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==== ==== Break free from your electric bill and show those fat cats that you aren't going to take it anymore. Take YOUR money back!!! ==== ====

With the global recession hitting us all quite hard, and with the cost of fossil fuels sky rocketing many people are looking for free energy home. So they are turning to renewable sources of power. Energy that nature keeps on renewing are the sources that people are turning to, the prime example being energy from the sun. Zero pollution and zero cost (once the building expenses have been met) are the main recommendations for the new technologies. Energy from the sun is the most abundant free source of energy available to us and can be funneled through solar panels or thermal hot water systems. Solar energy is collected by systems that absorb the, the sun's rays, and converting them into heat energy. Water runs through coils exposed to the sun absorbing solar energy it is then stored in tanks for later use, the system require no other energy input other than solar. What you need in terms of free solar energy will determine which type of energy system will best suite your free energy home. Included in the various options are such things as unglazed panels and flat style water collectors. Heating the pool water is most often accomplished using open panels. This is because the temperature differential between the water and the ambient air temperature a small in that the water needs to be only a degree or so warmer than the air. However, flat plate water collectors are different. This sort of heating system requires that they have insulation in the form of glazed panels to maximize their efficiency. There are other types of collectors such a air flat plate and evacuated tune styles which do not concern us at this time. There are many books and periodicals that you can read that actually give you advice and instructions on how to make solar panels such as these. There are a number of online guides, manuals and video courses available at reasonable cost, with money back guarantee, that enable you to construct you own solar system. Cells similar to those you will have seen in calculators, though obviously much larger, are the next most widely used and are known as Photovoltaic cells. Light is converted into electricity in a semiconductor much like a computer chip. This is a market which is expanding very quickly and the technology along with it. These cells provide electricity and heat homes and businesses. Photovoltaic cells when, used in combination with other alternative energy sources, can produce all the energy needs for the free energy home and take away the need for fossil fuels. The one problem with solar power is that the sun does not shine at night and for free energy home. Advances in storage capacity technology is growing and though more research needs to be done, there should soon be ways to collect during the day and use whenever we need the energy, thereby giving us a green alternative energy. It is quite easy to make the most of free energy home whether you have a pre-established house or you are building a new house. Easy to construct solar power systems can be made using

standard building materials. If you are in the process of moving and are searching for a new home then try to find one that uses solar power. For winter heat look for one that has large well insulated windows for maximum winter sunshine.

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==== ==== Break free from your electric bill and show those fat cats that you aren't going to take it anymore. Take YOUR money back!!! ==== ====

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