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Cherry Hill News Winter 2019

Children’s Holiday Shoppe 2018 This eagerly-anticipated four-hour event occurs annually on the first Saturday in December. In 2018, that day fell on December 1. The early kick-off to the season was greeted warmly by young children clutching their funds and shopping baskets to check out the low-priced gifts for family and friends.

Although primarily a community service, revenues generated support activities of the Friends of Cherry Hill Farmhouse. Volunteers purchase the inventory during the year, set it up in the Farmhouse, help children make selections, and wrap the gifts. This year, as in the past, the Holiday Shoppe was a great success for the kids and for Cherry Hill. (Photo by Corey Jannicelli)

The Tough Reality of Medicine & Medical Treatment during the Civil War A small group of Friends of Cherry Hill traveled north to Frederick, MD, on November 16, 2018 to visit the National Museum of Civil War Medicine. The fascinating tour of the facility provided striking exhibits on the “death and destruction of America’s bloodiest war,” highlighting the limitations of medicine at that time, as well as the advances that were made. The museum included exhibits on medical school education, the recruiting and enlisting of soldiers, camp life, evacuation of the wounded, a field dressing station, a field hospital, the development of “pavilion-style hospitals,” and an exhibit of a variety of other items related to medicine, dental care, and the treatment of death during the Civil War. There was no concept of germ theory or antiseptic practices at the beginning of the Civil War. Although there were 40 medical schools before the war, training by apprenticing with a practicing physician was very common. Because of the need for soldiers, recruits were provided only superficial physical exams and many entered service with diseases and physical defects. Recruits lived in unsanitary camps, had poor diets, and succumbed to communicable diseases. Continued on page 2

Underground Railroad Presentation On November 18, 2018, Linda Williams, a local history teacher, provided the Friends with an interesting slide presentation on the new Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Historical Park in eastern Maryland. The 480-acre National Park, established in 2014, commemorates the life of former slave Harriet Tubman (birth name: Arminta Ross) who became an activist in the Underground Railroad prior to the American Civil War. Ms. Williams provided a compelling description of Harriet Tubman’s efforts. (One member of the audience observed that the carpet in the black and white photo matched the design in the carpet in the room we were sitting in. That same design is also found in the Mary Todd Lincoln childhood home in Lexington, KY. See “Cherry Hill News” Winter 2017.) For additional information on the tour go to “underground railroad museum eastern shore md.” Ms. Williams’s presentation can be found at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13qQ0jAqedsHaLRPPX8YXxDoj8gjIXoCG/view

Civil War Medical Treatment

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… Two-thirds of the over 700,000 soldiers who died during the Civil War died from disease, “not bullets or bayonets.” (A million horses used to evacuate the wounded also died during the war.) The wounded were bandaged and administered whiskey for shock and morphine for pain at field dressing stations, near areas of combat. Amputations were performed at field hospitals that triaged the wounded as they arrived. Following the war, “clean, well ventilated, and highly efficient” pavilion-style hospitals, i.e., with wings or sections, emerged in cities in both the North and South in response to the long-term needs of the wounded and sick. (More photos on page 4.) (For more information go to www.civilwarmed.org.)

Representing Cherry Hill Farm (L-R: Corey Jannicelli, Deane Dierkson, Mat Thexton, Diane Morse, Joanne Caramonica, Maureen Budetti.)

2018 Friends of Cherry Hill Foundation Presidents’ Report 2018 was another busy year for the Friends of Cherry Hill Foundation. The Friends held five teas, sponsored special events held at the farmhouse and opened the barn for 21 Saturdays, plus Farm Day and Memorial Day. The Children’s Holiday Shop once again attracted eager shoppers ready to buy holiday gifts for friends and family. Two-hundred and sixty-four parents and children attended the event. In addition, the Friends sponsored a field trip to the National Museum of Civil War Medicine and a lecture on Harriet Tubman. All these activities were covered in the three newsletters published by the Friends in 2018. The Friends continue in their mission to preserve and protect the collections. Projects are currently underway to repair several pieces and evaluate others. The Friends purchased 20 gold chairs to be used for teas and other events at the house. Due to the popularity of corn grinding in the barn the Board has been looking into acquiring another corn grinder. The highlight of 2018 was the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Friends of Cherry Hill Foundation. A party was held in April and founding members Mildred Pope, Ruby Bolster, Merlyn Kaye and Audrey Kelley were honored. The sundial donated by Mildred Pope was dedicated in a moving speech by her son. The Friends of Cherry Hill Foundation would like to thank Corey Jannicelli for her never ending support throughout the year. It would also like to thank Holly Fenelon for her expertise and countless hours she puts in to helping produce our newsletter. It’s been our pleasure to serve, Diane Morse & Maureen Budetti The Cherry Hill newsletter is available online at cherryhillfallschurch.org. If you no longer wish to receive a printed copy by mail, please advise Deane Dierksen at ddierksen@gmail.com.

Fun Facts about

1859  January - the minting of the Indian Head cent began.  February - Oregon was admitted to the Union.  March - the nation’s first zoo was organized in Philadelphia.

Early American Slang Can you guess what these popular slang terms from the 1800s meant?

1. Tell a Thumper 2. See the Elephant 3. Lally-cooler 4. Wake Snakes See bottom of page 4 for answers.




1. Examples of prosthetics used by injured Civil War soldiers. 2. The Craig Microscope, invented by Harry Craig, was a small novelty microscope sold through the mail. Shown with two specimen slides, it consisted of a small single-fused lens in a tubular mounting. 3. Ivory-handled venisection knife used for vaccinations.

Civil War-era battlefield ambulance.

Early American Slang Answers: 1. Tell a Thumper – Construct a clever lie. 2. See the Elephant – To see all the sights in a town.

3. Lally-cooler – A real success. 4. Wake Snakes – Get into mischief.

A Christmas tea at Cherry Hill Farm

In period dress, Kaye Oman welcomes guests to the holiday tea.

Upcoming Events Cherry Hill Ice Cream Social!

Valentine Tea Sunday, February 10 2 – 4pm Bring someone special to tea at the historic Cherry Hill Farmhouse. A costumed docent will host this holidaythemed tea. Guests will dine on sandwiches, assorted sweets, scones, and hot tea! Hosted by the Friends of Cherry Hill Foundation. The senior citizen discount is not available for this program. ***Reservations are Required*** Activity #230150-A R: $33 / NR: $33 Enroll through the Recreation and Parks Department.**

Girl Scout Day - Making Games Saturday, February 16 1- 3pm Brownies - Scouts will tour the farmhouse, complete a scavenger hunt, and learn a variety of parlor games. Girls will create their own parlor games and invent a sport using Victorian-era toys. This program fulfills all badge requirements. Fee: $10.00 per girl (actual badge not included) POS 0491

Celtic Music Concert Saturday, March 9 8 – 10pm Enjoy a lively evening of Irish music in the intimate atmosphere of the farmhouse parlor. 18 & older only. Activity #250725-A R: $15 / NR: $15 Enroll through the Recreation and Parks Department.**

Docent Training (16 and older only) Saturday, March 30 10am – 12pm Cherry Hill Farmhouse is seeking volunteer docents to give tours to the public. This opportunity is great for individuals with outgoing personalities and a love for history! Email cjannicelli@fallschurchva.gov to register.

** For information and reservations, call 703.248.5171 - Falls Church Recreation & Parks Department.

Saturday, April 6 10 am – 12pm Cherry Hill celebrates the start of its open house season with some family fun! Join us for yard games, tours and ice cream! Have a chance to use our old fashion ice cream maker and learn how ice cream was made in the 1860’s. No pre-registration Free Event Location: Cherry Hill Farmhouse

Natural Egg Dying Open House (Ages 2-11) Saturday, April 20 10am – 12pm Learn to decorate eggs the old-fashioned way! Visit historic Cherry Hill and spend the afternoon naturally dying your Easter eggs. We supply the materials, you decorate! No pre-registration Fee: $5

Home School Program: Life on a 19th Century Farm (Ages 5 & up) Wednesday, May 8 10:00 - 11:30am Children will tour the farmhouse and barn to learn how technology of the day made life easier for the 19th century farmer. Hands-on activities include identifying tools a housewife would have used in her kitchen and those a farmer would have used in his barn. Activity 221022-A Fee: $5; adults are free

Mother’s Day Tea Sunday, May 12 2 – 4pm This special tea will be hosted by a costumed docent who will discuss a mother’s role in the mid-19th century. As always, the tea consists of tea sandwiches, assorted sweets, warm scones and a bottomless cup of tea. Hosted by the Friends of Cherry Hill Foundation. The senior citizen discount is not available for this program. ***Reservations are Required*** Activity #230151-A R: $33 / NR: $33 Enroll through the Recreation and Parks Department.**

Volunteers Needed Cherry Hill Volunteers are the heart of this museum. The programs offered to roughly 3,000 annual farmhouse visitors would not be possible without the dedicated efforts of our volunteers. Volunteers provide house tours on Saturday mornings, April through October. See “Events” for docent training information or call 703 248-5171. We are always looking for new volunteers to share their talents and help support this community treasure — Cherry Hill Farm. For more information about becoming a volunteer, email Corey Jannicelli at cjannicelli@fallschurchva.gov

BECOME A FOCH MEMBER! Joining is easy! Just fill out this membership form, enclose the appropriate payment amount, and return to: Friends of Cherry Hill 312 Park Avenue Falls Church, VA 22046 Name:___________________________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ Phone: ____________________________________________________________________________ E-mail: ____________________________________________________________________________

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New membership (1 year for $20; January 2019 – January 2020) Renewed membership (1 year for $20; January 2019 – January 2020) Donation Life Membership ($250, one-time payment) I would like information about becoming a Cherry Hill Farm volunteer.

Make checks payable to: Friends of Cherry Hill


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