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Cherubim Music Trust Charity 1088403

Memorial donations provide two new instruments When Charles Steer died at Christmas the family decided to make Cherubim the object of memorial donations. You can imagine the Trust’s surprise and delight when the total eventually exceeded £7,000, with a particularly generous donation from Sir Don Gosling. The target was to complete funding of what is now the ‘Promenaders - Charles Steer’ harp: but with a surplus the Trustees decided that it would also be appropriate to purchase a ‘Charles Steer’ tuba for use by the prizewinning young tuba player, Will Druiett. This is the second time Cherubim has benefitted from a memorial donation. Indeed we received a surprise further donation arising CharlesSteerwithhisgrand-daughter,harpistSerafinaSteer from the late Ben Mellor-Calvert. See inside for more on these stories. We wish our supporters long and happy lives, but would also like to suggest that when memorial arrangements are being considered, donations to Cherubim is a marvellous way to create a resounding memory that will benefit future generations.

Clancy Steer with Will Druiett and new Cherubim tuba

The Trustees also made a decision to purchase a violin for the use RNCM student Rebekah Reid. We would like to record valued contributions from the Peter Storrs Trust, the Weavers Company, Tess Blondel, David Price, Patrick & Julia Cumberlege, Anthony Austin, and the Friends of South Bristol Music Centre. This brings to 19 the Trust’s current instruments, with an insurance value of £125,000.

Rebekah Reid

We are delighted to welcome Felix Rigg as a trustee. Felix has been a supporter for some time. A fine pianist, he has undertaken to organise a Cherubim Music Evening at the Savile Club, London on Wednesday 20th February. This is one of a range of fund-raising events in preparation for next year at which we hope our supporters can join us. More details in our next newsletter.

Weavers Company

Autumn 12

Cherubim Music Trust Charity 1088403

Fundraising News Friends of South Bristol Music Centre benefits Cherubim Linda Smith explains the background In the early 1980s the South Bristol Music Centre was a typical Saturday morning music school with almost 200 children performing in orchestras and groups. It produced a number of professional musicians including the late Ben Mellor-Calvert, and it was as a result of attending his memorial concert that we became aware of Cherubim Music Trust. Between 1985 and 1995 annual exchanges were held with a youth orchestra in Hildesheim Germany – at one of which this photo was taken – and our active support group, Friends of SBMC, became a registered charity. About a decade ago the Centre moved to a different part of the city, and while it still exists in a different form, the Friends did not survive the move. In winding up the charity the trustees decided to donate the remaining funds to the Cherubim Music Trust as it was felt that the aims and objectives of the two charities were very similar.

Performing for Cherubim

Gareth Humphreys With the help of his father Philip, bassoonist Gareth organised a concert in his home town of Cærleon in aid of Cherubim which raised the magnificent total of £775. We gratefully acknowledge sponsorship by Woodside Joinery and a donation from Pat Henderson in memory of her husband Fred. On the very same day he also won the Howarth Double Reed Prize at the RWCMD – which he credits in large part to the Cherubim bassoon. This summer Gareth played at the Three Choirs Festival with the NYO of Wales and also at a Prom when the NYOW joined forces with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. He performed in two more Proms as a member of the BBC National Chorus of Wales. Other than that, he tells us he is practising relentlessly for his post-graduate auditions in November.

Finn Murphy In July Finn Murphy gave a concert on both piano and guitar in Tisbury parish church, which raised nearly £500. Uniquely, Finn has both the ‘Rothermere’ piano and ‘Coper’ guitar from the Trust. Altho just 15, he secured a scholarship to Chethams International Piano Summer School this year, and gives his first recital in London in September.

A harpsichord for Cherubim Salisbury harpsichord maker James Mogford is kindly making a practice instrument for loan to students.

Cherubim Music Trust Charity 1088403

Awardees News of some Cherubim Young Artists Will Druiett

Cherubim tuba

Cherubim harp

My life has changed as a result of winning the International Young Tuba Artists Competition in Linz. With offers to study in New York & Pesaro, I have accepted places at Porto and the Salzburg Mozarteum. At the Italian Brass Week near Bologna I was the youngest prize winner by about 5 years. As tuba with Brighouse and Rastrick Band I also toured to Italy and Belgium. This autumn I join the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, which sadly means leaving the NYO.

Niina Chamberlain With the beautiful Cherubim harp I am now inspired to practise for hours on end at home. As a day pupil at Chethams, I recently had a master class with the formidable 86 year old french harpist Mme Elisabeth Fontan-Binoche, and was able to practice her suggestions at home in time for the second lesson the next day. This year I performed Strauss’s challenging Don Juan with Chetham’s SO in Bridgewater Hall, next year our main work is Shostakovich’s Fifth Symphony. Eddy Hackett

Cherubima marimb

I perform regularly with the LPO, recent work has included the Queen’s Jubilee, in La Bohème at Glyndebourne, at the Edinburgh Festival and for the opening ceremony of The Shard. In addition to performing with my harpist partner Stephanie Beck for Cherubim and at Aberdeen University, I’ve just recorded my new The Techno-morphic Ensemble featuring two basses, piano, electronics and drums. And also mentored the LPO ‘Future Firsts’ scheme at the QEH with Tristan Murail.

Bing Bing Li I have recently have been back to China giving Masterclass in JiLin Conservatory of Music and the Tong Xin Yuan Piano Academy in ChangChun, where I have been appointed visiting piano professor.

Cherubim viola

Recent performances include the Chipping Campden International Music Festival and Etchingham International Music Festival.

Charlotte McMurray

Cherubim oboe

My first year at Manchester University covered musicology and performance. One of our modules involved protest songs of America, and I was particularly interested in Nina Simone. Aside from recitals, I have performed with university orchestras in such works as Stravinsky’s Firebird. To broaden my experience I volunteer at an RSPCA charity shop, meeting people from different walks of life and developing another set of skills to those needed in my University life.

Cherubim Music Trust Charity 1088403

Be an Angel – become a Friend of Cherubim! The Cherubim story

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Clancy Steer writes: Our daughter decided to take up the harp, aged seven. At school she had access to good instruments, but when she went to music college we were faced with buying her a £10,000 instrument. For us a genuine fairy godmother appeared, but this led us to see how a trust like Cherubim could help others like us. Over 12 years the Trust has been able to help a growing number of young musicians with a musical lifeline. The Trust is especially grateful to some exceptional benefactors, including Gosling Foundation, John Manser CBE, PF Charitable Trust, Promenaders’ Musical Charities, Rothermere Foundation and Peter Storrs Trust. Also to Tony Fry of PBF Partners for accountancy.

Supporter Feature Fleur Boyle has bequeathed her Salvi Livia harp. She says “Having had the benefit of a musical education and playing in the NYO, I know the importance of a good instrument. I am leaving my harp to Cherubim because I would like to think that in the distant future it will help another young musician to the advantages, privileges – and responsibilties – that I had access to.”

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Newsletter - Autumn 2012  
Newsletter - Autumn 2012