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Questions to Ponder Before Re-Roofing

Introduction When you're refurbishing your house, the roof will often rank high on the list of priorities. But you're in luck; most materials that are used for roofing nowadays show a very high life. Which means that you will often only have to change the bare minimum. With that being said, renovating your roof also implies that you follow strict regulations. For example, you're not free to choose any material or color, unless you submit a request to your local administration first. That's why, before you take the plunge and start re-roofing, you ought to ask yourself some questions. This is what this presentation is all about.

Structural Issues First of all, when was the last time that you had your roof done? Does it surprise you that you find yourself needing some repair today or did the roof last as long as advertised? If the roofing deteriorated much faster than it should have, it could very well mean that there's an inherent problem with the structure of the roof or its incline.

In that case, should the problem affect the entirety of your roof, you might want to contact your local roofer ASAP for a full check-up to try and determine the root of the issue. No point in re-roofing if the cause of the excessive wear and tear hasn't been dealt with first.

Extent of Repair As we pointed out in the previous slide, another question to ask is whether you can get away with some light tinkering or if you have no other choice but to replace the whole cover. For issues such as leakage and humidity, you can fix them easily if the culprit is just a bunch of broken tiles. However, if you have moss growth all over the surface, you might have a far bigger problem on your hands. Indeed, moss means that your roofing has become porous... and there's no way to fix this but to place new shingles.

Insulation & Proofing Proofing and insulation go hand in hand when it comes to roofing. If you're experiencing problems with one, you can expect issues to arise with the second. When you're contemplating your re-roofing project, you need to check your glass wool on all its length for any sign of humidity. And if you discover you have no insulation to begin with, make its installation a top priority. Thermal insulation will keep your home warm and ensure your utility bills remain small. So, don't hesitate to improve its efficiency while you fix the waterproofing.

Material Choice As we noted in the introduction, the choice of material is often restricted by law, and for good reasons. Your local administration has done its homework; through extensive studies, they have determined the types of material that best fit your climate and which guarantee the best results. Now, if you need to change the whole roof, whether you keep the same materials or not, be aware that new covers may put a lot of stress on your frame as they're often heavier than older models (especially if you go for steel and the likes.) Be very cautious as there's a real threat of seeing your whole structure crumbling down.

Money Matters

Once you've determined the degree of renovation required, the key problems to fix and the materials to buy, you still need to decide how much you’re going to invest in this. Either go cheap, knowing that you'll probably have to redo the whole thing in about 20 or 30 years, or choose quality from the get-go and be done with it once and for all.


Planning to renovate a roof might seem like a huge task to take on. Where exactly do you begin? What part to fix and which not to? What materials to pick? By asking the right questions, you can simplify and get a handle on the process. We hope that this presentation has helped you in this regard. Should you have any more queries on hold, we’ll meet you on the next slide.

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Questions to Ponder Before Re-Roofing  

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