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Chesapeake Lady

The Chesapeake Lady is published bi-monthly by the Chesapeake Region of the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club. Volume 51  Number 4  November/December 2015 

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On October 24, 2015 the Chesapeake Region held a well attended judged car show at Homestead Gardens in Davidonsville, MD. Tony Wilner's 1965 Silver Cloud III (SJR101) saloon won the Best in Show award. Turn to page 6 to see more cars and a recap of the day.

A Message From Our Chairman: In the Driver's Seat

John Beschenbossel

Stop your engines, the year is over! Well almost, only one more Bentley Drivers Club lunches left. Please remember because of Christmas, the lunch meeting at Clydes will be the week before Christmas on December 17th. A quick recap of the year reveals that we had a busy year, winding up with a judged regional car show and a well attended Annual General Meeting. Awards were given out and a lot of people were recognized for hosting events and their service to the region. The election results were also interesting with some very good people stepping up to take over positions that had opened up. See the results posted by Richard Koller on page 10. He and the election committee put in a lot of hard work.

go is about 50 miles one way, unless it is something very special. For two years now I have been trying to get those members to host a local event in their area. Occasionally this is done but the activities director is in the dark about where and when so no mention of it occurs in the newsletter. I would like to see that change even if only four or six people get together. Send the information along to Larry Glenn under happenings in the region. It’s nice to know who is doing something connected with cars. Enough ramblings. Let’s hope Rod’s icebreaker has nice weather and we have a great turn out! See everyone on January 31st.

Our roving photographer caught up with Brian O'Connell at the 2015 RREC Rally and snapped a photo with him with a 1907 Silver Ghost Barker Roi de Belges (60551) or affectionately know as AX201. Photo by Andy Diem

At the first Board of Directors meeting, there were many good ideas and suggestions for next year. We will keep everyone informed by e-mails and in future newsletters. Please contact Brian Leimbach, our new activities director, with ideas for up coming events. One problem which was not discussed much was the outer reaches of the region. People who live the farthest away don’t wish to travel too far to attend events. It seems that the most distance people are willing to

The Chesapeake Lady

Larry Glenn spent a few minutes backstage talking with certified car guy Jay Leno in San Diego last month. Remember, if you have had some fun with a car related event send a couple of words and a photo or two to Larry. Send to

November/December 2015

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Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club/Chesapeake Region

Activities for 2016 Monthly Bentley Drivers Club and Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Luncheon

Sponsored by the South East Region of the Bentley Drivers Club Clyde's of Chevy Chase at noon - December 17 - Dates for 2016 - January 28, February 25, Mar 31 Everyone is welcome - RSVP to John Beschenbossel - (301) 261-4837 On your own for lunch and complimentary parking


Potomac, MD  January 31  Rod Rydlun (301) 990-8214 or (C) (301) 461-1052 Normandie Farm Restaurant  10710 Falls Road  Potomac, MD 20854 Smithsonian American History Museum Tour Washington, DC  February 20  Brian Leimbach This is a private tour by a Senior Curator for our Club limited to 26. There will be a Continental Breakfast at 9:30 am and the tour will end at noon. We are still searching for a place nearby for lunch and due to parking concerns Rolls-Royce or Bentley motor cars can stay home in their warm garage.

Annual General Meeting and Brunch Buffet Fort Myer Officer’s Club, Fort Myer, VA ● November 1● John Beschenbossel - (301) 261-4837

Just Asking

Our recently elected activities chairman, Brian Leimbach, is working on filling up our calendar with different and fun events. One of those ideas is a bus trip to New York City to tour the 911 Museum. If you have an interest in attending an event like this please contact Brian at with your thoughts. Activities Chairman, Brian Leimbach, needs your help planning regional events. Brian can be reached at 301-790-2388 or - For more information regarding national events see The Flying Lady or 1-800-TRY-RROC*. Page 3  November/December 2015  The Chesapeake Lady

How I Spent My Summer Vacation as a Car Guy Text and photos by Andrew Diem

Together with fellow Chesapeake Region member Ginger Garbarini, I flew to Heathrow Airport outside of London, England on June 16th, to begin one of my top five “bucket list” trips. This was the beginning of the RollsRoyce Owners’ Club sponsored “Magical History Tour” under the leadership of fellow member Martin Mayer, through Globus Tours, to experience Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars in England. Two days before the official tour began; London offered an opportunity to have a proper tea at Fortnum & Mason, a quintessential British dinner in a noted wine bar/pub; and a trip to Greenwich to see the Royal Observatory and the famous chronometers developed by John Harrison in 1755-59. The chronometer enabled seafarers to locate their position in open waters and made accurate navigation possible to the far corners of the British Empire. The evening saw us gathering at our very modern hotel, the Park Plaza, at Westminster Bridge for a welcome dinner, where we all met and were introduced to our delightful local guide Mr. John S. Hood. John stayed with the tour the entire time and regaled us with history, customs, legends and lore of England. Our group of 23 enthusiasts, after a welcome dinner the night before, departed the London hotel at 4:30 a.m. on Friday, June 19, to travel by motor coach to arrive at Pyms Lane, Crewe, Cheshire, for the appointed 9:00 a.m.

Our tour group outside of the Bentley factory in Crewe.

tour of the Bentley factory. This is the famous building, built in 1939 for the production of Merlin airplane engines, for use in the famous Spitfire airplanes that won the Battle of Britain. It was also the site of the production of Rolls-Royce and Bentley automobiles from after World The Chesapeake Lady

War II until the split of the marques in 2003. This is the birthplace of most of our collectable automobiles. The National Geographic Television program, “Inside Factories-Bentley,” will give the viewer a very detailed look at what we saw on our walking tour. We divided our group into two sections and my half was guided through the facility by the most knowledgeable Customer Host, Nigel Stoddard. During the tour, it was an interesting point to learn that the wiring harnesses that weigh many pounds are put in a warming cabinet to make them more malleable for the installation behind the dashboards of the Bentleys being produced. We toured the leather production area, saw how steering wheels with air bags were wrapped, and learned how the wood was book matched and then applied to a stable backing before installation. We were treated to a very nice lunch by our hosts in the Bentley Commissioning Building, CW1 House, where various bespoke displays were presented for inspection. The custom refrigerator between the back seats and the cocktail requisites for the rear compartments were quite magnificent. Bentley is promoting the custom Mulliner Bespoke appointments to their beautiful large motorcars. After lunch, our host Bentley Parts Manager, Terry Lee, gave us a tour of the new 150,000 square foot Bentley Heritage Warehouse facility in Orion Park, containing around 61,000 separate parts going back to 1955, for Bentley and Crew-built RollsRoyces. They have just gone on line with their new web site: to check the availability of parts for our cars. This web service was introduced at the Annual RROC Meet in Pennsylvania in 2014 and expanded more so by the Annual Meet in Orlando, Florida this past spring. It is worthwhile to check it out in one’s search for the availability of replacement parts for Andy hanging out with Sir post 1955 Rolls-Royce and Henry's spirit at St. AnBentley motor cars. drews church. We spent the next few nights in the Peterborough Marriott where we were in the countryside of Sir Henry Royce. His remains are buried in the Romanesque style church,

November/December 2015

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St. Andrew’s, Alwalton, near where he was born on March 27, 1863. Our third day, Saturday, June 20, saw us travelling to Burley House, the site of the Annual Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Rally where we were greeted by the delightful RREC Chairman Duncan Feetham. There were over 1,000 motor cars on display. This was more than twice our larger RROC Annual Meet turnout! The number of vendors with

The new Phantoms at the Burghley House during the RREC Rally.

items to sell and cars to be purchased was overwhelming. The St. James Group, publishers of our annual Yearbook, had a nice tent with a most enjoyable sparkling white wine as refreshment. The Rally was held on the grounds of the impressive Burghley House, a 16th century Elizabethan stone structure built for Sir William Cecil at Stamford, Lincolnshire. It has 35 major rooms on the first and second floors and more than 80 rooms in the service portion of the house. It truly is a “Treasure House” in many ways.

shared with this author some of the details of the one he has had for many years. He has a keen eye for great automotive design! By pre-arrangement, I met up on the show field with fellow Chesapeake Region Member Brian O’Connell, who had journeyed to the meet independent of our group. He had an interesting story of his saga to reach the event by plane, train and rental automobile. The highlight of the vendor’s area at the Rally for this writer was the P&A Wood tent with the famous 1907 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, AX201. The car is now owned by Bentley and is “looked after” by P&A Wood for maintenance, after their ground up restoration several years ago. I later talked with Andrew Wood, in charge of engineering, and learned that one of his favorite experiences driving AX201 was several years ago, in the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City with Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog. I'm very sorry I missed that since I was also in Manhattan at a luncheon that day. The following day, the great thrill for me was the opportunity to drive Mr. James Radley’s 1913 Rolls-Royce Austrian Alpine Silver Ghost (2260E) trials car, which participated in the famous 1913 hill climb. One truly develops strong upper body muscles manoeuvring that 2+ ton automobile without the aid of power assisted steering. I was impressed how it could start off so smoothly

Our fellow tour member, Bill Davis, a former RROC President 1974-75, was the senior statesman who presented acknowledgement plaques to our various hosts throughout our visits. He was most pleased at the P&A Wood tent, to see a 1953 H.J. Mulliner Bentley Continental Fastback coupe offered for sale at more than $1,500,000. He Andy behind the wheel of 2260E, the 1913 Austrian Alpine trials car.

in third gear. Truly a once in a lifetime experience! The current owner of the car, John Kennedy, has just written a book complete with vintage pictures and the modern day recreation photos to commemorate the original 1913 tour and the recreated 2013 Alpine Tour. It will make a wonderful addition to your automotive library.

Bill Davis with the 1953 R-Type H.J. Mulliner Continental fastback.

Everyone I met was so accommodating and helpful to a “Former Colonist.” Ms. Audrey Booth, the Secretary of the Yorkshire Section of the RREC was very kind and arranged for my drive of the Alpine Roadster. She is a wonderful ambassador for the RREC. Continued on page 8

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Homestead Gardens Car Show and Brunch

The Hass' 1985 Silver Spur (NAF-13602) LWB saloon.

Brad Johnson's 1972 Silver Shadow (LRA14774) saloon.

The Brown's 2004 Phantom (S4X- saloon.

The Beschenbossel's 1994 Brooklands (FBR-54995) LWB saloon.

The Brown's 1963 Silver Cloud III (LSCX665) saloon.

The Leimbach's 1965 S3 (B8HN) saloon.

Andy Diem's 1990 Silver Spur (NAC-32589) LWB saloon - MPW Special Edition

Tom Sabal and Dan Tucciarone's 2001 Silver Seraph (LA1-06400) saloon.

The Brown's 2001 Corniche (KA1-68547) drophead coupe.

Rich Heller's 1977 Silver Shadow II (SRF30780) saloon.

Jerry Panaro's 2001 Silver Seraph (LA1-05634) saloon.

The Chesapeake Lady

Gary Canter's 1985 Corniche (DAF-09523) MPW drophead coupe. November/December 2015

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The Porter's 1981 Corniche (DAB02617) MPW drophead coupe.

The Burch's 1991 Corniche III (DAM30506) MPW drophead coupe.

Stu Hecker's 1979 Silver Shadow (SRK-36894) saloon.

The Beschenbossel's 1949 Silver Wraith (WGC65) saloon.

n October 24th the Chesapeake Region sponsored an early morning brunch at the Killarney House in Davidsonville, MD and afterwards and a mile or two up the road a judged car show at Homestead Gardens.

At brunch we had a private room with a buffet that covered all the major food groups along with plenty of coffee, juice and as I understand a couple of Guinesses. A couple because it was only 8 a. m. With brunch complete, we headed up the road to Homestead Gardens. It was a busy day at the Gardens, car show, fall festival, and lots of homeowners buying yard and gardening supplies for the fall planting season. We were working on a deadline to have all the judging completed and our car show ending by 1 p. m. The judges did a complete, accurate, and fair assessment of all the cars being judged. We had over 50 people attending and almost 20 cars that were judged. With judging completed, awards were handed out, photos were taken, and we all hit the road as a group to head home.

clockwise from top excluding cars - John Beschenbossel

talks with new member Richard Hass, this was Richard and Kathie's first Chesapeake region event, welcome. The Killarney House's dining room was full of members for brunch on Saturday morning. It's always nice to be welcomed as the sign outside of the restaurant says. Chairman Beschenbossel awards Tony Wilner the Best of Show for his 1965 Silver Cloud III (SJR101) saloon.

Homestead Garden Car Show photos by Larry S. Glenn

Page 7  November/December 2015  The Chesapeake Lady

Homestead Gardens Car Show continued

clockwise - Dan Tucciarone and Tom Sabal accept their award for 1st place Post War. Richard Heller - 2nd place Post War. Brad Johnson - 3rd place Post War. Not pictured - Rod Rydlun - 1st place Pre War. The very organized parking lot at the Killarney House restaurant.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation as a Car Guy continued

Monday, June 22 saw us journeying to the Hunt House, headquarters of the RREC. Their Headquarters are located in the restored Duke of Northumberland’s Hunting lodge in the village of Paulerpury, Northampshire. The RREC Chairman, Duncan Freetham, a very personable fellow, was there to welcome us again as he had at the Annual Rally. We were guided through the facility where we saw many of the personal items used by Sir Henry Royce in the Sir Henry Royce Memorial Foundation. I was impressed with his drafting tool set. He was a contemporary of my great grandfather, an architect. I am also an architect and cherish my great grandfather’s drafting tools. It was a very special connection for me.

A quaint lane lined with thatched roofed homes on our way to Hunt House.

There were numerous examples of spectacular cars spread out on the display areas for every class of judging. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet many interesting people and share their stories of the history of the cars, how they came to own them and how they cherish them and enjoy driving them to various events. The stories and the people were as interesting as the cars themselves. The Chesapeake Lady

While at Hunt house, we saw the magnificent 1953 Royal Phantom IV Landaulet (4BP5) code named “Jubilee,” that was owned by Her Majesty, The Queen. It is now owned by Bentley Motors, and is on loan to the Foundation. The most extensive build sheet records from the Crewe factory are filed at Hunt House where they are available for research. If anyone desires to learn about the history of their Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars, the staff at Hunt House for a fee can research your vehicle and possibly provide a copy of the original build sheet, and any other relevant be continued

November/December 2015

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Annual General Meeting November 1st, 2015 at the Officers' Club, Ft. Myer, VA The Annual General Meeting was called to order at 12:10 pm by Chairman John Beschenbossel.

The Hard Luck Award was earned by Tony Wilner when one of his motor cars had an oil line break at the Annual Meet.

The reading of the last AGM minutes were waived. There was no Old Business.

The Most Improved Car went to Jerry Panaro and his 1991 Silver Spur II.

Under New Business, Richard Koller, Director of the Nominating Committee, announced the election results, 257 ballots were distributed via either email or the postal service, 38 were returned. The nominated slate of officers were elected.

Jean Snider accepted the Long Distance Award for Akin Davis.

Activities Chairwoman, Mary Kalin, with the help of Rod Rydlun, distributed Marshall Stars for 2015. The following members received them for the following events.

Rod Rydlun received the Most Enthusiastic Award.

Tony Wilner

Rod Rydlun - Normandy Farms Icebreaker John Beschenbossel - Bentley Drivers Club lunches, Bill & Brenda Morstein - Union Jack Lunch Richard Koller - John Palma Gathering Larry Glenn - Tech Session at HR Motor Cars and Triple Crown Picnic Paul & Brenda Pascal - John Wilkes Booth Escape Route Richard Proctor and Julie Somers - Eastern Shore luncheon Doug & Renee Cooke - Gettysburg Open House John & Jean Beschenbossel - Gramercy Mansion, Homestead Gardens Car Show, and the AGM

Treasurer: Bill Morstein, stated that as of 9/30/15 there was $26,049.27 in the club's account.

Rod Rydlun being enthusiastic with Chairman Beschenbossel.

The following directors reported:

George and Mary Kalin were given the Chairman's Award for their many years of service to the club.

George Kalin, Western Maryland, shared the passing of Harry Crook and his work at the foundation. Sherry Brown, At-Large, is developing plans to organize a car show at a marina and restaurant in Gaylesville, MD.

Paul Pascal moved and Brian Leimbach seconded the motion to adjourn. The 2015 AGM ended at 12:50 pm. Respectfully submitted, Brenda Morstein, Secretary

Andy Diem, At-Large, participated in a nationally sponsored club event touring England. He also organized the RROC section at the Rockville Car Meet. The chair also announced that Akin Davis has resigned as the club's legal counsel and has been replaced by Paul Pascal. Awards Chairman, Rod Rydlun, organized awards given out by John Beschenbossel. Junior Achievement Award went to Michael Brown, Jr. for his interest in detailing.

Chairman Beschenbossel presented the Chairman's Award to Mary and George Kalin for their service to the club.

Page 9  November/December 2015  The Chesapeake Lady

Rolls-Royce Owners' Club Chesapeake Region Election Results Report of the Election of 2016 Officers and Directors to the Board of Directors The election of the 2016 RROC Chesapeake Region (CR) officers and directors is complete. The following information is provided for your information:

Election Data

Number of Chesapeake Region members: 257 (10/08/15 membership list) Ballots delivered by email: 215 Ballots delivered by U.S. mail: 41 Non-duplicative Homestead handout: 1 Total ballots distributed: 257 Total number of ballots received: 38 Percent of eligible members who voted: 14.8% Richard reads the election results at the AGM.


Each voter’s eligibility to vote in the election was confirmed via the current CR membership roster maintained by RROC headquarters. None of the positions were contested. Some voters did not vote for all positions. Only one “Nay” vote was received. No candidate write-ins were received. One ballot was disqualified for lack of the voter’s name.

Results Officers: Vote Count

Regional Chairperson: John Beschenbossel Davidsonville, MD Activities Director: Brian Leimbach Bethesda, MD Secretary: Brenda Morstein Ellicott City, MD Treasurer: Bill Morstein Ellicott City, MD Membership Director: Gary Canter Chesapeake Beach, MD Editor (Chesapeake Lady): Larry Glenn Fulton, MD Technical Director: Phil Warren Sterling, VA


Washington D.C.: Rick Otis Washington, DC Northern Virginia: Julian Gitlin Chantilly, VA Southern Virginia: Bill Williams Norfolk, VA Eastern Shore: Richard Proctor Worton, MD (Central) Maryland: Helene Leimbach Bethesda, MD Western Maryland: John Blair Waynesboro, PA At-Large: Sherry Brown Davidsonville, MD At-Large: Andy Diem Washington, DC Respectfully submitted, Richard Koller - October 29, 2015 Director of the Nominating Committee for the RROC Chesapeake Region Board of Directors

The Chesapeake Lady

November/December 2015

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In Search of the Cranberry Bog


he countdown began months ahead, anxiously awaiting our departure date of October 13th. "Relax," Helene said as we started our 10 hour trek to Middleboro, MA to meet our tour group at the welcoming dinner. Wednesday was our Newport, RI day. The weather was perfect, the Bentley S3 had performed beautifully, the confidence in not having a FTP (fail to proceed) was high. We toured two of the great Mansions and had lunch outdoors at the New York Yacht Club which had a beautiful view of the water. We visited the IYRS School of Technology & Trades. After parking in reserved spaces for the RROC we toured the school led by Loriana, the Director of Philanthropy. The purpose is to teach students the art of ship building and restoration. We viewed the 134 foot historic Coronet in the process. That evening, as we would every evening we dined at the Fireside Grill in a private room with libations and a different buffet. This proved to be a convenient and easy way to get together after a day of touring and discuss our adventures. Thursday we motored on to Sandwich to tour the fabulous Heritage Auto Museum featuring American Motor cars featuring the one and only Springfield Rolls-Royce. We had mucho fun on their old merry-go-round. Then on to Cape Cod for LOBSTA!! Friday we took the train into Boston where we toured the city via boat and bus. We walked and walked seeing the sites. We lunched at Legal Seafood after several recommendations by the locals. Saturday took us to Duxbury, MA. This is on the south shore. Our group toured a Sea Captain's house. I`m expecting a historic man cave, but it seems his wife was the decorator. Pretty wall paper!! Now we put on our Sherlock caps to find the elusive cranberry bogs. We spot a huge truck over flowing with Cranberries. We follow it to the Ocean Spray weighting station. Then we track down the many, many bogs off of back country roads. We may have been the only ones to track them down. Sunday, our last day, takes us to New Bedford, an old fishing town. We tour this amazing Whaling Museum and had a great lunch at a local historic Restaurant. Sunday evening, we have a great sit down dinner where we wished one another safe jour-

Housekeeping John Beschenbossel/Chairman 1604 Governor Bridge Road Davidsonville, MD 21035 • 301-261-4837 Larry S. Glenn/Editor 8500 Reservoir Road • Fulton, MD 20759 301-537-7340 The deadline for the January/February 2016 Lady is February 15th. The Chesapeake Region of the RROC is directly affiliated with the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club. The Chesapeake Region’s event schedule is now on the web at

neys home. The next morning we awoke to 25 degree temps to start our 12 hour journey home. We shared much of our fun with Steve Rose and Sandi McGee as we swapped rides. There were 46 participants of which nine were from the Chesapeake Region. Phil & Sue Brooks, Akin Davis & Jean Snider, Steve Rose & Sandi McGee, James Sprague, and Helene and myself. Let the FUN continue as we enter another year of Motoring Adventures. Text and photos by Brian Leimbach

The weather was perfect for an outside lunch at the New York Yacht Club in Newport, RI. The Brooks' 1986 Corniche II (DAG-15951) MPW drophead coupe had a front row spot on the Yacht Club's well manicured lawn.

Helene Leimbach, Sandi McGee, and Steve Rose along with B8HN on the beach in Danberry, MA. Page 11  November/December 2015  The Chesapeake Lady

HR Motorcars 7466 New Ridge Road, Suite 17 ď Ź Hanover, MD 21076 Specializing in Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars from Silver Shadow/T through Current Series. Pick up and delivery available. Like us on Facebook 410-850-8555

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