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k c a b s s e n i p p a h g n i g n i r b We’re Work is important. We recognize that. Work pays the bills. Work advances medicine and engineering and other noble pursuits. But if work is important, “play” is essential. You’ve got to have

At Cherokee Valley Course and Club, we’re crafting an entire club experience centered on the joy and power of play. A task we are very dedicated to and are very serious about achieving. This

some time in your day or week where

is an evolutionary step away from

you can turn it all off and just have

the stodgy old country clubs, many

fun. Swing a club. Jump in the pool.

of which have forgotten how to play

Steal a French fry. Make jokes. Play.

altogether. Our members and guests will

And that goes for everyone. You know

come as they are and leave with a smile.

what they say, the family that plays together…

So, what do you say, are you ready to play?


e s r u o c n i a t n u o m n w o ’s e l l i v n e e r G t a y Pla Do you enjoy the challenges and delight of playing

course without a long drive required to get there.

on a finely-crafted mountain golf course? The

In addition to offering an expertly-designed and

dramatic elevation drops and rises?

diligently-maintained golf experience for our

The breathtaking views? If you’re

members and guests, Cherokee Valley Course

looking for that experience in South

and Club is also a First Tee facility. The First

Carolina’s Upstate, look no further

Tee is a youth development organization

than the 6,728 yard, par 72, P.B. Dye

introducing the game of golf

designed course at Cherokee Valley

and its inherent values to young

Course and Club. Located within the

people. They help shape the lives of the next

cradle of Greenville, Greer, and Travelers Rest, and

generation from all walks of life by reinforcing values

staring out at the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains,

like integrity, respect, and perseverance through

Cherokee Valley offers the fun of playing a mountain

the game of golf. A game that is a pleasure to play.

Cherokee Valley C O U R S E A N D C LU B


e r e h s g n o l e b … r e h t e g o t s y a l p t a h t y l i m a f e Th Make no mistake, Cherokee Valley Course and Club

In addition to family-centric golf events – such as

is a family club. And the emphasis is on

father-daughter/mother-son events, youth

family. We expect parents to share their

clinics, and family best ball tournaments –

love of golf with their children on our

there will be a number of family-friendly

course. And to share their love of

events scheduled throughout the year.

family throughout the entire club.

Each will be designed to celebrate

From the resort-style pool to the

the family and bring everyone closer

fitness facility, on the bike trails and

together through unique and memorable

throughout the entire property there will be

experiences that take full advantage of our

a sense of welcome and hospitality that says

location, our facilities, and our inherent desire to

“families play here.”

continually promote the power of play.

Cherokee Valley C O U R S E A N D C LU B


y e l l a V e e k o r e h C t a e g d o L The d n u o r g y a l p ’s e the peopl with large windows to take in the spectacular views.

Construction is underway on our new Lodge that

The Lodge will be home to our new restaurant,

will serve as the heart of the Cherokee Valley

that is destined to be among the

experience for both members and guests.

finest in the Upstate. This is thanks

Taking its architectural inspiration from timeless mountain retreats, our new

in no small part to the addition

Lodge will offer a variety of both

of Executive Chef Todd Warren.

indoor and outdoor activities and

Originally from Queens, NY, Chef

amenities. The outdoor dining area and

Todd worked up and down the East

fireplace will serve as a treasured setting

Coast, most recently as head of catering for Table 301 in Greenville, and as chef at The

for families and friends to gather when the weather is kind. A bocce ball court and other games will

Cliffs at Glassy. He plans to cultivate an organic garden

ensure that every day can be filled with play.

on property for use in his dishes for both daily dining as

Take a stroll inside to enjoy a well-appointed interior

well as private events.

Cherokee Valley C O U R S E A N D C LU B


t a y a l P d n Come a b u l C d n a e s r u o C y e l l a V Cherokee We believe in giving people choices. After all, each

always be a place of cherished memories, and

family is unique. That’s why we offer a

joyful traditions. A place where your family can always

range of membership options

come together to reconnect, to celebrate

customizable to your lifestyle and

milestones, to relax, to laugh, and

interests. You can access the

most importantly, to play. We are

facilities and amenities that are

currently accepting applications for

important to you. Club membership

membership. Please contact

also provides something more: a sense of

our Associate Director of Operations,

welcome and a sense of belonging. As your family

Lauren Landreth, at 864-404-9322 or

grows, the club will grow with them. And no matter to learn more.

where life’s path takes you, Cherokee Valley will

Let her know you’re ready to play.

Cherokee Valley C O U R S E A N D C LU B

450 Cherokee Valley Way | Travelers Rest, SC 29690 | 864-895-6758 |

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Cherokee Valley Look Book