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Chesapeake Lady The Chesapeake Lady is published bi-monthly by the Chesapeake Region of the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club. Volume 51  Number 2  May/June/July 2015 

Ginger Garbarini's certainly picked one of the best days of the year to get her 1984 Corniche (DAE08826) Mulliner, Park Ward dhc out for a little road work. Parked here on the field at Britain on the Green, a some what iffy day of weather turned out to be just fabulous.

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A Message From Our Chairman: In the Driver's Seat

John Beschenbossel

What a winter! I am glad that the weather is finally getting car friendly and will allow all of us to get out and enjoy our Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars. Our ice breaker back in January at Normandy Farm was a huge success. Thanks to the hard work of Rod Rydlun we had a wonderful brunch and great turn out of cars and people. Thanks Rod for another job well done. Bill and Brenda Morstein had their British pub event in Columbia and I was sorry I was under the weather and missed it. It is amazing I made it through the winter and when spring came was sick for weeks. The Annual Meet was earlier this year and for me it was not a good time to go to a meeting. Those that went had a great time and enjoyed the good weather.

My friends also own the Carroll House and museum and the historic Shot Tower in downtown Baltimore. I ran a trip there a few years ago. Let me know if you are interested in either of these locations for next years events. I have been working with another club member from Annapolis to try and have an event at a historic house some time this summer or fall but have not finalized anything yet.

A new event this year, which I sponsored, was a trip to Gramercy Mansion near Baltimore. Another venue of interMy friends brought the est would be to reserve property over thirty years a block of seats to the ago and I have been goBritish Embassy Players ing there for parties and which perform in Kensdinners ever since. It is ington, Maryland. a wonderful place which Ginger Garbarini and Jerry Dumont at Britian on the typified how the people Green with her 1984 Corniche (DAE-08826) Mulliner, Park Richard Koller planned a use to live at the turn of brunch at Argyle Country Ward dhc. Photo by Larry S. Glenn the 19th century. On arClub with John Palma. We rival, we were met by the owner’s daughter, Kristen, had an excellent turn out and John gave a fantastic who took us on a wonderful tour of the mansion and lecture. He stayed afterward to inspect members its interesting history. The 24 people who went on cars and offered suggestions. In looking at my car, the tour and had lunch there all said they had a great he pointed out five minor problems that require my time and would like to go back again. Maybe next attention , some of which could become major probyear we can go back at a different time of the year lems. to see the extensive gardens in full bloom. They also have charity functions with dinners and wine to benThose of you that have run events know how much efit different causes . Some of you might be interested work is involved and how much time it takes. We in attending those events. The house is also a B&B need more people to step up and get active in event giving the opportunity to stay over night while enjoyplanning. ing the surrounding area in beautiful Spring Valley. Until next time………happy touring! The Chesapeake Lady

May/June/July 2015

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Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club/Chesapeake Region

Activities for 2015

Monthly Bentley Drivers Club and Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Luncheon Sponsored by the South East Region of the Bentley Drivers Club Clyde's of Chevy Chase at noon - May 28, June 25, July 30, August 27, September 24, October 29, November 19, December 17. Everyone is welcome - RSVP to John Beschenbossel - (301) 261-4837 On your own for lunch and complimentary parking

Picnic to Celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Silver Cloud/S Series cars Fulton, MD ● June 13 ● Larry S. Glenn (301) 537-7340 or

John Wilkes Booth Escape Route Tour

DC/MD ● July 12 ● Paul and Brenda Pascal (202) 544-2200 or (301) 229-8322

Annual Proctor Picnic

Worton, MD ● August 22 ● Richard Proctor Home - (410) 778-2633 ● Cell - (410) 739-5185

Open House with Doug and Renee Cooke

Gettysburg, PA ● September 20 ● Doug Cooke - (301) 774-1650 or

Do you know this car? See page 8 for more details.

Activities Chairwoman, Mary Kalin, needs your help planning regional events. Mary can be reached at 301-790-2388 or - For more information regarding national events see The Flying Lady or 1-800-TRY-RROC*.

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Icebreaker 2015 Normandie Farm 25 January


unday's sunny weather cooperated between snowstorms enough to attract 14 post war Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars. Seven tables, serving 57 Chesapeake Region members and their guest eager to dive into brunch. Set around a center raised wood burning fire pit, in a private room with cash bar, accommodated us in the style to which we Bentley and Rolls-Royce drivers have become accustomed to. The seven station buffet invited repeated visits over four hours of consumption and catching up with fellow members. Tire-kicking, banter, announcements, new member introduction, fixture planning, awards, a short business meeting, and remembering Rhoger Pugh with memories and pleasantries, combined to complete the picture.

Past Chesapeake Region Chairman, George Kalin (l) and current Chairman, John Beschenbossel.

After a near fatal run in with a pizza delivery vehicle Dan Simpson's 1959 Silver Cloud I (LCLC47) Park Ward longwheel base saloon is alive and well. LCLC49 was the last Silver Cloud I produced. Thanks for keeping this historic motor car going. Icebreaker photos by Larry S. Glenn The Chesapeake Lady


May/June/July 2015


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The pavement was dry and another round of snow was just about gone, but still not quite top down weather for Julian Gitlin who drove his 1996 Azure (KBT-53810) Pinin-Farina drophead coupe. Next to Julian was John Beschenbossel 1993 Continental R (BBP-42054) coupe.

Most of those attending: Ramona Arnett & family (6) John & Jeane Beschenbossel Mike & Sherry Brown James & Sharon Brown Gary Canter & Guest Dick & Barbara Jean Clow Doug & Renee Cooke Akin Davis & family (4) Julian & Sherry Gitlin Larry S. Glenn Robert & Marilyn Haroutunian Harry Herman Eric Jankowiak Brad Johnson George & Mary Kalin

Manny & Francine Kessler - new member Richard Koller Brian & Helene Leimbach Bill & Brenda Morstein Richard Otis Panaro Family (4) - new member Paul & Brenda Pascal Richard Proctor & Guest Steve Rose & Sandi Magee Rod Rydlun Dan Simpson Jim Sprague Jamie & Whitney Steve Jack & B.K. Triplett Tony Wilner

New member Jerry Panaro's 1991 Silver Spur II (NAM-35322) longwheel base saloon. Jerry (r) and his wife, Julie attended this year's Icebreaker with their friends John and Mary Prominski. Page 5  May/June/July 2015  The Chesapeake Lady

Chesapeake Region Meet and Greet with John Palma

Sometimes things just fall into place like this red, white, and blue Corniche photo. Red - Ginger Garbarini's 1984 Corniche (DAE-08826) Mulliner, Park Ward dhc. White - Mike and Sherry Brown's 2001 Corniche (KA1-68547) Mulliner, Park Ward dhc. Blue - Andy Diem's 1986 Corniche II (DAG-13815) Mulliner, Park Ward dhc. Photos by Andy Diem


n Sunday morning, April 12th, the Chesapeake Region of the RROC hosted RROC board member and technical consultant John Palma and his wife Mary at the Argyle Country Club in Silver Spring, Maryland for a club brunch to hear a broad-ranging Modern Car presentation by John and for a Q&A session. John is a co-owner of Palma Automotive, Inc, in Audubon, N.J. maintenance where he specializes in the maintenance, repair and restoration of Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars. He is one of the Club’s Modern Car experts. Nearly 40 Chesapeake Region members were on hand to greet, meet, eat and chat with John. Along with them were about one dozen spectacular RR/ Bs on display on a stunningly-beautiful spring day. Among those attending were Chesapeake Region elected board members John Beschenbossel (chairman) and his wife Jeane, Bill (treasurer) and Brenda (secretary) Morstein, Eric Jankowiak (membership), and members Mike, Sherry and David Brown, Tom Burch, Akin Davis, Andy Diem, Gary and Sandy Elder, Ginger Garbarini, Julian and Sherry Gitlin, Andrew Holbrook, Brad Johnson, Richard and Dara Koller, Brian and Helene Leimbach, Brian O'Connell, Paul and Brenda Pascal with grandson Noah, Steve Rose and Sandi McGee, Rod Rydlun, Peter Schwartz, Ted Sterne, and Tony Wilner. Joining us from Williamsport, PA from the Keystone Region were Eiderson Dean and a friend.

During his presentation, John discussed Modern Car battery types (acid and gel-core) used for engine starting and to power accessories, parasitic draw on the accessory battery, and the critical need for owners of Modern Cars to utilize trickle chargers to maintain battery charge while cars are not in regular use. He described various gremlins that can appear in cars with weak batteries so that members will recognize some of the possible signs that they may be failing. He pointed out that a fully discharged battery may never regain its full power if allowed to repeatedly discharge. And he discussed the need to properly put to sleep a Modern Car after use to minimize parasitic draw, extend battery life, and limit one’s need for calls or trips to the repair shop.

John Beschenbossel, Richard Koller, and John Palma at Argyle Country Club. The Chesapeake Lady

May/June/July 2015

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With respect to SZ cars, he offered helpful commentary and suggestions for extending the life of SZ steering racks, including the use of a specific fluid additive and in-line filters, and discussed retrofitting aluminum radiators into cars that had had original Behr units. In an interesting side note, John told the crowd that he’s seen reports indicating that Tata, the current owner of Jaguar and Land Rover, has decided that the electronic complexity of modern cars is more than it is willing to tolerate and has ordered that the dozens of computers known to run their modern cars be reduced to no more than three in a car. Tata believes that this simplification will minimize owner frustrations with their Tata products and, therefore, enhance owner satisfaction and promote brand loyalty.

Ted Sterne and John Palma discuss the finer points of a distributor cap, no pun intended, in the parking lot.

After brunch, John and the attendees migrated to the parking lot where John looked over numerous cars for more than an hour for those interested in obtaining his opinion about issues and items related to their particular car. There he checked various system functions, made recommendations for needed maintenance, shared guidance for when specific maintenance needs to be done and about timing belt replacement and the need to replace the quarter-size ECU batteries. If ECU batteries for seat power and other functions are allowed to corrode, they ruin the ECU they support causing costly damage that might have been avoided but for a few hundred dollars. He later went over some of the common problem areas on the Arnage series cars and Green Labels in particular with a Green Label owner. Stay tuned for the next instalment of the Meet and Greet series with prominent members of the Rolls-Royce/Bentley community. With thanks to Peter Schwartz and Andrew Holbrook for their input … Richard Koller

The middle photo is a picture of the seat ECU (Electronic Control Module). If the quarter size battery is not replaced it will eventually leak and become an expensive repair. ECU photos by John Palma Page 7  May/June/July 2015  The Chesapeake Lady

18th Britain On the Green April 26


espite days of rainy forecasts the sun shone bright on the morning of April 26th as the show field opened for the 18th Annual Britain on the Green (BOG). BOG is one of the premier all British car shows in the metropolian DC area and is held each year on the last Sunday in April. Sponsored by the Capital Triumph Register, the local Triumph club, BOG is held at beautiful and historic Gunston Hall, the colonial home of patriot George Mason in Lorton, VA. Open to all British marques, this year's show featured nearly 200 British cars and motorcycles registered in 25 classes to the delight of hundreds of spectators. Dozens of Triumphs and MGs were joined by Austin Healeys, Jaguars, Rolls-Royce and Bentleys, Minis, Lotuses, Land Rov-

Akin Davis' 1946 Mark VI (B76AK) Freestone & Webb drophead coupe along with John Bays' 1952 R Type (B232SR) saloon gave the Bentley boys a total of four cars on the BOG field. According to Ginger, never leave home without them...your fuzzy dice.

The Chesapeake Lady


May/June/July 2015


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ers, and some cars you probably don't see as often such as Jensen, Riley, DeLorean, and Wolseley. Class awards are voted by participant’s choice, with special awards such as Best of Show chosen by the BOG committee. This year's Best of Show was a 1947 Bentley Mark VI (B46AK) owned by James Stejskal.

Brian O'Connel's 1976 Silver Shadow (SRE23146) saloon was one of two Rolls-Royces that attended this year's BOG. (below) This very early 1947 Mark VI (B46AK) started it's life out as a James Young saloon coupé. In the 1970s a roadster body designed by John Guppy replaced the original body and a total of 16 of these "Donington Special" Bentleys were built. They got their name from the Donington Park Grand Prix circuit. B46AK was rebodied in 1973 and raced in the UK and Europe. From 2006-2010 it was re-confirgured as a boat-tail "Special" and carries that coachwork today and owned by James Stejskal. - BOG photos by Larry S. Glenn

Please plan on joining us next April for the 19th Annual Britain on the Green. It is a great day to break out your car, celebrate the arrival of spring, and kick off the show and driving season while enjoying a picnic and a beautiful display of British vehicles. - Rich Fortwengler

Further information on Britain on the Green, including a complete list of this years awards, can be found at:

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Members Having Fun With Their Cars

The golden glow of Orlando provided a group of Chesapeake Region members the perfect photoop at this year's RROC Annual Meet. Bookends between James Brown's 1962 Silver Cloud II (LSAE251) saloon and Brian Leimbach's 1965 S3 (B8HN) saloon everyone one was ready for another night of festivities. Tony Wilner, Mike Brown, Ginger Garbarini, and James Brown at the opening Bentley reception in Orlando. Photo by Andy


Meanwhile about 150 miles north of Orlando and two weeks prior to the Annual Meet, Chesapeake Region member Brian O'Connell was seen flying under the radar at this years's Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance. This 1946 Hooper (WVA52) limousine owned by Florida Region member James Milner was at Saturday's Cars and Coffee. Photo by Larry S. Glenn The Chesapeake Lady


May/June/July 2015


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Housekeeping John Beschenbossel/Chairman 1604 Governor Bridge Road Davidsonville, MD 21035 • 301-261-4837

Gramercy Mansion Upon arriving at Gramercy Mansion, we were given a special parking area out front and greeted by the owner, Anne Pomykala and her daughter Kristen. We were given a short history of the house and taken on a tour. Throughout the house there were items and antiques for sale which many of us happily purchased. Lunch followed on the beautiful covered veranda overlooking the garden. Then we enjoyed a garden tour given by Anne. At the end of the day we had all enjoyed the ambiance and hospitality of the Pomykala family. Everyone commented that they would like to return. - Jeane Beschenbossel

Larry S. Glenn/Editor 8500 Reservoir Road • Fulton, MD 20759 301-537-7340 The deadline for the August/September Lady is September 15th. The Chesapeake Region of the RROC is directly affiliated with the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club. The Chesapeake Region’s event schedule is now on the web at

Union Jack Lunch

BDC Lunch Update

A few stalwarts braved the unsettling weather and met for a proper British lunch at the Union Jack in Columbia, Maryland finally on March 7th. The event had been snowed out the week before.

The Bentley lunch meetings at Clydes of Chevy Chase every month has been a huge success with an average attendance every month of over 10 people with sometimes having up to 20. Also every month someone always steps up to the plate and talks about a car related topic and sometimes like Julian Gitlin giving a great lecture on tools he has made to disassemble the pressure spheres in a shadow era car.

Eric Jankowiak "Mr. Eight Track," arrived in his proper British automobile a 1979 Silver Wraith II (LRK38758) lbw saloon which is pictured below. The Cookes, the Kalins, and the Morsteins, along with Tony Wilner also attended. The restaurant has an extensive list of British and Irish beverages. The Union Jack always features typical British entrees on its menu.

All are welcomed, arrive by foot, bus, taxi or a Rolls-Royce or Bentley. Complementary parking for any vehicle. Just let John Beschenbossel know you're coming - (301) 261-4837. Hope to see you there.

Come On Down If you like reading about the adventures that the folks in the Chesapeake Tidewater Sub Region are doing, then join them. They are trying to generally meet on the first Saturday of the month, but that is not set in stone. For information contact: Cortes Pauls - Susan Brooks - Phil Brooks -

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