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BEIJING ABDUCTION Written by Cheryl West Petty

Based on her novel Beijing Abduction

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FADE IN: EXT. BEIJING UNIVERSITY, CHINA/HELIPAD - AFTERNOON HELICOPTER BLADES obscure AERIAL VIEW OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY ... rushes up ... a Eurocopter VIP drops onto the ground. MAJ. TANG, 40, athletic build and short-cropped hair, meets helicopter ... rotor blades whip a Beijing University Windbreaker with one gold star ... holds his arm against the downwash. Two men from Harbin climb down, a NERDY PROGRAMMER and LT. GUAN, 42, a muscular, commando type in brown trousers, camo tee-shirt and Harbin Institutue Windbreaker. INT. BEIJING UNIVERSITY/CONFERENCE ROOM - AFTERNOON Threadbare red velvet curtains at tall windows missing hardware ... ELITE TEAM sits around venerable conference table ... painting of the university President shaking hands with the PRC President hangs at one end ... Maj. Tang, Nerdy Programmer and Lt. Guan join others reviewing reports and spreadsheets. LT. LIU, 45 ... shoulders poking out of black suit-jacket over white shirt and dark red tie ... patches of eyebrows float over wire rim glasses above thin-lipped smile ... two stars pinned to breast pocket ... SGT. WANG, 35 ... open collar white shirt under black suitjacket ... Beijing University pin in lapel ... JGTS CAI, a tall youth, 22 ... round head bobbing over thin neck ... summer uniform short-sleeve white shirt and black tie with shoulder board insignia three chevrons ... Cai and Nerdy Programmer leave together ... COMMANDER GAO in prime of career, 52 ... Senior Colonel and Deputy Division Commander ... Director of university security section, a small part of his entire responsibility but an important one. He sports tan fatigue jacket ... black tee-shirt ... gold party pin ... bland Han features ... high Mongol cheekbones, flat face and black eyes REVEAL NO CLUE ... broad shoulders and short, POWERFUL legs like a modern-day terracotta warrior. COMMANDER GAO Any questions about the Subject?


LT. GUAN Yes, several. First, do you have a surveillance schedule? Lt. Liu slides REPORT COVER to him across the table. LT. LIU The completed schedules for the past several weeks are attached to her profile... There, at the back. Lt. Guan opens to ... HEADSHOT AMERICAN MAI WITH BLOND HAIR ... CHINESE MAI WITH BLACK HAIR ... Gao stands by windows ... setting sun golden reflections slide the high walls ... squinting ... intensely ruminating the arrival of the Harbin men ... surveys them, leaves as two FUWUYUAN arrive with DINNER ON A CART... INT. MAIN BUILDING STAIRS - EVENING ...and descends wide stone stairs to the SECOND FLOOR. INT. SECOND FLOOR TECH LAB - EVENING The Tech Lab ... littered with servers, monitors and workstations ... JGTS Cai and Nerdy Programmer alone at COMPUTER CONSOLE. Well?


JGTS CAI Nothing to report, sir. COMMANDER GAO Dinner is in the Conference Room. EXT. BEIJING UNIVERSITY HELIPORT - NIGHT The helicopter returns to Harbin with Nerdy Programmer. INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - NIGHT Lt. Guan remains. LT. GUAN Show me the Subject’s habitats, Maj. Tang.


EXT. LINAI APARTMENT - NIGHT A BLUE TOYOTA CAMRY stops in deserted road lit by amber streetlight ... in headlight glare a sign ‘Open 7AM Closed 10PM’ ... dark GUARD SHACK and BICYCLE SHED ... Lt. Guan gets out while Maj. Tang turns around. INT. LINAI APARTMENT-STAIRWELL - NIGHT Lt. Guan climbs to the Subject’s fifth-floor apartment ... noiselessly on gum-soled boots ... some floors lights automatically come on ... not on 5th floor ... He pauses outside her LOCKED GATE ... SOLID WOOD DOOR has PEEP HOLE in a recessed alcove ... fitted into deep jambs and fastened with deadbolt locks. EXT. MINGQIANG RESEARCH BUILDING - NIGHT Both men leave the Camry parked ... entrance shrouded by huge, dark shrubs ... unlocked ... the MEN enter ... INT. MINGQIANG RESEARCH BUILDING/SECOND FLOOR - NIGHT Here doors to labs have bicycle locks through handles and digital security pads ... INT. MINGQIANG RESEARCH BUILDING/THIRD FLOOR - NIGHT Gate at the top is open ... the MEN pass open lab door ... lab ... students working ... Lt. Guan picks lock ... the MEN break into Mai’s office. INT. MINGQIANG RESEARCH BUILDING/MAI’S OFFICE - AFTERNOON MAI MARTIN sits at computer console in spacious office ... Chinese scrolls ... diploma ... documents scattered on table ... she removes FLASH DRIVE ... hides in PURSE ... logs off ... slings purse over shoulder ... walks out door... locking and pulling closed behind ... INT. MINGQIANG RESEARCH BUILDING - AFTERNOON Across the hall STURDY DOOR with PEEP HOLE hides...


INT. OFFICE ACROSS THE HALL - AFTERNOON ... OFFICER watching her movements with eye to hole ... he speaks into mobile ... OFFICER Subject is leaving. EXT. MINGQIANG RESEARCH BUILDING - AFTERNOON Mai Martin pushes through door at quitting time ... holds open for Two CO-WORKERS ... chattering they cross to bicycles ... Mai jumps on DUSTY BLUE BIKE ... darts into streams of bicycle traffic passing through green, tree-lined campus. She’s tall and slim American, 37 ... wavy DYED BLACK HAIR, straight dark eyebrows. Concealed from view Lt. Guan sits astride SCOOTER ... speaks into his phone ... follows ... Mai doesn’t stop when she spots it: BLACK DONGFENG SUV between buildings ... twisting looking at suspicious man on scooter ... Guan pulls behind ... from corner of eye Dongfeng makes corner ... coming at her ... Mai pedals hard past GATE GUARDS ... turns off campus onto the BOULEVARD ... gasps at Lt. Guan and ANOTHER OFFICER on SCOOTER ... grabs her phone. Mr. Zhao! followed!

MAI They’re back! I’m being

She abruptly turns into MINI-MALL PARKING going wrong way ... throws bicycle down ... runs past SECURITY GUARD into ... INT. MASSAGE CLINIC - AFTERNOON ... LOBBY, dim and deserted of customers ... in shadow Mai pants ... watching horrified ... Lt. Guan and Another Officer park and dismount... heart beating fiercely ... Mai frowns at effort to breathe ... sweat beads up on flushed face ... unbuttons top of blouse exposing red patches on her neck ... Dongfeng slowly motors past ... bulky shadow darkens doorway ... SECURITY GUARD approaches ... GUARD Ni buneng ba zixingche fangzai zher. Mai grabs Guard’s arm ... points at scooter guys ... Guard swaggers toward them ...


EXT. MINI-MALL PARKING - AFTERNOON Mai snatches bike ... throws piercing glance at scooter guys ... rides off in fading light. EXT. LINAI APARTMENT - AFTERNOON The 80s era apartment building abuts ancient hutong ... people bustle about sheds arranged shotgun style ... women bend over coal cook stoves ... children play in doorways ... students in uniform ... delivery men haul bottled water on bicycle propelled carts ... The GUARD SHACK and GATE marks boundary between city and campus ... new BICYCLE SHED faces entrance to LINAI APARTMENT BUILDING where the DONGFENG IS PARKED ... Mai rolls through Gate and into dim Bike Shed ... roaring in ears ... tears steaming behind her eyes ... deaf to danger and blind to everything except survival ... she approaches Guard Shack ... GUARDS play cards ... MAI Nihao, keyi bang wo hui jia ma? Mai drags a GUARD across the road ... hurries past Dongfeng ... runs into entrance ... Guard looks into the FRONT SEAT OF THE DONGFENG ... past two OFFICERS ... FOCUSES on CAMPUS SECURITY INSIGNIA hanging off REAR VIEW MIRROR ... The Guard nods to the two Officers ... returns to Shack. INT. MAI’S APARTMENT - AFTERNOON Mai unlocks gate ... slams door behind ... breathlessly leans there looking at MESSAGE on phone: B THER SOON. INT. MAI’S APARTMENT/VARIOUS - NIGHT Doors rattle and clang ... RON ZHAO, 45 ... steps in carrying take-out bags in one manicured hand ... duffel bag in other and tool bag slung over shoulder ... MAI Are you the man from the security company? Nods ... holds finger to mouth ... points to wires twining around her internet cable ... speaks in perfect Hong Kong English ...


Come here.


Using FLASHLIGHT, they follow wire trail to box on wall ... Ron hands over the flashlight ... retrieves tool ... removes box and wires. Ron’s GQ handsome ... gel styled black hair ... strong eyebrows ... almond shaped eyes ... flashlight models high cheekbones and SENSUAL lips ... same highlights on SOFT BUMPS where nipples stretch fabric of Mai’s shirt ... They enter her apartment ... MAI What’s that? RON Signal booster. Using RADIO FREQUENCY DETECTOR Ron sweeps apartment for bugs. INT. KITCHENETTE Mai searches street below for Dongfeng SUV ... terrifying memory FLASHES ... INT. SITTING ROOM She sets plates and chopsticks on table ... MAI Are you finished? Can we talk? Here, sit here, Mr. Zhao? RON Thank you for your patience, Mrs. Martin. I am pleased to meet you. And you can call me Ron. He reaches across to take-out cartons ... MAI You were fast getting here. She sets down pot of tea and pours out two cups ... RON I removed the bug in the entry. They dig in ...


RON (CONT’D) I’m leaving this RF detector with you. Nothing’s stopping them from bugging you again. MAI Like my computer, I clean it, and it gets re-infested. RON Tell me about the Dongfeng you mentioned on the phone. When did you first spot it? He pushes plate away ... retrieves small pad from pocket ... scribbles notes ... MAI After work near my apartment. And then there were two guys on motor scooters. I went off campus to the mini-mall and hid in the massage clinic. Mai pours more tea ... glances at notes ... RON You want to tell me why they are interested in a beautiful lady from California? MAI I don’t know, wo bu jidao. She ducks into bathroom ... wet sheets in arms ... MAI (CONT’D) Help me? I got the security guard to hassle the guys. I grabbed my bike and got out of there. On SUN PORCH he pins sheets to line ... Mai checks out his backside. RON Genius method to escape, but dangerous. You’re not afraid? MAI You bet I was afraid. And then, when I got here, the Dongfeng was parked right in front!


She reaches clean sheets from armoire ... together they make up single bed in studio ... MAI (CONT’D) Do you work out? At a gym? RON I practice martial arts, at a club. Not being familiar with housework ... he turns sheet around ... straightening and tucking ... following Mai’s lead ... MAI I got one of the guards downstairs to walk with me across the road. When I got past the Dongfeng, I ran up the stairs. RON Very good, haode. now?

Do you see it

He stoops to find NOTEBOOK and reading glasses in duffel at feet. RON (CONT’D) Here’s information on car licenses. It’s a LIST of vehicles ... she bends head ... admires the neat columns of data ... feeling better now she has eaten ... MAI It was a black Dongfeng. it’s not down there now. it’s here on your list.

And no, But look,

Out of Purse she retrieves CRUMPLED RECEIPT ... in her writing SEES license number ... compares it to the List. MAI (CONT’D) How about a beer? In Sitting Room Mai pulls cold bottle from fridge ... pours into two small glasses painted with CHERRY BLOSSOMS ... Ron sets the Notebook on the table ... RON It’s registered to Beijing University. Pretty obvious. I want you to write down the license numbers of suspicious vehicles. He produces another tiny notebook ... slides it to her ...


RON (CONT’D) Here, use this. Behind the LIST is a CONTRACT ... RON (CONT’D) Please complete this with your signature. He turns contract around ... lays pen down ... Mai flips to end ... signs name ... MAI Why are they spying on me, Ron? RON You tell me, Mrs. Martin. Out of Purse she produces CARD ... lays it on table ... RON (CONT’D) What’s this? MAI That’s what I’d like to know. Adjusts glasses ... RON Where did you get this? He SEES Beijing University logo ... Sr. Col Gao Bu, Dep. Div. Commander, First Bureau Director ... She tucks it away ... MAI Odd things have been happening. Like this card. I was coming in late the other night, it was raining. My friends dropped me off. Before I could run in, a man calls out my name from a parked car. He says, ‘Your safety is our concern,’ hands this to me, and drives away. RON Maybe you should go back to California. Have you thought about that Mrs. Martin? MAI You mean, quit my job? I’ve got five more months on my contract. Wow.


She touches flushed face ... stares morosely at nothing ... MAI (CONT’D) I can’t stop thinking this has something to do with my husband. RON I’m listening. MAI He’s a nerdy tech guy, always on the computer. He might have gotten in trouble for something he did to a website. RON What does he do? for?

Who does he work

MAI Rick’s self-employed ... contract work for firms, high tech and secret. He travels for his business. In fact, he’s on a trip now. RON I’m going downstairs to look around. I’ll be back in a few minutes. I’m okay.

MAI Just hurry back.

INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - MORNING Elite team sits around conference table ... Bureau Meeting is in progress ... Commander Gao at head grills Lt. Liu, Maj. Tang, Lt. Guan, Sgt. Wang and JGTS Cai ... Gao’s placid, unexpressive face conceals IRRITATION at Lt. Guan from out of town ... COMMANDER GAO Lt. Guan, is this typical for one of your operations? Lt. Guan turns ... LT. GUAN The subject will make a mistake, and I will get her.


Gao gathers breath ... measures tone ... COMMANDER GAO What happens then? LT. GUAN The Subject contacts her husband, and he comes to Beijing. COMMANDER GAO Why this method? Why not ask her to come in for questioning? LT. GUAN I’m not privy to the motive of the methods used in the investigation. COMMANDER GAO It will be concluded. Too many people know about your secret campaign... Adjourned. EXT. BEIJING UNIVERSITY - AFTERNOON At quitting time Mai pedals through campus ... weaving through CARS, BICYCLES, STUDENTS ... SCANNING left and right ... SCARF flutters ... EXT. CONSTRUCTION ZONE - AFTERNOON TEMPORARY FENCING forces her... EXT. DIRT TRACK - AFTERNOON ... behind hutong houses ... Dongfeng blocks ... Lt. Guan lunges ... Mai pushes bike at feet ... runs other way ... tangled he struggles ... she gains head start ... EXT. HUTONG - AFTERNOON Mai races past open doorways ... laundry hung courtyards ... walkways ... shacks ... maze conceals ... EXT. PRIMARY SCHOOL - AFTERNOON She smacks into CLOG of CARS ... picking up students from Primary School ... turns looks ... surrounded by MASSES of PEOPLE ... but none she trusts ...


EXT. SHOPPING CENTER - AFTERNOON Mai slows to walk ... threads through dinner time CROWDS ... students on bicycles, peddler’s carts, electric bicycles, scooters, cars, pedestrians ... darts into BANK ... INT. BANK IN SHOPPING CENTER - AFTERNOON She TAKES NUMBER ... blends ... flushed and breathing hard ... punches Ron’s number ... MAI God, Ron, I just had to run for my life! RON (V.O.) Where are you? MAI The shopping center on campus. RON (V.O.) Take a cab to the Jade Market. I’ll get there as soon as I can. Bye.


EXT. JADE MARKET/PARKING LOT - EVENING Mai waits ... surrounded by PEDDLERS hawking faux jade artifacts ... phony brass trinkets ... last sunset color disappears between buildings ... she climbs into Ron Zhao’s PARK AVENUE. INT. RON ZHAO’S PARK AVENUE - EVENING RON You’re safe now. He returns gaze to road ... Park Avenue noses into FLOW OF TRAFFIC ... into dark city teeming with life ... cars, busses, lights, people ... RON (CONT’D) They can track your phone. Turn it off and remove the battery. She does as she’s told ...


MAI I’m hungry. RON Where would you like to eat? MAI Somewhere they won’t watch us. Whoever they are. Who are they, Ron? Mai pulls VISOR down ... looks at face in LIGHTED MIRROR ... applies lipstick ... runs fingers through hair ... snaps visor closed ... glimpse of Flashdrive in purse pocket ... Scarf slips ... NIPPLES SOFT BUMPS in GLOW of passing street lights ... neon signs ... Cantonese?


MAI Sounds good. You know, I’ve gotten used to your being around all the time, and overnight... RON TSC SECURITY is on the job. I aim to solve this mystery... and soon. He flashes toothy smile ... Stone lions guard the door of RED-AND-GOLD restaurant ... INT. RED AND GOLD RESTAURANT - NIGHT Inside, HOSTESS seats them in private room ... followed by FUWUYUAN with tea ... bottle of chilled French wine ... RON I need you to be honest, Mrs. Martin. There’s more to your story than you’re telling me. The Fuwuyuan returns with plates of food ... Mai peeks over wineglass ... long intense looks ... Mai takes breath ... MAI Last year international mercenaries, possibly from Korea, came to our hometown, Sebastopol, in California, to photograph Rick. (MORE)


MAI (CONT'D) He didn’t tell me until much later, not until I had been here in Beijing for several months. Mai holds glass for refill ... RON Well, that puts everything in focus, dangerously in focus, Mai. You have to tell me: what is he really doing? Does he work for your government? Is he a spy? MAI He doesn’t tell me anything. She stretches kink in neck ... uncomfortable with the questions ... stretches legs ... He captures one of her feet ... She doesn’t resist ... red flush crawls up her neck ... INT. GAO’S OFFICE - NIGHT Beijing City and University maps hang on wall behind Commander Gao’s desk ... red and gold PRC FLAG in plastic stand ... Commander Gao finishes phone call with Lt. Liu ... COMMANDER GAO Haode, Liu, are you done? another call.

I have

It’s from Ron Zhao ... INTERCUT - TELEPHONE CONVERSATION COMMANDER GAO (CONT’D) What now, Zhao? RON Call it off, Commander. Don’t tell me running through the hutong chasing a woman is your plan! This has to stop! COMMANDER GAO You’re not Police Commissioner here Zhao! RON I’m calling to tell you, she doesn’t know where to go or what to do.


COMMANDER GAO You don’t know the people involved, Zhao! RON I know Iran and Korea are involved ... How does that make you feel? You’re a decent guy. Who is trying to abduct her? What are you doing? COMMANDER GAO Where are you? RON At a restaurant. COMMANDER GAO Don’t go back to her apartment until I call. Ron snaps mobile ... reaches for Mai’s hands ... RON We need to kill some time. He squeezes her thigh... the wave of pleasure... her eyes dark pools... he’s falling... RON (CONT’D) I’ll get the car and pick you up in fifteen minutes. INT./EXT. RON ZHAO’S PARK AVENUE - NIGHT Ron prowls dark hutong ... parks ... turns to look at her ... reaches for her ... MAI I trusted Rick, he’s my husband, of course I trusted him. Because of my stupidity, I believed him. He touches her hair ... MAI (CONT’D) And now international mercenaries are after me? He leans into her lips ...


RON You are the most beautiful client at TSC, like a movie star. Ron walks to open her door ... they embrace standing in shadows ... in back seat ... MAKING OUT ... She grasps slim waist ... pulls closer ... He unfastens BELT ... Not here! Where?


MAI Hui jia, my apartment. RON Gao should be calling any minute. He fastens belt ... she pulls shirt down ... over breasts in pale moonlight ... He sits in one corner ... she in other ... staring at each other’s shadowed faces ... his mobile interrupts ... RON (CONT’D) Wei... xiexie, I’ll tell her. Da, da, zaijian... They’ve removed the gear from your apartment. He says you can go home. MAI Zuoba, hui jia.

Let’s go, then.

INT. MAI’S APARTMENT-SITTING ROOM - NIGHT ... outlined in window by NIGHT LIGHTS ... She pulls shirt off ... twists embracing facing him ... spins in carousel wild emotion ... love making progresses to bedroom ... clothes drop ... deeper spinning ... INT. MAI’S APARTMENT-BEDROOM - NIGHT Mai drags Ron to bed ... air conditioning whispers ... He follows willingly ... crawls ... captures ... pleasures ... MAI Do you have a condom? RON No, do you?


INT. RON ZHAO’S PARK AVENUE - NIGHT Ron looks in the GLOVE BOX ... INT. MAI’S APARTMENT - NIGHT Mai wrapped in flower-patterned robe ... makes tea ... He returns empty handed ... RON Meiyou, I don’t have any. I’m going. You don’t need me tonight. Turns tired face to upturned one ... MAI Will you call me? Their lips meet ... His hands seek her ... She sighs ... the lovers separate ... INT. MAI’S APARTMENT - MORNING Next morning Mai takes mug of tea into studio ... logs on to check email ... MESSAGE on SCREEN says ‘Rick is online’ ... INT. RICK’S HOME OFFICE, SEBASTOPOL, CALIFORNIA - NIGHT MONITOR GLOW lights regular features of RICK MARTIN, 41 ... chiaroscuro ... shaggy blonde hair ... ice-blue eyes ... teeshirt and jeans ... MESSAGE on SCREEN says ‘Mai is online’ .. INTERCUT - SKYPE CONVERSATION MAI Rick, are you there? She glances at Ron’s duffel on floor ... back to screen ... RICK Yeah, I’m here. Great trip, but I’m glad to be back. That was a long time to be gone. He combs unruly curls behind ear ... MAI Crazy stuff has been going on here. Shaking her head ... she’s struggles for words ...


RICK Crazy, how crazy? Hesitating ... blurting out ... MAI More than that, I’m scared. I hired a security firm to protect me. Since Sunday, they’ve tried something every day. A man, Ronald Zhao from TSC Security, has been great. Every day he checks my apartment for bugs. RICK Geez, Mai, what for? do this time?

What did you

MAI Nothing, Rick, NOTHING! really complicated. RICK Come home, Mai.


Come home.

MAI It’s stopped now. called off.

The entire thing

RICK What are you going to do? MAI I’m finishing my contract. RICK I’m coming there. MAI It’s not necessary now. RICK I’m finding out if this has to do with me. EXT. BEIJING UNIVERSITY - SEVERAL DAYS LATER - MORNING Mai walks to work ... SQUADS of students march around campus ... new bicycles line up outside Mingqiang Building ...


INT. MAI’S OFFICE - MORNING Mai boots up ... logs on to check email ... MESSAGE on SCREEN says ‘To Mai From Ron ... Are you busy on holiday? I have motorcycle, want to ride?’ ... She SMILES ... EXT. MAI’S APARTMENT - LATER THAT WEEK - MORNING Mai’s neighbors stare ... She climbs into sidecar of 1957 Russian M72 motorcycle ... Ron hands helmet ... produces jacket ... tucks blanket ... Mai checks him out ... sexy in jeans and leather jacket ... Ron kicks starter ... off they go. CONTINUOUS - DAY Merging onto ... EXT. EXPRESSWAY The speed and freedom exhilarating ... They exit and ride along the ... EXT. CANAL ROAD Until they come upon ... EXT. FRUIT STAND Mai ducks out of helmet ... MAI What a good idea to come out here. He offers a hand to pull her up ... electricity flashes between their fingers ... Ouch!


He brings fingertips to lips ... electric looks spark ... he leads her to the FRUIT STAND ... RON These pears are the best. want one?

Do you

He purchases some ... They eat JUICY FRUIT ... staring steadily at each other and remembering ...


MONTAGE FROM MAI’S APARTMENT Ron clasps her from behind ... circles his arms around her waist ... nuzzles her neck ... she crosses her arms over head ... twists in embrace ... faces him ... they’re kissing ... RON (CONT’D) There’s a village near here. stop for lunch.


MAI Great, I’m going to be seriously hungry soon. Mai blots mouth with back of hand ... She smirks wantonly at Ron ... licks fingers slowly ... resets her helmet ... bends over provocatively ... clambers back into sidecar ... EXT. LAKE IN WESTERN HILLS They encircle lake ... turn onto ... EXT. BUMPY LANE At the end of DRIVEWAY is ... EXT. FARMHOUSE ... converted FARMHOUSE adorned with RED LANTERNS and SIGN: WESTERN LILY HOSTEL. INT. WESTERN LILY HOSTEL/VARIOUS The lovers follow HOSTESS through DINING ROOM to ... EXT. TERRACE ... private table on terrace ... FUWUYUAN leaves menus ... returns with tea ... There’s GLIMMER OF WATER between trees and glimmer of love in their eyes ... INT. ROOM A view of lake glimpsed through windows ... bed takes up most of room ... Ron removes her boots ... then her jacket ... She lies on damask pillows... He kicks off boots ... shirt ...


rips belt out of loops ... climbs onto bed in jeans ... pulls off her sweater ... brassiere ... kissing ... fondling ... INT. MAIN BLDG./GAO’S OFFICE - AFTERNOON Behind the Commander a potted plant soaks up light from WINDOW overlooking the VIP parking and beyond that to BAMBOO GARDEN. He’s meditating on view when JGTS Cai bursts in with news ... JGTS CAI Commander, Rick Martin has a visa and tickets ... he’s coming! The Commander turns to confront the intruder ... Zhende!


JGTS CAI October thirtieth, we have thirteen days. COMMANDER GAO Who else is in the office? JGTS CAI Want me to gather them? COMMANDER GAO Dui, I’ll meet you in the Conference Room in fifteen minutes. Gao glances at mobile ... JGTS Cai hurries out ... Gao looks into the grove of bamboo ... places call to Ron ... INT. RON’S OFFICE - AFTERNOON Ron overlooks Beijing skyline ... INTERCUT - TELEPHONE CONVERSATION RON Wei, nihau, Commander Gao. COMMANDER GAO Wan shang hao, Zhao, I’ve got a question for Martin Taitai. Relay it to her for me. RON Certainly, Commander.


COMMANDER GAO Today we found Martin Taitai’s emails about her husband’s trip on the thirtieth... Why is he coming, Zhao? Ron jumps to feet ... he’s shocked ... he lies ... RON He’s visiting his wife. COMMANDER GAO It’s a benefit to each other to share information, like we have in the past, which has aided in the security of your client Martin Taitai. Ron’s agitated ... pacing to and fro ... RON Your interventions have been key to her well-being. COMMANDER GAO There’s more I want to know. Arrange a meeting? RON I’ll call you back this evening. He terminates call ... punches Mai’s number ... MAI (V.O.) Hi, Ron, what’s up? RON I want to see you tonight. MAI (V.O.) I have rice in the cooker. RON I’ll bring jaozi.

See you soon.

INT. MAI’S APARTMENT/VARIOUS - EVENING The last dumpling is devoured ... Mai pours beer into his glass patterned like AUTUMN LEAVES ... a little high and flirty ...


RON I got a call from Commander Gao today. MAI You don’t say. now?

What does Gao want

RON He found emails from your husband about a visit this month. His throat contracts ... strains to get out last few words ... walks to window ... turns back on her ... hides his grim smile ... MAI I should have told you. Wide eyed ... fidgets ... RON Why didn’t you? She shrinks from fierce glare ... MAI I’m afraid of what happens when Rick gets here. He drops into chair ... red rage drains to cold white fear .. MAI (CONT’D) I’m stupid, selfish, weak, pitiful... I’ve ruined everything... I... I... I thought we could go another day or a week before... before Homeland Security barges in and takes over. RON You talk like it’s over. MAI I won’t have to lie and play games with you... RON There’s more you’re not telling me? MAI I haven’t been honest about Rick. He’s involved in things... I wish I could tell you.


Ron grunts ... retreats into ... INT. STUDIO Ron boots up his LAPTOP ... INT. KITCHENETTE Mai is in kitchenette setting out things for breakfast: tea, creamer, porridge, when he returns ... RON The Commander wants a meeting tomorrow ...and he wants to know why your husband is coming. I’d like to know the same thing. A car horn honks in the street ... muted through closed window ... standing in cramped kitchenette without touching ... Ron reaches for mobile ... RON (CONT’D) Commander, wei, nihao, Zhao... What time and where? Martin Taitai agrees... eight AM? INT. BEDROOM - LATER Ron and Mai snuggle under layers of duvets ... embracing ... whispering ... RON Do you love him? Yes.


Ron moans into pillow ... holds her closer ... RON Are you working for Homeland Security, too? MAI No, no, no! I’m not part of that. Ron grunts ... rolls over ... off bed ... steps into slippers ... shuffles into ...


INT. STUDIO He climbs into extra bed ... goes to sleep ... INT. MAIN BUILDING/STAIRS - MORNING SGT. WANG meets Mai and Ron at top of stairs ... leads them to ... INT. MAIN BUILDING/SMALL ROOM - MORNING ... meeting room ... plain walls ... table set with lidded cups in front of empty chairs ... view of bamboo grove outside ... Commander Gao enters ... COMMANDER GAO Martin Taitai, I am Commander Gao. Qing, sit, and you, Zhao Xiansheng. Mai toys with cup ... COMMANDER GAO (CONT’D) I suspended the investigation last month because I concluded you had not seriously violated university protocol. Commander looks impassively across table at Mai ... COMMANDER GAO (CONT’D) However, in the course of internet searches, I find information about your husband, Rick Martin. Mai’s eyes flicker to Gao and back to cup ... Ron’s giving her steady gaze of assurance ... she looks down ... COMMANDER GAO (CONT’D) Why is your husband coming here, Martin Taitai? MAI It’s a visit. Nothing special. COMMANDER GAO Does your husband work for Homeland Security?


MAI No, bu dui. Do I call you Commander? She smiles at Commander for first time ... COMMANDER GAO Commander is fine, Martin Taitai. I am aware that Korean agents visited your hometown last November... And we have photographs of you and your husband. Mai slips hand under table ... grips Ron’s ... MAI That’s crazy, Commander, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Gao’s mouth curves in disdain ... COMMANDER GAO As you wish, Martin Taitai. explain...


He slides open REPORT COVER ... spreads PHOTOS across the table ... Ron leans in toward PICTURE OF RICK AT TEXACO station and another PICTURE OF RICK AND MAI AT HOUSE ... To Mai ... RON Is this your home in Sebastopol? She tears her gaze from PICTURE OF AMERICAN MAI WITH BLOND HAIR standing with Rick in their driveway to glance at another PICTURE OF CHINESE MAI WITH BLACK HAIR on outing with her department. MAI Yes, it’s our house. Rick. Oh my god!

That’s me and

To Gao ... MAI (CONT’D) Where did you get these? COMMANDER GAO Your husband is involved with internet spying on Iran. (MORE)


COMMANDER GAO (CONT'D) I know this. Why lie about it? It makes it worse for you. MAI Is what he does dangerous, Commander Gao? COMMANDER GAO It could be very dangerous for him to come here, Martin Taitai. And for you. My government does not tolerate spies. As yours does not. Of course.


Mai looks out the window and back to Gao ... MAI (CONT’D) What if he came here, voluntarily, to answer questions? Clear things up... They wait for the Commander to respond ... COMMANDER GAO I will consult my colleagues and contact you through Zhao Xiansheng. MAI Are we through here? COMMANDER GAO Dui, xiexie for coming on short notice. Ron and Gao exchange nods ... Ron and Mai leave ... Gao sweeps up photos. INT. CHIEF DIANGTI’S OFFICE - DAY Red flag sits on corner of Harbin CHIEF DIANGTI’s DESK ... framed picture of Chinese space launch hangs behind his head ... other pictures of uniformed men shaking hands ... fighter jets ... Diangti, 50 ... black jacket, white shirt, red tie ... thumbs through papers on desk ... shoves them to one side ... INTERCUT - TELEPHONE CONVERSATION DIANGTI Zao shang hao, Commander Gao.


COMMANDER GAO Hen hao, ni ne, Chief Diangti? DIANGTI Wo hai hao a. COMMANDER GAO I am reopening the Martin investigation. Weishenme?


COMMANDER GAO I have recent information that Martin Xiansheng is coming to Beijing at the end of the month. Ah!

DIANGTI This is just what I wanted.

COMMANDER GAO Are you interested in continuing with the investigation? Certainly.


COMMANDER GAO My objective in this case is to protect Martin Taitai, an employee, and prevent harm to her and to the university. What is your objective? DIANGTI At this time, my interest is to interrogate Martin Xiansheng, to corroborate the facts we have. COMMANDER GAO Martin Xiansheng will cooperate with the Bureau for questioning. The connection terminates ... Diangti makes call ... DIANGTI Wei, ni hao, General Ma. GEN. MA (V.O.) Hao, Chief.


DIANGTI The Martin case is re-opened. Zhende.



DIANGTI Commander Gao calls me today and says the Meiguoren is coming to Beijing at the end of the month. Get his visa details. GEN. MA (V.O.) I can look it up as we speak. DIANGTI Are the Kim brothers available? GEN. MA (V.O.) All things are possible for the right price. DIANGTI Work it out and get back to me. Chief Diangti stares out the dirty window in the Soviet-style building onto the barren campus below. INT./EXT RON ZHAO’S PARK AVENUE - NIGHT Ron hunts for parking space near LINAI APARTMENT. RON Wait a minute, deng yixia. He peers at the Guard Shack, Bicycle Shed and Entrance to LiNai Apartment ... RON (CONT’D) I can’t see the license plate on that van. Go upstairs and wait for me. EXT. LINAI APARTMENT - NIGHT Ron motors toward Gate ... streetlight shines on back of HONDA ODYSSEY ... he takes picture ... turns corner ... parks in hutong alley. He walks back ... the Odyssey is gone.


INT. MAI’S APARTMENT/STUDIO Mai is booted up ... waiting for him ... Ron shows her his mobile ... Look.


She looks at IMAGE of LICENSE PLATE and back to console ... navigates connecting SKYPE ... Ron’s dialing ... RON (CONT’D) Wanshang hao, Commander, I’ve got a plate to run on a white Honda Odyssey parked in front of Martin Taitai’s apartment. He steps into hall ... leaves Mai alone with Rick’s smiling face on Skype ... RICK Morning... or evening to you, Mai. MAI Hey, Ronald Zhao is here and wants to meet you. Ron sits down beside her ... She turns computer to capture both their faces ... RICK What’s this about international mercenaries, Mai tells me? RON They’re here. I spotted a van in front of her apartment tonight. We’re running the plate. RICK I could cancel my trip. Sounds like a bad idea, my coming. MAI Don’t come, Rick! RON You could definitely. But it’s been pointed out that this problem won’t disappear just because you are in California. They use Mrs. Martin as a lever to get to you.


RICK Yeah, I’m sorry about that. are you there? I’m here.



RICK I’m sorry, honey, I got you into this mess. MAI So, don’t come. RICK Tell me why Mai shouldn’t come home and leave this behind? RON Anywhere Mrs. Martin goes she can be tracked, and they’ll try it again... This is our turf. We have resources... The decision is yours. RICK No, the decision is Mai’s. Do you want to come home and take your chances here? Or do you want me to come there and take them on in Beijing? Ron’s mobile rings ... he steps out of room ... MAI I don’t agree with Zhao and the Commander. There’s another option. Take the trail in another direction, away from me. RICK Don’t worry. I’ve got contacts at the embassy. I don’t know what you’ve already told Zhao about me. Keep this between us, Mai, okay? MAI What if things go haywire, Rick? What do you mean by contacts? What do you do for them? How long has this been going on? RICK Since nine-eleven... Skype me Monday night, my morning.


Connection ends ... internet radio returns playing hit love song ... Ron stands in hall looking at her ... MAI That went well, I guess... Who was that on the phone? RON The white Honda is registered to a firm importing electronic devices: Radiant Star Company, headquartered in Seoul. Outside wind whirls GOLD AND BROWN LEAVES in black sky ... Inside two lovers embrace ... RON (CONT’D) This is crazy what we’re doing. MAI Sssh, don’t talk. She covers his mouth with hers ... kisses silencing objections. EXT. BEIJING CAPITAL AIRPORT/TAXI QUEUE - AFTERNOON Rick lifts CARRY-ON into trunk ... his build and blonde hair attracts stares ... too tired to notice ... Teenage agents the KIM BROTHERS stand at curb ... Rick matches PICTURE OF RICK AND MAI in their mobile. INT. MAI’S APARTMENT/VARIOUS - EVENING Lock rattles in dark at top of stairs ... Mai and Rick enter. MAI This is where I live. Rick ducks under doorway ... Mai flips on hall light ... locks doors behind ... RICK You look terrific. so Chinese.

That hair, wow,

MAI Put your bag in there. She gestures to studio ...


INT. STUDIO MAI Want to check your email? warmer in here.


He ducks in ... sets down carry-on ... retrieves laptop ... She clicks remote at wall heater... MAI (CONT’D) They’ll be turning on the heat soon. ... slides key ring ... MAI (CONT’D) Here’s an apartment key... Take off your shoes. ...She pushes slippers with toe ... MAI (CONT’D) These are the largest I could find. Do they fit? ... He steps into slippers ... heels hang over ... RICK Almost... Great seeing you, Mai. He grasps her ... scoops in arms ... lifts off ground ... She’s breathless on tip toes ... flustered and mussed ... slips out of his arms. INT. SITTING ROOM Mai takes a bottle of beer from the compact refrigerator and pours a GLASS decorated with FALL LEAVES for herself and carries the bottle to Rick in ... INT. STUDIO Scattered on desktop is debris of transcontinental flight ... Mai sets beer bottle down next to crumpled pack of cigarettes ... Rick scans email ... MAI What’s this? She finger flicks cigarettes across room ... Rick looks up ..


RICK Sorry, Mai, I had a couple cigarettes. MAI You promised you quit. He returns to online correspondence ... INT. SITTING ROOM Framed in window night city scape ... She TEXTS Ron: IM HOME. Calling to Rick ... MAI Are you done? Can we talk? His hulking form fills doorway ... ducks and drops into armchair ... MAI (CONT’D) If you’re not too tired, I want to talk. Okay.


MAI What’s your plan? RICK I’m going to the embassy tomorrow. Seeing the Security Director at eleven o’clock. MAI I’m going with you. RICK No way, Mai. MAI Why not? Aren’t I involved? Don’t I get to know what you’re doing? RICK Stay out of this.

Trust me.

MAI I have to trust you. trust me. (MORE)

You have to


MAI (CONT'D) And that means Zhao, too. We’re in this together. Lives are at stake. EXT. US EMBASSY, BEIJING - MORNING Chinese soldiers shoo CAB ... Mai and Rick walk past bollards ... enter building. INT. US EMBASSY, BEIJING/RECEPTION - MORNING Security Director LAWRENCE WRIGHT, 48 ... tough, bald, bushy eyebrows ... suit and tie ... WRIGHT Lawrence Wright. Been looking forward to meeting you, Mr. Martin. And this is ...? He stares at Mai ... takes in her FIERCE GLANCE ... the MEN shake hands ... RICK This is my wife, Mai, and she’s determined to be part of the team. You don’t mind she sits in on the briefing? WRIGHT It’s extremely awkward. Many things are outside your wife’s clearance. I’m sorry, Mrs. Martin, that you came down here for naught. He squints at her ... She’s cool but smouldering ... Rick follows Wright into ... INT. US EMBASSY-MAZE OF HALLWAYS Passing the cafeteria ... WRIGHT Want coffee or anything? RICK Yeah, sure, coffee. Starbucks? Here?



Wright pays ... the MEN continue to his office. WRIGHT You been studying that packet we sent? Yeah.


The RECEPTIONIST stares from behind feathery bangs ... INT. WRIGHT’S OFFICE - MORNING Wright guides Rick to table beside desk ... BRIC-A-BRAC from worldwide assignments hang on walls ... Wright slides PHOTOS to Rick ... WRIGHT Have you seen these? Rick picks up PICTURE OF RICK AT THE TEXACO ... RICK Yeah, at the stateside briefing. Knock on door ... opens ... ED POOLE, 37 ... tall and lanky ... Marine Corps sweatshirt ... FRANK CHOY, 34 ... enter ... WRIGHT Meet Ed Poole, a veteran from the Bangkok office, like me, and FRANK CHOY, from the Honolulu Field Office. The men shake hands ... WRIGHT (CONT’D) They’re both fluent in Mandarin. POOLE Ni hao, Wright Xiansheng, huanying jiaru ben tuandui. Ni keyi xinlai women, women hui zai beihou guanzhao ni. RICK Whoa, hold on, say that in English. POOLE Welcome to the team. We’ll be in the background, taking care of you. Don’t worry.


RICK That’s good to hear. POOLE I read your profile. That was a real stunt you played on the Iranians. WRIGHT We’re filling gaps in our intelligence on how the Korean spy agency works. It’s a gift, your attraction of these agents. He holds out PICTURE OF YONG AND SANG BO ... same teenage agents following Rick at airport ... WRIGHT (CONT’D) This is KIM YONG and KIM SANG BO. Expect to see them tomorrow. Stay vigilant. Rick bends to FACES ... RICK When is the meeting? WRIGHT 14:00 at the university. RICK Why so late? WRIGHT That’s what I said. coming from Harbin. ear.

Out of towners Show me your

Rick tugs left earlobe ... Wright inspects CONCHA ... RICK It’s that hard thing.

You feel it?

Wright straightens ... turns to laptop ... WRIGHT The ping tracker transmits your GPS coordinates 24/7. I’m syncing our systems... He turns laptop over to Poole ... scrolls through program ...


WRIGHT (CONT’D) Explain to me about TSC security and your wife. RICK Mai retained Ron Zhao for protection last August when I was gone... She was cyber-attacked and stalked... I didn’t believe her. It seemed fantastical that they would try something in China. I thought she was safe here. WRIGHT You guessed wrong, Martin. So, she opened the phone book and picked out their name? RICK I don’t know. I’ll find out. Wright takes notes in palm gadget ... WRIGHT I’m sending you our file on TSC. They’re heavyweights. Your wife got the best. Their new man, Zhao, is from Hong Kong. Is she going to be a problem? Drop it.

RICK Mai’s okay.

WRIGHT If you say so. You have a phone? RICK Mai gave me this one. It’s in Chinese. He slides phone across to Wright ... WRIGHT You’ll get used to it. They work the same. I’ll copy Poole and Choy’s numbers into your address book. Wright hunches over phone ...


WRIGHT (CONT’D) Once you get picked up, we’ll be following you. You can’t let on about the device. Of course.


WRIGHT It would be the end for you. RICK Mai’s right. Lives are at stake. My life. EXT. MAIN BLDG./REAR ENTRANCE - AFTERNOON STORM APPROACHES ... squads of soldiers march on Bicycle Street ... Ron lets out Mai and Rick at MAIN BUILDING REAR ENTRANCE ... parks in VIP lot ... INT. RON ZHAO’S PARK AVENUE - AFTERNOON Ron takes pictures through telephoto lens mounted on the dash of Park Avenue ... INTERCUT REAR ENTRANCE ... He walks around ... jots license numbers ... PARK AVENUE ... He takes pictures of ... REAR ENTRANCE ... Tang’s blue Toyota Camry ... Lt. Guan, Chief Diangti and GENERAL MA get out ... overcoated ... General Ma, 60 ... small man in large coat ... INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - AFTERNOON Sgt. Wang sets lidded cups around table ... Commander Gao at head ... Lt. Liu, Diangti, Ma sit on one side ... Rick, Mai and TRANSLATOR sit on other ... Rick nods to the MEN ... guard at the door ...

Maj. Tang and Lt. Guan stand at


RICK We’re here? Rick appears relaxed ... systematically he observes each man. DIANGTI Yes, we are, Martin Xiansheng. First, I thank you for your participation today. And I have questions regarding your internet activities. Tell me, how long for the United States Homeland Security or CIA or other bureau you work? RICK I don’t work for anyone. DIANGTI I have the Wikileaks record. says... RICK It’s a mistake.


It’s not me.

DIANGTI A routine background check on your wife, Martin Taitai, reveals a link to you and your activities. I want to corroborate these reports with you first hand. He spreads PHOTOS across the table ... Rick and Mai stare at same images they’ve seen ... Diangti points out the TEXT WITH RICK’S NAME in WIKILEAKS CABLE ... RICK Are pictures of me and Mrs. Martin in your data base? DIANGTI I collect information from all sources, Martin Xiansheng, similar to your country. RICK Answer a question for me. What’s your connection with those rumors? DIANGTI You both are involved in internet spying. Stop lying.


RICK We’re at a stalemate. meeting is over.

I say, this

Rick stands up ... RICK (CONT’D) Let’s go, Mai. DIANGTI That was a waste of time. COMMANDER GAO You have nothing on him. No proof except pictures in their own driveway. The cable is not verifiable. He’s right. Turning to the Martins ... COMMANDER GAO (CONT’D) You are free to go. DIANGTI What? Are you taking the side of the Meiguoren? COMMANDER GAO How is this a threat to PRC? Gen. Ma turns his back ... makes call. EXT. MAIN BUILDING/REAR ENTRANCE - AFTERNOON Enormous deodar cedars ... waning afternoon light ... heavily overcast ... Kim Brothers disguised as two skinny guards stand in gloomy parking lot smoking ... INT. RON ZHAO’S PARK AVENUE - AFTERNOON Ron turns on ignition ... heater fan whirs to life ... CAR CLOCK says: 4:15 ... mobile rings ... MAI (V.O.) We’re done, coming down. He puts it in gear ...


EXT. MAIN BUILDING/REAR ENTRANCE - AFTERNOON Ron drives to Rick and Mai ... BLACK BUICK PARK AVENUE backs out ... Kim Brothers GRAB Rick ... one on each arm ... TRUNK POPS open ... Rick SLAMS them into each other ... they FALL back limp ... Mai GRABS man closest to her ... SHENG, a gangster in the car, springs out ... TASER’s Rick ... Kim Brothers PUSH him into trunk ... Mai JUMPS at Sheng ... his PUNCH lifts her off ground ... her leg kicks up ... shoe flies off ... LANDS in the trunk with Rick ... She falls backward onto HOOD of Ron’s Park Avenue. Ron STOMPS the brakes ... trunk SLAMS shut ... Mai ROLLS OFF onto street ... INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - AFTERNOON Commander Gao’s phone rings ... COMMANDER GAO Martin Taitai. INT. RON ZHAO’S PARK AVENUE - AFTERNOON She wipes face ... strands of hair blood-stuck ... blouse blood-ruined ... cut on chin ... jaw throbs ... head aches ... she’s angry ... MAI They’ve taken Rick. To Ron ... MAI (CONT’D) Is that them turning left at the light? Ron pursues ... fishtails onto Bicycle Street ... lays on horn ... emergency lights ... INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - AFTERNOON Wei?


He writes down LICENSE NUMBER ... addresses room ...


COMMANDER GAO (CONT’D) Two men dressed as university guards abducted Martin Xiansheng at the rear entrance. Zhao is pursuing their vehicle. Turns to Diangti ... COMMANDER GAO (CONT’D) Who are those guards, Diangti? Tell me what you know! DIANGTI It’s not us if that’s what you mean, Commander. COMMANDER GAO Where’s that man of yours, Lt. Guan? The MEN LOOK at door ... Instead Sgt. Wang appears ... SGT. WANG The tape is ready. Follow me, gentlemen. To Lt. Liu ... COMMANDER GAO Start the mobilization. Zouba! INT. MAIN BUILDING/STAIRS - AFTERNOON The MEN hurry downstairs ... COMMANDER GAO Where’s Major Tang? SGT. WANG I’ll find him. INT. MAIN BLDG./TECH LAB - AFTERNOON TECHNICIANS run security tapes ... Commander Gao, Sgt. Wang, Chief Diangti and General Ma WATCH ... Rick and Mai walk out ... Buick backing toward them ... EVERYTHING ... COMMANDER GAO What’s the ID on the vehicle? JGTS CAI Same Korean company:

Radiant Star.


Turns to Diangti ... COMMANDER GAO I said, where’s that man of yours, Guan? DIANGTI I called his mobile, but he’s not answering. Waving mobile ... COMMANDER GAO Give me your phone... and yours. He easily grabs Diangti’s mobile ... frisks Gen. Ma ... takes his ... turns to SARGENT-AT-ARMS ... COMMANDER GAO (CONT’D) Escort these two men to the Conference Room and secure the door. No one goes in or out. No phone calls. Wait for me. DIANGTI You’re finished, Gao! Commander walks away without acknowledgement ... hands phones to Cai ... COMMANDER GAO Strip these, get everything. Especially locate Lt. Guan. Sgt. Wang calls to Commander ... SGT. WANG Hey, here’s Maj. Tang and Lt. Guan on the video feed. Gao and Wang WATCH Guan and Tang exit building ... run out of range ... blue Camry drives past ... out the lot ... SGT. WANG (CONT’D) He’s still not answering his mobile. Haode.

COMMANDER GAO We know where they are.


EXT. BEIJING UNIVERSITY/EAST CAR GATE - EVENING Flashing lights ... CARS backed up at EAST CAR GATE, Guards check everyone’s ID ... Freezing rime ... Camry parks ... Park Avenue pulls next to it. INT. TANG’S CAMRY - EVENING Tang reports to Commander ... MAJ. TANG The gang must be leaving the campus here at the East Car Gate. COMMANDER GAO (V.O.) That’s reasonable, can you see the PSB from there? They should be swarming the exits. MAJ. TANG Dui, I see a lot of cruisers on the Boulevard. It’s dark, all black sedans look alike. Maj. Tang LOOKS at traffic chaos and lights on the Boulevard. COMMANDER GAO And Lt. Guan? MAJ. TANG He’s here with me. Maj. Tang SEES Guan’s dark profile ... INT. PARK AVENUE - EVENING Mai’s head pounds ... jaw stiff and sore ... MAI I’m calling Wright. RON Haode, I’m going out there. He zips parka ... leaves Mai alone in car ... heater running. INT. CAMRY - EVENING Zhao’s face appears at Maj. Tang’s window ... Tang steps out.


EXT. BEIJING UNIVERSITY-EAST CAR GATE - EVENING Guan joins them ... Camry flasher illuminates faces ... exaggerating shadows ... like THEATRICAL MASKS ... INT. RON’S PARK AVENUE - EVENING Mai punches Wright’s number ... WRIGHT Yeah, who is this? MAI Mai Martin, Mr. Wright. WRIGHT Mrs. Martin, how are you? terrible thing. MAI Save it, Wright.

What a

Where’s Rick?

WRIGHT He’s fine. We’re watching him. Don’t panic. MAI You’re insane.

Where are you?

WRIGHT I’m here on campus, and, by the way, this is all classified. You say nothing to no one, capiche? Infuriated Mai terminates call ... EXT. BEIJING UNIVERSITY/EAST CAR GATE - EVENING She hobbles on one shoe ... head hurts ... shoulder sore ... Wright’s smug ass FACE target of animosity ... RON What are you doing out here? freezing.


MAI I talked to Wright. (whispering) He said Rick is fine and not to worry. Ron frowns ... strobe lights her ghastly FACE ... he wipes it with handkerchief ...


MAI (CONT’D) Wright’s on campus. Take me to Commander Gao now. Lt. Guan edges into shadows ... 16:45 ... it rings ...

Maj. Tang looks at mobile:

COMMANDER GAO (V.O.) Where are you? MAJ. TANG At the East Car Gate. COMMANDER GAO (V.O.) Is Zhao there? MAJ. TANG Dui, and Martin Taitai. COMMANDER GAO (V.O.) So, she can talk, is okay? MAJ. TANG Her face is bad. COMMANDER GAO (V.O.) Is Guan with you. Dui.


COMMANDER GAO (V.O.) He’s in on it. Maj. Tang looks around for Lt. Guan ... MAJ. TANG I don’t see him now. INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - EVENING SOLDIERS lock Diangti and Gen. Ma in Conference Room ... DIANGTI We have to get out of here. GEN. MA I am thinking the same thing. DIANGTI Make a distraction to get them to open the door.


Good idea.


Ma holds WALLET ... GEN. MA (CONT’D) Fortunately, the respectful Commander failed to deprive us of our personal items. Ma plunges SHARP OBJECT into Diangt’s neck ... What?


A toxin paralyzes ... spreads to heart ... ends his miserable life ... Gen. Ma pats down ... takes wallet and watch ... pounds on door ... GEN. MA Chief Diangti is having a heart attack! Hurry, open the door! INT. MAIN BUILDING/HALLWAY - EVENING Sgt. Wang knocks on Gao’s open door ... SGT. WANG Bad news, boss. Chief Diangti had a heart attack. INT. MAIN BUILDING/STAIRS - EVENING Gen. Ma flees ... downstairs ... PARAMEDICS come up with gurney ... EXT. MAIN BLDG./REAR ENTRANCE - NIGHT Ambulance ... flashing lights ... people at rear entrance ... cover for Gen. Ma’s escape ... INT. BEIJING UNIVERSITY/US EMBASSY SUV 1- NIGHT LAWRENCE WRIGHT sits beside MARINE DRIVER ... Ed Poole sits behind staring at laptop screen balanced on knees ... BEEPS refresh Rick’s GPS coordinates ... POOLE Martin’s moving again.


Wright calls Choy ... WRIGHT He’s moving. Do you see them? No.

CHOY (V.O.) I’m at the last location.

WRIGHT Call Poole for the new coordinates. Wright pockets his smartphone ... turns around ... WRIGHT (CONT’D) Keep an eye on this, Ed. I’m going over there. To TWO MARINES sitting behind, WRIGHT (CONT’D) You two, come with me. He steps from US EMBASSY SUV 1 into ... EXT. BEIJING UNIVERSITY - NIGHT ...a SNOWSTORM ... He buttons overcoat ... pulls knit cap over bald head ... Marines, two black figures, join him ... catlike the MEN stay close to TREES ... away from squad of soldiers marching on Bicycle Street ... Gen. Ma PASSES them going other way ... hunched over against stinging wind ... plunges hands into pockets ... head down ... keeps walking ... EXT. OFF CAMPUS - NIGHT Lt. Guan steps into stream of people leaving campus at MAIN GATE ... head down ... floats past barrier ... out onto the Boulevard ... EXT. BEIJING UNIVERSITY/RESIDENTIAL - NIGHT Gen. Ma keeps walking ... PLA cadres every twenty meters ... bright lights ... He turns into dark opening between apartment buildings ...


EXT. HUTONG/GANG’S HIDEOUT - NIGHT Rounding corner ... Gen. Ma sees ODYSSEY beside row of sheds ... looks up at Mai Martin’s dark apartment windows ... back down again ... knocks on a DOOR ... INT. GANG’S HIDEOUT/VARIOUS - NIGHT Sheng opens it ... Gen. Ma stamps snow off shoes ... SHENG Wo shi sheng Jianqiang, xiao qiang. They shake hands ... GEN. MA Lucky you got here before the storm. SHENG Are you hungry? Zhe shi, this is Dong Zhi Wei, our local driver. Dong bows ... hurries to kitchen ... head at Kim Brothers ...

Gen. Ma looks over his

GEN. MA We meet again. The Kim Brothers scramble to show courtesy ... GEN. MA (CONT’D) Show me the Meiguoren. The Kim Brothers remove plywood covering HIDDEN DOOR ... Light from single bulb reveals NAKED, HOODED and BUNDLED Rick ... He SQUIRMS ... Gen. Ma KICKS him ... GEN. MA (CONT’D) Your wife is a whore, you bastard American. Rick jerks ... lifts head ... Gen. Ma snatches cigarette from a Kim Brother ... presses it on Rick’s chest ... fluids bubble ... it extinguishes in rancid smoke ... Rick stiffens ... snot blows from nose ... muffled noises escape from taped mouth ... GEN. MA (CONT’D) Dye his hair.


INT. KITCHEN Kim Brothers drag Rick ... strap to half-size chair ... burn fluid oozes ... Dong chops garlic ... drops mutton chunks into simmering pot ... Ma orders Sheng ... GEN. MA Give me your cell. Get us new phones. We leave in the morning. Gen. Ma opens Diangti’s wallet ... gives bills to Sheng ... takes his mobile ... powers on ... calls Lt. Guan ... GEN. MA (CONT’D) This is Ma. Where are you? EXT. THE BOULEVARD - NIGHT Lt. Guan watches a MAN ROASTING CHESTNUTS on the sidewalk. LT. GUAN I’m on the Boulevard. you?

Where are

INTERCUT - TELEPHONE CONVERSATION GEN. MA I’m at the safehouse. Diangti’s dead.

Join us.

LT. GUAN What happened? GEN. MA Heart attack. LT. GUAN I’m stuck outside. I’ll come when I can. Lt. Guan powers off ... removes battery ... pockets phone ... gets bag of nuts ... trudges up the Boulevard ... EXT. HUTONG - NIGHT FRANK CHOY loiters near gang’s hideout astride BMW CEvolution electric scooter ... looks at light obscured by Odyssey ...


EXT. LINAI APARTMENT - NIGHT SNOWING harder ... Choy retreats to bicycle shed ... Shack MEN smoke and play cards ...


EXT. MAIN BUILDING-VIP PARKING - NIGHT SOLDIERS pass in squads on Bicycle Street ... ambulance leaves ... turns slowly on black ice ... reveals... Clumps of SOLDIERS ... Wright and two Marines approach ... Ron’s Park Avenue pulls up ... Mai steps out on one shoe ... MAI Lawrence Wright. WRIGHT (grimacing) Mrs. Martin. MAI What is this? (gestures to face) Collateral damage? WRIGHT You shouldn’t have intervened. can’t help that. Do you have insurance?


Ron and Maj. Tang join in ... MAI Mr. Zhao, may I introduce my husband’s colleague, Lawrence Wright from the US Embassy. Zhao nods suspiciously ... Commander Gao approaches ... MAI (CONT’D) Commander, please meet Lawrence Wright from the US Embassy. COMMANDER GAO Why are you here, Mr. Wright? WRIGHT I’m concerned about the American’s disappearance. COMMANDER GAO Where is he? Do you know?


MAI Tell me where Rick is! he okay? Shut up!

Tell me, is


Mai grabs Wright’s coat ... pulls him down to her level ... face to face ... hissing ... MAI I know you know where he is! Wright shrugs ... shoves ... she slips at feet of two Marines ... they pull her up ... she lunges at Wright ... Ron brings fist to palm ... whipping sound ... shifts weight ... flips into high kick ... strikes one Marine hard on jaw with booted foot ... Mai twists free ... other Marine punches Ron ... Maj. Tang takes a swing ... MAI (CONT’D) Where’s Rick! Commander Gao fires his PISTOL once into SWIRLING SNOWFLAKES ... A couple dozen soldiers rush in ... stand by each person. COMMANDER GAO Martin Taitai, how are you? I forgive your violent outburst because how distraught you are. Zhao Xiansheng, kung fu Master, qing, Martin Taitai, the storm is harder. Go home. Hui jia. To Ron ... COMMANDER GAO (CONT’D) Assure her, I will not rest until her husband is found. She is safe with you tonight? The Commander turns to Wright ... COMMANDER GAO (CONT’D) So, where is Martin? Of course you know. You’re the American’s handler. He works for you. Don’t deny it. WRIGHT I’m here as a favor to your department. (MORE)


WRIGHT (CONT'D) Representing Americans, that’s what I do at the embassy, Commander Gao. Sgt. Wang approaches ... SGT. WANG The gang’s Tianjin-registered Honda Odyssey was at the parking garage today. Their license number clocked in at 11:30 and out at 17:05. INT. HUTONG/GANG’S HIDEOUT - MORNING Rick wakes ... raises and lowers feet ... rolls onto stomach ... pulls feet under ... stands ... feels for wall behind with bound hands ... leans against stack of crates ... box falls ... bottles break ... Gen. Ma wakes ... looks through PEEP HOLE ... GEN. MA Kim brothers, get here, open the door. Rick hops around ... falls ... makes racket ... knocks stack of crates onto first person through door ... Kim Brothers start kicking ... Stop it.

GEN. MA (CONT’D) Quiet.

Gen. Ma pulls back on ARM ... TASERS Rick ... INT. GANG’S HIDEOUT - MORNING Gen. Ma yanks Rick’s head ... drops tincture into each eye ... Yong forces his mouth open ... Sheng pours in baijiu ... EXT. GANG’S HIDEOUT - MORNING Sheng and Sang Bo hold Rick between them ... walk through fresh snow ... Gen. Ma follows ... More PEOPLE walk in same direction ... EXT. PEDESTRIAN GATE - MORNING Commotion ... EVERYONE shows ID ... overwhelmed SOLDIERS let drunk migrant men pass ...


EXT. WEST GATE - MORNING Lt. Guan walks into ... INT. WEST GATE/GUARD SHACK LT. GUAN Arrest me and take me to Commander Gao. I am the fugitive they seek. Two SOLDIERS leap to stand ... stare at suave superior officer ... LT. GUAN (CONT’D) Call him now, then take me to him. Do it! SOLDIER Wei, ni hao, Commander Gao. Lt. Guan is here at the West Gate to turn himself in. The Soldier hands mobile to Guan ... LT. GUAN I know where the Meiguoren is that you seek. I want immunity. EXT. BEIJING UNIVERSITY - MORNING The Soldiers frog-march Lt. Guan across quiet campus ... blanketed in snow ... BUS lumbers up the Boulevard SMASHING fresh snow into gray porridge ... INT. MAI’S APARTMENT/VARIOUS - MORNING Mai wakes ... heads into ... INT. KITCHENETTE Ron makes tea ... transformed from GQ model to urban guerilla: trousers tucked into gum-soled boots ... light shadow on his CHEEK ... MAI They’ve started the heat. this. Ron tests radiator ...



RON Thanks to Buddha. Outstretched arm ... Come here.


He folds her in embrace, Tangzi...


She snuggles ... He holds her tighter ... kisses top of head. RON (CONT’D) Let me see your cut. She turns up chin for inspection ... Ron delicately touches face ... cut on chin ... bruise on forehead ... Headache? No.


MAI I’m fine.

INT. SITTING ROOM MAI Ron, my god, that kick... Sipping tea ... RON Those Marines, manhandling you. And that twit Wright. When I get my hands on him... He strokes her neck ... MAI Wright said this was my fault! intervening...


RON He’s right. Stay out of the way, Mai. You’re already hurt. MAI You agree with him?


RON Shhh, Tangzi, be calm. Let the Commander take care of this. Mai throws on parka and gloves ... MAI I’m going out. RON Take your mobile. down.

I’ll be right

INT. MAIN BUILDING/SMALL ROOM - MORNING Lt. Guan sits in bare room ... rises when Commander enters. Sit.


Taking chair opposite ... LT. GUAN I can tell you everything. I was the recruiter working for Chief Diangti. But I need assurances. COMMANDER GAO Assurances you have, now, tell me, where is the Meiguoren? EXT. LINAI APARTMENT - MORNING CARS back up on both sides of Gate ... knot of PEOPLE clusters on other side ... Beyond crowd SQUAT BUILDING ... boarded up door and window ... Ron comes up behind Mai ... crunching in new snow ... RON What’s going on? MAI The gate is locked. A MAN arrives ... opens gate ... PEOPLE and VEHICLES creep through snow ... Dong and Yong nose Odyssey into column of cars passing Mai and Ron ...


EXT. MAIN BUILDING/VIP PARKING - MORNING Lt. Liu ... overcoated ... supervises TWO TROOP TRANSPORT TRUCKS ... engines grumble ... white exhaust clouds ... squads board ... Sgt. Gu ... overcoated ... one wide three narrow red stripes ... drives up in electric car ... Commander Gao ... overcoated ... Sgt. Long in skirted uniform ... running pants underneath ... plaid wool coat overall ... climb on ... Convoy drives onto Bicycle Street ... through throngs of students struggling in snow ... EXT. HUTONG - MORNING CARS back up to Primary School ... troop transport trucks bog down ... EXT. LINAI APARTMENT - MORNING Sgt. Gu threads electric car through commotion ... Gao jumps out ... hustles forward through crowd ... MAI Commander Gao! COMMANDER GAO Martin Taitai, what is the cause of this commotion? MAI The man was late coming with the gate key. He gestures to Sgt. Long ... COMMANDER GAO Zhe shi Sgt. Long Yandong. I assign her to you until your husband is found. Sgt. Long, striking in long PONYTAIL and POUFFE, solemnly stands by Mai ... Gao gestures to apartment entrance ... COMMANDER GAO (CONT’D) Zhao Xiansheng, take Martin Taitai to her apartment, xianzai.


SQUADS OF TROOPS jog into the scene ... Ron grasps Mai’s hand ... pulls her away from ESCALATING SITUATION ... Sgt. Long right behind ... EXT. GANG’S HIDEOUT - MORNING SOLDIERS going door to door ... dragging out PEOPLE ... checking ID ... moving on to ... INT. HUTONG/GANG’S HIDEOUT - MORNING BROKEN GLASS and BLOOD are scattered on DIRTY MATTRESS ... Sgt. Gu guards doorway ... keeps out curious passersby ... EXT. HUTONG/GANG’S HIDEOUT - MORNING GUARD drags barricade from behind Bicycle Shed ... Commander Gao lays FLASHLIGHT on SNOWY ROAD ... BEAM catches PATTERN OF CAR TREADS ... He looks up at Mai’s apartment ... gestures for them to come down ... EXT. HUTONG - MORNING Gao waits casually in electric car ... Ron and Mai approach with Sgt. Long ... COMMANDER GAO We just missed them. He shows her blood-spattered socks and shorts in evidence bag COMMANDER GAO (CONT’D) Do you recognize these as your husband’s? Mai’s shocked reaction affirms his question ... COMMANDER GAO (CONT’D) Lt. Guan turned himself in today. Zhende.


COMMANDER GAO And we found your shoe in the getaway car...


He hands Mai the shoe in a plastic zip bag ... COMMANDER GAO (CONT’D) I will stay in contact with you, Zhao Xiansheng. (to Mai) We will catch these criminals and rescue your husband MAI Where’s Wright? I’ve been locked out of his phone. COMMANDER GAO Mei wenti, Martin Taitai. tracking the Meiguoren.

We are

RON Have you found them? COMMANDER GAO Not yet, but we will. RON Can you trace the plates in your expressway cam database? COMMANDER GAO Dui, we expect results soon. To Mai ... COMMANDER GAO (CONT’D) Lt. Guan told me there’s a bounty on Martin Xiansheng. Chief Diangti was going to split it with him. A bounty?

MAI For what?

COMMANDER GAO The Iranians put it out because the Wikileak cable named him in an exploit on their internet. Stunned ... Mai gradually realizes what’s at stake ... COMMANDER GAO (CONT’D) I will call you when we get a lead... If you hear anything... Mai turns to Ron ...


MAI Let’s go to the embassy. INT. RON ZHAO’S PARK AVENUE - MORNING Ron heads off campus ... Sgt. Long in back seat ... calls MS. ZHANG ...


INT. ZHANG’S OFFICE - MORNING Ms. Zhang, Director of Media Department and Mai’s boss, 49 ... cashmere hoody, sweat pants, string of river pearls ... buried behind old-fashioned CRT and keyboard ... stacks of reports, magazines, newspapers, potted plants, tea service, jade carving... MS. ZHANG What can I do for you? INTERCUT:

TELEPHONE CONVERSATION MAI I’m going to the US Embassy this morning. I wanted you to know. Weishenme?


MAI The interview with my husband, yesterday? MS. ZHANG Dui, go on... MAI Rick was abducted! MS. ZHANG Bu dui, not true! MAI Dui, true. Commander Gao is looking for him. They have the entire army searching... Any day, I’m sure, Rick will come walking back... MS. ZHANG This is serious, Martin. retained a lawyer?

Have you


MAI No, do I need one? MS. ZHANG You should get advice. MAI Zhende, can you recommend anyone? MS. ZHANG I will make some calls. whatever time you need.


INT. RON ZHAO’S PARK AVENUE - MORNING Mai tucks phone away ... MAI Ms. Zhang says I need a lawyer. What for? RON She’s right. I know a good one. Alan Spires. Do you want me to call him. MAI Qing, please. EXT. US EMBASSY, BEIJING - MORNING Ron stops at bollards guarding Embassy ... Chinese Soldiers approach ... Mai and Sgt. Long get out ... Ron keeps going .. INT. US EMBASSY/LOBBY - MORNING Mai checks in at desk ... leaves Sgt. Long behind ... Young MAN leads her to ... INT. US EMBASSY/CONFERENCE ROOM - MORNING It’s equipped with PC set to SKYPE LINK ... Mai sits ... stands ... restless ... inspects rack of embassy literature ... door opens ... CAREER BUREAUCRAT enters ... MARIANNE WILLITS Duibuqi, Mrs. Martin, for making you wait. I’m Marianne Willits, Homeland Security and Embassy liaison.


MAI Bukeqi, pleased to meet you, Ms. Willits. MARIANNE WILLITS Here is a Skype link on standby with your husband’s supervisor at Homeland Security. Feel free to ask any questions. We want to help you in every way possible She turns monitor toward Mai ... ALICE NOLAN’s face lights up ... begins talking ... She’s 39 ... career officer in crisp white shirt, silk foulard tie ... ALICE NOLAN Good day, Mrs. Martin. Nolan.

I’m Alice

MAI Yes, hello, Ms. Nolan. Bursting with anger ... Mai looks away from the screen ... ALICE NOLAN I understand you’re angry with us. I get that. MAI What do you get? ALICE NOLAN It must be agonizing, being left out and lied to. MAI Ha! ... Where’s my husband? ALICE NOLAN He’s in China. We’re tracking him. How?


ALICE NOLAN There’s a device in his body. MAI Is this a game for you? It’s real for Rick. And for me. And what are you doing? Sitting on your asses, collecting ping data and analyzing stuff.


ALICE NOLAN You should retain an attorney, Mrs. Martin. We have a list of attorneys in Beijing. Ms. Willits slides LIST on Embassy letterhead toward Mai ... MAI Why do I need a lawyer? nothing wrong.

I’ve done

ALICE NOLAN Having an attorney allows you timely access to updates and information. Please, we want to help. MAI Don’t take this personal, but I’ve never gotten help from Homeland Security. You dragged me into this through Rick, using the university as a pretext. I had to hire my own security! ALICE NOLAN You are a smart resourceful woman, Mrs. Martin. I can see why Rick is devoted to you. MAI Cut the crap, Nolan. ALICE NOLAN Seriously, I know the details of the situation in August. I admire how you managed things on your end. Mai makes disgusted sound ... slumps into chair ... arms crossed ... ALICE NOLAN (CONT’D) This is a complicated crime in which you two are enmeshed. The FBI will be involved. The connection blanks out ... MAI How do I get in touch with you? Mai asks the BLUE SCREEN ...


MARIANNE WILLITS Here’s a list of lawyers. We don’t endorse any. And a brochure for Victims of Crimes in China. Mai scans List ... SEES Alan Spires’ name ... INT. US EMBASSY/LOBBY - MORNING Waving to Sgt. Long ... Zouba...


The women exit Lobby ... INT. RON’S OFFICE - DAY Sun breaks out ... smart breeze clears sky ... behind Ron’s head view extends to DAGOBA ... RON Wei, nihau, Mai. the embassy?

Are you done at

INT. CAB - DAY MAI Dui, I’m coming. Tell the SHIFU how to find your office. NOV 2 - INT. RON’S OFFICE/RECEPTION - DAY Elevator doors open ... Sgt. Long hefts door to TSC Security ... she and Mai enter ... INT. RON’S OFFICE - DAY Ron’s assistant, LILY, sets down tray of coffee things ... leaves ... Mai hands cup to Sgt. Long ... Sgt. Long stands by the door ... her EYES locking on RON’S briefly ... Mai hands cup to Ron ... RON I called Alan Spires. He can squeeze us in today at 4PM. Mai looks at credenza covered with MEMORABILIA ...


Ron picks up HAT ... gold braid ... patent leather bill ... strikes POSE ... MAI Hong Kong Police Commissioner Zhao... what is this? She points at GROUP PICTURE ... men in combat suits ... holding machine guns ... RON My squad. That’s me, right there... Special Forces for two years. Marine Police, here... He holds another FRAMED PICTURE. RON (CONT’D) Before I traded it for a desk job and a promotion... How did it go at the embassy? Sucked.


She plops down ... stares at street scene below ... RON What did they say about Rick? MAI He’s here in China, and they’re tracking him. How?


Mai remembers Rick’s smiling face on Skype, RICK What have you told Zhao about me? Keep this between us, don’t tell him. She sets HAT on head ... mournful eyes ... tilts head coquettishly ... MAI I’m hungry. RON Where do you want to go? In our building, Chinese, Italian and Japanese.


MAI Italian. I’d love pasta and a glass of wine. INT. BUILDING ELEVATOR - DAY Mai clasps Ron ... reaches on tip-toe ... whispers ... MAI They have a tiny device concealed in his body. Sgt. Long stares at numbers lighting up as they ascend ... INT. ITALIAN RESTAURANT - DAY SUNNY WINDOWS overlook busy metropolis ... MAI Order tortellini for me. back...

I’ll be

INT. XI-SHOUJIAN - DAY Exotic flowers reflect in smoked glass ... Mai inspects image ... touches lump on forehead ... inspects raw cuts on cheek and chin ... She fingers a LIPSTICK buried under the FLASHDRIVE ... SEES her WEDDING RING ... applies color ... LOOKS at ring ... touches it ... hides her scars under SUNGLASSES. INT. ITALIAN RESTAURANT - DAY The Fuwuyuan adjusts filmy curtains against streaming sun ... Mai stoic throughout behind tinted lenses ... RON Let’s analyze what happened and where Rick might be. MAI What do you mean? She sips on glass of Valpolicella ... stares into it ...


RON What do we know? International mercenaries want to collect a bounty by delivering Rick to the Iranians. How would that look? What route? What method? ...I’m assuming you want to find him. MAI Better than the alternative, sitting around doing nothing while Rick kills himself for Homeland Security. RON So they knew all along? Fuwuyuan sets plates ... pours wine ... MAI Dui, and that low-life, Wright, laughing at us... RON Zhende... And you knew, too, all this time? Brandishing knife and fork over veal scallopini ... he scowls at Mai ... No!


RON Are you lying? MAI Ask me anything. I’ll tell you anything. I’m hiding nothing. Nothing... We had something special. She throws down fork and napkin ... holds head ... RON We still could. She looks up at his touch ... MAI Everything is against us.


NOV 2 - INT. JINZHONG HOTEL/GANG’S ROOM - AFTERNOON Sheng, Gen. Ma, and Kim Brothers check in with Rick ... groggy and blind ... Ma hands bills to valet ... he administers dose in syringe ... takes PICTURE OF RICK ... sends message to superior ... image attached ... EXT. JINZHONG HOTEL/PARKING GARAGE - AFTERNOON Frank Choy on C-Evolution quietly cruises parking garage ... NOV. 2 - INT. ALAN SPIRES OFFICE/798 - AFTERNOON ANNIE, Alan Spires assistant, stands by ... Ron, Mai and Sgt. Long squeeze in ... Painted canvases stack against walls ... Ron LOOKS AT and TOUCHES Mai ... gives Annie an idea ... ALAN SPIRES Things are different here than at home in the US, Mrs. Martin. For one thing, appoint me as your agent. That allows me to receive communications from the prosecution before trial. MAI What trial? RON It’s best to have Spires involved. He can take actions. Like what? cost?

MAI And what will this

RON TSC will take care of the retainer. ALAN SPIRES One possible outcome is that the defendants will bargain for their lives by offering compensation to the victims. This is commonplace. Trading execution for life in prison, let’s say. Of course, there would be a fee as a percent of the amount. What do you know about the other victim’s family? He was from Harbin?


MAI Who are you talking about? dead man, Diangti?


RON I’ll have Lily call you with the contact info. How do you want to structure the deal? MAI Hey, I’m here, answer my question. What deal? ALAN SPIRES If I can get the Diangti widow’s representation, we could assign a split of the fees, Mrs. Martin. This is somewhat speculative at the moment, since they have not concluded the investigation, caught or prosecuted your husband’s tormentors. MAI This business of needing a lawyer is a waste of time and isn’t helping find Rick. Spires ignores her outburst, ALAN SPIRES TSC needs to locate and negotiate with the widow. MAI You are confident they will catch them? ALAN SPIRES I will get the best arrangement for you possible. And... the crimes of which you are a victim are of interest to the American FBI. MAI The embassy wants your contact info. I’m going downstairs to look at Annie’s gallery. Do you still need me?


INT. ANNIE’S GALLERY - AFTERNOON Unframed canvases and panels lean against walls ... paintings on paper or calligraphy litter felt-covered table ... Mai perches on high-style sofa ... curved and plush ... like blue-green ocean wave ... Annie offers tea to Mai and Sgt. Long ... ANNIE You and Ron look like a couple. Has he asked you to be his mistress? MAI What? No, what does that mean, to be his mistress? You mean girlfriend? Annie looks to Sgt. Long for feminine confirmation ... ANNIE Bu dui, Ron likes you, we can see that. He’s a Chinese man, isn’t he? I know what he’s thinking. MAI Zhende, you know what he thinks? ANNIE Alan will write a contract for you. Like what?


ANNIE Like, how much per month and for how long. MAI Zhende... my husband is coming back. The women gaze at each other ... Mai reclines ... Annie adds hot water to pot ... ANNIE People who disappear, but not for ransom, are prisoners and not likely to return... or maybe after many years of not knowing. You would be a fool not to see it... Of course, there’s luck.


She dribbles tea on frog holding a LUCKY COIN in its mouth .. The men walk into the gallery ... interrupting the WOMEN ... RON Mai likes the sofa, Annie. sale? Of course.



She slips Lucky Coin into Mai’s hand ... immediately gets delivery man on cell ... EXT. RON’S FLAT - EVENING Ron turns Park Avenue into guarded underground parking ... INT. RON ZHAO’S PARK AVENUE - EVENING ... calls mother ... RON Wei, nihao, Mama, I’m bringing guests. INT. RON’S FLAT/VARIOUS - EVENING Ron unlocks DOUBLE DOORS ... one behind the other ... MAMA ZHAO, perfectly coiffed Hong Kong matron, greets them at the door ... Ron takes the WOMEN on tour of LAVISH LOFT ... INT. SITTING ROOM Leather armchairs and silk upholstered sofas overlook BEIJING SUNSET ... RON Sit and be comfortable. I’ll get something to drink. I have new Beaujolais, Mai. Interested? MAI Oh, Beaujolais, perfect, Ron.


INT. KITCHEN In spotless black stone stainless steel kitchen Mama quizzes Ron ... MAMA (CANTONESE) Is this the same woman you have been seeing, Ronnie? Dui, Mama.

RON Fix us snacks, qing.

MAMA Is she married? RON It’s complicated, Mama. the trays?

Where are

INT. SITTING ROOM Mai examines face in gold marbled mirror ... Ron sets down wine goblet tray ... Mama brings fruit and cookies ... MAI Tai haole, Ron. RON Mama, this is important client for TSC. Sit with us a minute. MAMA Alright, Ronnie, for you. Wine?


Mama stares at Mai’s bruised face ... Ron pours wine ... MAMA Where is her husband? RON He’s been abducted. MAMA Have they contacted her for ransom? Bu dui. He turns to Mai ...



RON (CONT’D) Are you staying for dinner? (turns back to Mama, pleading) Mama? Mama pats Mai’s hand ... returns to kitchen ... The sun slips behind clouds ... Ron reaches for remote ... turns up lights ... MAI Annie spilled the beans on you. RON What does that mean, beans? MAI She tells me she knows what Chinese men want, and she knows what you are thinking. RON Zhende, that’s bold MAI She told me Alan Spires could write up a contract for us. RON What else did she tell you, that lynx, making trouble? He gently grasps scarf ... pulls her LIPS TO HIS ... RON (CONT’D) Is this a dream we live, Mai? is there a chance we can live happily together?


The scarf runs through fingers ... Mai leans away ... MAI Rick’s coming back. RON I hope so, Mai. Truly, I want him back. Then you choose... You know, most abductions turn out okay. We should make an offer. MAI How would we do that?


RON Wouldn’t your country pay to get him back? Call Wight now. Mai reaches for purse ... MAI I’ve been trying. him.

I can’t reach

The call bounces ... She sighs ... tucks away the phone ... Ron’s mobile rings ... INT. GAO’S OFFICE - NIGHT COMMANDER GAO Wei, ni hao, Zhao. News. Odyssey was recovered. INTERCUT:


TELEPHONE CONVERSATION RON There goes that lead. COMMANDER GAO I tracked two Embassy SUVs to Jinzhong. I believe it is Wright and his squad following Martin Xiansheng to Wenzhou.

To Mai ... RON They’re tracking the Americans. COMMANDER GAO The Port Authority discovered the name of the closest Iranian freighter, the Lantana. It left Golden Horn Bay on October thirtieth. RON When does it arrive? COMMANDER GAO In three days on Monday the seventh. It was brought to my attention that you have port experience.


RON Dui, I was Marine Police for five years. COMMANDER GAO Join us in apprehending this gang. Tell Martin Taitai I make her platoon liason with the US. We leave tomorrow. Conversation terminates ... Ron turns to Mai ... grins enigmatically ... RON Commander Gao wants us along on the operation. We’re leaving in the morning. Sgt. Long’s mobile in rings in call from supervising officer ... She’ll be going too ... NOV 2 - EXT. RON’S FLAT - NIGHT The DOORMAN calls a TAXI ... the WOMEN get in ... Ron watches red taillights recede ... zips jacket ... turns the other way ... walks briskly ... NOV 3 - EXT. HUTONG ALLEY - MORNING Ron and Mai stand in short line ... get food from street vendor ... MAI Pretty morning. RON How are you and Sgt. Long getting along? Puffs of condensation hang between them. Good. gun.

MAI You know, she’s carrying a

I know.



INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - MORNING The Bureau Meeting has commenced ... Ron, Mai, Commander Gao, Maj. Tang, Sgt. Long and Sgt. Wang ... COMMANDER GAO You realize, the PLA controls this operation. RON Of course, Commander. Xiexie for allowing us in your operation. A split second the MEN lock eyes ... COMMANDER GAO You need a gun. I have processed your application. Do you have a preference? Can you fire one, or are you purist kung fu man? RON Of course, as Hong Kong Police, I mastered all forms of combat. Spent two years in the Special Forces before joining the career track to Deputy Commissioner. COMMANDER GAO I’m putting in for a standard issue QSZ type 92. It’s a semi-automatic made here in China, takes nineteen millimeter cartridges like a Luger. RON Haode, I know the type 92, xiexie. MAI Where’s Wright? COMMANDER GAO The most recent expressway cam shot put them at a truck stop in Shijiazhuang. Have you success contacting Wright Xiansheng? MAI My calls bounce. COMMANDER GAO The informant, Guan, told us their objective is Wenzhou. We’re getting ahead of them by flying there today.


RON It makes sense. Freighters leave that port everyday bound for the Emirates. I presume they will embark on a UAE-bound freighter, the soonest one they can book passage. COMMANDER GAO Dui, my thought as well. The Lantana meets that criteria. SGT. WANG Your passports, qing. COMMANDER GAO It’s a four hour flight, with a layover in Shanghai. Zouba. NOV 3 - INT. NEW ASIA HOTEL - AFTERNOON Ron relaxes lanky guerrilla warrior body ... suite with separate bedrooms overlooking Wenzhou Harbor ... MAI I’m working an hour or two tonight. I promised Ms. Zhang I would get this done. Mai KISSES him ... ALMOND EYES pop open ... MAI (CONT’D) Why don’t you have dinner with the guys. Sgt. Long and I can order from room service. Haode.


NOV 3 - INT. NEW ASIA/DINING ROOM - NIGHT COSMOPOLITAN CROWD dines at New Asia ... Ron joins Commander and Sgt. Tang ... COMMANDER GAO Here’s a profile of the gang. He slides REPORT COVER toward Ron ... RON Xiexie, Commander.


COMMANDER GAO What can you dig up at TSC? RON I’ll scan this and send it to the office. MAJ. TANG I’ve already got it on a PDF. send it to you.


Laughing FUWUYUAN brings tea and litre bottle baijiu ... Commander Gao rips seal ... pours three cups ... Maj. Tang and laughing Fuwuyuan hit it off ... disappear behind swinging doors into kitchen ... COMMANDER GAO You know, you are one okay Hong Konger. RON Haode, and you, Commander are one okay CCP’er. COMMANDER GAO I about laughed out loud when you kicked the Marine. He holds bottle ... refreshes Ron’s glass ... RON What about that pistol of yours? I thought you were going to shoot us. COMMANDER GAO Got it with me, right here. Gao pats side ... gun bulges in pants pocket ... RON Someone should arrest you. Yeah?

COMMANDER GAO Like whom? Ha-ha.

Maj. Tang arrives ... dish tray on one arm ... other arm around waist of laughing Fuwuyuan ... COMMANDER GAO (CONT’D) What’s this you bring now, Chef Tang? Pouring another round of drinks.


MAJ. TANG A delicate stir-fry of sheep intestine with blood, the way my grandmother used to make... RON My grandmother never made anything like that. MAJ. TANG That’s because your grandmother was a capitalist roader in Hong Kong, eating cake. No offense. RON None taken. My grandmother was a sixth-level black belt and could kick your grandmother back to Mongolia. They slam back another round ... MAJ. TANG When can we take on those Marines again? That was awesome. RON How about a basketball match with the embassy guys? MAJ. TANG Ha-ha, I like that. RON Xiexie for taking care of Martin Taitai that night. COMMANDER GAO She’s a lady warrior. RON A panther, that’s her. MAJ. TANG She has kung-fu training? RON None, she’s just a natural, fearless. COMMANDER GAO And she has a kung fu master to defend her. Ganbei.


RON And she has Gao, the Commander. Ron looks at PHONE:


COMMANDER GAO It’s my fault. I’m so sorry, duibuqi, please tell Martin Taitai. I underestimated the set up... taking Martin Xiansheng right out from under our noses... Maj. Tang pats Gao on shoulder ... Gao brushes it away ... NOV 4 - INT. BFO ROOM/WEINAN HOTEL - MORNING Choy reads message from Department of Homeland Security home office identifying 2011, GOLD METALLIC, TOYOTA LAND CRUISER as gang’s vehicle ... Rick’s tracker PING enlivens BFO ... Poole, Choy, Wright and two Marines ... the MEN pack ... depart with optimism ... NOV 4 - INT. LANDCRUISER - MORNING Sheng drives ... Gen. Ma rides ... in gold Toyota Land Cruiser ... He’s talking with Pyongyang supervisor HONG RIYI. HONG RIYI (V.O.) The ship left Vladivostock five days ago. The Lantana. It will dock on the sixth and depart the next day. GEN. MA I like the schedule. Fast in and out. Even so, we should have a fallback. HONG RIYI (V.O.) What do you suggest? GEN. MA The Americans. Make them pay. HONG RIYI (V.O.) We don’t talk to Americans. Behind back seat ... where Kim Brothers ride ... Rick lies in the BOOT ... listening without comprehension ...


NOV 4 - INT. NEW ASIA HOTEL/MAI AND RON’S SUITE - MORNING Ron wakes to the SOUND of the shower running ... steps into the SHOWER with Mai ... RON Zao shang hao. He pushes head under spray ... MAI Hao, I’m just getting out. She leaves him groping for her glistening body in empty shower ... NOV 4 - INT. NEW ASIA HOTEL/DINING ROOM - MORNING Commander Gao catches Mai’s eye ... his eyes bloodshot and puffy ... Maj. Tang hunches over bowl of porridge ... thumbs through emails ... Ron sets mobile down ... MAI You look tired. get in?

What time did you

RON Uh... last night... eleven. MAI Are you going to eat? The buffet is delicious. Let me make you some toast, honey. Go sit. I’ll bring it to you. Mai GLANCES at her PHONE announcing a new text: MAI (CONT’D) Ron, look at this. RON Who’s calling? MAI I don’t know. RON That’s Gen. Ma! Ron PASSES phone ...

Commander, look.



RON (CONT’D) He’s asking for a ransom! Text back: YES how much? COMMANDER GAO Contact your people at the embassy. Ask them if they are negotiating. Call to Lawrence Wright bounces ... Mai sighs ... reaches into pocket ... finds the Lucky Coin ... COMMANDER GAO (CONT’D) We go to the Naval Station today. Let me know if Wright contacts you, Martin Taitai. NOV 4 - INT. EMBASSY SUV 1 - MORNING Lawrence Wright calls ALICE NOLAN ... She GLANCES at the TIME display on the corner of her laptop ... it’s 21:00 or 9PM stateside ... INTERCUT - TELEPHONE CONVERSATION WRIGHT Nolan, Gen. Ma wants to negotiate. NOLAN Did he say how much? demands?

What are his

WRIGHT It’s an invitation to negotiate, in a text. Verified. No amount or demands. NOLAN Okay, the idea has merit. Get more details. Start a conversation. Keep the US out of it. You know. WRIGHT How do I get the money? NOLAN I’ll work on it in the morning. WRIGHT I’m contacting the Chinese to get him out. NOLAN Anything else?


WRIGHT Let’s use Mrs. Martin to pick up the money. It’s a layer of insurance between us and the terrorists. NOLAN Go ahead, get her involved. And the Chinese. Work up scenarios and get back to me. Including neutralization. If things go awry, Martin won’t survive Tehran. WRIGHT That’s all. Kay, Bye.


NOV 5 - INT. EMBASSY SUV 1/WUHAN HOTEL PARKING GARAGE MORNING Wright is on shift at 06:45 when elevator doors open ... dash-mounted cam captures RICK WHEELED OUT IN CHAIR ... jogging suit ... head drooping ... The gang stows Rick in boot ... Land Cruiser backs up in front of EMBASSY SUV 1 ... Wright calls Poole ... WRIGHT Did you catch the action? NOV 5 - INT. BFO ROOM/WUHAN HOTEL Poole is up early ... scrolling through emails ... says to Choy and Marines ... POOLE Look, here’s Martin. INTERCUT - TELEPHONE CONVERSATION WRIGHT Okay, they’re moving.

Let’s go.

NOV 5 - INT. LAND CRUISER - MORNING Gen. Ma presses his superior for action ...


GEN. MA Did you get approval to contact the Americans? What? plan.

HONG RIYI (V.O.) In one day? Stick to the

GEN. MA If something goes wrong we’re dead. HONG RIYI (V.O.) This never bothered you before, Laoshi. You sound paranoid. GEN. MA Okay, I’m paranoid, but I’m alive. I have instincts, not just orders. He disconnects ... TEXTS Wright:


NOV 5 - INT. NEW ASIA HOTEL/RON AND MAI’S ROOM - DAY Ron boots up ... orders room service lunch ... RON I got an email packet from Lily. Backlit ... Mai lounges akimbo ... stares morosely at shitty weather ... Ron drags laptop attached to power cord to sit with Mai ... SEEN through open door to adjoining room ... Sgt. Long ripping out set of push-ups ... exercising in panda themed bra and panties ... RON (CONT’D) They aren’t going to abandon him, Mai. MAI How do you know what I’m thinking? RON You look worried. MAI Alice Nolan said they were tracking him. RON Have you tried calling Wright again?


MAI What am I calling about? ransom?


RON Tell him the Commander wants a phone appointment. Get a date and time. Can you do that? This time she gets RING TONE ... connects to his mailbox ... MAI Nihao, Mr. Wright, this is Mai Martin. Commander Gao would like to talk with you. Please, call me to set up phone appointment at your earliest convenience. She terminates call ... MAI (CONT’D) That’s promising. Knock at door ... Sgt. Long leaves off routine ... looks through peep hole ... automatic pistol in hand ... Fuwuyuan wheels into room ... sets tulip bouquet down ... Mai perks up at perfectly toasted tuna and tomato sandwiches ... trimmed crusts ... cut into diagonal quarters ... NOV 5 - EXT. MOUNTAIN HIGHWAY - AFTERNOON EMBASSY SUV 1 follows EMBASSY SUV 2 down twisting highway through mountains ... NOV 5 - INT. EMBASSY SUV 1 - AFTERNOON Poole works out SPLIT-SCREEN DISPLAY on laptop ... Wright calls Mai ... WRIGHT Nihao, Mrs. Martin. INTERCUT:

TELEPHONE CONVERSATION MAI Nihao, Lawrence. WRIGHT I got your message.


MAI Dui, and I also have an apology for you, for the disgraceful way I greeted you the last time we met. WRIGHT Oh, really, well...

Where are you?

MAI I’m in Wenzhou. With Zhao?


MAI Yes, but I can’t tell you more. I urge you to speak with the Commander. He asked me to find a good time for you to connect. WRIGHT How about right now? MAI I’ll call you back, or rather, the Commander will. One more thing: Rick. Is he okay? WRIGHT I’ve seen him, Mrs. Martin. NOV 5 - INT. OFFICERS’ DINING ROOM - AFTERNOON Commander Gao calls Wright from quiet corner ... COMMANDER GAO Wei, nihao, Wright Xiansheng. Where are you? Ni zai nar? INTERCUT:

TELEPHONE CONVERSATION WRIGHT We’ve been following the gang since Tuesday. We’re approaching Wenzhou now. I’m sending you the beacon frequency on the gang’s gold Land Cruiser. COMMANDER GAO Thank you for this information.


WRIGHT The US wants to ransom Rick Martin, but only if it’s initiated by his wife or the PRC. COMMANDER GAO PRC can’t be involved, but it’s prudent to develop an alternative to interception. WRIGHT Or neutralization. COMMANDER GAO Under what circumstances? WRIGHT Do you have an extraction plan? COMMANDER GAO Come to the naval base tomorrow. Do you have the money? WRIGHT I need an account set up for Mrs. Martin at American Express. Can you do that? COMMANDER GAO Dui, I’ll do it overnight. Send me the registration information. NOV 5 - INT. CHOSUN HOTEL/BFO’S ROOM - NIGHT The BFO checks in across hall from gang ... fully outfits rooms ... replaces peep holes with fish-eye cameras ... outputs display on split screens ... NOV 6 - INT. CHOSUN HOTEL/GANG’S ROOMS - MORNING Rick curls on floor under dirty quilt ... retreats into inner fortress ... wakes depressed and agitated ... Gen. Ma engages Rick in conversation in moment of lucidity .. GEN. MA Bastard American, why are you so important to the Iranians? RICK Just that Wikileaks thing. Mistake.

Not me.


GEN. MA You mean they want to pay onehundred-twenty thousand dollars for you, and it’s all a big mistake? No, you did something to them. What was it? Not me.


Gen. Ma rises to strike Rick ... halts his arm ... RICK (CONT’D) Gen. Ma, what’s your beef with me anyway? You’re just in it for the money. You don’t care what I did, not really. Ma spits ... returns to adjacent room ... NOV 6 - EXT. PIER 40-3 - DAY Sheng and Gen. Ma surveil dock area ... TUGS nudge LANTANA into slip at PIER 40-3 ... Next to 40-3 is empty bay ... road lined with warehouses ... beyond dunes slope into low trees ... communal kitchen ... migrant MEN wait to board Lantana ... INT. LANTANA - DAY The WATCH COMMANDER leads Gen. Ma and Sheng into SHIP’S QUARTERS ... CAPTAIN greets them ... GEN. MA How do you defend yourself if there’s trouble? CAPTAIN Are you expecting trouble? Galley mate brings tray ... tea and fresh pastries ... sets glass on brass saucer in front of each person ... pours and leaves ... GEN. MA Always, I always expect things to turn out differently than planned. CAPTAIN I have shooters. We can cover the area around the ship.


GEN. MA Who are those men camped over there? CAPTAIN They’re taking passage with us to Abu Dhabi. NOV 6 - EXT. NOODLE SHOP - AFTERNOON BREEZY and SQUALLY ... Gen. Ma and Kim brothers duck into noodle shop down street from their hotel ... INT. NOODLE SHOP - AFTERNOON GEN. MA We have worked some interesting jobs. SANG BO Dui, Laoshi. GEN. MA I remember when you arrived at the boys’ camp. SANG BO Don’t speak of it, Laoshi. I was young and untamed. GEN. MA That is your internal strength, Sang Bo. Old general affectionately pats teenager’s back ... turns serious ... GEN. MA (CONT’D) I think we’re being set up. We’ll be followed when we leave with the Meiguoren. Fuwuyuan sets bowls in front of them ... GEN. MA (CONT’D) I’m communicating with the Americans. As a backup, if something goes wrong, understand? Be prepared to act quickly and follow your training. No questions, no talking, no slacking.


Gen. Ma watches the brothers slurping soup ... eyes meet ... GEN. MA (CONT’D) I must be sure we won’t be followed. This is critical. Are you listening? YONG Dui, Laoshi. GEN. MA We have one chance at surprise ... we abandon the Land Cruiser. NOV 6 - INT. NEW ASIA HOTEL/DINING ROOM - NIGHT A HOSTESS in red jacket and black trousers leads Mai and Ron to table ... FUWUYUAN pours sparkling wine to accompany plates of fresh oysters ... Ron’s phone interrupts ... RON Wei, nihao, Commander. my data packet today?

Did you get

COMMANDER GAO Dui, xiexie, very interesting. I knew about those incidents but never thought to connect them to Gen. Ma. And all the while, he worked for us, going back and forth to Pyongyang as a specialist. RON Have you heard anything from the SIGINT post? COMMANDER GAO Meiyou bangzhu ... Come to target practice with us tomorrow morning at the base. I’m sending a driver to pick you up. Be prepared to give a briefing at ten-hundred hours. ... Tell Martin Taitai, she made a good impression on Wright Xiansheng. I make her platoon communications specialist. Call ends ... RON We’re going to the base in the morning.


Ron empties bottle of wine into their glasses ... Fuwuyuan clears table ... Mai’s attention drifts ... RON (CONT’D) ... the Commander is listening to cell communications from their provisioner Compass Marine ... Ganbei. MAI Have they found the connection between Radiant Star and Compass Marine? She clicks glasses with him ... RON Dui, they are aware. Mai’s phone rings ... muffled in purse ... It’s Wright ... WRIGHT The amount has been agreed on. They’ll take one-hundred thousand USD for Rick’s release. MAI That’s fantastic, Lawrence. Soon.


WRIGHT Do you have the money?

MAI What?! I expected that you ... The US sent money to release missionaries in Africa! WRIGHT Don’t worry, Mrs. Martin. We got it. But the US cannot be in the middle of this. MAI That’s bullshit that we don’t negotiate with terrorists. WRIGHT So, that brings me to the most important part. You deliver it. Mai sets her phone face down to talk to Ron.


MAI That’s Wright. He wants me to carry the ransom. Ron grabs phone ... RON This is insane.

I won’t allow it.

WRIGHT Is it up to you, Mr. Zhao? Mai shakes head ... resigned ... faces destiny ... Defeated ... Ron hands phone to Mai ... WRIGHT (CONT’D) Listen, Mrs. Martin. Am I talking to you? MAI Yes, I’m here. WRIGHT We’re committed to the safe return of your husband, and the Chinese are fully prepared to go through with this, with your help or not. What about you? MAI I’ll do it. I’ll do it for Rick. WRIGHT Stay in town. I’ll contact you. Keep your phone charged. Mai tucks away phone ... MAI What just happened? RON You’re in it now. NOV 7 - EXT. NAVAL BASE/VARIOUS - MORNING AT THE HELIPORT Maj. Tang greets Ron, Wright and a Marine ... sun disappears behind haze ... grounds green and muddy ... MAJ. TANG Wei, nihao, Zhao.


ROTOR BLADES whip one-gold-star windbreaker ... Maj. Tang leans against downwash ... the MEN shake hands ... walk to BASE JEEP ... MAJ. TANG (CONT’D) Where is Martin Taitai? RON She’s staying in Wenzhou. Didn’t you hear? They tagged her for carrying the ransom. Zhende!

MAJ. TANG There’s a ransom now?

EXT. FIRING RANGE Maj. Tang pulls BAG out of the Base Jeep’s HATCH ... SGT. TANG Here, for you, martial arts man. Zouba. Upraised arms ... Maj. Tang herds the MEN into bunker complex ... thunder CLAPS ... burst of RAINY WIND sweeps them ahead. EXT. COMMANDING OFFICER’S COMPOUND/COURTYARD - MORNING Mossy bonsai upon lichen flecked carved stones greet the Beijingers ... INT. RECEPTION ROOM COL. GAN, elegant in black double-breasted four-star dress uniform ... electric fireplace flickers against one wall ... Maj. Tang and Marine stand guard at door ... Commander Gao maneuvers Ron Zhao around clumps of UNIFORMED OFFICERS ... some in the four-blues camo ... others in navy blue ... turn to stare at the man in civilian clothes ... They stop in front of Col. Gan and PLATOON LEADER MAJ. WONG. COMMANDER GAO This is Ronald Zhao from TSC Security joining us for this mission. He was Marine Police and Special Forces with Hong Kong Police. A hush in the room ... Uniformed Officers take in the stranger ...


COMMANDER GAO (CONT’D) Where is Martin Taitai? Col. Gan wants to meet the Meiguoren’s wife. RON She remained in town, sir, in case they need her. Ron STABS a fierce glance at the Commander ... COMMANDER GAO At the New Asia Hotel? Dui. Haode.


Commander Gao gestures to Wright ... COMMANDER GAO (CONT’D) This is the man from the American Embassy, Commander. Another hush ... the two MEN gravely smile ... noting shared trait of BALDNESS ... Wright boldly extends hand ... Gan returns with fingertip grip ... Commander Gao guides Wright to coffee table ... Chinese Marine in regulation four-blues-camouflage uniform pours ... COMMANDER GAO (CONT’D) The account has been set up as you specified. One of my staff will accompany Martin Taitai to the bank. Col. Gan addresses the room ... COL. GAN Qu dabai tamen, xiongdimen! He leaves reception ... Uniformed Officers follow suit ... NOV 7 - EXT. AMERICAN EXPRESS - MORNING Mai waits ... scanning for JGTS Cai’s arrival ... playing with Lucky Coin ...


INT. BASE JEEP - MORNING Cai holds mobile ... compares PICTURE OF CHINESE MAI WITH BLACK HAIR to Mai ... EXT. AMERICAN EXPRESS - MORNING Cai bounds up steps ... identifies himself ... they enter ... EXT. PARK NEAR HOTEL - MORNING Gen. Ma, Sheng and Sang Bo WATCH people exercise in frigid air ... GEN. MA Change of plan. I suspect the Land Cruiser and our rooms are bugged. Sheng, get another car. Throw away your phones and get new ones. Get a new one for me. Here ... He digs yuan out of fat wallet ... INT. CHOSUN HOTEL/GANG’S ROOMS - MORNING Gen. Ma inspects Rick ... GEN. MA We bought the clothes you wear, dog, so they must be clean. What about your body? You wear a device? Am I right, dog? Wrong.

RICK Wasting your time.

Gen. Ma stands on the toilet seat to inspect Rick’s head while Yong holds him in a lock. GEN. MA What’s this? Gen. Ma whips out a KNIFE, stuffs a TOWEL in Rick’s mouth and slices off his EAR. Rick chokes, gagging. Yong jerks him backward. Sang Bo crowds into the bathroom. GEN. MA (CONT’D) Shut him up.


Yong BINDS Rick’s bloody wound ... Gen. Ma pokes at the EAR ... discovers SOMETHING hard ... folds ear in cloth ... pockets it ... EXT. ROAD NEAR RIVER - MORNING A TAXI stops ... Sheng the passenger overwhelms DRIVER ... SHOOTS him ... ROBS corpse ... takes hat ... ROLLS body into river ... STARTLED DRIVERS don’t stop ... NOV 7 - INT. CHOSUN HOTEL/VARIOUS - MORNING Poole sits at monitor display ... WATCHES Rick emerge ... bound to wheelchair ... bandaged head under knit cap ... flanked by Gen. Ma and Yong ... Sang Bo follows ... POOLE Hey, guys, look. out.

They’re moving

Choy and Marine jump up ... each man stuffs in ear bud... INT. STAIRS The MEN SYNC SYSTEMS as they go ... INT. LOBBY Elevator doors open ... Sang Bo and Rick exit ... INT. PARKING Gen. Ma and Yong exit elevator ... RACE to Land Cruiser ... INT. BFO ROOMS Poole SCANS the video displays ... POOLE Where are you, Choy? Land Cruiser.

Ma is in the

CHOY I’m following Martin’s ping to the parking level. I see the Land Cruiser at the exit. I’m on it.


INT. EMBASSY SUV 2 - MORNING Marine drives ... Choy FOLLOWS RICK’S PING on smartphone ... to Land Cruiser parked in field of vegetables ... doors wide open ... CHOY I see the vehicle, but no one is around. Are you still getting his ping? POOLE Affirmative. Trace it. Choy and Marine take TWO STEPS from Embassy SUV 2 ... Gen. Ma and Yong rise up from vegetables ... GUN them down ... SHOOT out SUV tires and transmission ... JOG to stolen taxi ... Choy’s EAR BUD lies in DIRT ... POOLE (V.O.) What was that? Frank? Frank? NOV 7 - INT. WENZHOU NAVAL BASE/BRIEFING ROOM - MORNING Team Leader Wong leads briefing ... whiteboard, flags of country, party and battalion ... meeting in progress ... lights off ... oversize LED displays PICTURE OF PIER 40-3 ... Next PICTURE OF RICK IN WHEELCHAIR ... RON Who are these people? WRIGHT The man in the wheelchair is the Meiguoren, Rick Martin. The men are the notorious Kim Brothers. The man on the left is Kim Sang Bo, the younger brother of the man on the right, Kim Yong. Wong puts up PICTURE OF CHOSUN HOTEL ... WONG We have identified pinch points between the hotel and Pier 40-3. Wright LOOKS at smartphone ... Call from Gen. Ma ...


GEN. MA (V.O.) I’m thoroughly aware that you have been following your little tracker. That has not gone well for you. WRIGHT The deal is we get Rick Martin back alive and well, Mr. Ma. GEN. MA (V.O.) Mr. Wright, it is you who has blood on your hands. I doubt the world is aware the United States is at war with China ... You choose who lives, who dies, and whose career survives... Gen. Ma TEXTS:

PIER 40-3 NOW ...

Wright furiously manipulates smartphone with both hands ... call comes in from Poole ... he steps to the back ... EXT. VEGETABLE FIELD - MORNING Poole stands at scene of massacre ... POOLE Oh, Frank... Finds ear wrapped in towel on front seat of Land Cruiser ... calls Wright ... INTERCUT - TELEPHONE CONVERSATION WRIGHT Calm down, Ed, I can’t hear what you’re saying. POOLE Choy and the Marine have been shot. They shot up our SUV. Dead?


POOLE Yes, fucking dead, Larry. We have bodies in China. What do you want me to do? WRIGHT What about Rick Martin?


POOLE They cut off his ear and left it on the car seat. WRIGHT Fucking shit! So we don’t know where he is? Right.


WRIGHT And the Iranian tanker is in the harbor? Yes.


WRIGHT Where’s Mrs. Martin? POOLE She’s with the Chinese squaddie at the American Express. WRIGHT I’ll call you back in twenty minutes. Poole takes pictures ... cleans up bodies ... bags them ... attaches explosives to both vehicles’ gas tanks ... BLOWS THEM UP ... INT. WENZHOU NAVAL BASE/BRIEFING ROOM - MORNING Wright shouts to room ... WRIGHT New intel. The gang is on the move with Martin. They’re going to the Lantana. COMMANDER GAO We act now. Ship out. Squad leaders report in ten minutes. Wong distributes DIAGRAMS OF THE PIER ... WRIGHT How far is that? I mean, how long will it take to get into position?


COMMANDER GAO Have you worked out this scenario? WONG Dui, Commander. I’m taking the advance forces ahead now. We leave the helipad and drive to Pier 40-3. Wong checks multipurpose watch ... sets timer ... WONG (CONT’D) The first squad arrives at 12:45. WRIGHT What about Mrs. Martin and the hand off? WONG She comes in the last group, with you and Commander Gao. As soon as you’re in place, one vehicle goes in with Martin Taitai. WRIGHT What if they back out? WONG Navy Seals are boarding the ship. WRIGHT Tai haole, Wong. This might work. NOV 7 - INT. YONGQIANG AIRPORT VIP LOUNGE - DAY JGTS Cai drags wheeled BAG OF CASH up to VIP Lounge ... Maj. Tang and the Marine open doors ... Mai OVERHEARS Wright ... Cai DARTS to Gao ... WRIGHT We have dead bodies in China, Nolan. Wake up. NOLAN (V.O.) Send me the GPS coordinates and we’ll scramble from Yongsan. Get clearance on the air space from your Commander. This is code red. WRIGHT Whatever that means. Wright TEXTS Gen. Ma:

Ready 2 go R U ?


Wright calls Poole ... WRIGHT (CONT’D) They’re sending an extraction squad from Yongsan. POOLE (V.O.) How long will that take? WRIGHT They’ll be there in a couple of hours. POOLE (V.O.) Do I leave these guys in a ditch or what? WRIGHT Leave them. I’m at Yongqiang Airport. They’re transporting the brigade now and moving troops to Pier 40-3. I need you here. Wright pushes into knot of MEN around Commander Gao ... Ron and Mai zigzag across room ... sit by windows ... squalls come in waves ... MAI Who’s dead, Ron? RON No one, what...? MAI Wright said ‘Dead bodies’ just now, on the phone to someone when I was coming in... The Commander GRABS their attention ... COMMANDER GAO New intel people. Eyeballs this way ... jiang jun zai cai di li sha hai le liang ming meiguo te gong! MAI Is he talking about Rick? RON No, it’s two of Wright’s men. Commander Gao approaches them ...


COMMANDER GAO It is time to prepare you for the hand-off. Alright.


TECHNICIANS fit her with EAR BUD ... RON This operation is too dangerous for Martin Taitai. I can do it. COMMANDER GAO I have a pistol approved for Martin Taitai. He gestures to Maj. Tang ... MAI Bu dui, Commander. COMMANDER GAO Weishenme? Zhao is right. dangerous role for you.

This is

Maj. Tang arrives with QSZ ... hands it butt forward ... MAI No, no. What if they get it away from me? And shoot me with my own gun? Uh-uh, no gun. He gives her pepper spray ... it goes into pocket with Lucky Coin. RON If anything goes wrong, hit the ground and cover your head. A commotion interrupts ... Ed Poole pushes through lounge door ... WRIGHT Commander Gao, I have another man to muster with your troops. ... transformed from geek to pissed off ... assault rifle ... backpack of techno gadgets ... hearty welcome from Maj. Tang and Platoon Leader Wong ... the MEN grab gear ... depart ... From window VIEW Commander, Mai and Ron WATCH the MEN boarding CCG HUMVEE 1 ... wet tarmac ...


RON Commander, tell me why I can’t take her place? I have experience. Wright explains from across empty room ... WRIGHT It’s the liability thing, Zhao. Neither China nor the US wants a connection to this transaction. He zips bag ... sets it near lounge door ... COMMANDER GAO The money came through the American Express Bank in Wenzhou. An account was set up overnight in Martin Taitai’s name. WRIGHT It’s got to look like the wife came up with the dough herself to ransom her husband. RON So, I’m her agent. for her.

Let me carry it

WRIGHT You’re Chinese. RON Not really, I’m from Hong Kong. WRIGHT Stop splitting hairs, Zhao. Mai’s gentle hand stops him ... MAI I can do it, Ron. RON Haode, Mai. Mei wenti. I’ll be there, as close as your ear. NOV 7 - EXT. PIER 40-3 - AFTERNOON The gang stands around taxi ...


GEN. MA Hide the Meiguoren. Take your positions. I go talk with the Captain. Gen. Ma walks to Lantana ... EXT. PIER 40-3 - AFTERNOON Maj. Tang, Poole and JGTS Cai establish forward command communications from CCG Hummer 1 ... hide in scrub brush behind warehouses ... Wong’s SPECIAL FORCES block off area ... surround it ... CREEPING through coastal vegetation ... Wong CLIMBS GANTRY CRANE 1 in empty slip next to Lantana ... Lantana’s SNIPER crouches on CRANE 2 above his ship ... SPOTS movement in adjacent slip ... Lantana crew WATCHES from onboard ... Sheng HIDES above Martin and Sang Bo in warehouse ... BLACK-MASKED MEN ... AK 47 style rifles ... Sliding shadows ... migrant MEN ... CCG HUMVEE 2 CREEPS toward pier ... boot pops open ... hauls Bag of Cash to gangway ... Gunmen CHECK SIGHTS ... SHIFT POSITIONS ... LISTEN for orders. INT. LANTANA/SHIP’S QUARTERS - AFTERNOON Lantana Captain gets call from sniper ... CAPTAIN Yes, I see a woman approaching. He looks expectantly at Gen. Ma ... GEN. MA This is the Meiguoren’s wife with ransom. How much?


GEN. MA One-hundred thousand US dollars.



CAPTAIN Interesting. And who is driving her? The Coast Guard? She has powerful friends, General. EXT. PIER 40-3 - AFTERNOON Mai stands at gangway ... Rick!


RON (V.O.) Tangzi, listen, turn around. Mai twists ... sees Ron in Humvee 2 ... RON (V.O.) That’s right, come back this way slowly, Tangzi. INT. PIER 40-3/WAREHOUSE - AFTERNOON Rick’s lashed to wheelchair ... mouth taped ... PINHOLES of LIGHT pierce darkness ... He HEARS Mai’s voice ... struggles mightily ... PISTOL WHIPPED silence ... Through opening at back Sang Bo SPIES Special Forces leapfrogging toward Yong’s position ... SEES Yong DRAGGED into brush ... Mai comes within meters of Sang Bo’s position ... He panics ... opens door with SCREECH ... kicks wheelchair .. EXT. PIER 40-3 - AFTERNOON Gunmen CONTRACT ... ready to SHOOT ... EXT. PIER 40-3/CRANE 1 - AFTERNOON Into RADIO MOUTHPIECE ... Hold fire!



EXT. PIER 40-3 - AFTERNOON Rick ROLLS out ... light blinded ... pissing himself ... Mai POISED ... RON (V.O.) Don’t move! Stay where you are and drop the bag. She drops it ... cries out ... MAI Rick, oh Rick! RON (V.O.) Stay calm, Mai, open the bag. She unzips lid ... rows of US BILLS IN BUNDLES ... MAI Here’s your goddamn money, you fucking cowards! See? She TWISTS ... looks at Ron in Humvee 2 ... Rick CRIES ... CHOKES ... PANICS ... MAI (CONT’D) Rick, hang on. It’s gonna be okay, honey. Just breathe. That’s right, it’s gonna be all over in a few minutes. His chest heaves ... their eyes meet ... INT. HUMVEE 2 - AFTERNOON Ron calls into command post ... RON I’m going in. Door clicks open ... EXT. PIER 40-5 He slides to front fender ... RON Yi, er, san... ... runs into warehouse ...


EXT. COMMAND POST - AFTERNOON Maj. Tang snaps fingers ... Special Forces SHIFT FORWARD. EXT. PIER 40-3 - AFTERNOON Commander Gao explodes from Hummer 2 ... JOGS to Lantana ... pushes buttons on mobile ... Gen. Ma?

COMMANDER GAO Ni daodi zai nar?

INT. HUMMER 2 - AFTERNOON Wright remains where he is ... seated in Hummer 2 ... Wright TEXTS Nolan:

Pkg solo ...

EXT. PIER 40-3 - AFTERNOON Sang Bo emerges ... hands up ... propelled forward by Ron ... JABS GUN to back ... Wright shouts ... WRIGHT Nide xigai! Sang Bo drops ... CHOKES ON FEAR ... WRIGHT (CONT’D) Jesus, what a buncha crybabies we’ve got here. INT./EXT. LANTANA/VARIOUS - AFTERNOON Gen. Ma DISAPPEARS down ladder into ... INT. CONVERTED HULL Gen. Ma confronts PAIR OF CHINESE NAVY SEALS entering at WATERLINE PORT ... He FIRES ... KICKS bodies into water ... JUMPS into FAST ATTACK CRAFT ... EXT. LANTANA Craft SCREAMS out of the HATCH ... GUNFIRE ... comes to DEFLATING stop ... long WHISTLE ...


VOICES CALL OUT Renwu wancheng! Women dedaole tamen. Faint but DISCERNABLE ... COAST GUARD CUTTER PICKS Gen. Ma out of water ... Maj. Tang, Poole and Marine RUN to Lantana ... CCG and PLN SWARM ONBOARD ... Team Leader Wong PUSHES to front ... Lantana CAPTAIN and CREW line up on KNEES ... hands clasped behind heads HEADS ... EXT. PIER 40-3 - AFTERNOON Ambulance and Port Authority vehicles SCREAM onto pier ... Wright RETRIEVES Bag of Cash ... Ron TEARS tape from Rick’s mouth ... CUTS his ties ... Mai WIPES congealed blood from face ... MAI We knew we’d find you, Rick. Didn’t we Ron? What?

RON Haode. Mei wenti, Mai.

Commander approaches ...

LOOKS at Rick in ambulance ...

RON (CONT’D) Did you find Gen. Ma? COMMANDER GAO Dui, he tried to escape in a dingy ... and the Kim brothers. RON Zhende, tai haole, Gao. COMMANDER GAO We fly back tonight on military transport once they’ve stabilized his condition. Ambulance leaves ... Mai stands in road ... holding onto empty wheelchair ... Ron turns to Hummer 2 ... MAI Can I speak to you a moment? RON No, not now.


SHOTS EXPLODE ... SHATTERED GLASS ... ZINGS ... PUFF on road ... PIECE OF GRAVEL STRIKES Mai’s face ... She HITS deck ... Ron SPRINGS beside her ... crouches on one knee ... Sheng’s LIMP ARM ... RIFLE SLIDES through broken window ... EXPLODES ... EXT. NANYUAN AIRPORT/BEIJING, CHINA - NIGHT Ambulance greets military transport ... Mai waits on tarmac with Ron ... MEDICS CLATTER down RAMP STAIRS ... Rick Martin in GURNEY ... His wild EYES ... flushed face ... powerful arms STRUGGLE against straps ... RICK It’s your fault! What?


RICK Don’t kill me! Medics PUSH Mai to one side ... LOAD Rick ... SLAM doors ... roof rack lights TWIRL ... flash red and blue ... INT. PLA HOSPITAL/RICK’S ROOM - SEVERAL DAYS LATER Rick JUMPS off bed ... Mai and Commander Gao enter ... RICK Mai, so glad to see you. have you been?


They EMBRACE ... She GLIMPSES the STUMP OF HIS EAR ... stitched in BLACK THREAD ... He lets her go ... To Gao ... RICK (CONT’D) Thanks, man, for getting me. COMMANDER GAO I brought things for you. Rick flips through REPORT COVER ... pauses at PICTURE OF MAI IN STREET ... pauses at PICTURE OF RICK IN WHEELCHAIR ...


COMMANDER GAO (CONT’D) Lawrence Wright cooperated with us on your extraction. It is regrettable the loss of life in his squad ... RICK Yeah, so, when can I talk to him? You can’t keep me here. COMMANDER GAO Tomorrow you fly home to US. Your embassy has been notified. They’ll meet you at the airport. Gao turns to Mai ... COMMANDER GAO (CONT’D) The doctors have been treating him for a narcotic addiction picked up in captivity. Gao leaves them alone ... RICK I’ve been wretched to you, Mai. MAI How would you know? You ruined my life here. How can I go on, the wife of a spy? RICK They love you, Mai. You’ve got them wrapped around you finger. Like Zhao. Mai looks away ... RICK (CONT’D) I need you. His blue eyes SWIM in blood-shot itchy orbs ... MAI You have Homeland Security. RICK What if I told you I was quitting? MAI I wouldn’t believe you. Commander Gao returns ...


COMMANDER GAO Martin Taitai, your husband may stay tonight at your apartment. In the morning, a driver will pick him up. We go now. MAI Great, you can come home with me. RICK Is Beijing home, Mai? It is now.


Medic INJECTS Rick ... hands BULKY ENVELOPE to Gao ... INT. MAI’S APARTMENT/VARIOUS - EVENING The gate and door clang ... and lock ... RICK When did they turn on the heat? MAI A couple weeks ago. He walks around apartment ... looking at things ... INT. KITCHENETTE MAI I’ve got rice, stir-fry veggies and dumplings I can heat up in the microwave. RICK Not more Chinese food! MAI I could make you a tuna sandwich. RICK Yeah, okay. He settles in Sitting Room ... from Kitchenette ... MAI (V.O.) They gave me pills for you ... every six hours.


RICK Let me see. MAI (V.O.) It’s there in that envelope on the table. He reads ... chuckling ... Mai sets down GLASS PAINTED WITH AUTUMN LEAVES ... He takes TWO PILLS ... slips BOTTLE into pocket ... Mai pushes past him ... reaches into fridge ... gets mayonnaise, tuna and tomato ... He SPIES beer bottle over her shoulder ... grabs it ... MAI What happened to your ear? Returns to kitchenette ... RICK The Generalissimo cut it off ... Boy I like Chinese beer. MAI (V.O.) Why’d he do that? RICK He thought I had a tracker in my body. He was right. The guy is clever and scary ... What day is this? I kept expecting to get out of there. What took so long? She steps to open doorway between rooms ... MAI For one thing, we didn’t know where you were. Although Wright was following you the entire time. No shit.


MAI He had a room across the hall, taking pictures and listening. She returns to Kitchenette ... feels bottle ... RICK Where’s my sandwich?

Rick REACHES into pocket ... I’m starving.


Two more pills go down throat ... Mai sets sandwich down ... MAI Watch it with those pills, Rick Only every six hours. RICK What pills? MAI Didn’t you just take another dose? No.


MAI Fine, just watch it. RICK Are you calling me a liar? No.


RICK Then what are you ragging on me about the pills? He SHAKES two more into hand ... MAI Please, don’t do that. ... swallows pills ... slams Autumn Leaves Glass ... Mai edges out door ... Rick SPINS her around ... shouts ... RICK Where are you going? to see Zhao?

Sneaking off

Shaking her ... MAI He loves me and doesn’t put me in the cross hairs. Mai pulls out of his grasp ... INT. MAI’S APARTMENT/STAIRWELL - EVENING Rick BOUNDS downstairs ...


EXT. LINAI APARTMENT - EVENING Mai zips parka ... digs hands into pockets ... finds Lucky Coin ... GATE GUARDS smoke ... CLOUDS FLOAT around their heads in streetlight ... SECURITY OFFICER gestures to Mai to stay back ... Rick STAGGERS down dark street ... Officers follow ... alternating in light and darkness ... INT. MAI’S APARTMENT - MORNING Mai’s getting ready for work ... loud banging on door interrupts ... It’s Sgt. Gu ... MAI He’s not here. Gu nods ... points past her to Rick’s Carry-on ... SGT. GU Zouba... Hu-zhao. He brushes by ... zips Carry-on ... Mai grabs Rick’s passport ... stuffs Bulky Envelope into Carry-on ... Gu points downstairs ... She follows ... EXT. LINAI APARTMENT - MORNING Gao rolls down passenger-side window of CROWN ROYALE ... Rick sits in back between TWO SOLDIERS ... RICK I’m sorry Mai. I’m a fucking asshole, and I’m a no-good jerk. I’m sorry. God, I’m sorry ... MAI You’re a wreck, Rick. yourself up.


RICK You’re right, Mai. I’m starting right now. Please, forgive me. Say you do. Say it. MAI I’m not talking to you ‘til you get straight. Gao closes window.


INT. RON’S OFFICE - AFTERNOON Ron sits at desk ... wraparound view of Beijing ... His phone chimes an incoming call ... a TEXT from Mai: can I C U ? INT. MAI’S APARTMENT/VARIOUS - NIGHT The door clangs shut behind Ron ... Warm and cozy inside ... Mai embraces him furiously ... He’s brought take-out ... sets bags on table ... MAI I never thanked you. You saved my life. Can you forgive me? RON For what, Tangzi? ... twists cap ... pours plum wine into CHERRY BLOSSOM GLASSES ... MAI For lying to you... about Rick ... and things. I wasn’t honest. RON Drink, ganbei. serious.

Don’t be so

Lying in bed later ... a little drunk ... MAI So, you’re not angry with me? RON Bushi fengle, not mad, Tangzi. The lovers embrace in STYLIZED LOVE SCENE ... elements of ART OF LOVEMAKING ... ART OF KUNG FU ... They fall irresistibly deeper into mesh of twining desire ... Wo ai ni.


MAI Wo ye ai ni.


INT. SITTING ROOM - NEXT DAY RON I have to go to Taiwan tomorrow, this time with Alan Spires. He pulls her onto his lap ... MAI When are you coming back? RON Next week. Are you going home for Spring Festival? Dui.


RON Who do you choose, Mai? MAI I’ll be back. She snuggles into his neck and watches ... Through WINDOW ... BILLOWING smokestack clouds form into RICK’S FACE ... dissolve and reform as RON’S ... dissolve... INT. BEIJING CAPITAL AIRPORT/VARIOUS - MORNING Ron stands by Mai ... waiting to check bags ... They walk together to ... INT. CHECKPOINT Soon he can’t see her in HUNDREDS of TRAVELERS passing through queues ... Mai turns ... can’t make out Ron’s figure from others ... BACKLIT BY GLASS WALL ... THE END

Beijing Abduction  

The main character, an American woman, works in Beijing ... she gets drawn into high stakes intrigue when her husband, who has been working...

Beijing Abduction  

The main character, an American woman, works in Beijing ... she gets drawn into high stakes intrigue when her husband, who has been working...