets and the role they will play in the town centre?s wider regeneration. ?The operator will be in place well in advance of the Market Hall?s grand opening and be responsible for making sure that it ? and the

rest of Crewe?s markets ? becomes a prized asset in the town once more. ?They will work with traders to make sure that they play an important role in energising the markets and making the most of the town?s events programme. ?It will also be the operator?s role to ensure that the markets are well promoted ? drawing in customers and spreading the word about everything that is on offer.? Interested operators are invited to visit: where they will then be directed to an e-tendering portal ? which will soon feature the Crewe markets opportunity. Here they can register and sign up to receive notifications. The Market Hall redevelopment project is part of the Crewe town centre regeneration programme, which is supported by £10m in funding from the Government?s Local Growth Fund through Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership. Further updates on the Market Hall scheme will be released by the council as work progresses. 28



Pr o p e r t y

Ch esh ir e an d War r in gt on OPENS £4.1 m illion En er gy Gr an t Fu n d Ch esh ir e an d War r in gt on Local En t er pr ise Par t n er sh ip h as lau n ch ed a £4.1m illion En er gy Fu n d, aw ar din g capit al gr an t s f or pr oject s t h at can su ppor t t h e object ives of t h e LEP?s En er gy an d Clean Gr ow t h St r at egy. The Strategy sets out longer term aspirations to support Cheshire and Warrington?s position as a leading European centre for Low Carbon and Energy Technologies, with an ambition to create the country?s first smart, connected net zero-carbon industrial cluster, harnessing expertise and opportunity within the hydrogen, nuclear and other low carbon economies. The LEP was awarded £4.1million as part of the Local Growth Fund (LGF) with the LEP now inviting applications for capital grant funding. The minimum bid for funding is £250,000 and applications must be

submitted before 16th August 2019. Split between Industrial Clusters, Nuclear Sector Development and Low Carbon Futures ? projects that are strategic and scalable, that will help to reduce carbon emissions, improve profitability of businesses and that are able to secure significant private sector contribution, are encouraged to submit an application. M in ist er f or t h e Nor t h er n Pow er h ou se an d Local Gr ow t h , Jak e Ber r y, said: ?We?re committed to supporting economic growth across the Northern Powerhouse and rebalancing the economy so that it works for everyone. That is why I welcome the £4.1 million award from the Local Growth Fund to Cheshire and Warrington LEP, which will further their ambition to fund businesses and projects to make the region a leading

international centre for low carbon and energy technologies, and a key asset of the Northern Powerhouse.? Ch r ist in e Gaskell CBE, Ch air of Ch esh ir e an d War r in gt on Local En t er pr ise Par t n er sh ip said: ?The LEP is committed to building a £50bn economy, with Energy and Clean Growth at the heart of our emerging Local Industrial Strategy to ensure as a region we fully exploit the significant expertise and industrial strength that exists here. Securing £4.1million - which will be wholly allocated to supporting the industry through capital grant funding - in order to build infrastructure, increase skills levels and accelerate innovation, secures a real opportunity up on which to further build our position as a centre of excellence, and be at the forefront of next generation innovation in the sector.?

Con glet on Com m u n it y gr ou p f in ds a f r ien d in Redr ow REDROW has buddied up with Bromley Farm Community Development Trust to help tackle loneliness amongst older people in the Congleton area. The resident-run group successfully applied to the homebuilder ?s Congleton Community Fund to help support older residents of the neighbourhood who are isolated.

?The lunch is an incentive for people to

Jason Newton, sales director for Redrow

attend on a regular basis, but it?s a

Homes (NW), said: ?Feeling lonely can have

welcoming and friendly group. There are

a real impact on people?s health and so it?s

opportunities for attendees to try new

good to see the Congleton community

activities and make new friends while

taking action to bring people together.

having fun.

Donating £500 from our Congleton

?Support from Redrow has helped cover the

Community Fund is our way of thanking

cost of providing lunch and hire a mini bus

Bromley Farm Community Development

Based at Bromley Farm Community Centre,

so the group can enjoy trips. By reducing

Trust for their efforts to support those who

volunteers regularly prepare and serve low

social isolation, we will not only reduce

would otherwise be isolated.

cost nutritional lunches to around 20

loneliness, mental health issues and the


likelihood of dementia, we will also use the

The group meets on a Monday from 12pm to 2pm and has lots of fun with the varied range of activities on offer and trips to local places of interest. Glen Williams, chairman of Bromley Farm Community Development Trust, explained:

opportunity to provide valuable information, advice and sign posting to other avenues to improve their well-being.? Redrow has shared almost £6,000 between

?The Community Fund has helped us celebrate all the hard work being done by those living in the area and we hope that residents of Cranberry Gardens will involve themselves in all aspects of the local community.?

nine causes close to the Cranberry Gardens development via a voluntary community fund.


Nor -M ech , specialisin g in boiler in st illat ion , r epair an d r eplacem en t in Ch esh ir e

Ou r Ser vices In clu de -

Radiat or r epair s, r eplacem en t an d in st allat ion s. Boiler r epair s, r eplacem en t an d in st allat ion s. Leak in g pipe r epair s an d r eplacem en t s. En er gy pr odu ct s cer t if icat e Plu m bin g ser vices an d m ain t en an ce

0151 203 7088 Em ail: adm in @n or m ech lt k

Web: w w w.n or -m ech lt d.ybsit ecen t er .com

Addr ess: 169 Alber t Road Widn es Ch esh ir e WA8 6LH


Pr o p e r t y

HR an d Healt h & Saf et y Exper t s Expan d oper at ion s in Wilm slow it at ion Lt d, w h ich pr ovides sm all an d m ediu m -sized bu sin esses w it h HR an d Healt h & Saf et y su ppor t an d exper t ise, h as m oved it s HR specialist s in t o n ew accom m odat ion in Wilm slow.

Orbit has the largest of all

The team has taken c 4,000 sq ft in Orbit

For more information go to

Developments?40 Water Lane property,

contact Senior Leasing

which provided an ideal, close at hand

Surveyor Adam Jackson on

additional space solution to the main office

01625 588202.


commercial property portfolios in Wilmslow, Alderley, Macclesfield and indeed Stockport, catering for businesses from 1-200 people.

in Kings Court where the rest of the Citation Group Chief Executive Chris Morris, left, with Orbit's Paul McLeman

successful consultancy business occupies c 18,200 sq ft. Citation was set up in 1996 and has since advised over 35,000 clients on HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety issues. The advice is provided via a UK network of over 140 highly qualified consultants offering a localised personal service, backed up with a progressive, national perspective. Named as one of the Sunday Times Top 100 Best Companies to work for three years in a row, Citation continues to blaze a trail in key SME people- support services from its Wilmslow-based UK HQ. Group Chief Executive Chris Morris said the last four years had seen unprecedented growth in the company which had necessitated more space, ideally in Wilmslow. He said: ?Orbit?s team on the ground were very helpful from the off, fully collaborating with us to facilitate the move, which went very smoothly. It?s the perfect space for a contained, specialist team like HR, but within close proximity of the wider company.? Paul McLeman, Leasing Director from Orbit Developments commented: ?Availability of the floor at 40 Water Lane was the perfect answer to this challenge for Citation who we have come to know well in the last four years. We were delighted to be able to help and look forward to supporting the future progress of this pioneering business.?



Th e en er gy r evolu t ion t h at 's h appen in g in Ch esh ir e


h er e?s an en er gy r evolu t ion t ak in g place in Ch esh ir e an d sit t in g at it s h ear t is Pr ot os ? Peel En vir on m en t al?s f lagsh ip st r at egic en er gy h u b at In ce. We t alk ed t o Pr ot os Developm en t Dir ect or Jan e Gast on abou t w h y t h e Nor t h West is pr im ed t o lead t h e ch ar ge on en er gy in t h e UK. Climate change has never been higher up the agenda. The UK has committed to becoming the first major economy to reach ?net zero? emissions by 2050, a task that whilst laudable will not be easy. The good news is that significant changes are already happening. We already have legally binding targets in place to reduce emissions, under the 2008 Climate Change Act, and major strides have been made in zero-emission technologies such as wind and solar. Whilst reaching net zero is something that absolutely needs to happen one of the biggest challenges we face is how we do this without impacting economic growth. The government?s Clean Growth Strategy sets out plans for growing the national income while cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Unsurprisingly, industry is one of the biggest culprits, responsible for around one quarter of UK emissions and around two-thirds of that is energy and heat intensive users, such as manufacturers. This challenge has come into sharp focus in Cheshire. We have one of the best performing economies in England and the strongest in the North of England, but a large proportion of this is concentrated around our manufacturing and chemical production. All of which are energy intensive. In fact, over 5% of the UK?s energy is used in the north Cheshire area alone. In order to remain competitive, create new jobs and, importantly, safeguard the ones we have, we need to act. Energy costs contribute to competitive manufacturing. When investors from around the world are looking where to bring their next logistics hub, commercial premises, industrial warehouses or specialised manufacturing facilities, they

need not only the sites with access and infrastructure but an energy supply to make all three work, so their products can compete in global markets. Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is one of the early leaders in developing a Local Industrial Strategy which will set out a plan for driving productivity and economic growth in the region. Part of the government?s long term plan for preparing and investing in the post-Brexit economy, Local Industrial Strategies are about delivering regional business growth and innovation. Energy is a core tenant of the strategy and an area in which Cheshire and Warrington is looking to lead the way. It?s against this background that we?ve been developing Protos; Peel Environmental?s destination for energy, innovation and industry. Located at Ince, near Ellesmere Port, the ÂŁ700m strategic energy hub clusters complementary businesses, including resource recovery and energy intensive industries, associated supply chain and energy generation. The idea behind Protos is that we can use innovative technologies to create value from waste, recover resources and provide low carbon energy sources which then can be used on

"over 5% of t h e UK?s en er gy is u sed in t h e n or t h Ch esh ir e ar ea alon e." site and exported to the heavy industry in the area. As well as being able to benefit from the rich engineering heritage of the local area, our proximity to the University of Chester ?s Thornton Science Park means we have direct access to a highly-skilled and futureproofed workforce, as well as state of the art facilities. With the ability to create up to 3,000 jobs and deliver ÂŁ350m of GVA every year, it could be transformational for the region?s employment market.

At Protos, we?re looking to change the way we generate and distribute energy in the region, and beyond. With our partners in the Energy Innovation District (EID) we?re working to create an energy trading platform (or ?microgrid?) where low cost, low carbon energy can be generated locally and provided directly to industrial, commercial and domestic users. The impacts could be huge with the aim to create a network where energy costs are cut by at least 20%. This will not only contribute to decarbonisation but will help to ensure that the North West remains a competitive place to do business. The EID brings together energy users, network owners, innovators and partners working alongside Cheshire & Warrington LEP, Cheshire West and Chester Council and the University of Chester. The objective is to provide secure, low carbon and lower cost energy, via an innovative Smart Grid and Energy Trading Platform ? in turn helping decarbonise the region and boosting economic growth and investment. Centred on the industrial heartland of Ellesmere Port, the EID will become a low carbon engine for the region, testing and deploying new and innovative technologies. This new whole energy system could set the blueprint for the UK. We have the opportunity to be world leaders, testing the deployment of game-changing technology which could transform the way that people and businesses purchase energy in the future. The vision is that by using smart technologies consumers will be able to switch energy supply based on the most competitive price offering greater choice 34

FOCUS and transparency. And it?s already happening at Protos. Earlier this year it was announced that the Ince Bio Power biomass facility was fully operational. Owned by Bioenergy Infrastructure Group it uses waste wood to generate enough electricity to power over 40,000 homes and the savings in greenhouse gas emissions equates to taking more than 40,000 cars off the road. Progressive Energy is looking to develop the UK?s first commercial scale Bio-Substitute Natural Gas (BioSNG) plant at the site. The £150m project would generate renewable gas from up to 175,000 tonnes of bio-resources, including unrecyclable wood and refuse derived fuel (RDF). This gas will be used in the transport sector, generating enough gas to power up to 1,000 low carbon HGVs and buses every year. We are also looking at opportunities to develop hydrogen energy with plans to build a ?first of a kind?waste plastic to hydrogen facility at Protos recently announced by Waste2Tricity. The plans will use pioneering technology from PowerHouse Energy which was developed at the neighbouring Thornton Science Park ? a really great example of the seamless link between industry, innovation and energy in action. Underpinning these projects is our investment in a major grid reinforcement project that we are delivering in partnership with Scottish Power Energy Networks (SPEN) which facilitates the microgrid at Protos. Hydrogen has the potential to be transformational in the region. Peel

Environmental is one of the founding members of the North West Hydrogen Alliance which has come together to highlight how the North West of England could make hydrogen energy a reality in the UK. Hydrogen could provide clean energy for our homes, businesses and transport networks. It offers a way to deliver low carbon energy because when consumed it doesn?t produce CO2, just water and energy. We?re in a pretty unique position in the North West with the industry, infrastructure and innovation to lead the UK?s hydrogen energy revolution, bringing with it huge benefits to the region in new jobs, skills and investment. We?re looking at how Protos could cluster businesses together that support the hydrogen revolution. I believe 2019 will be the year that hydrogen is seen as critically important in the UK?s strategy to decarbonise energy and offers the North West a huge opportunity to lead the way. In March 2019, a new group of industry, university and local government leaders came together to form a powerful new collaboration to secure game-changing investment in the future of clean growth in the North West of England. The North West Energy and Hydrogen Cluster covers the traditional industrial powerhouses of the Liverpool and Manchester City Regions as well as Cheshire and Warrington. Under the direction of the North West Business Leadership (NWBLT) the Cluster aims to become the UK?s first low carbon industrial cluster by 2030. With over £130 million of funding up for grabs from Government the opportunities are huge. The Cluster could see at least 33,000 new jobs created and over £4 billion invested.

The government is looking to regions to own their decarbonisation strategies and create plans that are bespoke. One of the big opportunities we have in the North West is to develop a viable and low cost Carbon Capture Usage and Storage (CCUS) offer in the UK, utilising the depleted Hamilton Gas Field in the East Irish Sea. This could be a game changer for UK decarbonisation and see up to 10 million tonnes of CO2 saved every year. Cheshire is sitting at the heart of an energy revolution and one that could create opportunities right through the supply chain ? from the large industrial players right down to local Cheshire businesses. With strong political support, backing from industry and the skills and knowledge from the University of Chester we could become a low carbon exemplar that?s world leading. The role of energy and infrastructure is often overlooked but it?s essential to delivering economic growth and prosperity. If you can?t switch the lights on or get to where you need to be then how can we expect the regional economy to grow? I?d argue that decentralising our energy supplies is a vital part of devolution. The bonus is that while creating a new energy system for the region will give us greater control it will also provide a boost to the local economy, safeguarding our existing industries and creating new ones. We have the opportunity to lead the charge and make a real difference in the UK?s transition to a clean growth economy. We can quite literally ?Power up the North?.

Elit e Cer am ics UK Lt d

E& A

Specialist s in t h e Cer am icTower TilinGuard g In du - st r y Elite Ceramics (UK) Ltd carries out an array of services in the ceramic tiling industry. Mobile CCTV We are also highly competent in the installation of stone and slate tiles. Ceramic and Porcelain wall tiling to anycompany required areas We are- an independent electrical services based in Widnes, Cheshire and our fully qualified and Stone wall tiling to any required areas NICEIC accredited engineers have over 30 years experience of electrical installation and maintenance within Ceramic and Porcelain floor tiling to any required areas the industrial and commercial sectors. Stone floor tiling to any required areas

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Building Project LEADING MANUFACTURER OF BESPOKE JOINERY FOR BUSINESS AND DOMESTIC Some of t he t hings we can manufact ure and fit for you: Reception counters

Wooden fire doors

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Clien t t est im on y ?The MCUK team are hardworking, trustworthy and reliable tradesmen and they turn out a high quality end product every time. They are unique in terms of the quality of their work and follow up service in particular. If you are looking for an interior fit-out company for a retail outlet then you really should have these guys on your tender list? ~ Alastair Wilson, Project Manager at Cube Consultants

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W e will nail your next project because nobody want s a screw up 37


You Better Shape Up: 6 Marketing KPIs every B2B Company Needs M er cè Cozen s What are marketing KPIs and why do they matter? Marketing KPIs or marketing key performance indicators are essential, strategic tools that track marketing investment. Made up of metrics and measures, marketing KPIs add value to the numbers generated to tell you how close (or how far away) from your wider business goals as defined in your business plan you really are. In this sense, marketing KPIs are comparable to a guide or compass, helping your company to stay on course and aiding the decision-making process. Choosing the right KPIs for your marketing campaigns is therefore vital; track the wrong KPIs or get lost in metrics and your business is likely to spend both time and money planning, implementing and analysing a marketing activity that will not deliver results. 6 essential marketing KPIs for B2B business B2B marketing performance indicator essentials 1. Sales revenue Money matters ? do you know how much revenue your marketing campaigns have generated? Being able to track revenue across your inbound and outbound marketing is the first step towards determining marketing efficacy. No business owner or director wants to spend money on a campaign that doesn?t have a clear revenue value. 2. Website traffic to lead ratio Capturing usable leads is essential. Your business could spend vital time and budget on paid ads, SEO and content production to drive visitors to your site but if these visitors do not convert to leads then you must address your landing page(s). Although website traffic to lead ratio will vary by industry, a rate below 2-4% is indicative that it?s time to make CRO (conversion rate optimisation) a business priority.

3. Cost per lead By dividing the cost of generating leads by total leads acquired, your business can quickly determine which marketing channels and campaigns offer the most cost-effective return in terms of generating new leads.

long purchase cycle in the B2B sector dictates that time could also be devoted to indicators such as lead to MQL rate and quote to close rate. Similarly, with multiple decision makers and an increased focus on social proof with the B2B sector, social media KPIs are often added into the mix.

This marketing KPI should never be overlooked: a high cost per lead could quickly become dangerous to your company?s financial health. Furthermore, a high cost per lead and low traffic to lead ratio could spell disaster.

How then should a business decide which KPIs matter?

4. Customer lifetime value How do your customers contribute to your profitability? Track your prospects from first interaction to determine which marketing channels, campaigns, content and lead nurture strategies work to create the most valuable prospects for your business. Use these insights as a planning tool for your future marketing to positively impact both acquisition costs and customer retention figures. 5. Inbound marketing ROI Whereas sales revenue indicates that marketing is generating cash flow; inbound marketing ROI (MROI) determines how effective your campaigns are. By analysing which individual strategies offer the best return, your business can quickly identify where additional investment would be beneficial and where budgets need to be adjusted. 6. MQL to SQL ratio The ratio between MQL (marketing qualified leads) and SQL (sales qualified leads) is arguably one of the best ways to determine lead quality. Calculated by dividing the total number of sales qualified leads by the number of marketing qualified leads in a given period, a high MQL to SQL ratio indicates that your marketing team is able to screen leads and attract your ideal customer to produce a quality pipeline. What metrics matter to your business? The above ?super 6? marketing performance indicators represent the tip of the KPI iceberg. There are many more performance indicators that your business could track, and arguably, should track. The typically

Choosing the right performance indicators for your business must first start with accurate data. How do you track customer interactions? Have you identified your sales funnel? What do customer journeys look like? Without this groundwork in place, determining KPIs such as customer lifetime value is impossible. The right KPIs for your business must also relate to your wider business goals. All too often, senior teams conflate measures with KPIs and get lost in vanity metrics. For example, measures such as the number of social media followers or page views may offer positive reporting but should not be confused as KPIs as they don?t impact upon business aims or provide strategic, decision making insights. How a consultant can help take your marketing performance further Partnering with a business consultant is one way to ensure that the KPIs you have in place are what matter most to your business. As industry experts with knowledge of best practice, a consultant can help you to get to grips with your data, your strategy and your marketing performance. Think Beyond is a Cheshire-based marketing management consultancy operating in Alderley Edge and Wilmslow. Our range of strategy services includes the delivery of marketing KPI dashboards, creating a singular location to monitor marketing activities across digital, paid and online channels. Coupled with our key insights and recommendations, our marketing dashboards aid business leaders in making data-based decisions to move both their marketing and their profits forward. To find out what working with Think Beyond could mean for your business, call 01625 682110 or email to book a free one-hour consultation.



Wh en can Ch esh ir e bu sin esses sack st af f f or a social m edia post ? Em m a Fay - Experience BBC broadcaster posted a royal tweet which caused widespread offence. - The BBC sacked him within 24hrs for his off-duty conduct. - What are the best practices for local businesses managing staff who post dubious content online? You?re sure to be aware of the furore surrounding Danny Baker: his tweet linking a chimpanzee to the first British royal baby of mixed race, and his subsequent sacking from the BBC. It was headline news across the nation, but it?s also HR news and poses an interesting question: When can you sack someone for

something they do outside of work? Emma Fay from The HR Dept Wilmslow dissects the issue. Em m a begin s: ?Something which we say in poor taste or judgment in our private lives does not remain private if we say it on social media. And you don?t need to have 500K Twitter followers like Danny Baker for an employer to become aware of it. So then what? ?Despite the swiftness of Danny Baker?s dismissal, sacking for gross misconduct will not always be the inevitable outcome. Legally, a company will need to demonstrate that the actions impair other employees? ability to do their jobs. This could be by damaging relationships with colleagues, or other stakeholders like suppliers or customers. Or by bringing the company into disrepute.? A social media policy should be considered a must-have in today?s HR armoury. It will describe in detail what employees can and

cannot do. And it will give you the framework to deal with any wrongdoing. But it?s not sufficient to just have a social media policy. You?ll need to distribute it and demonstrate that all staff have seen it for it to be effective. Emma continues: ?Your social media policy should explain what is and isn?t acceptable, perhaps using examples, and what the consequences are. It should hold senior or public-facing staff to a higher standard and prevent all staff from identifying your business in their personal online activity. Providing training and obtaining signed receipts of the policy are good tactics for demonstrably ensuring it has been understood. Tribunal cases have gone both ways, so seek professional advice if you are unsure.? Contact details: Emma Fay, Director, HR Dept Wilmslow, 01625 460 694,

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Sp o t l i g h t Th is m on t h?s in t er view ee is Bar r y Dow d, Sen ior Vice Pr esiden t of Bu sin ess Oper at ion s at M DS Global, a su pplier of Sof t w ar e-as-a-Ser vice t o t h e Telecom m u n icat ion s in du st r y, h eadqu ar t er ed in Bir ch w ood, War r in gt on . Bar r y leads h is t eam t o pr ovide an except ion al exper ien ce f or M DS Global cu st om er s, 24/ 7, 365 days a year . Bar r y ?s car eer at M DS Global h as span n ed over 30 year s, bu t pr ior t o h is ven t u r e in t o Telecom m u n icat ion s, Bar r y w as a pr of ession al Ru gby Leagu e player f or Widn es RLFC f r om 1983 ? 1993, du r in g w h ich t im e t h ey becam e t h e f ir st of f icial Wor ld Clu b Ch am pion s. Wh at is you r car eer h ist or y?

styles and experiences.

I started off as a Professional Rugby League Player for Widnes RLFC and at the same time completed an Economics degree at Manchester University. My first ?real?job was a Graduate Trainee role at Martin Dawes Telecommunications Ltd (MDT), a predecessor to MDS Global. After retiring from rugby, I started to progress in the business; I was promoted to Operations Manager in MDT, a position which I held for 7 years. From there, I became the Head of Business Development, eventually leading me to my current position as Senior Vice President of Business Operations.

To keep employees motivated I find it best to try and make things fresh and interesting. We are lucky to be in an industry that is constantly changing, so remaining stagnant is not an option for us. It is only when you capture people?s interest that you can open up pathways for them to succeed. When people do well, enthusiasm spreads outwards. I?ve found the best thing you can do for someone is to give them opportunities to shine.

You ?ve h ad a ver y var ied an d su ccessf u l car eer ; h ow did you m ake t h e m ove f r om r u gby t o IT? Early on in my career at MDT, I was still playing rugby. It was only after some serious injuries (a badly broken left leg and a recurrent right knee problem) that I decided to hang up my boots for good. I was offered a Coaching position within the club, but I joined MDT at a really exciting time. I was doing pretty well and believed I had the potential to progress further, so I decided to jump ship completely.

Do you t h in k you ?ve con sciou sly or su bcon sciou sly dr aw n on an y of you r r u gby sk ills t o h elp you in you r cu r r en t r ole? Without a doubt. Personally, I definitely show loyalty and commitment - I played rugby at one club for 10 years and have worked at MDS Global for 30 years! There are lots of similarities between sports and business: teamwork, motivation, leadership and I also feel the same sense of pride when I see other people in the team doing well. Determination and resilience have also been traits to drawn upon when things haven?t been working in my favour. How big is t h e t eam you m an age t oday an d h ow do you m ot ivat e you r st af f ? I manage a team of around 80 people. I am lucky to have 4 excellent senior managers too, who complement each other ?s working

M DS Global h ave been oper at in g sin ce 1985. In a m ar k et w h er e m or e t h an 80% f ail w it h in t h e f ir st 18 m on t h s, h ow h as M DS Global m ain t ain ed it s oper at ion al lon gevit y? The key is to have good people who can adapt well to change, because that?s the only way to progress. We are in an industry that is changing all the time, so we?ve always ensured that we have innovative, knowledgeable people, a good product and a solid service base. All three components have enabled us to win long-term contracts with big, blue-chip businesses, which has helped us stick around. It ?s st ill a ch allen gin g m ar k et , w h er e do you see t h e cu r r en t gr ow t h oppor t u n it ies f or M DS Global? We have plenty of growth opportunities, most notably in markets like Latin America and Asia where we have secured recent new customer wins. We already have established expertise and credibility in B2B markets, so having new products (VNOnDemand Analytics and a new version of our Cloud Monetisation Platform) specifically tailored towards Virtual Network Operators (VNO?s) enables us to be even more flexible. We also see significant opportunity to expand our Managed Service function as we are now able to handle more complexity than ever before. This enables VNOs to start up quickly, offering a personalised and unique service without worrying about the complexities. Is t h er e an yon e you adm ir e or t h at m ay h ave in f lu en ced you r ch osen car eer pat h ?

The people that I admire are mainly cavalier sportsmen (like Seve Ballesteros and Ian Botham), but businesses wise, I?ve worked for different leaders who have all had a certain focus to their ways of working: some sales and numbers focused, and others product or service-oriented. I?ve taken insight from each different leader to try to add a balance to my own methods of working. Different ?lenses?are key at different times, so I?m lucky to have experienced different focuses to shape my own style. Wh at ?s t h e best bit of bu sin ess advice you ?ve been given ? It was 20 years ago on a performance management course. Rather than focus on the result itself, set goals around who will help you get there ? building relationships, influencing others and making sure the team has the necessary resources and empowerment is critical to success. Another great piece of simple advice I was given, which can apply to both personal and professional life would be to always write down your goals. By doing so, you are holding yourself accountable for your actions. I read some recent research that proved if you write your goals down you will have a much better chance of achieving them. Wh at do you con sider t o be you r gr eat est ach ievem en t t o-dat e? I am going to have to say having my 15 minutes of fame in the Rugby World Club challenge. A close second would have to be watching those whom I have led and mentored succeed, both within MDS Global and in other businesses. Wh ich do you pr ef er - h an ds dir t y in r u gby m u d or h an ds dir t y t r yin g t o get an IT pr oject u p an d r u n n in g? Given that I?ve long since retired from rugby it?s got to be leading an IT project. They can be complex but gaining another customer makes it all the worthwhile. As for rugby, luckily for me my son has taken up the game, so I can re-live my glory days when watching him play! 42

Sp o t l i g h t Locat ed on St an ley Gr een Ret ail Par k in Ch eadle, t h e Real St on e & Tile sh ow r oom is cen t r ally locat ed in -bet w een Wilm slow an d Ch eadle. Th e sh ow r oom of f er s 5000sqf t of t ast ef u lly design ed r oom set s w h ich aim t o in spir e cu st om er s w it h an y sized bu dget . Fou n ded by Leigh Pr ice, t h e com pan y specialises in a r an ge of bat h r oom su it es an d It alian por celain t iles, im por t ed dir ect ly f r om t h e m an u f act u r er s. Wh at ?s t h e secr et t o you r su ccess? There?s no secret here, it?s simply just hard work and dedication. Before moving into the tile industry, I spent twenty-two years working with bricks, supplying both trade and retail customers. It was here where I learnt the value of listening to the needs and demands of the customer, as very often they?re not entirely sure what they want. If you become a good listener, you can help guide the client in the right direction and offer them excellent customer service from interior design advice down to fitting of the final product. Wh o in you r lif e h as in f lu en ced you m ost an d w h y? As a Manchester United fan, I would have to say Sir Alex Ferguson! His sheer determination, fantastic communication skills and focused mindset are traits that I aim to replicate on a daily basis. Wh at do you do f or f u n ? I have a huge passion for motor racing and for the past few years I have attended Le Mans, France for the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Wh at ?s t h e best bit of bu sin ess advice you ?ve been given ? My Granddad always told me to learn how to manage the accounts! I was never really interested as a young lad but now I spend most of my time dealing with the financial side of things. It?s definitely a lifelong skill

that any successful business man or woman should understand.

oppor t u n it ies r igh t f or you r bu sin ess an d in you r sect or ?

If you cou ld h ave a 1 t o 1 w it h an yon e past or pr esen t w h o w ou ld it be w it h an d w h y?

Our biggest opportunity is offering customers a tailored design service through from the initial style decisions through to the practical fit out, which is something you can?t offer as an online retailer.

Will Ferrell - I think he?s hilarious and if I?ve had a tough week at the office I?ll just watch one of his films and it has me in stitches. Wh at is t h e biggest ch allen ge in you r in du st r y r igh t n ow ? Our biggest challenges are the things that are out of our control. The country is in such a period of economic uncertainty that rent, business rates, electricity prices and such like can really fluctuate and impact the bottom line. Tell u s abou t t h e m ost m em or able clien t or cu st om er t h at you h ave in t er act ed w it h du r in g you r year s in bu sin ess? It would have to be one of our current projects where the client is looking for contrasting themes throughout the home. There are six bathrooms, a leisure suite, cinema room and countless bedrooms all of which will be finished in unique styles from traditional Burlington to Pop Mosaic. You name it, they?ll have it! How is Br exit af f ect in g/ goin g t o af f ect you r bu sin ess? All I can say is if they don?t know, how do we know?! Wh er e do you believe ar e t h e biggest

Our customers enjoy coming into the showroom and seeing the tiles in real life before they make such important choices. They like speaking to our specialists and understanding the emerging trends, so we pride ourselves on offering the full package. How do you m ot ivat e you r st af f ? Well first of all pay them! Then we also have some fun days out such as last month?s Go-Karting experience and we do regular team building sessions. What motivates them as well is helping them brush up on new skills, so we offer 3-D design training which is a great way of showcasing to the customer how their completed project will look before they commit. Wh at do you m ost en joy abou t r u n n in g you r bu sin ess? Hands down seeing a finished job. There?s nothing more rewarding than seeing a customer over the moon! We love hearing positive feedback and getting recommendations it really does mean a lot to myself and the whole team here.


En gin eer in g Weldin g Fabr icat ion Decor at ive gat es Bespok e st eelw or k f or in t er ior design Agr icu lt u r al w eldin g Wr ou gh t ir on w or k Hydr au lic cylin der r epair s

Specialist s in in n ovat ive w eldin g, f abr icat ion an d en gin eer in g, deliver ed t o bu dget an d on t im e, w it h ou t com pr om isin g qu alit y or saf et y.



m ar t in @allw


w w w.allw eldlt

Genuine qualit y in every fit out

For a f r ee qu ot e or t o discu ss you r n ext pr oject please call: 01928 771010 MCUK Fit out s LTD Unit s 10 & 11 EBL Cent re Picow Farm Rd Runcorn WA7 4UA www.mcuk-fit out

?MCUK have always delivered with a professional yet friendly approach and that's why they continue to be one of our preferred contractors. Impeccable workmanship, and a brilliant mix of skilled crafts and trades. I found MCUK the ideal partner in our new build and refurbishment projects.? ~ Paul Morley, Operations Manager at Morris & Spottiswood


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10 im por t an t qu est ion s t o ask abou t Dir ect or s loan s an d w h y you n eed t o k n ow There are many different and various pieces of legislation you need to know about when running your own limited company. Director ?s loan accounts are one of those things you know you should lean about but its not the most interesting subject in the world. So to make things easier for you I have laid it all out for you here in the form of 11 questions and answers. Wh at ar e dir ect or ?s loan accou n t s? HMRC defines a director ?s loan as money taken from your company that isn?t a salary, dividend, expenses repayment or money you?ve previously paid or loaned the company. So any money you take for any other reason is classed as your personal directors load or DLA. Wh at sh ou ld a dir ect or ?s loan accou n t con t ain ? Cash withdrawals from the company that you?ve made as a director and personal expenses which were paid with company money or credit card. Your DLA needs to contain evidence of all transactions involving your personal finances, as well as your company?s, to ensure it?ll stand up to scrutiny by HMRC. Wh o can t ake a dir ect or ?s loan ? As the name says you have to be a director to take a DLA Wh y w ou ld you w an t t o t ake a loan ? There are a wide variety of things you might need to take a loan from your company for, like covering a sudden repair bill for your home, or even paying for a holiday. What?s important is to remember that the loan hasn?t had either personal or company

tax and HMRC is going to want what?s due.

Wh at is Bed & Br eak f ast in g?

Wh en w ill I h ave t o pay t ax on a dir ect or ?s loan ?

This is a measure introduced by the government to stop directors managing their DLAs in a way that means they might avoid tax, known as bed & breakfasting.

If your DLA is overdrawn at the date of your company?s year-end, you may need to pay tax. If you pay back the entire director ?s loan within nine months and one day of the company?s year-end, you won?t owe any tax. In other words, if your director loan account is overdrawn at your company year end of 30th April 2019, the loan must be paid back by 1st February 2020. Do I n eed t o r ecor d dir ect or ?s loan s? Yes. It?s important that you understand your relationship with the company as legally separate ? when you created your limited company, you established it as a legal entity. Wh at h appen s if I ow e m y com pan y m on ey? If you owe your company over £10,000 (interest-free) at any given time, the loan is classed as a benefit in kind and you?ll need to record it on a P11D, as it?ll be liable to both personal and company tax. Your company will also need to pay Class 1A National Insurance at the 13.8% rate on the full amount. How does In t er est r at es on a Dir ect or ?s Loan s w or k ? If you lend money to your company or take a Director ?s Loan from your company there are detailed rules about the timings of repayments and any interest charged or received. The site explains the various rates and rules you need to know ? we recommend you speak to an accountant to ensure you don?t fall foul of HMRC.

This is a method sometimes used by directors to dodge tax by repaying their borrowed money to a company before the year-end to avoid penalties, only to immediately take it out again without any real intention of paying the loan back. When a loan in excess of £10,000 is repaid by the director, no further loan over this amount can be withdrawn within 30 days. When this happens, the government?s view is that the director doesn?t intend to pay the money back and the full amount will automatically be taxed. Wr it t en of f loan s If your company writes off a director ?s loan, there are tax and accounting implications that need to be considered. We recommend you speak to an accountant to decide on the best course of action for you and your business. Do HM RC m on it or dir ect or ?s loan s? Yes they do ? and they?ll monitor DLAs which are regularly overdrawn. If this happens they may decide that the money is not a loan but a salary, and subsequently charge Income Tax and National Insurance. I suggest that you monitor your director ?s withdrawals to ensure you don?t exceed the £10,000 threshold. Given how complex these rules are, I recommend you speak to me or one of our expert accountants about the most efficient to take and repay a director ?s loan.

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We specialise in all aspects of precision engineering from CAD, CAM and CNC all to the ISO 9001 Standard.

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We are not afraid to get our hands dirty and we also appreciate the value of traditional skills like conventional milling, centre-lathe turning and full welding facilities for all types of fabrication work. In fact, between us we have over 170 years of combined experience in the trade.

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En d t h e Br exit im passe an d get back t o bu sin ess, FSB Ch air t ells polit ician s at an n u al r ecept ion . encompasses a comprehensive deal, enabling an orderly withdrawal and substantial transition period. ?Resigning ourselves to a chaotic no-deal Brexit in a little over three months?time is not helpful. Doing so risks real harm to smaller businesses, which are the least likely to be in a position to respond to economic shocks.? He will stress that small firms can only help to close the UK?s productivity gap when they have the political certainty required to take risks, innovate and expand. Without this, he?ll warn, ?the UK risks gambling away its reputation as a secure place to invest, and small businesses, many of which do not have the luxury of moving operations to other countries, will suffer as a result.?

The head of the UK?s largest business group FSB National Chairman Mike Cherry will this evening urge the new government to secure a pro-business Brexit and get back to addressing the domestic challenges facing the UK?s 5.6 million small firms. Addressing FSB?s yearly summer reception in Parliament, National Chairman Mike Cherry will highlight the impacts of sustained uncertainty on small business confidence, urging the incoming administration to ?set out its plans for securing a pro-business Brexit ? one that

Regarding Brexit, Cherry will rue ?the breakdown of cross-party talks?, dubbing it ?just another chapter in what has been a litany of failures during the Brexit process?. He?ll stress that ?the answers cannot lie with one party alone, or even one faction of one party?. Cherry is set to flag that small business owners want to see the government secure a pro-business withdrawal from the EU so it can return to the issues that are front of mind for them: late payments and tax burdens, as well as spiralling employment, regulatory and compliance costs. Looking ahead to the upcoming Spending Review, he will stress the importance of business rates reform and investment in

digital connectivity, while taking aim at the current apprenticeship system. Cherry is expected to warn that, where taking on young people is concerned, ?small businesses cannot survive on ever smaller scraps from the unspent Apprenticeship Levy.? Department for Education figures show there were 311,000 apprenticeship starts in the first three quarters of the 2018/19 academic year, down 29% compared to the same period in 2016/17 when the levy, and associated reforms to co-investment, were yet to be introduced. The reception will also see the launch of FSB?s new Going Global campaigning, showcasing the best small UK exporters and encouraging more business owners to seek opportunities overseas. The latest Small Business Index (SBI) shows export intentions tumbled in Q2 of this year, with fewer than one in three (28%) small exporters expecting to increase international sales. According to the ONS, the UK?s international trade deficit widened by ÂŁ20 billion to more than ÂŁ45 billion in the twelve months to May 2019. Previous FSB findings show that one in five small UK businesses export, but this proportion could be doubled with the right support, including export vouchers, tax credits and small business provisions in new Free Trade Agreements, including dedicated small business chapters.

BCC For ecast : Br exit st ock pilin g t o h it econ om ic gr ow t h in com in g year s The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has today (Monday) released its latest economic forecast, upgrading its growth expectations for the UK in 2019 to 1.3% (from 1.2%). However, the leading business group has downgraded its growth forecast for 2020 to 1.0% (from 1.3%) and to 1.2% (from 1.4%) in 2021. The leading business group has slightly upgraded its growth forecast for 2019, driven by the exceptionally rapid stock-building early in the year. However, the immediate boost to UK GDP is forecast to come at the cost of more subdued growth in 2020 and 2021 as the unwinding of historically-high inventory levels, coupled with weaker business investment, weigh on

economic activity. Business investment is forecast to contract at a faster rate in 2019 and recover more slowly in 2020 than expected in our previous forecast. The continued Brexit impasse, including the growing possibility of a no-deal exit, together with the high upfront cost of doing business in the UK and the running down of excess stock, is expected to suffocate investment activity over the near term. Trade is projected to make a negative contribution over the forecast period as exchange rate volatility, Brexit uncertainty and a subdued global economy, weaken trading conditions for UK exporters. In

contrast, consumer spending is expected to remain resilient with earnings growth forecast to continue to exceed price growth over the forecast period and unemployment forecasted to remain low by historic standards. The BCC?s latest forecast is a clear warning sign that the next Prime Minister must set out a clear roadmap for how the political impasse in Westminster can be broken and an agreement reached to prevent further slowdown in the economy. The Chamber Network is also calling for a strong and clear strategy on the domestic agenda, including urging the next government to use the forthcoming



Comprehensive Spending Review to affirm its commitment to delivering major infrastructure projects, such as HS2, that underpin economic growth.

likely to be exacerbated somewhat by increasing cost pressures and Brexit uncertainty, slowing overall economic growth across the forecast period.

The BCC forecast assumes that the UK avoids a messy and disorderly exit from the EU. Another scenario would lead to revisions in the next forecast.

?The deteriorating outlook for business investment is a key concern as it limits the UK?s productivity potential and long-term growth prospects. On the upside, household spending, a key driver of UK economic output, is expected to be supported by relatively low unemployment and positive real wage growth.

Commenting on the forecast, Suren Thiru, Head of Economics at the British Chambers of Commerce, said: ?The revisions to our forecast suggest that the UK economy is likely to remain on a disappointingly subdued growth path for some time to come. ?It is increasingly likely that the temporary boost from historically high stockpiling in Q1, which has marginally improved the growth outlook for this year, will be surpassed over the medium-term by the negative impact from the running down of these inventories. The downward pressure on business activity and investment intentions from the unwinding of stocks is

?A messy and disorderly exit from the EU remains the main downside risk to the UK?s economic outlook as the disruption caused would increase the likelihood of the UK?s weak growth trajectory translating into a more pronounced deterioration in economic conditions.? Responding to the forecast, Adam Marshall, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce, added: ?While politicians are distracted, businesses are left with no choice but to try and

prepare for the unwanted possibility of leaving the European Union on 31st October without a deal and transition period. Businesses are putting resources into contingency plans, such as stockpiling, rather than investing in ventures that would positively contribute to long-term economic growth. This is simply not sustainable. Business communities expect the next Prime Minister to quickly find a sensible and pragmatic way forward to avoid a messy and disorderly Brexit. ?The UK?s low-growth trajectory makes clear that we can?t afford for Westminster to keep turning a blind eye to the domestic agenda. The upcoming Comprehensive Spending Review is an opportunity for the next government to affirm its commitment to support economic growth, including investment in the skills and training system and infrastructure projects, such as high-speed rail and the city regeneration schemes linked to them. Businesses will also be expecting action to alleviate the heavy burden of upfront costs, which stunt growth.?


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Don?t t ak e t h e bait ! Top t ips t o st op bein g cau gh t in t h e ph ish in g n et s Ph ilip Bir d

communication. But beware, every single email must be scrutinised and treated with caution. Here are our top tips about phishing emails to help you and your teams to stay safe. 1. Was t h e em ail solicit ed?

e w er e abou t t o give you t h e lat est set of h or r or st at ist ics abou t t h e boom in cyber cr im e an d t h e h avoc t h e h acker s can w r eak . Bu t , you k n ow t h is alr eady, r igh t ?


You know that cybercrime is a huge challenge facing all businesses, large or small, wherever you are in the world - and everyone of us is a target, from the MD to the apprentice. So, rather than frightening ourselves with more figures, instead let?s focus on what we can do to protect ourselves and our teams. Let?s start by taking another look at phishing, the cybercriminals weapon of choice, what it it is, how to spot one and some essential do?s and don?ts. Phishing is a malicious act of sending fraudulent communications that appear to come from a reputable source. The goal is to lure the victim to either directly provide sensitive data like credit card, bank or login information, or to get them to unknowingly install a virus on their computer device. It is usually done through email which contains a link or an attachment. Some are quite crude attempts but many are very sophisticated, with bogus emails purporting to be from High Street banks especially popular amongst the criminals, with recipients lured by a logo and all the familiar features of a legitimate

Legitimate companies, and especially banks, don?t ask recipients for personal information, account or log-in details 2. Look ou t f or poor spellin g or gr am m ar . Hackers send thousands of emails out at a time and they?re not bothered about accuracy, they only need a handful of victims 3. Ar e t h er e m u lt iple r ecipien t s? Place your mouse over the area where your name appears and if there are multiple names you?re not familiar with, it could be a phishing attack 4. Does t h e sen der ?s n am e m at ch t h eir em ail addr ess? Place your mouse over the senders?email address, if there?s no company name and it has a mix of letters and numbers, the chances are it?s fake 5. Does t h e sen der display a per son al sign at u r e? The lack of a name, organisation and contact details would strongly suggest a phishing attack 6. Never click on a lin k or an at t ach m en t u n less you ?r e cer t ain t h at it ?s saf e! This is exactly what the criminal is trying to get you to do, so be absolutely,100% sure that it?s genuine. If this takes some investigation such as a phone call to the sender, it?s well worth it.

7. Tak e a close look at t h e logo. Hackers will often just take a basic copy of a businesses logo so if it looks blurred or is in a random position, it?s probably a fake 8. Alw ays ch eck URLs. Place your mouse over the URL link and check it takes you to a genuine site. If the initial displayed link is not the same as the site it takes you to, be concerned 9. Ign or e u r gen t or in t im idat in g lan gu age. Creating fear or panic is a common tactic used by hackers. Subject lines like ?your account has been suspended? or there has been an ?unauthorised login attempt? are tell-tale signs of a phishing attempt 10. Is t h e r equ est u n u su al? If you receive an email from your manager (or the MD of the business) to transfer money to an account or send them their username and password for a system, ask yourself if this is a usual request. If in any doubt, contact them directly and check. Do not reply to this email as you could simply be communicating with a hacker. Use an alternative method of communication 11. Be vigilan t at all t im es. Treat every email as potentially suspicious ? for example criminals often send phishing emails at the end of a working day, because they know employees will be tired and ready for home ? and that their defences may be down. Don?t let them win! If you?d like our help to improve your defences against cybercrime or any other aspect of IT or telephony support, you can email us at


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a ppo in t m en t s

Past u r es New : M eadow Foods Expan ds Team w it h Appoin t m en t s Meadow Foods, the UK?s largest independent dairy and leading supplier of dairy-based ingredients to the food industry, have expanded their team with two new appointments. Gary Lambert is the company?s new Head of Strategic Operations and Emma Stevens joins as Head of HR. David Brewin new Non-execuitive director

Fish er Ger m an appoin t s n ew n on -execu t ive dir ect or A leading property consultancy has announced the appointment of a new non-Executive Director who has more than 30 years?experience in finance. David Brewin, who lives near Capesthorne in Cheshire, will join the Governance Board of property firm Fisher German with immediate effect. He joins Managing Partner Andrew Bridge, Senior Partner Charles Meynell, Chairman Harry Cotterell and other key partners and directors on the firm?s Board. In a career spanning more than three decades, David has had experience within financial services, most notably with Ernst & Young, where he progressed from Partner to Senior Partner and then Chief Operating Officer. He has an exceptional track record in overseeing successful large-scale transformational and operational change. David also has strong expertise in creating and motivating high performing teams and leading digital transformation through values-based leadership. And now, he is welcoming a new challenge by joining Fisher German. David said: ?I am very excited to work with Fisher German, and look forward to sharing my experiences from a career in financial services to help build robust governance into their future plans. ?There is a great culture at Fisher German which centres around excellent service, and I have been impressed by the very evident passion among colleagues in delivering exemplary care to their clients. ?I have met with a number of Partners already, who have been very welcoming, and I look forward to meeting more of the team in due course.? David, originally from Leicestershire, holds a number of non-executive roles whilst also working with Mustard Seed, a Venture Capital firm supporting sustainable and impact investments. Managing Partner Andrew Bridge said: ?David?s experience and knowledge will be invaluable in challenging and supporting our business as we continue to expand. ?And David?s skill set is perfectly suited to help us focus on our desire to add maximum value to our clients and colleagues.?

Gary has over 30 years? experience in the manufacturing and engineering industries, gaining experience from senior roles at Tangerine Confectionary and Cadbury Trebor Bassett. His varied role as Head of Strategic Operations will involve consultation on all major capital projects, operations strategy developments as well as mergers and acquisitions; and will focus on increasing Meadow Foods? capacity - enabling the company to launch new innovation, offer more variety and increase efficiency across its sites. Emma joins Meadow Foods from Village Bakery, with over 10 years?experience managing HR. Her new role as Head of Human Resources will involve delivering strategic approaches to ensure employee and corporate agendas are aligned with the business objectives of the company. Emma will focus on increasing employee engagement across the business and evolving development opportunities. Mark Chantler, CEO of Meadow Foods, comments: ?We?re delighted to welcome Emma and Gary to Meadow Foods. We look forward to working with Emma on employee development strategies and business objectives, and Gary?s appointment will be key as we continue to grow the business organically. We?re incredibly excited to be able to continue to grow our team to ensure we continue to provide and develop the best quality products, service and experience for our customers.? Meadow Foods is the UK?s largest independently owned dairy group and leading supplier of quality dairy ingredients to the food industry. The award-winning company operates from BRC A and AA accredited sites in Chester, Peterborough and Holme-on-Spalding Moor where they manufacture value added dairy ingredients 7 days a week for some of the UK?s best known food manufacturers. Meadow Foods currently employs more than 300 people and handles in excess of 650 million litres of milk each year direct from over 650 farmer suppliers from across the UK.


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