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January/February 2012

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January/February 2012


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January/February 2012

supporting local business

COMPASSIONATE & CARING Let’s Get “Personal” with Personal Training at Woodlake


t’s that time of the year again where we make that New Year’s resolution to lose weight, get in better shape, tone, or all of the above! Making a commitment to yourself to accomplish your

By Chris Ayers


s pharmacies proliferate throughout the area, the personal service provided by the compassionate, caring, neighborhood pharmacist and his staff becomes more difficult to

find. However, such a place does indeed exist at Buford Road Phar-

goals is the first step…it is the following through and being held ac-

macy, where it’s understood that being a pharmacist involves much

countable, that is the hard part.

more than simply filling prescriptions.

Woodlake Swim & Racquet Club can help you to stick to your

“A pharmacist should add value to one’s life,” says Buford Road

resolution! “Join Woodlake where everybody knows your name

Pharmacy owner, Craig Patel, RPh. Patel, and fellow pharmacist,

and where you feel comfortable working out,” says Chase Kaufman,

David Williams, Pharm.D., are dedicated to doing those things that

director of fitness at Woodlake. And, let’s face it, if you aren’t com-

truly do add value.

fortable, then chances are you won’t want to go. Woodlake offers

“This involves establishing a personal connection between our

its new members a free one hour fitness consultation. This allows

staff and our customers,” says Patel. “This is paramount in their re-

one of their personal trainers to determine your personal goals and

ceiving the best treatment options at the most affordable prices.”

to ensure that you feel comfortable using the equipment.

The two men understand the importance of being able to bal-

“Personal training really helps people to achieve results safely

ance “old fashioned customer service” that one would expect from a

and in a shorter amount of time,” says Kaufman, and there are plen-

pharmacy that had been serving the folks in and around Bon Air for

ty of folks who would agree with him.

over 50 years, with the latest advances in medication, prescription

Take Woodlake member, Lois Eckart, for instance. She has been

compounding, and over-the-counter remedies.

working out with trainer Agi Borris for just 30 minutes twice a week

Are you searching for a pharmacy where you can have a pri-

since July. “If it wasn’t for Agi really caring and holding me ac-

vate consultation with your pharmacist? Or, how about a pharmacy

countable,” she says, “I wouldn’t have been able to lose 12 inches

where tests such as blood sugar, blood pressure, bone density, and

and 19 pounds so quickly.”

INR are offered? You can even stop by every Tuesday for a free

Carolina Yaber says, “I always used an excuse for why I couldn’t

blood pressure or blood sugar check.

exercise...a herniated disk, pregnancy, work, family, etc...until I did

“We go beyond the boundaries of the traditional community

the Biggest Loser contest and met personal trainer Noel Larsen. I

pharmacy in both the services we provide and the manner in which

have lost 55 pounds.”

we provide them,” Kelly Rea, Pharm.D. explains. “We offer such

Yaber continues, “I know I still have a long way to go but with

additional services as customized fittings for diabetic footwear.”

Noel’s support and advice I will get there. I am proud to say that

At Buford Road Pharmacy, you may be surprised to discover a

people notice that I look better but most of all I am proud that my

unique gift department, where one can find the “un-findable” gift

health has improved and my confidence is better.”

for anyone on her shopping list. Additionally, full service florists

Personal training isn’t only about losing weight; it is also about

work with you to create stunning arrangements and gift baskets for

staying healthy and fit. Cindy McGarry has worked out with train-

any occasion. There’s even a full-service post office in the Business

er Beth Maust twice a week for the last year and a half. “I love work-


ing out with Beth,” she says, “because she pushes me in a way that I

“With post offices closing down, and customer service, in gen-

would not push myself. Beth is a stickler for form. She makes sure

eral becoming more rare, says Patel, “we want to ensure our cus-

(Continued on page 12) 8

“A Different Type of Pharmacy”

January/February 2012

tomers that we offer a host of services that they can be confident will remain here for years to come.” n

January/February 2012



Feel at Home at


Harbourside Office Suites

bout two years ago, when Chesterfield County businesswoman, Marcy Caffrey, found herself in need of new office space,

she began a search for something in Western Chesterfield that would work well for her. Having been in business for 34 years, Caffrey was very desirous of staying within the same area. As a real estate broker with (and owner of) Exit Realty, Parade of Homes, she knew the area well, so she soon discovered a building that suited her needs. Caffrey explains why she relocated to the Harbourside Office Suites, located at 6301 Harbourside Drive, in Midlothian. “This is a beautiful building,” she says. “It doesn’t have that sterile feel, but with the crown molding, chair rails, and wood floors, it feels like being at home.” Caffrey adds that of all the office buildings in which her real estate business has been located, “this is my agents’ favorite.” Several other area businesspeople have discovered that Harbourside Office Suites is perfect for themselves, their employees, and their clients. One can rent only the space he or she needs and have shared use of conference facilities, a kitchen, restrooms, and a beautifully furnished waiting area. All utilities and janitorial service, as well as landscaping and parking lot maintenance are included in your monthly rent. Current tenants include restaurant and retail managers who appreciate having a private office away from the business place. In addition, they have the benefit of the conference room in which to conduct training sessions and other company meetings. And with a location that lies less than five minutes from Route 288, between Brandermill and Woodlake, the facility provides easy access to all parts of the Metro Richmond area. Restaurants, banks, grocery stores, and shopping centers are nearby. Whether your needs involve several offices, or perhaps just one room for your small business, or as a satellite office for Chesterfield County, Harbourside Office Suites may well fit your needs perfectly. Marcy Caffrey says that’s just what it does for Exit Realty, Parade of Homes. “Our motto, she says, “is Putting people and homes together.’ This building supports that motto. It’s perfect for our clients.” n


January/February 2012

For rental information or to arrange a viewing of the building, phone Davto LLC at 840-9854.

First Choice is a bi-monthly information column provided for the citizens of Chesterfield County

Chesterfield Continues to Lead in 2012

Don J. Kappel, Director of Public Affairs, Chesterfield County, Virginia


popular U. S. Marine Corps expression says, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way!” Chesterfield County has chosen to lead, and is noteworthy among local govern-

ments in America, setting an example that the state and federal governments would be well-advised to follow in 2012. First of all, the county has a balanced budget. That’s a feat unheard of in Washington, D.C., these days. In fact, Chesterfield County, with AAA ratings from all three major bond-rating agencies for its financial management, has a higher credit rating than the U.S. government. While that is a sobering thought, it does speak volumes about Chesterfield County’s leaders and the decisions they have made over the past several years. The county, led by its five-member elected Board of Supervisors and with the dedicated service of county employees, partnering agencies and many volunteers, is the lowest-cost, large, fullservice locality in Virginia. Simply put, it costs less in taxes and fees out of your paycheck each month to live here. And, you get a lot for your money. The county also has the lowest crime rate in the region, fully accredited Police, Sheriff’s and Fire and Emergency Medical Services departments and Emergency Communications Center (911) and highly rated public schools. Our drinking water has always met or exceeded federal drinking water standards, and it is delivered reliably and at low cost to homes and businesses. Add to those distinctions recognition five consecutive times as “One of the 100 Best Communities in America for Young People;” “6th Best Suburb” in America; 14 National Association of Counties and affiliates awards last year for a variety of services and programs; and much more. This is a great place to live, work, play and operate a business. It is a locality with a convenient, Mid-Atlantic location, a well-educated work force and a rich diversity of cultures and talents. As 2012 begins, the world economic situation still is unstable, and governments around the globe are scrambling to deal with it. But here in Chesterfield County, good planning and wise stewardship of taxpayer dollars have positioned Chesterfield County to continue to provide a FIRST CHOICE community and an enviable quality of life in this New Year. Let’s all keep working together to show others how to lead. n

January/February 2012


(Continued from page 8) the exercises are done correctly, so I don’t get hurt. She varies my work-out so I never get bored and I also feel challenged.” Personal Trainer, Julie Hammel, emphasizes some additional benefits that Woodlake members have realized by working with a personal trainer. “It has helped them succeed with smoking cessation programs, reducing stress, and navigating through difficult times.” Contact Woodlake Swim & Racquet Club to schedule an appointment. The year has just begun. Now is the time to let them take a personal interest in you, and your well-being.


January/February 2012

Trip & Ciara LAWSON 09.10.11 Photos by Kristin Partin Photography. Story by Meagan Moore.

The Love Story It’s amazing how social media can reconnect people with others from their past. Ciara recalls, “Trip and I went to the same middle school and knew of each other. About five years ago, we caught up online and shortly thereafter ran into each other in person, and began dating. I’m happy to say that we’ve been together ever since. We really bring out the best in each other.”

The Proposal “No ring in the dessert after a nice dinner, here. Trip and I were on vacation together in the Bahamas on a dolphin encounter, which was something I had always wanted to do. When it was my turn to hug and kiss the dolphin, the dolphin swam away and when it returned, it had a box in its mouth. I opened the box and there was a beautiful ring inside. I turned to Trip in total shock as he asked me to marry him. I had never felt more surprised in my life – and it is extremely hard to surprise me. I was so taken aback that it took me a few moments to speak. It was without a doubt a storybook proposal – beyond anything I could have ever imagined.”

Spanish moss, romantic roses and silver tea pots graced the tables. A personalized flag from flew overhead during the ceremony. The brides dress from Ellis Bridal was complimented with flowers by Patty Pritchett.

The Big Day The ceremony was held at the McIlwaine House located in Old Towne Petersburg. “Our wedding décor was inspired by Savannah, Georgia, basically a low-country Southern style. Spanish moss was put everywhere – on centerpieces, down the front porch, as well as in the windows at the Union Train Station where the reception was held. The food was also Deep South-themed, with fried green tomatoes, shrimp and grits, and crab cakes. The reception was very romantic with lights off and candles lit everywhere. No detail was left undone. It was my dream wedding,” says Ciara. “I felt very taken back into time in Old Towne Petersburg – the area down there is such a southern gem. It helped make our theme come alive.” Ciara was excited to find out that Steven Spielberg actually chose the location of their reception, as part of the setting for his new biopic “Lincoln,” currently shooting in the greater Richmond Area. Perhaps that’s how you know you’ve really picked the perfect historical site for your wedding festivities – when an acclaimed cinematographer does the same! n January/February 2012



January/February 2012


From the Experts Choosing a Dress “It is never a good idea to take a large group of bridesmaids or relatives with you to shop for a wedding gown. You will hear so many opinions that you could easily be talked into a gown that you don’t like...or talked out of a gown that you love. Trust your own judgement. You are going to be the one wearing it.”

INVITATION ETIQUETTE “A wedding invitation is the most formal and personal mailing you will ever send. Therefore, etiquette guidelines state that they should be hand addressed. Mailing labels, or computer printing of guests names and addresses should not be used. Brides often order many more

– Ellen Clark of Jingles

invitations than they need, because they mistakenly order based on the total number of guests they plan to invite, rather than ordering based on the number of household mailing

Bridal Events pm 9th from 1-4 February 1 l Show e in Brida c n a g le E Richmond er South Select, Kog Holiday Inn inbridalsho ce n a g le .e w ww pm 6th from1-4 February 2 dal Show irginia Bri V r te a re The G ooms arshall Ballr M n h Jo e Th .com emagazine www.vabrid om 1-4pm July 22nd fr ridal Show gance in B le E d n o Richm e Richmond CenterStag nceinbridals www.elega

addresses they need to mail invitations to. Brides should order 10-15 extra invitations above the number of addresses on their list.”

– Elizabeth Howard of Cordial Cricket

COLOR SCHEME “Instead of sticking with one color for the wedding, it is wise to pick an accent color just in case the type of flowers that you want don’t come in the exact color of your wedding.”

– Erica Hutchison of Black Creek Flowers and Sweets

SWEETS “Limit your cake to one or two flavors. Sometimes, when offering a wide variety of flavors, guests will want to taste more than one flavor and you will end up running out of cake.”

– Brandi Palmore of Baker’s Kitchen

January/February 2012



January/February 2012

Personalized Guestbook Set out some markers and let your guests’ imaginations go wild to provide you with a sentimental keepsake bursting with personality and memories of your special day. Each guest’s page is clipped into an album with a design you choose.

Custom Wedding Band Circle her finger, as you have circled her heart with a diamond encrusted band. Jewelry by Shirlie Witt • 1910 Boulevard, Suite E Colonial Heights • 526-1616

Zazzaretti Tiara and Hair Comb Inspired, hand-crafted, couture hair combs and bouquets. Find a wide selection of gently used and new tiaras, veils and accessories at It's Chic Again • 1225 Sycamore Square 897-2442 •

Mini Cheesecakes Who says your wedding dessert has to be cake? Try a variety of mini desserts and pastries such as these beautiful cheesecakes. Divine Desserts 1248 Sycamore Square • 794-3060

January/February 2012



January/February 2012

Flavor Molcajete Azteca A traditional feast for all! A hot stone bowl filled with ribeye steak, chicken, shrimp, poblano peppers, onions, chunks of pineappl, and honey pasilla sauce and topped with shredded cheese. Find it at Plaza Azteca in Westchester Commons. Photo by Tim Hill. Find more ISO Dishes at

CENTRAL PARK DELI Breckenridge Shopping Center. Chester. 796-9660. Find fresh soups, sandwiches, burgers, franks and more all homemade daily! Fine meats and cheeses are available by the pound. Or take advantage of their box lunches and sandwich platters for your next event.


1244 Alverser Plaza. 379-3338. An elegant but casual restaurant serving European and Belgian inspired cuisine. Follow them on Facebook to see their nightly specials such as "never ending mussels pot" and "Ribeye is for lovers" nights!


11400 W. Huguenot Road 378-8940. Affordably-priced, fine Italian dining is served in an elegant, casual atmosphere. La Cucina offers options that are glutenfree. Or have them cater your next occasion.


10456 Midlothian Turnpike. 272-5692. 13933 Hull Street. A new twist on Mexican cuisine, upscale dining and live entertainment every night.

RIPTIDES 11212 Ironbridge Road. 748-8899. Enjoy fresh seafood cooked to order in the style of your choice. Or take advantage of their party platters or catering services for your next event.


The Shoppes at Belgrade One of Downtown's finest seafood restaurants joins the Chesterfield restaurant scene. Savor creatively prepared dishes for dinner or Sunday brunch.


Buy One Entree, Get the Second

$0 Enrollment


On a Gym Membership With this coupon. Expires 2/28/12.

Up to $7 value for lunch. Up to $9 value for dinner.

11621 Robious Road | 378-1600 I I See Ad on Page 41

10456 Midlothian Tnpk. | 272-5692 I 13933 Hull Street | See Ad on Page 33

2 FREE Games


Buy 2 Games, Get 2 Games FREE.

Buy 1 green fee at Regular Price, Get 2nd green fee FREE

With this coupon. Expires 2/28/12. Cannot be used with any other offer, on $2 Mondays or for cosmic bowling.


Cart Required. Not valid with any other special. Valid Mon-Fri All day & weekends after 1 p.m. Excludes holidays & tournaments.

200 N. Otterdale Road | 804.378.7838 | See Ad on Page 38

The Grand Slam Package


• Oil Change • Tire Rotation • Brake Inspection • Fluid Top-off • Battery Test • Belts & Hose Check • Filter Check • Multi-Point Inspection

Offer expires 1/31/12.

Prince George Golf Course | Rt. 460 | Prince George | 804.991.2251 River’s Bend Golf Club | In River’s Bend | Chester | 804.530.1000 | See Ad on Page 28

50% OFF Any Teeth Whitening

Zoom In-Office Teeth Whitening Reg. $500.00. Nite White at Home Teeth Whitening Reg. $200.00.

Mention this CODE CL2012

9 Area Locations | | See Ad on Page 3

10305-D Hull Street Rd. I 804.674.1173 | | See Ad on Page 6

50% OFF New Patient Visit

New patients only. Discount does not apply to PPO Insurance Plans. Visit includes X-ray, cleaning and exam. Regular new patient visit $134 to $232.

$2000 OFF

Third Cleaning New clients only.

9 Area Locations | | See Ad on Page 3



804.536.6100 | See Ad on Page 41

Wing Special 25 Wings for $14 50 Wings for $2695 100 Wings for $4795 95

75 OFF

$ See Ad on Page 27

Any Wedding Package

Temple Hill Photography

11027 Hull St. Rd. | Midlothian | 804.675.0002 | I 833-8621 | See Ad on Page 38

See Ad on Page 25



00 Ser-

Full $57 Introductory vice Oil 1 1/2 Hour Massage Session Cahnge

Expires 3/1/12.

With Purchase of $20 or more



With Purchase of $40 or more

See clinic for details.

Don Papa Grande | 804.796.7988 I Chester I Breckenridge Shopping Center 5201 Commonwealth Centre Pkwy. I 804.744.9440 | See Ad on Page 41



Expires 3/1/12.

With Purchase of $20 or more

See Ad on Page 24

Buy Five Lunches or Dinners

Get Sixth FREE



Must have and use this punch card to qualify. Expires 3/31/12.

With Purchase of $40 or more



Los Bandidos | 804.520.5006 I Colonial Heights I 170 Southgate Sq. See Ad on Page 23

Westchester Commons I 15717 City View Drive | 804-378-7643 | See Ad on Page 24


10% OFF

Order of Fries and Fountain Drink With Purchase of a 12" Sub

Your Next Purchase Cannot be combined with any other offers. Excludes prescriptions.

Dine-In Only.

2608 Buford Rd. | 804.272.1423 I I

See Ad on Page 38

12744 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Chester | 796-9660 I See Ad on Page 22

For more special offers:

RichmondNavigator .com


AMERICAN Central Park Deli 12744 Jeff Davis Hwy. Chester. 796-9660. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In or Take out. Casual. Reservations not needed.

Capital Ale House 13831 Village Place Drive, Midlothian. 780-2537. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Casual.


11448 Belvedere Vista Lane. Richmond. 440-0000. Casual, Lunch and Dinner, Dine-In & Take Out.

The Grill At Waterford

13548 Waterford Place, Midlothian. 763-0555. Lunch, Dinner & Weekend Breakfast. Casual. Dine-In & Take out. Catering Available.


3530 Festival Park Plaza. Chester. 930-1034. Brunch, Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Upscale Casual. Reservations Suggested.

Tropical Smoothie

See for the location nearest you. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual. Reservations not needed.

ASIAN Chopstix

15801 City View Dr. Midlothian. 379-8308. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual. Reservations Suggested.

Made In Asia 7302 Hancock Village Drive. Chesterfield. 739-8160. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual. Reservations Suggested.

Sushi-O 1228 Alverser Plaza. Midlothian. 897-9878. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual. Reservations Suggested.

Sushi Box 11458 Belvedere Vista Lane 320-1115. Lunch & Dinner. Dine In & Take Out. Casual



CHINESE Shanghai Winterpock Crossing. 6701 Lake Harbour Dr. 639-9089. Oxbridge Square. 9951 Hull Street Road. 745-0866. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual. Reservations Suggested.

EUROPEAN Belle Vie European Bistro 1244 Alverser Plaza. Midlothian. 379-3338. Brunch, Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Upscale Casual. Reservations Suggested.

IRISH O'Toole's 4800 Forest Hill Ave. Richmond. 233-1781. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Take out. Casual.

INDIAN Ruchee 9930 Midlothian Turnpike 323-5999 Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Take Out. Casual.

ITALIAN A Taste of Italy 13547 Waterford Place. Midlothian. 763-2400. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Casual. Reservations Suggested.

Anna's Italian Restaurant 11027 Hull Street Rd. Midlothian. 675-0002. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual.

Cesare’s 13301 Rivers Bend Blvd. 530-1047. In front of Rivers Bend Shopping Center. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Casual.

Joe's Inn 2616 Buford Road. 320-9700. Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner. Dine-in. Take out. Casual.

For more restaurants:

RichmondNavigator .com


ITALIAN La Cucina 11400 W. Huguenot Rd. Midlothian. 378-8940. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Casual.

Palermo Trattoria Pizzeria 15717 City View Dr. Midlothian. 378-7643. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Take out. Casual. Reservations Suggested.

Sapori 3513 Festival Park Plaza. Chester. 425-4628. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Take out. Casual.

Jamaican Carena's Jamaican Grill 7102 Midlothian Turnpike. Richmond. 422-5375. Casual. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take Out.

MEXICAN Don Papa Grande Breckenridge Shopping Center. Chester. 796-7988. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Casual.

Don Pepe 10902 Hull Street Road. 276-1154. 9550 Midlothian Turnpike. 272-0920. 2102 W. Hundred Road. 768-2260. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual.

El Cerro Azul 13561 Midlothian Turnpike. Midlothian. 858-5000. Casual. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take Out

Los Bandidos 170 Southgate Square. Colonial Heights. 520-5006. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Casual.

Mariachis 10456 Midlothian Turnpike. Richmond 272-5692. Now Open! Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Upscale Casual.

Plaza Azteca 15801WC Main Street. West Chester Commons. Midlothian. 897-1124. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual.



moroccan Riad Moroccan Grill 8902 W. Broad Street. Richmond. Coming Soon! Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Upscale Casual.

SEAFOOD Awful Arthurs 1300 Sycamore Square. 893-3006. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Casual.

The Boathouse 4602 Millridge Parkway. 744-2545. Dinner & Sunday Brunch. Dine-In. Casual.

Hardshell 11400 Huguenot Road #121 464-1476 Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Casual

Pescados 13126 Midlothian Tnpk. 379-7121. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual.

Riptide’s 11212 Iron Bridge Road Chester. 748-8899. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take Out. Casual. Reservations for parties of 6 or more.

STEAK HOUSE Ruth's Chris 11500 W. Huguenot Road. 378-0600. Dinner. Dine-In. Upscale. Reservations strongly suggested.

THAI Siam Paragon 13120 Midlothian Turnpike. 379-9895. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual.

VIETNAMESE Saigon Gourmet Restaurant 11033 Hull St Rd. Midlothian. 745-0199. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out. Casual.

For more restaurants:

RichmondNavigator .com


IN SEARCH OF Photos by Tim Hill and Robert Thomas.

spicy food

Fried Hot Wings smothered in Anna's own hot sauce. For the more mild eaters, try their teriyaki, BBQ or mild hot suace.

Annas • 11027 Hull Street Rd. • 675-0002

and topped with roasted tomato chipotle sauce and black beans.

Plaza Azteca • West Chester Commons 15801 WC Main Street • 897-1124

Spicy Lobster Roll A fresh roll with spicy lobster, cucumber and avocado on the

Catfish is fried to a golden brown and topped with a homemade spicy honey mustard sauce

inside and topped with tempura crunch and eel sauce. Add some wasabi for a real kick!

(secret family recipe). Try it with the fresh, perfectly seasoned collard greens and mac and cheese.

Kobe Japanese Steaks & Sushi • 19 S 13th Street • 643-8080


Pollo Relleno Pan roasted chicken breast stuffed with sauteed vegetables and cheese,


Carlyle’s Cafe 1201 W. Main Street • 354-0127

Chicken Vindaloo Boneless chicken breast and potatoes in a spicy, vinegar based sauce.

Ruchee 9930 Midlothian Turnpike 323-5999 •

Carne a la Mexicana Grilled beef tips, onions, jalapenos and tomatoes are all cooked in a spicy tomatillo sauce. Served with rice, charro beans and tortillas.

Don Papa Grande • 796-7988 Breckenridge Shopping Center, Chester Los Bandidos 520-5006 170 Southgate Square, Colonial Heights

Mis Brochetas Skewered pineapple chunks, red and green peppers, red onions

Crispy Filet of Flounder This crispy fish filet can even be made gluten-

and your choice of chicken or beef marinated in our special Agave sauce. Served with Jasmine saffron rice, beans and guacamole salad. (Substitute with Jumbo shrimp for $1.00)

free. Served with a hot chili basil garlic sauce.

Mariachis Mexican Grill 10456 Midlothian Tnpk. • 272-5692 13933 Hull Street • 608-8007

Siam Paragon Thai Cuisine 13120 Midlothian Tnpk. • 379-9895

RichmondNavigator .com




MARIACHIS MEXICAN GRILL Where Passion Meets Taste By Steve Cook. Photos by Tim Hill.

“I’ve had a love for cooking and creating dishes since I was about five-years-old,” says David Gil. That’s a good thing for those of us who appreciate an exceptional dining experience. It was this love for cooking and his thirst for discovering the varied facets of Mexican cuisine that led him to open his two Mariachis Mexican Grills, locally. Gil, who has been in and around the restaurant business for virtually all of his adult life, moved to Richmond in June 2011. “I was a partner with a restaurant group,” he explains. We had restaurants in nine states, and I was on the road more than I was at home. I decided I needed to pick a place that is stable and settle down.”

throughout Mexico. “I go to the gourmet

So Gil picked Richmond, moving his family (he has a

restaurants, but I also go to the small taco

wife and two young children) here from Virginia Beach.

stands. Everyone is happy to share their

“His previous business partnership had brought him

recipes.” He also enjoys visiting with Mexi-

to town when his company opened a restaurant here.

can friends in their homes in order to learn

“Richmond has weathered the economic storm well, and

more of their culinary arts.

it’s growing,” he says. Gil also brought to town his ideas for the sort of res-

“I have a real passion for this,” he admits. It’s a passion that began as a child.

taurant that would provide its guests with what he terms

“There were five of us in our family,” he says. “My mom was a working

the “complete Mexican gourmet dining experience.” The

mom. Each of us had a day we were responsible for preparing dinner for the

soft spoken native of Columbia, South America, contin-

family. I always looked forward to experimenting and creating.”

ues, “I want guests to walk in the door, see our décor and

Gil’s enthusiasm is contagious. After spending an hour or so speaking

say, ‘Wow!’ I want them to enjoy their meal and listen to

with him, and learning how chilies are roasted, or how tequila is made, or

the entertainment and say, 'Wow!’ and when they leave, I

his special recipe for a skinny margarita, I couldn’t wait to actually check it

want them to say, ‘Wow, that was great.’”

all out.

Gil doesn’t just want the wows. He works for them,

The next night, my family and I headed over to the Mariachis Grill on

constantly looking for ways to improve the menu, the

Midlothian. We sampled several dishes. We enjoyed the live entertainment,

atmosphere, the entire experience. “They’re doing some

not just the mariachi band, but the entertaining table side preparation of

amazing things in Mexico with their food,” he says. “Un-

some of the best guacamole this side of the Rio Bravo. The restaurant also

fortunately, many (local) Mexican restaurants haven’t

offers both salsa and pico de gallo masterfully created table side. All I can

done anything differently in 20 years.”

say, based on my experience, is, “Wow!” 10456 Midlothian Tnpk., 272-

To keep abreast of the latest in the cuisine, he travels

5692 • 13933 Hull St. • 608-8007

RichmondNavigator .com


By Kellie Murphy

Along with the chill of winter comes the New Year, new restaurants, and new menus! Featuring warm pastries and tasty sandwiches, D’Lish Bakery and Café, located in Chester Village Green is open Tuesday through Saturday. Its menu features gourmet coffee, cookies, cupcakes, salads, and a variety of sandwiches. Pastry chef, Drew Thomasson, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, opened the bakery late last year. D’Lish also offers specialty cakes for any occasion. Also new to the area is Brass Monkeys, a locally-owned and family-operated restaurant and bar located on Jefferson Davis Highway. The menu features American food including steaks, pastas, and sandwiches. Open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, Brass Monkeys also offers the NFL ticket for football fans. For Mediterranean food with a Lebanese, Syrian, and Jordanian influence, visit the Mediterranean Brick Oven, located in Cherokee Hills. With a menu featuring fattoosh, kabobs for two, sandwiches, and pizza, this restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, Monday through Saturday. Made in Asia, the Thai and Pan Restaurant, located on Hancock Village Drive, recently changed their hours of business, remaining open through the afternoon to accommodate customers for late lunches or early dinners. n Email restaurant news, new openings, menus, chefs and more to



D ining W i t h

Entertainment By Fallon Mercer. Photo courtesy Cinebistro.

Who said going out to dinner had to be boring? Unbeknownst to many, in Richmond there are a host of establishments that offer entertainment to liven up your dining experience. With live bands, DJ’s, and dance lessons these places are sure to cause you to rethink having dinner in your dining room. The Marshall Street Cafe and Jazz

days, dance your night away with compli-

Bistro is located in the heart of Jackson

mentary salsa dance lessons or for a more

Ward with an intimate, casual, yet classy

relaxed evening, enjoy the sounds of the live

ambiance that distinguishes itself from any

bands on Saturdays.

other jazz venue in Richmond. It Is open

16 N 17th Street • 780-2822

from Tuesday-Sunday with live jazz music

Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. On the

fresh seafood, and Napoletana style wood

menu, you will find an array of delicious

CinéBistro is a luxury dinner-and-a-

choices that range from appetizers to vari-

movie theatre with reserved seating, chef-

4602 Millridge Parkway • 744-2545

ous entrees, and their full bar has all of your

prepared cuisine, fine wines, cocktails and

Rocketts Landing • 622-2628

favorites. On Sundays you can experience a

full in-theatre service. Truly dinner and a

wonderful afternoon brunch.

movie as you’ve never had it before! CineBi-

23 West Marshall Street • 269-3537

stro brings the best of both worlds together

Dishes like The Poor Man’s Carbon-

stone fired pizzas.


Restaurant is an authentic

and delivers it right to your seat.

Ethiopian restaurant located in the heart of

Stony Point Fashion Park • 864-0460

Shockoe Bottom. Their wide range of meals

appeals to vegetarian as well as non vegetar-

ara, The Oregon Hill Tuna Melt and Broad

ian customers. Addis strives to promote the

Street Beef are always instant menu favorites

With a full bar, extensive wine list, and

Ethiopian culture though exotic music by

at The Camel, and it doesn’t stop there! In

formal table settings, Mariachi’s Mexican

featuring a variety of bands and artists. Ad-

addition to food and drink, The Camel func-

Grill offers a dining experience unlike any

dis enthusiastically showcases the Ethiopian

tions as a great space for music, art, poetry,

other Mexican restaurant in the area. En-

culture through their exquisite cuisine and

video, political forums, and conversation-

joy the ambiance on Friday nights with a

warm hospitality.

anything that brings people together in the

live Mariachi band and table side guacamole

9 N. 17th Street • 308-3649

spirit of a free flow of ideas.


1621 W. Broad Street • 353-4901

10456 Midlothian Turnpike • 272-5692

Recently opening in a new location, Bogart’s In the Fan is a Richmond hotspot for live Jazz. With a casual atmosphere, great

At Havana 59, their goal is to take you

Panoramic views of a 1,700 acre lake

food including pasta, seafood, steaks, Greek

back to the tradition of indulgence of the

sets the tone for a relaxing evening at The

dishes and good music there is no question

island city, Havana when it was consid-

Boathouse Restaurant with live music on

why Bogart’s has been a Richmond tradition

ered “The Paris of the Caribbean” in the

Friday nights. Nightly specials such as Wine

for the past 40 years. Local and national acts

1950’s. Spanish pizza, crispy Cuban sand-

Night Wednesdays allow you to taste some

perform Thursday-Sunday nights.

wich spring rolls, and fresh made desserts in

of their award winning wines. They have an

1903 W. Cary Street • 353-9280

house surely won’t disappoint. On Thurs-

extensive raw bar, open-flamed prime steaks, n

For more In Search Of:

RichmondNavigator .com


Riptides Chef Kyle Griffith

A Fresh Catch By Tammie Wersinger. Photo by Tim Hill.


hen Riptide Seafood owners, Tillary and Sal Buffa, were searching for

passion for cooking and love of Southern cuisine

had a pool of top-notch chefs to choose from.

from his mother, Barbara Griffith.

The Richmond pair didn’t have to go far to find the perfect fit for the establishment,

“She influenced me to strive to be a great and

which they bought in 2007. Tillary knew of a well-respected chef who was just a phone

inspiring chef,’’ he says. “When my dad and broth-

call away – her brother, Kyle Griffith.

er were out hunting, I was in the kitchen helping

Griffith, who started working in restaurants as a teenager and honed his skills under

her cook. I learned so much during those times.”

a well-respected French chef, was busy running his own catering company when his

Those fond kitchen memories led Griffith to

sister lured him to Riptides (located at 11212 Iron Bridge Road), by offering him an

his first job in a Chesterfield restaurant when he

opportunity that most cooks crave.

was around 14 years old and kept him motivated as

“She wanted me to upgrade the menu, incorporate fresh local foods and create our signature dishes,” he says. “I knew she would allow me to be adventurous and give me the freedom to be creative, so I didn’t hesitate to come on board.” The new menu, which he and the Buffas created, allows guests to choose from an array of the finest quality fresh seafood, poultry, and beef in the area, and includes a variety of appetizers, deli style sandwiches, and salads, as well as homemade soups and desserts.

he perfected his cooking skills and learned unique techniques in several area establishments. After training to be a gourmet chef at Du Jour in Richmond, Griffith decided to go out on his own and started a successful catering business. “I was happy catering, but I really feel at home here,’’ he says. “We have steady clientele and I’m

Griffith took old favorites like hamburgers and put his own special twist on them.

on a first-name basis with a lot of them. I know

The Big Kahuna is topped with grilled pineapple, cheddar cheese, hickory smoked ba-

what they like and I do my part to make sure they

con, lettuce, and tomato, and the Oscar De La Burger is a tasty concoction with jumbo

have an enjoyable dining experience.”

lump crab meat, fried egg, and cheddar cheese.

When not in the kitchen at Riptides, Griffith

His pasta dishes include everything from lobster ravioli to the linguini pescatore,

says he enjoys spending time with his long-time

with shrimp, scallops, and clams. The dessert menu features homemade dishes, like

girlfriend, following University of Virginia sports,

Riptide’s famous Key lime pie and specialty cheesecakes.

and growing fresh vegetables and herbs in his gar-

“I can’t really pick one dish that’s my favorite,’’ says Griffith, who specializes in fusion cuisine. “I always recommend the nightly special because it was created with a little extra thought.”


A Virginia native, Griffith, 28, inherited his

someone to oversee the kitchen of the Chesterfield restaurant, they


den. “I’m enjoying my life,’’ he said. “And, a big reason for that is I’m doing what I love.” n

RichmondNavigator .com


Calendar of Events J A N U A R Y- M A R C H

By Steve Cook

BOOM TOWN Early mining-inspired machines serve as the playground for prospectors and adventure-seekers as the acrobats of Cirque Mechanics transport you to the 1865 mining town of Rosebud, where an unlikely discovery sets off a series of hilarious and unexpected events full of the lore, excitement, and adventure of the Old West! Cirque Mechanics brings together veterans of world-renowned companies such as Cirque du Soleil and the Moscow Circus to continue the exploration of performers and machines through acrobatics, dance, aerial work, trampolines, and much more. Bring the whole family to see the acrobatic troupe The New York Times calls “exceptional, evocative, eye-catching, ear-catching and to keep this list short, engrossingly entertaining.” For more information on the March 3rd show at the Alice Jepson Theatre, visit the Modlin Center’s website at


Photo by Joan Marcus. Photo by Joan Marcus.

If you enjoyed the music of Gladys Knight and the Pips, The Temptations, and Stevie Wonder, you don’t want to miss the Masters of Motown, appearing at the Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen on February 2nd, at 7 PM. Backed by a live band, the show features stylishly costumed and fully choreographed tributes to the male and female groups that made Motown so popular. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

Jelani Remy as “Simba” and the ensemble in He Lives in You.

THE LION KING Worldwide, more than 60 million people have seen it since it opened on Broadway in 1997. And now, it’s headed to town, beginning in mid-February. It’s Walt Disney’s The Lion King, one of the most popular musical productions ever staged. Featuring the music of Elton John and Tim Rice, both that which was heard in the animated film as well as additional material written for the stage production, along with material written by South African musicians, The Lion King creates a fusion of Western popular music, with the distinctive sounds and rhythms of Africa. Tickets to the production, which runs at the Landmark Theater from February 15 through March 11, 2012, can be purchased at the Landmark Theater Box Office and at

For more local events, visit

For more Events:

Always…Patsy Cline January 20 - March 25. Hanover Theatre. Life is a Cabaret: Kathy Halenda, Class & Brass: The Music of Judy Garland & Bette Midler January 27 - 29. Richmond Centerstage. Chili Cook Off Wine Trail Weekend January 28 - 29. Heart of Virginia Wine Trail. 13th Annual Virginia Dance Festival A benefit for the Children’s Hospital of Richmond. January 28. James River High School. Louis Bravo’s Forever Tango starring Cheryl Burke February 2. Richmond Centerstage. God of Carnage February 3 - March 11. Willow Lawn Theatre. Survival Skills for Healthy Aging Educational Series February 9: Love Yourself. Local professionals share helpful information on how caregivers can make time for themselves. March 13: Doctors, Hospitals and Dementia...OH MY! Are You Prepared? Shelia Vick, RN, will share how a dementia caregiver can prepare for doctor and hospital visits. Dunlop House. 3-5pm. Enjoy a box dinner and a FREE gift! Space is limited. Call 520-0050 to reserve your seat. 27th Annual Richmond Camping RV Expo February 10 - 12. Richmond Raceway Complex. Mike Epps February 12. Richmond Coliseum. 24th Annual Richmond Boat Show February 17 - 19. Richmond Raceway Complex. Richmond Ballet: Coppella February 10 - 12. Richmond Centerstage. The Stinky Cheese Man February 17 - March 18. Empire Theatre. Twilight Carniball. Destination: France February 25. Children’s Museum of Richmond Central. For tickets, call 474-7013. n

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Dueling Bartenders of Awful Arthurs By Tammie Wersinger. Photos by Robert Thomas.

Help decide who gets the title of Best Bartender at Awful Arthurs by Voting for your favorite at!


reat bartending requires just the right mixture of personality, professionalism and drink-making skills. That’s why we’re approaching our competition for the best bartender at Awful Arthurs in Midlothian like we were choosing the winner of a good boxing match – no split decisions and we’d prefer no knock-outs. In one corner, we have Emily Carson – a sweet-talking, intelligent Midlothian native. And, in the other corner, it’s the quickwitted, fun-loving Richie Clark. When the final bell rings, only one bartender can be declared the winner, and that’s where you, our readers, come in. Read their accompanying bios, head over to Awful Arthur’s at 1300 Sycamore Square to watch them in action, then go to and look for Emily and Richie’s photos to vote for your favorite.

MEET EMILY CARSON While Emily may be the soft-spoken mother of a five-year-old boy during the day, she comes to work ready to talk sports and mix some pretty outstanding adult beverages at night. “We have a lot of customers who come in to watch sports, and I know just enough to get me in trouble,’’ she said. “It makes for some pretty lively conversations.” Emily landed her first job at the Country Club of Virginia when she was a senior at Midlothian High School. She continued to wait tables and tend bar while pursuing her bachelor’s degree in elementary education at Radford University. After graduation, she worked a nine-to-five job in administration for a while, but went back into the restaurant business after her son was born because of the flexibility. Emily, who makes a mean Whipped Key Lime Martini, has been at Awful Arthur’s since it opened in June and says she really likes working with Richie, “but don’t tell him that.” “He loves me and hates me, depending on the day, but he knows



Emily's Signature Drink: Whipped Key Lime Martini 2 oz. Whipped Vodka 1/2 oz. lime juice Splash of pineapple juice Splash of sour mix

Richy's Signature Drink: The Mermaid 1/4 oz. Vodka 1/4 oz. Gin 1/4 oz. Rum 1/4 oz. Tequila 1/4 oz. Triple Sec 1/4 oz. Amaretto 1/4 oz. Blue Curacao Splash of Sour mix Splash of Sprite Splash of Pineapple

he makes more money when I’m back there with him and vice versa,’’ she said. “We just work really well together.” Emily said she revels in a little friendly competition and admits that Richie’s quick-wittedness normally results in him winning most of their verbal sparring matches. However, she’s hoping for a different outcome in the contest for Awful Arthur’s Best Bartender. “I absolutely don’t want him to win this competition, said Emily, 39. “It’s all about the bragging rights.”

MEET RICHIE CLARK Richie Clark, 27, moved to Midlothian when he was 11 and lived here until he went away to study marine biology at Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina. He started waiting tables at Planet Hollywood in Myrtle Beach and moved behind the bar after he turned 21, which was a perfect fit for someone who revels in interacting with people. “I’m a smart aleck and, when you’re behind the bar, a lot of people appreciate that,’’ he said. “I put myself in some funny situations, and it gives me a lot to talk about.” Richie, who hopes to open a restaurant with his brother and sister one day, loves working at Awful Arthur’s because it’s “a laid-back place where you can make funny jokes and people appreciate it.” Hopefully, Emily finds the humor in his good-natured ribbing because he had plenty to say about her. “She has a motherly quality that makes people feel comfortable,’’ he said. “But, secretly, I know she wants to be in control and that’s why we get into spats. But, it’s all in fun and we play really well off of each other.” While he said he couldn’t choose the best bartender between the two, he gave Emily kudos for her martini- and specialty drink-making expertise. However, when it came to picking a winner in the competition, Richie thinks it will be him all the way. “Due to my crazy personality, I know a lot of people. And, most everybody loves me,’’ he said. "The ones who don't are jealous of my awesomeness." n

W hat’s Cook I n ?

A Train Bound for Gory Check out Steve Cook’s Daily Ramblings at steve-cooks-daily-ramblings


Meanwhile, the husband starts putting his bags down on and around me. I’m wondering, since Amtrak has a two bag per passenger limit, why they were allowed on. The wife heads over to the empty seat across the aisle from me. The potentially grumpy guy (perfect role for Ed Asner), who’s been

t’s 2:30 in the morning, as I sit here writing. I’m on a midnight

sleeping most of the trip, says to her, “Someone is sitting here.”

train from Georgia, headed to Charlottesville. And I’m feeling good about myself. You see, I just heroically prevented what

“What?” the poor woman shrieks. “We were promised two handicapped seats.”

could have been a nasty encounter between other passengers. Let me tell you about it.

Earl is shushing her. He seems nice enough, though plenty annoying.

It all started pleasantly enough. Because of a seat mix-up, the conductor moved me to a front row seat with no one beside me on

The conductor enters stage right. “He said someone is sitting there,” the woman protests.

a train that’s virtually filled to capacity. Across the aisle from me is

“No one is sitting there,” the conductor tells her.

another older gentleman, who seems friendly, but strikes me as be-

“But I have stuff in this seat,” the old guy whines. The conduc-

ing as ornery and easily irritated as myself.

tor picks up the guy's stuff and hands it to him.

“Ahhh,” I’m thinking. “An uneventful journey”. As the train

“Can I go sit somewhere else?”

pulls into Gastonia, I’m reflecting on how great it is to have two seats on the front row all to myself.

The conductor tells him he cannot. The woman is just harrumphing and muttering to herself.

I should have known better. Because as I’m sitting there, musing on life’s wondrous moments, passengers begin boarding. I hear

I dislodge my feet from under the husband’s assorted bags and ask, “Would you two like to sit together?”

a woman’s voice. In the TV version she could be played by Tyler Perry. I knew that even before I saw her. But put a blonde wig on

“Thank you, honey,” she says. She plops down in my seat as I scramble to avoid being plopped on.

Tyler Perry and you’ve got this woman.

“Can you believe the nerve of that guy?” she asks me.

Her husband, who, maybe could be played by that guy from My Name is Earl, enters a few steps ahead of the woman. He’s car-

“Shhh,” her husband says as I quickly make my exit from the car.

rying about four or five bags of various sizes and shapes. She has

So, anyway, I’m sitting here in the club car. For me, this has

another half dozen. Plus they both have canes and she’s announcing

been a double victory. I prevented what could have been a nasty,

to all, with apparent glee,” We’re handicapped. We need two handi-

yes, even violent encounter and also got myself a column out of the

capped seats.” I notice they both walk better than do I.

deal. n

January/February 2012


The Revolution of

Cosmetic Dentistry By Catherine P. Crichton, D.D.S. of Dr. Baxter Perkinson & Associates There has been a revolution in Cosmetic Dentistry.

Dark fillings and unattractive

crowns with black margins at the gum-line are no longer considered state of the art. New, improved dental products give us a wide range of ways to match the unique color and look of natural teeth. More and more, patients are choosing to improve their smiles to a more youthful and natural appearance. This cosmetic makeover can be as simple as reshaping a couple of teeth and tooth whitening. Or perhaps you are a candidate for Invisalign or traditional braces. Making old dark crowns and silver fillings in the back of the mouth disappear using tooth colored restorations can also make a cosmetic difference.

Sometimes all ceramic

veneers or crowns may be necessary in the front to improve flaws such as smaller teeth with spaces, or severely discolored teeth. Even patients with severe tooth destruction caused by wear, trauma, or disease can be made beautiful again. At Dr. Baxter Perkinson and Associates, we can help you sort through your options and decide which cosmetic plan is best suited for you. Restoring your smile to its original beauty has never been easier or more predictable. Call one of our convenient locations today for your free cosmetic consultation. n Baxter Perkinson, Jr., D.D.S. and Associates, LTD have ten convenient locations in the Richmond and surrounding areas that can assist you in creating your youthful smile. For a location near you, visit 38

January/February 2012

Get Inspired By

A Healthier Way of Living By Erin Pittman

KEITH WORKMAN At six feet two inches, and 390 pounds, 48-year-old Keith Workman found himself facing frightening blood pressure readings and decreased mobility. Keith knew that it was time to take his health seriously and make a change. Luckily, his trusted family physician, Dr. John A. Siedlecki (co-owner of Family Practice Specialists of Richmond), was opening the Center for Medical Weight Loss in a new location on Winterpock Road. Keith pledged to follow his instructions on diet, exercise and medications to a tee and found himself quickly facing great success. At his current weight of 295 pounds – 95 pounds less than where he began – Keith says, “I am alive again! I have always been active in outdoor activities like golf, fishing and hunting, but now I really enjoy being actively involved in them, rather than just making it through the day.” Keith’s healthy life routine includes early morning trips to the gym five days a week, Erin Pittman where he is now able to enjoy his workouts, thanks to his increased level of fitness. Balanced Jack Lambert-ACAC meals with appropriate portion sizes are also key to his success. He carefully tracks his

Keith’s weight loss success became an inspiration to his wife, Heidi. She embarked on her own weight loss journey with Dr. Siedlecki and lost over 70 pounds! She has maintained her weight loss for over a year and stays active as a martial arts instructor, a fourth degree black belt. The Workman’s combined health changes now allow them to lead a much more active lifestyle. Keith shared, “We now go for long bike rides and walks with our 9-year-

old daughter, Griffin, on weekends in lieu of calories, as well, and states that “Everything counts. Diet is what you eat. Exercise is what When Jack Lambert read 458 pounds on his scale, he knew it was time to get serious. He had to gyms just gone watching TV.”in the past, but they had you do. Health is what you get.” been missing that feeling of community. Six months ago he joined ACAC in Midlothian and has seen nothing but success ever since. “I took advantage of the few free personal training sessions that ACAC offers with membership and really got a lot out of it,” said Jack. He learned new twists on cardio Jack Lambert and weight to use his bodyhe weight resistance. tapes and make me work out,” laughed Jack. When Jackworkouts Lambert and readhow 458 pounds onown his scale, knewas it was time to get serious. He Jack related so well to his trainer, Blake, that he purchased further sessions. Variety and encouragement to push himselfaskept himfor Having previously worked a cook had gone to gyms in the past, but they had been missing that feeling of community. going, along with Blake’s sometimes unorthodox “I missed a few days and Blake texted me.restaurants, He told meJack that knew if I stores and Six months ago he joined ACAC in Midlothianstyle. and has seen nothing but earlier successthis everyear,grocery wasn’t back soon, he would come to my house with Richard Simmons’ tapes and make me work out,” laughed Jack. his way around the kitchen. Learning to since. “I took advantage of the few free personal training sessions that ACAC offers with Having previously as aout cook andhealthier, restaurants, Jack controlled knew his way prepare portion meals membership and reallyworked got a lot offor it,”grocery said stores around thelearned kitchen. Learning to prepare healthier, controlled meals came easily to him. came easily to him. Jack. He new twists on cardio and weightportion Jack looks his to weight loss journey a project, walking then as Jackstart looks at his down weightthat lossroad, journey workouts and at how use his own body as weight as “If you stop and give up, it’s a waste. You have to keep traveling,” he encourages. a project, “If you start walking down that resistance. Jack to attend and each theup, friendly and moroad, then stopday andbygive it’s a waste. You Jack continues related so well to hisACAC trainer,faithfully Blake, that heis motivated tivational and members. To date and he has lost 100 pounds still going.he encourages. have to and keepistraveling,” purchasedstaff further sessions. Variety encourJack continues to attend ACAC faithfulagement to push himself kept him going, along with Blake’s sometimes unorthodox style.


ly and is motivated each day by the friendly

missed a few days earlier this year, and Blake text-

and motivational staff and members.

ed me. He told me that if I wasn’t back soon, he

date he has lost 100 pounds and is still go-

would come to my house with Richard Simmons’

ing. n

January/February 2012



Latisse. This FDA-approved prescription treatment grows eyelashes longer, fuller and darker. As a special offer to readers, purchase the kit for $99 (reg. $120). Family Practice Specialists of Richmond, P.C. 3742 Winterfield Road. 330-3335.

Jane Iredale Skincare Makeup. Known as the Skin Care Makeup, the Jane Iredale line is so safe and beneficial to use that it is recommended by plastic surgeons

Introducing a weightless,

and dermatologists throughout

volumizing solution that

the world. Jane Iredale’s Skin Care

provides a unique way to

Makeup combines the most


benefits that conventional

Ciao Bella Salon

makeups can only envy.

13541 Waterford Place

Rituals Salon-Spa


The Shoppes at Bellgrade

Sonia Kashuk Luxe - Haute Couture 10-Piece Brush Roll. This brush set is perfectly packed in a brilliant brush roll made of black quilted faux leather with chic silver stud detailing, matching black tassel ties and nylon lining. Includes a domed powder brush, flat-top multipurpose powder/blush brush, pointed foundation brush, duo-fibre fan brush, domed eye shadow brush, angled eye shadow brush, smudge brush, pointed eye liner brush and lash comb/brow brush. Target • Find the nearest store at

achieve thicker, fuller hair

up-to-date colors with skin-care

794-6699 •


Eufora Powder Lift.

January/February 2012

January/February 2012


Ge tting rid of unwant e d... MAKE-UP APPLICATION Would you like to take a few steps off of getting ready in the morning? Permanent Makeup might be for you. Professionals like Graffitis (2311 Hungary Road. 261-5689.) can help you achieve a clean, even look for eyebrows, eyeliner or lips. With only two visits (and a third touch-up for free), you can have a lasting look for up to ten years. Active women no longer have to worry about sweating their makeup off at the gym. And all women can benefit from waking up a few steps closer to walking out the door! Keep a natural, defined look without repeated application!

WEAK CORE MUSCLES Strong core muscles have a great impact on your body’s

FLAT, LIFELESS HAIR If you are getting tired of looking at your dull, straight hair, a Flash Wave might be just the thing to liven up your tresses! A Flash Wave treatment creates a loose beach wave look. Or for people with fine, flat or very straight hair it can be a simple solution for more volume. Any type of hair can be treated to achieve more natural-looking body. Give Ciao Bella Salon (located in Waterford Shopping Center) a call at 744-3337 for more details on bringing your hair back to life with a Flash Wave.

look and posture. Local Barre (3466 Lauderdale Drive, 360-3820) fuses elements of yoga, Pilates and bal­let into one amazing workout making a weak core a thing of the past. Who doesn’t desire results like flattened abs, defined arms, toned thighs and a firmer butt? With Core Barre, a high energy, low-impact class, your body will be lengthened and toned during this core-intensive workout. Utilizing the body’s own weight mass and a barre (com­monly used for ballet), constantly engaging the abdomen, you will experience a sequence of fat-burning exercises, while gaining both mind and body benefits. Go to Local Barre to see a workout that is new to Richmond, but already a huge success in areas like New York and on the West Coast.

STRESS From emotional stress to tight muscles that have come from overworking at your computer, a Swedish massage uses light to medium pressure to ease stress and pain. Swedish massage has the goal of relaxing the entire body. Other benefits include increasing the oxygen level in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, and improving circulation. Techniques include circular pressure applied by the hands and palms, firm kneading, percussion-like tapping, bending and stretching. Call Massage Envy ( for nearest location) for a massage therapist who can consult with you to meet your individual needs. n 42

January/February 2012

January/February 2012


Escape to

Rituals SALON-Spa


By Steve Cook

n escape! Ahh, just the thought may be

Tucked away from it all is the spa. Polignone describes Rituals as a destina-

cause for excitement. Given the stress of

tion spa. I couldn’t agree more. The facility rivals some of the finest spas found in

life in this 21st century, who of us hasn’t

resorts around the globe. No detail has been overlooked. The quiet area provides

pondered the possibilities of escape? All too often,

a relaxing respite from the hustle and bustle outside. And yet, despite the peaceful

however, the realities put a quick end to such dreams.

solitude, there is anticipation. Your special pampering treatment is only minutes

But hold on! “Such an escape awaits,” says Sheri

away. Perhaps you’d like a foot bath as you wait. Candles, soft lighting, soothing

Polignone. “It’s a vacation without the airfare.” The

music…all of your senses are treated to a most unique and pleasurable experience.

destination is Rituals, located in The Shoppes at Bel-

Finally, your personalized service, provided by trained, licensed estheticians.

grade at 11400 Huguenot Road in Midlothian. This

Perhaps you’ve selected a massage, a facial, or both. Everything is customized for

full-service salon and spa is owned and operated by

you, including the natural and organic products used. Polignone says, “We are not

Polignone and her husband, Pete.

a one-product salon. We select the products that will best suit the needs of each

I visited with Sheri Polignone recently, and I

guest. If we don’t have the perfect item, we will get it.”

have to agree. Rituals is, indeed, a very special, inviting place. From the moment you enter, you feel it. There’s a warm welcome, a smile, an invitation to enjoy a cup of hot tea or cocoa. Such special feelings aren’t created by chance. “Customer service… customer care is what makes Rituals different,” Polignone says, as she conducts me on a tour of the 5,500 square foot facility. Our first stop is the salon, where stylists are busily providing services to a number of guests. And it’s a full range of services including, perhaps, the most

The nice thing is, Sheri Polignone does get it. She understands what great cus-

expert hair coloring treatments available in Central

tomer service is. When you visit an upscale salon and spa, you expect the little

Virginia. “Our hair extensions are also very popular,”

extras, such as a refreshing beverage, a smile and pleasant greeting from the staff, as

Polignone says, “as are eyelash extensions. We’re one

well as personalized services performed by true professionals who are being con-

of the few spas in the area to offer that.”

stantly updated and educated on the latest trends in the industry. Polignone gets

Moving beyond the salon, I come to the nail ser-

that too. It’s no wonder many Richmonders and residents of the entire Central

vice area. Fingers and toes shouldn’t be forgotten on

Virginia region are getting the joys and benefits that derive from making Rituals a

this escape. And Rituals’ quiet, bright nail salon pro-

regular ritual in their lives. n

vides the perfect spot for the pampering you deserve.


January/February 2012

To help plan your escape, visit the website:

January/February 2012



January/February 2012

Written by Steve Cook

senior living PART 1: HOW WE LOOK How we look may not, in the long run, be the most disturbing thing about aging, but try convincing yourself of that when you look in the mirror. It would probably, be easier to accept the changes in our physical appearance, if we truly felt our age. However, seldom does one feel as old as the calendar proves him or her to be. In a recent, very unscientific, and random, survey, I discovered that, on the average, the ones with whom I spoke, feel about 15 years younger than they truly are. Others whom I surveyed simply said something to the effect, “How is 60 years of age supposed to feel?” Truth is, regardless of our age, or how old we feel, we want to look our best. Of course, while we may want to look 15 years younger, what we don’t want to do is look like we’re trying to look


15 years younger. For tips on minimizing the effects that aging can

Aging Gracefully “


Do not go gentle into that good night,

Family Practice Specialists of Richmond. Dr. Boyd, who is a certified family physician with special interest in cosmetics, says there are steps we all can and should take now, to minimize the impact of aging on our appearance.

Old age should burn and rage at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

have on our physical appearance, we turned to Dr. David Boyd, with

he sentiments expressed by the poet, Dylan Thomas, may well mirror the emotions of many as they come to grips with an unpleasant truth; aging is inescapable. “Rage against

the dying of the light,” wrote Thomas. On the other hand, much has been said as to the wisdom of aging gracefully. Is it possible to do both…to rage and, at the same time, to age gracefully? Aging with grace does not necessarily mean simply sitting back and letting nature take its course. Rather, we can direct our “rage” towards taking positive steps to minimize the effects and problems that accompany the aging process. Well-directed rage can help us to derive the greatest joy and satisfaction later in life. Whether it’s coping with the loss of cherished loved ones, or dealing with the reality that we can’t bend down, or climb up, or even remember where we put the car keys, as we once could, there are challenges we must face as we grow older. How we face those

“Steadiness, wins the race,” he says. “Age gracefully, by avoiding sun exposure, keeping a healthy diet, and getting enough rest.” As to the effectiveness of such medical procedures as Botox injections, Dr. Boyd says, “Botox is used to strategically relax small muscles in the face that are responsible for wrinkles. This allows softening of lines and a more youthful appearance. “What some may be surprised to learn,” he continues, “is that it (the injections) can actually prevent wrinkles from worsening. Our typical patients are in their 40s to 60s. Now, men and women in their 20s and 30s are realizing that a brow wrinkle or laugh line can be softened today to prevent it from becoming more prominent as they age. According to Dr. Boyd, in addition to Botox, “Many are realizing the benefits of dermal fillers such as Juvederm.” And, as for what the future might hold, he says, “There are constant new advances.” Regardless of what steps you may personally choose, and regardless of your current age, now is the time to take action in your determination not to go gentle into that good night. n

challenges can reveal both to ourselves and others who we truly

Five Steps to Minimize the Impact of the

are. Admittedly, each of us is different. We will not all cope with

Aging Process on the Way You Look:

the varied facets of aging in the same manner. But we can demonstrate an inner strength, even at a time when our physical strength may have been diminished. We can age gracefully. We, thus, begin our six-part series designed to provide helpful suggestions from those who have gone before us, as well as experts on aging. We will be considering, in this series, such subjects as: How We Look • How We Work • How We Play How We Live • How We Socialize • How We Spend

1. Wear SPF 15- 30 daily on the face and neck and avoid excessive sun exposure. 2. Stop smoking. It causes premature aging and is awful for your overall health. 3. Sleep 8 hours per night. 4. Eat well and drink plenty of water. 5. Exercise regularly to maintain weight and keep stress at bay.

January/February 2012


Off-Grid Green Living Center

Offers Green Solutions


ff-Grid Green Living Center is a Virginia-based company operated by Charles Bush and George Britt, Jr. They began the business in 2010. Charles has been

in the renewable energy business for four-and-a-half years and George has been involved in the home improvement industry over 10 years. Seeing the need and possibilities of having a facility for the public to learn about energy conservation before energy generation (solar), the “Log Cabin” on Midlothian Turnpike seemed the perfect place to make that happen. From the outset, there has been overwhelming support from individuals, local communities, county governments, and even Virginia Dominion Power. Charles says many have stopped by and said, “I have driven past your place many times and have wanted to find out what you do here. We have always been interested in solar power, but didn’t know how it works or what it cost.” Off-Grid Green Living Center promotes the education & implementation of a broad scope of “Green” solutions to address the growing energy challenges that face us all as individuals, as a community, the country and ultimately the world! Although they offer many state-of-the-art products and services, their number one asset is the many talented and experienced people that have “come on board” from many different backgrounds, which make the company truly one of a kind. Together Off-Grid is going where no company has ever gone before, by providing not only products & services, but education as well. The Virginia Renewable Energy School, a division of Off-Grid Green Living Center, Inc., also located at their Midlothian Turnpike facility. It is the only school of its type in the State. It offers basic to comprehensive renewable energy college level programs to individuals and businesses as well as, county and state government. In addition they have been granted “non-profit status” for their “Green Living Education Center of Virginia”, that will provide free education and awareness of the many benefits of sustainable living. To learn more, visit The momentum has started and it is amazing to learn about, plan ahead, and be a part of the wave. n


January/February 2012


Green Thumb

By Vicki O’Neal, ASID, CID, VSLD


has long been a part of my interior design. I have grown probably hundreds of different varieties of tropicals and houseplants, from African violets to zebra plants. Exotics such as orchids and bonsai also make up a part of my current collection. It makes me sad when I hear people say they have a brown thumb, so I’ll share some tips to help turn that thumb green as well as fun and practical uses for plants in your home or office.

January/February 2012


Not Just a Pretty Face Besides their beauty and the wonderful living energy plants bring to a space, there are practical reasons for including plants in your decor. Beyond the quantifiable benefits, there are advantages to growing plants that are purely intangible and psychological. The presence of healthy plants in your home or office actually has been shown to lift the mood and spirits of the occupants. Houseplants brighten every room with their rich color and vitality. They have been shown to reduce stress, produce a sense of calm, and are thought to promote creativity. Plants are beautiful, but they are not just a pretty face; they are actually workhorses for the improvement of indoor air quality. Plants continually remove pollutants such as ammonia, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and benzene. They further promote well-being by continuously absorbing carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen. The direct health benefits are significant, especially in the winter when the air is dry. Plants increase humidity through transpiration and remove dust, thereby reducing the incidence of coughs, colds, sore throats, and related illnesses. Plants need to be kept in premium condition to be pleasing aesthetically and to effectively contribute the benefits described.

Creative Indoor Gardening Healthy houseplants transform every space, but with some planning they can fulfill specific purposes in your interior design. Their strategic placement can create a needed focal point, draw the eye to a certain location, or add a pleasing colorcoordinated accent. Houseplants can be used to produce a specific theme or mood: a relaxing, peaceful setting; a natural feeling perhaps blending with a view outdoors; or a reminder of a tropical vacation paradise. For planning purposes, consider that plants either contrast with or blend into the surrounding walls and surface colors. Each scheme produces a different mood and effect. A tranquil feeling is achieved through use of a monochromatic or analogous color scheme, where walls/surfaces and foliage color are similar or close to one another on the color wheel. Contrasting colors, especially bold combinations such as complementary colors, produce outstanding results. These striking effects are further enhanced by choosing dramatic plants such as those with spiky, elongated or variegated foliage. Lighting and shadows can enhance and multiple the drama. Plants look stunning when arranged in mixed groups, achieving lovely contrasts of color, form and texture. Groupings of like or contrasting plants can also be used to create screening and privacy. Fabulous contemporary and architectural statements can be produced when multiples of the same plant are grouped in an array or geometric display. Multiples can either be planted together in a single, perhaps rectangular container, or they can be in separate matching or complementary planters. Hanging planters take advantage of the vertical spatial element if floor space is limited. For all of your plantings, containers play a key role in the design.


January/February 2012

Plant Care

Blooming Flora In my travels through Europe, it seems

Providing the environment that matches the conditions preferred by a specific plant goes a long way to keeping it looking tip-top. By following some particular practices,

that floral arrangements and fresh flow-

plants can be maintained with minimal care. Here are the basics:

ers play a much bigger role in design than


Learn the likes and dislikes of each plant.

monly seen and actively shopped. Perhaps


Locate the plant in an area that gives it favorable lighting, or rotate it to the light frequently.

space for plants is at a premium, and fresh


Use deep saucers filled to the top with stone pebbles. As you water the plant, the excess then has a place to

they do here. Flower markets are com-

flowers bring in nature in just the right

collect. A plant sitting in water is probably the single most common cause of plant demise because it rots the

way. Being disposable may also be a plus.

roots. If you’re using a basket or other container where the saucer is not visible, remove the plant frequently to

Back in our corner of the world, it’s ex-

monitor the water level in the saucer. Overflow will damage your floor.

citing to me to see the advent of locally grown flowers in our seasonal farmers


windows, the same place your plant wants to live. Inexpensive deflectors can direct air flow away from the plant.

markets. I find that flowers are some of the first items to go on market day. Profes-

Locate plants out of the direct path of air vents or cold drafts. Vents are frequently located below or above


For most plants, water when the surface of the soil starts to dry. The adage “not too wet, not too dry” is probably

sionally designed floral arrangements are

the single most significant piece of advice. Water thoroughly so that water flows through the entire pot and out

always lovely, but why not try your hand

the bottom.

at floral design? Styles vary widely and include traditional, cottage looks, Asian


note of your watering frequency for a particular plant. It’s a good clue for repotting needs.

inspired designs such as Ikebana, as well as contemporary combinations.


Because of their beauty and exotic nature, orchids always create an inspiring floral focal point. The colors and types are


Fertilize in the warm season except as particular plants like it. Orchids, for instance, are heavy feeders. If using an inorganic fertilizer, i.e. anything “blue,” the soil should be moist prior to feeding to prevent root burn.


Move them outside to a shady location during the summer. Your house may look a little bare, but they will reward you with renewed vigor. Tie up any large trees to prevent them from falling on a windy day and water frequently.

now more affordable than ever, and some cultivars are not so fussy about care. n

Use a premium soilless potting mixture that is loose and friable. I use “ProMix” for most houseplants. Add bone meal and “Rich Earth” to promote strong root growth.

so varied that an orchid can be found to complement almost any setting. They are

Repot when needed and only move up one size container. Houseplants want to be relatively pot- bound. Take

10. Prune for vigor and health.

Visit my blog for more on houseplants and my

NOTE: There are a few houseplants that are toxic or mildly toxic if ingested or may irritate skin. Inquire at the nursery if you have a concern. Always keep supplies out of reach. Enjoy your plants! Beautiful flora makes a lasting impression.

favorite cultivars.

About The Author Vicki O’Neal, owner of FORM & FUNCTION, provides commercial and residential interior and landscape design. She is a professional member of ASID, VA Certified Interior Designer (CID), Master Gardener, and a VA Certified Landscape Designer and Horticulturist. The material contained in articles written by Vicki O’Neal is intended for general information only.

Vicki’s website is your source for: Published articles • Project examples • Links to her social networking sites • Design services for home or business - from simple consultations to complete installations. 804.897.8558 January/February 2012


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