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Bucharest, Romania


Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) The 200m chamfered diamond shaped exterior and twisted façade demonstrates the way ZHA establishes building designs through the use of complex design fabrication and parametric generative softwares in order to produce one of the most aesthically captivating landmark for theh city of Bucharest.

INTEREST: The architectural language of Zaha Hadid expresses the notion of fluidity. Many of her projects in my opinion are modernistic, unique and basically organic. Apart from architecture, Hadid branched out to various similar fields of design from interior designing to fashion. I consider this to be my personal state-of-the-art project as I have always been interested in fashion besides architecture, hence by being under the influence of Zaha Hadid’s projects, it gives me more insight into what the future of architecture and fashion can be through computational designing.Her works are my inspiration for the upcoming project of incorporating parametric designing into this course.

30 St Mary Axe “The Gherkin”, London’s most outstanding skyscraper won architect Norman Foster the RIBA Sterling Prize for the design of the 76,400 square metre architecture phenomenon of the 21st Century. The design of this building clearly shows the level of knowledge and development achieved through parametrics in order to come up with the triangular glazed pattern façade spiralling upwards and tapering towards the top. Location:

London, UK The Dorobanti Tower. Source:

Architect: The Melissa Shoe. Source:

Foster & Partners

The ability to generate these architecturally sound designs stems from the need to be knowledgable in the various aspects of computer fabrication, parametricism and the overview of the architectural discourse The 30 St Mary Axe. Source: Detail of The Gherkin. Source: fin-de-semana-en-londres-3/

RICHARD MEYER & PARTERS ARCHITECTS LLP Established in 1967, Richard Meyer’s Saltzman House is the complete contrast from the previous two buildings. It is located by the lake and is more residential than commercial and public, yet there are techniques of design, such as the use of geometric shapes, that are evident in the design of the other two buildings. The Saltzman House is a rather state-of-the-art design. Richard Meyer specifically chose this range of his works to be completely white as this is partly a form of interpretation and brings out the colour of the surrounding landscape. Although this design would not be detailed enough to undergo parametric modelling, it is a good architectural platform in understanding organic architecture.


East Hampton, New York Architect:

Richard Meyer & Partners Architects LLP Saltzman House. Source :

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