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The Biamonte Method of Candida Elimination is divided into 5 major sections. Each major section may have subsections. Besides having its own unique mechanism in eliminating Candida, each section is also designed to prepare the body for the section that follows. This ensures that each section will work correctly. For example, the 2nd section or phase will not work correctly if the 1st phase was not done to full completion, and so. The reason for the 5 sections is that it is has been found that Candida must be eliminated or stripped out of the body in "layers." This is due to the different stages of growth it undergoes and the different underlying causes that allow its growth. Candida is also like a chameleon, able to transform itself from a fungus into yeast. Candida is highly resistive and may be able to mutate against an antifungal at or around 21 days, so "rotation," or switching the antifungal used in an orderly fashion, is essential. I now, more than ever, believe that using an approach which tries to correct all of the patient's imbalances, symptoms, and/ or deficiencies simultaneously will aggravate the Candida. Certain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbs can spread Candida. These are the B- complex, vitamin D, Calcium, Copper, and Iron. Other nutrients protect the Candida from the very medicines used to kill it. Most antifungals work by creating "oxidative stress" against the membrane or outer skin of the Candida. This works by "burning" or "digesting" the outer layer of the Candida. Antioxidant vitamins in high doses will protect the Candida from treatment. In the Biamonte Method, we acknowledge 2 situations which may require attention early on that have a major impact on Candida. These are the presence of toxic metals and hormone imbalances. Both have been found to be underlying causes of Candida. However, it is how these situations are addressed, not the mere fact that they are addressed, that makes the difference between success and failure. Hormone Connection Having elevated levels of Estrogen and Cortisol, or having lower levels of Testosterone, Dhea, or Progesterone can make a man or woman more prone to Candida and cause continual relapse. Other hormonal imbalances can cause Candida as well. Candida may stimulate one's immune system to attack the thyroid gland, causing Hashimoto's disease. Women who notice that their Candida symptoms worsen during the PMS phase of menses, or men who notice that they have a drop in energy or libido since developing Candida- like symptoms, have hormonal problems linked to Candida. Stress will easily cause Candida by elevating the stress hormone, Cortisol, which will depress the immune system and like Estrogen, raise the amount of sugars found in the mucus

surrounding the Candida. Fortunately, I have learned from years of experience that the standard approach to testing and treating hormone problems often makes Candida worse! In the Biamonte Method, we use a special way of testing for hormones that reflects how the hormone is affecting the Candida. Standard blood tests for hormones are of little use. There is also a special way for treating the hormones so as not to spread the Candida. Typical hormone treatments make Candida worse! The Toxic Metal Connection Toxic metals such as Mercury, Copper, Iron, Aluminum, Bismuth, and Arsenic show up consistently in the Candida patient. These metals can either disable the exact part of the immune system that seeks to control Candida or they destroy the gut flora that controls Candida. Mercury and Copper are often found in one's dental fillings and in tap water. As they pass through the intestinal tract, they can stimulate the growth of more Candida. Testing for them is done using a stool sample. A stool sample for toxic metals reflects the body's ability to excrete the metals through the stool via the liver in the primary path of metal excretion; the urine is not a prime outlet for the body to dump metals. The stool also shows how much metal the Candida is being exposed to! The body does not form Candida as a protective mechanism against Mercury. This is false data! Mercury suppresses intestinal antibodies and immune response which allow Candida to then grow. Many doctors make the mistake of aggressively chelating or trying to remove metals from the Candida patient early in the treatment, thinking that handling the cause will clear it faster. However, this only serves to spread the Candida. As the huge out pouring of metals move down the intestinal tract, it contacts and spreads the yeast! Metal removal must be done after the yeast is gone. In the Biamonte Method, we use a substance which binds the metals in the intestinal tract during the early stages of Candida elimination to keep the metals away from the Candida until we can get the patient into the 3rd phase when the metals can be addressed safely. An Outline of the 5 Phases of Candida Elimination Phase 0 Many years ago I discovered that parasites could cause Candida. This is covered in other articles and writings that you can find on our website. The exact mechanics of this is simple. Parasites destroy friendly flora just like antibiotics do. Many parasites excrete ammonia and other toxic chemicals that destroy friendly flora like acidophilus. Some parasites also depress the immune response in the intestinal tract allowing yeasts to overgrow. Anything that destroys friendly flora can cause an overgrowth of Candida since friendly flora holds Candida in check. The purpose of Phase 0 is to eliminate enough of the parasites from the lining of the intestinal tract so that the person will not quickly relapse on Phase 1. Phase 0 also eliminates the top layers of Candida growth so there is less die-off from Phase 1 to make you feel sick. This also allows Phase 1 to absorb faster and deeper into your system. We have 27 different versions of Phase 0. I will

choose the one that best suits the patient's medical history and current symptoms. Phase 0, of course, also begins removing the top layers of Candida. Phase 0 acts as a "challenge" for the Candida urine test that is done. (See the article, "The Biamonte Method of Candida Testing"). The Phase 0 program loosens and breaks up colonies of yeasts, bacteria, and parasites. This ensures that the waste products that they release show clearly on the urine testing so that we know the true nature of Candida levels. After I have studied the urine tests done before Phase 0 and after Phase 0, I will determine the Phase 1 program that is needed. In many cases, testing for hormone imbalances and "Leaky Gut Syndrome'' is requested when the patient begins Phase 0. Phase 1 The purpose of Phase 1 is to eliminate and destroy most of the Candida in the body. This program destroys Candida in the intestines, the blood, lymph, and vital organs. This is known as the rotation program. Once we have tested the person to discover the type of Candida they have, we then select 4 substances that are especially effective on that type of Candida. The first one is taken for a 4-day period and then stopped. We then move to the next substance for another 4 days. This is repeated over and over again. This rotation is done so that the Candida does not develop a resistance to the substance. (This concept is covered in my earlier articles on Candida.) This program may last for 2-4 months, and may go through a series of increased dosages, depending on the results of the urine test. Phase 1 doses may be increases by 50%, 100%, or 150%. If the test does not indicate increased die-off taking place despite increases, the doses of the phase could be considered finished. At this time, hormonal imbalances may be addressed and a program to correct them is begun as an adjunct. If the hormones are imbalanced, the Candida will not fully clear and Phase 1 will not kill all of its intended victims! Phase 2 The purpose of Phase 2 is to: 1) Destroy the Candida buried in the intestinal tract. If this Candida is not removed, it will eventually cause a full-blown relapse within 6 months to a year. 2) Establish friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract and stimulate the immune response in the intestines that fight Candida and harmful organisms. This is not done in Phase 1 or Phase 0 because we have proved that Candida will prevent friendly acidophilus and bifidus bacteria from growing. The Candida must be eliminated first before the friendly bacteria will grow. An analogy would be trying to plant flowers in a garden of weeds. 3) Repair any damage to the intestinal tract (leaky gut) that has occurred that may be causing food allergies and chemical sensitivities. Each of these actions may be their own sub- phase. This phase can also last 2-4 months or longer, depending on the needs of the patient and their test scores. Phase 3

The purpose of Phase 3 is to regain energy. We begin by completely eliminating all toxic metals. This is the first concern on Phase 3. We often test for toxic metals using tissue mineral analysis (hair testing), urinary challenge testing with dmps or dmsa, and fecal toxic metal testing. Toxic metals will interfere with any correction or balancing of nutrients. Nutrient deficiencies, immune deficiencies, some hormonal imbalances, and some neurotransmitter imbalances will not correct in the presence of toxic metals. When toxic metals are fully eliminated, we then correct any deficiency of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hormones, neurotransmitters, or fatty acids that exist. Special blood and tissue mineral tests are performed to measure all the nutrients. The website explains the basic testing done on Phase 3. Phase 3 Genetic testing Genetic testing is also a major component of Phase 3. We specifically look for genetic errors that can cause Candida! The genetic testing also tells us what illnesses and nutrient imbalances your body is prone to based on the chromosome errors one has inherited from their parents. I compare the genetic testing, which tells me "what can happen," with the special blood and tissue mineral tests, which are telling me "what is happening," in order to see if the genetic tendencies are causing nutrient imbalances in the present. These would be our next concern. From the genetic testing, we discover which nutrients a person needs to take as a permanent maintenance program based on their own genetics. The most common mistake in trying to regain energy in one who has Candidiasis is the use of many vitamins and minerals or other exotic supplements intended to boost energy while the Candida still exists in the body. Giving a toxic body dozens of nutrients is asking for trouble. One can become severely ill if they take many nutrients when they are chronically toxic. The nutrients will cause a mad, uncontrolled release of toxins, which the body will not be prepared to release. The result will be feeling terrible. Candida suffers usually get bad reactions to vitamin supplements. This is why vitamins are not given until Phase 3, after the Candida is gone. Phase 4 The purpose here is to stimulate the immune system. In order to prevent a relapse of Candida or any chronic viral condition, proper immune function must be restored. After Phase 1, Phase 2 (killing the yeast), and Phase 3 (eliminating toxins, restoring vitamin/mineral/hormone balance and energy) have been completed, the immune system is perfectly set up to be restored. Immune function will not come back if we have deficiencies and toxic metals, as these problems can suppress the immune system. You certainly cannot restore the immune system while you have an active Candida infection. If your house was on fire (which is like having an infection), would you run into the burning house with new rugs, wallpaper, and furniture to try to "build the house back up" while it was burning down? I doubt it! There are also many immune stimulating herbs and glandular extracts that can be used on this phase. These are determined based on the special blood/tissue mineral test. Many are taken in

cycle of 4-6 days on and 2-4 days off. This prevents resistance by one's own body to the substance. The immune stimulating mineral, Gemanium, the herb Echinacea, and many other substances are best taken in this manner. Special testing may be done to measure immune function. Why This Works! This method has a success rate of better than 90%, according to our recent surveys. Much of the success of this approach is not in what we do, but when we do it, and what we DO NOT DO! Mixing these phases together results in a patient that responds slowly, does not respond at all, or gets worse. Most doctors get poor results with Candida because they fail to understand the interactions between Candida, vitamins, hormones, and toxic metals. The benefit and importance of this program is in preventing relapse. This program has 2 basic purposes: the first is to eliminate Candida using our advanced methods and the second is to prevent its relapse by systematically correcting all the known causes.

Michael Biamonte holds a Doctorate of Nutripathy, a Degree in Natural Healing, and a Master's in Clinical Nutrition. He is affiliated with the International Academy of Clinical Nutritionists and the International Academy of Nutrition and Preventive Medicine. He is listed in "The Directory of Distinguished Americans" for his research in Nutrition and Physiology. Michael Biamonte, C.C.N. 139 Fulton St. Suite 507, New York, NY 10038 (212) 587-2330,

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==== ==== Here is one simple solution to candida overgrowth that they don't want you to know about! Try it today. ==== ====

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