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On the face, Thermage can improve sagging skin, loose jowls, lack of definition in the jaw line, sagging neck skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Before Thermage Before Thermage

Two months post treatment

Around the eyes, Thermage can improve under eye bags, hooding, rough texture on the eyelids and other contributors to tired looking eyes.

Immediately post treatment

On the body, Thermage can improve wrinkled, crepey, sagging or bulging skin as well as the appearance of cellulite.

Before Thermage

Two months post treatment

804.290.0060 Conveniently located in the West End off Gaskins and Mayland

Ruth Hillelson, MD, FACS 9900 Independence Park Drive, Richmond, VA 23233 • Like American Self on FACEBOOK

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ABOUT OUR COVER Cool down this summer with a refreshing summer brew from Virginia. See page 16 for seasonal favorites. Photo by Tim Hill


Honing By Emily Jones

Sur La Table Stony Point Fashion Park 272-7094 Reason to Enroll: Perhaps while you’ve perused the top-of-the-line cooking gadgets at Sur La Table, you’ve wondered how exactly (or what exactly) that item could help you do in the kitchen. Well, with a class at Sur La Table, you not only learn a broad range of cooking techniques, but also see many multi-use tools in action. If you fall in love with a set of pie weights (it’s happened to me) or a santoku knife, take advantage of a 10% discount for a week after your class. And, on date nights, you and your honey can whip up a special meal together with other couples. Expert Advice: Culinary Director Lynne Just reassures home cooks, “Don’t shy away

Richmond Offers a Variety of Opportunities to Perfect the Art of Searing, Braising, and Sautéing Whether you consider yourself a master chef or a helpless hopeful unable to follow a recipe, Richmond offers a variety of cooking classes to “kick it up a notch”, as Emeril would say. Learn your way around the kitchen with help with the proper use of tools, cooking techniques, international cuisine, and more. Why take a class instead of flipping on the Food Network? Hands-on practice with the pros can take your skills to the next level. Plus, you will meet many other Richmonders who share your passion for food. And the best part of all is that you can taste the end result. Where should you start? Anywhere you’d like! While some schools recommend a basic knife skills or tools of the trade class to build on, there are no rules. Most places post their calendars with a menu online, so you can choose a mouth-watering class that appeals to your tastebuds. Menus change seasonally to offer a variety of foods, cultures and techniques. Here’s a list of some places to get started. 10

from a class because the menu sounds complicated. You will find someone who has never cooked and someone with serious skills in the same class. And we cover both.” A Taste of the Classes: Homemade Ricotta and Mozzarella Workshop. August 4. 11am. Homemade Ricotta Cheese • Homemade Mozzarella Cheese • Ricotta Gnocchi with Brown Butter and Parmesan • Ricotta Ice Cream with Raspberry Sauce Grilling Great Seafood. August 6. 6:30pm. Grilled Garlic Shrimp Bruschetta with Gazpacho Salsa • Grilled Scallop and Cherry Tomato Kebabs with Marjoram and Garlic • Grilled Tuna Steaks with Tomato, Basil, and Olive Salsa • Grilled Cod in Grape Leaves with Red Onion and Lemon Date Night: Havana Nights. August 10. 6:30pm. Chicken and Mango Skewers • Garlic Rubbed Flank Steak with Seared Red Onions and Chorizo Aioli • Sofrito Rice with Cilantro • Tres Leches Cake


Your Chef Skills MISE EN PLACE


104 Shockoe Slip 249-1332

8722 Gayton Road 422-COOK

Reason to Enroll: Whether you’ve never

Reason to Enroll: University of Richmond’s

boiled water or have mastered the art

School of Professional and Continuing

of soufflé, Mise En Place promises to

Studies has a Culinary Arts Program that

match you with a dish at your skill level.

offers home chefs an opportunity for

Instructors include those with experience

personal growth, or, for those looking for

like serving as an executive chef for TJ’s

a career change, a 42-hour course to earn

at The Jefferson and popular New York

a certificate in culinary arts. Once through

City dining spots, a certified sommelier,

the program, you will have learned all the

and a cookbook author. Owner and Chef

same techniques and skills that you would

Christine Wansleben notes that, “Teaching

receive in a culinary school for professionals

simple things like the best way to cut an

at a much more competitive price. However,

onion really amazes people.” Take classes

Instructor Tom Parfitt says, “Most people in

solo, as a couple, or with workmates for

the classes are home cooks who want to

corporate team building. At the end of

be better home cooks.” The focus of these

the class, enjoy a meal together in a large

classes is technique, not recipes. “While you

dining area over a glass of wine for one of

are making lemon chicken, you are learning

Richmond’s best dinner parties. Wine lovers

the basics of breaking down a bird, pan

can even enjoy a 16-week wine certificate

searing, and making a pan sauce in order

program that mirrors the same course

to create countless recipes at home,” says

offered at The Culinary Institute of America,


or they can just drop in for one of the

Expert Advice: Stressing how affordable

classes that most interests them.

a certificate program can be (costing about

Expert Advice: “The name Mise En Place,”

$1415), Parfitt says, “Opposed to an $18,000

says Wansleben, “is a French term meaning

education at schools, we offer a much more

all things in its place, or at your hand. So

affordable pay-as-you-go program. It is also

you want to have all your ingredients

user-friendly for professionals. Most classes

cleaned, chopped, measured and prepped

are even after work hours, between 6-9pm.”

before you start cooking for the process to

A Taste of the Classes:

run smoothly.”

More Chef’s Skills. August 13-15. 6pm.

A Taste of the Classes:

Corn Chowder • Rosemary Garlic Roasted

Elegant Dinner of Local Fare. July 12.

Chicken • Gaufrette Potato Chips • Rice Pilaf

6:30pm. A menu to be set after Mise En Place

• White Pizza • Eggs Benedict • Spiced Pork

sees what the local market has to offer that

Tenderloin Stuffed with Dried Cherries and

day in produce, meats, wine and beer.

Apricots • Gougeres and Profiteroles

Wines of the Southern Hemisphere. July

Meat Prep and Cookery. August 21-22.

24. 6:30pm. Taste and discuss wines of

6pm. Proper cooking temperatures, basic

South America and nearby regions.

butchery, seasoning, searing and sauce

Dessert Extravaganza. July 27. 6:30pm.


Celebrate the best of the growing season

Crab Extravaganza. August 24. 6pm. How

with tarts, pies, crepes, gelato and more.

to choose, clean and cook Virginia Blue Crabs.

LOCAL SPECIALTY CLASSES For Bakers For those who love to bake, Wilton Cake Decorating Classes can help you to beautify your sweet creations. Four courses that span four classes each offer skills that teach bakers how to decorate a cake for any occasion. Learn to use buttercream, fondant, and gum paste to make borders, flowers and a variety of other designs. Wilton offers a listing of stores that offer classes nearest you at:

For Aspiring Cooks A key to healthy eating is healthy cooking. Let your kids get to know their way around the kitchen while they are young, and they can see the joys of cooking firsthand from an early age. Help them develop healthy habits with a class at: Young Chefs Academy. 2230 John Rolfe Pkwy. 360-9797.


Foodie Finds

Guide to the Gourmet Grocer By Lorraine Meade

From Carytown to Bon Air; from Jackson Ward to the Avenues of Libbie and Grove, the Richmond area is literally teeming with gourmet grocers. With the advent of the Food Network and any number of cooking shows across the cable dial, along with the accessibility of today’s upscale Add flavor to your next pasta with dill shells, black ink fusilli, or tomato basil penne from Bombolini Pasta.

kitchens featuring the latest in both the big and the small ultra-modern appliances, it seems like just about everyone wants to try their hand in the kitchen. And the Richmond market has responded. Here’s our guide to the city’s coolest gourmet grocers. Whether you’re looking for handcrafted cured meats, or the most luxurious chocolates, or virtually any other delicacy you can imagine, this guide’s for you.

Baker’s Crust (Carytown)

sandwich, their pound cake for strawberry

in Richmond, making them one of the

3553 W. Cary Street, Richmond

shortcake, or their hearty white bread for a

oldest seafood producers on the East Coast.

804-213-0800 |

crispy grilled cheese sandwich.

Seafood lovers rejoice with a variety of fresh

Short Pump Town Center

fish, crab, shrimp, oysters and more.

804-377-9060 |

Belmont Butchery (Carytown)

Check out: P.T. Hastings will be your new

Discover nearly 20 gourmet, hard-crusted

15 N Belmont Avenue, Richmond

crab headquarters with their popular

breads, from Sourdough Rustic to Jalapeño

804-422-8519 |

deviled crabs and crab cakes with no filler,

and Cheddar to Farmhouse Cinnamon

This artisan shop offers a wide selection

as well as soft and hard shell crabs you can

Raisin. Satisfy your sweet tooth with an

of handcrafted cured meats as well as

have steamed on-site or take home to cook

exceptional assortment of croissants,

fresh meats. Their selection includes local

your way!

Danish, cinnamon rolls and muffins, not

pastured beef, free-range chicken, and

to mention desserts like their Ultimate

cuts from whole hogs and sides of beef

Cavanna Pasta (West End)

Chocolate Lava Cake and Baker’s Brownie

from local farms. Plus, choose from over 30

2272 John Rolfe Parkway, Richmond


different sausages and a variety of flavors of

804-360-9868 |

Check out: Try their Cinnamon bread,

house-cured bacon.

Offers authentic, Northern Italian fresh

swirled with cinnamon with a crispy crust,

Check out: Their bacon jam is made with

pastas, sauces and prepared foods using the

which makes a decadent French toast when

their awesome in-house bacon, caramelized

freshest local ingredients available.

onions, and brown sugar. A great way to

Check out: Favorites like Beef and Spinach

compliment cheese or top a juicy burger!

Ravioli, Sausage Tortellini and their

Montana Gold Bread Co.

Belmont Butchery is also a proud retail

homemade Vodka sauce are sure to kick

3543 W. Cary Street, Richmond

location for one of Richmond’s favorite

up your next pasta feast.

804-359-7700 |

breads, the crusty European loaf from Billy’s

Your daily bread could be Cheddar Garlic,


sliced thick.

English Muffin Bread, Cherry Apple Challah,


and over two dozen more. They also offer

P.T. Hastings Famous Seafoods (West End)

sandwiches and sweets for takeout.

3408 Old Parham Road, Richmond

Check out: Make classics a hit by using

804-747-6877 | Find them on Facebook

fresh Montana Gold baked goods. Use their

Since 1921, P.T. Hastings and his family have

garlic knots for a tasty Hanover tomato

been offering some of the freshest seafood

Spread your next burger with bacon jam from Belmont Butchery in Carytown. JULY/AUGUST 2012

Lamplighter Roasting Co. (The Fan)

Penzeys Spice Company (Carytown)

116 South Addison Street, Richmond

3400 W. Cary Street, Richmond VA

804-728-2292 |

804 254-7667 |

Specialty coffees available made from micro-

From Adobo seasoning (a spicy, salt-free

roasted beans from Africa, Arabia, Central

Mexican blend) to Zatar (a traditional

America, South America, Indonesia Asia,

Middle Eastern blend), this is a great place

Dominican Republic, Hawaii and Australia.

to see and smell more than 250 herbs and

They also offer a full service café, which


includes vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free

Check out: Their popular selection of


cinnamons: Ceylon from Sri Lanka, Korintje

Check out: Their micro-roasted, craft

from Indonesia, Tung Hing from China,

batching certified, roasted 10 pounds at a

their red hot Vietnamese Extra Fancy, and

time and hand-grated. They also offer single

Penzey’s special blend.

origin espresso for perfect flavor. River City Cellars (Carytown)

Fancy chocolates, chocolate rubs and cool gelato from De Rochonnet Delights add a gourmet touch to dessert.

The Hoppy Dog (Downtown/ Jackson

2931 West Cary Street, Richmond


804-355-1375 |

319-321 Brook Road, Richmond

Offering an eclectic, sophisticated selection

tradition with the finest local and imported

804-728-4363 |

of wines in all styles from around the

ingredients in small batches to ensure

Located in Richmond’s downtown gallery

world, as well as local craft beers, Belgian

freshness. Try truffles infused with whiskey,

district, The Hoppy Dog features American

Ales, many types of olives and hard to find

or wine. Or combine sweet and salty with

craft and imported beers, international wines

gourmet products.

their International sea salt caramels with

from small family vineyards, and local and

Check out: Their specialty cheeses like

four different salts.

gourmet foods.

Goat cheese from Caromont Farms, Cypress

Check out: Heat up your grilling skills

Check out: Their selection of local products,

Grove Midnight Moon Goat’s Milk, and

with their spicy Chocolate Rub, created

such as Virginia craft beers, handmade

Vintage 3-Year Old Gouda.

by infusing cocoa powder with spices like Peri Peri, a South African pepper. It’s great

cheeses from Old Church Creamery, Olli “Salame”, Sausage Craft artisanal small-batch

J. Emerson, Inc. Fine Wine & Cheese

for chicken, pork, beef, or even chili! After

sausages, and handcrafted breads from The

(Libbie & Grove)

dinner, cool down by topping a homemade

Flower Garden.

5716 Grove Avenue, Richmond VA

slice of pound cake with their flavorful

804-285-8011 |

gelato (available by the pint or quart),

Olio (The Fan)

The Richmond area’s longest-established

such as the highly rated Bacio (chocolate

2001 1/2 West Main Street, Richmond

fine wine retailer offering a wide selection

hazelnut) or banana.

804-355-5182 |

of value-priced everyday wines, as well

A veritable smorgasbord of gourmet goods

some rare and collectible bottlings. They

For the Love of Chocolate (Carytown)

with an old-world European flair, featuring

also offer an extensive selection of cut-to-

3136 West Cary Street, Richmond

imported groceries and sauces, meats,

order artisanal cheeses.

804.359.5645 |

cheeses, oils and vinegars, wine and beer.

Check out: Cook up your favorite

Taste the love at what has been described

Check out: Add a new dimension to your

international dish with a wine from the

as chocolate nirvana—where you can

same region! J. Emerson offers a selection

find gifts, sweets, and gourmet treats from

of Barolo, Brunello and Barbaresco Italian

international and local origins.

red wines, and a variety wines from France’s

Check out: Their chocolate-covered plain,

Burgundy region.

smoked, or vanilla sea salt caramels or their

homemade pizza with Tipo “OO” flour, the preferred type for what some say makes the best crusts in the world. Or serve up

chocolate-covered bacon would make a

Boquerones, or white anchovies, at your next tapas party and

De Rochonnet Delights (Midlothian) 13228 Midlothian Turnpike, Midlothian

surprise guests with a

804-794-1551 |

mild dish they didn’t

Artisan Jeanne-Louise Womble makes all of

know they loved!

her indulgent creations based on European

unique addition to any dessert display! n


Cool Recipes For Hot Summer Days

Farmer’s Market Salad with Mediterranean Chicken From the kitchen of Lisa Granger, personal chef of Wild Greens Catering and Green Monkey School Lunches. 740-6659. and

Salad: 8 cups local mixed greens 1 lb. green beans, steamed

Orzo Pasta Salad wITH Chickpeas, Mint, & Basil From the kitchen of Laura Payne, personal chef for Gourmet Your Way. 514-6812

Some of the finest personal chefs share their favorite summer recipes. Get a lesson from the pros with summer favorites that incorporate local product and fresh herbs. Read about each chef in July’s issue of our sister magazine, River City.

shaped varieties) Bonnyclabber’s goat cheese (in any flavor)

4 cups chicken broth

Fresh basil

1 1/2 cups orzo

Black olives

1 15 oz. can chickpeas, rinsed and



2 Tbsp. red wine vinegar

1 1/2 cups cherry tomatoes, halved

1 shallot, minced

3/4 cup red onion, finely chopped

1 tsp. chopped fresh thyme

1/2 cup basil, fresh, chopped

1 tsp. Dijon mustard

1/4 cup mint, fresh, chopped

5 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil

salt and fresh ground pepper, to

Coarse kosher salt

taste 1. Whisk together all vinaigrette ingredients, 1. Pour broth in heavy saucepan. Bring to

adding olive oil last.

a boil then stir in orzo. Cover partially and

2. Mix vinaigrette with greens and top with

Carova Beach to Nags Head. Café 111 Personal Chef

cook until the orzo is tender but still firm to

beans, potatoes, tomatoes, olives and basil.

Service. 252-256-CHEF (2433).

the bite, stirring frequently, about 7 minutes.

Chimmi-Churri Sauce From the kitchen of Jamie Pauls. Vacation chef, serving

1 cup fresh chopped parsley 4 Tbsp. fresh chopped oregano 4 Tbsp. fresh chopped thyme 1/2 cup fresh chopped garlic 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar 1.5 cups olive oil Kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper to taste (1-2 Tbs. of each) 1. Stir all ingredients together and store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to two weeks.  2. Use as a marinade or a finishing sauce on pork, beef, chicken, seafood and more.


1 lb. peruvian potatoes, steamed 12 oz. assorted heirloom tomatoes (pear

Drain the orzo through a strainer. Transfer the orzo to a large wide bowl and toss until the orzo cools. Set aside to cool completely. 2. Toss the orzo with the remainder of ingredients. Stir in just enough vinaigrette to coat (recipe follows). Vinaigrette:

Mediterranean Chicken: 6 organic chicken breasts ¼ cup plain yogurt 1/3 cup chopped parsley 2 Tbsp. lemon juice 2 Tbsp. paprika 2 Tbsp. minced garlic 1 tsp. cumin

1/2 cup red wine vinegar

½ tsp. cayenne pepper

1/4 cup fresh lemon juice

¼ cup olive oil

2 tsp. honey

2 Tbsp. sumac

2 tsp. salt 3/4 tsp. fresh ground pepper 1 cup olive oil

1. Stir all ingredients in a large bowl and add chicken to coat. Let marinate for at least 2 hours or overnight.

TIP: The olive oil will congeal in the

TIPS: You can freeze this, but do not put

2. Grill until just cooked through,

fridge. That’s okay, just pull it out about 30

tomatoes in the salad. There will be extra

approximately 12 minutes. Slice and serve

minutes before you want to use it.

vinaigrette to add to the salad as needed.

over Wild Greens Farmer’s Market Salad. n


G earing Up for

Grilling Season Grill Alert Talking Remote Meat Thermometer Never overcook again! This wireless belt-clip monitor announces when entrées are cooked to perfection. Just insert the stainless steel probes in the center of your meat, then use the controls to select the meat type and how you’d like it done. A voice will let you know when your food is ‘Almost Ready’ and ‘Ready.’ Brookstone • Stony Point Fashion Park • 560-4095 Short Pump Town Center • 364-9717

Triple-LED Grill Light Handy and bright light is perfect for nighttime grilling. Three powerful and efficient directional LED bulbs illuminate the entire grill surface (15 non-replaceable LED bulbs included). Sur La Table •

Cuisinart Pizza Grilling Pan This 12” non-stick, perforated pizza pan is perfect for grilling and easy clean-up. The heat-resistant, folding, removable handle allows for convenient storage and grill closure. Common Retailers: Home Goods, Bed, Bath & Beyond,,

Fire Wire Flexible Grilling Skewers Utilize the full space your grill offers with a set of two flexible grilling skewers. Load up twice as much food than a standard straight skewer, and marinate in a baggie or a bowl. Dishwasher safe. Bed, Bath & Beyond

Cuisinart Wood Chip Smoker Box Infuse your barbecue with smokey flavors like the pros. Simply place a handful of pre-soaked cedar, hickory, mesquite or other wood chips in the smoker box and place on your gas or charcoal grill while cooking! The compact box works great on grills of any size. Common Retailers: Home Goods, Bed, Bath & Beyond,

For more great grilling accessories, visit!





SUMMER BREWS Virginia Offers Craft Beers That Are Perfect for the Heat 1. St. George Brewing Co.

English style summer ale Tasting Notes: Coupling an aggressive late hop character with a medium bodied ale produces this highly-drinkable beer with a slight maltiness, perfectly balanced hop bitterness, and a classic English hop finish. Pair With: Herb roasted chicken, poached salmon, crisp arugula salads, Monterey Jack, apricot cake or a lemon custard tart. 2. Legend Brewing Co.

Hefeweizen Tasting Notes: The unique ratio of 45% malted wheat and 55% barley malt creates a light, crisp, dry brew with a hint of lemony citrus and subtle notes of banana and clove. Pair With: Tangy cheeses, green salads, shellfish and desserts such as crème brûlée. 3. Hardywood Park Brewery

HOPLAR Tasting Notes: Following the woodaging tradition of India Pale Ales, the hoplar offers a bright citrus and pine character with subtle notes of caramelized vanilla with a medium to full body. Pair With: Smoked or grilled meats, Asian cuisine, sharp and spicy cheeses. 4. Blue Mountain Brewery

Steel wheels In the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains off Route 151, Blue Mountain offers a from-scratch menu with its made-onsite brews. Tasting Notes: Steel Wheels offers a bready nose of mildly earthy hop aroma and a huge malt flavor. The middle of the ale brings a wave of American-

grown Golding hops flavor and rolls to a pleasantly drying, bitter finish. Pair With: Pair with roasted or grilled beef, lamb, or game, smoked salmon, aged sheep cheeses, toffee pudding, or chocolate chip shortbread cookies. 5. Starr Hill Brewery

PILS Located in the small town of Crozet near Charlottesville, Starr Hill’s brews are now enjoyed throughout the Eastern region. Tasting Notes: Crafted with pilsner malt, German hops, and Bavarian lager yeast, the Pils tastes of bitter, grassy hops, some toastiness, with spicy, black pepper notes and a dry finish. Pair With: Japanese and German cuisine, peppery cheese such as Pepper Jack, poultry, steak, and fish.

Midnight Brewery

NEW BEGINNING Richmond’s newest brewery, located in Goochland, just opened in May 2012. Stop by their brewery to fill up a growler to take home. Tasting Notes: This Kolschstyle beer is clean, crisp, and delicately balanced with very subtle fruit flavor and aroma. Pair With: Salads, NEW TO fish, lobster, RICHMOND’S shrimp, grilled pork, and any TAPS lightly seasoned foods.

Find more seasonal favorites at


Branson, Missouri

You Ain’t Heard the Half of It By Steve Cook

If you’re of the opinion that Branson is a popular destination for older folks, then you’re right, but only partly. If you think of Branson as the home for musicians from days gone by, you’re still partly right. Branson is that, but so much more. It’s the home of some of the most talented entertainers you’ll find anywhere. There are more theater seats in Branson than on Broadway. Branson offers plenty to do for all ages, and all of the entertainment

The Shows Legends in Concert. The current show fea-

is family-friendly. Beyond the theaters, you’ll find a variety of attractions and tremendous natural beauty as well. Unlike Vegas, what happens in Branson, you’ll want to share with all your friends.

tures exceptionally talented tribute artists, pay-

There’s so much to share. The folks at Branson’s Titanic Museum

ing their respects to Barry White, Shania Twain,

say that until you come inside, you’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.

the Blues Brothers, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis. You

What we offer here is just the tip. Until you pay a visit, yourself, you ain’t

don’t want to miss this one…lots of fun, great music, magical memories. (

heard the half of all that Branson has to offer. For additional details and for assistance in planning your trip, visit:

Showboat Branson Belle. Enjoy the entertainment extravaganza, Made in the USA, as

The Great Outdoors

you roll on the river (okay, a lake). This two-hour lunch or dinner cruise aboard a real paddlewheel showboat offers a truly unique experience for the

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park. Enjoy this 2,200-acre private park just southwest

whole family. (

of town. Explore the abundant natural beauty by bike, horseback, ATV, guided tram, or

Tony Roi – Elvis and More. Indulge me, while

on foot. Get up-close and personal with bison, longhorns, and elk. (www.dogwoodcan-

I mention my favorite Branson show. Tony Roi


does an unbelievable Elvis tribute. But, the sec-

The Lakes. Swim, fish, boat, sail,

ond half of his show (the “and More” part) features

scuba dive, jet ski, parasail, kayak,

Roi as himself and believe me, this guy can sing.

and fish. Branson’s three beautiful

For a more comprehensive listing of shows

lakes, Table Rock, Taneycomo, and

and for ticket information, visit www.showsin-

Bull Shoals offer something for eve-

ry water enthusiast.


Other Attractions Silver Dollar City. This theme park was built around a hole in the ground – Marvel Cave. Designed to give visitors to the cave something to do while they waited for their tour, the park has become one of the nation’s most visited theme parks.



shows, dozens of artisans, thrill rides and more, the entire family will enjoy their day at Silver Dollar City. (www.

Titanic Museum Attraction. Paying respect and honor to the more than 2,000 passengers and crew of the Titanic, this 2-story museum, in the shape of the vessel, tells the stories of the people who experienced the horrors of perhaps the world’s most famous shipwreck. It’s done in a very tasteful and informative manner, making history truly come alive. (www.titanicbranson. com) n




Aruba Shrimp Salad Head to Crab Louie’s in Midlothian for crispy coconut shrimp served over a fresh salad. ( Photo by Tim Hill. Find more ISO Dishes at

Buckhead’s “Extra-aged” steaks, fresh seafood and an award-winning wine list have made this Richmond’s premier destination dining location for 15 years. Try the steak tenderloin medallions with Vermouth Demi-Glace topped with Jumbo Lump Crabmeat and finished with Béarnaise Sauce. 8510 Patterson Avenue. 750.2000.

MALABAR Malabar Indian Cuisine offers a variety of Indian delicacies such as Masala Dosas, Idli, sambar, Rasam soup, Palak Paneer, Baingan Bhartha, Kerala fish curry and Malabar shrimp curry. Lunch buffet Tuesday-Sunday. 3456 Lauderdale Drive. 364-7077.

CHIANTI RISTORANTE & PIZZERIA Chianti serves up fine Italian fare with exciting dishes and unique ambiance. Every dish is created using only the freshest, finest ingredients. From speciality pizza to pasta to veal, satisfy your Italian craving. 1304 Gaskins Road. 740-5050. Dining |

GRAPEVINE Enjoy their nightly specials including half off appetizers, wine, and dessert! Grapevine’s banquet room is the perfect place to host your next special luncheon or dinner function. 11055 Three Chopt Rd. 440-9100.

HONDOS In addition to being one of Richmond’s premier chophouses, Hondo’s also offers fresh, succulent seafood including lobster tails, tuna mignon, and crab cakes. Stop in Monday-Friday for lunch between 11am and 2:30pm for ten delicious options under $10! 4024-C Cox Road.

HOGSHEAD CAFE Enjoy home cookin’ at its best with signature items like The Hog Dog, Hog Nachos, Smoked Pulled Pork, Ribs, Burgers & daily chalkboard specials. Stop by for a lunch or dinner that competes with Mama’s! 9503 West Broad Street. 308.0281.




HogsHead Cafe 9503 West Broad Street. 308-0281. Catering. Casual, Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take Out. JJ’s Grille 10298 Staples Mill Road. 755-6229. Brunch, Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Casual.

AMERICAN Baker’s Crust Short Pump Town Center. 377.9060. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Casual. Dine-In & Take Out. Big Al’s Sports Bar & Grill 3641 Cox Road. Town Oaks Shopping Center. 270-4454. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-in. Casual. Bistro R 9681 W. Broad Street. 747-9484. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Catering. Casual. Reservations suggested. Buffalo Wild Wings 7801 W. Broad Street, Ste. 10. 672-8732. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual. Capital Ale House 4024 Cox Road, Ste. A. 780-2537. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual.

Joey’s Hot Dogs 4028 Cox Road. 651-4108. 10400 Ridgefield Parkway. 740-0860. Lunch and Dinner. Dine-in & Take out. Casual. City Limit 7007 Three Chopt Road. 282-4232. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Casual. Reservations suggested.

Le Box 262.7580. Fax 262-7639. Boxed Lunches, Platters & Catering.

Cupertino’s NY Bagels & Deli 3621 Cox Road. 747-4005. Breakfast & Lunch. Dine-In & Take out. Casual.

Palani Drive 401 Libbie Ave. 285.3200. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-Out. Casual.

Firebirds Wood-Fired Grill 11800 W. Broad Street, Ste. 1068. 364-9744. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual. Reservations suggested.

Padow’s Ham & Deli 1601 Willow Lawn Drive. 358-4267. 8964 W. Broad St. 965.6262. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual.

The Glen Restaurant at Virginia Crossings Resort 1000 Virginia Center Parkway. 727-1480. Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, & Dinner. Dine-In. Upscale casual. Reservations suggested.

The Pour House 3438 Pump Road. 364-9083. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual.

Glory Days Grill 10466 Ridgefield Parkway. 754-3710. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Casual. The Halligan Bar & Grill 2451 Old Brick Road, Suite 105. Short Pump. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual.

Quaker Steak & Lube 8000 West Broad Street. 217-WING. Casual, Lunch and Dinner. Dine-In & Take Out. River City Diner 803 E Parham Road. 515-7925. Casual. Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Selba 2416 W. Cary Street. 358-2229. Dinner & Sunday Brunch. Dine-In. Casual. Shackleford’s Restaurant & Raw Bar 10496 Ridgefield Pkwy. 741-9900. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual. Tarrant’s One West Broad Street. 225-0035. Brunch, Lunch, & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual. Reservations suggested. Tropical Smoothie for locations. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In or Take out. Casual. Party trays, catering. Wing Zone 8310 Staples Mill Rd. 553-1515. Order online at Lunch, Dinner and Late Night. Casual. Dine-In, Take Out, Delivery & Catering.



ASIAN Kabuto Japanese Steak House 8052 West Broad Street. 747-9573. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In or Take out. Casual. Kenji 11740 W. Broad Street. 364-1788. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Upscale casual. Reservations strongly suggested. Mama Wok 7801 W. Broad Street. 672-8989. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In, Take out, & Delivery. Casual. Reservations suggested.

Balkan Balkan Restaurant 8905 Patterson Ave. 754-2255. Casual, Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take Out.

BARBECUE Bill’s Barbecue 5805 W. Broad Street. 282-8539. Casual. Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Famous Dave’s 7009 W Broad St. 755-4450. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual. TD’s Smokehouse BBQ 8919 Patterson Ave. 741-9804. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual.

A full service Indian Restaurant. Serves Lunch, Dinner. To-gos available and Party Orders as well

BRAZILIAN Texas de Brazil 1420 North Parham Road. 750-2003. Dinner. Dine-In. Upscale. Reservations strongly suggested.

Chinese Chung Hing Chinese Restaurant 3053 Lauderdale Drive. 360-2708. Lunch & Dinner. Pick-up, Take out & Delivery. Casual. Full Kee 6400 Horsepen Road. 673-2233. Casual. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-out & Delivery.

*Everyday lunch Buffet Weekdays -  $9.99 (more than 20 items)  Weekends- $12.99 (more than 30 items)

Nanking 9125 W. Broad Street, Ste. L. 270-3888. Casual. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In, Take out & Delivery.

2452 Old Brick Rd., Glen Allen, VA, 23060 - In WEST BROAD VILLAGE

Hours: Lunch: Mon- Fri: 11.00am to 2.30pm, Sat- Sun: 11.30am to 3.30pm Dinner: Sun- Thur: 6.00pm to 10.00pm, Fri- Sat: 6.00pm to 11.00pm



Rainbow Buffet 11424 W. Broad Street. 360-8288. Lunch & Dinner. Casual. All-you-can-eat buffet.

COFFEE & TEA Umami 6920-C Lakeside Ave. 308-0395. Dine-in, Take-out & Catering. Lunch. Casual.

Fondue The Melting Pot 9704 Gayton Road. 741-3120. Dinner. Dine-In. Upscale. Reservations strongly suggested.

French Can Can 3120 W Cary Street. 358-7274. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual. Reservations suggested.

Greek 5 Star Gyros & Subs 9076 W. Broad St. 747-0050. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take Out. Casual. The Crazy Greek 1903 Staples Mill Rd. 355-3786. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In, Take out & Delivery. Casual. Grapevine Greek & Italian Cuisine 11055 Three Chopt Road. 440-9100. Lunch & Dinner. Casual. Greek Islands 9503 C West Broad Street. 290-0002. Casual, Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take Out.

Indian Anokha 4015 Lauderdale Drive. 360.8686. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In and Catering. Casual. Reservations suggested. Kebab and Biryani 2452 Old Brick Road. 658.3174. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Party orders. Lehja Short Pump Town Center, Suite 910. 364-1111. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Upscale Casual. Malabar 3456 Lauderdale Drive. 364-7077. Casual. Lunch and Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.




Angela’s Ristorante 425 N. Ridge Road. 288-7483. Dinner. Dine-In. Casual. Reservations suggested. Apollo’s Flame Baked Pizza and Grill 9410 W. Broad Street. 965-5554. Casual. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In, Take out and Delivery. Azzurro 6221 River Road. 282-1509. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Upscale. Bellacino’s 8026 - D West Broad Street. 270-7011. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual. Chianti 1304 Gaskins Road. 740-5050. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual.

Lebanese The Phoenician 4401 W. Broad St. 359.5590. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual.

Mediterranean Emilio’s Restaurant 1847 W. Broad Street. 359-1224. Dine-In & Take out. Casual. Reservations suggested.

Mexican Casa Grande 7818 W. Broad Street. 755-2388. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual. Don Papa Grande 8900 W. Broad Street. 270-7767. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Casual. Don Pedro 3 8982 Quioccasin Rd. 750.1113. 750.1106. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-in & Take out. Casual. El Caporal 1417 E. Ridge Road. 673-1090. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual. El Paso 3417 Cox Road. 346-8889. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-in & Take out. Casual.

Mexico Restaurant 11621 West Broad Street. 360.9446. 4040 Cox Road. 290.0400. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual. Plaza Azteca 12020 W. Broad St. 360-7439. 6623 W. Broad St. 888-9984. Casual, Lunch and Dinner. Dine-In & Take Out.

PIZZERIA Extreme Pizza 11653 W. Broad Street. 360-3123. Casual. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In, Take out & Delivery. Ledo Pizza & Pasta Short Pump. 4030 Gathering Place. 364-9770. Willow Lawn. 4925 W. Broad St. 864-5336. Casual. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-in, Take out & Catering.

Seafood Coast 5806 Grove Ave. 288.8466. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual.



Skilligalee Restaurant 5416 Glenside Dr. 672.6200. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual. Reservations Suggested.

Steak & Chop House Buckhead’s 8510 Patterson Avenue. 750-2000. Dinner. Dine-In. Upscale. Reservations strongly suggested. Hondos 4024-C Cox Road. 968-4323. Lunch, Dinner & Sunday Brunch. Dine-In. Upscale. Reservations strongly suggested. Ruth’s Chris 11500 W. Huguenot Road. 378-0600. Dinner. Dine-In. Upscale. Reservations strongly suggested. Shula’s Steak House 12042 W. Broad Street. 565-7000. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Casual. Reservations strongly suggested.


Kona Grill 11221 W. Broad Street. 364-5660. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-in. Upscale Casual.


Siam Paragon 13120 Midlothian Turnpike 379-9895 Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take Out. Casual

Thai Diner 8059 W. Broad Street. 270-2699. Lunch & Dinner. Casual. Dine-In & Take out. Reservations suggested. Thai Flavor Food 4040 Cox Road. 562-4105. Casual, Lunch & Dinner, Dine-In & Take Out.

Vietnamese Mekong Restaurant 6004 W. Broad Street. 288-8929. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual. Pho Saigon 10190 W. Broad Street. 217-7979. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In, Take Out and Delivery. Casual. Vietnam Garden 9031 W. Broad Street. 262-6114. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.

WINE The Barrel Thief Wine Shop & Cafe 11747 W. Broad Street. 364.0144. 5805 Patterson Ave. 612.9232. Food & wine service closed Sunday and Monday. Casual. No reservations needed. The Wine Loft 4035 Whittall Way. 368-1768. Dinner. Dine-In. Upscale Casual.


Visit us to find out where to dine—and enter to win Dining Gift Certificates for some of Richmond’s Best Restaurants!



Take Your Taste Buds to the Extreme at Extreme Pizza Perhaps you’ve seen the TV commercial. You know, the one where actor, John Malkovich asks his iPhone to help him locate linguica. Whether your phone appreciates the subtle nuances of this smoked mild pork Portuguese sausage, we may never know. But, we do know that, while not readily available in the Richmond area, linguica is being served as an integral ingredient on Extreme Pizza’s flavorful pizza, which they’ve named Aveiro, after a region of Portugal. The Aveiro starts with their California style thin crust, and is available in a classic crust or a vegan wheat crust. Both are made on site daily and aged to perfection. The pizza is then topped with a tangy pizza sauce, smoked bacon, pepperoncini peppers, freshly roasted red peppers, mozzarella, and of course, linguica. All toppings are gluten-free, and can sit atop Extreme Pizza’s gluten-free crusts, which have become a favorite among the community’s gluten intolerant. Extreme Pizza offers an extremely varied menu of pizzas, subs, and salads for dine-in, take-out, or delivery (their limited delivery area now includes parts of Manakin-Sabot). For those who want something a little off the beaten pizza path, we suggest you try a pizza with buffalo sauce, barbecue sauce, pesto, hummus, or ranch dressing as a base for a tastetingling experience. Or create your own pie with their variety of sauces, cheeses, and toppings. So, when your taste buds scream for the extreme, show them you care and head on over to Extreme Pizza. 11653 W. Broad St. • 360-3123 Order online at

By Steve Cook As the once very rural Far West End, becomes more and more sleek and sophisticated with office parks, ultra modern shopping complexes, and trendy restaurants, it’s somewhat refreshing to know that there’s one little spot (on Route 250 just across the Goochland line) that really hasn’t changed all that much over the past 60 years. You’ve probably seen it…the Alley Motel, which is really a collection of cabins from a lumber camp, transported to Route 250 near Centerville, decades ago. Next door is a little restaurant, owned by the Alley family. Through the years, it’s been known as the Alley Restaurant, Centerville Grill, the Bungalow, Fast Eddie’s Juke Box Café, and most recently, a Nags Head-type hangout known as the Summer Shack. Well, after years of leasing the restaurant to one tenant after another, Forrest Alley, Jr. has decided to lease the place to his son, Forrest, III and his wife Tricia. The Alleys are even dusting off an old name – Bungalow Grill (located at 12859 Broad Street Road. Alley, III says it’s going to be a place where you can get a burger and a beer without paying an arm and a leg…just good, simple food, including bologna burgers, made from high quality products served at a fair price, and that’s certainly jake with me. The grill opened in mid-June. n To submit restaurant news, email new openings, menus, chefs and more to





All That and Dim Sum Queen’s Dim Sum Restaurant Opens in Olde Town Shopping Center


of the Menu

By Steve Cook. Photos by Robert Thomas. Scallop Dumpling. As with many dim sum dishes, this is flavorful, but mild. You choose from a variety of sauces, including some that are quite spicy.

Joe Chan and Queeny Tam are flanked by members of their gracious staff.

In Hong Kong, if you were to say, “Let’s go have

little appetizer-sized items until 5:00 p.m. The

tea,” you’d really mean, “Let’s go have tea and dim

restaurant serves Peking-, Cantonese-, Szechuan-,

sum.” It’s a tradition, there.

and Hunan-style dishes for both lunch and dinner.

And now, thanks to Queeny Tam and Joe

And, on weekends, dim sum is served on carts,

Chan, it just might become a tradition here in the

pushed through the restaurant. Diners can choose

West End. Their recently opened Queen’s Dim

their dishes right off the carts, as has been done in

Sum Restaurant, located in Olde Town Shopping

Hong Kong for centuries. To top off the authentic

Center (7801 West Broad Street) brings traditional

ambience, gracious and lovely hostesses, wearing

and very authentic dim sum dining to the area.

the traditional, red uniforms, greet and serve

The two natives of Hong Kong (He also owns Little Szechuan Restaurant on Staples Mill Road)

Chan advises those unfamiliar with dim sum to start with something simple like a shrimp

because of their mutual love for dim sum and

dumpling.“Then,” he says,“we’ll just keep bringing

their desire to share that love with Richmond area

more items, saying, ‘Try this. Try that.’”

residents. So far, Chan says, most of the guests

That’s the experience we enjoyed during our

who order dim sum are natives of China. But, he

visit. Some of our favorite dishes are listed in the

says, “American diners, who typically choose the

menu highlights in the column to the right.

experience dim sum.”

“Dim sum” literally means “touch your heart. “

Steamed Chicken Feet. For many with more westernized tastes, tackling this dish may be no small feat. But try it. I think you’re going to like it.

You may well find, as did we, that by combining

“We want to serve authentic dishes, using only

delicious dishes with the most gracious service,

the freshest ingredients,” says Tam. “Everything

the folks at Queen’s Dim Sum excel in doing just

has to be perfect…high quality.”


In Hong Kong and other parts of Southern

Queen’s Dim Sum also provides catering and

China, where it is most popular, dim sum

banquet service. For more information, phone

is generally served until about three in the

804-672-8989, or visit them at 7801 W. Broad

afternoon. Queen’s Dim Sum serves the tasty,

Street. n

Taro & Meat Dumpling. The shell of this very interesting and tasty dish is made from taro root paste. The filling is minced pork. Try it with the vinegar and ginger sauce.


have joined forces in opening this new restaurant

more traditional Chinese dishes, are beginning to

Durion Puff. “Puff” is the right word. The pastry is filled with the fruit from the durion tree, found in southeastern Asia. It makes for a light, not overly sweet, dessert.

Creamed Sticky Rice, wrapped in Lotus Leaf filled with Chinese Sausage, Dried Shrimp, and Sautéed Egg, and quite good.



FARM E L B A TO Teast for Foodies

A Fresh F

The return to roots (literally) is a welcome modern culinary trend. Chefs seek fresh, organic and responsibly grown vegetables, dairy products and meat from local farms to populate ever evolving and ultra creative menus. Diners reap the rewards of their meticulous efforts, enjoying meals prepared with only the highest quality, local, seasonal ingredients.

By Tammy Brackett

The farm to table dynamic is a boon to eateries catering to bonafide local-vores (someone who is dedicated to eating foods grown and produced locally) and those who simply want to sit down to a healthy, conscious meal without concern of pesticides and preservatives. Farm to table is a huge boost to local agriculture and farming, supporting mostly small, family-owned, generational businesses.


Passion abounds in this new return to the old way of gathering and serving food. Crowding ‘round the table to partake of garden goodness doesn’t require a hoe or heavy labor or your own plot of soil. Here are three area restaurants embracing the farm to table philosophy in innovative and creative ways.



2416 W. Cary Street. 358-2229. “If we can buy a product from a local farm, dairy, ranch, vineyard, fishmonger, brewery, distillery, or baker that meets our high standard of quality, we do it!” owner of Selba, Todd Boyd is emphatic about sourcing locally. “We work with major distributors that have programs that support and carry products and we use neighborhood farmers as well.” Selba celebrated its grand opening August 25, 2011. “Supporting our farmer friends and bringing our guests the best is what we’re all about.”

FRESH FIND: Barbeque Braised Brisket – Buffalo Creek beef brisket with fresh corn salad. Every major component of this wildly popular dish is locally sourced. Beef from Lexington, and sprouts from Cabbage Hill Farms are included.

Farmer Johnson’s

7610 Left Flank Road. 559-0111. Owners Brady and Tara Johnson use local, fresh and all-natural ingredients to create and serve “familiar Southern-American” dishes, like burgers, barbecue and salads. “We believe the best way to get people exposed to the local farms is to use all-natural ingredients in foods we all grew up eating.” says farmer and chef Brady Johnson. “By buying local and serving fresh foods, our guests are provided with an upgraded quality meal which tastes great and has undeniable health benefits.” Brady and Tara opened Farmer Johnsons in Mechanicsville, a town they unabashedly admit they know and love. “By opening our restaurant here, we’re able to share our passion and gratefulness of the land around us and the wonderful people who grow and care for our food.” says Tara. “Farm to table is helping people learn to eat seasonally and the importance of working together for the good of each other.”

FRESH FIND: Old-Fashioned Barbecue Sandwich – Virginia Pork is hickory smoked on site and hand pulled. Served with homemade coleslaw and side dishes.

The Urban Farmhouse

1217 E. Cary Street. 325-3988. Located in Shockoe Slip, The Urban Farmhouse Café and Market opened in February of 2010. “Our café supports many local farms and our market is full of local foods and products.” says founder Kathleen Richardson. “Our menu changes seven times a year in an effort to only provide those items that are locally grown.” The Urban Farmhouse sources vegan products from Twin Oaks in Charlottesville, honey from Bearer Farms and Homestead Creamery for milk and ice cream and is an avid member of the Agriberry Co-op in Studley, VA. “Our world appears to be getting smaller and in today’s high tech, high travel world, the ability exists to more easily process and transport food. There’s an unsettling uncertainly about what we’re actually consuming.” Richardson points to the obvious as she talks about consumers demanding higher quality and healthier food. “Using organic, natural and environmentally responsible food -knowing where it’s coming from and how it’s raised- is comforting.”

FRESH FIND: Spinach and Tofu Salad with Miso Dressing – Spinach is tossed with a homemade miso dressing and roasted sesame seeds and topped it with citrus marinated tofu from Twin Oaks.


$100 OFF

20% OFF

Any Combo Meal

Any Order of $20 or More.

Not valid with any other offer. Only one coupon per visit.

(WEB1202) Not valid with other offers. Expires 9/31/12. Valid at Henrico location only.

9076 W. Broad Street I 804.747.0050 | I

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10% OFF

11653 West Broad Street | 804.360.3123 | I

See article on Page 26

500 OFF


Purchase of $40 or more.

Any Spa Repair Now thru August 31, 2012.

One per table.

Kebab& Biryani

Indian Cuisine

7225 Bell Creek Rd., Ste 238 I 804.746.5555 I See Ad on Page 62

2452 Old Brick Road | | 804.658.3174 | See Ad on Page 23

Buy One Lunch Entree, Get the Second of Equal or Lesser Value

Deodorize Your Car for

Only $99

1/2 OFF

Valid seven days a week, except holidays. Expires 9/15/12. 11055 Three Chopt Road I 804.440.9100 | 804.380-0889 |

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$10 OFF

Per Week Discount Through 2012 Full week/full time programs only.

TUCKAWAY See locations at | See Ad on Page 45


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$3 OFF Any Purchase of $12 or More.

Excludes alcohol and $6.95 steak dinner. Expires 8/31/12.

3641 Cox Rd. | 804.270.4454 |

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$400 OFF

Three Areas of Carpet Cleaning for

Orthodontic Treatment

Only $9500

New patients only. Does not apply to PPO Insurance plans. Regular full case fee before discount $3000-6700. Expires. 12/31/12.

Family room is two areas.

Go to for a location near you. |

See Ad on Page 6

804.908.7349 |

25% OFF

Purchase a Large or Larger Signature Pizza, and Get One Medium 2-Topping Pizza



Any One Item

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Expires 9/10/12.

11653 West Broad Street | 804.360.3123 | I

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Mackenzie Grace See Ad on Page 27

11624 W. Broad St. | | 804.360.3133 | See Ad on Page 45

$25 OFF

One Handcrafted Mattress

First Mosquito Treatment or Fall Aeration, Seeding and Fertilization Service

Short Pump Town Center I 804.260.2704 |

795-5564 I I

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Save $10000

10% OFF

Off Academic Evaluation

Any Chemical Service

Expires 8/31/12.

New clients only.

4028-I Cox Road | See Ad on Page 47

10138 W. Broad Street I 804.270.6000 | See Ad on Page 45



Specialty Salads

Flying High Thai Chicken Salad Photo by Tim Hill

Crisp romaine leaf lettuce, scallions, carrots, mandarin oranges, fried noodles and chicken marinated in a spicy ginger peanut sauce. Served with a side of Sweet Sesame Oriental dressing.


Extreme Pizza • 11653 W. Broad Street • 360-3123


1. Big Fat Greek Salad Feta cheese, fresh vegetables, Kalamata olives,


pepperoncinis and homemade Greek dressing make an authentic salad that will transport you to the Mediterranean. Grapevine • 11055 Three Chopt Road 440-9100 •

2. Summer Peach Salad This seasonal salad with peaches, strawberries, walnuts and gorgonzola over mixed greens is tossed with a fig vinaigrette for a refreshing treat! Baker’s Crust • Short Pump Town Center • 377-9060 3553 W. Cary Street • 213-0800

3. Los Cabos Salad Local field greens are tossed with toasted pine nuts, goat cheese, red onion, avocado, and cubed mango in a sweet mango vinaigrette.

626 China Street • 644.3474 •

Photo by Tim Hill.

Pescado’s 13216 Midlothian Tnpk. • 379-7121 •


Photo by Tim Hill

Photo by Tim Hill.





Music Lovers By Steve Cook

As the summer heats up, so does the slate of fantastic concerts around the state. With some of the nation’s coolest music venues, offering the hottest acts (as well as some nostalgic blasts from the past), there are bound to be a few that all of you will want to catch. We go backstage to give you the scoop on the live entertainment coming to a theater (relatively) near you over the next couple of months. Virginia Beach. Not only does the city have

Portsmouth. A visit to Portsmouth

two great facilities for major live entertainment

provides an opportunity to travel

events, but during the summer, the entire

through three centuries of Virginia

Boardwalk area turns into a virtual concert hall.

history. Many of the attractions,

Pamela Lingle, communications manager for the

including the Ntelos Pavilion, are within

city’s Convention and Visitors Bureau says that

easy walking distance.

there’s entertainment nightly along the waterfront,

Wolf Trap. Wolf Trap’s founder, Catherine

both on Atlantic Avenue and in the park. “These

Filene Shouse donated about 100 acres of

activities provide something for everyone in the

her farmland in Northern Virginia that was

family,” she says. “And, it’s all free.” She also says the

to become the United States’ first and only

twice weekly fireworks are always a big hit. (www.

national park dedicated to the performing

arts. The park houses several venues

Sandler Center For The Performing Arts.

including the Filene Center, the Barns at

Opened in 2007, The Sandler Center is considered

Wolf Trap, and the Children’s Theater-in-the-

to be both one of the nation’s most stunning


structures, as well as one of the most acoustically

The Filene Center. The Filene Center, a

sound performance venues.

nearly 7,000 seat outdoor theater features


about 90 world class live events each

7/14 Air Supply


8/4 Gipsy Kings



7/7 Hamlisch Goes Gershwin

Farm Bureau Live Nation. This 20,000 seat

7/19 The B52s

outdoor theater hosts about 40 major events every

7/20 Johnny Mathis


7/22 John Tesh


8/1 George Thorogood & the Destroyers

7/14 Stevie Nicks

8/2 The Temptations and The Four Tops

7/21 KISS and Motley Crue

8/10 & 8/11 The Steve Miller Band

7/26 Toby Keith and Brantley Gilbert

8/14 Lyle Lovett

7/28 Nickelback

8/16 & 8/17 Barry Manilow

8/23 The Doobie Brothers and Chicago

8/23 Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons

8/24 Jason Aldean with Luke Bryan

8/24 Al Green and Taj Mahal




Ntelos Wireless Pavilion. Both visitors and performers love coming to this waterfront pavilion, says marketing director, Heather Fritz. “The atmosphere is fantastic,” she says, “and with the breeze coming off the water it’s an incredible experience.” The pavilion offers 3500 seats under the tent as well as lawn seating. And regardless of where you sit, Fritz promises, “There’s not a bad seat in the house. THE STARS: 7/7 Crosby, Stills & Nash 7/29 Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson

8/10 ABBA (Tribute band) 8/22 Duran Duran FMI:


Early Orthodontic Treatment: When and Why? Part I

Meet orthodontists of Baxter Perkinson and Associates (l to r): Dr. Richard Marcus, Dr. Dale Rogers, Dr. Allison Purcell, Dr. Dwight Buelow


traightening teeth is what the orthodontist does. But ask the questions posed above and

you’ll discover that it’s not so easy to get

straight answers.

So let’s try to unravel this mystery. In years

past, the orthodontist waited for the eruption of all the permanent teeth prior to beginning treatment.

People still need braces, and in fact a large number of adults, nearly 30% of orthodontic patients, are adults. But things have now changed.

Admittedly, the reasons for early treatment vary

from patient to patient, but generally speaking,

early treatment, called interceptive orthodontics, is required when one or more major problems exist.

What constitutes a major problem? Basically

there are two types of problems, skeletal, and dental. In this issue, we’ll discuss dental problems. In our next issue, we’ll consider skeletal problems.

Dental problems are exactly what they sound

like. For example, “buck” teeth can be brought back

out of harm’s way with some limited orthodontic treatment in the form of partial braces.

Perhaps a baby tooth was lost too early. Your

orthodontist can maintain the space in order to pre-

vent crowding later on, or even regain the space thereby preventing an extraction of a permanent tooth later. This doesn’t work every time, but in

many cases, it sure is worth the try. Or maybe, a

lower tooth is in front of an upper one. A retainer, or a short course of partial braces can correct this

situation. Usually simple, very specific treatments, to correct very specific problems, can alleviate an early dental problem.

Gum problems can be prevented as well. If a

tooth comes into the arch in poor position, a short course of early treatment can often prevent loss of the gum tissue, and perhaps prevent the need for gum grafting later.

But, what if the problem isn’t with the teeth,

themselves? We will discuss that in our next issue. n

Dr. Baxter Perkinson & Associates is a Group Practice of 40 Doctors Specializing in Orthodontics, Dental Implants, Prostodontics, Periodontics, Cosmetic and General Dentistry. With 10 Convenient locations in the Richmond Metro Area we can assist you in creating your youthful smile. For a location near you, visit



SELBA 2416 W. Cary Street. 358-2229. HOURS: Mon-Thur 11:30am-10pm. Fri & Sat 11am-11pm.

HAPPY HOUR Tuesday to Saturday 5-7pm. $3 rails, $2 off all wines by the glass and bar food. $1 off draft beers. GRAB A BITE The kitchen is open til 10pm Tuesday-Thursday, and til 1:30am Friday and Saturday. A bar menu is offered during dinner hours and after 10pm on Friday and Saturday. QUENCH YOUR THIRST Specialty signature drinks include the Ginger Mojito, the Lemon Drop Martini, and the Prickly Pear Margarita with Avion Tequila. THEIR CLAIM TO FAME Selba’s Garden, literally an indoor greenhouse, is a one of a kind in Richmond. Filled with tropical plants, including banana, lemon, lime, orange and papaya trees, bougainvillea, mandevilla, hibiscus and much more, the garden seats 50, and is avail-

Those of us old enough to remember the

PLAZA AZTECA (FIVE LOCATIONS!) 12020 W. Broad St. 360-7439. 10099 Brook Rd.

days before liquor by the drink was legalized, may

HOURS: Mon-Thurs 11am-10pm. Fri 11am-11pm. Sat Noon-10:30pm.

have the idea that our city and state have always

Sun Noon-9:30pm.

been somewhat conservative when it comes to

HAPPY HOUR Monday-Thursday from 3-7pm. 32-oz. Mexi-

such things. Nothing could be further from the truth. In Richmond’s earliest days, the city was teeming with pubs, filled with locals as well as merchants who had sailed into town to sell or trade their wares. Many are surprised to learn that the nation’s

Photo by Tim Hill.


able for private parties. It is open year round. Selba’s also offers private dining for 15–30.

can Beer $5. 32-oz. domestic beer $4. Mexican bottled beer $2.25. Domestic bottled beer $1.99. 16-oz. limem margarita $4.25. Jumbo margarita $6.99. GRAB A BITE The kitchen is open til closing each night.

Order from their extensive menu of appetizers, salads, and delicious entrees.

2nd oldest commercial brewery was established

QUENCH YOUR THIRST The Organic Margarita, made with fresh lime juice and agave is

here, in Richmond. In 1829, David Yuengling, Jr.

a low calorie, but very tasty alternative. The Texas Margarita is Plaza Azteca’s top shelf ver-

left his father’s brewery in Pottsville, Pennsylvania,

sion of the popular drink. It’s made with Jose Cuervo Tequila and Grand Marnier.

came to Richmond and began the James River

THEIR CLAIM TO FAME Enjoy the real flavors of authentic Mexican fare in a family-

Steam Brewery. His old beer vaults are still in

friendly environment. Eat inside or out on their patio. Famous for their tableside guaca-

existence at Rocketts Landing, and there is

mole prepared with the freshest of ingredients.

speculation that the vaults may be, one day, Pubs and other drinking establishments

PALERMO TRATTORIA PIZZERIA 15717 City View Drive. Conveniently by Rt. 288. 378-7643.

were plentiful until pre-Prohibition laws dried

HOURS: Mon-Thurs 11am-10pm. Fri-Sat 11am-11pm. Sun 12-10pm.

the city up in 1916, three years prior to National

HAPPY HOUR Monday-Thursday from 4-6:30pm. Mondays draft beers $2. Tuesdays glass of house pinot grigio or chianti $4. Wednesdays house martinis $4. Thursdays all rails $2. Friday-Saturday half priced appetizers at the bar.

Prohibition. When Prohibition was repealed in 1933, liquor could be legally consumed, but it wasn’t until 1968 that restaurants were allowed to sell it by the drink. Many of those who were of legal drinking age prior to that time, recall visiting such nightspots as Tantilla Gardens Ballroom, on West

GRAB A BITE Enjoy a full menu of Sicilian homecooked cuisine, plus tasty bar appetizers such as Grilled Calamari

Photo by Tim Hill.

converted into a restaurant.

Palermo tossed in butter sauce with capers, fennel, toma-

Broad Street, with their brown bag in hand. The

toes, and arugula.

restaurant served the set-ups (cola, soda, etc.), to

QUENCH YOUR THIRST Try a Crème Brûlée Martini with vanilla vodka, butterscotch

accompany the contents of one’s favorite brownbag beverage. In our next issue, we’ll explore some of the earlier nightspots that sprang up after the repeal of Prohibition.

shnapps, and Godiva white chocolate liquor. THEIR CLAIM TO FAME Get a taste of Italy in an upscale atmosphere in Westchester Commons. You will find all your traditional Italian favorites, as well as many specialty dishes such as lobster ravioli and fresh branzini (Mediterranean sea bass). Stop by on Tuesday nights to indulge in a four course meal for only $15.99.



Like Mother Like Son


’m sitting here, pretending to be writing a column, when my

daughter makes a statement to me that may explain why nothing is striking me as especially funny these days.

“You are slowly turning into your mother,” she says with all seriousness. Now, first of all, some people think it’s wrong to criticize those who are no longer living. But, I say, when would be a better time to criticize? She can’t accuse me of making this up.

Don’t get me wrong. My mother had a good sense of humor,

but she did get easily irritated. And, according to my daughter, I do too.

But, let me explain to you what prompted my daughter’s re-

mark and you tell me if you don’t see it my way.

She was watching Dr. Phil as I pretended to type at the dining

room table. Dr. Phil’s guest was an ornery old woman who kept re-

buking him. She wouldn’t shut up. It seemed so staged that I made the comment that I was sure the producers had prodded the old woman to be rude. “Dr. Phil is getting to be just like Jerry Spring-

er,” I said. I thought it was a valid comment. On Jerry’s show, you know they stage those pro-wrestling like fights.

That’s when my daughter made the assertion that I was evolv-

ing into my mother. “Grandma used to say that everyone was get-

ting to be like Jerry Springer from Maury Povich to Steve Wilkos.”

Of course, this wasn’t the only subject my mother had strong

opinions on. Shortly before she got too ill to get out of bed, she had a dinner party. She loved having huge crowds over for dinner. Anyway, on this one occasion, there were a couple of guests with

cell phones who were playing Words with Friends with each other, as they sat in the living room. Admittedly, they were not the most

convivial guests of the evening, but when they left, I made the simple comment that I thought everything had gone rather well.

“Can you believe it,” my mother said indignantly, “playing

Scrabble on their phones while they were sitting here.”

“Oh, that wasn’t so bad,” I said in my typical Pollyanna-like


“I think it’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen in my life,”

she said, heading up to her bed.

It wasn’t just that my mother had gotten old and crotchety. Al-

though in her later years, she did say that the nice thing about being old is that you could say anything you wanted. That’s kind of the way my mother was.

I just realized that those Scrabble play-


ers may read this and recognize themselves. Fortunately, they can’t say anything,

because, after all, it’s not nice to criticize those no longer living. n

Check out Steve’s Daily Ramblings at



A Taste of RIVER CITY By Steve Cook

Discover Downtown’s Happenings and Eateries... It’s mid-summer and that means the

the river, enjoy a picnic lunch from Alamo

at CenterStage as part of his Acoustic Tour

folks who live in or near River City are going

BBQ at historic Tredegar delivered by


to be (where else?) on the river. There’s

Quickness RVA, and head to Belle Isle for

Want a real taste of River City? Plan to

always something to see or do along the

a zip along Passages Adventure Camp’s

attend the Shockoe Slip Capital of Cuisine

thrilling 350 ft. long zipline over the Belle

Food Tour, sponsored by Real Richmond

Isle Quarry. To purchase tickets, go to www.

( on July 28th. It’s

James. Here are a few river-related events: On July 14th you can enjoy the 2nd Annual James River Splash and Dash which

a walking tour of Shockoe Slip and Capital

is just as it sounds. Participants grab a tube,

Bike and run along the James, then

splash in the river, where they paddle across,

into the river you go for the Rocketts

then up, out of the water and they dash to

Landing Triathlon/Duathlon, to be held

Square, with a stop for a tasting at five locally-owned restaurants. On August 3rd, Seven-time Grammy

the finish line. The event is sponsored by the

on July 22nd. This is the signature event of


James River Association, who will be holding

Richmond Multisports. Visit their website,

brings her B.G.T.Y. (Be Good To Yourself )

an after party at Tredegar. Want more info?, for more

Tour to the Carpenter Theatre (www.

Go to

information. To learn more about the city’s

Every other Tuesday, through August 21st (July10th and 24th; August 7th and

fantastic river park system, visit www.



And, don’t forget, the Flying Squirrels continue to provide fun, excitement, and, oh

21st), there’s the Wild in the City: Slip, Sip &

There’s also plenty of entertainment

yeah, baseball, throughout the summer. For

Zip. You won’t get wet, but you will walk

going on away from the river. For instance, on

their schedule, visit www.squirrelsbaseball.

on bridges and a pipeline that overlook

July 20th, Jackson Browne will be appearing


While exploring Downtown enjoy one of these unique restaurants... ALAMO BBQ


Award-winning, Texas style barbecue in the heart of Richmond’s historic Church Hill neighborhood.

As part of this entertainment/dining complex, Mansion Five 26 offers the finest in Southeastern cuisine and with the Speakeasy Lounge and the Hippodrome Theatre, there is always something going on here.

MENU PREVIEW: Pulled Pork BBQ Beef Brisket St. Louis Spare Ribs Alamo Cuban Sandwich Jalapeno Mac and Cheese Cornbread and Honey Butter

Mrs. Crowder’s Country Ham Drop Biscuits Spicy Shrimp ‘N Grits Mansion Famous Chicken and Waffles



Anytime they’re serving barbecue is the perfect time to head over to Alamo, and that’s from 11:30am until 9pm, seven days a week.

Special Happy Hour begins at 5 p.m. every Thursday, featuring live entertainment. And, now Mansion Five 26 offers a brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. ‘til 2 p.m.

2202 Jefferson Ave. 592.3138. 40


526 N. 18th St. 266-2021. JULY/AUGUST 2012



A menu full of unique margaritas and Southwestern makes for a great spot for office and birthday parties. Check out their patio for a relaxing afternoon or make your way to Cha Cha’s for an exciting night out!

In the heart of the Fan and VCU campus, this is a favorite dining spot for students, faculty, and residents. Unique Mexican food in a relaxing atmosphere. Great bar.


Chicken Chipotle and Avocado Soup Chicken Avocado Salad Sample the Mexican Cuisine of Four Regions

Southwest Shrimp Tacos Chorizo and Goat Cheese Quesadilla Tilapia with BBQ Shrimp Sante Fe Steak and Cheese

WHEN TO GO: Monday-Friday offers unbelievable food specials. Meatloaf Mondays are perfect for the family, and kids under 10 eat free. Fifty cent tacos every Wednesday from 8-9pm.

1419 E. Cary St. 726-6296.


WHEN TO GO: Happy Hours on Monday offer dollar tacos and $2 Tecates; Wednesdays feature dollar enchiladas with the $2 Tecates, and Fridays the lime margaritas are just $3. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, Margaritas, all flavors, are specially priced.

1328 W. Cary St. 525-4216.



Richmond’s oldest and largest microbrewery/ brewpub. Enjoy your favorite Legend brew along with the city’s best skyline view.

This neighborhood bar and grill is quickly becoming a popular destination due to its exceptional cuisine, fun atmosphere, and affordable prices.

MENU PREVIEW: Breadbowl Beef Chili (loaded with Golden Ale) Legendary Jumbo Wings Burgers and Sandwiches, including the Chili Cook-off Cheeseburger




Sunday features live bluegrass at 6:30. Happy Hour runs from 4-7, weekdays and from 1-4 on weekends and features $3 lagers and $4 pilsners and ales, excluding seasonal brews. Weekly events include Monday Mug Club, Taco Tuesdays, and Ladies’ Day on Wednesdays.

On the Rox is now open for lunch, dinner and late night (11am-2am, Tues.-Sun.). Check out their fantastic happy hour specials on both food and beverage (50% off everything except entrees), Tuesday-Friday from 3-7pm. Live entertainment is offered Thurs.-Sat. evenings.

321 W. 7th St. 232-3446.

THE HALLIGAN BAR & GRILL A museum and tribute to firefighters, The Halligan offers a ton of smoky barbecue favorites. A real fire engine sits behind the bar ready to blare as you challenge their signature shooter, The Chutes and Ladders.

MENU PREVIEW: Barbecue Nachos Texas Beef Brisket Hose Roll (Smoked stuffed pork loin) Firehouse BBQ Meatloaf

WHEN TO GO: Happy hour is a daily event from 3-7pm at the Downtown location. Take advantage of $2 domestic drafts, $4 import drafts, and $2.50 rail high balls. Plus, $2 pints of house beer all day.

3 N. 17th St. 447-7981.

Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder Gnocchi with duck confit Hangar Steak

119 N. 18th St. 303-9444.

OLD ORIGINAL BOOKBINDER’S Enjoy the ambience of a restored tobacco warehouse combined with a family tradition of offering intricately prepared and beautifully presented cuisine. Dine indoors in one of the intimate alcoves, or on the secluded and beautiful patio.

MENU PREVIEW: Oysters on the Half Shell Colossal Cold Seafood Sampler Lobster – from the tank Bookbinder’s Steak and Crab Mustard-Roasted Chicken

WHEN TO GO: Mon.-Thurs. 5-8:45pm. Fri.-Sat. 5-9:45pm.

2306 E. Cary St. 643-6900. 41

Calendar of Events J U LY - A U G U S T

How People Make Things. Thru October 7. Science Museum of Virginia. Nice People Dancing to Good Country Music. Thru August 26. Hanover Tavern. Summer Sounds.

The Merry Wives of Windsor

Thru-September 3, Thursday-Saturdays.

Thru July 31. Agecroft Hall.

Stony Point Fashion Park.

The Richmond Shakespeare Festival returns to 500 year-old Agecroft Hall with performances

The National Shows.

in the outer courtyard Thursday through

July 13: Neko Case. July 14: New Potato Caboose.

Sunday evenings at 8pm. Pack a picnic and

July 22: Clutch. July 25: Michael Franti & Spearhead.

enjoy the beautiful grounds before the show.

July 29: Childish Gambino. August 3: BoomBox.

Two housewives plot to get revenge as they

August 10: The Legwarmers.

humiliate the scheming knight Falstaff.

Innsbrook Afterhours. SnagaJob Pavilion.

Watermelon Festival August 5. Carytown. After 28 years, the Watermelon Festival has become the largest one-day festival on the East Coast. Over 115,000 people, 3000 watermelons, 80 musicians, and 100 exhibitors will make for the 29th year of fun. A great event for families, the festival offers one of the biggest kids areas of any festival on the East Coast.

July 20: The Avett Brothers. July 28: Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers. July 29: Countryfest 2012. August 8: Steve Miller Band. August 15: Lynyrd Skynyrd. August 21: Matisyahu & Dirty Heads. Jackson Browne. July 20. Richmond Centerstage. Fresh Music Festival. July 28. Richmond Coliseum. Ledisi and the B.G.T.Y. Tour. August 3.

Cirque Du Soleil: Dralion

Richmond Centerstage.

Richmond Coliseum. August 8-12. Fusing the 3000 year-old tradition of Chinese acrobatic arts with the multidisciplinary approach of Cirque du Soleil,

Anthem Moonlight Ride. August 4. Sportsbackers Stadium.

Dralion draws its inspiration from Eastern philosophy and

Intergalactic Bead Show. August 4-5.

its never-ending quest for harmony between humans

Richmond Raceway Complex.

and nature. The show’s name is derived from its two emblematic creatures: the dragon, symbolizing the East,

Virginia Outdoor Sportsman Show.

and the lion, symbolizing the West.

August 10-12. Richmond Raceway Complex. Summer Boat and RV Supersale. August 17-19. Richmond Raceway Complex.

South African Wine Festival. September 8-9. Grayhaven Winery. Celebrate the culture of South Africa with live

VA 4x4 Expo. August 18. Richmond Raceway Complex.

music and dancing, authentic cuisine, crafts

Harvest Wine Festival. September 1.

and, best of all, South African wines. If you fall

James River Cellars.

in love with South Africa, enter for your chance to win two tickets to the real deal on South African Airways!

KEM. September 6. Carpenter Theatre. NASCAR Weekend. September 7-8. Richmond Raceway Complex.

For more local events, visit



Advanced Legal Planning Helps You Avoid Future Disaster


ost Americans do not want to think about the possibility

that in an instant, they could become incapacitated. Thus, they do not make the monetary or legal plans necessary

to prevent emotional and financial disaster if the unthinkable were to occur. Without advance planning, a guardian has to be appointed

by a court to handle the person’s affairs. With a few simple steps, a person can make sure their wishes are clearly in writing.

1. Appoint a medical agent to make decisions. Filling out an

advance medical directive can give agents access to medical records,

the ability to employ or discharge health care providers, and the ability to make decisions concerning medical care facilities. If an advance medical directive is not in place, a statutory list is relied upon by medical providers.

2. Sign a durable power of attorney, which permits an agent to act

on one’s behalf. The powers are primarily financial, but also include specific types of actions that can be taken. A power of attorney must

be durable which means the authority continues after a principal’s incompetence, disability, and/or incapacity.

3. Invest in a Revocable Trust, which transfers assets into a

trust that is administered by a trustee. Revocable trusts have their

advantages and disadvantages and should be utilized only when necessary. The cost of long-term care facilities is usually very costly,

and is not covered by Medicare. Families should explore all avenues

for long-term care insurance policies and Medicaid eligibility to absorb these costs.

The process of preparing the necessary legal documents is a

relatively easy task. However, it is recommended that individuals seek experienced legal counsel to handle these matters so that all issues can be addressed properly.

Article provided by Leslie Ann Shaner of Barnes & Diehl, P.C., specializing in family law, criminal law, and estate planning. Chesterfield 796-1000. 9401 Courthouse Road. Richmond 762-9500. 6806 Paragon Place, Suite 110

– S P O N S O R E D M E S S AG E –





Your Tutoring Solution Now that school is out for the summer, it’s time to be thinking about…well, for many, it’s time to be thinking about school. The summer break makes for the perfect time to provide that extra attention, which your student may require, or which you may desire to ensure academic success. The folks at Huntington: Your Tutoring Solution promise that “Just one summer can make a lifetime of difference.” And, they’re ready to show you how in any of three specific areas: EXAM PREP: For more than 35 years, Huntington’s tutoring method has proven to help significantly raise SAT/PSAT and ACT scores for thousands of students. Classes are available after school, nights, and weekends. SUBJECT TUTORING: Do you have a student who would benefit from one-onone tutoring? Huntington offers tutoring for middle school, high school, and college students in the following subjects: MATH: Pre-algebra • Algebra • Trigonometry • Pre-calculus • Calculus SCIENCE: Earth Science • Biology • Chemistry • Physics ACADEMIC SKILLS: Develop the skills needed for success in school. Huntington offers instruction across a wide range of subject areas and skill levels, providing customized programs for students K-12, as well as college students. Discover the difference that one summer with Huntington: Your Tutoring Solution can make. Phone 1-800-270-0030 for more information, or to register. n


Senior Living


Aging Gracefully Par t 4: H OW WE LIVE By Steve Cook

The Hermitage at Cedarfield offers Lifecafe Continuing Care for residents in the Short Pump location.


or some 60 years, the Baby Boom-

manding more diverse housing options.

mates, is about 75-million strong,

decades, the marketplace is responding.

er generation, that, by some esti-

has been driving the marketplace. It began with an increased demand for child care facilities and kindergartens. As the

Boomers continued to grow up, their very presence brought about a demand for more choices in everything from toys to electronics to automobiles. Since they

(we) were kids, it seems they wanted the coolest, the newest, the most unique.

But it didn’t stop there. Through the

years, we’ve seen the market react to their impact. For instance, in recent years, have

And, just as it has done for the past six

newest. And, while the more traditional

er says, “(Our) prospective residents are

age, they still want the coolest and the retirement homes are still around, today’s seniors have so many other options, from

custom-built homes, designed with their

specific needs in mind, to age qualified communities. Lifecare Continuing Care

and Assisted Living facilities have also proven to be popular options for many seniors.

and desires of the maturing Boomer, Milla new generation, therefore requiring us

to know what they are going to want and

need in a community. Choices are now offered in apartment and cottage home

features such as countertops, cabinets, interior design, etc.

There is no longer a

‘one type fits all’ way of thinking.”

One of the more popular features now

The Hermitage at Cedarfield, not-

being offered at Cedarfield is their five-

tirement Community (CCRC) located in

recognized as one of the very best in the

suppose that is. Yep, the Baby Boomers.

the Short Pump area. Marti Miller, the

director of marketing there, explains the

meaning of the “Lifecare” designation. “Through the Lifecare plan, an individual

or couple pays an upfront Entrance Fee depending on the size of their residence,”

she says. “Additionally, there is a monthly

star dining, which, according to Miller, is Commonwealth. However, she says, “Our fabulous location is also one of our finest amenities. We’re

just five minutes from

Short Pump Town Center. Cedarfield is secluded from busy traffic, set back on a gorgeous 90-acre picturesque site.”

Many want to continue owning their

service fee that covers the many services

home, but their needs and desires have

Regarding a significant benefit of a

issue, we will explore other options in-

and amenities that Cedarfield provides.”

Lifecare facility, Miller says, “Most important, should

Lifecare residents re-

quire more care, such as Assisted Living,

Memory Support or Nursing Care, their


As to how The Hermitage at Cedar-

field has responded to the changing needs

for-profit Lifecare Continuing Care Re-

Well, now, they are at it again, de-

when they move to that level of service.”

As the older Boomers reach retirement

you noticed that there’s now a drug store

on virtually every corner? Why do you

monthly service fees will not increase

often changed significantly. In our next

cluding age-qualified communities as well as selecting a custom built home designed especially to meet the needs of the more mature homebuyer. n


Over 60 years of experience in making you Donna Hazelwood (owner) 804.502.5893

Specializes in short hair, curly hair and cuts. 20 years experience

haircuts • color hair straightening highlights • perms

Toni Tohme 804.221.1084

Master Hairstylist and Colorist, specializing in long, curly hair & blow out. 40 years experience

updos • waxing facials

Happy Children. Successful Students. Stronger Families. Customized Childcare and Tutoring Services. You know what you need. Tell us. We’ll help you find the right fit and be there to provide ongoing support. Locally owned and operated.


4028-I Cox Road • Glen Allen, VA 23060


Your Skin Is Our Business! Sculpture Total Skin Care is a wellness facility focusing on total body skin care. Our goal is to provide the highest level of aesthetic services, client care and professional advice. We carefully select scientifically advanced products AND promise to maintain a current level of education to always keep you informed about the latest advancements in clinical skin care. We take pride in caring for your skin, it’s our business!

Facials • Peels • Body & Massage Laser & Light Therapy

Come see us at our new location at 11000 Three Chopt Road, Suite D, Richmond, VA 23233

804.935.7546 •


Tap into the Tasty & Healthy Oils of The Olive Oil Taproom By Tammie Wersinger. When most people think of a taproom, they conjure up images of a room full of beer enthusiasts sitting on stools and drinking brew that’s pulled straight from the spout. Shauna Wells wants to change that view with her new venture -- The Olive Oil Taproom on Towne Center West Boulevard. Instead of a wall full of beers, the Virginia native will give customers a unique sampling experience, featuring world-renowned extra virgin olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars from Spain, Australia, Italy, California, Chile and Portugal. Her retail shop is stocked with more than 45 varieties of extra virgin olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars, as well as a variety of truffle oils, gourmet cheeses, sauces, tapenades, dips and gifts. She decided to open an extra virgin olive oil retail shop in Richmond because “people here are a little more brave and accepting with their food choices and more willing to try new things.’’ And, there will be plenty of new things to try – from the flavorinfused Tuscan and the premium Hojiblanca olive oils to fig and pomegranate balsamic vinegars. The samples are stored in stainless steel fustis containers with taps by Sansone of Italy, then bottled on the spot and sold for $14 for a 200-ml bottle, $20 for a 375-ml bottle, and $30 for a 750-ml bottle. The fustis include labels that tell where and when the olives were crushed, as well as the polyphenol and oleic acid levels – both antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties. The higher the level polyphenol and oleic acids, the more healing powers the oils possess. Research also suggests that both of these antioxidants are associated with lowering the risk of breast cancer and coronary diseases. “Not all olive oils are pure, and there is a huge difference from what you get from me and what you buy off the grocery store shelf,’’ said Shauna, who wants to educate everyone on the health benefits of her products. “I know my products are the healthiest and tastiest available, and that’s why I have tastings before bottling them, because I’m confident in what I’m providing.” The Olive Oil Taproom is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and from noon to 4 p.m. Sunday. Wells also will be scheduling after-hours wine, olive oil, balsamic and cheese tastings. A minimal fee will be charged and will be donated to local charities that are chosen by attendees. n

The Olive Oil Taproom | 360-7929 48

All For the Thrill of the Hunt Upcycle,

By Meagan Moore. verb, “repainting, re-staining, re-knobbing a

piece of well-built furniture that doesn’t look good and converting it to one that’s well built and pretty again” (defined by the folks at Thrill of the Hunt).

Walk into Dana and Cathy Wood’s Ashland-based Thrill of

the Hunt (TotH) and, you’ll experience what the Wood’s along

with their daughter and son-in-law, Christan and Rob Silliman, have created. With its ever-changing stock of beautifully bright,

upcycled vintage furniture and the radio tuned to Katy Perry, Adele, and Maroon 5, and you’re looking Ashland’s renaissance square in the face.

Often, people come in expecting to find a hunting ground

for rescued antiques, but co-owner, Dana says, “While we have some antiques, we don’t classify ourselves as an antique store because that’s not who we are. Our floors are painted colorfully, we have bright, fun things in here, and that’s what we want to be . . . and what we do.”

And what they do doesn’t stop at retail sales. Got a sweet

tooth? Indulge in their stock of classic candies. Downsizing?

Consider consigning a few pieces to Thrill of the Hunt. Curious about upcycling? Just ask. Got an ugly bookcase with classic lines? Bring it by to get a quote on giving it a vivid, modern facelift.

The latter is perhaps the most exciting development for

Cathy, as she reveals that TotH has been certified as an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint dealer, one of only 122 in this country. Cathy

describes the finish as “perfect and satiny smooth,” and says she

can’t wait to start using it and teaching others about it, too. n Thrill of the Hunt | 315 England Street | Ashland | 804-368-0184 – SPONSORED MESSAGES –


Richmond Doctor Helps Develop New Skin Care Products “I believe health, beauty, and optimal

wellness can be preserved by preventive measures, timely medical intervention,

fitness and good nutrition,” says Ruth Hillelson, MD, FACS.

Dr. Hillelson is Director of Plastic

Surgery and Aesthetics at American Self in Richmond’s West End. She is a renowned plastic




reconstructive has in



since 1985.

A native of Rhode Island, Dr. Hillelson

received her pre-medical education at

Johns Hopkins University. She finished her medical school education at Harvard

University. Afterward, she completed her internship and residency in general

Helping People... With a Better Life.

surgery at the University of Virginia,

her plastic surgery residency at the University of Kansas, and a craniofacial and maxillofacial fellowship at UVA. A





researcher, Dr. Hillelson recently added a

new moniker to her professional resume– skin-care product developer. Dr. Hillelson

is now collaborating with scientists to further the development of an all-natural product line that penetrates the dermis and enacts cellular repair.

“In my personal experience, these

bioactive products, Day, Night, and Eye,

have been shown to improve the skin’s

natural elasticity,” Dr. Hillelson says.

“The result of new collagen production,

Under new management. Meals, housekeeping, laundry, linen service, transportation, medication management, assistance with all ADLs. Pets welcome. Assisted Living Starting at $2450.00 All-Inclusive Memory Care starting at $2900.00

12411 Gayton Road • Richmond VA 23238 • 804-833-3799 •

this plumping of the skin, gives it a more youthful texture and appearance.”

American Self I 804-290-0060 9900 Independence Park Drive Richmond, VA 23233


The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of... How Skipping Shut-Eye Can Affect Your Health By Jennifer Norvell Saunders


hen we’re young we fight it. As adults we crave it. Many of us just don’t get enough of it. For some, sleep is the thing we fit into our schedule only after our obligations are met.

Others of us log plenty of sleep hours but still don’t feel rested. Or we hit the hay at a

decent time but spend most of the night trying to fall – or stay – asleep.

Make it routine. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day, even on weekends, to get your body into

“We’re a sleep-deprived nation,” says Dr. Gerard Santos, MD; ABIM with a subspecialty in sleep

medicine and the Medical Director of Bon Secours Sleep Disorders Centers. According to Dr. Santos, sleep needs are individual, but most adults need a minimum of 6 hours or more a night. Yet, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that 30% of us don’t even get that, let alone the 7-9 hours the National Sleep Foundation recommends.

a healthy sleep/wake cycle. Don’t be distracted. Using your bedroom as the TV room or office can make it harder to fall asleep at bedtime.

It’s worth it to get some solid snoozing. Getting regular and deep sleep has many health benefits,

starting with being able to think clearly and manage stress all the way to fighting off infections, colds and flu and even controlling our risk for diabetes and heart disease. On the flip side, poor sleep can

Prepare for sleep. Finish up activities and turn off the TV. Relax by soaking in a warm bath, listening to

contribute to a higher risk for disease and accidents. It can even be a factor in weight gain.

quiet music or reading to help you

which help control our body’s appetite. Ghrelin sends the “I’m hungry” and leptin sends the “all

Be comfortable. Draw the shades

which causes you to feel hungry. Make too little sleep a habit, and you could be overeating on a

free mattress and pillow; use sheets

Dr. Santos blames the poor sleep and weight gain connection on two hormones, leptin and ghrelin,

get ready to fall asleep.

full.” When you don’t get enough sleep, leptin’s signal doesn’t get through and ghrelin levels rise

or curtains; sleep on an allergen-

regular basis.

and blankets that keep you not too

reasons rest eludes them. Stress might keep their brain from “shutting down” for sleep. They might

Watch what you eat. Going to

Apnea Association, there are more than 80 types of sleep disorders. One of the most common is ob-

harder for you to fall asleep and stay

What about people who don’t get enough sleep even when they try? There could be a number of

not have a good sleep routine or they could have a medical issue. According to the American Sleep

structive sleep apnea (OSA) which affects an estimated 22 million Americans. People with OSA have

a disrupted breathing pattern which can disturb their sleep hundreds of times per night. It isn’t just annoying, it’s dangerous. Untreated sleep apnea has been connected to weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and heart failure. The lack of restful sleep that goes

hand-in-hand with OSA has also been linked to more than 100,000 car accidents each year, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

hot or too cold.

bed hungry or too full can make it asleep. Avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. Caffeine is a stimulant that can last for many hours, so skip afternoon and evening coffee, tea, caffeinated soft drinks and chocolate to get a better night’s sleep.

So how can you tell if you’re just “tired like all the rest of us” or if you have a sleep

Nicotine and alcohol can also cause

disorder that needs medical attention? “Unfortunately sleep issues are insidious,”

sleep disruptions making you feel

take a closer look. Diagnosing and treating a sleep disorder can prevent problems

Exercise regularly but not right

says Dr. Santos. “The symptoms aren’t always clear-cut, which is why it’s good to and even get rid of some you’ve had for years.”


exercise can help you fall asleep

services-sleep-disorders-centers. html; American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Yoursleep.;


Sleep Apnea Association,; Sleep

less rested the next morning.

before bedtime. Getting regular

Sources: Bon Secours Sleep Disorders



www.; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,


How to hit the hay

easier and wake feeling more rested. But finish at least 3 hours before bedtime so you have time to wind down. Think of sleep medications in the short term. Sleep medications may help you fall asleep but they don’t address the underlying causes of insomnia. Some may also have sideeffects or cause dependency so talk with your doctor. n



Arts & Attractions

Here’s Looking at You BODY WORLDS COMES TO THE SCIENCE MUSEUM OF VIRGINIA By Steve Cook. Photos courtesy Gunther von Hagen’s Body Worlds and the Brain.


have to admit, the idea of attending the media preview of Body Worlds & the brain exhibit, currently on display at the Science Museum of Virginia, was not overly appealing. Plastinated human bodies? It sounded somewhat creepy in

a Dr. Frankenstein sort of way. I also have to admit that I could not have been more wrong. Body Worlds is per-

haps one of the most fascinating exhibits I’ve seen anywhere. Featuring more than 200 authentic human specimens, including 12 entire bodies posed in very real, action positions, Body Worlds gives each visitor an opportunity to reflect on the marvels of the human body. My personal reaction, my strongest reaction, as I gazed at body parts that I’ve lived with all my life, but have never seen, or thought much about, was that I wished I had taken better care of these amazing organs over the years. Apparently, I’m not alone in coming away with a determination to become a bet-

pected degree of aesthetics, and that also allow the visitors to appreciate the marvels of a body that can

ter caretaker of my body. Dr. Angelina Whalley, the wife of the creator of Body Worlds,

make use of its muscular and skeletal systems to per-

Gunther Von Hagens, says that many, after seeing the exhibit will confess that they’ve

form such a diversity of activities.

taken their bodies, for granted. Dr. Whalley says that when her husband developed the process of plastination,

Is this an exhibit for the kids? The Science Museum is recommending it for children aged eight and

it was never meant for the public display of human bodies, but rather the intricate

above. However, Richard Conti, who holds the posi-

process was originally intended to prepare bodies to be used in teaching medical

tion of “Chief Wonder Officer” at the museum, says

students. However, in 1995, the National Science Center in Tokyo invited him to

that it’s up to each child’s parents to decide. The only

showcase his plastinated human remains as a part of a centennial celebration of the

caveat I might add is that to say these bodies are not

Japanese Anatomical Society. “As the people were lined up to go in,” says Dr. Whalley of the Japanese visitors to

Ken and Barbie dolls. They are on display in all their glory, so to speak.

the exhibit, it was impossible to tell what they were thinking. Their faces were expres-

That being said, there are many reasons to rec-

sionless. However, when they got into the exhibit, it was like the masks fell off. There

ommend the Body Worlds exhibit for your family. This

was this look of amazement on their faces.” Since that tremendous success in Japan,

is a truly amazing exhibit that works on many levels,

the Body Worlds exhibit has been seen by more than a million visitors in about 50

and that allows each visitor to take home his or her

museums, worldwide. Dr. Whalley, who serves as the business manager for the exhibit, as well as the designer, says one of the early complaints was that the bodies looked too stiff and upright. “Visitors said they looked so dead,” she says. Responding to this feedback,


It’s these poses that give the exhibit an unex-

own unique feelings. Revealing the very personal emotions that the exhibit evokes, Dr. Whalley quotes one visitor, who said, “That’s me I’m looking at.” “Our aim,” says Dr. Whalley, “is to inspire on many

Dr. Von Hagens began to pose each body to replicate very life-like situations, such

different levels. The exhibit is designed to show that

as fishing or doing a handstand while skateboarding. Dr. Whalley says that the entire

our lives are not one dimensional. Our intent is not to

process from the initial dehydration to the posing, shaping, and eventual plastina-

focus on just the physical, but rather to demonstrate

tion, takes about one year.

that which shapes our whole universe.” n JULY/AUGUST 2012

Take a Vacation With

Good Feet By Steve Cook

One visit to your local Good Feet retailer and you’ll realize that this is not your typical shoe store. For starters, your GF representative will spend about 30 minutes with you, discussing your lifestyle activities, the shoes you wear, and measure your arch length and width. This information is needed so that you can be personally sized with the Good Feet arch supports and shoes that best suit your unique needs. It is advisable to bring along various styles of shoes with you, suggests Mary Stavitzski, owner of the Richmond area store, located across from Barnes & Noble near the Short Pump Mall. “It is very important to your well-being that your shoes and arch supports are balancing your body properly,” she says. “If your body structure is misaligned, the result can be pressure and even pain in your feet, knees, hips and your back. It’s similar to having one flat tire on your car. If you don’t put air in that tire, you could ruin the frame.” With the proper Good Feet arch support, you can be comfortable all day, regardless of the shoes you are wearing, and there is an arch support to fit any type of shoe, including athletic shoes, sandals, and even high heels. If you’re one of the 85% of us who suffer from foot-related problems and you feel that you’ve tried everything and nothing works, don’t give up. Visit the Good Feet store today! “You’ll feel the difference right away,” Stavitzski says. One such believer is Kathryn R., who writes: “Three years ago, I couldn’t walk without pain. No shoe was comfortable. I was in agony. My  Good  Feet  Arch Supports make walking a pleasure again. I have no back pain.” To discover how arch supports can help, visit Or phone 804 364-3338. n


Smart Designs with

budgets in mind

Quick Fixes And Fresh Looks Is there a design or decorating objective or project taking residence in your mind’s eye? Does HGTV

leave you spellbound and daydreaming of the possibilities? Do you enjoy perusing magazines or the web for ideas? If yes is your answer to any of these questions, you’ve got plenty of company!

By Vicki O’Neal, ASID, CID, VSLD

You may have ambitious plans that involve an addition or renovation. Or would you like to make

some quick and relatively easy changes or fashion a fresh look? Perhaps you’d like an update before putting your home on the market. With some creative analysis and strategizing, there are clever ways to maximize the space and assets your home already has. Many dramatic effects and functional improvements can be made without breaking the bank!

Effective and cost-conscious design solutions require setting project clear objectives and, above all,

establishing a budget. I always recommend creating a prioritized wish list that includes “have to haves,” “like to haves,” and “nice to haves.” Of course, there’s always “if I won the lottery”! This wish list might be for your whole home, or could be just for one area or your outdoor space. Let the planning begin! 54


ABOVE: Family room renovation included demolition and rebuild

of the fireplace wall incorporating

audio/visual cabling, new quartzite slate hearth and granite mantel.

ABOVE: The character and layout of this family

room was completely transformed by repositioning the TV above the fireplace and closing one door

opening with drywall construction. Design by Vicki

O’Neal, ASID, CID.

RIGHT: Before construction.

COLOR The most cost-efficient, quick, and dramatic makeovers are simply made

through a change in color. A weekend warrior painting project can transform any space from drab to fab! Color is powerful, and even one wall sporting

a bold accent color can do the trick. Strategically placing contrasting colors can sometimes expand the space visually, and provide just enough pizzazz

yet not overwhelm. That said, like many facets of design, it’s not quite that simple. Choosing the perfect color for the effect you want can be challenging.

LIGHTING The color, ambience, and safety of every space are dramatically affected

by lighting choices. Simply changing light fixtures can have a surprisingly

DOORS If space is an issue, take a look at the

doors in a particular area or room. The doors

and door swings sometimes take up a major amount of space and influence the traffic

flow and placement of furniture. Here are some impactful modifications and options:

1. It’s possible that a particular door is

not even necessary and can simply be re-

potent impact. I generally opt for the maximum wattage available in a par-


and moods. Recent federal government initiatives have led to more innova-

posite direction can alter the space signifi-

are an amazingly energy efficient and long lasting choice, adding new crea-

This simple technique may even create new

ticular fixture type or style and install dimmers to produce different effects

2. Sometimes hinging a door in the op-

tions in the lighting industry than historically dreamed possible. LED fixtures

cantly enough to make a real difference.

tive opportunities. Always think safety first and have any work done by a

space for a piece of needed furniture.

licensed electrician.

MAXIMIZE SUNLIGHT Natural light is always desirable, so maximizing windows is important.

3. Adding a door or opening between

adjacent spaces can create better flow and a sense of openness.

4. Conversely, in a space that has multi-

If you have window treatments that are installed at the head of the window,

ple openings, building a wall that closes one

light by exposing more glass area, and it also helps to make the ceiling feel

and change the character of the area com-

consider raising their mounting height. This does two things: it adds more

of the openings can create more intimacy

just a tad taller. A win-win!



REUSE, RENEW, RECYCLE I love applying these principles to furniture. With a little

creativity and patience, outdated pieces can be reinvented,

transforming discards into personal treasures with a story.

Sometimes the redo is better than the original! Look for pieces

with solid construction and interesting or desirable features and use your imagination! Converting an item for a special

use, such as housing sound equipment, is a relatively easy up-

date. Slipcovering an item can extend its life more cost effec-

tively than reupholstering. Depending on the fabric selection,

slipcovers can even be machine washable. Painting furniture is also a fun way to bring new life to a tired piece.

IN THE KITCHEN A new look can be a very expensive proposition. If you just

want a fresh update and your cabinets are in good condition, there are lots of options for producing a commanding facelift.

Consider painting, resurfacing, or refinishing your cabinets.

Especially if you like the existing layout and style, refinishing can be a cost-effective solution while saving landfill waste.

Painted, distressed, and glazed finishes are great choices. Another option is installing a new countertop. The addition of under-cabinet lighting can add important purposeful improve-

Resurfacing cabinets is an eco-friendly and economical alternative if cabinets are in good condition. A new layer of wood is added to the old cabinet frames. Then, new drawers, doors, and hardware are installed. New countertops add a fresh look too.

ment and accent that new countertop. Granite and stone have been the gold standard in recent years and are more affordable than ever, but they are still an investment. Engineered stone

This dramatic before and after shows a transformation by Richmond Refacing. (739-9222.

alternatives generally are not less expensive but do have some

design should be different depending on how long you plan to stay

per stone, recycled glass, and concrete, are unexpected and ex-

always best to choose quality materials and methods that yield

functional advantages such as scratch and stain resistance. Paciting choices. Another great kitchen update is to add a new tile backsplash, and patterns and options are endless.

IT’S A WRAP If you are considering a more involved construction project,

it is important to keep a few things in mind. The objective and

in your home, your budget, and your tolerance for disruption. It’s permanent and value-added solutions. A redo down the road will

cost more than doing it right the first time. Construction is an investment that should be considered and planned carefully. Design smart and enjoy the results! n

Visit my blog for more creative and budget-conscious design ideas:

About The Author Vicki O’Neal, owner of FORM & FUNCTION, is a professional member of ASID, VA Certified Interior Designer (CID), Master Gardener, VA Certified Landscape Designer (VSLD) and Horticulturist. The material contained in articles written by Vicki O’Neal is intended for general information only. 804.897.8558 56


Business Watch

Appliances On Lakeside Builds on a Legacy of Excellence By Steve Cook


hen you walk into Appliances On Lakeside, you may

feel a bit nostalgic. The nostalgia has nothing to do with the merchandise. The store is brimming with the latest,

the shiniest, the most technologically-advanced and energy-efficient

appliances from major brands as GE, Whirlpool, Sub-Zero, and Wolf.

Perhaps, it’s the location. For decades,

the building was the home of Lakeside Appliances, which became the place to purchase appliances in Richmond. 

But it’s more than the building. The

nostalgia is mostly due to the friendly,

personalized service, which is not as

common today as it was a half century ago.

Chances are good that you’ll be greeted by the store’s owner, Tammy Kelley, who has over twenty years of appliance expertise.  

In 2009, Tammy opened what is today Appliances On

Lakeside. “We bounced around on the name,” she says, “but in view

of the loyalty of those in the neighborhood, we felt that ‘Lakeside’ belonged in the name.”

At Appliances On Lakeside, you’re guaranteed to get the

professional, caring assistance you deserve and desire. Looking to replace a built-in? “We’re

experts at that,” Kelley says. Or, if you simply

need a part, chances are they’ll have that, too.

“We work to ensure




gets the product that’s

right for her kitchen,” says



my passion. I love my

kitchen and I want to help others love theirs.” Appliances on Lakeside • 5418 Lakeside Avenue   266-7621  •



Article by Steve Cook

Virginia-Based Auto Parts Company to Become Title Sponsor for September Sprint Cup Race at RIR






returns to the Richmond International



September 8 , it will have an even greater

in all likelihood, most will be cheering on


both a spokesman for the company and

hospitality events for their members and In the Richmond area, Federated’s


Virginia (and Richmond) connection

presence is felt in the five area Fisher

which has become known as the “Race

was founded in 1929 by Blair Coiner, the

than in previous years. The annual race, Before the Chase (because it’s the last race in which drivers have the chance to

qualify for Sprint Cup contention), will

have as its title sponsor, Federated Auto Parts, a Virginia-based national auto parts distribution company.

“We are pleased to partner with

NASCAR and the Richmond International Raceway as the primary sponsor for this

pivotal Sprint Cup race,” said J.R. Bishop, director of racing and event marketing for Federated.

“All eyes will be on the Federated

Auto Parts 400 this September to see

which drivers will be in the NASCAR Sprint Cup ‘Chase.’”

Bishop says that in addition to the race

itself, which will be broadcast nationally

on the ABC television network, Federated 60

is planning a fun-filled weekend of

Auto Parts stores. Fisher Auto Parts,

grandfather of the company’s current CEO, Bo Fisher.

The retail operation,

NASCAR legend, Kenny Shrader, who is the driver of the Federated Auto Parts Sprint Cup car. For





Federated Auto Parts 400, visit www.rir. com.

For more information on Federated

which has 53 locations around the state,

Auto Parts or to locate the Fisher Auto

Auto Parts, the nation’s fastest growing n

is the founding member of Federated auto parts distribution and marketing

Parts Store nearest you, visit www.

organization. It began operations in 1985 and was founded by Fisher’s father, Art Fisher. Both Federated and Fisher have their corporate headquarters in Staunton.

When the green

flag the




Auto Parts 400,

several hundred Federated members will

be on hand, and JULY/AUGUST 2012


West End's Best July/Aug 2012  
West End's Best July/Aug 2012