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JCI Hong Kong e-Newsletter Founding of the Training & Development Council of JCI Harbour in 2014 Over 130 JCI members witnessing the historical moment By Cherry Chan, Chairman of the Training & Development Council, JCI Harbour Jan 20, 2014

The founding ceremony of Trading and Development Council of JCI Harbour (Harbour TDC) was held on January 11, 2014 in conjunction with JCI Harbour’s Inauguration Ceremony. I am proud to have over 130 members from different chapters witnessing this historical moment. In alignment with JCI vision and mission, Harbour TDC aims to be the training platform of young active citizens to empower young people to create positive change. This initiative also serves as the formal adoption of the recommendation raised by JCI Harbour’s Long Range Planning Commission. In years to come, Harbour TDC will operate under 4 basic themes of training and development, namely Training, Development, Leadership and Collaboration.

There are 3 roles of Harbour TDC :1.

Harbour TDC is dedicated to empower members to develop their abilities and professional skills through JCI courses and other professional courses.


Harbour TDC will operate closely with JCIHK TDC throughout the year and encourage members to join JCIHK’s courses, seminars, workshops and training activities.


Harbour TDC will advise the board of directors of JCI Harbour in respect of members’ development and recommend appropriate training development to individual members.

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Harbour TDC will maintain a comprehensive JCI Harbour’s Trainers Record System for members’ JCI and other professional knowledge and skills. Members are encouraged to train to be a qualified JCI Trainer as well as trainers in other professional skills. Whenever opportunities arise, members will be the trainers of the courses and seminars.

Founding of the Training & Development Council of JCI Harbour (HK) in 2014