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Chesapeake Beach’s Evolving History

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Cove Point Lighthouse Beachfront Wedding Site

Just Opened! Beautiful four-acre bay front historical site provides an idyllic setting for your wedding! Beachfront beauty with all the convenience and comfort of home in Lusby, MD. Reserve today at 410-474-5370. April 2013 CHESAPEAKE BAY TRIPPER


Reliving the History of Chesapeake Beach Imagine growing up in an amusement park. The Donovan sisters: Dianne Donovan Harrison, Gail Donovan Harkins, and Joanie Donovan Kilmon did just that in Chesapeake Beach along with their brothers, Gerald and Freddy. And the stories they have to tell! More than 150 people packed the North Beach Town Hall for the first in a series of chats sponsored by the Friends of the Chesapeake Beach Railway Museum and the Bayside History Museum. The three sisters showed rare photos – and a recently found 8mm movie believed shot by their father in the late 1940’s – to the crowd to show the splendor of the Chesapeake Beach Amusement Park that operated from 1946-1972. Grace Mary Brady, President of the Bayside History Museum says that if you never experienced the Park, and you missed the chat, you can still relive the experience. The program was recorded and will be shown at the museum when it opens in its new location in the former North Beach Community Center on May 4 at 11:00 a.m. From 1900 – 1920, Chesapeake Beach had Seaside Park, which hosted a huge wooden rollercoaster over the Bay waters. Passenger ships from Baltimore and trains from Washington DC brought thousands in to enjoy the Chesapeake Bay every weekend in the summer.

More than 150 people came to hear the Donovan sisters reminisce about the Chesapeake Beach Amusement Park.

Then, for 26 years, Chesapeake beach Amusement Park operated there from 1946 – 1972. It encompassed what’s now the Chesapeake Beach Resort & Spa, Rod ‘N’ Reel, Marina East, the Roland’s/Chesapeake Care Pharmacy shopping center, and the neighborhoods up to 17th Street. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, people flocked to the park. The owners of the parks over the years were Joseph O’Meara, Wesley Stinnett, and their father, Fred Donovan Sr. Their mother, Daphne also worked in the park with their father until their five kids began coming along. Living at the park was “teenage heaven” remembers Dianne who adds, “it was everything childhood and youth should be. It was the land of



pleasant living.” The girls spent their days doing off jobs at the park and whenever they could, frolicking on the beach and listening to Paul Anka and other heartthrobs on their AM transistor radios.

There was a boy’s performing group called the “Aqua Nuts” that were stunt diving show-offs using the three diving boards at the huge pool. One of them, the girls remember, was Bobby Abner. The pool was located adjacent to and below the ballroom, which measured 154 feet long by 98 feet wide, held 2,000 people and was packed with dancers every Friday and Saturday night. Tommy Dorsey, and many other well-known Big Band era stars played there during its heyday. Both groups of local swimmers would entertain the dancers at intermission. The patrons would flock to the windows of the ballroom to watch the show in the pool below – complete with underwater lighting, hula hoops, floating flowers and sometimes even rings of fire!

(back) Grace Mary Brady, president of the Bayside History Museum; The Donovan sisters: Dianne Donovan Harrison, Joanie Donovan Kilmon, and Gail Donovan Harkins. In front is Caroline Grace Garrett, age 8, the youngest helper at the Bayside History Museum.

“There was the Ferris Wheel and the little boats, eventually replaced by the Daisy Cups ride,” remembers Gail Harkins. A clip of those charming boats children could ride in are included in the movie clip (scan the Current Code with your smart phone). There was something for everyone in Chesapeake Beach back then. There was a kiddie train ride, and for the adults, charter boats, row boats, and a fisherman’s paradise. Of course there was the arcade/casino for adults as well. There was a huge Bingo Hall. The kids could play pinball machines and at the Beachcomber restaurant, chow down juicy cheeseburgers and hear their favorite 45’s on the jukebox. There was also a Fun House, where lots of young people had their first kisses. For 5 cents, you could buy cards of movie stars. Just about every church and business in the area had their summer picnics on the grounds overlooking the bay and the beach. Joanie Kilmon, who’s the librarian at the Twin Beaches Branch, fondly remembers that her brother, Gerald Donovan’s first job was emptying the big orange trash cans. And she remembers the huge saltwater swimming pool where she and her sisters performed synchronized swim routines as the “Synchronettes.” “There were ten to twelve of us bathing suit-clad beauties and every morning at 8:00 a.m. in the summer – before the pool opened to the public – we’d go practice,” she says. “No matter how hot it was the day before, that water was always frigid that early in the morning.”

Griff Harrison of Plum Point and Stuart King of North Beach reminisce over old photos taken at the Chesapeake Beach Amusement Park. King allowed his photos to be scanned and added to the archives of the Bayside History Museum, which is looking for other photos and artifacts.

One of the biggest events held at the historic ballroom in Chesapeake Beach was Calvert County’s 300th Anniversary celebration. And annually, there was the famed Bay Breeze Ball very July. Want to know more about the old-time attractions at Chesapeake Beach? Be sure to make plans to come to opening day of the Bayside History Museum in North Beach on May 4. Scan the Current Code with your smart phone to watch a clip of the movie showing some of the attractions at the Chesapeake Beach Amusement Park in the 1940’s. The entire movie will be shown at the Bayside History Museum when it opens May 4 at 11:00 a.m. Movie clip and historic photos courtesy of the Donovan family, the Chesapeake Beach Railway Museum, and the Bayside History Museum.

Facts About the Chesapeake Carousel One of the most popular attractions at the Chesapeake Beach Amusement Park was the magnificent carousel featuring gorgeous horses, and exotic animals including a lion, a tiger, an ostrich and a seahorse. Although it was removed in 1972 after the park closed, fortunately, it was saved and you can even go see it today. It’s located at Watkins Regional Park in Upper Marlboro and is still in operation. This Chesapeake Carousel is believed to have been constructed by Gustav Dentzel at the turn of the century, according to the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC), which now owns and maintains it. The carousel operated at Chesapeake Beach through 1972. Restoration has been ongoing since its acquisition by M-NCPPC in 1974; it was re-opened to the public in July 1977. The carousel is open seasonally, and provides delightful experiences for the young and the young-at-heart.

Facts about the Chesapeake Carousel, from the National Carousel Association: Park: Description: Carousel Class: Status: Model: Year Built: Type: Figures:

Music: Comments:


Web Site:

Chesapeake Carousel photos printed with permission from the National Carousel A s s o c ia t io n ( and Gary Nance.

Watkins Regional Park Dentzel Classic Wood Carousel Active menagerie c.1905 3 rows, park, All-wood composition 15 Jumping Horses, 16 Standing Horses, 13 Menagerie Animals,1 Goat, 1 Deer, 1 Hippocampus, 2 Lions, 1 Ostrich, 1 Kangaroo, 2 Burros, 2 Bison, 2 Tigers, 1 Rabbit, 2 chariots. No Band Organ: Recorded music Figures include articulated kangaroo. The ring machine is original but not operated. Original lion on display in the carousel building. Original Location Unknown, Date Unknown to Unknown Chesapeake Beach, MD, 1929 to 1972 Watkins Regional Park, Upper Marlboro, MD, 1972 to present April 2013 CHESAPEAKE BAY TRIPPER


Brilliance of the Bay Catering by Skipper's Pier

The perfect combination of the Chesapeake Bay wedding and true Maryland seafood cuisine! • Specializing in local seafood dishes with fresh local produce from nearby. • Various dining styles are available for your event including crab feasts, seafood buffets, and plated dinner or lunches. • Pastry Chef on site to sculpt your wedding cake or any beautiful array of desserts you can imagine. • Host your wedding, bridal shower, or special event at our private marina. • Wedding packages including tents, tables, chairs, etc are available

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W e dd i ng s

By Alison Setzer Choosing the right ring is the first step in popping the question and it can be overwhelming. With the help of friendly and knowledgeable sales associates, you will quickly realize that it’s not so intimidating. You’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with… the rest is a piece of cake!

While there are certainly trends in engagement rings, the one constant is that the ring is as unique as the woman receiving it. The ring will be the everlasting symbol of your love and commitment, so it should reflect your relationship and your personalities. A very popular style for 2013 is a “halo” of diamonds surrounding the center diamond. To shake things up a bit, you could choose a princess-cut or cushion-cut center stone and even add a pop of color. Fancy colored diamonds are increasingly popular. Whether you pick icy blues to symbolize your last beach vacation or warm yellows as bright as the sun, these diamonds will give your ring a splash of color with the signature



So You’re Ready to Pop the Question?

sparkle of a diamond. Another p o p u l a r option for engagement rings is a vintageinspired style. Whether it’s an antique or a reproduction, a vintage ring adds personality and romance to the proposal. Kathy Dickinson, owner of Dickinson Jewelers, says, “We see more and more couples looking in our antique and estate jewelry collection for a truly unique engagement ring. Old mine-cut and European cut diamonds always attract attention, not to mention the incredible workmanship in these older rings. Antique engagement rings, especially when in platinum, never last long in the case.” Have you been looking non-stop and still can’t find the perfect ring? Design it yourself! Technology has made this option especially attractive and easy to obtain. With thousands of customizable options, cutting-edge 3D design software lets you have creative control to customize every detail of the ring. “We help a little, at least to get the ball rolling. But once the basic ring is up on the flat screen, with the touch of a button we work together to make any changes the customer wants and can easily price it in platinum, 18k, and 14k gold, giving the customer even more choices. A really nice feature of this technology is that the end result is a totally custom ring that is mindful of one’s budget,” explains Kathy Dickinson. Dickinson Jewelers has been using this new technology with its customers for the past year.

The Big Day Wedding bands play a big role in saying, “I do.” Platinum and white gold are the most popular metal choices for the bride. Platinum, while more valuable than white gold, is a pure white metal and naturally hypoallergenic. Its toughness makes it extremely durable and over time, it needs less maintenance and develops a beautiful patina finish. White gold is perhaps the more popular and more affordable choice for many brides today. Because gold is yellow in its natural state and mixed with other alloys like nickel to turn white, these rings require a little more maintenance to stay looking bright white. Most brides choose a band that compliments and doesn’t compete with the style of the engagement ring. Many designers offer a matching wedding band, so be sure to ask. At first you may

think every band you try on looks funny because you’re used to wearing your engagement ring on its own. Keep the faith; the perfect wedding band for you is out there. Working with a knowledgeable sales associate whom you feel really listens to you is key. And remember that custom design is always an option, too.

Men’s wedding bands have been trending towards alternative metals like tungsten carbide and titanium. These bands are durable and unique, with designs ranging from simple and classic to wild and outrageous. “At the recent bridal fairs we attended in the community, the grooms overwhelmingly loved the camouflage pattern bands we had on display. Anytime you can get a guy excited about jewelry, especially for him, it’s a beautiful thing.” adds Dickinson. Dickinson Jewelers has recently added a line of alternative bands that includes everything from black ceramic bands approved for use in active duty, to bands with diamonds and even camouflage. The day before your wedding, it’s always a good idea to visit the jeweler to have the engagement ring cleaned to ensure it looks its best. Dickinson Jewelers, in Prince Frederick and Dunkirk, offers a complimentary polishing and cleaning to its brides before the big day. “With so many guests wanting to peek at the bride and groom’s rings the day of the wedding, and considering how many photos of the bride and groom’s rings are taken, we like to do our part to make sure their big day is perfect by polishing and cleaning her ring so it looks its absolute best. Our brides

Wedding photography courtesy of Mike B. Photography.

always love this service,” explains Kathy Dickinson. Jewelry for the bride and bridesmaids for the big day can range from the classic strand of pearls to big statement pieces. Spice up your wedding day jewelry with layers and different shades of stones. Make sure you try on different lengths and layers when deciding on necklaces, you’ll know right away what works best with your dress. If a necklace

just won’t work, try dramatic earrings or a wide cuff bracelet. Gather your girlfriends and have a photo session with your jewelry of choice, it’s the best way to know you like how you’re wedding ensemble looks before the big day. In the end your big day is just that, yours. About the Author: Alison Setzer is the Marketing Manager of Dickinson Jewelers, with locations in Prince Frederick and Dunkirk, locally-owned and operated fine jewelry stores since 1957. April 2013 CHESAPEAKE BAY TRIPPER


Where To Have A Memorable Wedding


ocation, Location, Location…. It’s not just for buying a home! Location is the number one deciding factor when you’re looking for a place to have your wedding or special event! Southern Maryland is truly a wedding paradise unknown to many. As I look over the Chesapeake Bay, I see the potential of beautiful weddings. Herrington on Bay, in Friendship, MD is a gorgeous location for a ceremony and then you can party all night long in a beautiful tent with views of the water. Just down the road in Chesapeake Flora Corner farm barn Beach is Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa. Newly renovated rooms that overlook the rustic charm in as well! the water and a new gazebo make this a But what if you’re not a water person luxury wedding paradise. and you want more of a rustic wedding or a countryside setting? Well, Southern Maryland has that too. Are you looking for rustic barn décor, Mason jars, twinkling lights and burlap runners? You are in luck; we have some beautiful locations just waiting to serve you and your guests. Flora Corner farm in Mechanicsville, accommodating up to 125 guests your wedding can take place in a stunning, renovated barn. Just imagine taking a ride through the property in a beautiful horse and carriage! Jefferson Patterson Park is a 560-acre park in St. Leonard that takes on a whole Flora Corner farm, picture by Leah Hewitt of new meaning on outdoor weddings. L Hewitt Photography Imagine hanging rustic chandeliers from the rafters and Mason jars on the tables. Stoney’s (The Pointe) in Broome’s Weatherly Farm in Newburg is Island has amazing water views and a another location that overlooks the beautiful waterfall to captivate your guest Potomac River but yet when you add the during your ceremony. Cove Point Lighthouse and the Calvert Marine Museum in Solomons are going to give you the stunning views of the water then satisfy your needs when you are ready to eat! Travel down to St. Mary’s and check out Historic St. Mary’s City and the Broome Howard Inn. They are both situated on the water with breathtaking views for a ceremony. Olde Brenton Inn in Leonardtown is also a location that has stunning views overlooking the the Potomac River, Breton Bay and St. Clements Bay. Why not throw Running Hare Vineyard by Bella Photography



By Kim Breedlove rustic charm transforms the space into a haven you have dreamt about. Or you can get married at Sotterley Plantation in Hollywood, MD. Their rustic backdrop and barn can be transformed into upscale BBQ style wedding or make your style into a rustic/elegant feel with all of Southern Maryland’s Favorites. Maybe you would like a unique venue to have your wedding… like Tuscany without the airfare costs? Running Hare Vineyard in Prince Frederick truly has a Tuscan feel. Running Hare is a 291-acre private farm with a custom built Italian Pergola for a ceremony overlooking the vineyard. Then head inside the Tuscan-style Villa to dance the night away and make great memories!

Jefferson Patterson Park

Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Art Center in Solomons is another unique location to have your wedding. You can have your ceremony on the Sculpture Lawn and then head inside for your reception and be tantalized by great works of Art. Or take a drive to Charles County and have your wedding at the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs-Regency Stadium.

Why not have your ceremony on the ball field while your guests watch in the stadium seating and then have an amazing view for your reception. Step back in time to The Port Tobacco Court House, which is a reconstructed 1819 Courthouse that has Civil War exhibits that offer a little bit of history for your guest to enjoy, while they settle in for a wedding of the year. So no matter what location you chose you can’t go wrong! Just make sure you go where your heart takes you, BUT remember your budget as well. When planning any sort of event, first create a realistic budget and stick to it. It’s ok to not have everything you have dreamt of, but choose the right spot, get a professional event planner you can trust, then spend your money wisely on key factors and everything else will fall into place.

Herrington on the Bay

The Point at Broome’s Island About the Author: Kim Breedlove of Chesapeake Beach is the owner of Breedlove Events, LLC ( and has been a full-service Wedding and event planning company serving Southern Maryland since 2007. Breedlove Events, LLC is proud to be a member of The Association of Bridal Consultants at the ABC™ level, and a Certified Green Wedding Planner. April 2013 CHESAPEAKE BAY TRIPPER






History Abounds On Archaeology Day

Learn About, Tour Local Forts

April is Maryland Archaeology Month. You and your family can experience this annual event highlighting M a r y l a n d ' s archaeological heritage at Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum annual D i s c o v e r i n g Archaeology Day, Saturday, April 20. Enjoy exhibits, displays and hands-on activities with archaeologists from all over Maryland. Visit the ongoing excavations of an 18th-century plantation site. Tours of the museum grounds and the Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory will be available. Explore JPPM's FAQ Archaeology and War of 1812 exhibits and stop by the Indian Village for activities and demonstrations. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts can complete requirements toward badges in archaeology. The free event runs from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For more information, call (410) 586-8501 or visit

The Southern Maryland Civil War Roundtable (SMCWR) will host a presentation by licensed Washington, D.C. tour guide Peter MacNeill on Civil War forts in the Washington, D.C. area. The event is scheduled for 7:00 p.m., Sat., April 9 at the College of Southern Maryland’s (CSM’s) Center for Business and Industry (BI), Chaney Enterprises, Conference Room BI-113, 8730 Mitchell Road, La Plata.

The masonry Fort Washington was designed by Pierre L’Enfant, architect of Washington DC. According to the National Parks Service, Fort Washington is the only permanent fortification built to defend the river approach to the nation's Capitol. It took ten years to construct and cost over $426,000. (Photo Credit: NPS – Gant)

Information and registration details for an April 27 tour of a number of Civil War forts led by MacNeill will be available at the SMCWR meeting on April 9. Forts in our area varied from rudimentary structures to magnificent engineering marvels and all were constructed to help keep the enemy out of Washington. MacNeill will talk about location and composition of forts, and their strategic purpose. While most of these forts are gone, some, like Fort DeRussy, Fort Foote, Fort Marcy, Fort Stevens, Fort Ward and Fort Washington are partially or wholly intact. MacNeill’s fascination for American military history began while watching John Wayne and Errol Flynn movies with his father on Saturday mornings in the 1950s. Since moving to the Washington, D.C. region in 1971, MacNeill has passed the National Park Service Gettysburg Battlefield tour guide exam and in 1992 began a career as a licensed Washington, D.C. tour guide specializing in veteran's military reunion tours and Civil War battlefield tours. MacNeill estimates that he has visited Antietam and Gettysburg battlefields thousands of times. The SMCWR hosts monthly meetings, the second Tuesday of every month from September through May. Meetings are free and open to the public, but membership to the roundtable is highly encouraged. Annual membership is $30. For information, contact SMCWR President Dr. Brad Gottfried at or (301) 934-7625.



Go Green at Expo Learn about ways you can save energy, recycle, re-use and be more earth-friendly at this year’s Calvert County Green Expo. This year’s event is the 5th annual one organized by the Calvert County Citizens' Green Team. Green living abounds at the Calvert County Green Expo April 20 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center in Solomons. It’s free and open to the public. This leading sustainability event aims to teach participants ways to integrate green practices into everyday life. Environmental leaders, businesses, organizations and educators will provide information on new developments in renewable energy, green technology, harnessing solar power, composting and building a greener home to lower energy costs. At the Green Expo, you can enjoy locally grown food and locally brewed beer and enter to win a door prize. The artLAB, Annmarie Gardens' creative re-use center, will have hands-on activities for all ages. The Pollution Solution Superheroes will also make an appearance to delight the kids. New this year is a Green Craft Fair that will feature eco-friendly vendors selling everything from all-natural body care products and jewelry to home décor and art made from repurposed materials. For more information, visit

Celebrate Spring at Celtic Festival If you never tire of hearing “Amazing Grace” on the bagpipes and enjoy watching burly guys run around in kilts, you won’t want to miss this event! The Southern Maryland Celtic Festival and Highland Gathering is Saturday, April 27, which marks the 35th year for the oldest Celtic celebration in Maryland. This wonderful cultural extravaganza celebrates the heritage of the Scots, Irish, Breton, Cornish, Irish, and Welsh immigrants to our area. The festival is held on the last Saturday of April every year from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum in St. Leonard. Three performance stages offer continuous music and dance featuring internationally known recording artists and groups. Watch craft and country dance demonstrations and listen to harp and Scottish fiddling while storytellers weave tales near grazing sheep alongside historical displays, crafts and food. In the Celtic Market, you will find food and gifts with an old-world atmosphere. All-day competitions include pipers, fiddlers, highland dancers, athletes, drummers, pipe bands and Celtic harpers. After closing ceremonies, join the group in the dance pavilion. April 2013 CHESAPEAKE BAY TRIPPER


Go Fly A Kite! The annual Solomons Island Kite Day Saturday, April 6, with Wings Over Washington Kite Club from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Glascock Field, directly across the street from the Calvert Marine Museum. Bring your own kite or make one at the museum. Kite kits will be on sale for $5 each, cash only. Admission is free and the public is welcomed. General museum admission applies for visitation to the exhibition gallery. For information on these events and more, visit or call (410) 326-2042.

Love Otters? If you’re searching for that one-of-a-kind experience, the Otter Lover's Package may be exactly what you've been looking for! This exclusive opportunity at the Calvert Marine Museum in Solomons is an experience for up to six guests that includes a o n e - h o u r behind-the-scenes tour; observation of the museum’s otters feasting on their breakfast while practicing their art skills; and an authentic otter artwork original in colors of your choosing. This package is being offered on a first-come, first-served basis at a cost of $250 ($125 of which is tax deductible). Contact David Moyer, curator of Estuarine Biology, for more details. Call (410) 326-2042, ext. 33 to schedule your Otter Lover's P a c k a g e today.

Otter Art.



Dragon Boats Are Coming! End Hunger Calvert, which currently provides assistance to 700 families in Calvert County is planning a very unique fundraiser: a Dragon Boat Festival. Rev. Robert Hahn, pastor of Chesapeake Church in Huntingtown, MD and founder of End Hunger Calvert came up with the idea. The event will be held Saturday, June 22 at the North Beach waterfront. Even if you don’t want to paddle, it will be a fun event for the entire family to watch. Rev. Hahn says 100% of the proceeds will benefit end Hunger, a 501©3 non-profit, and if you sign on as a crew member ($2,000 per boat or $150 per person) it’s a tax-deductible donation. The beauty of this event is that spectators have just as much fun as the paddlers! Dragon Boat photos from, Come, cheer on the teams a Montreal company that organizes and visit the local food and Dragon Boat Races. craft vendors The Bay Business Group (BBG) was the first to endorse the event, and we’re forming boats now. If your business or non-profit group is interested in being a crew member, please email for info about becoming a BBG member and helping the crew! So what is Dragon Boating? Dragon boating is today's fastest-growing international team water sport. The End Hunger Dragon Boat Festival will feature boats of 16 paddlers and one drummer in a competition to paddle across the finish line with the fastest time. If you’re a vendor interested in booth space, email Watch the Chesapeake Current and Chesapeake Bay Tripper for more info as the event date draws near!

Scan the Current Code with your smart phone to learn more about how Dragon Boats work. April 2013 CHESAPEAKE BAY TRIPPER





exhibit and sale will brighten any evening. Enjoy wine, light hors d’oeuvres and live music and don’t forget to visit the gift shop. Stop by Annmarie before or after dinner and make it a night on the town. No reservations required.

 SATURDAY, APRIL 6 (10 A.M.-4 P.M.)  MONDAYS, APRIL 8, 15, 22 AND 29 (ALL DAY) Monday Memories Tour Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum 10515 Mackall Road, St. Leonard 410-586-8562 • The public is invited to free Monday Memories guided tours of Point Farm, located at JPPM in St. Leonard. All are welcomed to enjoy the memories of Calvert County, the Patterson family, JPPM or those who once worked on the land that is now JPPM. Visitors may share stories or simply enjoy the tour and listen to the memories of others. Point Farm was the country retreat of the late Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson Patterson. In 1983, Mrs. Patterson donated the property to the state in honor of her late husband, creating JPPM. The tour highlights this beautiful 1933 Colonial Revival brick house and gardens designed by noted female architects Gertrude Sawyer and Rose Greely.

 TUESDAYS, APRIL 9 AND 16 (10 A.M.-4 P.M.)

Solomons Island Kite Day Calvert Marine Museum 14200 Solomons Island Road, Solomons 410-326-2042 • Celebrate our annual Solomons Island Kite Day with Wings Over Washington Kite Club. Bring your own kite or make one at the museum.

 FRIDAY, APRIL 12 (7:30-9:30 P.M.) Planet Party Kings Landing Park 3255 Kings Landing Road, Huntingtown 410-535-2661 • Ever wondered what our Earth and the planet Jupiter have in common? Bring the family out to learn via hands-on activities inside Tom Wisner Hall before venturing outside to view Jupiter’s cloud tops and its Galilean satellites through telescopes. Enjoy views of the Great Orion Nebula, laser constellation tours and try to catch a view of the waxing crescent moon before it sets.

The Exhibit Barn at JPPM Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum 10515 Mackall Road, St. Leonard 410-586-8562 • Enjoy the new War of 1812 exhibit and others!

 FRIDAY, APRIL 5 (1 P.M.) First Friday Tours Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum 10515 Mackall Road, St. Leonard 410-586-8562 • Enjoy a free behind-the-scenes tour of the Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory, a state-of-the-art facility that houses more than 8 million artifacts, including collections from every county in Maryland. The tour allows visitors to get up close and personal with our conservators and our collections. Group tours are offered year round for a small fee.

 FRIDAY, APRIL 5 (6-9 P.M.) Annmarie After Hours: The Living Gallery Exhibition and Sale Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center 13480 Dowell Road, Solomons 410-326-4640 • Explore the work of the 20 artists who participated in the Living Gallery program. Fiber, jewelry, sculpture, painting and more; this April 2013 CHESAPEAKE BAY TRIPPER


 THURSDAY, APRIL 18 (6:30-9 P.M.)

 SATURDAY, APRIL 20 (11 A.M.)

PEM Talks: Sustainable Chesapeake – Restoring Oysters to the Chesapeake Calvert Marine Museum 14200 Solomons Island Road, Solomons 410-326-2042 • Ken Paynter will talk about continuing efforts to restore the oyster population to the Chesapeake for this Paleontology, Environment and Maritime History event. Come taste an authentic Chesapeake oyster and participants who are over 21 can have a glass of wine from a local winery.

Free Milkshake Music Concert Calvert Marine Museum 14200 Solomons Island Road, Solomons 410-326-2042 • Led by singer Lisa Matthews and guitarist Mikel Gehl, Milkshake has won over preschoolers with its authentic rock-and-roll spirit. Milkshake has previously released three critically acclaimed, multi-award-winning CDs and a Parents’ Choice Silver award-winning DVD.

 SATURDAY, APRIL 20 (10 A.M.-5 P.M.)

Homeschool Day: Tramping the History Trail Calvert Marine Museum 14200 Solomons Island Road, Solomons 410-326-2042 • Special hands-on workshops all day focusing on maritime skills, boatbuilding and the lighthouse. Check online for the schedule, cost and information on how to register.

Bring Your Parents to the Museum Day! Calvert Marine Museum 14200 Solomons Island Road, Solomons 410-326-2042 • Special activities throughout the museum designed for the younger set will demonstrate how parents can use the museum as a fun, interactive learning experience for their toddlers and preschoolers.

 SATURDAY, APRIL 20 (10 A.M.-4 P.M.) Calvert County Green Expo and Green Craft Fair Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center 13480 Dowell Road, Solomons 410-326-4640 • Learn how to go green in everyday life and celebrate the Earth with a variety of free and engaging activities. Learn how to lower energy costs, build a green home, harness solar power, compost your waste and much more at the fourth annual Green Expo. It is easy and fun to go green! Also enjoy the Green Craft Fair!

 SATURDAY, APRIL 20 (10 A.M.-5 P.M.) Discovering Archaeology Day Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum 10515 Mackall Road, St. Leonard 410-586-8562 • Experience, discover, learn and have fun exploring the what, where and how of archaeology. Demonstrations, tours and activities for budding archaeologists of any age!

 SATURDAY, APRIL 20 (10 A.M.-4 P.M.) The PNC “Grow up Great” Mobile Learning Adventure Calvert Marine Museum 14200 Solomons Island Road, Solomons 410-326-2042 • The Mobile Learning Adventure is a traveling exhibit that includes interactive kiosks and the “When I Grow Up” station, where kids dress up as different professionals and have their picture superimposed on an appropriate background. In addition, parents can take home activity books and learning kits that demonstrate how to take everyday moments and turn them into learning opportunities.



 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24 (10 A.M.-3 P.M.)

 SATURDAY, APRIL 27 (10 A.M.-6 P.M.) Celtic Festival and Highland Gathering Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum 10515 Mackall Road, St. Leonard 410-586-8562 • The Celtic Society of Southern Maryland will present the 35th Annual Southern Maryland Celtic Festival and Highland Gathering, the oldest Celtic celebration in Maryland. The festival highlights Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Manx, Breton, Cornish and British heritage. Information and tickets are available online at; by calling 443-975-0972; or by email at

 SUNDAY, APRIL 28 (9-11 A.M.) ACLT Spring Guided Hike at Warrior’s Rest Warrior’s Rest Sanctuary, Port Republic 410-414-3400 • This will be a leisurely guided walk to explore Warrior’s Rest Sanctuary and Arboretum. Bring your binoculars and view early migratory birds and spring wildflowers. Meet at 9 a.m. sharp at Warrior’s Rest Sanctuary. Hike will last until about 11 a.m. Hike will be rain or shine unless thunderstorms develop. Dogs are not permitted on guided tours. Registration required.

 SUNDAY, APRIL 28 (3-5 P.M.) Christine Keiner Presents The Oyster Question Calvert Marine Museum 14200 Solomons Island Road, Solomons 410-326-2042 • Dr. Christine Keiner will discuss her book, “The Oyster Question: Scientists, Watermen and the Maryland Chesapeake Bay Since 1880.” Her outlook challenges standard interpretations of the local oyster fishery as the epitome of the “tragedy of the commons.” The lecture will be followed by a brief question-and-answer period and autographed copies of “The Oyster Question” will be available for sale in the museum store. Keiner is an associate professor in the Science, Technology and Society/Public Policy Department at Rochester Institute of Technology. Her book won the 2010 Forum for the History of Science in America Prize and co-won the Maryland Historical Trust’s Heritage Book Award, as well as Honorable Mention for the Frederick Jackson Turner Award from the Organization of American Historians. For additional Current Events, see our sister publication, the Chesapeake Current.



Ride with Ripley 2nd Charity Motorcycle Ride

When: Saturday, April 20th at 8:45am Where: Solomon’s Island board walk, near the gazebo Price: $10.00 per person for the ride, (which will also get you 5 Raffle Tickets) Raffle tickets can be purchased on site for $2.00 each.

Join Ripley from 977 The Rocket, WMDM-FM and friends on the ride, or meet at All American Harley-Davidson in Hughesville for this great fund raising event. Great prizes raffled off and 50-50, all proceeds from the raffle and 50-50 benefit Southern Maryland Battle Buddies. Southern Maryland Battle Buddies helps Military veterans with service connected illnesses/injuries that have trouble accessing Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals and clinics due to distance, expense of travel and, at times, Stress related disorders. Listen to 977 The Rocket for more details or go to our website Or email


While supplies last.

Bike & Car Show By: Bike & Rider with Boston Nichols Registration- 9am-12pm, $20 to enter. Awards-3pm

All American Harley Idol

DJ Tommy Houck, Playing music through out the day and hosting the First EVER, ALL AMERICAN HARLEY IDOL Contest! 1st, 2nd & 3rd place trophies awarded! Judged by Ripley and the

staff of 97.7 THE ROCKET!



Chesapeake Beach Railway Right-of-Way Hike Since the 1970s, members of the Chesapeake Beach Railway Museum and friends have been exploring sections of the historic “right-of-way” of the old Chesapeake Beach Railway bed, laid over 100 years ago. Amazingly, even today, there are still visible “cuts” and ridges in the earth where the railway was laid that one can walk along and imagine the past.

Saturday, April 13th The public is welcome to join us as we “hike” down several sections of the Right-of-Way rail bed. Meet promptly at 9:00am at the Chesapeake Beach Railway Museum 4155 Mears Ave, Chesapeake Beach, Maryland *FREE* Wear your walking shoes and bring a bag lunch. The terrain is mostly flat and suitable for walking. We will use personal vehicles to drive between walkable sections of the Right-of-Way. Questions? Call 410-257-3892



Chesapeake Bay Tripper 040413  

The Chesapeake Bay Tripper is packed with fun events, day trip itineraries and travel ideas around the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay....

Chesapeake Bay Tripper 040413  

The Chesapeake Bay Tripper is packed with fun events, day trip itineraries and travel ideas around the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay....