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Chesapeake Employees Gwen Lang

Administrative Assistant Jesse Langford

Landman Barry Langham

Production Engineer Richard Lariscy

Roustabout Kim Laughlin

Admmistrative Assistant Cindy LeBlanc

Land AssiJtant Mike Lebsack

Graphics Lease Analyst Dan LeDonne

Administmtive Services Supervisor Chris Lee

Assistant Engineer Ron Lefaive

Sr. Vice President Accounting, Controller and Chief Accounting Officer Vanessa Leon

Geological Technician Steven Lepretre

Production Facility Operator Mark Lester

Sr Vice PresidentExploration Charles Long

Production Facility Opert/tor Kimberly Louthan

Lease Analyst Kinney Louthan

Landman Heath Lovinggood

Gas Revenue CoO/dinator Janet Lowrey

Administrt/tive Division Order Analyst Barry Lucas

Pumper Michael Ludlow

Pumper Sarah Lumen

Sr. Lease Analyst Larry Lunardi


Jan Lyons

Accounting Assistant Troy Mahan

Pumper Felipe Maldonado

Pusher Liz Mallett

Executive Assistant John Mark.;

PC Applications Programmer Tim Marnich

Lead Production Facility Operator Ben Mathis

Drilling Engineer ~andy


Executive Assistant Allen May

Pumper Beverley McBride

Gas Marketing Analyst Sam McCaslcill

Drilling Superintendent Rich McClanahan

Production Engineer Aubrey McClendon

Chairman ofthe Board and Chief Executive Officer Joe McClendon

Special Projects Carrol McCoy

Sr. Lease Analyst Frank McGee

Roustabout Dallas McMurphy

Pumper Janelle McNeely

Title Supervisor Sondra McNeiland

Executive Assistant Carl McSpadden

Accounts Payable Manager Dorina Meihls

Accounting Assistant Ricky Mercer

Production Facility Opert/tor Claudia Miller

Accounting ASSIstant Sreve Miller

Vice PresidentDrilling Darren Minks


Laura Minter

Lease Records Assistant Linda Mollman

Land Technician Tommy Morphew

Pumper Jennifer Morris

Accounting Assistant Don Morrison

RPG Programmer Ernie Morrison


Carol Passick

Sr. Programmer Amy Patel G & A Accountant Gary Payne

Pumper Greg Pearce

Field Representative Michelle Peery

Payroll Administrator Roben Perlcins

Production Foreman Ursula Perry

James Morron



Linda Peterburs

Reba Moser


Gas Revenue Manager Eric Murray

Production Ftlcilzty Opemto/' Leland Murray

Pumper Liz Muskrat

Title Analyst Tara Nash

Lease Technician Bob Neely

MIS User Support Ira Neff

Production Foreman Dennis Neill

Production Faczlity Operator Mickey Nemecek

Lease Payments Supervisor Allen Nichols

Production Engineer Samantha Nicholson

Accounting Assistant Linda Noss

Revenue Analyst Buddy Novak

Drilling Engineer Mary Jane Nunley

Division Order Analyst John O'Quinn

Production Facility Operator Gerda Oliver

Cashier Ray Osborn

Pumper Ed Oursler

Dispatcher Lisa Owens

Gas Controller

Dale Petty

Accounting Coordinator Ty Phoenix

Pumper Randy Pierce

Purchasing Manager Marion Poindexter

Sr Lease Analyst Pat Pope

Sr. Accounting Coordinator Robert Pope

Geologist Erick Porter

Lease Records Administrator Bobby Portillo

Pusher Fernando Portillo

Pumper Debbie Poreete

Accounting Assistant Robert Potts

Geology Technician Robert Powell

Assistant Production Foreman Shannon Presley

Production Facility Opert/tor Heather Preston

Sr. Lease Analyst Ron Prewin

Geophysicist Tom Price, Jr.

Vice PresidentCorport/te Development Carlin Price

Sr. Title Analyst

Wayne Psencik

District ManagerTexas Thomas Putz

Roustabout John Qualls

Pumper Lori Ray

Sr. Land Teelmiclan Jerry Reeve

Accountant Bob Reeves

Assistant Controller Deborah Reichert

GaJ Revenue Sr. Accountant Aaron Reyna

Reservoir Engineer Glen Reynolds

Pumper Jackie Rhoads

Office Administmtor Jo Rhone

Lease Administrator Matt Richards

Gas Marketing Representative Deborah Richardson

Executive Assistant Mark Richeson

Production Engineer Christie Rickey

Accounting Assistant Earl Ringeisen

Kamas District Manager Mark Robins

Joint Interest Audit Coordinator Carole Robinson

Tax Accountant Steve Robinson

Pumper Les Rodman

Landman Randy Rodriguez

Field Representative Lawrence Rogers

Production Foreman Pat Rolla

Geological Manager Janna Rothwell

Opert/tions Accounting Coordinator Ray Roush


Profile for Chesapeake Energy

Transition Report 1997  

Transition Report 1997