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What Takes The Cake: Considerations for Outdoor Weddings By Anita Kriner So you’ve always dreamed of having an outdoor wedding. You imagine the sun brightly shining, the trees and flowers in full bloom and love birds flying against a picturesque sky. Sounds like a fairytale and yes, outdoor weddings can be very beautiful. But there are a few things you should consider when planning your wedding cake for display at an outdoor venue: Location, location, location – This old adage also applies to the location of your cake at an outdoor venue. It should never be in direct sunlight or buttercream icing and we have been the icing will soften from the heat very delivering them to outdoor venues quickly. A fondant-covered cake can be successfully for 10 years. Ideally, the cake should be under an option but everyone loves our the protection of a tent or other covering but even the heat of the sun can shine through tent windows. Prior to deciding where the cake table will be placed, you will want to have done a little homework in watching which way the sun travels throughout the hours planned for your reception in order to determine the best place to set up the cake table. If you are not planning to have a tent, you may be tempted to place the cake under the shade of a tree. However, falling tree debris and birds overhead mean underneath a tree may not be the tastiest option. Once you’ve selected the location for the cake table, we must consider the softness of the ground as well as the levelness. Barring the availability of a



concrete slab or plywood floor, you will most likely have your tables set up directly on the ground. At the selected location, the ground will generally not be flat and level so the table should be leveled by placing some sort of shims or wood blocks underneath the table legs. I carry a level with me so I can check for levelness before I begin setting up the cake. While this may seem extreme, you have to understand that if the table is not as close to level as possible, this could spell disaster for the cake as gravity will always win, especially if it’s a towering cake! Additionally, I do not suggest putting the cake table on a portable dance floor. They tend to be very bouncy, which means your cake will jump, shift and move with every step taken. Another consideration is wind. It can blow table clothes off of tables,

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