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LOSTPROPHETS INTERVIEW Do you think the music industry has changed much since you last released anything? Yeah, a lot. It feels sometimes like the charts have little meaning these days. I mean I look at it and look at the top 40 and then you get to a stage where the songs that get in the top 10 aren’t actually written by the people who are performing them. It used to be that something would get to number one and it would just be plain wacky, you don’t get that much anymore and it’s kind of boring. That’s why Rage Against The Machine was so great, I love the band but it felt more about the principle of the whole thing. Obviously you were working on your new album, The Betrayed, while you were away, how do you feel about the new album? It can be full-on heavy, then border on a ballad and become Brit-pop, the variation of influences in there is massive. Do you think it is your best piece of work yet? I think so. Producing the album ourselves made a huge difference. Basically when you’re in a band and you’re on a major label, you just presume that’s the way to do it; just to go into the studio with some guy but when you think about it it’s kind of saying ‘yeah that’s cool, I’m going to have some guy standing over my shoulder and telling me I shouldn’t be doing it like that, I should be doing it like this. We worked really hard on this and to learn everything, we thought if we can’t do this for ourselves, should we be doing it? How does it differ from your previous albums? I guess it’s a lot darker. Ian sings a lot of his own personal stuff and he has been more open and honest on this record than previously. I guess the other major thing is all the crap that we had throughout the process of making this record and by that I mean when we started out it wasn’t so dark but after all the crap we went through it just took that tone. I mean it’s still uplifting in a positive and musical sense, but it’s just got a bit more balls to it. You have a tour coming up this year, how have you been preparing for it? I just practice all the songs and make sure I remember them. I managed to relearn 4 albums in 4 days so I’m really happy about that. I refresh myself every other day but it comes easily to me now. Are you excited to play new tracks for the album? Do you get nervous at all? It’s not really nerves, more excitement. Sometimes when it’s a massive crowd you can get butterflies, but we’re just raring to go. Do you think 2010 is going to be a positive year for Lost Prophets? Yeah, we want as many people as possible to hear the album really and tour it across the world!

Lost Prophets interview  

Interview with the members of Lost Prophets band

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