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Proven, Pr edi c tabl e, P er f o r m a n ce Official Publication of the Manitoba Charolais Association

The O fficial Public ation of the M anitoba C harolais A ssociation

3RD Annual Charolais Bull Sale

March 25th, 2014, 1:00 p.m. DST • Steppler Sale Barn, Miami, MB (6 miles W of Miami on Hwy 23, 1.5 miles S)

Selling: 50 Yearlings • 20 Two Year Olds Volume Discount Available

• 3 Bulls~ 3% off • 4 Bulls~ 4% off • 5 or more Bulls~5% off

Stop by to view the bulls anytime DSY 103A • SEMINOLE x BERLIN BW 2.9 WW 44 YW 94 M 19.9 TM 42 BW 106, Adj WW 901, Adj YW 1562

DSY 4A • SEMINOLE x OAK RIDGE BW 3 WW 57 YW 105 M 21.1 TM 50 BW 101, Adj WW 1029, Adj YW 1568

DSY 43A • SEMINOLE x LANDMARK BW 2.8 WW 59 YW 115 M 22.4 TM 52 BW 102, Adj WW 974, Adj YW 1400

DSY 348Z • Distinction x Santiago BW 1.7 WW 38 YW 80 M 22.8 TM 42 BW 101, Adj WW 678, Adj YW 1341

Join us for a presale lunch in our heated sale barn DSY 48A • SEMINOLE x BERLIN BW 0 WW 42 YW 83 M 19.6 TM 41 BW 95, Adj WW 860, Adj YW 1436

DSY 226A • SEMINOLE x SANCHEZ BW 2 WW 49 YW 100 M 24.2 TM 49 BW 101, Adj WW 796, Adj YW 1450

Sale Manager: Box 7, Miami, MB R0G 1H0

Andre & Katie Steppler • T 204-435-2463 • C 204-750-1951 Cattle in Motion, LLC Dan & Pat Steppler • Tel 204-435-2021 Sarah Buchanan • 1.888.554.VIDS

306-584-7937 Helge By 306-536-4261 Candace By 306-536-3374

View the catalogue and videos online at or call for more information


Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014

Adver tising Rates For 2014: 1” Breeder Card (annual) $50.00 1” Business Card (annual) $75.00 1/6 Page Ad


1/4 Page Ad


1/3 Page Ad


1/2 Page Ad


2/3 Page Ad


Full Page Ad


Color spot ads

an additional $60.00

G.S.T. to be added NOTE: When a photo is requested to be edited, time spent editing the image will be invoiced to the breeder/business requesting the alterations by the MCA as a cost recovery measure. All advertising accounts Must be Paid In Full before any more advertising is accepted from same contributor. ALL ACCOUNTS ARE DUE WITHIN 60 DAYS OF BILLING WITH INTEREST CHARGED AT A RATE OF 2% PER MONTH AFTER 60 DAYS.

For Further Information contact: Cheryl McPherson Phone:(204)736-2878 Fax(204)736-4124

email: NEXT ISSUE DEADLINE: check with a MCA directorors

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Cheryl McPherson, Box 262, Sanford, MB R0G 2J0

P r ov en P r edi c t a b le P er f or m a n ce

In the pasture - In the sale barn - In the feedlot


It has been a cold winter so far, but I hope by the time of publication it is much warmer. Calving is well underway for most Breeders and some commercial producers. Calf prices are at all time highs and Charolais calves are bringing a premium. If you are interested or in the market for a bull this spring, I encourage you to talk to a Manitoba Charolais Breeder and discuss what bull might be right for you. As Breeders, we know our bulls, just like you know your cows. We can recommend and help you choose the bull that will work for your program. Good luck calving, Shawn Airey MCA President

Charolais Commotion Congratulations to the family at Hunter Charolais, they have a couple of family events that happened this past summer/fall. Kristi and Steve Michaleski got engaged in June and will be married in August of 2014. Jimmy and Amy Allison got engaged in November and are planning a wedding for the summer of 2015. Best Wishes! Hill 70 Quatock Bull Sale February 1, 2014 Lloydminster, AB....Gross Average 35 Two Year Old Bulls $165,900 $4,740 31 Yearling Bulls 126,050 4,066 66 Lots $291,950 $4,423 High Selling Two Year Old Bull Lot C-319, Happy Haven QTK 19Z, sired by KCH Winchester 26X. Sold for $7,300. High Selling Yearling Bull Lot C-89, GLT Quantock 89A, sired by Circle Cee Distinct 20X. Sold for $6,500 to Cory Heins, Heinsburg. Provided by Crystal Stebeleski

Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014


Manitoba Charolais Association – Board of Directors 2014 Box 413, Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 3B7 Name Shawn Airey Andre Steppler

Hans Myhre Rae Trimble-Olson

Committees (*=chair) President, MLE*, Summer Picnic*, Scholarship 1st Vice, Ads & Promo*, MLE, MCA Fieldman, Scholarship*, Heart of Canada* 2nd Vice, Website*, Bulletin, Commercial Breeder* Secretary/Treasurer


Phone 328-7704

Cell c. 724-8823







c. 871-1063


2014 Director Picture top left Back Row (l-r): Ian Milliken, Jeff Cavers, Ernie Bayduza, Jim Olson, Michael Hunter, Kevin Stebeleski, Trent Hatch Front Row (l-r) Vonda Hopcraft , Andre Steppler, Shawn Airey, Hans Myhre, Rae Trimble Olson Missing: Rob Gilliland, Campbell Forsyth


On the cover of this issue:


Ernie Bayduza

Commercial Breeder


Ian Milliken

MCA Fieldman*


Trent Hatch

4-H, MLE


Vonda Hopcraft



Campbell Forsyth

CCA Director


Michael Hunter

Juniors, MLE, Summer Picnic



Rob Gilliland




Jim Olson

Juniors, 4-H*, Ads & Promo


c. 856-6357

Kevin Stebeleski

Heart of Canada, Website, MLE



Jeff Cavers

Ads & Promo, Bulletin




Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014

2014 Website designed by Dalyse Robertson 2014 Director Portfolio provided by Rae-Trimble Olson 2014 Director photo taken by Helge By

Andre S teppler provided a pic ture of what C harolais genetics c an do for a commercial herd. Anyone that has photos that they believe would be nice cover photos or filler photos to be used inside the bulletin feel free to send them with info. to info@cher waylimousin.c a

Scholarship Report Andre Steppler

Scholarship is open to any one 17- 21 years of age that is registered in a post secondary education (college, university, trades program) that is using Charolais genetics in their herd or families herd. Deadline December 27th Resume Must include: • Name • Address • Education achievements and post secondary ambitions (proof of acceptance my be provided before the monies is given out) • Community involvement • Cattle industry involvement: eg. 4-H , junior shows, etc • Three references • Proof of Charolais genetics to be provided. Copy of the Charolais animals registration paper. Must of been purchased in the last three years. • A picture of the applicant will also be needed after the applicant is selected for announcement purposes • Essay: How has the cattle industry affected their life and why is the breed Charolais a part of their genetic selection • All applications to be sent to • Andre Steppler, Box 248,Miami MB ROG 1H0 or email


A bitter cold winter has us all on our toes for calving season, making sure the herd is getting enough feed, and providing enough bedding to cope with the ex treme conditions. Take a look at all the ac tivities hosted by MCA in 2014, and mark your calendars, you don’t want to miss out. It is going to be a great year for producers using genetics to increase the carcass yield of their calf crop. As you look through the newsletter make note of all the upcoming bull sales so that you don’t miss out on an oppor tunity to purchase your nex t herdsire. I look for ward to meeting you and hearing your suggestions, creative ideas, and construc tive criticisms on the direc tion of YOUR newsletter. Respec tfully, Cher yl

Commercial Cattle Producer Award

Ron Warkentin grew up on a farm near Fork River. Ron took over his father’s commercial beef herd in 1982 when he purchased a package of land just a few miles outside of Fork River. His herd at this time consisted of 40 cows. Ron and his wife Audrey have continued to farm for over 30 years. Ron and Audrey have raised 4 children who have all been involved in the farming operation. TJ is working as an Agronomist, Allyson is a corrections officer working at the Dauphin Correctional Centre, Terrilyn is currently completing her teaching degree in Nova Scotia, Joel is playing junior hockey in Dryden, ON and planning on attending community college. Both Ron and Audrey have been active in the community. They were involved with the Fork River Rec. Centre for 30 yrs. They have both been 4-H leaders for some 20+ years. Audrey has served as a 4-H Area Council Rep-Leader. All 4 children have gone through 4-H in a variety of programs. Ron has coached the boys through their minor hockey years, first in Winnipegosis and then in Dauphin. Audrey continues to work off the farm as an RN at the Parkland Regional Health Centre, but helps with the farming operation whenever possible. Both of the boys continue to be very active in the farming operation, cattle and grain and are involved with the decision making. The farm has grown to 1500 grain acres, 1500 hay/pasture acres. The crop rotation consists of cereals and oil seeds including soybeans. Alfalfa is also brought into rotation. All feed, both hay and grain is all grown on the farm. Spring and summer grazing consists of rotational pasture grazing with herds remaining on a paddock for 10-15 days. Late fall grazing is done on hay land. Cows continue to be bale fed in pasture until they are brought home to calve in mid-January. Ron’s herd has grown to 130 commercial cows with heifers kept as replacements. Calving commences Feb 1st , breeding begins April 15. Ron said his herd needed improvement in their weaning weight, and it was decided that a Charolais bull was the answer. The first bull was purchased in 1983 at the Hi-Weigh Sale in Ste. Rose. Charolais bulls have continued to be at the heart of the operation with purchases from Breezy Dawn Farms, Winn Man and Myhre Land & Cattle Co. to name a few. Ron and his family agree that using a Charolais bull in their breeding program was a wise decision and since purchasing a Charolais bull their Charolais calves have constantly been at the top of the market. Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014


c c y a 6

Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014



Consigning 6 Long Yearlings to:

Transcon’s Cattle Country Bull Sale, Neepawa, MB., April 5th, 2014.

a Extra age yearlings from our summer calving herd born late May-August 2012 aMost are A.I. sired a White or Red Factor, ALL Polled with reasonable Birthweights a Structurally sound, sensibly developed, semen tested, guaranteed and ready to work! a 13 in total to chose from

Sparrows Birmingham X Moore’s Kokanee X HTA Frosty. 3/4 brothers and herdsire prospects

To view catalogue online please go to Or phone for extra info and pics Farm visits welcome

Johnston Charolais Box 123, Rathwell, MB R0G 1S0 Home phone: 204-749-2247 Cell: 204-723-5030 email: Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014 7


Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014

Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014



Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014

Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014


Hunter CHarolais Bull Sale

Thursday, April 3, 2014

1:30 p.m. DST • At the farm, Roblin, MB


Most are Polled • Some Red Factor

Your Source for Convenient Performance

HC 303A • Polled • SVY Northstar 153Y x M6 Grid Maker Definite Herdbull Prospect

HC 399A • 3rd Gen Pld • SRK Canyon 2Y x Sparrows Vendetta with a -1.5 BW EPD

HC 361A ET • KCM Ultimate 144Y x CS Pld Junction 4J Meat & Performance

HC 3101A • SVY Northstar 153Y x Sparrows Alcatraz 18N To 10% for WW, YW & Milk

Complete Performance Data Available • Bulls can be viewed any time View the catalogue & videos online at Sale Manager:

306-584-7937 Helge By 306-536-4261 Candace By 306-536-3374


Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014

Hunter CHarolais A Charolais family operation for over 30 years

Doug & Marianne, Jim, Kristi & Michael Hunter • Box 569, Roblin, MB R0L 1P0

T: 204-937-2531 Doug: 204-937-7737 Michael: 204-247-0301

Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014



Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014

Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014


Pe r fo r m a

& Guests Bull Sale March 26, 2014 Neepawa, MB


vin ed -Cal l l o P s Genetic

KEYS ALL STATE x BRAVIA BW: 1 WW: 45. 1 YW: 81 . 6 TM : 40. 4 MI L K : 17. 8

Box 639, Rivers, MB R0K 1X0

Shawn & Tanya h: 204.328.7704 c: 204.724.8823 Harry & Joan h: 204.328.7103 c: 204.724.360 Online Information @

SENATOR x GRID MAKER BW: 2 . 6 WW: 53. 5 YW: 104. 7 TM: 51 MI LK : 24. 2

Find us on

With Guest Consignors

Rammer Charolais The Ramsey’s 204-566-2314 204-365-2729 JMB Charolais Bert & Judy McDonald 204-354-2267


Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014

g Ease

SENATOR x RIPPER BW: 3. 2 WW: 48. 3 YW: 96. 5 TM : 4 4. 4 MI L K : 20. 2

e - R e d - W h i te

BRAVIA x MERIT COBB BW: 1 .6 WW: 48.4 YW: 8 4. 1 TM : 41 MIL K : 16.8

REMINGTON x NOBLEMAN BW: 1 . 9 W W: 46. 6 Y W: 93. 6 T M : 43. 6 M I L K : 20. 3

NOBLEMAN x EVEREST BW: 1 .8 WW: 48.4 YW: 97. 1 T M: 45.5 M IL K : 21 .3

Stamp of Quality ST ONES SELL! ONLY THE BE

QUIGLEY x COACH BW: 3. 9 W W: 67. 6 Y W: 117. 7 T M : 47. 7 M I L K : 10. 9

REMINGTON x KCH REMINGTON BW: 5. 7 WW: 63. 1 YW: 117. 7 TM: 50. 8 MI L K : 19. 2

Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014


W 12th Annual Bull Sale



Thursday, March 20, 2014 – 1:00 p.m.




Delivery Available: $75/bull or $50 off the purchase price if you take the bulls home sale day

VALLEY LIVESTOCK SALES, MINITONAS, MB (5 miles East of Swan River on Highway 10)

Our bulls will work for you:

• Big, solid bulls that can cover pastures • Big Testicles, Good Feet, Easy Fleshing • Lot of Hair – Full of Meat • Performance Tested • Structurally sound • Semen Tested, Measured and Ready to Work!

View the bulls online at


Ivan, Ethel & Orland Walker Box 235, Hudson Bay, SK S0E 0Y0 ph/fax 306-865-3953, cell 306-865-6539


Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014

Commercial Consultant: Clayton Hawreluik, Heartland Livestock, Yorkton, SK • Cell 306-621-3824 Valley Livestock Sales: Randy Hart • Cell 204-734-8624


306-584-7937 Helge By 306-536-4261 Candace By 306-536-3374

Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014


4-H & s n o i t a ul Congrat bers m e M r o I encourage you to submit your pictures of Junior Members and their projects, what a great way to Juni


promote the Charolais breed with the success stories of Junior Members.Kindest Regards,Cheryl

Pictures submitted by the Verway Family, Portage la Prairie, MB

Manitoba Charolais Scholarship Congratulations, Jared Preston

I’ve lived on a farm my entire life and our family farm has had cattle for about the same amount of time. Living on a cattle farm has taught me dedication and definitely hard work, with three hundred cows there is plenty of work to go around. But a lot of my life I did the work because I was told to not because I wanted to. This all changed when I purchased my first purebred charolais heifer. I bought my first heifer in 2009 and that’s when I started to get more interested in the industry as well as the breed, it gave me the feeling I was involved in the farm and gave me responsibility. We later decided to buy more animals, and I quickly realized I wanted to be a cattle rancher. My parents have been very supportive and has been guiding me on the right path but yet, allow me to make most of the decisions. That’s why I believe I am so passionate about the industry, our small purebred herd feels like my baby. I enjoy working with the cattle so much, I am truly and extremely passionate about the industry. So why do we use the charolais genetics in our herd, simply the returns, charolais are typically long and wide over that top line and when you sell calves that are the kind of build you want to have in them, with muscle as well as a bigger framed animal. We also like the cow’s quiet disposition, with me and my sister being involved in the farm a lot, we wanted the quieter animals; it allows us to handle them easier and safer. Charolais has been the foundation of our herd for many years and I don’t think that will ever change. We feel that charolais animals are profitable and growing in popularity. The future of charolais is bright and I am extremely excited to be a charolais breeder and excited about the future. The cattle industry has given me so much, I have met so many new people at shows and sales and some have become really good friends of mine. Going to shows and junior shows have taught me a lot about showing, grooming and how to judge and pick animals .It has allowed me to develop a keen eye for cattle. I’m really excited to be a representative of the junior community and to be able to give back to something that has given me so much.


Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014


Has a Great Selection of Red Factors Bulls For Sale Sons of KCH Timezone 15Y (A Solid Son)

CSB Red Allure 318A











Tan Easy Calving Bull



2nd Generation Red out of a Nobleman Daughter

CSB Red Allstar 332A 50.9


3rd Generation Red out of a Nobleman Daughter

CSB Red Man 308A 40.8


3rd Generation Red out of a Nobleman Daughter


CSB Red Design 302A




Red Connection X Rally


Performance Bull

CSB Red Direction 303A Western Spur


Outcross Pedigree Payday

CSB Blue Print 18Z ( 2 Year Old) -1.5


Blue Grass X Nobleman



Used on heifers last year

Cory and Angela Burnside Neepawa, MB (Road 75W - 3/4 mile north off of Hwy 16) (204) 841-0018 (cell) (204) 476-5014 (home) email: Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014 21

Manitoba Charo DOIN’ IT B You’re invited!

2014 Manitoba Picnic and Pen Show Saturday, June 21, 2014 submitted by

Hosted by: HTA Charolais, Rivers, MB

High Bluff Stock Farm

Location: Shawn & Tanya Airey’s yard Pen show: 1 pm Supper: 6 pm Social evening to follow Bring your camper and stay the night


4 classes • • submitted by

HTA Charolais

• •

$1500 in Prize Money

Commercial female with calendar year Charolais calf at foot Purebred Charolais female with calendar year bull calf at foot Purebred Charolais female with calendar year heifer calf at foot Yearling Charolais female


Prize sponsored by Masterfeeds For more information, please contact: Shawn or Tanya Airey 204-328-7704 204-328-8823

Royal Manitoba Winter Fair March 31 - April 5, 2014

submitted by

HTA Charolais


Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014

• • • • • Prospect Steer show Market Steer show Klondike Showmanship All Breeds Heifer Show Royal Lady Jackpot Heifer Show

olais Association is BIG IN 2014 Heart of Canada 2014 Heart of Canada Show Sunday, July 6, 2014 Carberry, MB

submitted by

High Bluff Stock Farm

CCYA 2014 Canadian Charolais Youth Association July 24-27, 2014 Portage la Prairie, MB

National Charolais Show & Sale at MLE November 7, 2014

submitted by

HTA Charolais

Brandon, MB

No Borders Female Sale December 9, 2014 Virden, MB

Plan to Participate!

submitted by

HTA Charolais Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014


submitted by

Cline Cattle Co.


Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014

Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014


Winter feeding in extreme cold.

pic submitted by

Cline Cattle Co.


Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014

On Offer • 50 pOlled yearling Bulls delivery availaBle – Bulls can be kept until May 1 at no charge

ASH 413A

RKJ 15A BW 85, 205 DW 813

TLJ 876A

TLJ 689A BW 97, 205 DW 797

BW 79, 205 DW 854

RKJ 540A BW 96, 205 DW 799

TLJ 14A BW 102, 205 DW 713

BW 96, 205 DW 762

From a past customer… There has been a lot of ups and downs in the cattle industry, but one thing that remains “solid” is the bulls the Hatch family has to offer. Quiet, good hair coats and calving ease are all attributes that keep us coming back to buy Pleasant Dawn Bulls. We have been buying bulls from Tully and Trent for about 7 years and have never had need to get any of their bulls feet trimmed, which in my opinion means they have a feed program that really works. Also peace of mind on sale day, that they back their bulls like very few in the industry. ~ Wes and Wayne Lamport, Melita, MB

Pleasant Dawn Charolais

Box 40, Oak Lake, MB R0M 1P0 Tully & Arlene Hatch • 204-855-2402, cell 204-748-7595 Trent & Ashley Hatch • 204-855-3078, cell 204-721-3078 Kevin & Suzanne Hatch •

Sale Manager: 306-584-7937 Helge By 306-536-4261 Candace By 306-536-3374

View catalogue at or call today for a catalogue or for more information:

Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014


from Sue’s

Kitchen Sue Defoort

Chewy Granola Bars (I line my pan with tinfoil) 1 pkg large marshmallows (I use 4 Cups) 2/3 cup chunky peanut butter 1/2 cup butter 1/4 cup corn syrup 2 tsp vanilla Microwave 2-3 minutes, stirring often at 70% ( I do it on stove top) 4 cup oatmeal 1 cup rice krispies 1 cup chocolate chips 1/2 cup coconut 1/2 cup sunflower seeds I use whatever 2 make 2 1/2 cup peanuts cups. I use a lot of dried 1/2 cup raisins fruit & fruit leather. 2 tbsp wheat germ 2 tsp sesame seeds Stir into above. Bake 350o, 15-20 minutes


submitted by

Steppler Farms Ltd


Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014

M.C.A. Purebred Breeder Award

Congratulations to Jim Olson and Rae Trimble-Olson, of LEJ Charolais. Shawn Airey, President of MCA pictured awarding them the title at the 2014 AGM. This award is presented annually to a purebred producer that is producing registered Charolais genetics in their operation. This award will be presented at our annual banquet in Jan. 2014. The criteria for this award are: 1. A person or farm that represents and promotes the breed in general throughout the year to the best of their ability. This may include sales, show, helping out at promotion booths, etc. 2. Produces quality cattle that meet market demands. 3. Contributes to the affairs of the Association. This may include being a board member or volunteering to help at any breed events. 4. The person or farm must be a Manitoba producer in good standing with the Canadian Charolais Association and be participating in Whole Herd Enrolment.

ER NI E & A L BAY D U Z A Box 51 5 , Da u p h i n M B . R 7 N 2 V 3

Home: (204)6387735


Cell: (204)6380392


• White & Red Factor Bulls • Bulls Made for the Commercial Cattleman •Yearlings and 2 yr. olds • For Sale at the Farm


Call Jenna @ (204) 522-0855 Visitors Welcome!

Caught you looking! Adver tising spots in Bull-etin will reward you with new customers. Don’t be left behind!

submitted by

HTA Charolais

submitted by

Juanita Cline Cline Cattle Co. Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014


Advertisers List Breezy Dawn Farms

....29 McKay Ranches

...10, 11

Cline Cattle Co.

...14 Myhre Land & Cattle


C2 Charolais

...25 Murray Chev Cadillac GMC


Charmont Farms

...29 Myers Land & Cattle


.......9 Pennos Machining and Manufacturing..29

Defoort Stock Farm

Diamond W Charolais & Red Angus ..18 Pleasant Dawn Charolais


....29 R & G McDonald


EastMan Feeds Happy Haven Charolais

.....IBC Scarth Cattle Co.

High Bluff Stock Farm

......13 Rammer Charolais ....8 ...16, 17 Steppler Farms Ltd.

HTA Charolais Hunter Charolais


.....IFC, 29

......12 Sunny Ridge Stock Farm

Johnston Charolais ....7 Tri-N Charolais ...29 Van Buuren Charolais

Keystone Livestock Services

......14 ...19 ....29

L-E-J Charolais

......OBC Willowside Ranch Ltd.


Lonesome Eagle Farms

....8, 29 Walking Plow Charolais



Do you have pictures and information for the Bulletin? Please submit your info to Cheryl,


Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014



a lendar C r u o y ark

MB Junior Charolais Association Meeting Feb 15 Family Tradition Bull Sale March 14 Pleasant Dawn Charolais Bull Sale March 15 Diamond W Bull Sale March 20 Steppler Charolais Bull Sale March 25 HTA Charolais & Guests Bull Sale March 26 Scarth Cattle Co Bulls Sell March 29 Royal Manitoba Winter Fair March 31-April 5 Hunter Charolais Bull Sale April 3 Transcon’s Cattle Country Bull Sale April 5 Cattleman’s Classic Bull Sale April 6 Walking Plow Charolais & Willkinridge Bull Sale April 12 MCA Picnic & Pen Show June 21 Heart of Canada Show July 6 CCYA Portage la Prairie July 24-27 National Charolais Show Nov 7 No Borders Female Sale Dec 9 MCA Scholarship Deadline Dec 27

Manitoba Charolais Bull-etin 2014


LEJ Charolais

LEJ Arthur 350 A CE 34, BW 3.7, WW 49, YW 94, TM 48 Sired by HC X-pedition 52X & Maternal Brother to the 2012 Heart of Canada Champion Bull

LEJ Argentina 362 A CE 44, BW 3.0, WW, 43, YW 82, TM 45

LEJ Alexander 309 A CE 81, BW 1.2, WW 42, YW 84, TM 40 Sired by LEJ Yaeger 109Y the 2012 Heart of Canada Champion Bull by Belmont’s Merlot 56P

LEJ Adonis 394 A CE 96, BW -1.7, WW 46, YW 85, TM 44

HC X-Pedition 52X by LEK Ease 6K

Pleasant Dawn Max 3Y by JWX Private Ryan 505U

White and Red Factor Bulls for Sale. Two Year olds and Yearlings available by Private Treaty or at the Cattlemen’s Classic Sale, April 6, Virden. Call to view our offerings for 2014. (204) 252-3115 or (204) 856-6357 or email us at The Olson’s – Jim, Rae, Kiernan and Erik Portage la Prairie, MB

Mb Charolais Bulletin 2014 bull issue  
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