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cherubs Your guide to parenting around Peterborough

Issue 1 - December 2012/January 2013

Ice, Ice baby

What time is it? It’s Chico time at Celebrities on Ice this January!

Festive Expectations Do children expect too much at Christmas?

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Some great ideas for getting your ‘time out’

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Being mummy: it’s a balancing act Being a modern mum with work and home life can take its toll, so now it is mummy’s turn to relax.

12 Festive expectations Have we lost sight of the true meaning of Christmas? Do our children even know what it is anymore or is it all just about the presents? 16 Terrible twos Laura Gibson explores the myth. Do children really turn into monsters on their second birthday or can it happen at any time, and what is the best way to deal with it? 18 Turn up the music Music is so valuable to your child’s development. Karen Dickinson from Music for Little People shows us how a song can go a long way. 21 Get your skates on! We have a chat with stars of Celebrities on Ice, Chico and Ray Quinn to find out their take on being a daddy and getting the work, life balance right. 4 cherubs |


24 Pregnancy It’s a daunting time, but we have the products to help you through. Check out Mama Feels Good and their range of nursing t-shirts. Cherubs readers will receive 10% off the range. 25 Baby To help you through the sleepless nights, we have put together some fantastic products from blankets to skincare. Plus, Cherubs readers can get discounts galore. View our latest edition online at

Here you will also find all the latest news, entertainment reviews and fashion as well as a comprehensive list of all the clubs/groups and events taking place in Peterborough. Check out our competitions (page 40) and offers (page 42) which you will also find all the details for on our Facebook page: cherubsnet

cherubs Your guide to parenting around Peterborough

Issue 1 - December 2012

iceICE baby

What time is it? It’s Chico time at Peterborough on Ice this January!

The Good & The Bad Covering the ups and downs of single parenting

Weekend Wonders Delicious family recipes to kickstart the weekend

Stocking Fillers

The latest must-have toys and gifts getting you all ready for the holidays

Oh Baby Baby

The Cherubs team are here to diminish all your baby and pregnancy worries

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26 Toddler We love the gift range from Silver Cross and the Oobicoo dolls which are sure to keep your little people entertained. Save money along the way with our Cherubs discount codes. 27 Primary School aged children always need to be busy, so try the great craft boxes from Toucan or the reading systems from Reading Eggs. Plus some great advice about your little ones’ feet from The Fane Clinic. 28 Teens Your big Cherubs may be experiencing the mood swings, so to put a smile on their face why not try roller skating or dance classes from Dance Fuzion. 29 Mums Mummy’s never get enough time for themselves, but there are things they can do to make sure they still look their best. Brighten up with a Vita Liberata fake tan or get a Glossy box of goodies sent to your door every month. 32 Christmas Gift Guide From binoculars for Dad to day trips for the whole family, we have a gift for everyone, so Christmas shopping is all wrapped up. 39 DJ Dad Kev Lawrence, Breakfast presenter on Heart and doting dad of two, looks at the mischeivious things he got up to as a little one. 40 Competitions Some great freebies, from a two night break to Morocco to a KiddyPro car seat, we have over twenty competitions available through Cherubs magazine and 42 Offers We all love a discount and we have over 30 for our readers. So before you buy, go to to see if you can grab yourself a bargain. 44 Caught on Camera Check out these local little cherubs! Laura Fraylich took some time out of her busy day to find out what they like and what they don’t. 46 Entertainment Marvellous local events to keep your little cherubs busy over the festive period. Full listings on

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am delighted to welcome you to the first edition of Cherubs magazine. Cherubs is such an exciting publication for parents and our aim is simple; to provide you with essential local parenting information to make your job that little bit easier. I am a parent myself, to a beautiful little girl called Ella. The Cherubs concept was born with her, when I realised that it was a task in itself to find out about activities and resources locally for parents. We will sift through all of the options available across the area, with Cherubs becoming your local bible for having even more fun with your children. In this, our first edition, we have some fabulous features to help you through the busy Christmas period. We also have competitions and offers galore for our readers. You will find a selection on page 40 but there are many more on

Katie & Ella

katie loves... Glossybox - a monthly delivery of miniature beauty products just for Mum.

p30 Hang onto your copy of Cherubs so you know what is going on over the festive period and into 2013 with our great entertainment listings. You will find our full guide on our website or like our facebook page to see new events in your news feed. We have our own app, so you can have instant information on your mobile or tablet, just search Cherubs in the App Store. Our next edition will be out in February 2013 so ensure you look out for your copy! Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year from the Cherubs team!

Like our Facebook page Cherubsnet for all of our competitions and offers

Katie x

cherubscontributors ALICE BRYAN has recently completed her

KEV LAWRENCE is the Breakfast show

LAURA FRAYLICH has a degree in

LAURA GIBSON has two fabulous but

Masters in English and has now returned to Peterborough to embark upon her writing career. “I haven’t got any children myself yet but I’ve quickly learnt all of the rules. I’m currently delving into issues that parenting brings to become the next Supernanny!” photography and runs her own studio from home in Hampton Hargate. ‘I don’t have any children myself, but photographing the busy feet of those cheeky toddlers is not exactly a challenge for me…being one of nine children with many nieces and nephews!’

presenter on Heart and doting date to Brogan and Brooke. “Cherubs will revolutionise parenting in our area. As a dad I want knowledge of the area so that I can keep them active and busy. It’s a pleasure to be involved!” fiendishly cheeky children. Laura chronicles her (mis)adventures in parenting on her blog, Chez Mummy. A full-time working mother, she has launched Working Parents United, a new website aimed at supporting working parents.

Cherubs is available monthly through primary school book bags, free copies, online at and as an app cherubsnet. | cherubs 7

Being mummy: it’s a balancing act Becoming a mum is the most precious gift in the world and your heart is overpowered by this unconditional love that pours out of you. However, being a mum can be the very best job in the world, but it can also be the toughest!



he majority of mums are caught in a guilt trap, feeling shameful if they don’t devote enough time to their little one and feeling isolated as they try to balance work and family life. The Equal Opportunities Act has seen a huge increase in women working. However, while it is no longer as unusual to be a working mother, equality within the household is still a long way off. Women go off to work, like their male counterparts, yet when they arrive home it is the women who have the expected responsibility for chores around the house and looking after their child. Daddies are still fundamentally men, who still enjoy doing ‘men’ things and having ‘men’ time, which more often than not they do without guilt. Mummies on the other hand feel bad for simply going to work, let alone actually doing anything for themselves. It is undoubtedly a difficult subject, any dads reading this will no doubt feel aggrieved, but the point is simple; in the modern world, should the parenting role be completely equal, especially if both parents hold down full time jobs? Perhaps it should, perhaps it shouldn’t, but ultimately, I don’t think it really comes down to the father not doing their bit, but more so the mothers maternal need to care for their child. Parenting seems to be a balancing act, where you try to give your child everything, whilst at the same time regaining a little bit of your old self. The question could be asked; were our grandmothers better mothers because they stayed at home and ran the house? I’m sure this would be every child’s dream, but the reality is much different because in their day, children were free to roam and not always under their watchful eye.

So we must accept our position, we have to work, but how do we level the scales to make sure we also make time for ourselves. Research suggests that women only get a measly 26 minutes a day of ‘me time’, whereas men can’t get enough of it. This needs to change ladies, don’t forget about yourself. You’re more than a mother, you’re still a woman. It’s time to get your sexy back! Luckily there is the perfect solution for mums in and around the Peterborough area. Introducing Serenity Loves, the one stop shop for hair and beauty with an onsite supervised playroom. Mum’s can get pampered while their cherubs are cared for by qualified and experienced nursery nurses. There is also a camera linked to a television screen inside the salon, so the little angels can be seen but not heard. Ahh, utter bliss. It’s vital that mums get some time to enjoy themselves whether that be making themselves look and feel spectacular, or having a natter with the girls over a cocktail (or two!) The addition of children should not mean romance should go out of the window either. Get some alone time with your man. It’s all too easy to get caught in a routine of making dinner, bathing kids, putting them to bed and finally having some sleep. But a happy family starts with a happy mum and dad so a date night should be engraved on that calendar at least every month. Mums need to balance childcare, work, and having fun. There are loads of child friendly places in Peterborough, which take the guilt off you from having some me time, and do the balancing act for you. From restaurants where kids can play while you eat, to gyms where you can get a work-out while your toddler makes some new playmates. Check out to see some local child friendly places.

“It’s vital that mums get some time to enjoy themselves...”

Every Cherubs reader can enjoy 10% off all treatments (Monday – Wednesday) and 10% off all products at Serenity Loves, on Oundle Road by simply quoting ‘CherubsAd’.

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Now you can relax. Being a mum can be hard work. If you agree then Serenity Loves is just so for you. Imagine; getting the hair or beauty treatments you love without a single thing to worry about - including your precious little ones.

Imagine; yourself relaxing for an hour or two whilst your children are being cared for in a fun, stimulating and safe environment. You can even watch your children play whilst you enjoy your treatment - it’s total peace of mind.

Sound good? Doesn’t it just. Serenity Loves provides all this. With salon qualified, highly talented stylists on one side of the coin and qualified child care professionals the other, all you need to do is turn up and relax. We know you’ll love the unique experience you can only get with us. From party girl to full time mother we are Serenity Loves. What more does a girl need?

Beauty with ease.

01733 687 835 438 Oundle Road, Orton Longueville. PE2 7DB

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Festive expectations As we hang up the baubles on the Christmas tree, drape the lights and place the angel in prime position, I wonder, are our children only interested in what’s under it?



hristmas is a time for love, peace, joy, and the celebration of life yet, I fear the true message of Christmas has been lost under all of the media advertising, the compulsive consumerism, and the social pressure of gift-giving. So, the love that has long been associated with Christmas has been exchanged for products; for ‘things’. Of course, gift giving has always been a Christmas tradition however, it used to mark a kind gesture; an act of love, appreciation, or thanks, now though, it is not only an assumption, but an expectation. Children haven’t just lost the true message of Christmas; they no longer even learn it. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing children eagerly tear apart the wrapping paper and watching their little eyes light up as they realise what is now their new possession. This is one of life’s most heartwarming moments, and I absolutely relish in purchasing an array of pointless knickknacks just so, for that slight second,

I know I’ve made them the happiest little herub around. But the point is that children see toys constantly in the media, so they want so much all the time, it is difficult to restrict buying to Christmas, even in November. So we have established that Christmas is not the real culprit behind children’s lack of gratification, it’s every other day of the year. Children should learn that having everything is not an option; it is a matter of choice and sacrifice. Yes, do buy your children a gift you can afford but keep it for the 25th December because if we can’t keep Christmas a sacred and special event then our children will have no concept of anticipation, occasion or appreciation. In a materialistic, consumer oriented culture, we are faced with a real challenge in teaching thankfulness to children. They are conditioned to believe they are entitled to everything they want, now! Kids have also come to believe they should always get the biggest and best, but you can get your tot the biggest and most expensive teddy bear going, and they’ll play with the cardboard box it came in, guaranteed. | cherubs 13

“Give your children the best gift this Christmas, give them love and cherished memories.”

Children have no concept of money, so rather than Mum and Dad buying all of their friends’ Christmas presents, teach them that their very own pocket money could be used to make somebody else feel special, and that’s the greatest feeling there is. The majority of children receive a boatload of new toys each year. They soon lose interest in most of them within a couple of months or even weeks and wind up collecting dust in the corner of the room. So, get your child to choose some old toys which they can donate to charity. Deliver the toys as a family so they can experience the joy of giving away their possessions to a child less fortunate than themselves. Children need to be taught that Santa doesn’t just magically appear with presents, he works hard to get them through that chimney, those presents have travelled all the way from the North Pole, that is some mighty effort, so they need to be thoroughly cherished, loved and appreciated. It can be a little bit agitating when your little one thinks Santa is the best person alive for buying him the greatest toy in the whole-entireuniverse-ever, while the presents labelled ‘from Mum and Dad’ are just tossed aside and you’re left in the shadow of this mystical man. Children must learn respect. So, yes buy your little princess the new Barbie, and your beloved prince the latest Action Man, but make sure they read the gift tags and acknowledge who bought it and how special they must be for receiving a gift from them. Don’t buy Barbies and Action Men each time a new one comes out, or every time your hand gets pulled to the toy section of Tesco, because that will lead down a very slippery slope.

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Presents are a gift. Not a necessity, an expectation, or an everyday occurrence. We are not bad parents for giving children what they want, but we may be doing more harm than good. It is certainly not bad parenting to shower your little one with gifts this Christmas, but presents should be considered a bonus, not the essence of Christmas meaning. Parents aren’t to blame for this expectation, nor are children; it is the society in which we live that has transformed Christian faith into an asset which has been commodified and mechanised. We either live with it or resist it, and can we really resist something which is essentially a nice thing to do? However, we definitely can bring our children up to have gratitude and a perception of what really matters in life: family, friends, love, and health. Christmas is all about spending quality time with your loved ones, so, get them excited about seeing Grandad with his festive Santa hat on, and tell them that the ringing of Christmas bells are a sign that we get to see aunties and uncles again. Spend some quality time with your child, making snowmen and rustling up some delicious mince pies together to give to the rest of the family. You will not only have a great time seeing your cherubs smile and giggle, they’ll learn some great life lessons and hopefully they’ll quickly forget about the Wii game that they ‘urgently need’. Memories don’t come with the products you buy; they are made within the family home. A book is one of the best presents to give, and you reading the story to them will be what they’ll love, not the paper within the book itself. Give your children the best gift this Christmas, give them love and cherished memories.

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Are the twos really so terrible? Dexter is nearly 17-months-old now. He’s a lovely, funny, chatty, relaxed, (most of the time), little boy...with the most amazing ability to throw the most dramatic tantrums ever.


he term, “terrible twos” is misleading. It lulls you into a false sense of security that these toddler tantrums won’t begin until your child actually turns two-years-old.  But, as any parent to a child older than this will tell you, that is categorically not true. Every parent will have a different experience, but from mine, the “terrible twos” started at about 14-months-old.  It began gradually, building over time to a crescendo which I’m still to experience with Dexter.  I only know there will be a climax and then things will get better, because I’ve been there once before with Sophia. So there’s my first tip for surviving toddler tantrums - keep the end in sight and take heart in knowing they will grow out of it.   I believe these tantrums are borne of frustration more than anything else.  Toddlers want to be more independent but there will naturally be certain things they won’t be able to do yet, (and I think this is especially true for younger children with one or more older siblings), they tend to want to copy them and do the same things.  Toddlers also want to communicate, but their grasp of language still isn’t developed


enough. And of course, they’re trying to express opinions, as well as a natural testing of the boundaries you set. Here are some tips, (based on my experience), on how to survive these toddler tantrum years:

situation and tantrum even further, and prolong the misery for both child and parent. Stay calm and talk to them in a low, stern voice.  If you need time to calm down, leave the room and count to ten.  It really can help.

This phase won’t last forever

Ignore it

As I’ve already mentioned, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Remembering this can help get you through.

Be firm but fair

Are you stopping them from doing something because you believe that’s what is best for them or because it’s the end of a long day, you’re at your wits end, feeling grumpy? It’s important to be firm with children and draw boundaries but they shouldn’t be stopped from doing something solely because you’re not in the mood.

Stick to your guns

The main reason for the tantrum will be to manipulate you into changing your mind. Stand firm and don’t let the tantrum sway your decision.  If you give in once, they’ll know exactly what to do to get you to change your mind again.

Don’t lose your temper

Responding to a screaming child by shouting will just escalate the

It’s much easier said than done but as well as trying to get you to change your mind, tantrums are also a useful tool for toddlers to get your attention. If you ignore it, tantrums are likely to pass much more quickly.  

Take the situation away

If they’re getting themselves increasingly worked up and upset, it can often be useful to take them away from whatever it is that caused the tantrum. If they’ll accept it, give them a cuddle Sometimes they won’t want to know because they’ll be in a mood with you, but at other times they could well appreciate a cuddle when they’re upset.  This definitely helps if you’re out and about, they’ve seen something they want but can’t have and you’ve had to take them out of the shop to calm down. Of course, you could always try to play them at their own game.The next time they throw a paddy, why not do the same?  I’ve not tried it but would love to see the look on my children’s faces!

Laura, who is in her early thirties, lives near London and run her own parenting blog… Chez Mummy. Laura is a workfrazzled mum, with two fabulous but fiendishly cheeky young children and one patient husband. | cherubs 17

Turn up the music

Like most preschoolers, your child probably already loves music and has favourite songs, some of which may also be your favourite songs. Karen Dickinson, MA LTCL(Music Education), from Music for Little People, explores why music is valuable to your child’s development. WORDS KAREN DICKINSON

18 cherubs |


usic is not a gift or a talent, but a language that can be learned by anyone capable of attention, awareness and memory. Carefully planned music classes can introduce your child to the language of music and make a significant contribution to other areas of learning. I strongly believe that music is a language and as such can be learned – all children can be “musical”. If we do not speak to our children, they will not learn how to talk - if we make music with our children, they will not only learn that it is something which we personally value, but also learn skills that will help them throughout their lives. All children have the capacity to be musical if exposed to musical opportunities. Music classes, in which a group of children meet together with their caregivers, provide many opportunities for personal and social development. Children need to know how to work, play, co-operate with others and function in a group beyond the family. In the classes, children learn to take turns and share while music making. They also learn respect for the musical “toys” (the instruments). Singing and performing simple pieces within the mutually supportive group builds up self-esteem. Music encourages this co-operation with others and builds individual confidence. The knowledge of a wide range of songs is beneficial to language development as children expand their vocabulary when words are reinforced by simple actions and rhyming words. The pre-school child can listen and respond to stories, songs, nursery rhymes and poems. Music can also be used effectively to build story-making skills: the child might create a story

suggested by listening to a piece of music or may create a song that tells a story in direct response to a picture or event. When the beginnings of notation are introduced a child can see that music is also organised in the same way as their reading books, reading from left to right and from top to bottom. Math skills and the sequence of number are reinforced by number rhymes, songs, stories and counting games. Also, mathematical and musical language is often very similar, (e.g. “crescendo” is when the sound gets “bigger than” and is represented by the same sign; similarly “decrescendo” and “smaller than” share the same symbol and meaning). I have found that children as young as three can easily grasp these concepts. Children also become familiar with divisions of a beat when rhythms are introduced. Music can also play a significant role in teaching us an understanding of the world in which we live through songs and stories from other cultures. Through exposure to diverse music, children develop an awareness of how others create and participate in music. Children who grow up hearing music, singing songs, and moving to the beat are enjoying what experts call “a rich sensory environment.” That’s just a fancy way of saying they’re exposed to a wide variety of tastes, smells, textures, colours, and sounds. Musical experiences are an important way to help create these pathways, also called neural connections and while listening to music is certainly key to creating them, it’s when kids actively participate in music that they make the strongest connections. Preschoolers develop a catalogue of songs, from “Happy Birthday” to “Old MacDonald.” They begin by singing portions of favourite songs, sometimes substituting different words or rhythms. In a typical term at | cherubs 19

Music for Little People, children learn a total of 40 new of space and others. songs which gives them a huge vocabulary. Music is most often cited as being of importance You’ve probably noticed that your preschooler can in the area of creative development. Children can keep a steady beat. You can help your child practice develop the ability to use their imagination, to listen this skill by encouraging listening for beats — and and to observe through art, music, dance, stories and determining if they’re steady or not — in everyday imaginative play. The use of music as a channel for the objects. For example, point out the noise a kitchen clock emotions is one of the most quoted reasons for the makes and ask your child if it is a steady beat; then ask importance of music in education. if a sound like a car horn or a dog barking has a steady The pre-school years are a critical period for learning beat. Practice clapping and a strong foundation or tapping the beats for later achievement can to favourite songs and be laid. The advantages encourage your child of carefully planned to copy you. musical opportunities are Learning to play both social and musical, Better at reading and math when they start school any instrument, enhancing and supporting More able to focus and control their bodies including percussion, learning in other subjects with a certain and making an important Play better with others and have higher self-esteem degree of control contribution to a child’s develops physical and early education. manipulative skills. Finger rhymes and action songs also So, parents you need to teach your little cherubs that give plenty of opportunity for refining motor skills and we should dance as if no one were watching and sing as co-ordination. When moving to music in an eurhythmic if no one were listening. Fill your homes with music and way, children develop co-ordination and an awareness with it will come lots of enjoyment.

3 Reasons Why Children Should Learn Music:

MUSIC FOR LITTLE PEOPLE classes, incorporating the methodology of Kodály, Dalcroze, and the premise that children learn best through play, are available in various locations in Cambridgeshire - for more information about classes near you visit:

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Get your skates on!

It’s time to party with the stars at the fabulous family show Celebrities on Ice. We took the time to speak to two of the stars; Chico and Ray Quinn to find out what they love about being daddies… WORDS KATIE AMPS

It’s daddy time!


hat time is it? Well, it was daddy time when I was lucky enough to catch up with ex-factor and Dancing On Ice star Chico, to discuss his take on being a dad.

Tell us about your kids - and the joys they bring you?

They are the beat of my heart and just like the sun, my heart sets and rises with them. They are the sunshine in my life.

How do you deal with misbehaviour?

My spiritual master gave me the best advice. He said up to the age of seven show them love. From seven to fourteen, teach them discipline and from fourteen until twenty one, become their best friend. Right now I’m at the love stage with a tiny bit of discipline.

Is it hard to combine being a parent, with your crazy, busy lifestyle?

I’m a very hands-on dad. I haven’t missed one moment with them growing up. No matter where I am gigging, I always make sure I drive back if I can. I change them, feed them, and do the school runs. I’ve done it all so I feel very fortunate to know that I have been there every step of the way.

Do you sing to your kids at bedtime?

No, we do that after school, but a bedtime story is always onthe cards.

Are your kids showing any signs of musical talent?

Yes, Zacharia and Lalla Khira are very musical. They could sing a perfect melody at nine months, and they’re always dancing. It’s brilliant with them there’s never a dull moment.

What is the greatest reward of being a parent?

It is to experience what unconditional love really means. | cherubs 21

What one piece of advice would you give to any parents to be’?

Parenthood seems to be one those God given gifts that no matter what advice you hear, before you know it, you’re an expert. But if I was to give advice it would be to the fellas; be kind to your wives, and be hands on, it’s the hardest job in the world, yet the most rewarding.

Finally - tell us about why your Celebrities On Ice show is a must see for the whole of Peterborough - and is it family friendly?

Celebrities On Ice will provide everything Holiday On Ice did in previous years, with the added bonus of having celebrities singing, skating, and dancing. Hosted by the legendary Christopher Biggins, and starring myself, and previous Dancing On Ice winners Kyran Braken, and Ray Quinn. With more celebrities to be confirmed, it’s going to be a feast for the senses. We made it affordable by giving discounts for families and early birds, as well as meet and greet packages with your favourite celebrities. This will make for a fantastic late Christmas present and I can promise you this, we will put on a show that hopefully people will talk about for a long time to come. So book your tickets, put on your party pants and let’s ice paaaartaaaayyyy!!! Chico is married to Daniyela. They have a daughter named Lalla-Khira and a son, Zacharia.

“If I was to give advice it would be to the fellas; be kind to your wives, and be hands on...”

22 cherubs |

The daddy factor!


ith a new baby and a busy career, Ray has a lot on his plate. So what are his tips for creating the right balance?

Tell us about your new arrival and the experience of being a new dad?

Harry is my little boy, he’s 13 weeks old! And I adore him. I’d do things for him I wouldn’t do for myself. Now he is here my life has rapidly changed for the better. It’s the best thing in the world to happen to anyone. I still look at him sometimes and think... How?..where?...what? I’m truly blessed.

How prepared were you for parenting?

I was always prepared as far as cots and prams were concerned, but becoming a father? I don’t think you can be totally prepared for what’s in store! It’s truly overwhelming. Every day he surprises me with something new... a smile, a laugh! It’s unbelievable, you realise how natural it comes, and it’s not as daunting as you once thought. So I’ve surprised myself in a way. But my wife Emma is truly fantastic with him. She inspires me.

What is the greatest reward of being a parent?

Just their reliance I think. I love that he will come to me one day and ask me why? And look up to me. And every stage of their life is so different and I’m going to witness that and be there for him every step of the way. Also unconditional love, I don’t think it’s possible for me to love him anymore than I do already.

Who has the harder job, the mum or the dad and why?

The mum! She’s the one that had to give birth...let’s be fair!! But from then on we both play different roles. I help a lot, but I can’t take any credit as Emma is truly the most amazing mum.

Is it hard to combine being a parent, with your busy workload?

Yes! I miss him so much. But I have to work to set a good example to him. I want him to know that by working hard, you can achieve your goals and my goals are to take care of my family. I would say however I’m very lucky in a sense as my job isn’t work, I love it which always helps. I always say I’m working now to keep us warm and all that jazz...

Do you sing to your kid(s) at bedtime?

Oh yes, not just at bedtime all the time!

What one piece of advice would you give to any ‘parents to be’?

Cherish every moment as it flies by trust me. My wife would say don’t forget to breathe ladies. Also every baby is different, go with your instinct. Good luck and enjoy! Ray announced his engagement to Emma Stephens on Christmas Day 2010. They wed on March 31, 2012. Harry Frank was born on August 2nd 2012.

Win family tickets to Celebrities On Ice! For more information, please like our page on Facebook: cherubsnet

Celebrities On Ice tickets are on sale now!


he skating spectacular features a host of celebrities from the world of TV, music, sport and entertainment, and will be wowing the crowds at Peterborough Arena on the last weekend of January 2013 . Stars include former Dancing On Ice champions Kyran Bracken and Ray Quinn, along with X Factor star Chico and the fantastic Lisa Scott-Lee from Steps. What’s more our very own Kev Lawrence will be taking to the ice! The skating extravaganza – hosted by the amazing Christopher Biggins - is set to be an exciting mix of music, ice dancing and sequins galore. It will be the East of England venue’s first major event of the New Year. The Russian Ice Stars will be joining the glittering cast, boasting World, European and Olympic skaters. Tickets start from £15. For details call 0844 581 4910 or visit | cherubs 23




Book about me

cherubs pregnancy

Local portrait painter Heloise Toop. For more details of her amazing work, please check out:

ill & Tell’s My Best Book About Me is a modern memory book where parents can tell the story of their child, from when they first met until the child is 5 years old. Price £25.00, please visit:

Cherubs readers will get a 10% discount!

Cherubs readers get 10% off your next order using code CWOW10 at the checkout.

Double trouble O

baby’s new arrival, the Zezu Twin Pramette is suitable from birth, with liners to ensure that newborns are comfortable and secure. The independent multi position seat units can easily be adjusted in to forward or rear facing options. The Zezu Twin Pramette is perfect for life’s little adventurers, providing comfort all the way, with head huggers, shoulder pads, crotch pads, liners and an adjustable ergonomic foam handle. Visit to see the whole range from Obaby.

confident breastfeeding


he new range of striking long and short sleeve t-shirts from MamaFeelsGood are simply gorgeous. So what’s their secret? These breastfeeding t-shirts are actually 2 in 1; the top layer shirt looks like a simple, stylish T-shirt, which can then be pulled up to breastfeed, leaving the under layer (and mum’s modesty) in place. Prices start from £23.99 at Cherubs readers will receive a 10% discount using the code cherub10 at the checkout on their website.

24 cherubs |


aternity and nursing bra specialists Bravado have a stunning set sure to bring a smile to every mum’s eye this Winter. A beautiful combination of satin and lace, the sublime nursing bra and matching briefs really are rather lovely! The sultry shades of purple and black are perfect for the season. Not only will mum feel fab, she’ll look it too. After all she’s been hard at work giving little one the best start in life! £35.90 from Jojo Maman et Bebe.

Check out our our website for your chance to win a nursing bra!

cherubs baby

Little lamb L

uxury organic baby brand, The Little Green Sheep are delighted to announce the launch of their pram mattress! Each mattress is hand made from a blend of natural coconut fibre, fleece wool and cotton, so it’s perfect for delicate and sensitive skin. From £49.95 atr



Cherubs readers will receive 10% off their entire range with the code Cherubs10 at the checkout!

The personalised baby blankets from Charlotte Cot Blankets. You can have it personalised with the baby’s name and date of birth. Win yours on page 40!

Say ‘Hello Baby’ I

ntroducing the New ‘Hello Baby’ gift, a trio of perfectly pure bath and skincare products that are expertly blended making them suitable for new arrivals, even those with sensitive skin and skin allergies such as eczema. The concept allows you to truly personalise your gift by

The baby exchange


o, this isn’t an option to exchange your little cherub, but a great local store packed with new and secondhand baby items, available for exchange or purchase. If you have unwanted items, you can exchange them for something more useful from their shop. The Baby Exchange also stock new items, such as Skibz, Tutti Bambini and Mocc Ons so you can take in your unwanted items and exchange for new! For more information please visit:

Kiddie corner

choosing from Baby Blue for Boys or Blush Pink for girls, plus a Unisex option for those with a surprise in store. ‘Hello Baby’ also makes the perfect Christening gift. For your chance to win a ‘Hello Baby’ gift set, please like our Facebook page: Cherubsnet


eady to revamp your little cherubs room, then look no further than Mills and Flo who specialise in built-to-order wooden products. A special “Make it Personal” service is offered on all pieces of Mills and Flo furniture to give Cherubs readers customers a chance to create the perfect living space for will receive a their child, without the price tag of a custom product. for 10% discount more information, please visit: | cherubs 25

Oobicoo for you M

eet Orla, Ollie, Olwyn and Ed, the enchanting soft and huggable tots from the award winning Oobicoo. Oobicoo is the perfect size for your toddlers to pretend they have got a little one of their own. The special toys have been designed to be dressed up in hand-me-down-baby clothes and best of all, Oobicoo is completely eco friendly having been manufactured from recycled and recyclable materials.


he Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 is truly the best car seat to buy for a child who has grown out of the first baby seat. This refined, new design also has an ‘impact shield’, which has been proven to reduce the stress through the neck in a front crash by 50% compared with a 5-point harness seat.

£34.90 from Cherubs readers qualify for a 10% discount at the checkout, please use the code CHERUBS10

we ..


Pro seat

cherubs toddlers

Truly Scrumptious Cake Set from Silver Cross.


Win this fantastic product worth £239 at You will find all the details on our competitions page.

Easy as abc A

lphabet Jigsaws provide a great opportunity to integrate learning with play. Suitable for children ages 3 to 10 years they can aid in teaching basic numbers, letters and animals to more advanced geography. Each puzzle comes in a handy cotton bag for storage and all other packaging is made from recycled cardboard. Get 10% off by visiting and go to our offers page!

26 cherubs |

Keep your hat on!


ickapooh make the most marvellous, comfortable, stay-onable hats! All ethically produced too in organic Merino wool and organic cotton. The hats are extremely warm and cosy. The range is available at:

cherubs primary

Little feet need to be nurtured


Cool kids




child’s foot is not simply a miniature version of an adult’s foot. It is shorter, wider and more pliable, making it more susceptible to damage. Proper care and treatment of the feet, beginning in childhood and infancy, will prevent many of the mechanical and orthopaedic problems seen in adults. Many children walk excessively pigeon-toed (in-toeing), flat-footed, or bowlegged and although they may not be in pain, they are damaging their feet. With The Fane Clinic’s specialist knowledge and advanced Delcam iQube 3D laser scanner, 2D dynamic pressure scanner and video gait analysis, the diagnosis of your child’s problems are quickly and clearly pinpointed. Keeping your child’s feet healthy and happy all the way to adulthood. The Fane Clinic, in Peterborough, specialise in biomechanical gait analysis and treatment of lower limb problems. For further information or a free assessment for your child please call 01733 571555 or visit Read more about caring for your children’s feet at

J’s Kids and Teens Hairdressers on Wentworth Street, Peterborough, is the ultimate destination for children as well as adults when it comes to hair styling and pampering. Your little cherubs can relax in the kids side of the salon where there is a small play area with a TV and toys for younger children. While having their hair cut they can sit in the special car seats and watch a favourite program on their individual TV screen or a have quick game on the xbox while they’re waiting. For more information check out:

The personalised artwork from children’s art company, Bellabee. Check out to commission yours. . 20% exclusive discount to Cherubs readers, just enter bellabee02 at the checkout

Discounts available for Cherubs readers on page 42

Let’s get creative


e have all spent those moments of fear when our child looks in horror at the fact that we do not have all of the ingredients to make their own Mr Maker masterpiece. But fear not because Toucan Box have created a monthly treasure trove with educational and fun themes – all in one handy Box. For more information, visit: Exclusively to Cherubs, get your first month’s box for only £9.95 (normally £16.99) when you enter the code chrb12 at the checkout.

Discount code valid for new customers only. Expires: 31st December 2012

Readers hatched


f course it goes without saying that we all want to give our children as much help in learning to read as possible. Reading Eggs is an online reading programme, designed to offer one-to-one lessons, tailored to your child’s age and ability so that they can progress at their own rate. Every lesson ends with a new book and a new critter to add to your growing collection. A 6 month subscription is £29.95 or £39.95 for a year. For more information visit: | cherubs 27

Improve your child’s study skills Kumon’s maths and English study programmes work to improve your child’s skills, develop their confidence and inspire a passion for learning. To unlock your child’s potential, contact your local Instructor for a Free Assessment: Peterborough Study Werrington Stamford Centre Contact: Lesley Goodfellow Pauline Jones 01780 754635 Call: 01733 569008

BABY CARE Baby Nappy Balm with Olive & Chamomile Oils 100g Baby Vapour Balm with Sunflower, Jojoba & Chamomile 50g Mother & Baby Hand Sanitizer with 27% Aloe Vera and No Alcohol

Baby lotion with Chamomile, Aloe Vera and Natural Vitamin E Baby oil with Sunflower, Jojoba and Chamomile Baby wash with Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Lavender Baby soap with Honey, Aloe Vera & Chamomile Toy sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs Baby gift set & Keepsake box

No Parabens No SLS/SLES No Phenoxyethanol No Benzyl Alcohol No Sodium Benzoate


28 cherubs cherubs 28 cherubs | ||

cherubs teens

Animation creation

Get the skills P

Dancing shoes D



eterborough Skills Service is a pioneering new brokerage service working with employers and education centres that will facilitate the delivery of work related activities such as mentoring, careers talks, classroom sessions and work experience placements for young people. Supported by Opportunity Peterborough and Peterborough City Council, the service provides a response to many of the concerns raised by businesses regarding the work readiness of young people in the city.  The service will develop employability skills of young people by offering them a wide range of activities and provide information about the local labour market, job opportunities and skills gaps. For more information, please visit:


ith Animate IT, making your own movies could not be easier. The kit contains computer animation software, coloured modelling clay, an on-screen tutorial and a green screen back drop so you can use your own photos as a background. Spend the Christmas holidays making movies and entertaining your friends and family over the festive season. For mail order, please phone 01274 203 448. Animate IT is available from the National Media Museum Shop at £30.00.

anzfusion offers mainly street dance routines with other styles available in selected classes for show work. All classes aim to help improve dance technique and

Roller Skating Discos at Werrington Le isure Centre Saturdays fr om 7.30pm

Peace and quiet performance skills in a fun and friendly atmosphere that can be enjoyed by all! So what are you waiting for, contact for more information and class timetables.


ivacity libraries offer young people the chance to attend homework clubs at their local library. Free internet access and free printouts of online resources, plus word-processing and other computer facilities. And don’t forget there is a lot more study space than there will be on the dining room table! For more information: | cherubs 29

cherubs mums

Get glossy! G

LOSSYBOX is all about delivering beauty trends directly to your home which is perfect for busy mums who like to treat themselves! For only £10.00 per month (plus P+P), you receive a beautifully-wrapped box with 5 samples or miniatures from a variety of luxury brands with items such as lipsticks, nail polish, organic skincare and perfumes.   The best part of Glossybox is the element of surprise as you never know what will be arriving at your door!  For more information go to:



Le Teint from Yves Saint Laurent to help those sleep deprived eyes…

Guilt free pampering


erenity Loves in Peterborough provide a fabulous range of affordable hair and beauty treatments for mums with the added benefit of an onsite fully supervised crèche facility. So while you chill out in a relaxing, friendly environment your little cherubs are playing happily! Perfect for mums! 10% off all treatments and products at Serenity Loves, by simply quoting ‘CherubsAd’.

Winter glow


ita Liberata have created a new mousse fake tan that will apparently last 2-3 weeks, which is perfect for busy mums who don’t have time for a weekly self tan session. Vita Liberata also claim that the tan has no smells and will be streak free and is unique due to its nourishing extracts which lock moisture in and prevent the tan from fading.  Although it does have a hefty price tag of £37.50, it could be well worth it to help you through the rest of the winter! For stockists, visit:

30 cherubs |


The ultimate salon for children, young adults, mums and dads

What does your child really want

this Christmas?

Call us to bo ok an appointment

01733 425153

Calling Teens Mums


Kids Dads


Kids Mums Mums

Dads Dads

Teens Teens

Kids Kids



Children are aware of domestic abuse more than you think Cars for the tots !

Watching TV!

Nails & Pampering!

call 01733 425153 or text 07730 747665

Visit our website to see which organisations can help keep your family safe this Christmas or scan the QR code below with your smartphone

find us on facebook e: w:

Call: 101 Visit: Follow: @CambsCops Subscribe:

Find us at 7 Wentworth Street (off Bridge St), Peterborough, PE1 1DH

Dear Santa Advert Cherubs Mag (132x91mm).indd 1

21/11/2012 15:19:42 cherubs 31|| |cherubs cherubs 31


christmas gift guide

Grace Topsy-Turvy Doll £35.00 During the day Grace wears a beautiful floral dress, then just pull her dress over to reveal Grace wearing a night dress with her hair in rags ready for bedtime. 32 cherubs |

christmasgiftguide just for...

Babies The decorations are up, Christmas pudding has been made and you’re feeling truly festive, so here’s a selection of gorgeous treats which are guaranteed to get the baby in your life in the Christmas spirit straight away.

Baby’s Personalised Rudolf Christmas Romper £21.00 A brilliant 1st Christmas Romper with a Rudolph the Reindeer motif on the front and your child’s own name personalised in a glittering gold print. That’s Christmas days outfit sorted! Available from

Franck and Fischer Dorthea Sensory Toy


Christmas Design Skibz

Berry Angel Rag Doll



Chalk & Cheese T-Shirt Duo

Berry danced like an angel, with her beautiful soft fabrics with embroidery and appliqué detail. Available from

£10.00 Ideal for twins!

Roody Reindeer Rocking Animal

The Little Green Sheep Stockings


From £19.95

The fun never stops with this adorable rocking animal - It will keep your little one entertained well into the New Year. Available from

For Cherubs discounts, please see page 42 | cherubs 33

christmasgiftguide just for...

Children Christmas is just around the corner and to celebrate we’ve put together the ultimate children’s gift guide. From the latest tricycle on the market to great stocking fillers, we have plenty of Christmas cheer to share!

Christmas colour-in tablecloth £5.99

Christmas Jumper From £21.00 Available from

Get some wheels! A selection of the trendiest rideon toys for your little cherubs.

The Dream Trike

Notebook and Sticker Set

£99.99 Transforming in 4 different ways, this trike will see your tot through from 10 months to 3 years. Available from Toys R Us, Mothercare and Early Learning Centre

£6.00 Girls can keep all their secrets safe in this pretty lockable notebook with alphabet stickers. Available from Next at Queensgate Peterborough.

Barbie Scooter £14.99

Stay Play Explore Family Fun Gift £109.00

Barbie fans can scoot in style in this fabulous inline scooter. Available from Argos at Queensgate Peterborough

Award winning fun for a family of four: a saving of 46%. The break includes one night with breakfast at a top hotel plus entry to 3 great attractions.

Ride on Vespa £75.00 Available from

34 cherubs |

christmasgiftguide just for...

Mums Every mum deserves a treat, and especially those who have their hands (or bellies!) full with the little ones. With this in mind we have chosen some fabulous gifts that no Mum should be without this Christmas.

Silver Lantern Teas From £4.45

Erbaviva Pregnancy Gift Set

Silver Lantern teas have a whole host of health benefits including maintenance of a healthy heart.


Sugarjack Changing Bag

Being pregnant over Christmas can be tiring so mums will need lots of luxury pampering!

Beautiful boutique Bringing together lovingly-selected, unique creations for your Mum.


Personalised Keyring

Made from luxury leather, each bag comes with a detachable baby organiser, but if they’re having a baby free day all they need to do is unclip the organiser and it’s a handbag again!

Stay Play Explore City Break Gift £109.00 Enjoy a night’s stay and breakfast for two in a chic city hotel (saving 60%), and create your own unique cultural, pampering, and dining experience with three treats included.


A lovely keyring for mum with her little ones name.

Personalised Disc Necklace £49.00

This beautiful necklace is understated, delicate and can be personalised as you wish.

London Mover Notebook £29.00

Handmade luxury notebooks with a modern twist! | cherubs 35

christmasgiftguide just for...

Dads He has spent ages putting the lights up outside the house and braving the ladder, so let’s not forget the man of the house this year. From a great laptop bag to London Historic playing cards, we have some great, unique ideas for you!

Daddy Oak & Baby Acorn Set

Sprite IV Binocular Helios



Incredibly compact and powerful pair of binoculars. Great for football! Available from The Science Museum.

TV Laptop Bag £18.00 Available by mail order from the National Media Museum Shop. Tel: 01274 202041

As the classic saying goes ‘Great oaks from little acorns grow’



Let’s take Dad on a trip to our capital city this festive season.

London Historic Playing Cards £5.00

London Book Stay Play Explore Gourmet Gift



Two people can stay at a top country hotel and indulge in three world-class gourmet experiences (saving up to 48%).

Book Ends £20.00

36 cherubs |

christmasgiftguide just for...

Grandparents Nanny and Grandad definitely deserve some special treatment this Christmas. So what can you get for those two fantastic people who are always there for you. What about a shoe brush for him and a sentimental bracelet for her…

Flying Scotsman Flask

Great for Grandad!



Available by mail order Tel: 01904 686240

One of our British themed jointed bears, George. Presented in a beautiful Silver Cross gift box.

Grandma’s Charm Bracelet

Homemaker’s Heaven A hand-picked selection of gifts to help around your grandparents’ home

Food Glorious Food Tea Towel

£35.00 With this unique gift you are sure to make her heart melt.

Stay Play Explore Heritage Gift £109.00 Two people can stay at a choice of participating hotels (saving 58%), and discover over 500 years of history with a choice of three iconic heritage sites.


Thread and Tidy £28.00

Shoe Brush £26.00 | cherubs 37


Winter Winner

Special reader offer -offer... enjoy the winter evenings with Cherubs reader

a night the dogs for ONLY £1 HDFKKHUH¡VZKDW¡V Enjoy theatwinter evenings with a night at the dogs included... Admission for up to included... 4 adults* (you can bring for ONLY £1 each, here’s what’s Admission the kids in free of charge too!) PLUS a meal for each adult for up to 4 adults* (you can bring the kids in free of from our Rumblin Tum fast-food servery charge too!) PLUS a meal for each adult from our Valid any Wednesday, Friday or Saturday up to Rumblin Tum27/2/13. fast-food servery and including NOT VALID for our afternoon meeting 26/12/2012. No evening Valid any Wednesday, Friday or Saturday up to meetings 26/12/12 and 2/1/13. and including 27/2/13. NOT VALID for our Validate with your name and email address afternoon meeting 26/12/2012. No evening meetings 26/12/12 and 2/1/13.


Validate with your name andÂŁ1 email address NO ENTRY with this voucher for *Race programmes if required.

under 18s unless accompanied by a responsible adult. The management reserves the right to refuse admission at all times. Racecards and drinks not included. Not available in the restaurant. *Race programmes ÂŁ1 if required. NO ENTRY with this voucher for under 18s unless No photocopies accepted. Not to be used in conjunction with any other accompanied by a responsible adult. The management reserves the right to refuse admisoffer, entryand passes, owners passes or their sion at allother times. free Racecards drinks not included. Not available in guests. the restaurant. No Admission and all items are subject toany availability. photocopies accepted. Notmenu to be used in conjunction with other offer,Find other us freeat entry Fengate, PE1Admission 5BJ Tel 01733 29 69 39.are subject to availpasses, ownersPeterborough passes or their guests. and all menu items ability. Find us at Fengate, Peterborough PE1 5BJ Tel 01733 29 69 39.

In association with:

In association with: Cherubs Peterborough Ltd

Premium needle retaining nordmann firs pot grown premium fraser fir wreaths decorations Bronze free range turkeys Free sprig of mistletoe with every tree Come visit us on our farm from the 1st of December

8FT ÂŁ55

7FT ÂŁ45

5FT ÂŁ30

6FT ÂŁ35

4FT ÂŁ25


TREES Nunton Lodge Farm, Helpston Rd, Maxey, Peterborough, PE6 9HG

Have a delicious Christmas with Moor Farm Meats

Quality frozen dishes direct to your door Try our Best Sellers Pack 7 days worth of meals for only ÂŁ23.95

Over 300 delicious meals, ready in minutes from your microwave & oven. Easy to order on the phone with our friendly staff. Delivered by helpful, local delivery drivers.

0845 688 5088 CHER12

Moor Farm, Decoy Road, Newborough, Peterborough PE6 7QD Tel: 01733 810 229

cherubs | | 38 cherubs

Visit us online at

DJ Daddy


Kev Lawrence, Heart Breakfast Show presenter and doting dad of two, recalls some of his mischievious childhood memories and the lessons he learnt from them.

s a child aged 9 to 14 I often found myself in trouble. Led astray by older brothers, adventurous friends, not to mention my own scheming mind. When pushed to recall examples, there are two crimes that stand out most. The first one involved stealing daffodils from a graveyard garden. I never set out to disrespect the deceased, and while technically I suppose it was theft, I was merely trying to show an entrepreneurial side of my character. It started out as a ’get a few pounds for extra pocket money’ idea. I picked a wheelbarrow full of daffodils from a roadside area brimming with them one summer, bunched them up and sold them at the end of our drive. A small sign hung with the words, “Daffs, 50p a bunch” and within a couple of hours the flowers were gone and my old Nescafe jar was filled with cash. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I expanded the business and brought in a partner, my buddy Al, chosen because his parents owned land that happened to have lots off yellow daffs just begging to get picked. After his dad warned us off, and with demand not being met, we were forced to look elsewhere for our stock, hence the late night ventures into our local church. On our second forage, we were caught red handed by an outraged fellow, wearing jeans and a dog caller, who demanded to know our business. Thanks to this man of the cloth, and a proper telling off from my parents, my

flower days were over. My second confession of childhood trouble I take no responsibility for at all. I was simply with my brothers, who regularly enjoyed scrumping. The art of stealing apples was practiced by many kids near where we lived, probably because there were so many gardens that had apple trees near us. The odd thing was, the night were caught, it was in a garden that gave us only crab apples bitter to taste and laden with holes. The owner of the house shone torches into our startled eyes, and while both my brothers sprinted free, I was too slow and was stiff armed in a moments notice. This vile man then marched me by my ears to my house, where I was forced to confess my evil sins. The mischief my kids get up to is vastly different. I recall my son and his mates last summer making their own magazine. It was basically two A4 bits of

“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable but more useful than a life doing nothing.” paper folded with quizzes and a couple of mini articles done on the home PC. After a sneaky session on my works photocopier, a bagful were then hauled around our housing estate and sold for varying amounts - ranging from 2p to £2! Ok, it was full of typos and wasn’t the most riveting of reads, but at least it showed initiative and it brought a smile to those it was offered to. The start of a budding career in media or publishing maybe?

An illustration of my daughters mischief may strike a chord to any parent whose kids love to play games on their smart phones or tablets. It was a few years ago when Moshi Monsters was all the rage. Somehow, she’d inadvertently got into my iTunes account, and bought herself around 10 million coins which helped her get onto ‘higher levels’ of her game. She had no idea that my credit card was getting hit for over £300! To her, buying ‘virtual coins’ was innocent. Luckily for me, my emailed receipts were spotted early and I was able to change my password and put blocks on my kids signing up for stuff! So as my own two little cherubs enter an age where they may be led astray, lured into mad money making ideas that might just beef up some extra pocket money; I always like to remember my own childhood mistakes, and not punish them too harshly. I also believe the words of George Bernard Shaw who once said; “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable but more useful than a life doing nothing.”

I’m a good dad because... I make homemade pancakes for breakfast. I’m a bad dad because... I let the kids have too many sweets. Thought of the month... Never underestimate a parent’s ability to mortify their child.



with Cherubs


katie loves

See Santa at Springfields It’s time for the whole family to get in the festive mood this Christmas with the arrival of Santa with his real reindeer at Springfields Outlet Shopping, Spalding. We have 20 tickets to giveaway to visit the grotto!

o enter, please LIKE our Facebook page cherubsnet. All details and terms/ conditions are listed on our page.

Win 3 Family Golden Tickets for Roald Dahl Museum*

Trendy tea times The Skibz Doublez are effectively two bibs in one and we have two to giveaway! The Doublez are reversible so there are two funky styles to choose from; however no functionality has been spared and they are just as reliable as the original Skibz with the traditional double layer of fabric. Worth: £12.50

katie loves

Nursing style! Win a Bravado Body Silk Seamless Bra in a gorgeous shade of plum! Any mum looking to brighten up their breastfeeding lingerie will love Bravado in plum! Worth: £29.70. Available at John Lewis.

*single admission for 2 adults and up to 3 children, value £21

Snuggly little cherubs Win a beautiful personalised baby blanket, from Charlotte Cot Blankets. The lucky winner can choose which style and colourway they’d like and have it personalised with the baby’s name and date of birth. Worth £68.00

Stardust Clothes Deck the halls Fancy a real Christmas tree? Win yours from Nunton Christmas Trees. 40 cherubs |

katie loves

Win £50.00 worth of Stardust clothes. The range appeals as much to Mums and Dads as it does the kids, and allows parents to pass on their sense of urban rebellion to their kids, with fashions that are way too cool for school!

Fairy Experience day!

Fill your TUMTUM! TUMTUM, the multi award winning children’s brand, are thrilled to announce the launch of their new Lunch Set and we have a set to giveaway! The Lunch Set is perfect as it means that lunch options are endless! Worth: £10!

Sprinkle a little fairy dust, wave a magic wand and grant a special little person an unforgettable afternoon at Fairy School! Fairy School workshops, designed for children aged 3 to 9, allow budding fairies everywhere to experience the magic of a fairytale afternoon spent learning how to make fairy dust, learn fairy dancing and much, much more. Worth £28.00.

nergy Find your Fu nergy’s

r hire of Fu Win a 2 hou ent. play equipm ft so ic st ta n fa www.funerg

Nice Nighty! Win a button through nightdress from Amoralia. A must-have for the hospital bag, the button through nursing nighdress will be a favourite from maternity to nursing. Also included in the prize is a cute babygrow with slate spot trim. Worth £59.00.

Kiddy Pro! WIN a super safe, ultra comfy, lightweight Kiddy Guardian Pro 2, worth £239.00! ! The best choice of car seat for an child who has grown out of their infant carrier. To enter simply email, put Cherubs in your subject title and your name and address within the email.

katie loves

Christmas on the farm! Win a family ticket to Sacrewell Farm this Christmas! It’s not often that you have the chance to visit Father Christmas and see a Nativity scene featuring real farm animals all at once! Hop on a bumpy tractor sleigh ride through the Farm and down to the Mill House where Father Christmas will be waiting in his grotto.

katie loves

Photo Phones! Win a personalised photo cover for your iPhone. Upload a picture, have a bit of fun with the case designer and here you go, you’ll never confuse your phone with someone else’s! You can also add colour and text to your design!

Morocco Giveaway

Win a two night stay, including airport transfers at the Luxury Zamzam Riad & Spa in Marrakech, Morocco! The Zamzam Riad & Spa is a luxury boutique hotel in the ancient walled city of Marrakech. Zamzam is decorated in a traditional moroccan style with a contemporary feel offering luxurious extras. Zamzam has 7 suites and bedrooms over the ground and first floor. It has a Moroccan spa with Hammam and treatment rooms; it also has a decent sized plunge pool, heated in winter. The riad has a salon for dining, cocktails or simply reading a book in the cooler months in front of the fire. Conde Nast voted Zamzam ‘Best Family Riad’ and also we have 2 Awards for Excellence from Trip Advisor in 2012.

You will find all the details for entering our competitions by liking Cherubsnet on Facebook. More competitions available on | cherubs 41

cherubs offers

katie loves

20% off personalised canvases

10% discount using the code MW2012 for stylish girls and boys clothing!

at Use the code bellabee02 at the checkout!

10% off

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Mia Armitt

Age: 6 Lives: Orton Longueville, Peterborough What’s your favourite dinner? Pizza What is Santa bringing you? Polly Pocket What’s your favourite toy? Sylvanian Families Where does Santa live? The North Pole Do you have pets? Yes, a dog, a hamster, a rabbit and fish


on camera Check out these local little cherubs! Laura Fraylich took some time out of her busy day to find out a little more. Photography

Phoebe Fraylich

Age: 4 Lives: Hampton, Peterbo rou


What’s your favourite din ner? Spaghetti and cucumber What is Santa bringing you? Chocolate lolly maker What’s your favourite to y? My Little Pony Where does Santa live? Far away Do you have pets? Yes, a tilly pig and 2 cats

Kameron Fthaswaz

Age: 2 years 8 mon terborough Lives: Eye Green, Pe ite dinner? What’s your favour les Chicken and nood ging you? What is Santa brin Batman Cave ite toy? What’s your favour Wrestling men a live? Where does Sant In the sky ? Do you have pets zi Su d Yes, a dog calle

A newborn and children’s portrait specialist studio based in Peterborough.

44 cherubs |

| Laura Rose Studios

Tom Embleton

Age: 5 rough Lives: Hampton, Peterbo ner? What’s your favourite din Pasta you? What is Santa bringing Power Rangers Samurai y? What’s your favourite to rai Power Rangers Samu Where does Santa live? The North Pole Do you have pets? Yes, I have guinea pigs

Isobel Liddle

Age: 6 years, 10 m onths Lives: Hampton, Pe terborough What’s your favour ite dinner? Marinated pork ch ops and vegetables What is Santa brin ging you? Goldie the Beanie Boo What’s your favour ite toy? Hippo the scented teddy Where does Sant a live? The North Pole Do you have pets ? No, but I used to have 2 cats

cherubs In the next issue of

Valentines Special

Your guide to Valentines across Peterborough

Bilingual children Does it really make them more intelligent?

Baby it’s cold outside

Out 1st February 2013

Do you

Why children still want to be outside even when it’s chilly!

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Target 35,000 potential customers with Cherubs across the Valentine’s month of February

Cherubs is available through primary school book bags, free copies at local child related venues, online and as an app with 16,000 copies printed per edition. cherubs 45 T: 0844 800 0804 | E: | Facebook: cherubsnet | Twitter:| cherubsnet

cherubs entertainment Keep your little cherubs busy with our what’s on guide. For full listings, visit Until16th Dec

Saturdays from 2nd Dec

Help bring a smile to children’s faces in Peterborough this Christmas and donate a gift to the Giving Tree, in association with Heart FM.

Choirs invited from Schools and Churches to attend the Christmas grotto. Email: peterboroughmarket@

Until 6th Jan

6th Dec

The Giving Tree

Get up close with our animals

City Market Christmas


Salvation Army

he Raptor Foundation offers a whole day of entertainment with many species of Raptors to see as well as the Meerkats and Reptiles. Get up close and fly and handle some of the animals. They have daily flying displays, Silent Wings Tearoom, mad about owls shop, ND’s K9 Academy and Falcons Nest Accommodation. 15th and 22nd Dec - Twilight Flying. Christmas dinner and pudding, watch the birds come alive at night and fly over your heads. £18.00 per person (bring your own wine). Or try a Bird Experience day. Half and full days with Owls, Hawks and Falcons contact centre for prices. Raptor Foundation, The Heath, St Ives Road, Woodhurst. PE28 3BT. Tel: 01487 741140

The Salvation Army will be performing Christmas carols in the centre in the lead up to the big day. Queensgate Shopping Centre.

admission. The Voyager Academy 12pm - 4 pm. Tel: 01733 383873

8th Dec

8th Dec

Throughout the month of December the NVR will be running their ever popular Santa-Specials. Nene Valley Railway, Wansford.

Bringing Peterborough in Victorian times to life! Enjoy some crafts and make a Victorian card, Christmas tree decoration and cracker to take home, and enjoy a few stories too! Central Library: 11am – 12.30pm

Mince pies and mulled wine, stalls and Father Christmas. John Clare Cottage, Helpston. Tel: 01733 253330

Until 15th Dec

8th Dec

The Samaritans of Peterborough and District has organised a hassle-free Indoor Nearly New Sale. Peterborough Arena’s Exhibition Hall

Winter Wonderland Twin Lakes Family Theme Park, Melton Mowbray

A Christmas Festival of Music and Carols Join with the Band of the Royal Air Force College to sing Christmas carols and hear Christmas music – celebrating heroes past and present .Tickets £10 each. Ken Clarke: 0116 268 8780.

7th & 8th Dec

Planet Ice Christmas Shows An African Adventure - Planet Ice, Bretton. Box Office: 01733 260222

Until 24th Dec Santa’s Grotto

Santa sleighs into Queensgate to give gifts galore and help spread the Christmas cheer. North Square, Queensgate Shopping Centre

24th Nov - 24th Dec Nene Valley Railway Santa Specials

See Santa at Sacrewell Farm Children visiting the Farm can hop on a bumpy tractor sleigh ride and down to the Mill House where Father Christmas will be waiting in his grotto.

8th, 15th & 22nd Dec

A Victorian Christmas

Festival Freeze Attractions include: massive toboggan run, Christmas bouncer bouncy castle, festive craft market, performances and entertainment, food and drink and lots more! Free

Christmas Fair

9th Dec

Indoor Nearly New Sale

9th Dec

Craft Fair

Our monthly celebration of all things handmade and lovely! Expect beautiful traditional and very nontraditional items.

9th Dec

Christmas Carols This event had been organized by Friends of Central Park and in association with Enterprise Peterborough. Central Park. For more info call 01733 345883

13th Dec

Christmas Wreath Laying Support our soldiers as The Mayor along with local dignitaries will lay a Christmas wreath at the war memorial. Town Hall.

FREE Winter Wonderland Walk at Springfields – plus meet Santa & his reindeer!


t’s time for the family to get in the festive mood at Springfields, Spalding, thanks to the opening of Santa’s Grotto and the spectacular Winter Wonderland Walk – with the Walk completely FREE for 2012! The Winter Wonderland Walk is an amazing journey through the Festival Gardens, which have been specially decorated with a Christmas theme. The Walk and Grotto will then be open everyday right through to Christmas Eve; Monday-Fridays 4-8pm, Saturdays 3-5.30pm, and Sundays 2-4.30pm. Admission to Santa’s Grotto is only £4 per child which includes a surprise chocolate gift. To find out more go to

Cherubs has 20 FREE tickets to see Santa in his Grotto. Like our Facebook page cherubsnet for more details! 46 cherubs |

26 Maxwell Road Woodston Peterborough PE2 7JE

01733 394279

Play Days' are 'Fun Days!

Open from 9.30am to 11.30am for Play Days. During this time the children have the opportunity to play on the equipment under parental supervision.

The Children’s Party & Mobile Creche Specialists

It’s Party Time!

Hire of our exclusive large party room for up to 28 people. Giving you the private use of the gymnasium including all gymnastic equipment, parachute games, inflatables, balloons, banners, invites and music.

Ladybugs Créche

We provide short sessional Educare (education and care). With a play area for a small group of children whose parents are busy doing other things or just need some time for themselves.

- A range of fun parties for boys & girls aged 1-11 at a venue of your choice. - Professionally staffed mobile creche facility for weddings and other events. - Soft play equipment available for hire, ideal for weddings, christenings, parties & more.


All coaches are ‘British Gymnastics’ registered. These are structured lessons headed by our high performance level 6 coach. Classes start from beginners in our recreational sessions from age 4 through to development, novice, up to elite national level. Free trial lesson (all lessons)

All staff are CRB checked

08456 804 894 -

Peterborough and East Anglia’s Premier Gymnastics & Dance Academy

Y DA ME f SA turn i re ked boo 10am ore bef

Hi I’m Ollie the

Owl Hi I’m Ollie the


��D ��U ���W

DID YOU KNOW It’s with many species of Raptors to see It’saawhole wholeday dayofofentertainment entertainment with many species of Raptors to thethe Meerkats andand Reptiles seeasaswell wellasas Meerkats Reptiles. Get close and andDID fly handle some of the animals YOU KNOW Get upupclose fly and and handle some of the animals It’s a whole day of entertainment with many species of Raptors to see Daily flying displays  Silent Wings Tearoom  Mad about owls shop Daily flying displays • the Silent Wings Tearoom • Mad about owls as well as Meerkats and Reptiles ND’s K9 Academy  Falcons Nest Accommodation


Get close fly and •handle some of the animals shop • up ND’s K9and Academy Falcons Nest Accommodation SPECIAL EVENTS COMING SOON Daily flying displays  Silent Wings Tearoom  Mad about owls shop SPECIAL EVENTS COMING SOONdinner and TwilightND’s Flying and 22 FULL Christmas Falcons Nest Accommodation K9–15 Academy December, pudding,Flying watch the birds come alive at night andChristmas fly over your headsand Twilight –15 and 22 December, FULL dinner SPECIAL EVENTS COMING SOON £18.00 per person (bring your own wine)

The loca rvice that ironing se


pudding, watch the birds come alive at night and fly over your

Twilight heads. Flying –15 and 22 December, FULL your Christmas dinner and £18.00 per person (bring own wine) CHRISTMAS IS NOT FARand AWAY pudding, watch the birds come alive at night fly over your heads £18.00 per person (bring your own wine) CHRISTMAS IS these NOT Experiences FAR AWAY! How about one of Bird ExperienceCHRISTMAS days half and full days FAR with AWAY Owls, Hawks and Falcons IS NOT contact centre for prices. How about one of these Experiences

Bird Experience full Experiences days with Owls, Hawks and Howdays abouthalf oneand of these Heath Tel: 01487 Falcons contact centre prices. Bird Experience days halfThe and full days with for Owls, Hawks741140 and Falcons

St Ives Roadfor prices. contact centre Woodhurst Fax: 01487 841140 The Heath, St Ives Road, Cambs PE28 3BT Tel: 01487 The Heath 741140 PE28 3BT Woodhurst.Cambs NEW Email: St Ives Road Tel: 01487 741140 Woodhurst Fax: 01487Fax: 841140 01487 841140 Cambs PE28 3BT Email: NEW Email:



can trus

• • • • •

Give us a call on the number below We will collect from your home or work at time to suit you We will press to a high standard and return within 48 hours

That’s one thing off my list!

If you’re a busy mum let Dr Iron take care of your ironing pile! Collection and delivery service!

Please call: 01733 560292|07751 366129|| |cherubs cherubs 47 cherubs 47

cherubs entertainment 13th - 16th Dec

Peterborough Cathedral and Vivacity are pleased to invite you to come and visit this traditional Christmas market with exotic stalls, entertainment and seasonal refreshments.

Pantomimes is planning bigger and better for this Christmas. Starring EastEnders favourite Ricky Groves as Idle Jack, and singing hearth-throb Andy Scott-Lee as Dick Whittington, with a welcome return from Zach Vanderfelt as Sarah the Cook. Various times please call for details or visit website.

14th Dec

19th Dec

Historic Christmas Market

Pre School Christmas Nativity Service This one-hour service is open to everyone, particularly pre school children. It features the story of the Nativity told by young children using theatre and singing with full audience participation throughout.

15th Dec

Mince Pie Mayhem Mince pie making and seasonal jollity. All ingredients provided, but please bring an apron and a container to take away your fabulous fare. Suitable for the 7-12 age range. John Clare Cottage. Tel: 01733 253330

The King’s School Christmas Concert A musical Christmas celebration at Peterborough Cathedral featuring the musicians and choir of The King’s School, together with choirs from local primary schools. Please contact The King’s School on 01733 751541 for ticket information.

21st Dec

Peterborough Cathedral Christmas Concert Peterborough Cathedral Choir and Festival Chorus with Charivari Agréable. Directed by David Humphreys. The ever-popular Cathedral Christmas concert offers a fine selection of music for the Christmas season. Tickets available from

22nd Dec - 8th Jan Winter Trail

15th Dec

Christingle Service The Cathedral’s annual service for young children and families includes seasonal readings, carols and music performed by local school children.

15th - 26th Dec Dick Whittington

The Cresset together with Premier

Collect a trail sheet from the visitor centre and follow the clues around the park. Return to the visitor centre to claim your prize.Ferry Meadows For more information please call the Nene Park Trust on 01733 234193.

22nd Dec

Family Christmas Party Family disco, Bouncy Castle, Party Games, Santa.. Bar and food and much much more. Focus Community Centre, Chestnut Avenue. Dogsthorpe. Call Sam on 01733 718416.

Meet Santa at Sacrewell!


t’s not often that you have the chance to visit Father Christmas and see a Nativity scene featuring real farm animals all at once! Well, the donkeys are getting primed, the lambs are fluffing their wool and the geese are getting very fat in time for the Christmas season. For an extra £5 per child, children can hop on a bumpy tractor sleigh ride down to the Mill House where Father Christmas will be waiting in his grotto. Each child will receive a present and one-to-one time with Father Christmas. Booking a slot to visit Santa is not essential, but it is advised. To book call 01780 782254. 48 cherubs |

Santa comes to Nene Valley Railway


ather Christmas is as usual taking some time out of his busy pre-Christmas schedule to visit the Nene Valley Railway. Throughout the month of December the NVR will be running their ever popular Santa-Specials where little boys and girls will get a ride on the train and meet Father Christmas. Mums and dads haven’t been forgotten, they’ll get a mince pie and a glass of something a little stronger than orange squash to wash it down with. Pre-booking is essential call 01708 782833 or visit: Located a few miles from Peterborough and only a few hundred yards away from the A1 at Stibbington/Wansford.

24th Dec

Skate with Santa

25th - 27th Jan

Celebrities on Ice

Skate with Santa at Planet Ice this Christmas Eve. A day packed with presents and lots of surprises! Planet Ice, Bretton

24th Dec

Christmas Eve Services 4pm Service of Readings and Carols 8pm Bethlehem Now! Carols with the Salvation Army Band of Peterborough 11.30pm Midnight Eucharist

25th Dec

Christmas Day Services 8am Holy Communion 10am Matins 11am Cathedral Eucharist 3.30pm Festival Evensong and Procession

25th Dec

Christmas Day Skate Free Ice Skating! Planet Ice would like to thank their customers by giving them a special present on Christmas Day. Planet Ice, Bretton

1st Jan

POSH Game Posh vs Barnsley, home game. Posh Ground, 3pm.

4th Jan

Winter Crafts Children and adults are welcome to come and join in some seasonal and wild crafts. Ferry Meadows Country Park, Discovery Den. For more information please call the Nene Park Trust on 01733 234193.

WHAT time is it? It’s Chico Time! The TV pop personality and ice celebrity is one of the many stars coming to Peterborough Arena in January 2013 for the amazing Celebrities on Ice Show. Star names already confirmed for the singing, dancing and ice skating spectacular include former England rugby legend and 2007 Dancing on Ice champion Kyran Bracken and West End star and 2009 Dancing on Ice winner Ray Quinn. The show will feature the fantastic Russian Ice Stars and will be compered by the wonderful Christopher Biggins. The skating extravaganza is set to be an exciting mix of music, ice dancing and sequins galore, and will be Peterborough Arena’s first major event of the New Year. A number of professional ice skaters will be joining the glittering cast in the show that’s supported by Peterborough radio station Heart. There will be evening and matinee performances – and tickets start from £15. For details call 0844 581 4910 or visit

        

  



RSPCA Furniture Shop

38 Market Street, Whittlesey Opening times: times: Monday Saturday Opening Tuesday- to Saturday 10am --4pm 10am 4pm Donations of furniture, in good condition, urgently required. Donations of Small furniture, in good condition, urgently required

Donations gratefully received during opening times at the Furniture Shop or for collection please telephone

01733 351691

INNOVATE INSPIRE EDUCATE ENGAGE Cross Curricular workshop supporting Science, Maths, English, PHSE, Drama, Geography & Citizenship Early Intervention at an age when it really matters Great Introduction to Criminal Justice System Encouraging Scientific Inquiry

CALL US TODAY! 0844 335 0118

Or visit us online : Delivered throughout Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire| |cherubs cherubs 49

cherubs clubs Baby Clubs/ Pre-schoolers

Baby Gym Play Gym. Mon-Fri 9.30-11.00am. Footworkz, Maxwell Road, Woodston, Peterborough, PE2 7BU. Tel: 01733 235003 Tumble Tots 6months – 7 years. For date/time/classes please visit:

Pregnancy Classes Funky Monkeys Fun time ages 0-5. Tues & Thurs 9.3011.30, Salvation Army Church, Farcet, Peterborough. Tel 01733 240130 Baby Rhyme Time Rhyme time for baby, all sessions are free! Monday 2pm - 2.30pm, Stanground Library, Southfield’s Avenue, Peterborough, PE2 8RZ. Tel: 01733 864302 Baby Signing Simple BSL signs to help babies express what they want before they can speak. Beginners class, Hampton Vale Community Centre, Hampton Vale. Tel: 07515165965 Brewster Post Natal Varied programme of guest speakers and subjects. Friday 1.15-2.30pm Brewster Avenue Children’s Centre, 10 Brewster Avenue, Woodston, Peterborough, PE2 9PN. Tel: 01733 452600 Jigsaw Juniors Toys, books, activities and messy play. Wednesday 1.30-2.45pm. The Jigsaw Centre, Orton Malbourne, Peterborough, PE2 5PW. Tel: 01733 452690 Moonlight Hares Stories, Rhymes, Craft activities. 1st Thursday of each month 10.00-11.30am. Peterborough Museum, Priestgate, Peterborough, PE1 1LF. Tel: 01733 864700 NCT Bumps and Babes For pregnant parents and babies up to 1yr. Tuesday 1.00-2.30pm. St Judes Church Hall, Cranford Drive, Netherton. Tel: 0844 2436240 Orton Wistow Toddlers Indoor & outdoor play. Tuesday 1.153.00pm. Orton Wistow Community Centre, Napier place, Peterborough, PE2 6XN. Tel: 01733 237727 Thistle Tots Come and play, 0-2yrs. Thurs 1.15-2.30pm / 2-5yrs Fri 10.00-11.15am Thistle Drive Play Centre, Wessex Close, Stanground, Peterborough, PE2 8HZ. Tel: 01733 452610 Baby Cafe Local NCT breast feeding counsellor visits every week. Tuesday 1.30-3.00pm.Stanground Children’s Centre, Chapel Street, Stanground, PE2 8JF. Tel: 01733 452610 Active Antics Fun movement activities, build sensory and motor skills 0-4yrs. Wednesday 10.0011.00am. Highlees Primary School, Ashton road, Westwood, Peterborough, PE3 7ER. Tel: 01733 295864 Happy Faces Educational play, Refreshments and much more. Call for dates/times. The Crown Inn, Glinton, Peterborough. Tel: 01733 324851 Dance Studio Dance classes ages 2+. Call for classes/ Times. The Cresset, Bretton Centre, Peterborough, PE3 8DX. Tel: 01733 842516

Blooming Fit Different dates/times call for more information. 14 Stonebridge Lea, Peterborough, PE2 5LY. Tel: 07880 938734 Aquacise Excellent exercise for pregnant ladies. Wednesday 8pm. Marriott Hotel, Peterborough Business Park. Peterborough, PE2 6GB. Tel: 07857683291 Antenatal Breastfeeding Workshop All expectant parents welcome. Tues 6.308.30pm & 1st Saturday of each month 9.3011.30am. Peterborough Maternity Unit, Peterborough. Tel: 01733 875380 Yoga bumps Stretch,Tone Build Strength and have fun. Call for times/dates. 82 Lakeview, Hampton Hargate, Peterborough, PE7 8DQ.

Daddy time

Daddy Natal Classes led by Dean the only trained male antenatal educator in the UK. Dates vary and need to be booked via the website. Lots of venues & areas. Tel: 07894320676 Me & My Dad Welcomes dads and other male figures and their children to enjoy breakfast and children’s activities. Every saturday 9.3012.00pm. Peterborough Family Resource Centre, 201 Antrim St, Peterborough Tel: 01733 748914 Simply Dads Sundays 10am until 11am. Raffles House, 81 Lincoln Road, Peterborough, PE1 2SH. Tel: 01733 315757

Spanish Amigos Spanish and French language school. Tel: 07882404064 La Jolie Ronde Languages For Children 55 Corrie Rd, Cambridge. Tel: 01223 210900 Viva Spanish Lessons 13, Beauvale Gardens, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE4 7UG. Tel: 01733 759934 Cafe Lingo Language classes for children in Peterborough area. Antler Languages Ltd The Old Town Hall, Market Place, Oundle, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE8 4BA. Tel: 01832 275319 Stamford Academy Ltd 46a, High St, Stamford, Lincolnshire PE9 2BD. Tel: 01780 489400


On Stage Youth Theatre Drama, dance and singing. Histon, Cambs. Tel: 01480 461959 Octagon Studios Performing arts. 28D High Street, Ely, CB7 4JU. Tel: 01353 661919 The Endana School of Dance Ballet, Ballroom, Jazz and Tap classes in Crowland, Wisbech, Thorney and Gedney Hill. Tel: 01406 540023 Tu Danse Studio Dance classes. Call for times/dates/classes Newark road, Peterborough PE1 5YD. Tel: 01733 553830 The Cresset Dance classes. Call for dates/times/classes Bretton Centre, Bretton Peterborough PE3 8DX. Tel: 01733 842516 Jill Bridger School of Dance Melody Bear HQ, Unit 33, Stephenson Road, St. Ives, Cambridgeshire PE27 3WJ. Tel: 01480 271580 Peterborough Academy of Dance Various classes for under 5`s. Call for dates/ times. 10 Abbotsbury, Orton Malbourne. Peterborough PE2 5PS. Tel: 01733 324851

Horse riding

Language classes

50 cherubs |

New Range Riding School Crowland Road, Eye Green, Peterborough, PE6 7TP. Tel: 07787 143110 Grasslands Equestrian Centre West Street, Peterborough PE6 7DU

and groups Tel: 01733 254254 Bankside Equestrian Centre Marsh Rd, Walpole St Andrew, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire PE14 7HL Tel: 01945 780360 The Golden Thread Equestrian Services Portsands Farm, French Drove, Thorney, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE6 0PQ. Tel: 07845 960742 Sedgeway Equestrian Centre Sedgeway Business Park, Witchford, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB6 2HY. Tel: 01353 654100 Scallywag Riding Club Manor House Farm, St. Judiths Lane, Sawtry, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE28 5XE. Tel: 01487 830128 Monach Farm Riding Stables St. Francis Toft, The Green, Hilton, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE28 9NB. Tel: 01480 830426

Martial Arts

Adrenaline Childrens Karate. Tel: 0844 6933379 Hicks Karate Karate classes for children. Everyday except Sunday call for times. Dogsthorpe Community Centre, Popular Avenue, Dogsthorpe, Peterborough, PE14QF. Tel: 0845 5079170 Welland Boxing Academy Boxing classes. Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri 6.007.00pm. Charteris Centre, Welland estate, Peterborough, PE1 4UP. Tel: 08444 991323 Peterborough GT UK Taekwondo Thomas Deacon Academy, Queens Gardens, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE1 2UW. Tel: 07774 154761

Swimming classes

Swimming lessons Swimming lessons from 6 months - adult. Tues,Weds, Thurs, Sat - call for times as vary Jack Hunt Swimming Pool, Ledbury Road, Netherton. Peterborough, PE3 9PN. Tel: 01733 264644 Splash Academy Call for dates/times as vary. Stanground College, Peterborough Road, Stanground. Peterborough, PE7 3BY. Tel: 01733 896665

For a comprehensive list of clubs & groups, please visit:

children’s furniture

Create the perfect room for your child Showroom near Peterborough, viewing by appointment 01780 470552 Book a Thomas themed at a real railway


Come to the home of THOMAS and ride on a train for a party to remember. Classic party £6.50 per child 1st class party £9.50 per child

Come and meet Father Christmas at Sacrewell Farm. Weekends from 1st Dec; daily from 15th-23rd Dec. £5* per child inc tractor ride and present. £1* adults inc refreshments.

Call us or look on our website for more details.



*Normal Farm admission applies

To book call 01780 782254.

Nene Valley Railway Call: 01780 784444 | Website: Wansford Station (next to A1), Peterborough. PE8 6LR. Registered Charity No 263617

Part of the William Scott Abbott Trust Registered Charity No. 233603


Junior Posh is aimed at youngsters under the age of 16 and endeavors to bring you Come and meet Father Christmas closer to the Peterborough United squad.

at Sacrewell Farm. Weekends from 1st Dec; daily from 15th-23rd Dec. Below are just a number of things you will receive as a Junior Posh member: £5* per child inc tractor ride and present. * A Junior Posh Membership card £1* adults inc refreshments. $ELUWKGD\FDUGDQG&KULVWPDVFDUGVLJQHGE\WKH¿UVWWHDPVTXDGDQGPDQDJHPHQW

Heloise Toop Portrait Painter

Beautiful bespoke oil paintings of you or your loved ones. A truly unique gift! 10% Prices start at £550 for a 18" x 24" Canvas. PleaChse menotionff (Please contact Heloise for an accurate quote).

erubs. | Please call: 07727289207



*Normal * 10% discount for for Fun Days Farm admission applies 6SHFLDOGLVFRXQWHGSULFHIRUTXDOL¿HGFRDFKLQJGD\V * Exclusive competitions * A monthly newsletter * Behind the scenes tour of the stadium * A birthday shout out in the match day magazine and on the tannoy at London Road Part of the William Scott Abbott Trust Registered Charity No. 233603

To book call 01780 782254.

Membership costs just £10! You can sign up to Junior Posh by picking up a membership form at London Road Main Reception or by downloading a form from our website at| cherubs | cherubs 51 51 juniorposh_ad_63x90.indd 1

11/20/2012 2:55:27 PM

52 cherubs cherubs | |

Cherubs Issue 1 Dec 2012/ Jan 2013  

The first edition of Cherubs - a brand new parenting magazine for Peterborough.

Cherubs Issue 1 Dec 2012/ Jan 2013  

The first edition of Cherubs - a brand new parenting magazine for Peterborough.