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Chesapeake Lady

The Chesapeake Lady is published almost bi-monthly by the Chesapeake Region of the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club. Volume 53 Number 2  May/June/July/August 2017 

Zachary S. Glenn


Larry and Zack Glenn's latest toy, a 1989 Turbo R (KCX-25889) saloon. The badging tells the story, obviously it's a Bentley and secondly it's a turbo, and the small detail you may not know is the R stands for roadholding.

From the Chairwoman's Corner:

Helene Leimbach Greetings from sunny, hot, and delightful Palm Bay, Florida. We are now settled in after six weeks of painting, opening boxes, hanging wall art, getting driver’s licenses, and registering our cars. Last but not least was Brian’s desire to get his automobilia displayed in the garage, living room, and guest room. We were delighted to welcome our dear friends Bob and Marilyn Haroutunian from the Chesapeake Region, who came for a visit last weekend. Needless to say we miss our Chesapeake Region friends, family, and other friends. Our plan is to try to return to the region every 8 to 10 weeks and see as many of you as possible. I have been in touch with our board members and I am delighted to say we are doing okay. Attendance at the 2017 Annual Meet for our region was not great. The good news is Tony Wilner won 1st place concours with his beautiful 2000 Continental R (BBY-63345) coupe. We are wrapping up the year with 5 FUN events. These events are Paul Pascal’s Cotton & Reed Distillery Tour, Richard Proctor’s summer picnic, Doug & Renee Cooke’s lunch at Marsh Creek Manor, the St. Michaels Concours d'Elegance and the year end finale, the Annual General Meeting hosted by John Beschenbossel. Also remember the Bentley Drivers Club monthly lunches.

and a privilege to serve as your Chairwoman. This position only works with great support from your Board. I want to thank each of you for your council. I am sorry that we had to leave the region but personal circumstances required us to do so. We hope to see you soon and we are thankful for our time with you.

Get ready for the nominating committee's 2018 Board of Directors slate which is enclosed with this edition of the newsletter. Please know that it has truly been an honour

Andy Diem with the iconic Silver Ghost - AX 201 or officially known as 60551, see here at the 2017 RREC Rally. The Chesapeake Lady

May-August 2017

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Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club/Chesapeake Region

Activities for 2017 Monthly Bentley Drivers Club and Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Luncheon Note the change in restaurants. Sponsored by the South East Region of the Bentley Drivers Club Maggiano's ● 5333 Wisconsin Avenue, NW ● Washington, DC ● (202) 966-5500 Parking is next door under the shopping area and cost is less than $3.00 for two hours with restaurant stamp. Upcoming dates - August 31st, September 28th, October 26th, November 30th, December 21st. Questions - John Beschenbossel ● (301) 261-4837

Chesapeake Region's Summer Picnic

Worton, MD ● August 26 ● Richard Proctor (410) 778-2633 or (410) 739-5185 - cell

Cooke's Lunch at Marsh Creek Manor

Gettysburg, PA ● September 16 ● Doug & Renee Cooke (717) 338-3937 or (301) 503-9859 - cell

St. Michaels Concours d’Elegance

St. Michaels, MD ● September 24 ● Andy Diem (202) 364-8115

Rockville Antique Car Show

Rockville, MD ● October 14 ● Andy Diem (202) 364-8115 Download a form or register online at - Rain date October 21

Annual General Meeting

Ft Myers, VA ● November 5 ● John Beschenbossel (301) 261-4837

Events that are in red indicate that there's a flyer enclosed with the newsletter. Activities Chairman, Brian Leimbach, needs your help planning regional events. Brian can be reached at (202) 330-9681 or - For more information regarding national events see The Flying Lady or (717) 697-4671*.

In Memory of Gary Elder Gary Elder, a long time member who joined the RROC in l984, passed away in his sleep on July 22, 2017. Gary and I have been the best of friends since we met at a meeting in l973 and found out we both loved cars. We spent the next 44 years enjoying, buying, selling and playing with a varied variety of. Gary owned three different Rolls-Royce motor cars starting in l984 to the present. Some of you might not have known but Gary started his professional life as an automotive engineer working with Lee Iacocca on the Mustang project. After some disagreement on the design, Gary decided he didn't want to work for anyone. He quit his job, became a student again and went into dentistry so he could be his own boss and a perfectionist without compromise.

Gary and I, with our wives, took a trip to the UK in l984 and both of us came back with cars. Me with a Bentley and Gary with a Rolls-Royce. We have attended local car shows with our cars and over the years quite a few RROC Annual Meets. The last two being Seven Springs and Asheville. Gary in the last few years has been hampered by health problems and was prevented from doing as much as he would have liked to But he managed to attend most of the local events and the Bentley Drivers Club meetings including the big event at the British Embassy in May. Gary and Sandy went out to dinner with us 10 days ago at one of his favorite restaurants, Red Lobster, and we sat around talking about cars, just as we had done for the last 44 years. Goodbye old friend.....I will miss you. - John Beschenbossel

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Drive and Dine with the Mercedes-Benz Club - March 26, 2017 Fortunately the grounds at the Cedar Knoll Restaurant could accommodate our group of 30 plus cars with ample parking and a great view of the Potomac River.


n spite of an overcast weather forecast, the Chesapeake Region of the RROC and the Greater Washington Section of the MercedesBenz Club of America had a joint car event and brunch on Sunday, March 26, 2017.

Looks as if the Mercedes' guys and gals also know how to picnic.

A total of 12 Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars and 17 Mercedes-Benzes were on display on the lawn of the Cedar Knoll Restaurant, in Fort Hunt/Alexandria, Virginia. The site of the car display had a commanding view overlooking the Potomac River, near George Washington’s Mount Vernon. With the success of this event, hopefully. we as a region can do more of these joint gatherings. - Text and photos by Andy Diem

Eric and Susan Thorson's 1964 Silver Cloud III (LSDW321) saloon.

The Chesapeake Lady

May-August 2017

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Mike and Sherry Brown's 2004 Phantom (S4X-07400) saloon, maybe next year we will be able to provide a little information on our Mercedes-Benz friends.

Always ready for a drive is Akin Davis and his 1946 Mark VI (B76AK) Freestone & Webb drophead coupe. Fifty-two years later, Andy Diem's 1998 Continental T (UBW-67026) coupe rolled off the production line.

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The Chesapeake Lady

A Few Fun Cars at the 2017 RREC Rally My Summer Vacation at the RREC Rally

The highlight of my summer vacation was the visit to the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts’ Annual Rally at the historic Burghley House in Stamford in Lincolnshire, England. Stamford is about 100 miles and 2½ hours northwest of London. The RREC holds their Rally at the same site for five continuous years, unlike the RROC. This year’s RREC Rally also differed from the RROC Annual Meet in that there were approximately 1,200 Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars in attendance. There were more than 30 original Silver Ghosts in attendance! Not something you are likely to see at any other show. While on the show field, I was able to meet up with several friends to see their cars and learn about their vehicles. My cousin Cindy, who came as my guest on this trip, was very patient as we talked cars. Afterward, she was most pleased when we walked up to the entrance gate for the 16th century Burley House with more than 100 rooms. The Lady of the House, Miranda Rock, just happened to be coming out of the gate. I introduced us and explained how she and I were distantly related through the Vanderbilt family. That made us acceptable, even if we were from the “Lost Colony of the United States.” Look for an expanded article of my summer vacation in an upcoming issue of The Chesapeake Lady. - Text and photos

by Andy Diem

The Chesapeake Lady

May-August 2017

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There were a little over 30,000 Silver Shadow, Silver Shadow II, Silver Shadow LWB and Silver Wraith IIs built from 1965-1980. In the years after they rolled off the show room floor there has been attempts to change their personalities and alter their footprint. A lot of those "re-designs" have been in the form of pickup trucks. The Silver Shadow seen here is one of the nicest conversions in existence. Built and owned by Clark & Carter Restorations in the U.K, this conversion is certainly a keeper.

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The Chesapeake Lady

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