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Ms. Barnett’s Classroom Expectations “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

― Nelson Mandela

Welcome! These rules and procedures are designed to make the classroom efficient and productive. Policies: 1. Follow the handbook. It’s my job to uphold the rules of the handbook. Don’t think the rules are different in my classroom. NO IPODS, PHONES, or any other electronic devices are allowed in my classroom. Period. 2. Be on time, every time. 3. RESPECT everyone. This includes teachers, classmates, subs, EVERYONE. This means to listen when others are speaking, don’t harass one another, do not yell, NO BULLYING, or calling each other names, tripping others, etc. 4. Use your time wisely. If you are given time to work on assignments related to our class, I expect you to utilize the time provided. (DO NOT work on assignments from other classes during this class. It WILL be taken away.) 5. Do your own work. Cheating and plagiarism are severe crimes with severe punishments. 6. Use appropriate language. This classroom is a professional learning environment. This means no swearing, racial slurs, drug/alcohol references, sexual innuendos, etc. This also includes in your writing. 7. Only thing on your desk should be directly related to class. No purses, lip gloss, bags, keys, etc. Keep personal belongings under your desk. 8. DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL I EXCUSE YOU. DO NOT pack up five minutes before the bell. It is rude. DO NOT leave your seat until I specifically state that you may do so. 9. DO NOT THROW ITEMS IN MY CLASSROOM. If you do, you will receive a detention. 10. Act your age. FAILURE TO MEET THESE EXPECTATIONS WILL RESULT IN ONE OR ALL OF THE FOLLOWING: 1st offense: warning 2nd offense: detention and possible call home 3rd offense: referral, call home, possible removal from the classroom Materials: Pens, pencils, folder, binder, notebooks, brains

Everything we do in class should be kept!!! You should keep work in your binder/folder. Forgetting materials will lead to docked participation points.

First day rules  
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