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Statement Code are a five piece rock band from Southampton, dedicated to bringing something new to the music industry.

We met at University as we were all on the same course. We became good friends and decided to put a band together as we all had similar tastes in music.

What makes you stand out amongst other rock bands?

People think they know what to expect from looking at us but we like to shock people.

How would you describe your sound?

What bands have been your biggest inspirations?

Why should people check you out?

What’s planned for the future of Statement Code?

We don’t fit into one genre. We are a mixture of rock, pop punk and melodic metal.

Because we have something different. Anyone would find something in our band that caters to their tastes. 43

We have mixed influences, including Donots, A Day To Remember, Framing Hanley, Coldplay and Sigur Ros.

We are planning to release an EP in September, we’re spending the summer recording and writing some new tunes.


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Tell us about the creation of Statement Code...

Statement Code Magazine Layout  

Layout design for a mock music/fashion magazine created for Advanced Magazine Design.

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