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Fixing Your Roof on Your Own Vs. Hiring a Professional

by Cherry & Clark Roofing

Introduction The roof serves a very important purpose by protecting a home and everyone/everything in it from the elements; hence, it has to be durable. Durability, however, has its limitations, and a house’s roof will need a lot of tender loving care in order for it to continue performing its intended role. When it comes to fixing a roof or performing its upkeep, homeowners face 2 options: • Perform the maintenance by themselves • Hire someone more qualified to do it

Do-It-Yourself Pros If a lot of people have opted to do their own maintenance and repair, it's usually for one or several of the following reasons: •The fees of the services provided by professional contractors and other home improvement specialists are ever-increasing •The proliferation of online video tutorials and written guides means an ordinary individual can now learn the detailed processes needed to perform roofing repair and other home improvement activities

Do-It-Yourself Pros

• The owner of a home that has more than a little sentimental value may not wish for anyone else to lay a hand on it to better preserve its original look and feel

Do-It-Yourself Cons Despite these many benefits, turning roof maintenance and repair into do-it-yourself projects has a number of disadvantages: •Unlike home improvement experts, the average Joe does not possess the skills, knowledge, equipment, and dexterity necessary for fixing a roof in a fast and efficient manner •Since they also need to attend to the needs of their families, jobs, etc., amateur DIY'ers simply do not have enough time to ensure that proper maintenance will be carried out, especially in the case of major repairs that need immediate attention

Do-It-Yourself Cons • Any savings that may have been gleaned as a result of not paying for costly services could be lost (along with a lot more money) as shoddy work may lead to a whole new world of problems

In Favor of Professional Help Homeowners need no longer worry as they can turn to qualified professionals who are better equipped (with both skills & tools) to take care of their maintenance needs. Here are some of the best arguments their favor: • A roof is comprised of various materials that may necessitate specific chemical treatments if one wants to make certain those materials are properly restored. And only a professional truly knows the ins and outs of using such products

In Favor of Professional Help • Although rather costly, roofing services provide greater peace of mind as the job achieved by professionals takes less time and almost always guarantees good results • Roofers use custom-made tools that they purchased from industrial tool manufacturers that specialize in this type of home remodeling work. Not much of their equipment was bought in typical hardware stores or online, so regular individuals might not have a lot of luck when shopping for these items in the hope of cutting costs

In Favor of Professional Help •

Many DIY guides or step-by-step instructions, whether from books or from the Internet, may not be able to explain in the detail certain techniques required to maintain and repair your roof, whereas roofing specialists already received the necessary extensive instruction and training even before they started doing their jobs

Conclusion If you need to have your roof checked or fixed, you might be tempted to do it on your own to save yourself some cash and trouble. However, doing so might expose you to more problems than you bargained for. From poor results to making matters even worse, there's a great chance that you will lose more money trying to fill the roofer's role rather than hiring a real one.

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Fixing Your Roof on Your Own Vs. Hiring a Professional  

Cherry & Clark Roofing has put together a presentation, which compares between fixing your roof on your own versus hiring a professional. Fo...

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