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Chesapeake Lady

The Chesapeake Lady is published bi-monthly by the Chesapeake Region of the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club. Volume 51  Number 3  September/October 2015 

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SRA is the second chassis series for the newly developed Silver Cloud II with the V8 engine. LSRA71 is a 1959 Silver Cloud II saloon and Eileen and Denny Dilger or the proud parents.

A Message From Our Chairman: In the Driver's Seat

John Beschenbossel

After two years it seems the journey just started last week. Boy, does time fly by! I will begin this report by what has been accomplished over the last two years or in other words, the state of the region. One of the first events I reactivated upon taking office was the monthly Bentley Drivers Club lunches. I am happy to say it has been a big success with me hosting 24 meetings in 24 months at Clydes in Chevy Chase. The minimum members in attendance has been six and the maximum number was 22. The feedback was very positive with everyone having great time and would like to come back in a different a good time and enjoying the camaraderie of other season to see the gardens. I reactivated another event car buffs. About one half of the meetings involved a that I started over 15 years ago, the Homestead Garmember getting up and speaking about something dens Judged Car Show and Brunch. Which will once of interest to the group. My thanks to Julian Gitlin for again take place this October 24th. his talks about tools he has invented to use on some of the unique devices our cars have. Also my thanks I attended the 2014 Annual Meet at Seven Springs, go to Andy Diem, Jerry Panero, George Colgate and meeting a lot of people from other regions and club others. Included in our monthly meetings have been headquarters. The people from the Bentley and car enthusiasts from other car clubs who are just Rolls-Royce companies interested in talking about headquarters in the U.K. cars. One of the side benefits were interesting to talk to. I of this meeting venue was hope that we, as a car club, the two spin off lectures that will be able to build a relaour general membership tionship with them that will was privileged to hear. The be as solid and fruitful as first dinner lecture was given the one we had with Vickby John Robison one of the ers, the last owners of the worlds experts on Bentleys marques. Everyday I seem and Rolls-Royces who gave It's always great to have a celebrity at your event. a talk about the future of the RROC Headquarters matriarch, Eileen Dilger and to spend time on the phone cars and answered queshusband, Denny, with their 1959 Silver Cloud II or computer talking to club tions. I got to know John on (LSRA71) saloon. They're seen here at the Glenn BBQ. members about one thing or another. I participated in our ride from the airport to a few conference calls with other regions and RROC the meeting. The second was given at a brunch one HQ about problems and directions the club was takSunday by another expert, John Palma. He gave a ing. wonderful lecture and finished by giving our cars the once over. He pointed out various problems with Some disappointments were I have not yet gotten the members cars, including mine, which I thought was local Bentley or Rolls-Royce dealerships to participroblem free! pate with the club in sponsoring an event or advertising in The Chesapeake Lady. I hope that will change My next accomplishment was increasing the treasin the future. I would like to see more club members ury by getting new revenues from advertising in The step up with more ideas for events, advertising, and Chesapeake Lady. A disappointment was not getting volunteering for positions on the Board of Directors. more adds, nor more members to help me in my endeavors. I also tried to generate interest in coming For those of you who have supported me over the last up with more events. I sponsored one that had great two years, thank you for letting me occupy the Chairreviews. A trip to Gramercy Mansion for lunch and manship. a garden tour. Those in attendance said they had a The Chesapeake Lady


September/October 2015


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Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club/Chesapeake Region

Activities for 2015 Monthly Bentley Drivers Club and Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Luncheon

Sponsored by the South East Region of the Bentley Drivers Club Clyde's of Chevy Chase at noon - August 27, September 24, October 29, November 19, December 17 Everyone is welcome - RSVP to John Beschenbossel - (301) 261-4837 On your own for lunch and complimentary parking

Annual Proctor Picnic

Worton, MD ● August 22 ● Richard Proctor Home - (410) 778-2633 ● Cell - (410) 739-5185

Open House with Doug and Renee Cooke

Gettysburg, PA ● September 20 ● Doug Cooke - (301) 774-1650 or

Rockville Antique and Classic Car Show Rockville, MD ● October 17 Register on-line or download registration form at - www. rockville

Brunch and Car Show at Homestead Gardens Davidsonsville, MD ● October 24 ● John Beschenbossel - (301) 261-4837

Annual General Meeting and Brunch Buffet Fort Myer Officer’s Club, Fort Myer, VA ● November 1● John Beschenbossel - (301) 261-4837

Come On Down If you like reading about the adventures that the folks in the Chesapeake Tidewater Sub Region are doing, then join them. They are trying to generally meet on the first Saturday of the month, but that is not set in stone. For information contact: Cortes Pauls - Susan Brooks - Phil Brooks -

A few months shy of 44 years after that faithful meeting of Rolls and Royce in Manchester, England another meeting took place with the powers to be at Rolls-Royce. This time they were announcing the launch of two new models, the Silver Cloud and the S series motor car. Not far from bustling downtown London on April 22, 1955 these two models came to life. Here are two fine examples of the Silver Cloud/S series motor cars at the pinnacle of their success and design. The Leimbach's 1965 Bentley S3 (B8HN) saloon and the Brown's 1963 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III (LSCX665) saloon. Activities Chairwoman, Mary Kalin, needs your help planning regional events. Mary can be reached at 301-790-2388 or - For more information regarding national events see The Flying Lady or 1-800-TRY-RROC*.

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The 2015 Annual Tech Session May 9th Rusty's repair facility has plenty of parking that we took advantage of. (l-r) Gary Canter's 1985 Corniche (DAF-09523) MPW drophead coupe, Terry Gunnels's 1976 Silver Shadow (SRE26129) saloon, Al Porter's 1981 Corniche (DAB-02617) MPW drophead coupe, Jeffery Medved's 1998 Silver Spur (NAW-66123) LWB saloon, and Tom Burch's 1991 Corniche III (DAM-30506) MPW drophead coupe. Where are the Bentley Boys?

Reflections on a Great Tech Session On Saturday, May 9th, I was one of the fortunate participants in the Chesapeake Region's Annual Tech Session. This year's tech session was hosted by HR Motorcars in Hanover, Maryland with Rusty Owens and Ernie Morgan evaluating the Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars brought in by members of the Chesapeake Region. I brought my Royal Blue 1991 Corniche III (DAM-30506) for evaluation. Ernie took my car and remembered that it had won a class prize at the 2015 RROC Annual Meet at Seven Springs. Since I previously had little contact with HR Motorcars, I was impressed that he would remember my car. He then proceeded to carefully and thoroughly evaluate my Corniche. I told him about a replacement bulb that was needed, which he replaced at no cost. He noted that there was a small leak in my steering rack but assured me that it would be some time before a replacement would be needed. He then noted a condition that I had not mentioned to him. My oil gauge was not working. I had assumed that the float had come off and that its repair would not only be very expensive but would be beyond what could be repaired Brenda Morstein was not the only lady attending the tech session, at the tech session, there was a total of five. Remem- which traditionally addresses an easy ber, everyone is welcome. repair such as a The Chesapeake Lady


Before the experts arrive, John Lane has a peek at the undercarriage of his 1982 Silver Spur (NAC-04775) LWB saloon.

replacement light bulb, but not a major repair such as a gauge that would be the subject of a repair shop fix at some cost. Much to my surprise, Ernie spotted a lose wire that was only barely detectable, and immediately diagnosed it as effecting the oil gauge. I assumed he would note it for a further chargeable repair. But no, Ernie wanted to really reach out and help. He then proceeded to completely fix the wire and gauge within the next twenty minutes without charge. I thought this was over the top assistance

September/October 2015


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at a the tech session. The conclusion I reached is that HR Motorcars is a top flight classic car repair facility that provides highly professional repair service with an interest in providing service to RR/B owners and not finding a way to find money making repairs. I was so impressed that I commissioned them to make further tech session diagnosed repairs to my 1994 Silver Spur III. HR Motorcars proved to me they can provide me with TLC service that we all desire. In my opinion, they deserve to have the shot to show us which kind of repair services they can provide to me and other club members. - Tom Burch

clockwise from top left - John Lane is all ears as Rusty checks out his Silver Spur. Ernie takes a closer look at Tom Burch's oil gauge issue. Terry Gunnels (r) tells new member Jeffery Medved what a great club we have. Akin Davis' 1946 Mark VI (B76AK) Freestone & Webb drophead coupe waits for a ride on the lift. Tom Burch's 1991 Corniche is already up in the air and the Ferrari, well, that's another tech session. Tom Burch and Al Porter discuss their mutual like of Corniches. - Tech Session

photos by Zack Glenn

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2015 Sees Two Triple Crowns


ith the first Triple Crown of horse racing occurring after 37 years of trying, American Pharoah brought that drought to an end. A week later on June 13th another Triple Crown was achieved and celebrated within the Chesapeake Region. This triple crown celebrated the launch of the Silver Cloud/S series motor cars and Larry Glenn joining the world in 1955. The third leg of the triple crown was Larry's son, Dillon, graduating from Business School at the University of Maryland. With Larry's backyard as the venue it quickly filled up with smoke. The smoke was not from our cherished British cars, but from the two different meat cooking stations preparing the food. One was the above ground spit roasting the whole hog and the other was a grill making pit beef. With the weather on our side, not to hot and the sun playing peek-a-boo through out the afternoon, it made for a great day to be outside with great food, great friends, and of course great motor cars.

In addition to smoke, Larry's backyard filled up with almost 20 RR/Bs, covering seven decades of models.

Gary Canter's 1956 S1 conversion (B411CM) saloon. John Beschenbossel admires Mike Brown's spare tire. Tony Wilner's 2000 Continental R (BBY-63345) is the center of attention with Brad Johnson, Dan Tucciarone, Tony Wilner, and Tom Sabal. Pitmaster father and son team, Jared and Craig Schwartz gives us our first glimpse of lunch. Shutterbug Ken Deans and Sandi McGee.

There were upwards of 40 Chesapeake Region members and guests attending and close to 20 Rolls-Royce and Bentleys in addition to some exotic sports cars. With plenty of food and drink on hand, along with tents for shelter, the backyard barbecue moved along at a leisurely pace. Shortly after everyone had gone through the buffet line The Alan Scott Band entertained us for several hours. With the day winding down, guests said their goodbyes and the Triple Crown Chesapeake style had come to and end. Many thanks to all that came.

The Chesapeake Lady


September/October 2015


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clockwise from top left - Richard Proctor going through the buffet line. Rod Rydlun acting as bartender. Larry slicing the pit beef. For the carnivores out there we ate 25 pounds of pit beef and the guest of honour, our whole hog, weighed 80 pounds. James Brown gets the lay of the land. The happy graduate, Dillon. Tony Wilner busing tables. Larry thanks Tom Tucciarone for coming. Larry directs Brad Johnson and his 1972 Silver Shadow (LRA14774) saloon to a VIP parking spot.

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Bentley Rebuild Completed

or all of the avid readers out there of The Chesapeake Lady you may remember periodically there has been an occasional article, progress photos, and questions about the re-build of my S1 engine. Well it's over. After 19 months, a couple of cash payments, a few skinned knuckles, coordinating three peoples' schedules in three different cities, and a better understanding of the amount of engineering that went into the creation of the mighty six cylinder engine by Rolls-Royce, B489CM's engine was now completed. The start of the journey was actually the ending of another journey. I left my home in Maryland, picked up some passengers in Pittsburgh and caravanned with a couple of Allegheny region members and

The number five piston was the problem child that led to a complete rebuild of the S1 engine. The good news was the original engine, BC494, was still in the car and it had not been altered. The middle piston in the above photo shows where the rings broke and caused the damage.

their cars to the Annual Meet in Louisville in 2012. On the return trip via Pittsburgh I was 10 miles from home after 1,500 miles and I heard a very brief flutter from the engine. Not thinking that was a good thing I immediately got off the interstate and investigated. I didn't see anything out of place. You know like a rod coming out of the block and oil everywhere, but I decided that a rollback was the thing to do. I finished the last 10 miles in the air-conditioned cab with a personal driver. RATS. Not in panic mode yet, I made a few phone calls and decided that pulling the pan was the first step. With the pan off there was no sign of damage on the botThe Chesapeake Lady


Three happy amigos, myself, B489CM, and Ralph Curzon in St. Louis. The final chapter of the rebuild was getting ready to start, getting the car back to Maryland.

The cylinder head was cleaned and eventually resurfaced to new. You can see where the rings beat themselves into the head.

tom end. What next, PANIC. A few month later Ralph Curzon paid a visit and we decided that the head needed to be removed. This is where the real journey starts. And at this point I could write a short book on the next 19 months, but I'll spare everyone those details and provide a few highlights. The car went to Independence, MO to Simon Curzon's restoration shop. Simon has a world class shop and if anyone is in that area you should stop in and see the quality of work that Simon is doing. Starting the first weekend in January of 2014 we pulled the head and found the problem. The rings on the fifth piston had broken and caused the failure. At this point it was decided that a full rebuild was the thing to do. YIKES.

September/October 2015


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This is where coordinating peoples' schedules came in to play. I was in Maryland, Ralph in St. Louis, and Simon in Independence. The number of hours we put in as a team was tremendous. We worked non-stop from Friday afternoon until mid-afternoon Sunday. We did find time for Kansas City barbecue, had lots of laughs, skinned some knuckles, and I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about my engine. If anyone has any questions about this re-build please feel free to call or e-mail me. Moving ahead to July 2015, myself and my neighbour Donna Emery flew to St. Louis and met Bonnie Smola and Nancy Murray there and off we went in the Bentley. We took our time, followed Route 40 for almost the entire time to Pittsburgh. We jumped on the interstate a few times, but mainly had a leisurely drive through the heartland on historic Route 40. During its heyday, in the late 1920s, the highway ran 3,157 miles from Atlantic City to San Francisco. We stopped along the way at antique shops, Walmart, and when not driving or sleeping we were eating. After dropping off Bonnie and Nancy in Pittsburgh, Donna and I pushed on to Maryland. Four days and 968 miles later we pulled into my driveway and the relief of a trouble free trip with a brand new engine brought a huge smile to my face. B489CM is home and I'm ready to hit the road for another road trip. - Text and photos

by Larry S. Glenn

 Don't text and drive or take pictures, but I couldn't pass up a photo with the Bentley and the St. Louis Gateway Arch. Construction on the arch began in February of 1963 and was completed in October of 1965 at a cost of 13 million dollars, which in today's dollars would be over 180 million. Driving easterly the happy band of travellers are seen here in Weirton, WV. Still smiling after three days together are Bonnie, yours truly, Donna, and Nancy. Page 9  September/October 2015  The Chesapeake Lady

The Great Escape, Kinda The escape route tourers parked on the grounds of the Dr. Samuel Mudd House. - Photos by Paul Pascal

One hundred and fifty years ago

on April 12, l865, John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln at Ford's Theatre, changing the course of history. Now a l50 years later, on July 12th, the Chesapeake Region of the RROC retraced the steps and routes that actor Booth took immediately after his tragic "final performance". Normally we would have started at Ford's Theatre, but due to security and parking issues we started at a site along the route, (directions were provided for those that wanted to start from Ford's) The Bayou Café, located in the carriage house at the Hill Center at 9th and Pennsylvania Ave. S.E., which was the first Naval Hospital. Lincoln signed the paperwork for the hospital in l864 and the site was opened in l867.

the Potomac River for his final portion of his escape. The whole escape episode took 12 days and ended at the Garrett Barn where he was shot. The Garrett Barn is the only site that is not in existence today. Our final stop for our portion of the tour was Capt' Billy's Crab house which set aside spaces in front for us to display our Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars and where we were provided our own private room for our repast. Brenda and I thoroughly enjoyed the day recounting history and showing our friends the historic sites. - Paul Pascal

After a delightful hour or so of sipping coffee and enjoying sweets we departed for the Surratt House in Clinton, MD. Ms. Surratt was convicted for her part in the conspiracy and was the first woman executed in Federal American history. The Director of the site had the presenters come in early to give the tours, our group had 28 participants so two tours were required. After the first tour, Brenda and I led the first group to the next stop, Dr. Samuel Mudd's house. Here, Booth had his broken leg set and left the next day. For his part in the conspiracy Dr. Mudd spent four years imprisoned at Ft. Jefferson, off the coast of Key West, FL. Again our two groups toured the Mudd site and we then took off together for the balance of the tour travelling through the swamp area that Booth continued his escape, passing several houses where he stayed or his supporters lived, (Rich Hill, Huckleberry, Dent Meadow). We stopped at a site where he led his horses into the swamp to silence them, and then on to visit a view of the Potomac River at St. Ignatius Catholic Church, St. Thomas Manor, Chapel Point, MD to view where Booth initially strayed back into Maryland before crossing The Chesapeake Lady

Capt' Billy's Crab House has been serving crab inspired dishes since 1947.

September/October 2015

Participants included: John and Jeane Beschenbossel Doug and Renee Cooke Gary and Sandy Elder George and Mary Kalin Brian and Helene Leimbach Bill and Brenda Morestein Paul and Brenda Pascal Al and Bambi Porter Richard Proctor and Julie Somers Ted and Nancy Sterne Tony Wilner 

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Housekeeping John Beschenbossel/Chairman 1604 Governor Bridge Road Davidsonville, MD 21035 • 301-261-4837 Larry S. Glenn/Editor 8500 Reservoir Road • Fulton, MD 20759 301-537-7340 The deadline for the November/December Lady is November 15th. The Chesapeake Region of the RROC is directly affiliated with the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club. The Chesapeake Region’s event schedule is now on the web at

top - Built in 1852, the Surratt House as it is today. Ted Sterne learned the hard way, never take your eye off of a Maryland crabcake, as he is reminded by Nancy Sterne. The escape route tourers waiting for lunch to be served. - Photos by

Paul Pascal

Chairman Beschenbossel's 1994 Brooklands (FBR-54995) lwb saloon starts off the parking at the Mary Surratt House. How did he get that spot? Oh, right he's the Chairman. Page 11  September/October 2015  The Chesapeake Lady

HR Motorcars 7466 New Ridge Road, Suite 17 ď Ź Hanover, MD 21076 Specializing in Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars from Silver Shadow/T through Current Series. Pick up and delivery available. Like us on Facebook 410-850-8555

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