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Message from Editor & Publisher I am honored to announce the launch of Fearless With A Purpose Magazine, designed to spotlight everyday women who are doing extraordinary things in their communities and to empower women in many aspects of their lives including career, business, relationships, finances, health & wellness, and beauty. Often, I am asked: What does it really mean to be FEARLESS? What I can tell you is that it does not mean to be void of fear, as I believe fear is a natural part of life. Having a sense of fear protects you and keeps you alert to potentially harmful or dangerous situations. Rather, being FEARLESS means to stand in your personal power and embrace fear as an emotion you experience when you stretch yourself to achieve new goals, and to keep moving forward in spite of that emotion. Being FEARLESS is a conscious, intentional decision to move beyond challenges, setbacks, roadblocks, doubts, comfort, and contentment in order to become the best version of you and, in turn, set an example for onlookers who will ultimately let their light shine because you let yours shine. That is the true essence of a woman who is Fearless With A Purpose. Based on conversations with hundreds of women across the country who I have coached, mentored, and advised, it is clear that women continue to hold themselves hostage to fear as it relates to exploring their passion and life purpose – fear of failure, fear of judgment, fear of inadequacy, fear of risks, fear of change. As I continue to connect with such women who are powerful in their own right, and have dynamic stories of courage and boldness to share with the world, it prompts a renewed sense of commitment to empower women to walk in their greatness without apologies or regrets. Information shared in the Fearless With A Purpose Magazine will propel readers to do more than speak about their dreams but to step into action. Instead of dwelling on the negative things that could happen when you take a chance and do something new, Fearless With A Purpose Magazine highlights the enlightening, positive things that can happen – new relationships, new opportunities, new growth… a new YOU! We value the opportunity to support your personal development and growth and hope you will share this magazine with those in your life who will equally benefit from such positive empowerment.



Soaring Beyond Tradition by Carol Sankar


Celebrate Your Best You by Lisa Barnes


Poised For Greatness by Shynell Palmer


The Relationship Between Fear and Stress by Chere Cofield


The Power of Healthy Living by Delayna Keller-Watkins


Staying Financially Healthy This Holiday Season by Jo-Anne Williams-Barnes


Fearless Women With A Purpose -Cheryl Wood In this feature article, we spotlight 20 women who are embracing their gifts and talents in order to soar in life. These women are taking risks, stepping outside of their comfort zone, discovering more about themselves, and not letting anything hold them back from greatness. They are different ages and come from different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, economic statuses, professional backgrounds, religions, and political affiliations. But the common thread is that they each acknowledge the importance of living their lives with passion and purpose. They have a conviction for creating a legacy and impacting the lives of those around them. We interviewed each of the women and asked them to respond to two questions: 1. How have you been fearless in your own life? 2. What advice do you offer to others who want to become fearless? You are sure to be inspired by their responses and motivated to play a bigger game by reading more about their journey. As you take nuggets from each woman’s story, make a promise to yourself to eliminate all explanations and excuses that might currently have you stuck and stagnate and, instead, create reasons to live fearlessly and with purpose. - Continued on page 4 “Quit hanging on to the handrails . . . Let go. Surrender. Go for the ride of your life. Do it every day.” (Melody Beattie) “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” (Mark Twain)

Cheryl Wood The FEARLESS Trailblazer Editor & Publisher Fearless With A Purpose Magazine For years, I was a frustrated mom of three “existing” in life. I was on autopilot as I fulfilled my daily responsibilities and obligations, and continued to lose a piece of myself with each passing day that I did not acknowledge and honor my gifts, talents, and passion. Finally, I got intentional with my life and made the decision to unapologetically embrace my God-given greatness. I put my fears and doubts on a backburner and made a commitment to finding what nurtured my spirit. As I began to take risks and step outside of my comfort zone, it was scary treading unknown and unfamiliar territory, but it paid off. It led me to start my own business where I get to pursue my passion, make an impact on the lives of others, and create a legacy for my children. Now, I joyfully walk in my purpose as I operate a successful business as an international speaker, corporate consultant, and author who empowers and equips others with the tools to thrive! My advice is to take a long look in the mirror and decide who you want to become. Visualize the success you want, upgrade your inner dialogue with positive affirmations to believe you can accomplish anything you set out to do, and take ACTION to create the story you want. Abandon mediocre thinking and playing small. Instead, invest in you, play bigger, and refuse to quit midway into your journey when the “going gets tough.” Commit to finishing what you start even if it means crawling your way to the finish line.

Chere Cofield The Stress Manager After experiencing and overcoming my personal bout with stress, trials, and adversities following a traumatic, unexpected divorce after 14 years of marriage, becoming a single mom and having to raise two boys on my own, and losing my financial security, I recognized the power of resilience, positive thinking, determination, and self belief. I was able to formulate ways to manage my stress and it became my mission to help others add years to their lives by effectively managing their stress before it becomes detrimental to their health. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today for tomorrow may never come. You were born with your own personal greatness. Never allow trials or adversities to hinder you from walking fully into your purpose. There is someone out there waiting for what you have to offer. Don’t keep the world waiting!

Ayanna T. Castro The Maven I have allowed myself to be pushed outside of my selfimposed limits. Instead of standing on the sidelines hoping for the best possible outcome, I’ve taken risks to be part of the process. The result has been exposure to people who see my potential and are willing to push me towards even more opportunities to grow. My advice is to never doubt what you are capable of. Listen carefully to what your heart is telling you. There’s something inside you that is busting at the seams trying to get out but you are talking and thinking your way out of it. You are already equipped with everything you need to succeed. When your passion becomes greater than your fear you will find the courage to share your gift with others. Don’t be afraid to Work Your Package ™ .

Cheryl A. Bruce The Supportive Cheerleader Always wanting to own and operate my own business, I constantly engaged in “hobbies” and “side hustles” but never put forth a full-fledged effort due to fear of failure. However, one year ago, I let go of that fear and jumped right into it. Now, I operate a successful Business Support Service and have connected with positive, like-minded people and I am doing what I love to do – BEING OF SERVICE. My advice is don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams and never let anyone tell you that you can’t accomplish what you set out to do. Although it can be difficult, YOU CAN DO IT! Let go of the excuses, you owe it to yourself to make the attempt. Feel your passion and act on it now.

Lisa Fleet The Glamorous Diva Stretching out on faith and utilizing the knowledge learned from watching my mom run a successful company, I decided to make the plunge into my own business. Over five years and hundreds of clients later I am running a successful and glamorous photography company. I have been given the gift and opportunity to connect with women of all walks of life, providing a platform for each woman to capture her sexy through Boudoir Photography. My advice is to have a clear game plan, research, and utilize every resource available. Surround yourself with successful leaders. Be sure of yourself and what it is that you want to accomplish. Don’t be discouraged and don’t allow fear to prevent you from growing. Most importantly HAVE FUN!!

Barbara Holt Streeter The Motivator I had to learn to be FEARLESS! It was not my character trait to be FEARLESS. As a timid young lady with years of low self-esteem, I looked for validation from anyone who would give it to me, particularly men. Molested at 12, my life changed. I had to embrace that it was not my fault. Over 30 years later, I heard God’s voice and I accepted that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I have a passion for people; it is my purpose in life to help others. My advice to girls and women: Your self-worth and respect begins with you. Embracing your inner and outer beauty is the first step of empowerment. My affirmation statement “I AM… Beautiful, I AM… Smart. I have a purpose for my life, no man or mountain can STOP me because I AM…Beautiful, I AM… Smart.” My five life tips are “Listen, Learn, Live, Laugh & Love: Listen to God’s voice, Learn something new everyday, Live your life with gratitude, Laugh always and Love unconditionally.”

Kiauna Hunt The Whole Beauty Expert I have always had a love for beauty and helping others. I dreamed of starting a business that didn’t just make money but made a difference. I began sharing my dream with others, constantly being told that I would never get far in the beauty industry being a Plus Size Woman. For some time, I let the fear of being rejected keep me in a cubicle. In 2006, I put my fears aside and founded Diva Status. Fearless, determined and beautiful (inside and out), I am now CEO of a successful company with a unique approach on inner and outer beauty. My advice is that YOU are the only one that can define your success. Never allow anyone or anything including fear to deter you. Believe in yourself even when no one else does and always remember true beauty starts within. Renew your mind, body and spirit and stay beautiful inside and out.

Stacey A. Johnson The Financial Accountability Partner With twenty years in the accounting profession, I have met people who have showed me unknowingly to stop trembling before all that life has to offer me. I had to overcome failure and never give up, believing that I could change the lives of thousands of people for the better. As a result, I now assist others in transforming their passion into a purpose that serves them and others and leads to life fulfillment and financial prosperity. My advice is to embrace your purpose. Know what you want to accomplish and know your passion to reveal itself through your work. You will make mistakes along the way, but don’t be afraid to make them. Don’t dwell on things that will never change. Focus on what can be. Stick to your plan, keep pushing, and stay positive. Know that your prosperity is on its way. Be Unstoppable!

Delayna Keller-Watkins The Total Woman After taking care of countless women during my 25 year nursing career, I recognized a common theme. Being busy is a contributing factor to women becoming sicker and dying too soon of preventable illnesses. So I left my corporate clinical management role and began a Women’s Wellness program which focuses on educating and empowering women about healthy living and disease management. I am on a global mission to improve women’s health and impact our communities. Courage can’t compete with fear. Have the courage to act on your dreams and leave behind you the internal forces that hold you back. Your only limits are self-imposed. You must embrace the power of one: one thought, one action, and one SOLUTION. Identify what you want and go for it. Risk a change, overcome fear, and win. Live a FEARLESSLY healthy life!

Morin Ly Lam The Key Holder At the age of 25 I was going through a quarter life crisis; which makes me laugh reflecting back on it now. I was employed by one of the top financial firms in the world but was stressed out. I decided to leave my career in Boston during the deep recession to pursue my dreams and moved to Maryland to explore entrepreneurship. I have found a life filled with great friends and true happiness. There is a saying that the pain of failure weighs ounces but the pain of regret weighs tons. My advice is for all women to stop thinking, be bold and take action! When you come to the edge of your world and take a step into the unknown, trust that there is a power much larger than yourself. Take a deep breath and take the step. Remember, your inner world creates your outer world; SMILE!

Victory Mohamed The EmpowerMentor To be fearless is to be bold and determined. Most of my accomplishments have forced me to be fearless - being a first generation American with my last name and skin color post-9/11, being the first in my family to graduate college and pursue a Masters degree, launching a business at age 19 and starting a TV show and youth development program at 20. Everything I do requires me to be fearless because if I stop and think “what if,” things may never get moving or be what I want them to be! I would advise others to never miss an opportunity to learn, grow, and develop – read a book, attend a class, meet with someone in the position you want to be in and learn from them. Do not make the mistake of thinking you are ‘too cool’ for an advisor or tutor or that you would ‘be embarrassed’ to ask for help or guidance. Surround yourself with great people and make the choices necessary to improve your life and your future.

Vanessa Maddox The Chief Executive Girlfriend Three years ago, a traumatic loss of a beloved sibling allowed me to turn tragedy into triumph. Now, we operate a global, online network for women whose mission is Women Helping Women in all aspects of life. It has changed my life tenfold and I now know my true calling in life. My advice is to first, realize your dreams, create a plan to achieve them, execute on that plan and GO FOR IT. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you! Pray and ask God to give you the will to help others before helping yourself.

Peggy Morris The Connector Ten years ago, unknowingly I walked right into my purpose to build a network for women to encourage them to stay focused to follow their dream. I became fearless by following my own dreams and setting an example that it’s O.K. to dream and not listen to the negative opinions of others. Most importantly, I started surrounding myself with prayerful women and powerful people who were going places and being mindful of always treating people right the first time. Today, being true to myself and supporting others has allowed me to build one of the strongest networks for women and at the same time, it has allowed me to expand my love and passion for photography. With my strong faith in God, he has provided the guiding light to make it all come full circle in my life.

Sonya Smith-Valentine The Financial Warrior For years, as a CPA and a lawyer, I was overworked and unfulfilled. I really wanted to use my financial expertise to become a national speaker but feared what others would say about me leaving the legal profession. Now, I am the CEO of a successful company with a national platform as a Personal Finance Expert, Speaker and Financial Success Coach empowering women to achieve financial success in life and in business. My advice is to acknowledge your fears and then do it anyway. Eliminate negative people from your circle. Surround yourself with positive people who will keep you motivated and moving forward. Enter rooms where everyone else is smarter than you. Don’t see setbacks as failure but instead as learning lessons. Most importantly, dream bigger!

Always surround yourself with people who provide you with words of wisdom. Remember the people you meet on the way up because they will be the same people

Ann Quasman The Found Voice Most of my life, I literally feared using my voice. It was simply lost to me. I never thought I had anything important to say. Surprisingly, a brutal sexual assault in my 30’s helped me find my voice and become a voice for women. As host of WomanTalk Live Radio, my daily mission is to start conscious conversations that move even one woman from talking to doing and living her life fullout and on purpose. Whatever work you need to do on and for yourself, do it. Make the time to learn to love yourself and value your own gifts and wisdom. You are enough - more than enough - and knowing this TRUTH is more important than anything you think you need to do to impress or get approval from others. You’re already IT! You just need to know it deep down where your fingernails grow. You’re IT!

Caprice Smith The Empowerment Enthusiast For years I watched my mother and so many other women give away their power and silence their voices. I decided to fearlessly show mine. I am an author, people enthusiast, and president & founder of an award winning nonprofit organization called SharperMinds, geared toward the prevention of bullying and dating & domestic violence. I have also founded Caprice Smith Business Coaching, where I teach women to match their life’s purpose with the business of their dreams. By empowering them, I grow more fearless. When you do what you love, you never grow stagnant or bored. Find that inner passion and draw on it for motivation and excitement. Be unique and driven, then conquer it all by using your voice. Embrace your inner child and stop using your “inside” voice. You can do whatever you believe you can.

Shelby Tuck-Horton The Tenacious One Twenty years ago, I left my “good” government job to pursue my goal of running a successful full-time event planning company. Though my friends and family thought I was a little crazy to give up the security of federal employment, I stepped out on faith to pursue my dream. Every day, I get to do what I love and be of service to others as a successful event planner, teacher, mentor, and coach. My advice is to stay true to who you are and follow your dream. Have faith in yourself to know you will succeed. Surround yourself with positive people who support you in the accomplishment of your goals. Have a plan and work that plan like crazy! Know when to ask for help and never be afraid to ask for it.

Hyacinth Tucker The Go-Getter Becoming a teen mom was my first realization of my inner courage and my eight years in the military taught me to flex my courage muscles more and move beyond fear. As I face my fears everyday as the only African American, female owner of an Allstate Insurance franchise in Anne Arundel County and the owner of a successful, premiere event facility in Prince George’s County, daily challenges keep me motivated, energized and moving forward. Believe in yourself! If you don’t no one else can. You can have everything going for you when you start out, and a lack of belief in yourself will keep you stuck and prevent you from succeeding. However, you can have everything going against you and still create miracles in your life if you believe that you can. It’s important to really want it, but it’s equally important to stand up and go after it.

Tonia R. Wellons The Social Innovator As a visionary who is unafraid to take calculated risks in order to achieve impact, I have tirelessly advocated for new institutional constructs – people, partnerships, and possibilities – for stronger communities. Whether in Colombo, Sri Lanka; Johannesburg, South Africa; or Prince George’s County, Maryland, I know for sure that people around the world want the very same things – the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – and my fearless role is to facilitate that desire, particularly for the poor and most vulnerable amongst us. The only limitations we have to achieving our deepest passions are those we place on ourselves. Take risks, fail quickly, iterate, and do it again. The world has been waiting patiently for a glimpse of your brilliance and human spirit and you should do your best to give them what they want. ‘Big Ups’ to not playing small!

Marcella Mollon-Williams The Legacy Builder Looking back at the accomplishments that I have achieved, many stemmed from those fearless moments of operating outside my comfort zone and going against the grain. From educating families on alternative financial strategies during one of the worst economic times in history to cultivating a home of entrepreneurs; when most people were going with the flow, I made a decision to take a chance, be different and stay relevant. My advice to you is to begin each journey with the end in mind. As you strive to grow in the different areas of your life; personal, spiritual, financial, be sure to have a clear understanding of where your journey ends. You will certainly have obstacles along the way but embrace those as life lessons and do not be distracted. Stay focused on your final destination and you will surely leave a lasting legacy.

SOARING BEYOND TRADITION -CAROL SANKAR I used to accommodate fear in every aspect of my life for many years. I would let it abuse me mentally while keeping a tight hold on my success. Just 10 short years ago, I would declare that I could never make it to the top. I would try to justify my reasoning with the idea that success was a man's sport that women could not play. My fears came from the traditional English and Caribbean values that were passed down from generations before me. I am the first generation American woman in my family born into a legacy of powerful women who were taught that we were to bare children and take care of the home, while the men claimed the glory for the success of the family. But somewhere along the way, there was an undeniable shift that started with my mother. My mother broke the cycle and for the first time, there was a woman who refused to let fear deter her from success. My mother worked her way up the ranks to becoming a Senior Vice President at a major bank. As proud as she was of her accomplishments since she had immigrated to the United States, she continued to limit her voice due to fear. Then it was my turn. I was too timid to speak up and let my voice be heard. I entered into corporate America because I thought that was what I was supposed to do. I left my voice at home and brought my people pleasing skills to the job. Day after day, I wanted to speak up and overcome the fear of living, but I would retreat to what I knew best -- remaining quiet. Then one bright day, I built the courage to start my own business as a side income. As it grew, my confidence grew. As my confidence grew, my alignment grew. Then, one day, I received the layoff notice in a meeting that my company was downsizing. That morning in November, I dropped my fear factor and started to live. I faced many hurdles along the way, but through it all, I was determined that every failure and setback was just another step on my ladder to the top. I have had many times when I thought that I would crumble, but I refused to give in. My voice became louder and my demands became clear. I am a leader. As I went into real estate, speaking, consulting, coaching and much more, I used my voice and decided that living fearlessly was the only way for me to live a fantastic life. The main obstacle I had to face was to not allow generations of the past to determine how I was supposed to live. I dedicated my life to living fearlessly and I urge you to do the same!

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CELEBRATE YOUR BEST YOU -LISA BARNES I believe you were born to be beautiful… I want you to believe that too! I want you to believe there is untold beauty within you, yearning to be released. Stop worrying about being judged, the perceived imperfections, and the need to conform to someone else’s rules about you and just simply be who you are. There are simple things we can do that make us feel good about ourselves. First, we must make the conscious effort of making ourselves a priority. Treating our bodies like the temple it is has profound mental and physical benefits. A healthy body makes you feel good about yourself and sends a message to others that you value yourself. People who spend their time only taking care of others can be at risk for getting burned out by all the giving, which makes it more difficult to care for others or themselves. Living a balanced lifestyle is the key to ensuring that you can have time for yourself, your family, your friends, your work and all the things around you. For many women going to the spa is an act of self prioritization. However, a day at the spa seems to be reserved for special occasions. What spa goers often do not realize is that they can experience the same tranquility at home. Here are some tips on how to transform your bathroom into a Spa Oasis:  Clean Up: A cluttered bathroom can feel cramped and chaotic. Clean up by removing any toiletries and cosmetics and place them in a closet. This will help shape the mindset for relaxation.  Comfort and Joy: Invest in yourself. Purchase a soft 100% cotton towel and a comfy terry cloth robe that is soft to touch on your skin, for a spa like feeling.  Ambiance is Everything: Aromatherapy Candles, Eucalyptus Oil, Soft Music, and lighting adjustments are a few ways to help you forget your daily stress and set a relaxing mood.  Experience Nature: Natural elements are a great way to enhance your spa experience at home. The soothing sounds of flowing water from an indoor wall or table fountain will bring relaxation to your environment. Vibrant, colorful plants help to create a calming connection with nature. Creating "me time" allows you to take time out to relax, rejuvenate, and replenish yourself. The first step is making the decision to Celebrate You! Visit on the web at

Poised For Greatness -Shynell Palmer Like most, I was familiar with the expression, "there's a thin line between love and hate," but I thought I had it all together. I thought I knew what real love looked like and felt like. So I couldn't have been happier when I fell in love, got married, and started a family with the man I thought would be my lifelong partner. A few years into the marriage I began to see that the man I loved was extremely jealous and obsessive. He questioned my every move and I always had to prove my faithfulness to him. We argued all the time. He would say things like, “if I can’t have you nobody will and nobody will love you like I do.” After years of denial about the dysfunctional marriage I was in, I finally made the decision to accept the reality and do what was necessary to change my circumstances. I stood in my power and told my husband I was going to file for a divorce. That's when things turned deadly. Because I wanted a divorce my husband attempted to kill me. It was as if he just snapped. One day he made true on his promise that if he couldn’t have me no one would and shot me five times. One of the bullets passed through my head. He repeatedly fire shots as I fought for my life! He kept putting the gun to my head and I kept knocking it away with every ounce of strength I had. I shouted I’M NOT DYING TODAY, GOD DIDN’T GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO TAKE MY LIFE YOU DON’T HAVE THAT RIGHT! God had greater plans for me and at the time I had a 3-year old little girl who needed me. I couldn’t leave her without her mother and father. I knew that he would kill himself as he thought he left me to die too. And he did. He took his own life that day. I prayed to God asking him to save me for my baby, and every time I thought I couldn’t make it my precious baby girl’s little face would appear in my mind and bring me back to consciousness. I had to go on. I had to make it. I was poised for greatness. As women, we usually have warning signs, behaviors, or that little voice in our head that tells us when things aren’t right and we must learn to listen. DON’T BE AFRAID TO WALK AWAY! At the first sign of domestic violence, run! My baby girl, my life-line, my will to live is now 25 years old. She’s a beautiful young woman and she still keeps me going. I also have two other daughters now and life is good. I don’t take life for granted anymore because tomorrow is not promised. I know that I AM a miracle and that I’m poised for greatness. This is my season.

The Relationship Between Fear and Stress -Chere Cofield Fear can cause lots of STRESS! When we are fearful we get nervous and anxious anticipating the final outcome of situations as we seek answers. Despite the many advances in our society that are supposed to make our lives "easier," we don't seem to be free from STRESS's tight grasp. Stress and fear can paralyze us. Both can stop us from achieving our dreams and can have a significant impact on our health if we allow it to. When fearful and stressed we set off chemical reactions in our bodies. The consequences may not show up instantly, but accumulate over time and eventually affect our health. Will you take action, face your fears and stress less, or will you wallow in fear and stress to the point that it affects your health? Start making adjustments today: 

Change your mindset- Stay positive! Ask yourself what’s the worst that can happen? Then go for it  Surround yourself with fearless people. Fearlessness is contagious!  Take 5 minutes out of each day to breathe. This rejuvenates your mind and body. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth  Get creative with your thoughts- go on vacation in your mind. This relaxes you and helps you de-stress Visit on the web at

The Power of Healthy Living -Delayna Keller-Watkins Your mental and physical health both contribute to the driving forces behind the life you’ve always wanted to experience. If you want to live the healthy life you deserve, focus on both your mind and body. Create a physical and mental wellness plan utilizing these strategies: eat a healthy diet, exercise daily, avoid stress, get enough sleep and embrace moments of gratitude. Small steps in the right direction can lead to incredible rewards. Experience a greater level of energy and vitality than you ever thought was possible by making your physical condition a priority. Increase your knowledge and confidence by keeping your mind sharp. Together, your physical and mental health forms the basis of a rich life worth living!

Visit on the web at

Staying Financially Healthy This Holiday Season -Jo-Anne Williams-Barnes, CPA The key to being financially savvy this holiday season is planning ahead and sticking to a budget. You don’t want to be scrooge-like but give yourself a gift by being budget smart and conscious. Have you thought about your holiday shopping list or vacation strategy? If not the clock is ticking…  Set a firm budget including line items for gifts, holiday decorations, entertainment costs and food. If you are planning on traveling, your list should include costs such as baggage fees, lodging, car rentals and meals. Your spending threshold should be based on what cash (not credit) you have readily accessible. 

Input your list into a spreadsheet and take a second look at your “must buy” items. Question yourself…Does your hairdresser, manicurist or FedEx driver need a gift? Your list should include the total cost of each item, and be updated with information such as what you bought and for whom. Keep track of what you have spent and what you still need to purchase; this will ensure you don’t exceed your spending limits and will be a great planning tool for next year.


Think outside the box when holiday shopping. A wonderful card with a poem or group gifting for family members may be considered great alternatives your loved ones will appreciate. Consider gifting your time as well; whether it may be offering babysitting services, cooking a meal, or assisting with daily chores.


Beware of credit card usage especially if you will not be able to pay balances off in full within 30-60 days. Write down every purchase made using your card, and input into your spreadsheet. By doing so, you will know how much funds you should have set aside to pay off balances when your credit card payment becomes due. By keeping a rolling credit card balance, finance charges will be added each month until your balance is paid off. These finance charges will eat up the savings you had when buying items on sale. As a rule of thumb, leave your cards at home and utilize cash to stay on track.


It is time for giving! This is a great time of year to contribute to your favorite charity or volunteer your time to someone in need - especially if cash is tight this season. Donations can reduce your taxable income and lower your tax bill (you must contribute to a qualified tax-exempt organization and must be able to itemize your deductions on your tax return).

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Professional Development Training and Consulting Attitude Self-Motivation Increased Productivity Time Management Personal Communication Teambuilding Managing Workload Flexibility/Adaptability Work/Life Balance

Cheryl Wood is a seasoned and accomplished professional committed to motivating employees to achieve peak performance. Through results-oriented professional development training and consulting, she partners with leading organizations to increase workplace productivity, capacity, and execution. Cheryl provides a dynamic spark that reenergizes employees to strive for workplace success.

AUDIENCES ARE SAYING … "Polished, Personal, and Engaging!" "Her passion and enthusiasm were infectious.” "She made a connection with the audience. Can’t wait to hear her again." "Employees left feeling uplifted, excited, and energized!"

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Fearless With A Purpose – December 2012  

Fearless With A Purpose Inaugural Edition

Fearless With A Purpose – December 2012  

Fearless With A Purpose Inaugural Edition