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Chesapeake Lady The Chesapeake Lady is published bi-monthly by the Chesapeake Region of the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club. Volume 51  Number 1  January/February 2015 

Ken Deans


The sun was out for the Annual General meeting, but it was not quite convertible top down weather. Andy Diem's 1986 Corniche II (DAG-13815) Mulliner Park Ward dhc was itching to let the sun shine in.

A Message From Our Chairman: In the Driver's Seat

John Beschenbossel

I hardly got the Driver’s Seat warm and the first year’s journey is over - wow! For all of you that took part in that journey with me, thank you. I hope that you had a good time with the events and meetings that club members planned, attended, spent hours setting up, and running. Hosting an event takes much time and energy. It is the participating and planning of these events that make the club a success. I know that some of you are content with reading the wonderful newsletter and national magazine that arrives in the mail. For this, we owe a big thanks to Larry Glenn for all his hard work on our regional newsletter and also to the members that submit articles and photographs. It certainly makes Larry's job a little easier. My hope, in the coming year is that those of you who usually stay home will get out and attend an event, experience how much fun it is talking to other members and seeing the cars. What did we accomplish this past year? We had a nice variety of events to attend. We reactivated the monthly Bentley Driver’s Club lunch, which included guest speakers and gave everyone an opportunity to talk about their cars. Out tech session was a success at its new location, HR Motor Cars. We increased revenue for the newsletter with more advertising. We signed up new members and even encouraged some older members to attend some events. All told, a good year but let’s hope that next year will be even better!

As we all get ready for winter, please remember to check and winterize your Rolls-Royce and Bentley along with the other cars in your stable with antifreeze, fuel stabilizer, and a good cleaning. When the time comes to hit the road in early spring, your motor car will be ready to go! It is also a good idea to put the owners manual by your bed and have a good re-read in the coming days. It is amazing how we forget things, even if we have been doing them for years. Any pilot or boat owner will tell you that even after thousands of times doing something they still rely on a check list.

As you winterize your fuel, some of you may use STA-BIL in your tank which seems to work, but from my research I have come to the conclusion As you may or may not know Larry Glenn is do- that the best product (I have ing a complete rebuild on his S1 engine. Seen here been using it in my boat for Larry is installing the water pump. He says that 10 years) is a product called B489CM will be home mid-April and will be ready STAR-TRON by Starbrite. for some touring. - Photo by Simon Curzon You can buy this product in a boating store like West Marine or even in Walmart. More information can be found at - I would ask that some of you who haven’t participated very much in the past let Mary Kalin or someone else Thank you for letting me and the board continue for on the board know what you could do to help the one more year. We will try and make this coming year club. I am always willing to talk to you on the phone even more exciting than 2014. All of us on the board and give you ideas for new events, etc. Hopefully, are working hard to make 2015 our best year yet! with the economy improving, we will have a more positive outlook for the future.

The Chesapeake Lady

January/February 2015

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Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club/Chesapeake Region

Activities for 2015 Monthly Bentley Drivers Club and Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Luncheon Sponsored by the South East Region of the Bentley Drivers Club Clyde's of Chevy Chase at noon - January 29th, February 26th, March 26th, and April 30th. Everyone is welcome - RSVP to John Beschenbossel - (301) 261-4837 On your own for lunch and complimentary parking

Union Jack's British Pub

Columbia, MD ● February 22 ● Brenda Morstein (410) 988-9688 or

RROC Annual Meeting*

Orlando, Fl ● March 27 - April 2 ● 1-800-TRY-RROC

Annual Tech Session

Hanover, MD ● May 9 ● Larry S. Glenn (301) 537-7340 or

Picnic to Celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Silver Cloud/S Series cars Fulton, MD ● June 13 ● Larry S. Glenn (301) 537-7340 or

Hagerstown Air Museum TBA - May or June

Annual Proctor Picnic

Worton, MD ● August 22 ● Richard Proctor Home - (410) 778-2633 - Cell - (410) 739-5185

Brian Leimbach's old faithful, well B8HN, his 1965 S3 has given him and Helene lots of joy touring and attending Chesapeake Region events. Pick out an event and join your fellow club members in 2015. - Photo by Ken Deans Activities Chairwoman, Mary Kalin, needs your help planning regional events. Mary can be reached at 301-790-2388 or For more information regarding national events see The Flying Lady or 1-800-TRY-RROC*.

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Annual General Meeting and Brunch November 2, 2014 November 2, 2014 Annual General Meeting of the Chesapeake Region of the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club Ft. Myer Officers' Club, Virginia Meeting was called to order by Chairman John Beschenbossel at 12:35 pm. Old Business: none New Business: 37 ballots were mailed back. The proposed slate was returned to the office as reported by Mary Kalin, Activities Chairwoman. According to John Beschenbossel, Phil Brooks, the Bentley Drivers’ Club representative for the U.S. has given the Chesapeake Region of the RROC permission to use the BDC name for its monthly lunch gathering of Bentley enthusiasts.

Chairman Beschenbossel gets the Annual General Meeting started with welcoming members and guest to the Fort Myer Officer's Club. Mary Kalin and Rod Rydlun hand off podium duties for awards and marshall stars.

Rod Rydlun spoke about two recently deceased members. Rhoger Pugh passed away on October 14th at the age of 73. He was chair of our region from 19751978. Also, Sidney Greenspan was an active long time member of the club before moving to Florida. Treasurer’s Report: Bill Morstein/Treasurer On 12/31/13 there was $15, 946.64 in the checking account. At the end of 10/14/14 there was $13,972.19. The Schwabb account on 12/31/13 held $9,435.75 and as of 10/214/14 was $9,437.49. The Schwabb account was closed with the final amount deposited into the checking account on that day. As of 10/28/14 the checking account held $24,409.68. Membership: As the present officer was absent, it was noted that the past officer, Ken Deans, was helping out keeping the website up to date on a monthly basis. Ken also noted that RROC headquarters has listed 374 members including spouses as of October, 2014. Yearly Awards: Organized and presented by Mike Brown and Rod Rydlun

The Most Active Award went to Brad Johnson, a two year member. The Most Improved Award was earned by Gary Kanter for “rescuing a rust bucket.” The Chairman’s Award was given to Richard Koller who is a new member and looking for a car to purchase. The Marshall Stars of 2014 went to the following members for the events they sponsored. Cortes Pauls for Icebreaker at the Rose & Crown Pub, New Kent Courthouse, VA, 2/8/2014.

The Hard Luck Award was given to Dan Simpson, his Silver Cloud 11 experienced a head on collision. The Chesapeake Lady

January/February 2015

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There were multiple decades of Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars represented at the Annual General Meeting. - AGM photos by Ken Deans

Rod Rydlun for Ice Breaker, Normandy Farms, 2/9/14. Sherry Brown for Detailing Seminar and buffet at their home 4/26/14.

Linda Von Gehren for Two Rivers Country Club, Williamsburg, VA, 10/4/14.

Larry Glenn for Tech Session at HR Motor Cars 5/17/14.

John Beschenbossel for AGM at Ft. Myer Officers’ Club, 11/2/14.

Brenda Morstein for Bowie Bay Socks Baseball Game and lunch, 6/5/14.

Phil and Sue Brooks for 2nd Street & Colonial Williamsburg Carriages, Williamsburg, 11/09/14.

Richard Proctor for picnic at his home, 8/23/14.

John Beschenbossel for the monthly BDC lunches, at Clydes of Chevy Chase.

Bob Hanson for Poker Run, Hanson Farm to Morvan Park, Leesburg, VA, 9/20/14. Dave Mullins for Mullwyck/Three Fox Vineyard 4th Annual Car Show and Vineyard Tour,10/5/14.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 pm Submitted by Brenda Morstein, Secretary

BDC Lunches Were Big Success


hanks to the following members the Bentley lunches and one dinner in 2014 have been a great success. The meetings have all been at Clydes in Chevy Chase and over the last year we have had three speakers who have added value to our hobby and region. Those that attended the talks said they learned a lot and enjoyed the questions and answer sessions at the end. When

we didn't have a speaker, we entertained ourselves and had lively discussion of interest to all. Most of those that have attended: Rod Rydlun, Jerry Panaro, Brian O'Connell, Julian Gitlin (one of the speakers), Sherry Gitlin, Gary Elder, Manny Kessler (a new member), Neal Baron, Akin Davis, JoAnne Buehlar, Tom Jenkins, Andy Diem, Jim Sprague, John Forster, Matthew Smith, Steve Newby, Page 5  January/February 2015  The Chesapeake Lady

Carl Clinefelter, Frank Kennedy, George Colgett (one of the speakers from the California Region), Juana S. Cockburn, M.S. Jimmie Cockburn, Richard Koller, Dara Koller, John Robison (one of the speakers from Mass), Phil Brooks, Sue Brooks, Nick Beck, Robert Mihlbaugh II, Andrew Holbrook, Paul Pascal, Brenda Pascal, Jerry Snow, Ginger Garbarini, Larry Glenn. Please forgive me if I missed anyone. - John Beschenbossel

Members Having Fun With Their


Bob Hanson, (second from left) along with his 1971 Silver Shadow (LRX11392) longwheel base saloon, led a small but enthusiast group of members and guest on a poker run on September 13, 2014. Starting at Bob's Prospect Acres Farm in North Potomac, MD the group went over the hills, through the woods, and across the ferry to get to Morvan Park in Lees-

The Chesapeake Region's Tidewater Sub-Region Fall Outings The Chesapeake Region’s Tidewater Sub-Region, in conjunction with the South East Region of the Bentley Drivers Club, has held two meets so far this autumn. Our first meet was on Saturday, October 4, at Two Rivers Country Club and was hosted by Linda and Ed von Gehren. This country club is at the confluence of the James and Chickahominy Rivers, on Route 5 west of Williamsburg.We gathered at 11:30 AM and talked cars (how strange!), then had lunch at noon in the Sunset Room overlooking the rivers. Following lunch we gathered in the bar to continue our visits. The food and drinks were excellent, the view was spectacular, and the fellowship with fellow members was grand. Members present were Fred and Anne Ward, Peggy Ware, Bill and Adela Kinne with their Silver Shadow, Louis Briel and guest Justin Chesney with Louis’ Turbo R, Sue and Phil Brooks with their 25/30, and Linda and Ed von Gehren with their Silver Spirit. Our second meet was on Sunday, November 9. We gathered at Second Street Bistro in Williamsburg at 11:15 AM for a delicious lunch, then we went to Colonial Williamsburg’s stables and carriage house for a tour of the carriages. Our tour host was Richard Nicoll, Director of Coach and Livestock for Colonial Williamsburg. He showed us all the carriages and gave a funny and erudite talk about carriages and carriage buildThe Chesapeake Lady

ers, with particular reference to Brewster. Richard was very familiar with Brewster’s work on Springfield Rolls-Royces, so we found we all had a real community of interest. Richard then showed us the splendid tack room and the horses who were in the stables, tucking into their lunches. It was a fascinating tour, and we are grateful to Richard for hosting us. Members present were Fred and Anne Ward, Cortes and Susan Pauls and their Silver Spirit, Fred and Barbie Siegel, Bill and Adela Kinne and their Silver Shadow, and Sue and Phil Brooks and their Corniche II. Future sub-region meets are being planned, and we hope to see more members from all over the Chesapeake Region. - Phil Brooks

Come On Down

If you like reading about the adventures that the folks in the Chesapeake Tidewater Sub Region are doing, then join them. They are trying to generally meet on the first Saturday of the month, but that is not set in stone. For information contact: Cortes Pauls - Susan Brooks - Phil Brooks -

January/February 2015


For Sale


For Sale:1934 3½ Litre (B136CR) seeks new "keeper". Only $79K US. One-off Mann-Egerton saloon coachwork (C1629), three silvers respray w/Tudor Red striping, red leather (original), big sunroof, reliable rubber, all structural and mechanical rebuilt. Spares and history, 133K original miles; RROC winner of HardingRolls awards 1989 & 2009; featured in Bentley Beauty by Fraser/Knopek (pgs 276, 291) and A 100 Years of Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motor Cars by Glenn (page 98). 30 years owner/driver Rod Rydlun, ret. "Hannibuls Keeper" 301-990-8214.

John Beschenbossel/Chairman 1604 Governor Bridge Road Davidsonville, MD 21035 • 301-261-4837 Larry S. Glenn/Editor 8500 Reservoir Road • Fulton, MD 20759 301-537-7340 The deadline for the March/April Lady is April 15th. The Chesapeake Region of the RROC is directly affiliated with the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club. The Chesapeake Region’s event schedule is now on the web at

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