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A Trip Through History By, Cheryl Swanson

St. Philip Neri, Catholic School

Mission Statement “We at St. Philip Neri School come together not only as professional educators, but also as a people of faith who see ourselves as sharers in the building of the Body of Christ. This is the foundation and source of our work. In our dealing with each other and with the children, we want it to be said, ‘This is how Christians treat one another’”

 2nd Oldest  Parents are Divorced  Has ADHD  Usually in a Rush When he Comes to School  Spends Most of Class Wondering Around  He is Helpful When Given a Job

Objective: The students will be able to analyze a reading passage, write burning questions, and research their answers with 80% accuracy based on a rubric that is provided. Standards: LA 8.1.6.h Analyze a variety of genres for the social, historical, cultural, and biographical influences LA 8.1.6.j Generate and/or answer literal, inferential, critical, and interpretive questions, analyzing and synthesizing prior knowledge, information from the text and additional sources, to support answers

Lesson:  The students worked in the groups that they were sitting in  The groups were each assigned a section to read and review  The groups came up with questions that they had  Each group did research about their specific topic  The groups answered their questions  Finally they wrote their answers on their paper.

Objective: The students will be able to write about how the federal government was first set up, using specific examples, with 80% accuracy based on the rubric that I have provided. Standards: LA 8.2.1.f Publish a legible document that applies formatting techniques to contribute to the readability and impact of the document (e.g., fonts, spacing, highlighting, images, style conventions, manuscript requirements) LA 8.2.2.c Select and apply an organizational structure appropriate to the task (e.g., problem/solution, persuasion)

Lesson:  The students will first need to take notes  Next, the students will break up into groups of two  The groups will choose who will be Student A and Student B  Student A will handwrite a letter to Student B  The next day, Student A will turn in the letter  I will read them and hand the letters to Student A’s partner  Student B will write a response  The next day, Student B will turn in the letter  I will read them and hand the letters to Student B’s partner

Objective: The students will be able to create a PowerPoint presentation by summarizing a section from the textbook that I have provided with 80% accuracy. Standards: LA 8.1.6.d Summarize, analyze, and synthesize informational text using main idea and supporting details LA 8.2.2.b Write considering typical characteristics of the selected genre (e.g., business letter, report, email, class notes, research paper, play, web page/blog)

Lesson:  The students will be broken up into groups of three  Each group will be assigned a section to read and take notes over  The groups will then need to work together to find the main idea of each section  As a class, we will walk down to the computer lab  Each group will create a PowerPoint  Each group’s PowerPoint will outline the main ideas of the assigned section  The groups will present the PowerPoint to the class in the order of the book

Reflection:  Chris Mohr o Enjoyed the Pen Pal Activity o Activity in Multiple Classes o Incorporated American History in Eighth Grade Literature Classes  Roxanne Schuhardt o Liked the Outline Idea o Teaches the Students how to Outline o “Well, we have Promethean Boards, we might as well use them!”  8th Grade Class o “Miss Swanson, haven’t you graduated yet?” o Enjoyed making the PowerPoints o Wanted to keep Writing Letter to One Another

Resources Deverell, W., & White, D. G. (2009). United states history. (pp. 294-335). Orlando, Florida: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston. Meyer, K. E. (2010). A collaborative approach to reading workshop in the middle years. The reading teacher, 63(6), 501-507 Northern Illinois University, Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center. (n.d.). Teaching with powerpoint. Retrieved from hnology/teaching_with_powerpoint.pdf Reed, S. (2013, March 06). Interview by C Swanson [Personal Interview]., Omaha, NE. Sobetski, T. (2011). St. philip neri school. Retrieved from

Cheryl Swanson's Final Project  

This is my final for TED 8700

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