The Mandela Martin Impact: Reflections of Life Loss Legacy

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Detroit, MI

Have you ever felt that everything was going wrong in your life, all at the same time? A while ago, I had a “year long” pity party after experiencing what I thought at the time to be painful life changes. One afternoon I was visiting my dad, I looked at his hands and my pity party instantly ended. My dad’s hands give you a visual of what it was like to work in the fields of Selma during the Civil Rights Movement. His hands were scarred, but strong. My dad always shared stories about the Civil Rights Movement, especially proud of participating in what is now called Bloody Sunday. Growing up in Detroit my dad always taught us about our history and he had a great admiration for Dr. Martin Luther King, and would even recite his speeches. I had to ask myself the question: If your dad and Dr. King could withstand fight for your civil rights in the face of death, can you seriously not get “over yourself,” and these life changes? That day changed my life, and now when I have a decision to make, I ask: What’s the worst thing that could happen? I used this question to propel my career in technology, where I was usually the only woman at the technology table. I went on to develop software, serve as a technology executive, coordinate the technology be-hind Super Bowl XL

Now, I travel world empowering females to believe in themselves and consider STEM Careers. Thanking Dr. King and my Dad… for pushing me to get out of my own way!