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From The Editor... “Pursue the things you love doing and do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.” -Maya Angelou Fearless With A Purpose (FWAP) Magazine remains committed to spotlighting everyday women who are pursuing their passion, creating transformation in the lives of others, and achieving extraordinary feats in their lives, careers, and businesses. The spring issue of FWAP Magazine focuses on Women Impacting & Inspiring Through Education, Coaching and Mentoring. Our featured FEARLESS women range from a mission-driven principal, to a successful visual brand strategist, to two passionate Girl Scouts Troop Leaders, and more! As you read our feature interviews and articles from our contributing authors, we hope you will be inspired to examine how you can live your own life more fully. Cheryl Wood

TABLE OF CONTENTS FEATURE ARTICLE: Women Impacting & Inspiring Through Education, Coaching and Mentoring Interview with Dr. Lysianne Essama Interview with Doreen Rainey Interview with Angelique Rewers Interview with Dee Marshall Interview with Brandi Mitchell Interview with WISE Symposium Organizers Interview with Kentland Girl Scouts Troop Leaders

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Interview with Dr. Lysianne Essama Principal, John Hanson French Immersion School

generally bright and dedicated, I have a particular interest for elementary education because working with those students allows me to have a determining impact on them in their early formative years. It was upon moving to the Washington, D.C. area in 1998 that I discovered the French Immersion program. I worked as French Immersion coordinator in Montgomery County for eight years. Additionally, in 2000, I created a French Summer camp to extend the learning opportunity and reduce knowledge losses generally observed in immersion students during the long summer vacation. I have been the Principal of John Hanson French Immersion (JHFI) School since 2007. I did not set out to become a principal. It happened in part by chance but also because of the vision of several leaders who saw in me the right potential. FWAP: What has made you so successful? Dr. Essama: I think the fact that I am attracted to challenges. This helps me overcome my fears. And the deep belief that any problem has a solution. Even if the solution is hard to find, I remain persuaded that I will eventually find it, even at the last minute. FWAP: You have a strong, diverse background in education on the university level, community college level, and public school level. I even read that you have multicultural experience having worked on three different continents. Was becoming a Principal the next smart move for your career, did it just happen by chance, did someone suggest it, or was it always your ultimate goal? Dr. Essama: About six years ago, becoming a Principal became the right career move for me. I was born and raised in France. Upon obtaining my PhD in Physics, in June 1983, my goal was to become a research scientist. Accordingly, I started my career in Paris, France working on a “Missile Lure” project. Specifically, I helped design countermeasures, such as decoys, to protect aircrafts from radar guided missiles by luring incoming missiles away from their actual target. After getting married, my husband and I moved to Yaoundé, Cameroon in West Africa (my husband is from Cameroon). There, I accepted a position as a Professor at the national graduate school of engineering of the University of Yaoundé École Nationale Polytechnique. I taught Physics and Thermodynamics, Optics and Chemistry. In addition, I created a Research Lab, and supervised the work of PhD candidates. It is at that time that my career became more focused on teaching. In 1994, my family and I moved back to France where I taught Physics and Chemistry in High-School. Since moving to the United States, I have also had the opportunity to teach Physics, Chemistry, and Calculus in Colleges in Maryland. While I truly enjoy teaching undergraduate and graduate students as they are


FWAP: Is education your passion? Dr. Essama: Yes, educating young minds is my delight and passion. I try to nurture my students the same way my husband and I helped our children succeed. We have always placed education first on our list of parental responsibilities: our moto is “we have no castles to give our children as an inheritance; the only thing we can give them is a great education.” FWAP: What do you enjoy most about your role as principal of a K-8 school? Dr. Essama: I enjoy the achievements of our students. For example, I am delighted by the dramatic and continuous increase in students’ motivation and parents’ involvement we have had at JHFI over the past five years. I enjoy seeing my faculty functioning as a team, working together as one in preparing our students for the global world where they will live and compete. Above all, I love and strongly enjoy my interactions with the children when they come to me to tell me a story and as I visit classrooms and see their everyday progress firsthand. My heart “melts” sometimes to the point of tears when I see our chorus perform during their winter and spring presentations. FWAP: Can you share one moment or accomplishment that was a sense of “satisfaction” for you as the Principal of JHFI? Dr. Essama: If I had to choose one accomplishment, it would be the election of two of our students as “Leaders among Leaders” during the 2012 “West Point Leadership

and Ethics Middle School Conference”. The conference was held at George Mason University in Northern Virginia. There were about 120 to 130 contestants or “Leaders” selected to represent their respective schools based on their high GPAs and leadership skills. JHFI was represented by four of our best 8th graders and I was their chaperon. Our students performed very well; two of them were among the eight students that were distinguished as “Leaders among Leaders” at the end the conference, and one of them received a $500 grant for his essay on Ethics and Leadership. FWAP: What advice do you give to any student who wants to succeed? Dr. Essama: In the words of President Obama: “Yes You Can!” Trust your instincts and work-work-work: You are competing against yourself; therefore, be the best person and student you can be. People become good at what they work at. There is a virtuous cycle: the more you work at something, the more you enjoy it; the more you enjoy it, the more you want to work at it. FWAP: Onlookers often perceive you as a firm, nononsense principal? Does that perception come with the job, or is intentionally created to develop a sense of respect for rules? Dr. Essama: It is intentional. My goal is to help students understand that whatever we do is for their interest and benefit, including rules. All of us want to understand what we are doing and why we are doing it. I therefore try to spend time explaining the rules and why we have to respect them. When rules are understood, including how they support learning goals and objectives, students as well as parents generally embrace them. FWAP: Has being the principal of JHFI been a challenge? Dr. Essama: As any new endeavor, being the Principal of JHFI has been challenging at times. First, I set some pretty lofty goals for myself, my faculty and my students. Starting as a first year principal and coming from a different county and country was not easy but it was highly rewarding. I made sure my door was always open, and that I answered every email within 24 hours. Countless times I brought

home parents’ or other school concerns. Nevertheless, when I consider all our numerous achievements, I believe the results are worth the efforts and sacrifices. FWAP: Do you think children should be rewarded for doing well in school or should “good grades” be an expectation? Dr. Essama: I believe that high-expectations, recognition, and support are necessary. Students should be encouraged to excel in class. Not doing their work or coming to school unprepared and/or late should not be an option. Encouragement can come in tangible things or in words. With our own children, my husband and I tried to acknowledge good grades by adding some money to their cash box. Additionally, we have always spoken the “language of success” to our four children. As a Principal, I believe it is essential that students understand as early as possible that there is a strong correlation (if not causeand-effect relation) between efforts, results, and rewards. Accordingly, I work to cultivate a culture where effort and dedication breed rewards. FWAP: Do you have an open door policy with your staff and with parents? Why or why not? Dr. Essama: Yes, I have an open door policy. I value individuals and interactions over formal processes. I strongly believe that transparency, regular targeted communication, dealing with problems and situations as they arrive, as well as small talks about ways to improve our school help to: (a) increase clarity, (b) foster creativity, motivation, and trust, and (c) help ensure that we are together working with the same purpose: the success of our students. FWAP: How have you been FEARLESS in your life and in your career? Dr. Essama: My whole life, I have taken risks, stepped outside of my comfort zone and faced my fears and self-doubts. My experiences in foreign countries and my profession are examples of being FEARLESS. My adventurous spirit helped me to overcome my fear of the risks involved with living and working abroad.

FWAP: What is your ultimate goal for JHFI? Dr. Essama: Expanding our program up to the 12th grade, implementing an International Baccalaureate program, and offering College Advanced Placement courses are key milestones in that regard. FWAP: Is there something you still want to accomplish in your career? Dr. Essama: I would like to be part of the decision making at a bigger scale, if possible at a level where there are no limit/less limit (money essentially) about exploring new ideas and programs. FWAP: In a time of overwhelming negative influences on our youth, what advice do you offer to parents for helping their children to be successful? Dr. Essama: Encourage your children, work on developing their talents, be present and listen to them; communicate with them even if you do not understand their interests, stay on top of what is new in your life and in their lives. Keep your children’s trust and forgive. Teenagers particularly can be difficult to understand and to guide. Even in the roughest moments, tell your child: “(you are lucky that) I love you so much…”

Up Close & Personal FWAP: How do you enjoy spending your leisure time? Dr. Essama: At home with my family, reading a book, getting pedicures with my daughters, having long conversations on anything with my boys. I am rarely inactive. I always find something to do: Teaching Physics and/or French classes, organizing summer programs, etc. I do also a lot of brainteasers activities like Sudoku and puzzles. FWAP: What is your favorite place to visit in the world? Dr. Essama: Any place as long as it is warm and sunny and there is a beach.


FWAP: What’s your #1 favorite food? Dr. Essama: I dreamed about Cameroonian food for a long time after we left in 1992. It is still my favorite. FWAP: Do you have a favorite magazine, journal, or book to read? Dr. Essama: I like to read thrillers to relax. I like to find the solution of the mystery. I just discovered audio books and I use the time spent commuting listening to nonfiction material. I just finished reading The Oath: The Obama White House and the Supreme Court by Jeffrey Toobin, a great read, very informative and at the same time entertaining. FWAP: What is your favorite television show? Dr. Essama: It depends on who is with me: there are shows that I enjoy watching with my husband (CNN or non-fiction movies) and shows that I enjoy watching with my girls (all Ramsay’s cooking shows, some series). I reserve action movies to my boys. I do not like reality TV at all. FWAP: What is the ONE thing you can’t live without? Dr. Essama: I thought for a long time that I would not be able to live without my CDs and now I manage quite well with my iPod. My CDs have been untouched for several years. FWAP: Do you have a ritual for starting off your day? Dr. Essama: I always wake up early (around 4:30-5:00am) just to have the time to start the day without being rushed. I have my coffee while checking my emails. I start getting ready for work around 6:00am. Even during the weekend, I keep the same routine. This gives me the time to read or to watch some of my favorite TV shows. FWAP: Do you have a hidden talent that no one would ever guess you had? Dr. Essama: I know how to knit and crochet and I can repair a washing machine or change a faucet. ■

Interview with: Doreen Rainey Speaker & Coach, Founder of Get RADICAL Conference,

FWAP: Where did your desire to coach and help women to Get RADICAL stem from? Doreen: My corporate career was in Human Resources and while working extensively with executives and staff around employee engagement and performance management, I came across people who felt trapped, stuck or stifled. I always like to add that I also knew people who absolutely loved their corporate career and got great satisfaction and significant pay. But for those who weren’t experiencing that, I started coaching them around what would they truly want to be doing and how they needed to take responsibility for making it happen. I realized how much I loved that part of my job and discovered the profession of coaching. After getting my coaching training, I started life coaching and began to ask my clients “what would be the most radical thing you could do to make progress?” I realized the word “radical” was powerful because it was a jolt. It made people pause. I was asking clients to think outrageously, to do what they would never think to do. That’s a type of push that we all need – so that we can make progress now. I wanted to take this message to a bigger platform with a larger reach – and that lead me to found the Get RADICAL Women’s Conference. FWAP: What is the most common mistake you see women make in striving for life or business success and what is your coaching advice to them? Doreen: One of the common mistakes I see that women struggle with is setting the right boundaries so they can allow themselves the room to create the success they are looking for. I hear lots of people talk about how full their plate is – they wear so many hats and juggle so many roles. Yet, I like to remind them that it’s their plate. They have the power to remove things from the plate and add things to their plate. But that takes guts. To take back control of your plate, I ask my clients to list out everything that’s on their plate – the big things and the little things, everything that takes their time, resources and energy; eliminate the things they don’t want to do (yes, we can find ourselves saying yes to projects and people and we KNOW we don’t want to do it); look at what can be delegated; ask yourself, “what do I want to do, but don’t have time to do at this point in my life?” Once you go through this exercise, you’ll realize that your plate just got lighter – as a matter of fact, you can probably see the edges (and even parts of the bottom) of that plate. But doing this exercise on paper is the easy part. The hard part is having the courage and the guts to say “no” to those

things we don’t want to do. FWAP: If there was one characteristic you believe every woman must possess in order to achieve her vision of success, what would it be and why? Doreen: A non-negotiable attachment to your intention. Your intention is the reason why you set the goal. It’s the reason why you set the boundaries. It’s the reason why you keep going when you want to quit. Your intentions are deep, internal aspirations that anchors you as you go about achieving your goals. They are different from goals and should be treated as such. FWAP: What is your vision for the RADICAL brand in the next 3 years? Doreen: The RADICAL brand will be serving women from all walks of life by helping them create their own RADICAL revolution through the RADICAL Success Institute. My book, RADICAL Revolution, comes out March 22, 2013 and will be the catalyst for a series of courses, workshops and retreats in the next 24 months. Detailing my 7 step method for creating RADICAL results in every area of your life, the book and the events will challenge women to go deeper into themselves to see what’s been their real challenge and then showing them how to address it so they can create real, lasting change. I’ll also be launching a web TV show later this year and partnering with other thought leaders to create powerful tools to transform specific areas of our lives. FWAP: How do YOU think you’ve been FEARLESS in your life? Doreen: FEARLESS is a daily decision for me. Each day I choose – will I be fearless, uncompromising, unstoppable, RADICAL – or will I pull the covers up and stay in bed. I’m not being facetious! When you want to play big in the world, you are making this decision often! FEARLESS, for me, is not about having no fear – I have it everyday. It’s about choosing to get up, get out, and do it, regardless of the fear. And so I have been fearless in investing in myself – getting the information, tools


and coaching I need to position me for success. I have been fearless in my commitment to bounce back from disappointments and setbacks. And I’ve been fearless in taking risks. There is never a reward without a risk. It’s imperative that we all take risks – whether it’s getting a new hairstyle, asking for a raise or starting a business. I’ve done all those things and fear was right there with me. I just make a daily choice to push it aside.

Up Close & Personal FWAP: How do you enjoy spending your leisure time? Doreen: I love reading! Both fiction and non-fiction. I used to read 5-7 books a month. Now, I can get in a couple a month. FWAP: What is your favorite place to visit in the world? Doreen: I love, love, love to travel! My favorites have been Paris (visited with my mom) and Aruba (my husband


and I love to visit). FWAP: What’s your #1 favorite food? Doreen: Waffles! FWAP: Do you have a favorite magazine, journal, or book to read? Doreen: O Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine FWAP: What is the ONE thing you can’t live without? Doreen: My iPad FWAP: Do you have a ritual for starting your day? Doreen: I have been starting my day with meditation and reflection for years (in my head – never really stuck to it!). Now, I’m happy to say that this year, I got an accountability buddy and we talk every morning at 6:30am on a predetermined topic like joy, gratitude and selfcontrol. ■

Interview with: Angelique Rewers The Corporate Agent, FWAP: What do you enjoy most about mentoring women in business? Angelique: My favorite part of working with women business owners is that moment when their awareness shifts and they can suddenly see a much bigger vision for where they are going, the impact they can have, and the success they can experience in their lives. I believe that, as women, we’re constantly underestimating ourselves. We are each our own harshest critic. We are our own biggest barrier to doing more, having more, giving more and being more. But at each level of our success, there’s a breakthrough moment when we can see there’s even more waiting for us. When that happens for a client… that’s what I enjoy most. FWAP: What is your biggest frustration about mentoring women in business? Angelique: Okay, here it is: Women take everything way too personally – and, more importantly, make too many business decisions based on personal preferences and emotions. True, our businesses should be a reflection of ourselves when it comes to things like the values of the business and the mission of the business. But business is business. Which means to truly thrive you need to make tough business-based decisions – that is, decisions based largely (although certainly not entirely) on what makes the most financial sense. Women today are starting businesses at almost twice the rate of men. Relatively speaking, however, our businesses are not performing as well. If we want to change this, and have the impact we’re meant to have in the world, then we need to think bigger and have a true CEO mindset. FWAP: What was your “Aha” moment that caused you to start on this path? Angelique: My “ah-ha” moment came about a year after I started working with small business owners in addition to my corporate clients. I was coaching a very savvy, intelligent, committed woman business owner. She was doing everything “right” in her marketing and sales. But it seemed like no matter how hard she worked she just wasn’t getting traction. One night I was sitting in my office reflecting on why she was having so much trouble and it hit me like a ton of bricks: it wasn’t her target marketing that was the problem. It was her target market that we needed to fix! The moment she switched her focus from entrepreneurs over to “real” companies, there was an almost instantaneous shift in her financial results. And at that moment I knew I needed to share everything I knew about landing corporate clients with more small business owners – especially women!

FWAP: Is having passion in business necessary or overrated? Please explain. Angelique: I would argue that passion is a must-have for successful business. Where I differ from a lot of coaches, however, is that I do not believe that you have to be passionate about the service you sell or the “thing” your business does. For example, a good friend of mine owns both an oxygen delivery service and a dental software company. She’s not passionate about oxygen tanks or software. But she is passionate about her business – running it profitably and efficiently so she can provide jobs for other people and so that she can create financial freedom in her life. FWAP: At this point in your journey, what are your expectations of yourself moving forward? Angelique: That’s a very good question! I honestly don’t know what my future will hold. It’s certainly my hope that I will continue to reach out to and connect with more small business owners and that there will be something of value that I’m able to share with them. FWAP: Has there ever been a moment when you wanted to throw in the towel? Angelique: No, never. Don’t get me wrong, there have certainly been days of frustration, anger and fear. And I’m constantly evaluating if my business is going in the right direction. But I’ll always be a business owner. FWAP: What piece of advice can you offer for women to thrive in business? Angelique: Be decisive. Make decisions. Make them constantly, and make them quickly. As the saying goes, you cannot course correct when you are standing still. So get in motion and stay in motion. When you truly make a decision and cut off all other possibilities and you take inspired action, the Universe will align itself to make your vision a reality. FWAP: Please tell us more about the INSIDE EDGE Conference. Angelique: INSIDE EDGE is happening on April 17-20, 2013 at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Washington, DC. I decided to create this event to bring together serious small business owners and entrepreneurs who are tired of playing small and who want to learn exactly how to sell their services to big-name companies. This event is geared toward committed entrepreneurs and small business owners who are ready to have a big impact and big income. If you sell any kind of a service or expertise and you would like to have lucrative corporate clients, then this event is for you. One thing that makes this event unique is that a major focus is on landing corporate clients. We have participation from executives and decision makers at corporations who will be sharing their insights with us. We’re also going to be diving into how you can establish yourself as a leading authority in your field, pg9

and how you can also ensure that your business has the bandwidth to grow. I think the other thing that is really special about INSIDE EDGE is that we’re focused on advanced strategies – not things you’ve heard a million times before! Learn more at

Up Close & Personal FWAP: How do you enjoy spending your leisure time? Angelique: What’s leisure time? (laughs) FWAP: What is your favorite place to visit in the world? Angelique: Anywhere with a beach, from Cape May to Jamaica to Cinque Terre and everywhere in between. My soul is drawn to sun, sand and water. It’s the one place where I can turn off my “monkey mind” and find a true sense of peace and connection.


FWAP: What’s your #1 favorite food? Angelique: I’m a foodie, so that’s tough. But if I have to narrow it down, my two favs are beef carpaccio and Crêpes Suzette. FWAP: Do you have a favorite magazine, journal, or book to read? Angelique: My guilty pleasure is reading all the Hollywood insider weekly pubs… like Star and OK. FWAP: What is the ONE thing you can’t live without? Angelique: A connection to spirit. FWAP: Do you have a ritual for starting your day? Angelique: I can’t start my day without coffee. Thank goodness for my Keurig! ■

Interview with: Dee Marshall Coach, Speaker & TV Lifestyle Personality, Founder of Girlfriends Pray, FWAP: What are your thoughts about destiny? Do you believe you were destined for this journey you’re on of impacting the lives of women globally? Dee: I absolutely believe I was destined for the journey that I’m on right now... Empowering women everyday and impacting the lives of women globally around the world is without question the good work that God prepared me in advance to do. From 33 women to now a movement of over 80,000 women around the globe. This kind of stuff doesn’t happen by accident. God purposed me to do this work and equipped me to serve, support, inspire, encourage, motivate, challenge and support women. I am clear however that the effortless flow of my work, service in ministry is NOT MY WORK at all but God doing the heavy lifting. I know this is my destiny because it feels right, because there is no question in my mind, because it lines up with the gifting, because there is a natural flow, because it’s confirmed in my spirit and most importantly because there is fruit... evidence of God moving thru the hundreds of lives changed through Girlfriend Pray. Every day I hear from women whose life has been changed and impacted by Girlfriends Pray, GirlfriendsPrayLifeCamp. org, or FWAP: How did Girlfriends Pray come about? Dee: This was a God idea and anything that starts with God has to end right. I run a coaching training and development business and in that business I work with a lot of women. In working with my clients I discovered that women were in need and that need was not to be satisfied through coaching and speaking and motivation and so on. So after having to reschedule coaching appointments because women were in tears about their life challenges, I made an offer to pray with a few clients, and I only planned to pray for two weeks to get women through the holiday season. But the demand was huge, the need was there, the response was great and the spirit was moving. God knew my heart and through my willingness to serve the women and just saying yes, I was blessed in an opportunity to serve at a greater level with enlarged territory handed to me on a silver platter. In fact we are planning expansion right now internationally. We’ll host Girlfriends Pray Get Lifted conference in Bermuda in the fall. Again there is no way in the world this was my idea but it’s clear that God selected me to lead. I’m not worthy but glad didn’t hold that against me. In year one of launching girlfriends pray we started a national tour, we received a radio platform and a television platform, we received an NAACP image award, and CNN began a piece about Girlfriends Pray and the massive movement that took over social media. By year two we were invited to pulpits of prominent pastors and received a partnership with the White House office on a faith-based initiative. This can

only be God. FWAP: You have achieved what most consider success. In light of all that you’ve accomplished, what keeps you humble and grounded? Dee: What keeps me humble is knowing that I am not doing anything says Zachariah 4:6, and I am not responsible for my success but it is God. God works through me, uses me, and makes a way for me and then He blesses me ....that keeps me humble. On top of that I know God is watching me and so if my ego went out of check I know He would check me. FWAP: If you could share one moment or one accomplishment that was a unique sense of “satisfaction” for you personally since starting Girlfriends Pray, what would it be? Dee: On the first Girlfriends Pray call there was a young woman who asked for prayer. She said she was pregnant with twins, had lost one, was forced to abort the other twin, and as a result was depressed and had suicidal thoughts. On top of that her mother said she could care less if she lived or died. The same young woman who had that prayer request in December came back and shared her testimony in February. The testimony read: “If it had not been for Girlfriends Pray and God on my side where would I be? 6 feet in the grave by my own hands”. That testimonial which came as a result of the ministry I started with 33 women had to be one of the single best accomplishments of my life, work and ministry. FWAP: How have you been FEARLESS in your life? Dee: There’s a saying that “your faith must be greater than your fear” and when your faith is greater than your fear then you can move in it and through it. So, I have done things in fear because the alternative of not moving was not an option for me. In fact, what was at stake or on the other side of fear was greater than the fear itself. For instance, giving birth to a ministry called Girlfriends Pray that is an International Ministry of over 80,000 women is a prime example of moving through fear and stepping out of my comfort zone. My comfort zone was women’s empowerment, not ministry... that’s a whole other space and it is one that I hold in high regard. I think I’ve been fearless in stepping out of my comfort zone and embracing the way God has decided to use me in this season of my life. pg11

Up Close & Personal FWAP: How do you enjoy spending your leisure time? Dee: I enjoy leisure time with my family and next to that I’m a spa girl. Any state that I travel to I’m always searching for the best spot. My spa obsession is so serious that Heart & Soul Magazine did a feature article about me and my spa excursions. FWAP: What is your favorite place to visit in the world? Dee: I haven’t been to my favorite place to visit in the world because there’s still so much more to see. However I enjoyed my last few leisure trips which included Riveria Maya, Martha’s Vineyard, and a beautiful boutique bed and breakfast resort and spa in the mountains. FWAP: What’s your #1 favorite food? Dee: I love desserts followed by breakfast. So anything thing à la mode or anything with apples gets my juices flowing. Breakfast is a favorite for me like crepes or waffles with fresh whipped cream. My husband makes the most amazing cinnamon nut pancakes! FWAP: Do you have a favorite magazine, journal, or book to read? Dee: I have a ton of books that I love love love – “If Life Is A Game, These Are The Rules” by Cherie Carter-Scott; “Commanding Your Morning” by Cindy Trimm; “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield; “Become A Better You” by Joel Osteen; and “40 Days Til 40: Life Lessons From The Ramblings of My Unfiltered Thoughts” by to TaJuan TeeJ Mercer. FWAP: What is the ONE thing you can’t live without? Dee: I can’t live without the Bible because everything is in it. You can overcome with it, you can win with it, and you can get thru with it. It is the ultimate life curriculum and blue print for success. FWAP: Do you have a ritual for starting your day? Dee: My ritual is prayer and then I do the “Level Set” system by Dee Marshall (laughs). The seven steps to happy, fulfilled, and successful is what I do every morning before my feet touch the floor. The key is to do it while still in bed. If you do it after you check email, update your social media post or get your kiddies ready for the day, you lose. It has changed my life completely and dramatically. ■



Interview with: Brandi Mitchell Image Maker & Visual Brand Strategist, Author of “Look The Part to Get The Role,” FWAP: What made you feel that cosmetology was something you needed to pursue as more than just a side hustle while you were in college? Brandi: The original plan was to get licensed as a hairstylist to pay my way through graduate school, but then I saw a different side of beauty and that was the element of stage performance and working in film and television. I saw it as a lucrative business and a vehicle to other things in the industry I wanted to pursue. FWAP: Did you ever have any doubt that this is what you were destined to do? Brandi: Everything I’m doing now was pretty unplanned. But I believe when we continue on our path with purpose, we will always have the opportunity to evolve. My path has been about exploring what’s possible. FWAP: Why do you feel it’s important to fully commit to what we say we want to achieve? Brandi: Whatever we put our mind to can manifest. The key is being focused, having a plan, and then executing the plan, plainly said - JUST DO IT! If you take any of those components out, and don’t play full out with your goals, you short change yourself and then wonder why your “IT” has not happened. FWAP: What advice can you offer to those who are working hard but feel like their “big break” is never going to happen? Brandi: Sometimes I think we feel that “if I could just get with this person, then I’ll arrive” or “when this happens, then I can do this”. The reality is you create your own reality. YOU can create your big break. When you look at it through the lense of a creator, than you start seeing more opportunities. Honestly reexamine what you are doing to achieve your goals. Sometimes we stay real busy doing nothing. FWAP: Is there a sense of accomplishment you derive from helping men and women get polished & packaged? Brandi: Absolutely, Image and Visual Branding is an avenue to accelerate what you are doing – it’s a tool. Perception becomes reality, perceived value. Thus the title of my book, Look The Part To Get The Role. I love seeing people be as powerful as their message. I love the confidence that comes from people feeling better about themselves and seeing the doors open because they have the total package! FWAP: Can you offer our female audience one hot

makeup tip for spring 2013? Brandi: Bold lip color paired with a neutral eye. Red, magenta, plum in a silky matte texture. I’m actually in the lab right now creating a new cosmetics line.

The Book FWAP: Please tell us more about your new book, “Look The Part To Get The Role.” When does it launch, what do you hope to accomplish with the book, and how can our readers get their copy? Brandi: “Look The Part to Get The Role,” is a 40 Day Visual Branding Guide all about looking at your image and making it match the role you want to play in your business and life by creating a polished image, branding, and displaying unapologetic confidence just like any well branded celebrity. Coming from working in the entertainment industry where I worked with celebrities, I saw a unique correlation between the process actors and celebrities went through to “get the role” and I parallel the process to give insight as to how you can incorporate those same principles to bring clarity, confidence, and all out fabulousness to your role or the role you want. The book launches in March 2013 and readers can get a copy at

Up Close & Personal FWAP: How do you enjoy spending your leisure time? Brandi: With my family, playing board games, walking, and beading FWAP: What is your favorite place to visit in the world? Brandi: I love the Caribbean. I love the bluegreen waters. FWAP: What’s your #1 favorite food? Brandi: Homemade pizza. FWAP: Do you have a favorite magazine, journal, or book to read? Brandi: In Style and Essence FWAP: What’s the ONE thing you can’t live without? Brandi: Jesus! FWAP: Do you have a ritual for starting your day? Brandi: Prayer, mediation, juicing, and workout ■

Interview with: WISE Symposium Organizers Joanne Lenweaver – Director, WISE Women’s Business Center Lindsay Wickham – Events & Communications Manager

Our conversation began with an interview of the Director of the WISE Women’s Business Center, Joanne Lenweaver.

FWAP: On April 16, 2013, Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship (WISE) will host its 11th annual Symposium. What an accomplishment! As Director, how do you keep your vision for this event alive and maintain the momentum of creating an informative, innovative and relevant annual event? Joanne: As Director of the WISE Women’s Business Center, making it personal is how I co-create an annual WISE Symposium that is relevant and alive! I am a former (and really, forever!) entrepreneur who has lived the highs and lows of a business owner, and I really know how a conference like this helps to re-create and re-charge women in business. We need to know we are not alone in our universe. Lindsay and I have great intuition about our WISE Tribe and together, we brainstorm and track down the best speakers and build the most challenging breakout sessions. FWAP: What do attendees gain by this attending this conference? Joanne: There is no question the take away for every attendee is 100% about the energy level in the room. When you have 1,000+ women striving for personal success and desiring to help one another achieve it -- it’s a recipe for a big day. And when you add on the caliber of speakers we draw, everyone leaves very inspired.

that morning. As we welcome everyone and introduce the day to our 1,000+ audience, the level of excitement is beyond imagination! We continued our conversation with an interview of WISE Symposium Events & Communications Manager Lindsay Wickham FWAP: The WISE Symposium has grown tremendously over the past 10 years from approximately 250 attendees to over 1,000 attendees. What is the key to continued your growth and ongoing success year after year? Lindsay: To me, the key for growth is to keep the content fresh and to listen to feedback from event participants – what worked, what didn’t work, and what topics/speakers they want to hear. Each year, we collect feedback asking those very questions and when planning for the next Symposium, I try to continuously build the programming around what event participants want. It’s also important to keep adding new and unique elements to engage and excite attendees who may have participated for a few years or who are attending for the very first time.

FWAP: I attended the 2012 WISE Symposium and was amazed at the amount of time and manpower that went into pulling this event together, and I didn’t see the half of it. What keeps you excited FWAP: WISE has had some of the most dynamic, about planning this event each year? successful women on its platform. How do you select Lindsay: Seeing all of the amazing women entrepreneurs speakers for this dynamic event? come together and network and share their business Joanne: It’s all based on what we know of our target. What dreams is what inspires and excites me during the event does that savvy woman want to know more about? How planning process. Being around people with this energetic can we inspire her to make a daring move in the next year entrepreneurial spirit motivates me to find the absolute best to expand, hire, or grow. Typically, Lindsay and I start speakers and cutting-edge topics to cover from year to year. batting emails back and forth around July of the previous When I hear a story from a woman who attended the WISE year (it’s never too early!) That’s the fun part. No judgment Symposium and was inspired that day to begin planning her and lots of creative flow. In the case of Nell Merlino, I business, it energizes me. I strive to make the event the best attended her break out session in Washington, DC at a it can be so that all people – women, men, entrepreneurs, conference and loved her. I knew she would be right for corporate leaders, anyone and everyone – can attend WISE. And when you think of someone like Barbara and enjoy the event. Not to mention, each year, I look Corcoran – it’s just a dream that comes true to host such a forward to working with an amazing team of volunteers visible entrepreneur and celebrity. After that, we get down who help with the event branding, planning, marketing to the nuts and bolts and get on the phones. and logistics and who are fully committed to supporting the entrepreneurial community here in Central New York FWAP: What is the thing you look forward to or get (and beyond!) Working with our amazing volunteers, board excited about every year when you plan this event? members and entrepreneurs from all walks of life is my Joanne: I look forward to everyone walking in the door greatest source of energy and inspiration! ■


Interview with: Troop Leaders – Kentland Girl Scouts Troop Stephanie Burroughs & Lisa Watts

FWAP: When and why did you first become involved with Girl Scouts? Stephanie: I became involved with Girl Scouts in 1997. At the time, I did not have any children, but always liked working with children so I took my girlfriend up on her offer to assist with starting a troop at her daughter’s school. Little did I know that I would become a girl scout for life. Lisa: I started Girl Scouts in 1999. A professional colleague knew I had discontinued working with the youth group at my church so she invited me to her troop meeting. I initially went to observe and provide some occasional assistance. Before I knew it my colleague began asking me to come to the meetings more frequently. The Girl Scout program is amazing. It’s so much more than cookies and camping. It’s a well known non-profit organization with many benefits. I got involved to help girls understand that they have many options in life to enjoy and succeed. Girl Scouts is an extended part of my family. My time with the girls is precious and fulfilling. FWAP: How long have you been a Troop Leader and what do you feel is your most important responsibility as a Troop Leader? Stephanie: In 1997, I started as an Assistant Leader with a Brownie Troop at Columbia Park Elementary School in Landover, MD. I enjoyed working with the girls and their families so much that I moved up to become the Leader for the girls that were bridging (flying up) to the Junior Girl Scout level. The rest is history. My most important responsibility as a Troop Leader is to offer every opportunity possible for the girls in the Troop to learn new things, experience new places, and help mold them to become productive citizens in life. Lisa: I’ve been a troop leader for 13 years. WOW! I didn’t even realize this until now. It was never really important for me to keep track of how many years I’ve been working with the girls because I have enjoyed it immensely. As a troop leader, one of my primary responsibilities is to help the girls understand the importance of being at the table and having a clearer understanding of business practices behind the scenes, standing power to get more services and to make powerful and effective changes, and longevity to build a solid network for expansion.

something at the same time. For instance the girls participated in the National Geographic Kids Day at the White House where they along with First Lady Obama and more than 20,000 people from around the world broke the Guinness World Record for completing jumping jacks in 1 minute. This was an opportunity of a lifetime for the Daisies and Brownies in our Troop. In January 2013, the Seniors and Ambassadors in our Troop volunteered for the Presidential Inauguration. Most times the girl’s lives are greatly impacted by the activity. In 2011, our Troop went to Europe (London, France, and Switzerland). For many girls this was their first time going overseas and now some girls are considering traveling more and perhaps living in another country. Other trips like horseback riding, DC Divas football, Black Violin, and the Newseum have inspired girls to seek professional opportunities in these fields. Most importantly our annual visit to the Capital Area Food Bank allows the girls to give back to the entire DC, MD, and VA community. FWAP: If you had to choose one characteristic that you believe every young girl needs to develop in order to reach her fullest potential, what would it be and why? Stephanie: Leadership – Every girl, no matter the age, should be able to lead a task no matter the size. As leaders, our job is to give the girls the tools they need to become good leaders. Everyone is not born a leader, but everyone can learn how to lead. Lisa: Every girl needs to have an open mind. Some girls aren’t taught to try new foods or experiences. I encourage them to do something different because they just might like it and, besides, you’ll never know unless you try it.

FWAP: What is your ultimate goal for every girl whose life you are able to touch through Girl Scouts? Stephanie: My ultimate goal is to watch our girls become leaders in their communities, to give to those less fortunate, and never, ever forget from wince they came. When I hear about our girls making the honor roll, National Honor Society, the Dean’s List, getting jobs, public speaking, and participating in other life changing moments, I am proud to hear them say that being a Kentland Girl Scout helped pave the way. Lisa: My ultimate goal for every girl is to always be humble and appreciate everyone around them. It’s important for FWAP: What do you consider when choosing what them to understand that their circle of friends may change more than once. They will be able to learn something from activities you will schedule for your Troop? Stephanie: Each activity must be educational, age- everyone they encounter from the high achiever to the social butterfly – each individual is important to society. ■ appropriate, affordable, and fun. Lisa: Activities are chosen to let the girls have fun and learn

Stress-Less Coaching By Chere Cofield

“You learn something new every day.” I’m sure you’ve heard that expression before. Well, it’s true. Undoubtedly, that’s why you see the value in providing your services as a coach – be it a life coach, business coach, wellness coach, or spiritual coach. We all have specific areas of talent and expertise that need to be shared to help broaden and enhance the lives of others, and coaching is one of the best ways to share that expertise. My area of coaching expertise is Stress Management. Stress Management Coaching is important to me because, from personal experience, I know that stress is a silent killer that’s unavoidable. Regardless of race, age, gender, or ethnic background we all encounter stress. But, if stress is not managed it will affect your health in many detrimental ways. I have had moments in my life where I’ve experienced tremendous stress and had to find ways to effectively manage it if I didn’t want it to impair my health. Now, I share the tools and strategies I used to reduce and manage stress to coach others on how to stress less and to recognize the early warning signs of stress. Additionally, I coach others on how to reduce stress before it becomes detrimental. As a coach, remember that your health and wellness is essential. If you are overly stressed and on the verge of burnout, you cannot tend to the needs of others! There are 3 key reasons why you need to have optimal health as a Coach: 1. As a coach you take on the problems of others 2. Others look up to you as an example to follow 3. As a coach, you are your business Some of the most common side effects coaches may encounter related to the stress of helping others include: 1. Migraine Headaches 2. Insomnia 3. Nail biting 4. Muscle stiffness 5. Dizziness 6. Changes in appetite 7. Respiratory difficulties 8. Gastric Reflux 9. Skin conditions (psoriasis, eczema, hives, etc.) 10. Hypertension 11. Heart Attacks 12. Strokes 13. Panic Attacks 14. Gastrointestinal disorders (ulcers, nausea, diarrhea, etc.) 10 Ways to decrease the risks of stress related to coaching: 1. Set specific times aside for counseling that are most conducive to your schedule. 2. Take breaks between coaching sessions. 3. Practice breathing exercises prior to each coaching session to relax and reduce your stress to allow for clearer thoughts. 4. Light scented candles prior to your coaching sessions to take advantage of the benefits of aroma therapy which will help you to relax. 5. Plan ahead for your coaching sessions to alleviate the stress of being unprepared and unsure of your thoughts. 6. Relax & loosen muscles by rolling your shoulders and neck between coaching sessions. 7. Make sure you have eaten a light meal or snack prior to your coaching session. Low sugar levels can cause irritability and sluggishness. 8. Care for family needs prior to coaching sessions to avoid distractions. 9. Charge what your coaching sessions are worth so you give your best. 10. Stay positive. Start and end each coaching session with positive affirmations. Learn more by visiting ■


What’s Keeping You From Your Million Dollar Business? By Richelle Shaw

Less than 3% of all women owned businesses ever reach the million dollar level. I had no idea about this statistic. Naively, I had only worked with very successful entrepreneurial businesses before I bought my first business and I thought all businesses grew to a million dollars or more. I say naively, because I think lots of outsiders who have never owned a business think we work 4 hours per week and spend our millions while cruising the harbor every night on our boat. After growing my first business to $36 million, I was invited by the Center for Women’s Business Research, seven years ago, to spearhead a study to find why women owned businesses fail to reach the million dollar mark. Because the study was funded by a bank, the beginning premise clearly was lack of access to capital (obviously, the bank wanted more loans). But after talking with most of the women participants I found some other reasons why their businesses were not generating more revenue. I shared these tips with several of them and watched as their businesses grow exponentially without any loans. Here are 3 mistakes I have found those women doing and after coaching over 12,147: 1. Lack of Focus – We have heard this before but as women we have a tendency to multi-task. In order to build a million dollar business, you must have some type of focus. I personally have Entrepreneurial A D D, I love business and I love reading, writing and speaking about it. BUT, I found that in order to build a successful business, I must spend some time focusing on the business. How it works for me and my clients – We have a 100 Day Rule. When I teach my Goals to Money ™ Workshop – we break down opportunities into the sure fire financial winners – based on my formula and then take each opportunity and do everything in our power for 100 days to see it flourish. Take the 100 Day challenge to boost your million dollar business. 2. No Documented System – What is supposed to happen next? This is the question that normally stumps most of the entrepreneurs I’ve coached. There should be systems that automatically produce new customers, referrals, additional sales. In my #1 Best Selling book, The Million Dollar Equation, it details all the systems needed to build a million dollar business. 3. Not Properly Pricing – It is overwhelming to build a million dollar business with a $10 product. Think about it, how many customers do you have to sell to reach a million dollars in revenue? The answer is 100,000. The problem is not whether or not you can sell to 100,000 people, of course, but how do you reach 100,000 people without tons of money. My recommendation is to look to sell each customer $1,000 per year. Then, 1,000 customers spending $1,000 and you have a million dollar business. In my $36 million dollar telephone business I focused on getting my customers to stay with my service and spend $100 per month. Once I did this, the growth happened quicker than I expected. Focusing on these 3 mistakes will change your business dramatically. Learn more by visiting ■


Uncompromising Missions By Jessica Smith As the founder and owner of Culture Kingdom Kids, it is extremely fulfilling to do exactly what I love to do, to be paid for it and to have clients who value my work. But, it wasn’t easy getting to this point. I learned that I had to be unafraid of rejection and be uncompromising in my mission. When I first started the business, I was unsure of how a children’s educational company that focused specifically on celebrating African American history and culture was going to be received; and if it would be profitable beyond Kwanzaa, Martin Luther King Day and Black History Month. Many asked me to consider having a more international focus and be more inclusive of all cultures. Others thought that families would not be as interested in cultural activities as they were with more commonly recognized children’s activities like moonbounces or magic shows. I often had clients ask “Is African American culture the only that you teach?” I used to be afraid to answer that question for fear of losing their business. The fear of not being accepted has been a recurring theme that had haunted me since childhood. Questions like, “Am I good enough?” constantly danced in my head. In the case of Culture Kingdom Kids, the question became, “Is my company too Afrocentric?” or “Is it not Afrocentric enough?” I often sought validation from other people and would second-guess my decisions. For a while, I tried to operate as a one-size-fits-all program taking on projects that, though they paid well, distracted me from my original vision. When I felt insecure, I would overcompensate by spending money on making my work “look” like it was bigger and better than I felt it was. Stores were making money off my insecurities. Though I had accumulated a storage shed full of teaching supplies and my clients were pleased, I still felt uncomfortable because I kept compromising my original vision. As a teaching artist, parents and teachers hired me to enrich and empower their children. I could not understand how I could be so inspiring to my students but still possess so many insecurities within myself about the work I loved so dearly. Being an entrepreneur, teacher and artist all rolled into one, forced me to confront my innermost insecurities. With the help of my life coach and business coach, first, I realized that my professional persona needed to be congruent with my personal self-esteem. Secondly, I enlisted the support of my teenage mentees, Attiyah and Daevon, who helped me to create the company’s mission of “raising up a generation of child ambassadors that recognize, identify with and can articulate the richness of African American history and cultures to their peers, families and communities.” I was inspired to then switch to a Kwanzaa principled business model which provided me with a more holistic and culturally relevant way to gauge both my personal and professional growth and success. Each week I checked in with myself to make sure that my thoughts and actions were congruent with the goals of my company. One year later, I am proud to report that Culture Kingdom Kids has reached over 3,000 children through our cultural education programs. In doing so, I have been able to encourage others to embrace their heritage, display cultural pride and promote cultural awareness which was the reason I started Culture Kingdom Kids in the first place! Being true to my company’s mission ultimately put me on the path towards fearlessly fulfilling it and I’ve been confidently moving forward ever since! Learn more by visiting ■


Cheryl Wood Speaker, Trainer & Coach

Enthusiastic. Engaging. Innovative Entrepreneurial & Personal Development Embracing Fears x Focus & Clarity x Goal Setting x Overcoming Setbacks x Eliminating Self-Sabotage x Leveraging Personal Strengths x Developing A Plan/Strategy . . . and much more x

Cheryl Wood is a passionate speaker and coach armed with a mission to empower. She has impacted the lives of hundreds of men and women through her life-changing principles of FEARLESS living. Cheryl specializes in equipping individuals to stretch their thinking, expand their expectations, and play a bigger game. Her enthusiasm and passion are infectious and provide inspiration to boldly step outside of your comfort zone, take calculated risks, and remove self-limiting beliefs in order to reach your fullest potential. With transparency and authenticity, Cheryl shares the ups and downs of her journey to transition from childhood poverty to launching a t-shirt business in her basement to becoming an international speaker and coach inspiring audiences to live more purposeful lives.

AUDIENCES ARE SAYING … “Polished, Personal, and Engaging!” “Her passion and enthusiasm were infectious.” “Her energy and passionate delivery made a connection with attendees.” “Cheryl’s message was informative, motivating, thought provoking and entertaining.”

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