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April 2014


Your 6 month Astrology Horoscopes As they appear in Todays Lifestyle magazine by Astrologer, Lloyd Irving

Upcoming Courses at AMS Rev Dianne Parker returns for a new Mediumship Seminar Psychic & Mediumship Development becomes Yearly Appreciation for AMS first Numerology Workshop

Fabulous Books, Reading, Events, Meditation and Dreams to Inspire Book Review on ‘Across Time and Death’ by Jenny Cockell Big April Astro the Loony Eclipses & ‘Grand Cross’!!! Free 21 Day Meditation on-line from 14th April Body Mind Spirit Expo An opportunity to Read at our stall ‘John Edward’ Mediumship event in Adelaide ‘Tony Stockwell’ Mediumship event in Adelaide ‘Rules for Being Human’ snippet of wisdom ‘Follow your Dreams’ interpreting dreams

We Hope you enjoy this BIGGER THAN EVER edition

Upcoming Courses & Seminars in 2014 Psychic & Mediumship 2014 course with Cheryl Rae becomes a full year with 2 terms! Due to demand, over the years, the Psychic & Mediumship course has continually lengthened and in 2014, the group beginning 29th July will be an ongoing weekly group until Nov 24th for term 1 and Feb – May 2015 for term 2, for those who wish to continue. The first 2 terms will be a year of psychic development, with the opportunity to continue on with to 2 years of mediumship development . The ongoing group gives participants easier weekly payments and the time and opportunity to continue to grow more fully into their potential as Psychics and Mediums. 2013 Development course booked out so please book early to ensure your place

Registrations & Information in 2014 at:

Rev Dianne Parker returns for a new Mediumship Seminar Fri 28 th Nov – 1st Dec We are excited to announce, following the huge success of the 2013 Seminar, International tutor Dianne Parker will return in to AMS for another fabulous Mediumship Demonstration and a full 3 Day seminar, from Friday evening 28 th November to Monday 1st December 2014. This is a fabulous opportunity to advance your Mediumship right here in Adelaide! Dianne tutors internationally and is the Australasian Representative for the International Spiritualist Federation. To read more about Dianne go to The 2013 Seminar booked out so please book early to ensure your place.

Registrations & Information at:

Accolades for the first ~ 2 Day Numerology Workshop with William Carter Feedback regarding your teacher? Very knowledgeable and a great teacher. Wonderful. Open and friendly – definitely has a sound knowledge of the subject. What would you say to anyone thinking of doing this course? I would recommend. The course will give you a good understanding of the different aspects of each number and you will be engaged throughout the whole course. An excellent introduction to numerology. Do it! It’s awesome and you’ll learn so much about yourself and people around you! Useful tool! I would like to learn more and go more in depth, now I’ve had a taste. Always good. More of the exercises to clarify the process. Practice formula once ie write out son/father/etc. After you have learnt how to do yours. Would like to look into missing numbers in more detail. More fun. Next Numerology Workshop for beginners is Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th August. Registrations & Information at::

AMS Course & Event Calendar 2014 July August November

Psychic & Mediumship Development ~ Year 1, term 1 starts Tues 29th, with Cheryl Rae Numerology Workshop ~ Beginners Workshop Sat 23rd & Sun 24th, with William Carter. Special Event 2014 ~ A Three Day Intensive Workshop with visiting International Tutor Rev Dianne Parker of ‘States of Grace School’ Sydney. Friday 28th November to Monday 1st December

Please note most are run only once a year and are fully booked out, so please Register early to ensure your place.

For Further Information and Registrations on all the above Courses please click below:

Private Consultations


Spiritual Healing with Toni Le Brun ~ Based in Tumby Bay or email for dates in Adelaide. Astrology Consultation with Lloyd Irving ~ Available at Adelaide Mystery School consultancy. Psychic Reading with Cheryl Rae ~ Available at Adelaide Mystery School consultancy or by phone. ntuitive Tarot & Numerology Reading with William Carter ~ Available in Adelaide area. For Further Information & Booking Details on all the above please click below:

Things to Inspire Book Review Across Time and Death – A Mother’s Search for Her Past Life Children, by Jenny Cockell (A Fireside Book, Simon and Schuster, NY, 1993) After having reviewed Brian Weiss’ book Many Lives, Many Masters, for a previous AMS newsletter, this story came as a powerful reminder about how some people’s lives are unavoidably involved with memories of a past life or past lives, and what they must do to cope with and understand such phenomenon in their lives, and then, perhaps most importantly, to turn this experience into something spiritually meaningful and purposeful. Jenny’s story is about the way she has tried to make sense of vivid and disturbing memories which commenced from early childhood. In these memories she is a dying Irish woman in her early 30s, her name is Mary, she lives in Malahide, Ireland, and she is worried about what is going to happen to her eight children after her premature death. Jenny has many other memories as well, but Mary’s basic maternal anguish at leaving her children lie at the centre of Jenny’s quest. The book basically covers Jenny’s detailed genealogical search, as it were, as she spends decades gathering information and undergoing hypnotherapy in search for Mary’s children. On the way Jenny discovers: Mary is not a blood relative of hers; Mary was born just before the turn of the century in about 1897; she died in 1932 in Dublin; and that five of Mary’s children are still living and are in their 60s and 70s at the time of book’s writing. After much thought and deliberation, Jenny makes contact with one of Mary’s children, her eldest boy, and then tries

to explain what has brought her into their lives. At the time Jenny does this she is in her late 30s, with her own husband, children and profession, so there is a curious juxtaposition of ages and life circumstances as Jenny, in a sense, reintroduces Mary to her children. This book, as with all impressive stories of people who remember past lives, is a reminder to us of the mystery of human life, whether or not we want to use labels such as “reincarnation” to explain stories such as these. In my opinion, the true value of this book, and Jenny’s story, goes beyond this. Jenny gives us a compelling psychological and emotional portrait of someone dealing with past life phenomena, an area of human experience that is often marginalised by mainstream culture. She comes to make sense of it, and so do others around her, as they encounter the power of her memories and connection with Mary.

Lloyd Irving Amazon Books reference: See also 60 min YouTube video from AfterLife TV : See also Wikipedia entry:

Awesome Pictures of the Eclipse 15th April

by Toni Le Brun in Tumby Bay

Aprils ‘Big Astro Events’ Astrologically this month is a stand out in terms of action, tension and transformation with a Grand Cross and Eclipses to boot…or should I say re-boot! For those of you who enjoy reading here are the links with some great information on the Grand Cross which is exact this month and the Eclipses, including lots of info on how they are affecting each sign generally. The Eclipse info and how they affect each sign is by Yasmin Boland of here: The Grand Cross information by Dannielle Blackwood ‘Urban’ is one of the best too at; http://urbanpriestess.cabanyenbookscosmicweatherreportsplash.html

Free 21 Day Meditation ~ on line with Deepak & Oprah Get into the flow and change your life! Did you know that there is a flow of powerful energy that permeates every aspect of our reality? When aligned with this flow, we’re tapped into the pure, unlimited source of all peace, possibility and potential.

Actualize your vision for authentic wellbeing with us from 4.14.14, when we will embark on a 3-week journey toward true transformation. We’ll reveal the secrets to finding your flow and teach you how to leverage its mighty power to effortlessly carry you like a river current to all of the joy, love, and fulfillment you desire. It's free to participate . . . we encourage you to sign up today! Blessings,

Body Mind Psychic Expo ~ The Big One! ADELAIDE SHOWGROUND Sat & Sun May 31st & June 1st A 2 day festival of fun and entertainment. It is a showcase of Adelaide's alternatives Health, lifestyle, natural remedies, relaxation

and a chance to explore the Psychic through Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology You can visit us in a new location, stall number 4, on the western wall not far from the Western entrance. We will be chatting about courses and Cheryl/others are doing Psychic Readings, so come and say hello.

Would you like to do Tarot or Psychic Readings at the AMS stall this expo? If you have been a student of Cheryls’ contact her on 8299 0276 to chat about doing some readings!

John Edward Mediumship Show here November Psychic Medium John Edward has captivated audiences worldwide on his TV shows Crossing Over and Cross Country. He is one of the world’s foremost psychic mediums and the author of numerous critically acclaimed New York Times best sellers. November 8, 2014 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm CST ~ 2 hours Her Majesty’s Theatre 58 Grote St Adelaide A John Edward "group" event or seminar is reading intensive. There will be question and answer sessions and messages from the other side. No one attending the event is guaranteed a reading See more at:

Tony Stockwell & Louise Hermann Mediumship Demonstration in July Tony and Louise will be demonstrating together on the Saturday evening 14th July at the Town Hall. Plus a 1 Day Workshop-Spirit Messenger-Tony Stockwell and Louise Hermann-Sunday 13th July

The Spirit Messenger Workshop is for those wishing to improve their psychic and mediumship readings by enhancing their evidence, professionalism and conduct. You will be maximising your connection to spirit and evidence in a rewarding, informative and fun atmosphere. Date: Sunday 13th July 2014

Venue: Adelaide Theosophical Society Cost: $290 for the day

See more at:

‘Rules for Being Human’ sourced by Toni You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but it will be yours for the entire period this time around. You will learn lessons. You are enrolled in a full-time informal school called life. Each day in this school you will have the opportunity to learn lessons. You may like the lessons or think them irrelevant and stupid. There are no mistakes, only lessons. Growth is a process of trial and error, experimentation. The “failed” experiments are as much a part of the process as the experiment that ultimately “works”. A lesson is repeated until learned. A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it. When you have learned it, you can then go on to the next lesson. Learning lessons does not end. There is no part of life that does not contain its lessons. If you are alive, there are lessons to be learned. There “ is no better than “here”. When your “there” has become a “here you will simply obtain another “there” that will, again, look better than “here”. Others are merely mirrors of you. You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects to you something you love or hate in yourself.

What you make of your life is up to you. You have all the tools and resources you need. What you do with them is up to you. The choice is yours. Your answers lie inside you. The answers to life’s questions lie inside you. All you need to do is look, listen and trust.

You will forget this.


~ ‘Follow your Dreams’ ~ interpreting your Dreams

Some dream themes are experienced commonly by most people at some time in their life, and todays two short dreams are wonderful examples of this. It is important to note too, that whilst some dreams may be short, they can still be giving the dreamer an important, or even sometimes profound message.

Dream 1. ’I am going through dirt, underground like a tunnel and I can feel it around me. I get a bit concerned where it is tight, but it is ok and good.’ Tunnels or passages where people feel themselves moving through often represent a rebirth experience, indicating the person is going through some kind of profound change where they are almost reborn into a new way of being or life. As always, it is equally useful to notice how the person ‘felt’ in the dream. In this dream they were a bit concerned when it got a bit tight but overall they were ok...even good. So it augurs well that the dreamer may be finding this experience quite good, even if a little concerned at times. Once related to the persons life at the time, it was confirmed a recent event had changed their life totally and would continue to do so into the future. To the point where they would look back and see this as the end of one era and beginning of another.

Dream 2. I was walking through a shop and needed to go to the loo. The toilet was in a public place and I shut the door but there was no privacy.

Toilets are where we release our waste, and in dreams often represent this process. This person was walking through a shop, representing looking for something in life. When, however, they try to release old ‘stuff’ be it thoughts, emotions or attitudes, they have no privacy, and are in fact in full view of the public. It may be this person is having difficulties in being able to release what is no longer useful in a private and secure way. Ultimately, the dream is encouraging them to find an appropriate place or even a counsellor where they can air and release old stuff, enabling them to ‘shop’ more clearly about what they want for the future.

Astrological Forecast – July to December 2014 Aries Rewards, confidence and opportunities with creativity, play and children increase from mid -July to the end of the year and beyond. Now is the time to join that art class, or start writing - express your talents! If you are considering financial moves with others, it pays to be cautious. If you can, wait until the New Year to action these plans. Public status and career remain a focus of transformation, especially for those born 31 March - 3 April.

Taurus There is a real focus on house, home or family life throughout July. You may have plans to renovate, redecorate, or simply stay more centred with family and friends at home. Your area of close relationships, especially with significant others, continues to undergo serious evaluation for the rest of the year. You will be tested and perhaps feel difficulties with others’ demands on you – you need to make realistic decisions about what responsibilities you wish to continue and those you do not.

Gemini Communications, your natural area of activity and play, experiences a golden time around now. Do what you do best Gemini – put energy into developing ways to communicate, diversify, or simply enjoy some light hearted social fun. On a more serious note, you may want to keep a watchful eye for major changes in relation to possessions or resources held with others, especially, say, around mid November. If possible, avoid major decisions about going into debt or commencing joint ventures at this time.

Cancer “Money, money, money” is your theme song for the rest of the year. Maximise whatever opportunities that come your way to make it, invest it, or spend it. Relationships with children or younger relatives can be a challenge now, so be careful about what sort of encounters and conversations you might have, as these could have a lasting effect. Close relationships continue to be the centre of deep transformations for you, especially to those of you born 4-6 July.

Leo July and onwards into 2015 marks your time to shine, to feel lucky, and to experience good things coming your way. Make decisions with confidence and go for what you want - make a flying start to that special project. People are also going to notice you more, so enjoy their appreciation and reciprocate their good wishes.

Home, house and family continue to be your areas of challenge and difficulty, prompting serious appraisals about what you will accept or reject.

Virgo Don’t put off attending to financial arrangements that need to be reviewed or revisited, because this year, especially towards the end, is the optimal time for you to attend to money matters. The first half of 2014 witnessed busyness in your social life, and the second half will witness a slowdown in a more inward or spiritual turn. Perhaps you will be more inclined to quietness and contemplation, or you might seek some sort of retreat or work on new awarenesses.

Libra The opportunity to expand your socialising commences from mid July. You may enjoy the company of friends and associates, further the goals of any organisations you belong to, or just get out there and meet new people. The area of finances continues to be one of challenge and discipline until the end of the year. Do what you have to do to keep an eye on the bottom line. Continue those debt repayments or whatever financial obligations are yours to meet.

Scorpio The latter half of 2014 will greet you with rewards and opportunities in your professional life or public profile. Look for that promotion, advancement or recognition; or make that change in the hope for better placement or prospects. The severity of your self-focus, which started from the end of 2012, should lift by the end of the year. Those born between 8 and 22 November in particular face the task of coming to terms with sobering realities, responsibilities and making tough decisions.

Sagittarius Travel, learning, and anything that can expand your horizons are your sign’s natural domain and are the keynote for the latter half of 2014. So commence or explore further studies, go on that hoped for overseas trip, or at least plan for these things. You also continue to struggle with your inner demons – perhaps old fears, buried experiences, or things you would simply rather not deal with. Face them now before they explode into consciousness in unhelpful or uncontrollable ways later on.

Capricorn From mid July you are invited to become more receptive to what is possible to share with others – from opinions and values to finances and joint projects. Leave yourself open and consider them, especially if they come with the benefit of helping you draw closer to loved ones. Eclipses towards the end of the year open you to the unexpected concerning your career and public standing. Developments are likely – career “kick starts”, or perhaps the recognition of your unique abilities.

Aquarius This is a good time to fall in love or reinforce existing close relationships. You are likely to lay aside your usual reserve and detachment, and notice what’s on offer. The optimal time to find that special someone is 23 July to 23 August. Your habits of thinking or understanding your world are likely to undergo a little shakeup around the time of the total lunar eclipse on 8 October. Welcome the changes as a step in the right direction.

Pisces Health, routines, exercise and fitness come under a favourable spotlight, encouraging you to maximise ways to care for yourself or, perhaps more importantly, to allow others to care for you. Take the time to be nurtured so you can be the best you. Money and finances may be an area that will experience a jolt for the better, especially if you are willing to act decisively. Face up to financial realities and make those important decisions based on what is revealed.

Lloyd Irving Astrologer Heavens Above Astrology

‘Quote for the Day’

‘If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up’ J M Power

We hope you enjoyed this April edition and look forward to the possibility of seeing you in 2014

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Ams newsletter april 2014 in publisher format final