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==== ==== Build your own electric bike that has more power and better mileage than those expensive purchased ones. Reduce your carbon footprint! ==== ====

Have you ever been amazed at the movement of an electrically motorized bicycle? They are a beauty to watch gliding across streets, giving you the opportunity to applaud what technology can create in the age of modernization and social change. Things we never thought possible are now readily available! The electric bicycle motor has changed society's interpretation of what a rider can accomplish using a bicycle. Creating a unique mode of transportation, it has achieved two major goals refining a product and enhancing a service. Electric bicycle motors do not require any licensure on your part, and they empower you to preserve the environment and your energy. Motors on electric bicycles provide speed, eliminating the need for manual exertion. Another great advantage is the fact that the bicycle can remain as designed and the motor can simply be added using a kit. These kits can be purchased from any merchant trading in bicycle equipment and come with manuals that give specific installation instructions. You can rest assured that all your installation concerns will be alleviated since each installation kit comes equipped with a combination of devices - an electric motor, battery pack, throttle and charger. There is no reason to fear being stuck by the side of the road. There are four main types of motors kits you can install. The first is the folding motor device, which offers speed to folding bikes only. There are also lightweight motors, superlight weight motors and speed motors. Remember, the purpose of your motor is to enhance speed. An individual learning to ride a bike for the first time or an individual who is new to the motor technology would most likely want to choose a light weight model until he or she is comfortable with the skill of balancing and controlling speed. As confidence is built over time, a transfer from a light weight motor to a super light weight motor can be made if desired. A word of caution, however - when considering any speed motor, make sure that it is suitable for the specific model bike you are using. Some bikes are designed for a certain speed of motors (as in the case of the folding bike). Particularly, speed motors are exclusively for racing bikes and cannot be used on other models. Applying this modern treatment to your bike is a sign that you have embraced the world of advanced technology and are allowing it to impact you positively. By participating in the change from manually propelled bicycles to electric bicycle motors you can show the world that you are a forward-thinker who embraces technology, sport, and the environment.

Andy West is a writer on many topics, including sports and recreation. Outfitting bikes with electric bicycle motors is a clever way to boost speed while cruising town in an environmentally friendly way.

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==== ==== Build your own electric bike that has more power and better mileage than those expensive purchased ones. Reduce your carbon footprint! ==== ====

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