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Green renewable energy refers to an alternate energy source which is used to replace the present one. Our present energy source as a rule is produced from fossil fuels. The supply of this resource has been reducing over time due to greater than before industrial usage plus population growth. This precious and constantly decreasing resource has resulted in a steady increase in our utility cost. Disadvantages Of Fossil Fuel Fossil fuel use has contributed to massive problems like global warming, damage to the environment plus weakening of the ozone layer. A chief reason which contributed to the change in climate around the earth is global warming. We now have been exposed to hurricanes, heat waves, extended droughts, flooding as well as tidal waves in a magnitude that we have never seen before. The environmental damage resulting from oil spills plus the ozone layer weakening has caused a good deal of health problems for both people and animals alike. Global Warming There are numerous documentaries relating to the problems of global warming that can be viewed to get additional insight. 'An Inconvenient Truth' is one such video I would propose. You'll be taken aback with the information exposed here and you would like to setup the utilization of green renewable energy in your existing home or else in the design of your new house. Green Renewable Energy For Your House Nearly all governments support the production of green renewable energy and have subsidies and tax reliefs for the utilization of such energy within your house. If you're able to create more than you need, you may supply the additional electrical power back to your utility company for some credits. When you adopt the usage of a green energy solution in your house, you're demonstrating to your friends and family your wish to help stop the harm being done to our planet. Choices Of Green Renewable Energy The sun, wind and water are usually used to generate green renewable energy. Due to the increase in demand along with the advancement in technology the various units used to produce green energy have reduced in cost. At present you will find many houses in our country which makes use of green energy to sustain their energy utilization. The location plus the size of your house will determine the kind of green renewable energy. Several houses would be in a position to incorporate various energy sources whereas the rest may perhaps only be able to utilize just one

sort. Wind Energy The wind might be harvested throughout day with the assistance of a wind turbine. The wind turbine is really a generator installed with a propeller. Electricity is created when the rotating propeller drives the generator. To generate the most out of the wind turbine it is installed on a mast to catch the wind energy. As technology advanced and old designs were improved the new generators have become smaller but produce the same amount of power as their bulky predecessors. Due to these facts there is now wind turbines which can be roof mounted. Water Energy Water is the other resource used to produce green electrical energy but is not as widely accepted due to some restrictions. Only if you have a small river or stream at your backyard, may you use the power of the water to operate a hydropower generator to make electrical power. The energy created by this process is named hydroelectric power. Solar Energy A free supply of renewable energy that is certainly available most of the daytime is the sun. The improvement in technology has allowed us to utilize the sun's energy even on slightly cloudy days. The solar panels directly convert the sun's power by the utilization of photovoltaic panels (PV panel) that produce electrical energy. Likewise solar thermal panels that are designed to heat water are used to supplement the existing hot water system. Benefits Of Green Renewable Energy The usage of a green renewable energy resource minimizes carbon emissions and the reliance on fossil fuels. Since the green energy resource is freely accessible we merely need to worry about the setup cost. The price of set up is easily recovered in a couple of years, and the benefits of the green renewable energy make this price negligible.

For more information on green energy and tips on installing your own solar panel or wind turbine visit my website at Every small effort made towards supporting the use of green energy will help save the planet we live in.

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==== ==== Break free from your electric bill and show those fat cats that you aren't going to take it anymore. Take YOUR money back!!! ==== ====

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