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You’ve arrived and Always Welcome! Here is the sign at the front of our course, giving you a warm welcome!

#2 From the Tees! Choose the right club! Short is wet and long is no picnic!

#3 from the Blue tees! Be careful, it’s a Blind shot!

#3 from the White and Red tees! Not blind but don't go left!

Hole #4! The green!

Hole # 4 ‌ from the tee! Dog leg, par 4! Tough shot!

#5 from the tees! Don’t hit to far to the left or right, or you’ll be sandy! Very woodsy in the back.

#6 from the tees! Don't go left!

#7 from the tees! Hit it straight!

Looking back to #7 tee from the green! Gorgeous look!

Side view of #9! Beautiful trees!

Shaddle Shape! Look at how green that view is!

#14 from the tee! Over the pond, or safe to the right!

#15 from the tee! Look out for the trees on the left!

Hole # 17! Don’t go long!

The Greens at Brock tour of the course!