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What Takes The Cake?

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Cutting Catering Costs

while Keeping It Elegant

Here are some tips from Whitman’s Catering to help you control your wedding costs and still have the elegant wedding you have always wanted. 1) If you have children attending your wedding ask your caterer if they can prepare a special, less expensive meal for them. 2) Skirting tables – Unless you are having an outdoor wedding where the wind could be a factor it isn’t necessary to skirt the bar, buffet, head table, and cake table. 3) If you are having a large wedding it is not necessary to have a wedding cake large enough to feed everyone. Order a smaller cake to cut for pictures and have the bakery supply similar sheet cakes for the rest of your guests. 4) When having appetizers and desserts, use high quality disposable plates and forks. Save the China and silverware for dinner service. 5) Use disposable cups for the bar. Remember if you have 125 guests in attendance you will need approximately 500 glasses.   +DYH\RXUJXHVWVWRDVWZLWKDYDLODEOHEHYHUDJHV<RXZLOOVDYHPRQH\RQFKDPSDJQHµXWHVDQG champagne. 7) If you wish to offer two entrées for dinner (Buffet only) served a full portion of the more popular entrée and a half portion of the second entrée. However, keep in mind that splitting entrées does not work. Located at South County Café, Whitman’s Catering is a full service caterer. Whether you are hosting a casual cocktail party or an elegant wedding, our commitment to quality and service will ensure that your event is an occasion to remember. As a convenience to our customers, we offer a variety of services to make planning your event easier. We can provide all of your rental needs including tents, china, silverware, linens, tables, chairs and glassware. We offer full bar service (all liquor is top shelf) and special orders are welcome. We use only quality ingredients. From local produce to the freshest seafood, we know that every item from our menu will be exceptional and fresh. Our menus are custom designed to fit your needs. Once you have determined your menu, we will schedule an appointment for a tasting. You will not be disappointed.



! n w O r u o Y e m o H w e N r u o Y e k a M

with paint from Ace and tips from Aceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Design Experts. Find more inspiration at Katie Reynolds

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Location, Location, Location: Having An Outdoor Ceremony


e’re engaged and want an outdoor wedding! Now what!?! In Southern Maryland 80% of wedding ceremonies are conducted outside. Most brides have a vision of what they are wanting. Then others do not know the first thing when it comes to planning a wedding let alone an outside wedding. SO let’s go from start to finish on what you are going to experience and need when planning an outside wedding. First things first, you need a space (or venue). During your selection process, always keep in mind the season your wedding will take place and have a contingency plan for bad weather. When you find that perfect spot, chances are it’s a blank slate. So where do you start in planning your ceremony? First, you are going to need to select a rental company. Most rental companies will come

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By Kim Breedlove out and survey the location you have chosen for your special day. At the time of survey, you will need to give them an estimated guest count so they can determine the right tent size for you. They will also let you know if the space that you have chosen will accommodate a tent the size you need for your guests. Remember when I said keep in mind your season? Well, this is going to come in handy NOW. You might need to add sidewalls to the tent keep wind, rain and bugs out. However, those usually come at an extra cost, so make sure you factor this into your budget. If your wedding date is in the late spring to summer months, you may want to reserve an AC unit. Think about how hot and humid it can get here. You can never be sure… Or, on the other hand, if it is during the fall to winter months you may want to reserve a heater. You can’t count on Mother Nature!

Courtesy of Melissa Manzione Photography.

Remember, keeping your guests comfortable is a #1 priority. With these additional items, chances are you will also have to rent a generator to power everything. The size of your tent will guide you on how many AC’s or heaters you will need. Then, there are lights! And what about a place for your caterer to cook and prep the food? Yep, that is right, you will most likely have to rent that all-important caterer tent. Now that you have something to protect your wedding party and guests from the elements, now you will need to rent tables, linens and chairs for them. And always ask, because you may also need to provide the tableware for them, since not all caterers provide these things. Whew! Did you think you needed all this? You will need these things, and more. When my clients tell me that they want an outside wedding, the first thing I ask is, “how many guests do you plan on having?” And, “what is your overall budget?” These two questions will help guide them to best options for an outside wedding.

wedding professionals, and sometimes family members and friends (or as one of my clients calls them, “Good Idea Fairies).” On top of that, we will coordinate with everyone involved to make an itinerary that is right for your wedding day. I wish you nothing but the best in your wedding planning!

Courtesy of Melissa Manzione Photography.

Courtesy of Andrea and Renata Photography.

There are so many other things that go into having an outside wedding that most people will not even think of. But I would be here all day or maybe I could even write a book about it. My number one rule that I tell brides and grooms is - hire a professional wedding planner. We will carry out your vision to the fullest, keep you sane, think of all the things you won’t, and SAVE you money. We will keep you on budget or close to it and we are your voice when it comes to other

About the Author: Kim Breedlove of Chesapeake Beach received her certificate in Bridal Consulting in 2005 and received a certificate for Floral Design in 2009. In 2011, she earned her Green Wedding Certificate, and in 2012, her Catering Events certificate. For more info, see her web site:






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What Takes The Cake: Considerations for Outdoor Weddings By Anita Kriner So you’ve always dreamed of having an outdoor wedding. You imagine the sun brightly shining, the trees and flowers in full bloom and love birds flying against a picturesque sky. Sounds like a fairytale and yes, outdoor weddings can be very beautiful. But there are a few things you should consider when planning your wedding cake for display at an outdoor venue: Location, location, location – This old adage also applies to the location of your cake at an outdoor venue. It should never be in direct sunlight or buttercream icing and we have been the icing will soften from the heat very delivering them to outdoor venues quickly. A fondant-covered cake can be successfully for 10 years. Ideally, the cake should be under an option but everyone loves our the protection of a tent or other covering but even the heat of the sun can shine through tent windows. Prior to deciding where the cake table will be placed, you will want to have done a little homework in watching which way the sun travels throughout the hours planned for your reception in order to determine the best place to set up the cake table. If you are not planning to have a tent, you may be tempted to place the cake under the shade of a tree. However, falling tree debris and birds overhead mean underneath a tree may not be the tastiest option. Once you’ve selected the location for the cake table, we must consider the softness of the ground as well as the levelness. Barring the availability of a



concrete slab or plywood floor, you will most likely have your tables set up directly on the ground. At the selected location, the ground will generally not be flat and level so the table should be leveled by placing some sort of shims or wood blocks underneath the table legs. I carry a level with me so I can check for levelness before I begin setting up the cake. While this may seem extreme, you have to understand that if the table is not as close to level as possible, this could spell disaster for the cake as gravity will always win, especially if it’s a towering cake! Additionally, I do not suggest putting the cake table on a portable dance floor. They tend to be very bouncy, which means your cake will jump, shift and move with every step taken. Another consideration is wind. It can blow table clothes off of tables,

unhinge tent flaps or blow down chairs and just wreak general havoc. You certainly don’t want the cake to be in the center of the storm, so be sure tent flaps can be tied down or tied back to the tent poles. Furthermore, bugs can be an issue. Flying insects and other objects are going to be attracted to the sweetness. There’s not a lot you can do short of putting it under netting, which can actually be a very pretty effect if you decide to explore that option. Finally, beware of animals - both wild and domesticated. They are all attracted to the cake - and that goes for the kids at your reception, too! The best way to maximize your chances of success are to let the cake designer know during the initial consultation that you are having an outdoor reception so that precautions can be discussed and planned. You really should have another plan of action in the event conditions are too extreme. Of utmost importance is to be flexible in your timing of events. If the

cake is calling to be cut, then take your photos and cut the cake. If necessary, wedding cakes can be delivered and kept indoors until the cake cutting ceremony, but I don’t recommend placing the responsibility of moving a cake upon someone else. Don’t get me wrong - outdoor weddings are absolutely beautiful. And

although outdoors may not necessarily be the best place for a cake, with some planning and flexibility, it can be a wonderful success! About the Author: Anita Kriner is the owner Anita’s Cake Shop in California, MD which serves brides and grooms beautiful and delicious custom wedding cakes throughout Southern Maryland. For more cake photos, see and “Like” her Facebook page.







For Guys Only: What You Need To Know About Rings By Alison Setzer Guys… if getting engaged has been on your mind but you’re just too scared to take the plunge and buy a ring, I get it! Your girlfriend may have been dreaming about her perfect engagement ring since she was a little girl, but for you, finding the perfect engagement ring can be overwhelming, confusing, and downright scary! If you know it’s time to “man up,” well… I think you can do it! Here are some very important things you need to know: Where to shop? Don’t already have a jeweler? Ask your friends and parents where they shop. You want to shop with someone you can trust. Choosing a store where you feel comfortable will make the experience so much better for you as well! Online is great for researching styles but remember, when you propose, she’s going to want to hear the entire story of how you picked the ring. A n d



you’ll want to see it, and touch it to make sure it’s exactly what she would want. Plus, you’ll want to be able to tell her that you looked at lots of diamonds – and rings - before you chose the best one, the one you knew she’d love. Diamond specifications are important, but nothing can replace actually seeing the sparkle of each diamond in person and choosing the best just for her! Who should pick the ring? There is no perfect answer to whether or not the bride-to-be should help choose her engagement ring. Is she sentimental? If so, she’ll probably want to be surprised by the entire proposal, including the ring. You’re about to ask her to spend the rest of her life with you so chances are, you have a pretty good idea of her style and what she prefers. Asking her close (but trusted) friends for a few tips might help, but no one knows her better than you! If you have talked about getting married and she’s pretty particular about things, taking her along to pick the ring is probably a good idea. Often guys will have their girlfriends choose her favorite three rings and then return alone to pick the ring and a diamond so there’s still an element of surprise. If you decide to have her present when you purchase the ring, it’s often a good idea to have a discussion on budget. Nice girls won’t want to make you spend more money than you can afford and will be respectful of your budget. How much should I spend? Ever heard the old adage “two months’ salary”? How much to spend really

depends on what you can afford. Have you saved for the ring? Do you need to finance the ring? Most jewelry stores offer different options for payment, including fi n a n c i n g a n d

layaway. Only you can decide how much you can afford. You should definitely ask the jeweler what options are available. What style ring is best? With so many different ring styles, what’s a guy to do? Probably the first thing to consider is whether she’s all about the bling or a more understated elegance. Other things to consider are the color metal she prefers (yellow or white gold, or platinum) and whether she would want a diamond engagement ring or if she’d be open to a ring with a pop of color. According to The Knot, an online site that caters to everything about weddings, the six trends in engagement rings for 2014 include: • floral details on the ring • center stones (oval, marquise

and emerald shapes) set East-West • use of color gems in the ring (sapphires, rubies, colored diamonds) • double halos of diamonds around the center diamond (intense sparkle and bling!) • the use of mixed metals (rose gold accents on a white gold ring) and • twisted designs (swirls and curves). It all really comes down to what you think she’s going to love. Custom designing the ring for her is always an option too. Dickinson Jewelers in Dunkirk and Prince Frederick offers a hands-on CAD program where you can sit with a jewelry stylist and create your own engagement ring. Give her a ring that’s one of a kind and you’re sure to melt her heart! (Talk about a story to share with her after you’ve proposed – and for the rest of your lives together!) With so many styles out there, you’re going to quickly know which rings look like her and which ones don’t. Again, choose a jeweler you feel comfortable with and they’ll help you through the process. Finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is the hard part, not choosing the ring. You can do this!!! I wish you all the best!

About the Author: Alison Setzer is the Marketing Manager for locally owned and operated Dickinson Jewelers in Dunkirk and Prince Frederick.



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