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The Newsletter of the Chesapeake City United Methodist Charge April 2014 We are a Community called to Invite people to Jesus Christ, Grow Disciples of Jesus Christ and Show the love of Jesus Christ. Most people think that when you say “Think spring!” you are talking about flowers and trees bloomThink ing, planting a garden, washing windows on the house, Spring! and spring cleaning. But many people in our region are thinking about getting their boat back into the water. Since I have been your Pastor here in Chesapeake City, I have learned that many people come to our town by boat. They come for the dining, the shopping, and/or an historical experience. However, did you know that a number of these boaters come to Chesapeake City to worship? When Jean Ritter went Home to be with the Lord, I met with her family on a Sunday afternoon. I got a little bit choked-up since my own mother died not long before Jean and, as a result, I needed a breather. I took a drive down to Pell Gardens to watch the water, the boats, and the birds. A woman bought an ice cream cone and noticed me sitting in my car. After confirming that I was the Pastor of the Methodist Church, she told me that she had really enjoyed that morning’s service and sermon. Then, she climbed aboard her sailboat and went inside the cabin. (I really wanted to ask her how she knew about our church but I wasn’t feeling bold enough to hop on her sailboat and knock on the cabin door at that point). (Continued on page 2)

Youth Group/Preschool/Outreach…......….page 2 CCEA/Missions/Easter Lilies….…….…… 3 Studies and Groups/Sunday School … 4 Finance/Food Pantry………………..…….....pages 5 Lenten Services/Easter Lilies....………… 5 Serving in April/Lenten Services………… 6 April Calendar………...............……………….page 7 Easter Egg Hunt!.........................…..…..back cover

Palm Sunday

Hosanna! Covered Dish Brunch April 13th, 11 a.m. Following Combined Worship Service & Children’s Easter Program Trinity Fellowship Hall The Caring Committee will provide paper products and drinks. *Bring your favorite brunch dish to share!* For more information call Marian Harvey at 410-885-2472. The Chesapeake City United Methodist Charge 450 Third Street, Chesapeake City, MD Pastor Mark J. Avens, 410-398-8003 E-Mail: Web: Phone: 410-885-5641

April 15th

Editor: Jenifer Dolde Phone: 410-275 8901 E-mail:

The Bridge

April 2014


Beth Ohline, Preschool Director Upcoming Youth Group Dates Date




Wed., April 2


Wed., April 9


Wed., April 16


Sunday May 18 (tentative)

9:00am to 12:00pm

Meet at Trinity Meet at Trinity Meet at Trinity Sanctuary

Supper and go to Lenten Service Supper and go to Lenten Service Supper and go to Lenten Service Youth Sunday Service 2014

Camp Pecometh Scholarships and Christian Camp Opportunity Camp Pecometh information is now available on line at As you look though all the great Christian camping opportunities for your child, remember that CCUMC supports campers with scholarships in amounts up to 50% of traditional camp, with a maximum amount of $175. To be eligible for a scholarship, we ask that the family and young person be active in our church. The scholarship form is selfexplanatory and you should feel free to contact Todd Harvey at 410-885-2472 if you have questions about obtaining a scholarship or the amounts available. We were blessed that John Redding picked up and drove our St. Patrick’s Day parade float, graciously loaned to us by the Lovetts. We all had a great time. Bob Crew walked beside the float and gave out information on the services and the "Great Ham and Cabbage Dinner" that was a success, so his hurting feet were not in vain. The float was decorated by Daniel, Britney, Bob, and myself, although we fought the wind the whole time. We also helped the Chamber put balloons around town. God gave us a beautiful day after a we worried that we would have rain scare. Our next big event will be the Easter Egg Hunt between Services Easter Day. Come out and join the fun. If you would like to help, please see Jeannie Tracie, Bridget Crew, or Tina Presnell. We are still collecting filled eggs; bags of empty eggs are located in the hall; please return by Sunday April 6th. Outreach meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month, weather permitting.

Enrolling now for Fall 2014. If you have any questions, please contact Beth Ohline.

Pastor’s Article (Continued from page 1)

This winter, you all did a great job in ministering to a young couple stuck in the ice here in Chesapeake City. Maybe God is pointing out that boaters need to be invited to worship as well as people at the bed & breakfasts and town visitors in general? I think we can start an outreach to boaters! The first thing to do is place a flyer on the bulletin board each week announcing our services. In addition, I understand that there are boating websites that list what is available at each town port. If we can get on these as well to say “worship with us,” wouldn’t that be a great idea? Maybe we’d have an invitation made up for boaters visiting The Chesapeake Inn, Schaefer’s Canal House, and The Bayard House? Do you have any ideas on how we can be inviting to boaters both for weekly worship and for special events throughout the year? What do you say? Are you interested in starting a boating ministry here in Chesapeake City? If so, contact me at 410-398-8003 or via e-mail at In God’s Great Love, Pastor Mark

A Little Bit of Boating Humor Do you know the two best days of a boater’s life? The day they buy the boat and the day they sell the boat. Do you know the definition of a boat? It’s a hole in the water where you throw your money. If you really want to laugh without spending any money, visit a public boat launch on Memorial Day. Many novice boaters have a hard time backing in their boat trailer; they leave the plug out of the boat (letting water in so the boat sinks); they forget to tie off the boat during launch and set it adrift with no way to retrieve it. Now this wouldn’t be funny if it happened to you but, it’s still funny.

The Bridge

April 2014


Chesapeake City Ecumenical Association Eileen Viars, President CCEA has signed up with Stream Energy Power Up Program. Check the CCEA web or FB page to see how you can join to help support the CCEA. Thanks to John Homan for his analysis of the program. *********************************** National Volunteer Week April 6-12: The CCEA is grateful for all of our volunteers. We could not function without your help. May God Bless You for all you do! *********************************** The CCEA will accept any type of metal and turn it in cash to support our ministries! You may contact Frank Vari at 410-885-2161 to arrange for pickup. As always Thank You for your continued support ***********************************

National Day of Prayer: May 1, 2014, Noon in Pell Garden *********************************** Please check the following for updates:

Website Follow us in FaceBook “Chesapeake City Ecumenical Association” ( *********************************** Thank you to all who have faithfully support the CCEA Ministries throughout the year! Blessings to all, Eileen

April Mission: Camp Pecometh Scholarship Fund Registration for Camp Pecometh is now in high gear. One way our church family has continued to let the light of Christ shine through us has been our camper scholarship fund. Over the past several years we have helped at least 812 young people attend camp annually. The maximum amount a camper can receive is $175 and families can apply for lesser amounts as well. A portion of our Christmas Bazaar funds help with scholarships, however, what has made us able to send many young people to camp is individuals giving to that fund. Our church family gives to so many ministries throughout the year but we know this one holds a special place in our hearts. The experience of camp can often be the seed of faith that blooms many times as a young camper gets older! For more information, contact Todd Harvey at 410885-2472. Or you may make a check out to CCUMC. Note “Camp Pecometh” in the memo line.


Easter Lilies $10.00 each Orders will be due no later than Sunday, April 13, 2014. Make check payable to Trinity Preschool and include with your order. Place your order in the offering plate.


In Memory of:



In Honor of:



To the Glory of God By: (Your Name)

___ Lilies at $10.00 each =




The Bridge

4 The Way: Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus - 40 Days of Reflection:Join the Adult Sunday School Class this Lenten Season as we journey with Christ. Sundays, 10:15am to 11:00am in Room 4. Starts March 1.

Bible Study with Pastor Mark: Be a part of Pastor Mark’s sermon writing by exploring the coming week’s scripture. Wednesday mornings, Trinity 10:30 am. “It Came From Within!” by Andy Stanley, which examines four conditions of the heart that are the root of sour attitudes, hurt-filled relationships, and regretful actions: guilt, jealousy, greed, and anger. These messages will help you fight these creatures where they live by going right to the heart of the matter. BEGINS IN JUNE. Tuesdays, at 10:30 a.m. Led by Kathy Moran at the home of Mary Meadows, 29 North Road, Chesapeake City. Crafting: On April 28 come learn how to make fabric yo-yos and make a small decorative wreath. We will discuss ideas for using yoyos to make ornaments and decorative items to sell at our bazaar in the fall. Some fabric will be available or you may bring your own if you have a color scheme in mind. You may also wish to bring scissors, ribbon and buttons to add for decoration, and a thimble. Meets at Town Point, on Mondays at 7 p.m. Led by Debbie Gimmy. Upcoming dates: May 12, June 2. Men’s Dinner: Next dinner Monday, April 21st, 6:30-8 p.m., Trinity Fellowship Hall.

Ham & Cabbage Dinner a Success! We were grateful to have a successful and profitable ham and cabbage dinner after the St. Patrick’s Day parade on March 15th. After expenses, profit was $711.66. Thanks go out to Cindy Wallace and all who made desserts. Special thanks to the clean up crew of Joyce Stansfield, Kim Karashin and Connie Edwards; to Marian Harvey, Brittany, Danielle and Cheyenne; and to Bob Crew, our “run around man.” We are grateful to Bridget Crew, Jammi Larson and Jeanne Tracy, who coordinated this event.

December 2013/January April 2014 2014

The Sunday School had a great time at the St. Patrick’s Day parade! Many thanks to John Redding for picking up and pulling the trailer, and to Tina and all the kids who helped spread Gods word and love. April is an exciting time for us, as w are anticipating warmer weather, spring flowers, Easter candy, and of course, the Easter play! The Littlest Donkey "Dusty" is the grandson of the famous donkey that carried Mary to Bethlehem. Please plan on attending our children's play and learn how God can use each and every one of us for HIS special purpose no matter how big or small we are. We are performing at the combined Palm Sunday service at 9:45 a.m. and are having a pot luck afterwards! We are excited and hope you are as well! God Bless! Lisa Malin & Tina Presnell

New Ministry

Ten volunteers have signed up so far and Elkton Florist graciously donated some vases to get us started. We can always use more help! We meet the last Sunday of each month, to collecting flowers to be dropped off to shut ins, those in retirement homes and others who need our "Sunshine Flowers of Love." We are collecting used or unused vases, and flowers to fill them, to be brought in those Sunday mornings. For more information, contact Tina Presnell.

The Bridge


April 2014

Finance Report—to February 2014


BASKET Diane Newton, Food Pantry Manager Hooray! Spring is almost here! It has been a long, hard winter. Lent is upon us and joyous Easter will soon be here. The Food Pantry has been doing a brisk business during this exceptional winter. We have had many in need. We needed to purchase food on one occasion and have repeatedly asked our contributors for replenishment of the stock. On several occasions, the shelves have been almost barren. Almost every time we have asked, our food angels have answered and restocked our shelves so we can provide for that week’s patrons. From March 1 to March 14, 490 pounds of food were donated and 240 pounds of food were distributed. Though the donation numbers look impressive, there are still those items that become quickly depleted. Peanut butter and jelly, Jello, snacks, cold cereal,

ramen noodles and soups are among the top items rapidly used. This month, we are in desperate need of canned meats. Spam or Treat, canned chicken or ham and tuna fish are almost gone! The Pantry served thirty-seven patrons from January 27 to March 14. We have been able to give our patrons one package of frozen beef, chicken or pork and one package of “miscellaneous” meat products like lunchmeat or hotdogs by participating in the CCEA “Bag of Hope” ministry through the Maryland Food Bank. This has been a welcomed addition to our distribution. We have additionally received frozen venison from Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry (FHFH). These items enhance the quality of the distributions we are providing to our patrons. Please keep those donations coming! Items go out as quickly as they come in. Nothing would please us more than to never have another customer, but that does not seem to be in the foreseeable future. Your donations, no matter how small or large, all go to someone in need who appreciates your generosity, beyond measure. Until next time...Blessings, Diane

The Bridge

April 2014


April Servants Serving the Lord At Traditional Worship, 9 a.m. April 6, 2014 Greeters: Rusty and Kristen Moore Lay Reader: Sandy McCaa Offertory Prayer Mikki Senn Acolytes Tina Presnell/Linda Stanton Communion Steward

April 13, 2014

April 20, 2014

April 27, 2014

Mikki Senn Sandy McCaa

Gwenn Barteld Gwenn Barteld

John Redding Todd Harvey

Frances Lee

Serving at Refreshment Time, 10 a.m.– 11 a.m. April 6, 2014

April 13, 2014

April 20, 2014

April 27, 2014


Chris Thompson Kathy Moran

Edna Wyatt Sandy McCaa

Kim Nahrgang Sally Sheldon


Jim Moran

Edna Wyatt

Bob and Bridgette Crew Kristina Melnick SERVANT NEEDED

Edna Wyatt

Serving the Lord At Contemporary Worship, 11 a.m. Greeters:

Communion Servers

Communion Bread:

April 6, 2014

April 13, 2014

April 20, 2014

April 27, 2014

Jammi Larson Josh Goldsmith

Joan Alexander Don Tepper

Lori Goldsmith Laurie Guinard

Brenda Mouloton Lori Goldsmith

Bob and

Kim Dernowski

Don Tepper

Jammi Larson

Bridgette Crew Dave Dougherty

Don Tepper Joan Alexander

Kelli Stansfield Kristina Melnick

Danielle Larson & Kim Karashin

Kathy Moran

Kim Dernowski


Edna Wyatt

Date Time Location Speaker ****************************************************************************** Wednesday St. Basil Ukrainian Catholic Church Pastor Richard Watters st April 9 211 Basil Ave., S. Chesapeake City 1 Presbyterian Church 6:30 p.m. Soup & Bread 7:30 p.m. Lenten Service ******************************************************************************* Good Friday,12:00 (noon) St. Augustine Episcopal Church Rev. Charlotte Moore April 18 Route 310 & Mitton Rd., S. of Chesapeake City St. Augustine Parish ******************************************************************************* Easter Sunrise Service Pell Gardens Rev. Marion Nester April 20 6:45 a.m. South Chesapeake City ******************************************************************************* Easter Sunrise Service Town Point UMC Rev. Jack Shitama, April 20 6:45 a.m. 61 Port Herman Rd. Director Camp & Retreat S. of Chesapeake City Ministries, U.M.C. *******************************************************************************



Please pray daily for this month’s highlighted mission...

Camp Pecometh Camper Scholarships The Bud McKee Room



4:30 p Daisies 6 p Bears


6 p Worship 7 p Finance ONE SERVICE 9:45 a HOSANNA BRUNCH follows service

6:45 a Pell Gardens/Nestor Town Point/Shitama 9 a Traditional

10:15 a Egg Hunt 11 a Jacob’s Well


6:30 p Men’s Fellowship Dinner



10:30 a Book Study- Meadows 6 p GS 57 6:30 p Praise Team GS 1180


10:30 a Book Study- Meadows 6:30 p Praise Team GS 1180 7 p BSA Cmte


10:30 a Book Study- Meadows 6 p Caring GS 57 6:30 p Praise Team GS 1180 7p Admin. Council


10:30 a Book Study- Meadows 6:30 p Praise Team GS 1180




10 a Sunshine 7p Flowers of Love Crafting w/Deb (Town Point) 4:30 p Daisies 6 p Cubs 336


10:30 a Book Study- Meadows 6:30 p Praise Team GS 1180















10:30 a Bible 7:30 p Choir Study - Pastor 4:45 p Yoga w/Vicky F 6 p Webelos 6:30 p BS 336 7:30 p Bells Lenten Service Bethel AME

10:30 a Bible 7:30 p Choir Study - Pastor 4:45 p Yoga w/Vicky F 6 p Webelos 6:30 p BS 336 7:30 p Bells Lenten Service St. Basil’s

10:30 a Bible Study - Pastor 4:45 p Yoga w/Vicky F 6 p Tigers Webelos 6:30 p BS 336 7:30 p Bells


6:30 p Sanctuary

12 Noon St. Augustine Episcopal



10:30 a Bible 7:30 p Choir Study - Pastor 4:45 p Yoga w/Vicky F 6 p Webelos 6:30 p BS 336 7:30 p Bells


10:30 a Bible Study - Pastor 4:45 p Yoga w/Vicky F 6 p Webelos 6:30 p BS 336 7:30 p Bells



12-1 p Kanal Kitchen (Volunteers from 10a-2p)

National Day of Prayer Thursday, May 1st 12 Noon Pell Gardens

The Chesapeake City United Methodist Charge

Great Easter Egg Hunt Sunday, April 20th at 10:15 a.m. 1st, 2nd & 3rd PRIZES!

Sunday Worship Services Traditional Worship

***Invite a Friend!***

9 a.m., Trinity 450 Third Street South Chesapeake City

Questions? Contact Tina Presnell 410-885-2619

Sunday School 10:15 a.m., Trinity Classrooms and Hall

Due to circumstances beyond my control, the April issue of The Bridge was delayed. Kindly accept my apology for any inconvenience. Bob Laird - Administrative Assistant

Jacob’s Well Contemporary Worship 11:00 a.m., Trinity 450 Third Street South Chesapeake City

RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED Chesapeake City United Methodist Charge P.O. Box 196 Third Street and Bohemia Avenue Chesapeake City, MD 21915

PERMIT NO. 111 Elkton, Md.


CCUMC - The Bridge - April 2014  
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