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Cherubim spends £30,000 on two new instruments We start 2012 with tremendous news. Cherubim has bought a Salvi Aurora concert harp for use by Elizabeth Chamberlain, a promising student at Chethams specialist music school. The majority funding for this instrument has come from collections taken at the 2011 BBC Proms by Promenaders’ Musical Charities - after whom it will be named. We are tremendously grateful, as also for a donation of £1000 from the Mercers’ Company. However we would greatly value futher donations as we still need to raise an additional £4000 to cover the full cost of the instrument and replenish our Elizabeth Chamberlain with Cherubim trustees Deborah and Clancy Steer and Promenaders’ trustees Michael Langton and Lee McLernon reserves. It is particularly gratifying that a little over a decade after the Trust’s foundation (see the Cherubim Story on back page) we have as it were come full circle in acquiring a harp for another Chethams’ student. Come and hear it in performance on 3rd May – see page two. This follows the acquisition late last year of a top of the range Moosmann bassoon for Royal Welsh College student Gareth Humphreys – made possible by donations from the Rothermere and Gosling Foundations supplementing funds raised by Cherubim supporters. Gareth tells us that his teacher is jealous of the instrument which has totally transformed his playing. Bassoons are disproportionately expensive as they are not sold in large enough numbers to be mass-produced. But the trustees felt that despite the high price, both instruments represent good longterm investments with a professional life of 40+ years. We would like to record valued donations from Douglas Spence and the Wallace Curzon Trust. The latter’s donation was used to buy a lightweight carbon-fibre case for the Cherubim cello, which can be seen on page three. Gareth Humphreys

See the back page for a picture of a Morley clarsach harp kindly donated by Patsy Todd now awarded to a young harp student Ilyana Woloshyn.

Spring 12

Cherubim Music Trust Charity 1088403

News We look forward to welcoming you in Tisbury ... Trevor Pinnock in Journeys Through Music - Saturday 18th February A welcome return visit by our distinguished patron in a programme inspired by the organist-composer Cabezon’s European travels in the mid 16thC in service of Spanish Court featuring, Byrd, Tallis, Bull, Frescobaldi; with later music by Bach, Handel, Scarlatti and Soler. £25.

Saturday 12th May Eddy Hackett marimba/percussion, Stephanie Beck harp

Since Eddy last dazzled Tisbury with his virtuosity on the Cherubim marimba he has studied in New York and is now a regular freelance with London orchestras. With his harpist partner he offers an exciting programme featuring familiar and new nusic. £19 (early £17) Sponsored by Cravenplan

Bring a dinner picnic & enjoy it with friends, while listening to great music. Enquiries & tickets 01747 870070

Or London ...

The Savile Club

22 Mansfield Street

On Friday 23rd March we warmly invite you to our first Cherubim Music Evening in London, when Laura Bowlby is playing Brahms’ first cello sonata, pianist BingBing Li performs Chopin while Eddy Hackett and Stephanie Beck are giving arrangements of Bach and Piazolla.

By kind invitation of Bob & Elisabeth Boas, on Thursday 3rd May we shall be presenting Cherubim Music Evening featuring our new harp and bassoon in their drawing room at 22 Mansfield St, London W1g9nr.

This takes place in the beautiful ballroom of the Savile Club, 69 Brook St, London W1k4er. A concert at 7pm is followed by a three-course dinner including wine. It will be a convivial evening with opportunities to meet Cherubim Young Musicians.

BingBing Li

Concert only £10. Concert & dinner £40. Please contact Michael Maxwell Steer 01747 870070.

Principal soloist is international harpist Gabriella Dall’Olio, whose pupil Elizabeth Chamberlain performs on the ‘Promenaders’ concert harp in music from the 19th-20thC virtuoso harp repertoire. Before which Gareth Humphreys puts the ‘Rothermere-Gosling’ bassoon throu its paces in Weber and Dutilleux. Gabriella Dall’Olio Concert only £15. Concert & dinner £40. Please contact Michael Maxwell Steer 01747 870070.

Cherubim Music Trust Charity 1088403

Awardees News of some Cherubim Young Artists Charlotte Silver

Cherubim horn

Cherubimw violin bo

In auditions for music college Charlotte has been offered a place at the Royal College of Music and a scholarship at Guildhall, but is waiting to make a decision until she hears a result of a university application. In March she will be playing her ‘Gosling’ horn in the Purcell School 50th anniversary concert at the Royal Festival Hall where they will be performing Holst’s The Planets conducted by Paul Daniel.

Rebekah Reid In her final year at the RNCM Rebekah is a member of all the college orchestras. She also has a keen interest in contemporary music and recently performed a new piano quintet Bagatelles in 4 parts composed by student composer Andrew Reynolds. She will be using her Cherubim (William Pierce) bow as a soloist in the forthcoming RNCM February concert series. After completing her degree Rebekah hopes to do a Masters in the UK or abroad. Laura Bowlby shown with the Wallace Curzon carbon fibre cello case

Cherubim cello

In her first term at Oxford Laura performed a Bach cello suite in the wonderful acoustic of St Peter’s Chapel and was offered an instrumental scholarship as a result. This has resulted in an enhanced role in Oxford musical life where she already plays in various university orchestras. Laura has begun lessons with Felix Schmidt, whom she credits with helping her adapt her technique to the ‘Rothermere’ cello. As a language student she has discovered that she may be eligible to spend her foreign study year at Leipzig Conservatoire.

Cherubim viola

Harry Bradford Harry passed his Grade 8 with Distinction. As a member of the City of London School String Quartet he performed for a visit by Princess Anne. At the afternoon rehearsal of a recent concert where he was singing in the chorus Harry was asked to fill an absence in the viola section, with the result that his Cherubim ‘Storrs’ viola had to be rushed to the concert hall in time for the performance where he was afterwards applauded for having sight-read the whole programme. Charlotte McMurray

Cherubim oboe

After ‘a brilliant summer volunteering in Namibia on an elephant project’, which she hopes to continue alongside her oboe studies, Charlotte has now finished her first semester at Manchester University, enjoying immersing herself in music once again with plenty of playing opportunities from Bach’s B minor Mass to contemporary works like Carpenter’s Sonatinas. She is studying with Melinda Maxwell; and loves returning to Manchester where she was in Chets’ VIth form.

Cherubim Music Trust Charity 1088403

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Clancy Steer writes: Our daughter decided to take up the harp, aged seven. At school she had access to good instruments, but when she went to music college we were faced with buying her a £10,000 instrument. For us a genuine fairy godmother appeared, but this led us to see how a trust like Cherubim could help others like us. In its 11 years the Trust has been able to help a growing number of young musicians with a musical lifeline. The Trust is especially grateful to some exceptional benefactors, including Gosling Foundation, John Manser CBE, PF Charitable Trust, Promenaders’ Musical Charities, Rothermere Foundation and Peter Storrs Trust. Also to Tony Fry of PBF Partners for accountancy services.

Supporter Feature Patsy Todd has donated a Morley clarsach, or table harp. She says “I sold my pony to buy this harp when I was at school, and I loved it dearly. All my life I intended to return to the harp, but I’ve finally faced the fact that I never will, and therefore want it to go to a good home. A friend told me about Cherubim, and I’m delighted to know a young musician will benefit from it.”

Cherubim Music Trust 125 Duck St, Tisbury SP3 6LJ, UK ~ 01747 870070 –

Newsletter - Spring 2012  
Newsletter - Spring 2012