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Volume 2, Issue 5

May 2011 ‘Off the Curb’ is published by ASK Wellness Centre Main Office 433 Tranquille Road Kamloops, BC V2B 3G9 250-376-7558 Toll Free 1-800-661-7451

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Editorial Mayoi No Naka Editor G


supported the Daily News Boogie. Through

did an amazing job with Dining Out For Life to

food! A BIG thank you to all of you out there who

ow! It’s been an exciting April for

everyone at ASK Wellness. Dining Out For Life and the Daily News Boogie

left many with little time to spare. The ASK Team ensure it was a success and we are grateful for all the sponsors!

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tic! Thanks to everyone who took the time to go out for a meal and thereby enable ASK Wellness

the funds raised, ASK provides support to those families who need help with rent, utilities and volunteered, ran or walked!

Participation can be defined as giving time or

money and all of you are to be congratulated for the success of these two projects.

Thinking of ‘Princess,’ ‘Red,’ ‘J,’ ‘D,’ ‘L,’ ‘M,’

to go ‘Global!’ As part of the ‘Global’ project, ASK

‘L,’ ‘D,’ and ‘Mr. B,’ this month. Everyone who is

in Mmbane, Swaziland and the ASK Team will

themselves hugged.

will be partnering with the SOS Children’s Village

In this issue

George A. Moore

Attendance at Dining Out For Life was fantas-

Once again, the population of Kamloops has

provide support in the form of hope, information and compassion, and help build a media/social centre in the Village.

Thanks to the Kamloops Community for two successful events! Additional information and photos on page 3

needing a kind thought or hug should consider If you or anyone you know needs help, just

ASK! Remember … I care.


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Do you need housing help? ASK Wellness prints the latest listings every day and housing help is available each day from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at ASK Wellness, 433 Tranquille Road, Kamloops.

Bob’s Blurb Bob Hughes

Can you help contribute one item per week? We are in desperate need of the following basic items: fresh fruit, veggies, eggs, ham, milk, yoghurt, cheese, juice and cereal.

nteresting times await Canadians as we

the need for action on all these issues vital


have just witnessed an historic shift in the national political landscape. Not

only has the Conservative Party claimed

a true political victory in achieving a

government majority, we have seen the

only legitimate left-leaning party become the official opposition.

have asked the question about what this will mean for those who struggle on

the margins of society. I ask this ques-

family dysfunction and defeat, or those

injured or sick, have such limited opportunity and ability to succeed in this soci-

ety. We see it every day at ASK; men and

women and entire families who are trying desperately, if they still have hope, to rise

above the shackles of poverty and despair and gain some traction to a better life.

The sad reality is that more and more

viduals, shows that addressing the plight

tives in particular, but it does strike me as concerning when issues of poverty and

the plight of the working poor don’t ever become a polarizing and definitive issue in the national consciousness. While all

the political parties on the national stage spoke of treating Canadians fairly, none

stood firmly championing social change

to address the conditions of those in deep poverty.

What I find frustrating is the divi-

resources locally to address the needs of

levels of government for addressing

social equality and social action. In our community, like so many others in this

staunchly conservative groups and indi-

of the poor in a socially just, empowering and compassionate way, results not only in an improved quality of life for these

adults, and importantly, their children,

but also provides tremendous economic value. The economic implications of

a failure to provide adequate housing,

preventive services to families in crisis

and a reasonable living wage, are staggering. Where these costs are borne is

in the burgeoning growth of correctional

facilities, emergency wards plugged with

the products of poverty and schools filled with hungry and defeated children. It will take political will and a

country, grinding poverty and the overall

convincing message to persuade the

is prevalent. But instead of having the

poverty is not a moral issue where the no-

disparity between the rich and the poor

community members, we are left with

a splintered model of jurisdictional re-

Canadian public to realize that desperate tion of the deserving poor exists, but bad social and economic policy.

Sadly, our most recent opportunity

sponsibility. This is evident in the fact we

to witness a political party or individual

federal government having vast financial

has passed. Instead, we are considering

have no National Housing Policy, but the resources and an historic duty to provide housing for all Canadians. Management

of our education system lies in the hands of the provinces with local boards having to scramble to balance budgets, but no

responsibility for the curriculum or the

conditions of our schools. Health is even more of a mess as a blend of federal, pro-


Who is really hurting these days are

those who either over generations of

rights. This is no dig on the Conserva-

Thank you!

250-376-7558, Ext. 232

to the core values of Canadians.

research, not only from the left but also

preservation of social justice and human

sion of responsibility as a result of three

Just ASK!

ity to some other level of government for

tion because much is at stake for the

Please remember us the next time you are grocery shopping and drop all donations off at the ASK Wellness Centre, 433 Tranquille Road, Kamloops, or call Cheryl at 250-376-7558, Ext. 226 to arrange for pick-up.

Do you need STD, HEP-C, or HIV testing or information?

of action. And it is these conditions that

result in the ability to deflect responsibil-

ists have spoken of this shift but few

A number of our programs provide breakfast for those who are struggling and hungry.

termine who is responsible for what level

Executive Director G

Many of the pundits and journal-

We need your help!

vincial and regional authorities try to de-

become the lightning rod of this message purchasing fighter jets in the billions, the

closure of the Supervised Injection Site in

Vancouver, and more unneeded and ineffective jails. This is at the expense of our children’s education, appropriate health

care, and a meaningful approach to tackle the roots of poverty.



Kamloops Daily News Boogie the Bridge 2011

The KAMLOOPS DAILY NEWS BOOGIE 2011 was a huge success! Thousands were raised for Kamloops’ families! Thank you to our amazing volunteers and those who ran, walked or skipped to the finish line. A very special thanks to the Boogie Society and Team who made it all happen! These funds go directly to support families in Kamloops. So far the funds raised from the 2010 Daily News Boogie have helped a total of 97 families who did not have to go without food, a prescription, funding for moving costs, help with rent, utilities, a bus ticket to get home and much more! As of today, $14,927.00 has been paid out to Kamloops’ families … thanks to THE DAILY NEWS BOOGIE!



ASK Goes Global … thanks to Kamloops!


For destinations go to For list of Delta resorts Tickets will go on sale at 7:00 pm, Thursday, May 19th at an intimate benefit concert presented by the DISH Society for the children of Africa at Frankly Coffee (437 Lansdowne St.) featuring Kira Gosselin, Katie Hughes and acoustic Earthbound! Tickets will also be available for sale at the ASK Wellness Centre (433 Tranquille Rd.) during our business hours. Tickets are $25 each or 5 for $100. Proceeds to ASK Wellness Global Citizen Project. Final draw will be at the ASK Wellness Centre (433 Tranquille Rd.) at 11:30 am, Monday, August 1st, 2011. Thanks to WestJet and Simmons Black and Emsland for donating this vacation package! For more information contact Cheryl at 250-376-7558, Ext. 226.

Thank you Kamloops for being a part of Dining Out For Life on April 28th! Generosity from the Kamloops community and participating restaurants was incredible! We raised over $25,000 through sponsorships, restaurant support and donations at the table! A very special thanks goes to the following people, corporations and restaurants who made it happen: Our 12 Participating Restaurants: Bistro 326 Brownstone Chapters Fiesta Mexicana Flavours of India Hoja Mongolian Grill Hot House Bistro Minos The Noble Pig Ric’s Grill Rock Salt Westsyde Pump NRI Distribution, Bruce Churchill, Dean Stainton and Staff

Home Hardware

ASK Team heads to Africa on August 11, 2011. Watch the September issue for an update on the trip!

Echo Earls Restaurant Manshadi Pharmacy Thomas Sandhoff Marnie Olsen Sure Copy

Lisa Deol-Rollo and her Family & Friends Kyra Demski & Josh Matheson

Dr. Robert Baker

Matt & Rebecca McLean

Trophy Developments Brendan Shaw ~ Royal LePage

Pam Jacobson

Heritage Office Furniture

Dr. Robert Parker

Shaw TV The Noble Pig Brewhouse CFJC TV7 ~ ‘Midday’ Kamloops Art Gallery Simmons Black and Emsland Lynne Jones Look Kamloops Kamloops This Week


WestJet Delta Travel Package ~ Anywhere WestJet flies!


Jessica Makayev Sheldon Shore All who dined out on April 28th! All who donated at the tables! All who bid on the Silent Auction items or purchased 50/50 tickets! All the ASK Staff who are so dedicated to our clients and passionate about our initiatives! MORE THANK YOU’S ON PAGE 6



Office Wish List Can you help ASK out by donating some basic items? For example, we always need the following: • Wrapped candies for S.H.O.P. kits • Paper (8-1/2 x 11 inches) • Boxes of pens, marker and pencils • Tape • ‘Staples’ gift certificates • Postage stamps • Envelopes • Coffee, tea and hot choco late • File folders • Post-it notes • Kleenex tissues • Hand sanitizers

If you can help, please call Cheryl at 250-3777558, Ext. 226, or send her an email at

d a r u o Y here!

ff the eep ‘O or a k lp e h F Please irculation. c ring in e f ’ f re o Curb a e w ee small f rtising space adve 76t 250-3 a l y r e ct Ch mail Conta 6, or e 2 2 . t x .ca 7558, E ellness w k s a cheryl@ 6

We would also like to thank the following businesses and people who donated silent auction items in support of Dining Out For Life

Aberdeen Mall Access Picture Framing Barb’s Bouquets Canadian Tire Rapid Cool The Doolans Cloverdale Paint Cork ‘N’ Label U-Brew Inc. Dorian Greek House Earls Restaurant Fabutan Gloria Moore Health Life & Nutrition Heritage Office Furniture Home Stretch Fitness Kal Tire Kamloops Fit Centre Karateristics Kendra Ellison Ladies Only Fitness Merle Norman Minos Restaurant Café Motivo

Sandi’s Biscotti & More Spa Pure Noble Pig Brewhouse NRI Distribution Peter’s Pasta Rapid Cool Riverside Auto Red Tag Fitness Robo Carwash Ken Salter Save-on-Foods Service Plus Computers Starbucks (Aberdeen) Surplus Herbie’s Sweet Spot Cupcakes Taco Del Mar Harp & Sukhi Theara TLC Nailtek Total Ten Tanning White Spot Restaurant Wine Kitz Baskin Robbins Simmons Black & Emsland

THANK YOU TO ALL! The Safer Sex Lady Kira Gosselin ASK Community Health Educator G

May is Hepatitis C Awareness Month

Did you know…

approximately 21% of those individuals

• In Canada, an estimated 242,500 indi-


because there are often no symptoms,

hepatitis C have no symptoms and are

* The only way to find out if you have Hep C

still infectious.

viduals are infected with hepatitis C* and,

is by getting a blood test.

don’t know they are infected and remain • Many people newly infected with

unaware of their infection, but they are • Although sexual transmission is rare,

• Hepatitis C can be spread in the house-


personal hygiene equipment with an

have hepatitis C and take appropriate

• In 2007 nearly 8,000 individuals were newly infected with HCV in Canada.

• Hepatitis C infection can be prevented:

don’t share needles or drug use/preparation equipment.

• Hepatitis C is NOT spread by casual

contact such as hugging, kissing or shak-

ing hands. The virus is not found in food or water.

hold through sharing sharp instruments/

infected person, e.g., razors, toothbrushes, scissors and nail clippers.

• Because there are medications that can

be used to treat hepatitis C, it is important to find out if you have the virus.

• Treatment may be an option for you so speak to your health care provider.

• There is no vaccine for hepatitis C.

What’s up Off the Curb

Client Needs Please help us collect the following items for distribution to those in need. Please drop off at ASK Wellness, 433 Tranquille Road, Kamloops, or call Cheryl at 250-376-7558, Ext. 226 to arrange for pick-up. • Gently used clothing • Grocery vouchers • Take-out containers for leftovers • Plastic bags • Ziploc bags (all sizes) • Baby Wipes / Wet Wipes • Band-aids • Blankets • Bus Passes / Tickets • Combs / Brushes • Deodorant • Personal hygiene products • Feminine hygiene products • Adult diapers • Wrapped candies • Garbage bags • Gloves, mitts, scarves & hats • Razors, men’s and ladies’ • Shaving cream or foam • Chap-Stick • Thick socks, underwear • Toilet paper • Kleenex tissues • Toothbrushes & toothpaste • Travel-size soaps and shampoos • Telephones


inform your sexual partner(s) that you

S.H.O.P. FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER and DROP-IN Every Friday Night ASK is open for dinner to all persons with past or present experience in the sex trade. 7


Adult Addictions Supportive Housing Wish List

THE INTERIOR INDIAN FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY, Connections: Home and Life Skills Program cordially invites you to the following:

E.C.H.O.S. COFFEE GROUP for men and women Every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 am to 11:30 am at 125 Palm Street, Kamloops FREE COFFEE AND SNACKS! For more information contact Toni at 250-376-1296

Can you help ASK out by donating any of these items? At present we are in need of the following

Kamloops Community Church 344 Poplar Street, Kamloops

• Two mops • Two buckets

Sunday Morning Worship at 10:30 am

• Garbage pail

We currently serve supper on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm in the Daily News parking lot, 4th and St. Paul St. Family Meal Wednesdays at 5:00 pm

• Alarm clock • Some sort of shelving • Blankets • Sheets (queen and single) • Pillow cases

Community and Family Services from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, Mon. to Fri.

• Book case

Services we provide

• Two dressers

Emergency Food Hampers Bread and Pastries Good Food Box Meat Bags Vouchers to our Thrift Store Birthday Club

• Two lamps • Computer desk • Two couches • Pots, pans, dishes, utensils, and a can opener • Four end tables • Air mattress • Area rug

If you can help, please call Cheryl at 250-3777558, Ext. 226, or send her an email at

Bread: We have bread and buns available daily.

Birthday Club:

Meat Bags: Available anytime from Community Services. Contents include a variety of frozen meat, beef, pork and chicken.

available. Please make an appoint-

For kids up to 16 years, we will provide a gift and a cake when

ment in advance and bring in your child’s medical card for identification purposes.

Good Food Box - $25.00

S.H.O.P. is presently looking for donations of gently used XXL and XXXL clothing. Please call Carmen at 250-377-7558 or send an email to 8

This is pre-ordered and prepaid during the month and available for pickup the last week of each month. The box generally includes the following: • 2L of fresh milk

• Broccoli

• 2 meat items

• 1 head cauliflower

• 2 dozen large eggs

• Apples

• 1 lb. margarine

• Oranges

• Potatoes

• 1 onion

• Carrots

Items may vary depending on availability.

Also includes a dessert and top-up.

CHRISTINE LEE – for the large bag of toothpaste and hand & body lotion!

Our sincere thanks to the following for their continuing generosity…

MT. PAUL UNITED CHURCH – for their donation of clothes, cosmetics, feminine hygiene products, toiletries, etc.!

COBS BREAD – for their generous weekly donations to several ASK Wellness programs! LION’S CLUB – for their donation of $250 to the Wellness Kitchen!

PCT KAMLOOPS COMPUTER & BUSINESS SCHOOL (Lynda Douglas, Director) – for their donation of 50 ‘Big-Mac’s’ for our clients! (They disappeared in 15 minutes!) WESTJET AIRLINES for donating two tickets anywhere they fly to the ASK Wellness Global initiative!


Kindness Off the Curb

Dan’s Diaries Dan McGowan ASK Housing Outreach Worker G


ello ‘curb-siders,’ it has been brought to my attention that

people might be interested in shar-

was at the Riverside Small Animal Hospital and had been in an accident.

As it turned out, their ‘girl’ had been

ing some of the good news that happens

hit by a car. Apparently the driver had

know, it helps to have some good news to

animal to her fate. A local good samari-

here at ASK Wellness Centre. As we all

focus on amidst all the turmoil, trials and tribulations of everyday life. I am happy to say that I have a wonderful story to share this month.

I recently had a young woman and

man come into the office. They were

new to Kamloops, had been working

with another community agency and had

tried to drive off leaving the injured

tan was not about to let this happen. She actually got on to the hood of his vehicle and would not let him leave the scene of

way home. From what I understand, the couple were extremely distraught and

were searching the neighbourhood, calling the SPCA and doing whatever they

could come up with to try and locate their lost family member. This went on for five days. Finally, after five days of searching they happened to be at the By-Law office asking about their dog and were told she

bills. Being new to town, they had not

yet found work and, in today’s economy, even if they’d found work, they couldn’t afford such a bill.

The resourceful young man and

to live. This is when they ended up in

cup of coffee.

The proper authorities, local By-

Riverside Small Animal Hospital. The

new to the area, Keisha couldn’t find her

dog, were now facing about $1,000 in vet

but I’d sure like to meet her and buy her a

rived! I’m not sure who this woman was,

Well, as it turned out, one of their dogs

herself for a walk. Being that they were

young couple, overjoyed at finding their

woman went back to the community

Law officers, arrived on the scene and

(Keisha) got loose and decided to take

a bit in vet bills and it turned out the

the ‘crime’ until the proper authorities ar-

found housing for themselves and their

two dogs with the help from said agency.

scared dog. Five days adds up to quite

proceeded to take the injured dog to the good folks there took in this hurt canine

and did everything they could to ease her pain. Unfortunately she had a broken leg and nerve damage to another leg among other injuries, I’m sure. Kudos for the

By-Law people for getting Keisha to the

veterinarian so quickly; but, they forgot one thing. They didn’t notify the local

SPCA, nor did they enter the incident into their records in a timely fashion. The re-

sult being that it took five days before the couple could find their lost, hurt and

agency that had helped them find a place our office. A support worker from the

other agency brought them by in hopes we might be able to help them out in

some way. I placed a call to the animal hospital and left a message asking for

the attending vet to give me a call back so we could see what could be done to

reduce the bill as much as possible before we started trying to create any avenues

to help with the funding. Well, it took a couple of days of Dr. Matt Nichols and I playing a diligent game of phone tag to finally make contact. Much to my

surprise Matt told me he had sent the bill to the local By-Law office. Dr. Nichols

expressed some frustration at the lack of communication between the By Law



office and the SPCA, and hoped that

warms my heart! Realistically, the animal

thing to do. So, the next time I find

services might raise awareness around

until they received payment. Instead, as I

or another, I plan on taking a second to

sending them the resulting bill for

the costs of this lack of communication.

He has noticed there is a gap in services here in Kamloops and would like to see

this addressed. Dr. Nichols is proposing

hospital could have held onto the dog

write this, Keisha is home with her family

rather than being in a cage at the hospital, or worse yet, at the Humane Society.

I am happy to say that our agency

myself grumbling about some little thing remember this story and smiling. To you from the curb-side…


that local veterinary clinics each make a

was able to help financially with some of

PS: I have since had an update from the

situation in the future.

the staff at Riverside Small Animal Hospi-

may come up with some funding towards

donation to a fund to help people in this In this day and age to hear a profes-

sional, like a veterinarian, put the animal and the people before the dollars, just

the after costs, but the real heroes here are

tal and the nameless Good Samaritan. It’s nice to live in a community where people

try to step in simply because it is the right

veterinary clinic and it seems the SPCA

the bill. Otherwise, it looks like By-Law and the local veterinarians will have to take up the slack.

PAYING IT FORWARD – Some of the ASK Wellness staff ‘paid it forward’ on April 16th, 2011 when they visited the Hills of Peace Lutheran Church to help with their spring cleaning. Hills of Peace Church makes lunch every Tuesday at ASK Wellness (north shore) for over twenty women! The accompanying pup will forever remain nameless (or for that matter, ownerless), but a little fertilizer (or entertainment) never hurt ... right?

Hi5 Run Club Blair Jones Hi5 Coach / Pro Racer G Warm Up … Cool Down


ing or before and after you put your body


Why do we warm up and cool down

through physical exertion over an ex-

of warming up in-

ing or physical activity? Warming up and

ready for intense work, while minimizing

to increased blood flow through active

but are essential for any athlete in train-

potential to improve and perform.

before we participate in any sort of train-

tended period of time. It gets your body

cooling down are all too often overlooked

the risk of injury and maximizing your

clude increasing your heart rate that leads tissues, which increases metabolism, better use of oxygen, reduces muscle stiff-

movements, and increases your mental

focus on the training or physical activity. The benefit of cooling down will al-

low your heart to recover and return to

its resting rate, potentially reducing the delayed onset of muscle soreness (pain that is sometimes experienced one to

three days after) and aids in the reduction of waste products in the blood including

compared to stretching for a long dist-

Stretching Stretching before and after you run is

ance run or event that may involve a wide


an extended period of time.

but can potentially cause an injury if not

ping rope, jogging, riding a stationary

A light stretch, let’s say in the morn-

minutes of warm-up is recommended.

another part of your warm-up and coolStretching cold muscles is okay to do,

range of motion or use of the muscles for In the case of the latter, using a skip-

stretched properly.

bike, to give a few examples, for 10 to 15

ing, reduces the chances of injury to next

This will encourage the blood flow, which

stretching for a long period of time or

eliminate any waste products in your

While sleeping your muscles have con-

muscles to function better and for longer

to none. The reason is that you are not

allows oxygen to circulate, and helps

preparing for a high level of active fitness.

muscles. This in turn will allow your

tracted or shortened becoming tight, and

periods, reducing the chance of injury.

am writing this to thank all the people

and have no fear of sex, drugs or violence.

confidence. I am finally on a path that I

had been heavy in my addiction to crack.

outreach worker and do not know how to

lactic acid (a waste product of anaerobic respiration that accumulates in your

muscles when being physically worked

and is involved in the chemical processes that cause muscle cramps).


ness generating smoother, better quality

only need to be stretched out very lightly

Stories Off the Curb


who helped me find myself. In 2009 I

I was working the streets and living in a

crack shack. I was not willing to face my

issues with abuse from others and myself.

I have so much gratitude for this

show this person how much he impacted my life.

This is something that goes beyond

only dreamed of.

I hope to thank everyone personally

and would like to acknowledge S.H.O.P., Hi5 Run Club and the men and women

of ASK Wellness Centre — you have done

I would go to ASK Wellness Centre to get

the call of duty in my opinion. This

poo, etc. Even when I was stinky and

all kinds of different reactions, as I was

zone into a new place. I am thankful

ing with.

ASK. There was always someone to talk

supplies such as condoms, lube, shamdirty I was never turned away.

While loading up on supplies, I guess

one of the outreach workers had noticed

outreach worker had subjected himself to pretty much owned by the guy I was livI was amazed how much help I got. I

me coming and going. To my surprise

didn’t always stay clean but I was much

outreach worker saw me and said, “You

I know I have the support of ASK Well-

I was at ‘home’ (the shack) when the

don’t belong here, come with me and we’ll find better housing.”

I was defeated by my addiction. I

had been feeling that if I had stayed at the shack I would’ve been hurt physically.

The outreach worker took me to ASK

Wellness to work on finding me housing. To my amazement he found me housing that same day!

I wasn’t allowed to ‘use’ there and I

didn’t. I became close to my female landlord. It was the best place for me.

When I went to pick up my things,

the guy I had been living with had been

beaten badly. I was so lucky the outreach worker came when he did.

I didn’t stay clean, however I was safe

in a townhouse that I could go to sleep in

safer. I have a lot of challenges, however, ness.

I have been clean for awhile now and

have had the same housing for over a

year. I have learned life skills and self-

wonders in my life!

I am now moving from the comfort

for the time I have been involved with

to whether I was having a good or bad

day. The patience these workers have is amazing!

So thank you ASK Wellness! I’m off

to my new home. You have shown me how to live life on life’s terms.

That is my story for now. I will keep

in touch.

The first meeting of the

Men’s HIV Support Group Will be held at the ASK Wellness Centre Tuesday, May 24th at 7:00 pm For additional information contact Larry Loranger at 250-376-7558, Ext. 232 11


Client resources Aboriginal Employment Services 250-554-4556 ASK Wellness Centre 250-376-7588 Toll Free: 1-800-661-7451 Alcohol/Drug Information/Referral Services Toll Free: 1-800-663-1441 Brain Injury Association 250-372-1799 Christian Hostel 250-372-3031 Canadian Mental Health Association Toll Free: 1-888-674-0440 Emerald on Third 250-374-1090 Employment Insurance Toll Free: 1-800-206-7218 GT Hiring Solutions 250-374-7748 House of Ruth (Women Only) 250-376-5621 Kamloops & District Elizabeth Fry Society 250-374-2119 Kamloops Immigrant Services 250-372-0855 Interior Community Service 250-554-3134 Interior Indian Friendship Society 250-376-1617 Interior Indian Friendship Society Alcohol and Drug Counselor 250-376-1296 Interior Metis Child and Family Services 250-554-9486 Kamloops Food Bank 250-376-2252 Kamloops Safe Housing Society 250-851-2720 Kamloops Work Search Centre (South) 250-372-3803 Kamloops Work Search Centre (North) 250-376-3111 Kids Helpline Toll Free: 1-800-668-6868

Labour Ready 250-376-9116 Mothers for Recovery 250-377-6890 Ministry of Children & Family Development 250-371-3600 Narcotics Anonymous Toll Free: 1-800-414-0296 Native Housing Society 250-376-6332 New Life Mission 250-372-9898 Ministry of Housing & Social Development Toll Free: 1-866-866-0800 Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General, Community Corrections Kamloops: 250-828-4008 Merritt: 250-378-9355 Phoenix Centre 250-374-4634 RCMP Kamloops 250-838-3000 St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store 250-554-0098 Salvation Army 250-554-1611 Sage Health Centre 250-374-6551 Sexual Assault Counseling Centre 250-372-0179 Shuswap Training and Employment 250-554-4556 Street Outreach Nurse Gaudenza: 250-319-6783 Lisa: 250-318-4611 Suicide Distress Line Toll Free: 1-800-784-2433 United Way of Kamloops 250-372-9933 Volunteer Kamloops 250-372-8313 White Buffalo Aboriginal Health Society & Res. Centre 250-547-1176

Have we missed you? Would you like to be included in our resource list? Please email

Pick up your copy of ‘Off the Curb” at any of these handy locations in Kamloops… More locations soon! Would you like ‘Off the Curb’ at your location? Help us promote wellness in your community! Contact Cheryl at 250-376-7558, Ext. 226 or 12

ASK Wellness Centre, 433 Tranquille Road At Second Glance Used Books, 448 Victoria Street Crossroads Inn, 569 Seymour Street Erwin’s Bakery, 369 St. Paul Street Frou Frou Monkey, 263 Victoria Street Kamloops Fit Families, 783 Notre Dame Street Kamloops Immigration Services, 109 Victoria Street Kamloops Downtown Library, 466 Victoria Street Kamloops Northshore Library, 693 Tranquille Road Oops Cafe, 274 - 3rd Avenue Passek’s Classic Cafe & Catering, 120 - 3rd Street The Art We Are, 246 Victoria Street The Grind, 5th and Victoria Street

Off the Curb - May 2011  

‘Off the Curb’ is a monthy newsletter published by ASK Wellness Centre in Kamloops, BC.

Off the Curb - May 2011  

‘Off the Curb’ is a monthy newsletter published by ASK Wellness Centre in Kamloops, BC.