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Cherubim welcomes a new chairman After nearly 13 years at the helm of Cherubim Clancy Steer has felt it time to allow new blood to begin preparing a new chapter in the Trust’s story. We are delighted that our trustee Felix Rigg has agreed to take over the chairmanship. Felix, a composer and pianist, recently retired after a successful career in property, and will now work with Michael Maxwell Steer to develop new initiatives while Clancy, to whom so many of the Trust’s successes are due, concentrates on fund-raising.

Clancy Steer

It’s therefore in every way a happy coincidence that Felix Rigg our first event of the year will be a second Cherubim Young Musicians’ Evening at the Savile Club, Brook St, London on Wednesday 20 February, where Felix will be accompanying our clarinettist Rachæl Chesney playing Rachmaninov’s famous Vocalise and former Cherubim oboist Julia White in Telemann and Fauré. Also performing are brother and sister duo Daniel & Octavia Bovey who premiere Noli Me Tango, a piece specially composed for their bass flute and guitar by Trust director Michael Maxwell Steer.

Then in Wiltshire Bing Bing Li will give a unique Chopin by Candlelight recital at Nadder Hall, Tisbury, on Saturday 11 May, sponsored by Cravenplan. It marks a return by popular demand of this exceptionally talented pianist – who leaves our award scheme later in the year. Also at Nadder Hall, Tisbury on Saturday 8 June, a Cherubim Young Musicians’ Gala will feature four exceptional young local performers who have benefited from instruments loaned by Cherubim and also the Felicity Belfield Trust. Pianist Finn Murphy performs Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue and accompanies clarinettist Seth Jordan in a Schumann sonata. Meanwhile the Boveys reprise Noli Me Tango. Octavia enters the RCM this year, while Daniel graduates from the Birmingham Conservatoire.

Bing Bing Li

Please see further details inside about our Marimba competition on Sunday 16 June at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden – and also about our Beckford Alfresco garden party on Sunday 7 July at Ashley Wood Farm, near Tisbury. Finn Murphy, Seth Jordan & Octavia Bovey

Spring 13

Cherubim Music Trust Charity 1088403

Future Events Marimba Competition For the past five years Cherubim Young Musician Eddy Hackett has been developing his career with the aid of the Cherubim Marimba. As he’s now reached our upper age limit and is now established in the profession himself, Eddy has offered to organise a competition to find another suitable awardee. Thanks to colleagues in the Percussive Arts Society we have been able to arrange for this to take place in the Crush Bar of the Royal Opera House in the afternoon of Sunday 16 June. Five young percussionists will be competing for the chance to have this top-of-the-range four octave instrument, worth £11,000, for the next five years. The marimba is a tenor xylophone but its greater versatility has attracted contemporary composers to write for it. Marimbas of two or three octaves are fairly common, but full-range models like ours are rare, and correspondingly valuable to any future high flying percussionist. The event is open to the public. Details will be announced on our website.

Beckford Alfresco

William Beckford & Fonthill Abbey After our successful Mozart Alfresco two years ago, we’re planning another garden party on Sunday 7 July that will feature the novels and music of the 18thC’s notorious eccentric William Beckford, including a visit to the site of his fabulous gothick ‘abbey’, begun in the 1790s but destroyed 25 years later when its tower collapsed. At Ashley Wood Farm, Fonthill, Wiltshire, by kind invitation of Mrs Clare Martin, there will be performances of Beckford’s music by Cherubim Young Musicians and singers, directed by Michael Maxwell Steer from his edition; readings from Beckford’s writings, including Vathek, the first english horror novel; as well as an exhibition of Beckfordiana. There will also be guided visits to various local antiquities associated with the Beckfords’ ownership of the Fonthill estate.

Serafina Steer “The Moths are Real is one of those quiet records filled with story songs that have a fairytale quality enhanced by the melodic romance of the harp.” The Times, January 2013. Although Serafina Steer was never a beneficiary of the Trust, her parents’ struggles to buy her a harp for music college in 1999 inspired Clancy Steer to found Cherubim. We thought it would be instructive for supporters to understand the length of time it can take a musician to establish herself. Despite four previous albums attracting increasing notice, it was only with this release – ten years after leaving college – that Serafina has received four star reviews in the national media. This shows the timeframe that it can take for help the Trust gives its awardees to translate itself into public of recognition.

Cherubim Music Trust Charity 1088403

Awardees News of some Cherubim Young Artists

Cherubinmg Gosli horn

Cherubim e-Gosling Rothermer assoon b

Charlotte Silver is now at the RNCM and principal horn in Manchester University SO. She has already been awarded a postgraduate scholarship to the Guildhall in 3 years time. Last summer at the Purcell School 50th Anniversary Concert in the RFH Charlotte played principal horn in The Planets under Paul Daniel, her wind quintet performed Francaix at a Wigmore Hall chamber music recital, and she also toured to Barcelona with Southampton University SO. Deborah Olakigbe has joined Reading University SO, where she is studying Art & Psychology. She days “It’s been brilliant playing in a large group of passionate and talented musicians again for the first time since leaving CYM. I’m so grateful for Cherubim’s horn which has made this possible.” Gareth Humphreys has decided on the Guildhall for his Masters. In the autumn he played his first proper professional gig, the Mozart Requiem in St David’s Hall with the Welsh National Opera Orchestra – “a great experience!” In February his Rustic Wind Quintet competes in the Tomasi Competition in Marseilles. Harry Bradford performs regularly with the City of London School orchestra, where he is taking music A level. Last year he received five prizes at the school’s Prize Day, including the Open Strings Prize. This year Harry is performing The Planets and Poulenc’s Gloria with the Cavendish Ensemble.

Cherubim lvert Mellor Caarinet cl

Cherubiemr Mans flute

Cherubim n Freer hor

Cherubiim la Storrs v o

Rachæl Chesney plays principal clarinet in The Rite of Spring with the RCM Philharmonic Orchestra in the new year, as well as several solo recitals. In March her Oak Trio is entering for the Royal Over-Seas League competition. Bing Bing Li returns China this year to give masterclasses and adjudicate a competition in JinLin. She recently held a successful New Generation Classical Music Festival in Basingstoke. Some of her students will be competing in the finals of the EPTA competition in next year.

Cherubim piano

Aisha Meade concluded her first year of music at Middlesex University with a recital of Chaminade, Mozart and Poulenc. She “… can’t bear to put the stunning Cherubim flute down. It allows me to feel confident when playing increasingly demanding repertoire.” Aisha also performs with the Underground Orchestra, and sings in the Middlesex Choir, which joined with the BBC singers for a Queen’s Jubilee performance at the Maida Vale Studios – “unforgettable!”

Cherubim Music Trust Charity 1088403

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Clancy Steer writes: Our daughter decided to take up the harp, aged seven. At school she had access to good instruments, but when she went to music college we were faced with buying her a £10,000 instrument. For us a genuine fairy godmother appeared, but this led us to see how a trust like Cherubim could help others like us. Over 12 years the Trust has been able to help a growing number of young musicians with a musical lifeline. The Trust is especially grateful to some exceptional benefactors, including Gosling Foundation, John Manser CBE, PF Charitable Trust, Promenaders’ Musical Charities, Rothermere Foundation and Peter Storrs Trust. Thanks also to Tony Fry of PBF Partners for auditing.

Supporter Feature David Ganderton writes: “as grandparents we have seen how an inadequate instrument can restrict progress. When we discovered about this small, enthusiastic trust we were delighted to find Cherubim meeting the needs of the rising generation, and felt that the least we could do is to help fund young talented musicians to rise above similar limitations.”

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Newsletter - Spring 2013  
Newsletter - Spring 2013