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What do they

really do?




7 things that affect Your Frequency

Samaya K. Aster

5 Reasons to Communicate with

from the point of view of quantum physics.

Spirit Right Now!

Mystery of the Giant Crystals



You decide if Crystals really work.

Yvonne Teoh Bource

A Call For Action








In this issue we are going to be discussing different perspectives on Ascension. We will be introducing Dr. Denise, a medical Doctor/Surgeon who will be enlightening us on her take as a person who believes in Science. Samaya K. Aster gives us the story about an elephant which is an amazing perspective on Science & Spirituality. Jason, who is a great teacher of Channeling. Sia-Lanu, Introducing us to the Crystal Skulls and so much more to open your mind. Thank you. Cherlyn Fields Publisher I hope that you enjoy this issue and please give me some feedback at

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Auroura Sherilyn Bridget Avalon Cindy Edison Yvonne Teoh Bource Jason NELSON D R . D E NI SE

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02 Ask Dr. Denise

Samaya K. Aster Samaya tells a great story about an elephant and some men to explain the understanding of a spiritual point of view. I love it! You will too.

Dr. Denise Tropea You’re going to love her! Dr. Denise, a Surgeon for 30 years, is giving us her insight from Science to Spirituality. She is going to help break the barrier, that only science makes sense. Ask her questions every issue.

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I do Believe in Faries!!

Meet the Crystal Skull Collective

Cherlyn Fields

OMG! See the picture I caught of a fairy and how I happen to stumble upon it.


Sia-Lanu Estrella

Enjoy the adventures of Sia as she reveals, “I could never have known how deep my connection with the Crystal Skull Collective would be.“

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05 THE NEW EARTH, NOT A PLACE BUT A FREQUENCY Yvonne Teoh Bource Yvonne is so right on when she says, “Will we remain in the old 3D world and will we ultimately be back where we have always been, doing before being. The New Earth we are seeking is not a place, it exists on a different frequency.“





Holding a Crystal Pyramid

Anatomy of a Crystal Connection

Miracle of Voice Channelling

Cherlyn Fields

Cindy Edison

Jason Nelson

Holding a pyramid is a

However, from our perspective, as most of you know, there is never effort in connection; there is no effort in anything that is in Alignment with your Soul.

Everyone has a strong team of spiritual guidance supporting them. Spirit comes in many forms. It is all Spirit, but some names and forms are more meaningful to an individual than others.

joyful experience, and the more you practice, the more joy you generate. Holding a pyramid is definitely an intense




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Crystals, Do they really work? 1. Root Earth Chakra - Deals with survival. It’s blocked by fear. 2. Sacral Water Chakra - Deals with pleasure. It’s blocked by guilt. 3. Solar Plexus Fire Chakra -. Deals with power. It’s blocked by shame. 4. Heart Love Chakra -. Deals with love. It’s blocked by grief. 5. Throat Sound Chakra -. Deals with truth. It’s blocked by lies that we tell to ourselves. ‘ 6. 3rd Eye Light Chakra- Deals with insight. It’s blocked by illusion. 7. Crown Thought Chakra -. Deals with pure cosmic energy. it's blocked by all earthling attachment.



CORONA VIRUS COVID-19 Its stil in the minds of men. Change your mind, change your results.

Protect Yourself Wash Hands Use mask Raise your Frequency Stop Eating the Animals Learn More


s ht se g u a ho -e l t Dis l a of el c n



The ancient parable of the blind men and the elephant illustrates the teaching of Anekantavada, or manifold truth. In the parable a group of blind men is asked to each lay hands on a different part of an elephant, and to describe what they perceive. Each of the men has hold of a different part of the elephant, so the one holding its leg says, “it is like a tree trunk.” Another, who has hold of its trunk, says “No! It is like a rope!” Another, who has hold of its tail says “You are both wrong! It is like a branch!” and still another, who is feeling the elephant’s side says, “What are you all saying? It is like a wall!”. And so, each is firm in their belief that their perception is truth, when they are all, in fact, touching limited parts of the same great thing. Science and Spirituality are also both like the blind men touching the elephant. I have to giggle when people accuse me of being too involved in science and discounting the “Truth” of spiritual teachings. I am by no means a scientist. I don’t think that anyone reading any of my books can accuse me of being a scientist. However, I do value some of what science can reveal to us about the mechanisms of the If you want to soar in life, you must first manifest because those insights help me to walk learn to, (First Love Yourself) my spiritual path more effectively. Antonia Lyons

Science is limited by design. It is a process that was developed to attempt to provide an objective way to explore the workings of the physical, mechanical universe. The scientific process is only able to test the physical through experiments that can be replicated. That is all science will ever be able to describe, as that is all it was created to describe. The scientific process does a fairly good job at taking the person out of the process. That is not to say that science is infallible– it certainly and emphatically isn’t. Sometimes




long held scientific “fact” is revealed to be wrong through further explorations using the scientific process. And, some scientists who were held to be “crackpots” by their peers because they theorize beyond what can be physically tested, reveal stunning new perceptions of the manifest universe. Science is not meant to be a belief system. It is meant to be a way to circumvent belief, so that the individual scientist’s beliefs don’t affect the outcome of the process. But, we also know that the beliefs and intentions of the scientist do often affect the outcome of the experiment and, more often, the interpretation of the collected data. So, no, science is not infallible, nor is it the only “true” perception. Spirituality is also a process of trying to understand our universe and our place within it. The spiritual process is one of using various methods to connect with a greater consciousness, which in many cases is believed to be the originating consciousness that is responsible for all of the manifest and unmanifest multiverse. In other words, God (substitute the Diety or concept of your choice here). Unlike the scientific process, which strives to be objective and to eradicate subjective influence, the spiritual process is highly subjective by design. Continued on PG 8



Continued from PG 7. It cannot be otherwise because of the nature of what is being explored. On this path, the replicateable experiments are processes like meditation, prayer, contemplation and ritual. A basic form is developed (a spiritual practice), through which data is collected (subjective experience). This is what is called the spiritual path– the process of collecting experience while attempting to use various forms to better facilitate connection with Divine Consciousness. One of the great pitfalls in this amazing journey of spirituality is that of learning what experience is truly coming from connection with Divine Consciousness, and which is coming from the ego’s perception. This can be very difficult because the ego is really good at using spiritual-seeming information and experience to distract one from true connection with Divine Consciousness. A large part of the spiritual journey is learning objective perception from within subjective experience. So, why do I say that spirituality is one of the blind men feeling the elephant? Shouldn’t spirituality lead us to perceiving the whole elephant? In my experience, the more you cultivate your spiritual consciousness, the more you realize that you cannot perceive the whole elephant because you’re not just feeling it– you’re IN it. There is TRUTH, but we cannot perceive the totality of it. What we can do is become more and more aware of the fact that we are perceiving only a small part of the elephant of truth we are attempting to know, no matter which part we are feeling up. So, it really is not a matter of science vs. spirituality. It is a matter of recognizing that each process explains things that the other cannot. There is a place in the middle where both perspectives can be honored and valued.






1. 2.




6. 7.


ow do I activate my Heart and Intuition?

The first thing you need to do is to choose to heal. A quantum healing grid will be created with crystals, oils, and sound as part of your healing. (Essential oils are recommended. Apply or diffuse therapeutic grade oils.) The Chakra Awakener will raise your frequency and help you experience the healing energies on a deeper level. We often suggest to start at your root chakra. (But, the chakra balancer will proceed to the Chakra that the energy feels must be aligned the most.) How? • Affirm I am ready to heal any blockages. • Understand why blockages are there. • Inner talk. • Focus on the feminine energy. Receiver, magnetic • Focus on the masculine energy - giver, electric. We need to rewire our brains. Change our belief system. By doing this for a month, your mind patterns will change. • Changing the energy imprints. • It takes repetition. (Info in Book) Sherilyn will teach an ancient phenomenon mastered through the chakras, the art of ancient energetic therapies. After being hidden for thousands of years, the knowledge is coming back today in response to our society’s profound need to find truth and understanding once again. This system representing the chakra energy of many years of research and practice, Sherilyn offers the public one of the complete sets of chakra techniques and perceptions of the human being’s subtle anatomy ever collected. It will re-align your energetic frequencies and remove some emotional blockages. It will re-align your energetic frequencies and remove some emotional blockages, including healing and spiritual growth. Crystals assist all areas of most energetic imbalances that end up manifesting as physical ailments or emotional issues. We promote health via physical and energetic crystal entrainment. We recognize crystals as powerful energetic tools that help you heal your physical and energetic bodies.


Cindy Lu “Its Amazing!“ Whats included: Chakra Selfie Stick 60 page Book Incense pack Candle Affirmations Zen Oil Blend



Ask Dr. Denise


r. Denise Tropea has been in the medical field more than 3 decades. She is a board-certified foot surgeon and wound care specialist. She established her own private practice in Las Vegas 25 years ago.


r Denise’s personal journey takes her on the path of self-healing. In her early 40’s, health problems began to surface and took a toll on her well-being. A new chapter in her life emerged to finding resolution to “heal thyself.” he began her search for various holistic modalities for alleviating disease. An avid researcher on how proper nutrition, supplementation and detoxification can assist the body, she committed her life path to this healing process; to both regain and maintain her optimal health. During that time, she discovered the connection with mind, body and spirit with her yoga training.


r. Denise has become a health educator, bridging mainstream medicine with alternative medical modalities. Thus, the last 15 years have been a time of great awakening. She is currently the resident physician for the Triple Crown of Health and Wellness and collaborates with a team of health experts to essentially help heal humanity.


t is all about wellness with Dr. Denise and she is honored to be working with Ascension Life and connecting science and spirituality as we navigate through this global energetic shift. The perfect timing of the universe has Dr. Denise delivering the most accurate researched based health information. She will delve into your questions on how the body achieves balance (homeostasis), anti-aging, the rise in chronic health conditions and much more.


Ask Dr. Denise anything. Like...Sample question.

Q1. Why is diabetes so prevalent in the United States? Q1A. The cases of diabetes (type 2) have escalated in the last 15 years with the increase rates of obesity and sedentary lifestyle. Foods that are commonly eaten today contain sugars and fats that contribute to this health problem.

Q2. What is life force energy? Q2A. It is the essence of life that flows through all living things. This flow is composed of quantum energy in the form of bio energetic fields. Energy is meant to flow freely and harmonious. If it is blocked, stagnant or incoherent, imbalances in the form of disease and physical manifestations can develop.

She will answer your questions in the Next Issue of Send your questions to;


I do believe in Fairies!

I do believe in fairies! I am an artist and a writer and I’ve always loved the great outdoors, I’ve been to the woods many times. But, this one day I was looking for some property up in Panguitch, Utah and I was taking pictures of the locations. I took a picture of a street sign and after I looked at it again, much to my surprise, I saw a little blur on the picture in the bottom right corner. I didn’t see it at the time but after I kept looking at it, I had to blow it up, I don’t know 10 times the size, and this is what I got...the picture up in the corner. A Fairy! I couldn’t believe my eyes I saw the little wings, the legs, the face. She was on her back flying

backwards. (Probably forgetting to turn on her fairy cloaking). So I always paint fairies, and angels. I do believe this was a sign for me that they are real. I am so thankful and grateful for this opportunity to show everyone. So next time you’re in the woods take pictures all around, maybe you too can catch a glimpse of a fairy. Love and light Cherlyn Fields






Crystal Singing Bowls WH AT AR E CR YSTAL SI N G I N G B OWL S ? Singing Bowls produce a harmonization between their vibration and that of the person. Resonance is the principle on which vibrational medicine works. Resonance is the capacity of a certain vibration to produce a response in something with a similar vibration. The vibration of Crystal bowls has the power to make atoms vibrate and reorganize themselves in a crystalline structure, which is stronger, healthier and more balanced. The sound will affect the whole individual in a holistic manner, balancing first the energetic body and chakras and then cleaning the auric field. The vibration actually spikes the spinal cord which acts as a strong resonance vehicle sending the waves through the nervous system, cells, tissue and organs. These tones or vibrations bring the individual playing or listening into heightened states of consciousness because of the effect on inter-neuronal connections. The sound waves produced by the bowls induce a state of relaxation similar to the practice of long term meditation. While in this relaxed state induced by the bowls the mind guides the consciousness on an inner journey giving sensation of what Zen Masters call “filling oneself up with emptiness”. This state of emptiness gives us the opportunity to see the world and ourselves from a different perspective.

H OW WILL SIN G IN G B OWL S M AK E M E F EEL? The people who experience the effects of the bowls describe it as a deep physical and mental relaxation, sensations of floating and wellbeing. The experience can unblock and dissolve energetic and physical obstructions in the physical and astral body and thus is a therapeutic tool for deep healing. This is because the seven musical notes reverberate in the 7 chakras, and the 7 colors of the human aura creating a vibrational bath which emits a natural balancing effect.


SCIENCE BEHIND T HE B OWL S Modern quantum theory tells us that everything is essentially energy. When two quantum of similar vibration are united matter is formed, meaning all matter is composed of a different frequency of particles in movement. So too, all organic forms are created by the quantum field with similar vibrations, our bodies, organs, muscles, tissue etc. If bacteria or any other organism with a different vibration enters our bodies, it alters the vibrational model, producing illness. This is where sound therapy gives the best results as it can realign the affected tissue. Resonance is the principle on which vibrational medicine works.





About the Author Sia-Lanu Estrella, is the channel of ‘The Rainbow Tablets: Journey back to wholeness.’ Australian-born, she spent three years living in the Peruvian Andes while the sacred mountain spirits helped her to rediscover the great mysteries. When Sia-Lanu met the Rainbow Race, they told her it was time to restore the deep cosmic remembering to Earth. And it marked the Return to Unification. To find out more about SiaLanu and The Rainbow Tablets, visit

Meet the Crystal Skull Collective By Sia-Lanu Estrella

“Oh look, they have the Indiana Jones movie about the crystal skulls. That’s set here in Peru. Let’s watch that,” I said to my neighbour. He nodded enthusiastically as he nestled into the sofa. The nightly sirens of the curfew had died down. We could almost pretend that life was normal as we dug into a bag of crisps. When the elongated crystal skull appeared on screen, my body jolted. Since I had gone through my starseed activations, it was common for my body to register cosmic memories. I recalled


watching this movie as a teenager. It had evoked a sense that I needed to remember something important. I had sworn that the skulls were real and I would go to Peru to find one. Now, two decades later, I was in my third year of living in Cusco. So much magic and mystery had been revealed to me. But I had long ago forgotten about the skulls. My body jolted again. I felt something stirring. The time was nearing. But I could never have known how deep my connection with the Crystal Skull Collective would be.


Sia-Lanu Estrella Author | Multidimensional Healer w: e:

What is the Crystal Skull Collective? In the beginning, there was a vast consciousness, which is referred to as The All. It wished to experience itself, so it broke apart into the Rainbow Race. They are our Unified Selves – etheric beings that exist outside of time and space. They are completely whole with no birth, death or gender. They are the essence of divine love, the Rainbow Frequency. After some time, a decision was made to have a deeper experience. Each Rainbow Unified Self would break apart into many fragments. And all would enter a grand experiment in separation. The purpose was to experience and co-create. Each would forget that they were The All, so they could have the joy of rediscovering this through a journey of remembering. Yet, the experiment was not intended to last forever. To ensure these fragments were not suspended in infinity, it was necessary to create form. We know this now as time and space, which is held by the container of the multiverse. And so, the Crystal Skull Collective was brought into being. They were tall beings with elongated crystal skulls. They were the architects of time and space. They designed the multiverse and created everything from sound – using vibration and frequency as the fabric of the multiverse. What are their abilities? The Crystal Skull Collective are masters of multidimensionality, for they created it. They hold the wisdom and secrets of the multiverse. They are the ultimate time travellers, moving through dimensions with ease. There are very few on Earth who can communicate with them. Their frequency is so powerful that it can overload the brain and nervous system. However, they share small fragments of their wisdom through the crystal beings on Earth – at the level

that our bodies can handle. You can connect with them through any crystal. Some find it easier to work with carved crystal skulls. Not all skulls are created through purity and connection. But those that are can be used as gateways. They offer glimpses into the mysteries of the multiverse. And they can assist with navigating multidimensional space. This could be to clear for other timelines (past, parallel or future lives). Or to connect with other fragments of your Rainbow Unified Self, to discover your greatest gifts and wisdom. And they can be gateways to other realms – from the elemental realms to the higher dimensions. Once you reach a high enough frequency, you can also connect with the Crystal Skull Collective through sound, frequency and vibration. But this is of such an elevated awareness that it must be experienced rather than communicated. How did I meet them? As well as offering online courses and activations, I work with clients through personalised mentorship programs. One of my clients was very far along in her multidimensionality. She came to me because her Earth and Galactic service required the two of us. Our paths were woven together. Quite unexpectedly one day, the Crystal Skull Collective appeared. Even though I had greatly elevated my frequency and been through my DNA upgrades, the experience was intense. It felt ‘too much’ for me to hold. Yet, they continued to work with us over a period of months. When we were ready, they revealed that both of us were members of the Crystal Skull Collective. And they asked us to embody these higher self aspects. At first, I resisted. I had already embodied so much. Yet, it seemed this was written in the stars. The

momentum had started. Now we have both integrated these higher selves. My Crystal Skull higher self told me, “You’re just getting started.” And now I know there is so much more to discover.

A channelled message from the Crystal Skull Collective “You are not in a race. One of the human traits we see around the Great Awakening is impatience. The feeling of remembering can be so glorious, that you desire more and more. It will come. But we ask you to remember that this has been a journey of eons. Lifetime after lifetime. “We invite you to breathe out and relax into the remembering. There is nothing you need to force. It is important that you allow your mind, body and spirit the time to adjust and prepare. If we were to share it all with you right now, it would cause you harm. Your physical vessel needs time to adjust. Nurture and support it. “We invite you to embrace patience and appreciate the beauty of the unfolding. Let it be wondrous and joyful. Notice the revelations that are brought to you and enjoy uncovering the pieces of the puzzle. The purpose of this entire experiment was experience. Now you are at the best part – the remembering. Savour every moment. All will be revealed in divine alignment.”



How do I clean my crystals?


There are several methods to energetically clean your crystals.

Cleansing Methods for All Crystals Smoke -Smoke of sage, incense, palo santo, or smudge sticks waved over the stone at a distance of at least 2


feet away. Just like smoke clears out your home or office space energetically, it is great for clearing out your crystals.

Singing Bowls - Place the crystal in a singing bowl and allow the musical vibration to break apart negative energy buildup and replace it with positive. This can be done in a metal Tibetan singing bowl or a Quartz crystal bowl. You could also take the crystals to a sound bath with you.

Tuning Forks - Activate a tuning forks and wave it over your stone for vibration healing and cleansing. You could also gently place the end of the fork directly on the stone.

Is my crystal okay in Salt?


rro tem exernatem lignis sant restiis nobit ducipiditios non corepe pressi omnisit quiandaerum ressi omnihil idissim as asperchiciis sit, to ma Crystals that have a hardness of at least 3Ur, onoffic the tese Mohs Scale doluptat. velit, aut que rerum venim sam ut videbit asperevendit aquaspe quaturion rupta cus, eiusciu santus milliqu odissi of Hardness are okay in Salt. Salt has a hardness of 2.5nosa on the aut estissi suntibus sequasimus doluptu consediam imi, eos es adis eos esci que Mohs Scale of Hardness, so mquatur it willam scratch anything belowsunt a ulloreped quassuntem sit ut poreius, faceati tent ius quam, volorru mquiaec esectio doluptame nos nonto ipsam 2.5. To be on the safe said, we recommend your stones be acestio ssectur iberumque audanrersperion ra sum nimpelectem dolore tiore occuptatio. Derrum auditatis atem at least a 3. nulpa sit doluptate natemporum iur? ipsum is dolor anditibea volorio rescid ea Eturepu dantion senimi, quam reiuria co- pro et alitaecto consediti volorecum conse reped isciuri officae volectium experita rem qui cus. ventistiatem conse eum dolendae as soles Nequo bere et latusciatem re omnim auda min rem natiate platiat emolore stiuscid vitionsed ut et et porpor sequam rem eostieseque doluptae voluptur amenistora co- is quibeatiam ea quae nis sincid et atem et restem qui cupitiis et, te nonsedic tem vero ma enihitionsed ut invent essi consecum denissunt. soluptat volupta erumquaturis eos molorLoriberum aborero vitempersped quo vo- ro quaest, int eumqui res simenim fugitalupti aute vero omnihil iatur? tum ipsunt volest quos eatur, quas simagRovit latem quia quibus, nectur milluptat nihil inia voluptatquid estrum vellam fugit ipsum sit aborund igendit occum esed mo fugit as assus. volut vel elenim ent. Alia volore voluptatia Bus dolor as ab illanda ecest, cone verchil velesci rerum, volo omnimusa dolut volo- incias et plabo. Fugit, quo corrum ipisto rum culliatqui doluptio exceptium num quaerios enistrum ut quia il il most aut voium quibus utessit imoluptatur. Udam ut luptate volenda aut facea doluptasi ra etur, quam aped quiberum rem. Omnissi aut autae parum voluptae con por rem re exeraliqui doloresequo eos a quam si ius re chit venihillis quaessi tiandan imollam, si eatur, eum ellabori as as et facesti aut alita sit vel ipsam ut quo ducipicim rerisquatiur parit la sequist veri tempe veligen imolor sam facernatur, net omni sus, cumque por sit, tet occus recatur estibus, voluptatet andi optate odio. Iciumque nonsedi tamoluptam dicit quatem vel ipsus mo qui spernam id maio mollest officiam aut doomnit ullibus dest, omnis asit que de serae lorem que prem ullendi uta quiaestior am, consequam et lita comnimus, odi officias est pore culpa quasseque por re voloribuvel enis derchil idenim distrunte quibus sam vendel idusapedipsa vendaeres nusa res quatet optas et voluptio blaborp ori- voluptatur am, etur susae pro dolestiam et → Returning to the earth. Burying your estrum nos eaque et lam quatus sae nis sitaspic temo vent repro busa pellantorero periatet ad quia cuptasi volorpore pra vel qui sus auditius dolorem dolum quis dolocrystals in the earth is another favorite. It molupta quatus ullent ipsant. rum vollandus sedis et aut dolest, sin necgrounds the energy back to Source and Ovidige nitatur ma quunt mint ommos tiaspid que diaspicia arcit quia nosti doles allows your stone to take a little nap. Younum denimus apiciatur res parum, nonsera ipsapis miliberum qui endellia inctorae sequi si volorep Rerum ver- consecabo. Ut omnisti isquam es am et aut can bury your crystals in a potted plant, eribustetur? in moluptur? El minum quo ditisti ure- voluptam venisima volupit aspere quia coyour garden, or in the sand spit at the beach. rem vellame secerum dolorro maxime non nessuntur? 18


→ Kids Love Crystals. Let them feel them at an early age. You can even give them their own to play with. Some may be a little strong for their energy field, so you can test them out first.



Sophisticated and Unique Handcrafted Crystal Jewelry

Handcrafted Crystal Toe Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Anklets, Broaches, Rings and Sunglasses featuring ® Swarovski Crystals.


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What‘s Your Level of Abundance Maintenance?


aintenance. A wise Soul once told me its all about the maintenance. That‘s where we mess up, I mean literally things get messy. We start to accumulate more than we need. I know some of you will say, “What? I need all that stuff!“ But, do you? iving in a world of abundance can take a little getting used to if you‘re not used to having everything you want, whenever you want it. So we have to start maintaining our abundance. ow you ask? One way is to know your comfort level of Abundance. Say, you have a wardrobe of maybe 100 items (makes you comfortable). So every time you purchase something new, you set aside one of your 100 items to give away. This way you will maintain 100 items in your wardrobe at all times. (Then hoardering won‘t become a problem.) Again that depends on your Level of Abundance Maintenance. You could only like 20 items in your wardrobe, or 200? Its totally your decision. ou just must know your number. Don‘t falter from it. Stay on track. Know your space! How does it feel? Does it feel cluttered? Does it feel safe? Only you will know the answer. ome! Our home is another area of maintenance. What does that look like? Mine is a mess right now because I have been focusing on getting this magazine done. So I know it gets messy at times. But, if you do one load of laundry a day, clean the dishes everyday (at least throw them in the dishwasher) make your bed in the morning, then you will have a modecom


of maintenance started. ‘m not saying don‘t take a brake because we have to take a rest. Even God rested on the Seventh day. Get into a routine of maintenance. Just like you have to brush your teeth everyday or they will fall out. My Dentist says, “Floss the ones you want to keep“. SO I DO! ow if your an Artist, I believe you can have an Art Room that‘s full of stuff, because you have to make Art. But you can organize it too. I have a friend who does beading. She made her garage into an office and every bead, of every color is neatly binned. t saves time and money too! When your organized and you maintain your organization, you know where things are and can find them faster. (Thus saving time) nce you get into the pattern of maintenance, your habits become your lifestyle, your lifestyle becomes easier and part of the New Earth thinking. aramahansa Yoganada once said, “By the thoughts we habitually entertain and act upon, we create the circumstamces of which our life unfolds“. So if you habitually keep up the maintence life gets easier and it becomes second nature. njoy the journey! Remember, we all have our own journeys, and we are on different understandings of the journey, so don‘t judge our neighbor for where they are on their journey. Stay in the Present for the best results.

I N I O P E Namasté Cherlyn




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(October 23 – November 21) Cinnamon & Cognac Intense, passionate and mys t e r i o u s , S co r p i o s a re driven to succeed. Provide an inviting oasis for your complex Scorpio with this mysterious blend of Cinnamon & Cognac.

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1OZ Travel Candle 4.95 USD - Availability : 2 VIRGO

(August 23 – September 22) Egyptian Neroli & Blue Lotus Eminently sensible, Virgos embody the idea of down-to-earth. Highly discriminating Virgos will embrace this special blend of Egyptian Neroli & Blue Lotus. Each candle in our Astrology Collection features inspiring and positive words.

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(September 23 – October 23) Golden Champa & Sakura Blossom. Peacemaker, Libras seek harmony and beauty but often have a hard time finding it. Help your Libra find beauty and balance with this delicious blend of Golden Champa & Sakura Blossom.

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Be Informed of Block Chakras

To move into presence we focus on the To move presence we focus on the NOW and release NOW andinto release from being elsewhere. from being elsewhere. These past few weeks, I have been on These past tofew weeks, I have been on a journey to a journey release, let go, and heal release, let go, and heal the inner child. This work is not the inner child. This work is not always always comfortable. comfortable. One by going going within and having Oneway waywe wedo dothis thiswork work is is by the courage to takethe a close lookto— without judgment — within and having courage take ata the parts of ourselves we have been close look — without judgment — at afraid or ashamed of the to see. If of weourselves could see perspective that everything parts wethe have been in our or outside world what is happening inside, afraid ashamed of toreflects see. If we could wesee canthe begin to makethat a change. perspective everything

Step 1 View everyone in your life as a messenger that is here to show you your inner world. Step 2 When you feel triggered by a person or experience, mentally remove the messenger and ask yourself, “Where in my body do I feel this emotion/energetic charge.” Step 3 Once you identify where in the body this is felt, give yourself full permission to fully feel it without trying to change or manipulate it in any way. Step 4 Once it is felt allow the energy to move and release/integrate into your being naturally. This practice has set me free from a constant state of reaction and propelled me into a grounded, present place of response.

How do you know when your Root chakra is blocked? When your Root chakra is blocked, you have very little will to live. Depending on the severity of the block, you could feel a little lethargic all the way to suicidal. This chakra imbalance can lead to restlessness, anger, rage, low self-esteem, pessimism, narrow mindedness, anxiety, overthinking, and nightmares. Because you are not properly rooted to the earth, you could show signs of greed, waste and desctruction of nature.



Conversations about New Earth Communities Yvonne Teoh Bource, a beautiful soul who is helping us learn about our vibrational creations of our next experiences.

THE NEW EARTH, NOT A PLACE BUT A FREQUENCY What I am observing is that one of the greatest ingrained, conditioned modes of operandi that we as humans need to get from under, is the belief that by changing the outside, we can change the whole. Right now, I see many activists, and I believe they are fulfilling their perfect role, their soul path as they go to battle against the status quo that is diminishing the life force in the collective. They are focusing on making physical changes so that we can return to freedom. However, this is the linear Old Earth way of doing things that we are leaving behind. We have all heard that you cannot find a solution using the same mindset that has created the problem. Other than the activists I see many newly awakened beings and lightworkers going around buying land to begin growing organic produce, getting out of the urban sprawl and returning to the soil of the Earth. And let me tell you I am one of those, although I am focused on land for the creation of healing sanctuaries as they will be much needed when the masses begin to see beyond the veil of deception. Again, I know that is fulfilling a soul path and it is all an essential piece of the puzzle of this Ascension Process we are experiencing and a valuable outer expression of what we want the New Earth to look like. The idea of a New Earth is giving people a glimmer of light in what has been and continues to be a world of fear, confusion and chaos and a worthwhile goal to work towards. What I am constantly being shown to be true however, is that because everything is energy, the chaos we live in has an energetic vibration of that specific creation, and the only way to have something different is to create a different energetic frequency. What humanity is facing right

now is that the solution is not out there but only when we alter our inner vibrational frequency can we experience a different outcome. We can object and resist as much as we like, buy as much land as we can find, grow as beautiful organic produce as is possible, but unless we do the inner work and raise our state of consciousness to a higher vibrational frequency, we will remain in the old 3D world and will ultimately be back where we have always been, doing before being. The New Earth we are seeking is not a place, it exists on a different frequency. Our planet is shedding its old energetic skin and birthing itself into a renewal of a more refined energy of light that will require us humans to recalibrate ourselves in alignment if we wish to continue to live on this beautiful place, we call our home. To be able to continue to not just exist but thrive on Gaia in her new state of being, we must peel off every thought, word, action, belief, habit, addiction and anything else that has us trapped in this old matrix of self-destruction. This is why I am focusing my intention on creating New Earth Communities before looking for land, or looking to change the outside world. When we the people become the energetic equivalent, vibrational frequency of the New Earth, right here, right now, we will indeed become the Way Showers to the doorway that leads to the Ascended Masters. What is on offer here is to become the Conscious Creators of all that is needed, self-governing, self-responsible, in service and alignment with our divine self, others, the planet, and the galactic family of the cosmos. This is an identity crisis of monumental proportions, letting go of all that we have known as landmarks and stepping with faith into an unknown, without a map. The New Earth Communities are a safe practice ground where we can put into effect the newly found conscious awareness and elevate our vibration with support and

encouragement from others on the same path of intention. A place where we learn to be a conscious energy being creating a physical world, where everything in form is perceived energetically before engaging with it physically. It is the kindergarten of the New Earth humanity being created. Only when we have mastered being off the New Earth can we experience that Eutopia. What will that feel like and look like you may ask? This is how I am beginning to experience life when in that state of consciousness. Everything flows as if by magic, from thought, to feeling, to experience in complete synchronicity in a symbiotic dance of ease and grace. There is a fluidity to life as it responds to your every need and desire. In conscious relationship with nature, with the planet and with each other. The old will seem like a very distant, very disturbing dream, never to revisit or give attention to again. It takes courage to step out of this matrix, but once you have made the leap, you’ll wonder why it took you so long. The New Earth of our desire does not live out there, it awaits you within. Come and experience the magic of living in a New Earth Community, or begin one of your own. Namaste´ <3 <3 Yvonne Teoh Bource Yvonne can be reached at: YouTube Channel: com/channel/UCFAV2L3qH2z_6mojCbQ3ajA Her personal FB page: https://www. The Connect to Soul New Earth Community FB Group: ht tps://w w w.facebook .com/ groups/249074645756855


How will Holding a Crystal Pyramid make me Feel? Holding a pyramid is a joyful experience, and the more you practice, the more joy you generate. Holding a pyramid is definitely an intense and invigorating feeling. It is creating a vortex of energy in your hand, which spreads down your physical body and around your aura. Basically, it funnels down the wisdom and healing of the Universe right into the tips of your fingers. Some people report a tingling sensation in the hands or all over the body. Other people can achieve a blurred state of mind that helps them into a light trance. In this trance, they are able to Cherlyn Fields - Crystal Pyramid Session escape their ego and thoughts. Highly empathetic people may have clairvoyant and psychic visions triggered. Yet another person may feel nothing at The Top 7 Crystal Pyramid Uses Explained all until several more experiences. Q1. How Do I Use Crystal Pyramids for Energy Healing?  Top 7 Crystal Pyramid Uses. Surround yourself with pyramids. To benefit quickly Here are the top seven ways you can make use of and intensively from Pyramid Power, you can form your crystal pyramid. Below the list, we expand a grid of pyramids around your body as you do a crystal layout or even while you sleep. The pyramids on each method. will draw down energy effortlessly, and your body 1. Crystal pyramid energy healing for the vibrations will increase. aura and 7 chakras. Q2. How do I Use a Crystal Pyramid during 2. Crystal pyramid meditations for Meditation? To use a Crystal Pyramid for Meditation, place it clairvoyance and high spiritual vibration. directly in your hand or in front of you while you 3. Program crystal pyramids with reiki engage in your session. If you have a meditation space, it can be placed anywhere within that room intentions for love, healing, money etc. or sacred area. The pyramid naturally vibrates at 4. Focus upon a crystal pyramid while you the spiritual level because it is an important form of sacred geometry. The energy of the pyramid helps do yoga. to raise your vibrations so you can acheive the next 5. Place the crystal pyramid in your bedroom level of spiritual development. to preserve youth and beauty.

Q3. How do I Program my Crystal Pyramids for 6. Make pyramid elixirs to drink for good Reiki? Pyramids are perfect for Reiki, because Reiki operates health and physical preservation on important universal symbols. 7. Place the pyramid in your fridge to Infuse Reiki energy into your pyramid to intensify powers. When you input your intentions into a crystal energize and preserve food. 26


it helps focus the healing benefits to your particular Q7. How do I use a Crystal Pyramid to Preserve needs. This can be for more love, money, health, Food? spirituality, or anything you desire. Maximize the preservation powers of the crystal pyramid by placing it in your fridge to preserve food. Q4. How do I use Crystal Pyramids while doing Doing so not only increases the shelf life of your food, Yoga? but also keeps the nutritional values intact. To benefit from crystal pyramid power while doing yoga, keep a crystal pyramid within your range of site to get more energized. Q5. How do I use Crystal Pyramids while sleeping? To use the crystal pyramid for preserving beauty and youth, place it near your bedside. The pyramid will bring restful sleep, which in turn preserves your appearance. Another pyramid should be placed near your mirror or vanity, the place where you self care. Q6. How do I make a crystal pyramid elixir for good health? Place your crystal pyramid in or next to your water jug to make an elixir. Keep the stone there for 1-2 hours. This will energize your water supply, and convert into a direct physical benefit once you drink it. The pyramid power will help you preserve good health and your physical body. Please note that the pyramid must be cleaned before placing in the elixir. Also, not all stones can be used to make elixirs, as some may cause negative effects. Selenite and Angelite, for example, cannot be in water because they are soft stones that will eventually dissolve. Before using a crystal for a gem elixir, be sure to research the stone or inquire. Alternatively, any stone can be placed next to your water source for a similar effect. Two types of Crystal Pyramids. 1. the one i‘m holding which is Tubular. 2. A solid Crystal Pyramid.


The Soul‘s Perspective: The Anatomy of the Crystal Connection and Other Modalities by Josef We are often asked about the use of crystals, cards, candles, etc. as a way to‚ connect‘ to your higher Source, and‚ other‘ consciousness that is available for all to experience. We love that our human counterparts are seeking ways to connect, ways to enhance their connection and ways to expand the physical Self, the human aspect of the Soul. To this endeavor, we applaud your‚ efforts. However, from our perspective, as most of you know, there is never effort in connection; there is no effort in anything that is in Alignment with your Soul, for the word “effort“ does not exist here. We use it as a means to communicate with you based on your current understanding - and herein lies part of the conundrum in the understanding of your expansion and movement forward to the New Earth vibration. There is, and has been for many eons, an understanding and belief that relies on outside modalities for the human connection to Source. It is a belief that was/is conjured in and perpetuated from the third dimension of contrast where it was, born so to speak. It was derived from

a place of lack and misunderstanding you see, misunderstanding of who you really are, and is in alignment with the third dimensional contrasting vibration. It supports and manifests from the vibration with which it was created - as all beliefs and understandings do. From our perspective which is the perspective of the expanded‚ “You“, the perspective of your Soul, who is‚ “sitting“ in the expanded vibration that is the New Earth in its non-physical form, there is no need for any modality to bring you closer to another aspect of you, you see. There is nothing outside of you that is necessary for your recognition of, and communication with, another vibrational timeline, another consciousness, that exists in this Universe, for nothing is more powerful than you, than your focus and desire for experience. As you move forward in your unique journey of expanding the human aspect of your Soul, you will discover that it is your current understandings that are limiting you; the understandings and beliefs that you have lived as the human aspect in the contrasting vibrations of the third dimension. This discovery is evidence of

Welcome Aboard. The Teachings Of Josef 28



your movement forward as you begin more and more to understand your, “whereabouts“. It is your discovery of‚ where you are, meaning in your awareness of‚ who you are that nudges you to move forward. But we digress... We give you this opening of sorts, certainly not to discourage you or your desire to include modalities into your spiritual practice - as of current. Cindy has included many things along her journey that‚ “set the scene“ so to speak, or caused her to feel closer in our early years together, and they brought her joy and are in alignment. They still do in some respects but the experience of them today is different than it was years ago. As she evolves, so do her understandings, as they do for you. We share this with you as an example and an alternative perspective. You will develop your own‚ methods, your own pathways, and your own design which is the point. We simply want you to know that all of you are unique and are on your own unique pathway forward. There are some of you who are currently relying on outside modalities to connect and you feel as if you cannot connect without them. There are some of you who have been taught and are trying to incorporate some form of modality but have not been able to connect with the help of any, so you turn your back on your practice because nothing seems to work for you as you‘ve been told they should. There are also some who are believing there is always something new, something better, that will help them get closer and make the connection more solid. Whatever your situation or belief happens to be at this time, it matters not. We‘re here to tell you there is nothing outside of you that is necessary for your own connection. It is your belief, without judgement, that manifests your experience. All is of your choosing.

You are One with your Soul and with the Universal Consciousness. It is accessible by way of your focus. There are unlimited aspects of You, of your Soul, Who is your Connection to the All. It is your inherent language that IS your connection and that language is vibrational. It requires only your belief and your knowing of who you really are as a Universal Being. As you move forward toward the new vibrational timeline, focus on Alignment with your Soul and your pathway, filled with opportunities for understanding in each moment, will be revealed. If, on your pathway, crystals are your desire, they, too, will be set in front of you for all desires that are in Alignment are on that pathway, too. We say focus on Love and enjoy your journey, for your evolutionary time frame is Eternity. Josef‘s Allow Your Soul To Lead book series: Subscribe on YouTube: UCsxZaO0tnWLS0T2aA1586cA?view_as=subscriber Follow us on InstaGram @ the_teachings_of_ josef Your Ego is what makes you human. Your Soul Is What Makes You God.“ - Josef



How to go on a Crystal Diet Choose for yourself! SAMAYA K. ASTER It may seem strange that someone known for teaching about the fabulous energy, healing and spiritual benefits of crystals would recommend going on a crystal diet. But, I do. There are a lot of reasons that curbing your over-consumption of crystal energy could be beneficial for both you and your crystal allies. A 30 day crystal diet will help you to recalibrate your energy, reconnect to crystals in a more meaningful way, and stop using them in an addictive manner. A crystal diet doesn’t mean that you stop using crystals altogether, but it does mean that you’ll use them only in mindful interaction.

What are some signs that you might need to go on a crystal diet? 1. You feel “naked” if you don’t have your bra or pockets full of crystals, or if you are not wearing gemstone jewelry. 2. You have a hard time getting your energy level up unless you get a “crystal hit” or “get stoned” on your crystals. 3. You carry, wear or sleep with multiple crystals on a daily basis. 4. You rarely meditate with a single stone, but often pile up on stones for meditation, sleep or daily wear.

What are the benefits of going on a 30 day crystal diet? 1. Healing addiction or dependence on stones for your energy. Yes, you can become addicted to crystals when you use them unconsciously for long periods of time to “support” your energy, but you don’t actually address the healing of your energy issues directly. This is like someone being addicted to coffee for an energy boost, without ever addressing their terrible diet, exercise, or


energy hygiene directly. Any addiction is an imbalance, and just because you may be addicted to stones doesn’t make it O.k. In fact, it can be a form of energy vampirism. When you go on a crystal diet, you’ll be able to address your energy issues directly, without artificial energy supports. This will ensure that when you do engage them, you’re doing it in an aligned way. 2. Build real relationship with your stones. When you are constantly using multiple stones in an unconscious manner (carrying or sleeping with them, but not meditating or working with them consciously), you are not building real realtionship with your crystalline teachers, but are instead simply using them as energy slaves. This isn’t right relationship with the mineral kingdom. By honoring your crystal teachers by working with them singly and intentionally, you can learn much more about yourself and them. 3. Recognize which stones are creating which effects. When you are constantly “loaded for bear” and carrying many different stones together, it makes it very difficult to know which stones are having which effects. Sure, you have someone elses’ opinion that they’ve written in a book or online about the stones’ properties, but you aren’t going to be able to understand how they are working with you personally if you mix them all together. This is like taking a hand full of pills. You don’t know which one made you see the pink elephant. You might want to see that pink elephant again. By going on a crystal diet, you’ll be able to gain clarity on what each stone specifically is teaching you.


Preparing for the 30 day Crystal Diet 1. Clear all of the stones out from within 4ft (or a little over a meter) around your bed. Also ensure you don’t have any strays in your pillow cases, under pillows, under your bed, or in your sheets. You’ll be sleeping alone for the next 30 days. Well, without stones, at least. Why? The 4ft. radius is the “hot zone” of your aura, including both your heart and brain electromagnetic fields. Keeping this zone clear of stones will ensure your energy has a chance to reset during your most restful time. 2. Clear a meditation area where you won’t have stones within 4“ of you during meditation. If you have a regular meditation area that is loaded with stones in the room, you may choose to relocate for meditation during this 30 day period, and use that room as your “stone room” where you can store everything until you are ready to re-engage them. Why? You’ll be engaging only one stone a day during the diet, so that means needing to ensure that you don’t have any other stones influences within the hot zone of your energy field while you are meditating. This ensures that the experiences you are having are related to the single stone you are engaging, without too much back ground “noise”. 3. Remove and clear all crystal or gemstone jewelry. You can wear metals such as gold and silver, but no stones as jewelry during your diet period. Why? Again, this is to ensure that the energy you are engaging is that of the single stone you are working with, without other stone energies confusing the issue. 4. Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of pure water each day, containing a colloidal trace mineral source. Yes, that is a lot of water. If you weigh 140 lbs, you will be drinking 70 ounces of water (a little over a gallon) each day. In that water, you’ll want to use a colloidal trace mineral supplement from natural sources, such as Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops from Trace Minerals Research. Why? Your ability to effectively resonate with crystals and minerals depends upon having healthy levels of bio-available minerals and trace minerals

in your body. If you have proper mineral balance, your body will be able to easily resonate with external crystals and minerals, and information exchange will be enhanced. Drinking this large amount of water will flush toxins from your body and rehydrate you. Adding proper amounts of colloidal minerals will ensure you don’t become demineralized, and that you have a good variety of trace elements in your human crystal. No crystals in your water, please! 5. Establish a daily meditation practice in the morning. This should be the same meditation or meditation technique each day. For instance, if you’re going to practice mindful meditation, practice it each day in the morning before doing anything else– even before eating or getting dressed. Why? By practicing the same exact meditation every single day, you establish a baseline for your energy and practice. This means you’ll be doing the same thing, at the same time and vibrating with the same basic energy each time. When you then add a crystal to the mix, it will be readily apparent the effects of the crystal versus the general effects of the meditation. 6. Practice Crystal Immersion. This means working with only one stone each day (or the same stone for multiple days), and only working with it during meditation or during mindful attention periods throughout the day (no carrying or sleeping with the stone). Why? By working with only one stone at a time, you will be able to attune to its energy mindfully and therefor be more aware of its unique effects on your human crystal. By only engaging it during meditation and/or mindful awareness periods, you will give yourself time to integrate the energy shifts without the stone present. This is key for helping your energy to reset and heal, as well as allowing you to understand the more physical effects the stone may be having on your body. These effects tend to show up after meditation, in the periods of time when the energy is integrating. Crystal immersion is a key practice on the path of the crystal initiate that I teach.





EMOTIONAL SOURCES OF DISEASE Problem Accidents Source Expressions of anger, frustration, rebellion. Crystal Blue Lace Agate, Moss Agate. Essential Oils Rose, Jasmine, Chamomile and Lavender all have a calming, restorative, sedating effects which allow us to slow down and think more calmly Problem Anorexia Source Self-hate, denial of life nourishment, “not good enough”. Crystal Ocean Jasper, Bloodstone. Essential Oils

Lemon, Lime, Orange, Bergamot, Tangerine, and Mandarin are all types of citrus essential oils that contain properties that are calming for the nerves, but uplifting for your mood. Problem Arthritus in Arms Source Inability to embrace, old emotions held in joints. Crystal Jasper, Aquamarine. Essential Oils Frankincense Oil Resin essential oils, such as frankincense or elemi, can help improve your body’s ability to protect and heal. They are also useful for relieving feelings of grief or emotional trauma. Learn more about Emotional Sources At



By Jason Nelson, New Three® University

Miracle of Voice Channeling® 5 Reasons to Communicate

with Spirit Jason Nelson Everyone has a strong team of spiritual guidance supporting them. Spirit comes in many forms. It is all Spirit, but some names and forms are more meaningful to an individual than others. Familiar ways Spirit connects with us is as our Spirit Guides, God, Angels, Source, loved ones who’ve passed on or enlightened people who incarnated at some point and made a huge contribution to raising the consciousness on Earth. These forms of Spirit and many more are available to connect with and when we do, beautiful love, awareness and healing is felt every time.

Would you like to have a clear, two-way communication with Spirit to get answers about your everyday life scenarios and healing support where you need it most? If so, you want to learn Voice Channeling®. Everyone can do it and it’s easier than you might think!

Five Benefits You Get from Voice Channeling®: 1. Healing – The high energy of Spirit is healing. Spirit exists at a higher nonphysical vibration than we do, while we are incarnated physically living out this lifetime. Spirit channeling their energy with us and communicating through our voice in a Voice Channeling®

Learn Voice Channeling® from Jason and Melissa Nelson 34

Right Now! experience, produces healing for us and this healing helps us balance our mind, body and emotions.


What mental, emotional and physical challenges would you like healed? 2. Perspective – We receive a greater perspective, insight and direction than we would on our own. Spirit has a far more detailed vantage point in their nonphysical existence. Therefore, they can anticipate scenarios and effectively guide us for our highest benefit. Are there any situations you would like a greater perspective?


3. Guidance – Spirit will directly guide us through any topic and situation we’d like clarity. Think of it as having Spirit be our assistant, business or health advisor and relationship counselor.


Spirit is the greatest love connector, helping to improve your current relationship or find a life partner.


Feel the Deepest Love with Spirit!

🌟 Spirit guides us in making

the best decisions, helping you understand your family.


you like feedback on how to improve your career and align with your purpose? Spirit has business expertise that is out of this world! They understand our purpose better than we do because they have access to all knowledge.

🌟 Spirit will directly advise us on every aspect of our well-being, being able to answer questions about your health and how to heal yourself.

Being able to see our past, present and future possibilities, Spirit knows about our life, where the world is going and how our choices affect everything. Spirit wants to help. That’s why they are with us. 4. Goals – When we have goals we want to attain, Spirit will prophetically give us step-bystep instructions to receive what we want, showing us cause and effect outcomes as a result of our choices. If you have a goal but you’re not sure how to get started and which path to take, it’s time to ask Spirit to guide you!


5. Love – Spirit loves us unconditionally. Our spiritual guidance will never judge us or put us down and they will always support us. Spirit shows us different personalities and forms

By Jason Nelson, New Three® University to communicate with us. Sometimes they are playful and other times they are stern, but they are always loving. The true nature of Spirit is pure love. Have a personal relationship with Spirit. Invite them in every day in every way and your life will dramatically improve.


the energy of Spirit to speak. In this process you are allowing your mind to move out of the way and watch the communication and healing take place. It is like inviting a friend over to have a conversation, because this process connects you with the loving, supportive nature of Spirit.

Unconditional love is the nature of your spiritual guidance, so if one of your goals is feeling more unconditional love, then Spirit is the greatest Source of this love!

Facing life with Spirit feels so much better than doing it alone. By deepening our connection with our higher power, we may know answers faster, understand life and people better, and move into deeper unconditional love.

Voice Channeling® is a process we teach via one-on-one distance courses at New Three® University. It was given to me by Spirit to provide anyone who uses it a consistent, effective way to build their relationship and channel with Spirit. The process allows Spirit to communicate through your voice. It was designed by Spirit to work every time and we have had incredible success with the modality, helping both beginners and advanced practitioners.


You are in control AND you move back your consciousness to allow

Jason Nelson is a defining voice of soul-based living. For over a decade as a Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach and Bestselling Author, he has helped thousands of people through his international coaching and training programs connect more deeply with their soul to heal, channel, intuit and manifest their life purpose. Give the Code - AscensionLife For a discount on packages.




Grandma knows everything!

If she doesn‘t know it, she makes something up really quick.



7 things that affect your vibrational frequency from the point of view of quantum physics. Vibration in quantum physics means everything is energy. We are vibrant beings each on certain frequencies. Every vibration is equivalent to a feeling, in the world of "Vibrational," there are only two species of vibrations, positive and negative. Any feeling makes you broadcast a vibration that can be positive or negative.

4TH. The Things You Look At

1st. Thoughts

5TH. The Atmosphere

Every thought emits a frequency to the universe and this frequency goes back to its origin, so in the case, of you having a negative thought. Such as discouragement, sadness, anger, fear, all this comes back to you. This is why it is so important that you take care of the quality of your thoughts and learn how to cultivate more positive thoughts.

2nd. The Companies

The people around you directly influence your vibrational frequency. If you surround yourself with happy, positive and determined people, you will also enter this vibration. Now, if you surround yourself with people complaining, gossiping and pessimist, be careful! Indeed, they can reduce your frequency and therefore prevent you from using the law of attraction in your favor.

When you look at programs that deal with misfortunes, dead, betrayals, etc. Your brain accepts this as a reality and releases a whole chemistry into your body, which affects your vibrational frequency. Look at things that you feel good about this helps you vibrate at a higher frequency.

Whether it's at home, or at work, if you spend a lot of time in a messy and dirty environment, it will also affect your vibrational frequency. Improve what surrounds you, organize and clean your environment. Show the universe that you are fit to receive much more. Take care of what you already have!


If you claim or speak wrong about things and people, it affects your vibrational frequency. To keep your frequency high, it is essential to eliminate the habit of complaining, and bad talking about others. So avoid drama and bullying. Assume your responsibility for the choices of your life!


Gratitude positively affects your vibrational frequency. This is a habit you 3RD. The Music Music is very powerful. If you only listen should integrate now into your life. Start to music that talks about death, betrayal, to thank for everything, for the good sadness, abandonment, all this will things and what you consider to be bad, interfere with what you are feeling. Pay thank you for all the experiences you've attention to the lyrics of the music you experienced. Gratitude opens the door listen to, it could reduce your vibrational for good things to happen positively in frequency. And Remember: you attract your life. exactly what you feel in your life. ~Shared by Jojan Hendricks




Remember to Share Send Love and Send Love to Everyone!

Even your enemies. 38


A Call For Action By The GFOL Greetings, beloved ones! Those of us who have been aware and Your evolution has our full attention. Today we wish to speak to you about the fact that humans on planet Earth are still not living in peace and harmony as they should be. The recent events on Earth reveal a great deal about what we‘ve been up to on this planet. Clearly, we need some help. What we need is your help, people of Earth. We come to you with an exciting opportunity: to become a member of the Galactic Federation. All of the events that are happening are an expression that the planet is in transition, transitioning into light, into higher frequencies of consciousness that you will participate in. In this moment, your planet is going through a cleansing period wherein She is going to ascend her vibration from being a 3D planet/body to a 5D reality, with an elevating consciousness of humankind from the lower 4th-3rd dimension into the higher 4th-5th dimension. You will experience this ascension in your physical reality, which means you will feel it physically in your bodies. The fifth dimension is not a theory. It exists right now and you can ascend into the fifth dimension at this moment. Now the fifth dimension exists in the third and fourth dimension like a parallel reality or like an invisible realm. It co-exists with our world. The different densities are not separated from each other. There are many reasons for you all to leave the 3D reality. Perhaps not everyone is called to do this, but you are. You may not know it yet, but your soul needs this transmutation more than anything else in your current incarnation. You are ready, dear one. Ascension is addressed to people who are awake, conscious and self-aware. It‘s the last chance to awaken and make an evolutionary leap in this lifetime, before Mother Earth

completes her planetary ascension. The soul‘s rewards for this massive transformation are vast. This is partly the reason why you decided to sign up for this mission. It is a fantastic opportunity, because you took a major step. You stepped aside from the old version of the 3D world and hence stepped aside from the old version of yourselves to enter into the new world. Accomplishing this whilst being incarnated into a human body in the density of the third-dimensional reality is huge. There is one more step left before you can embrace your ascended consciousness. You have already walked the path of love and forgiveness, but still need to get rid of your last ego illusions if you want to be really complete. Being connected with the Light, you should also get rid of your last shadow. The final step is to let go of the ego. Many people face difficulties in their lives as a result of their ego. Ego can bring sadness, anguish, hatred, and jealousy into one‘s life. Ego will never be a vehicle for the fifth dimension, nor will it ever be a portal to the beyond. The ego is focused on achieving its objectives. The ego yearns for a brighter future. It can yearn for the other life, the fifth dimension, and even the afterlife. It doesn‘t matter what it yearns for; yearning is what it is, as is projecting into the future. The desire of the mind is to be exceptional. The ego yearns for acknowledgment that you are someone. Someone accomplishes that desire through wealth, while another achieves it through power, politics, and yet another through miracles and juggling. However, all of their desires are aimed at appeasing their ego. Your ego is the source of your sorrow. The only way out is to become a spectator of your own mental processes. Being ordinary is the only miracle, the unthinkable miracle. There is no ego to be discovered

She is a Holistic Health & Business Expert, a Master Chef, Founder of the Rawvolutionist Academy, Ambassador of The Galactic Federation, and a former TV-Host.

Aurora‘s first contact by the Galactic Federation happened when she was just six years old and for many years she was taken on ships regularly in order to get specific healing therapies and upgrades on a quantum level.

Aurora was raised by her Persian parents in Frankfurt, Germany. She lived a few years in Tehran then moved to Los Angeles where she studied food and nutrition. Today Aurora lives on the island of Ibiza and travels regularly through Europe to teach and coach conscious living. Aurora‘s first contact by the Galactic Federation happened when she was just six years old and for many years she was taken on ships regularly in order to get specific

whenever you are now and here. You are the epitome of silence. Being separate as an ego is the source of all unhappiness; being one, to be flowing, to be immersed in life so deeply, so completely, that you are no longer there, that you are lost, then you are entering into the fifth dimension. The ego is the voice in your head that brings endless mind-chatter. It judges everything and everyone and places these judgments into different boxes. It points its finger towards others and things labeling them good or bad, right or wrong. We invite you to go beyond wrongdoing or right-doing. Practice neutrality ad instead of being persuaded by your ego-mind to judge whether something is good or bad, try asking yourself what the situation or another person triggers you. What is it trying to teach me? What can I learn from this? How can I utilize this information for growth and the evolution of my consciousness? Step out of the mind-prison and into freedom, peace, and tranquility. Do not let your thoughts determine your reality. Focus on your feeling center. Embrace the idea that love is the only reality. What would love do? Focus on this question when the ego mind-chatter appears. Love, God, and light all emerge from the death of the ego. You are reborn when the ego dies; all suffering vanishes as if it never was. A deep sweetness and gentle joy emerge in your being for no apparent reason. You can‘t describe it to anyone, and you can‘t even explain it to yourself. It‘s enigmatic and unfathomable. You are then totally relaxed. You are feeling peace, calm, bliss and love radiating from the center of your being. It fills every cell of your body. It flows around you. It is a great light that penetrates everywhere.

Channel by Aurora Ray

healing therapies and upgrades on a quantum level. When she was 11 (1989) she was told that the internet would be invented to connect the earth-incarnated star people who were strategically placed all over the planet to begin their mission.

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She had been in training for her entire human life to step in as a teacher, healer, and master guide when the time of the great awakening and global ascension for humanity was to come.



Discover your ‘electric body’ and biofield, and how sound can harmonize your electromagnetic energy to address physical and emotional imbalances in the body... Experience a whole-body ‘tuning’ conducted with a tuning fork, which can slow down your brain waves and shift every cell in your body from dis-ease to ease. Most of us are aware that our body contains invisible energies. The concept of chi or life-force energy flowing through and around us is ancient and well established... Yet, did you know that this energy has electromagnetic qualities... and that just the correct type of sound can have the positive effect of “harmonizing” your “electric body” to promote optimal wellbeing? Sound-healing therapies are used in medical facilities across the 40

globe to address PTSD and its associated symptoms, including anxiety, sleep challenges, grief, depression, anger, and panic attacks... And they’ve shown remarkable success in helping lessen the tremors in Parkinson’s patients, in calming autistic adults, and assisting the anxious and agitated in homeless shelters to achieve and maintain a state of peace and homeostasis quickly. Sound-healing therapies also address fibromyalgia, digestive issues, autoimmune disorders and boost the immune system. Plus, sound healing just plain feels good! If you’ve ever experienced it — whether through the vibrations of a tuning fork, drum, Tibetan singing bowls, gong, or even specially composed music — you’ll attest that it can leave you in a delicious state of calm relaxation. Stress, even pain, dissipates, and feelings of joy filter in as your brain waves slow down and every cell in your body shifts from dis-ease to ease. In this healing 60-minute online event with renowned soundtherapy practitioner Eileen McKusick, you’ll discover and experience the balancing effects a tuning fork can have on your biofield (the energy field that surrounds and permeates your body). Eileen uses a tuning fork to help create the optimal flow of your electromagnetic energy by sending out vibrations that detect a physical or emotional imbalance, which shows up as resistance and turbulence in your biofield. In essence, she’s sending out sound to detect imbalances — and listening for the sound that indicates that balance or resonance has been established. Experience a Whole-body “Tuning” and Discover the Benefits of Harmonizing Your Biofield with Sound Ultimately, the use of coherent tones on and around the body reduces dissonance and resistance in the body’s electrical system, allowing for optimal flow of your electromagnetic energy and an overall state of wellbeing. Simply put, sound healing through the use of a tuning fork creates vibrational frequencies that allow the body to “tune” itself.


Naica’s crystal cave captivates chemists Giant gypsum crystals reveal their secrets by Emma Hiolski

Deep below a mountain near Naica, Mexico, miners searching for fresh ore deposits in 2000 came across an unexpected and awesome sight. Massive, milky-white crystals towered around them, filling a horseshoe-shaped cave. Luminous beams of gypsum bigger than telephone poles, nearly 12 m long and 1 m wide, gleamed in the miners’ lights, jutting in all directions out of the brown limestone walls, floors, and ceiling. The Cave of Crystals, as it became named, is nestled 290 m underground, topped by a mountain rich in lead, zinc, and silver. Since its discovery by the mining company Industrias Peñoles, the subterranean chamber has drawn researchers from around the world, enticing them with both rare beauty and scientific mystery. Juan Manuel García-Ruiz, a crystallographer at the University of Granada, traveled all the way from Spain to see the crystals for himself. García-Ruiz had grown crystals in laboratory flasks since age 15, so walking among the Naica crystals was, for him, the moment of a lifetime. “When I entered the first time, after the first couple of minutes of stupor, I burst out laughing. I was euphoric,” he says. In the years since the crystals’ discovery, researchers—including García-Ruiz—have braved the cave’s oppressively hot and humid conditions to answer questions about the crystals’ origin and growth. Now, almost two decades later, having answered many of these questions, scientists are pivoting toward learning how to protect and preserve the crystals for future generations—if the forces at work in the mine and the mountain permit it. 41


This project was blessed by the Dalai Lama.


ne stone, in particular, is especially amazing. First discovered in Uruguay, South America, this 120 millionyear-old rock is the largest amethyst cave ever discovered in the world. It’s about 18 feet wide, large enough to sit in, and weighs 20 tons. The owners of the Crystal Castle purchased it from an Uruguayan farmer as a celebration of the Crystal Castle’s 30th year. In order to experience it, you’ll want to book the Enchanted Cave Immersion, an hour-long guided experience for you and up to 3 of your friends to meditate in the belly of this geode. The castle also has the tallest pair of bookmatched geodes in the world. The 18-foot tall smoky quartz geode was also purchased from the Uruguayan farmer. And in 2012, they added the only Kalachakra Stupa — a stupa (a moundlike structure containing relics used in Buddhism for a place of meditation) whose symbolism isn’t connected to the Buddha’s life but instead is used to protect against negative energies. It’s the rarest kind of stupa, and this project was blessed by the Dalai Lama. When they first began their venture on their 12-acre property, Naren King, the castle’s “managing dreamer,” was scoffed at as one of the “offbeat hippies out of the back of Byron Bay.” He and his family have since watched the dream come to success. The Shambhala Gardens are world renowned and the castle is considered a significant tourist attraction.



The Giant Geode of Pulpí – Unlocking the Mystery of the Giant Crystals This incredible natural space is the Geode of Pulpí, the closest thing in real life to Superman‘s Fortress of Solitude: an amazing egg-shaped cavern where jagged shards of brilliant, clear crystal jut from the walls like teeth in a dragon‘s mouth. The geode of Pulpí is an 11-meter hollow ovoid with crystal-paneled walls. It is like those familiar couplets of stone interiors covered with bright crystallites, but so large that several people can fit inside. The crystals, of up to two meters in size, are so transparent that they look like ice crystals. In this paper for Geology, Juan Manuel García-Ruiz and colleagues reveal the geological history that ended with the formation of the Pulpí geode. As far as geodes go, Pulpí‘s is a giant – one of the largest known geodes in the world in fact. In terms of cavernous chambers, though, it‘s actually tiny, but is large enough that multiple people can fit inside it at once, which isn‘t something you can say about most geode cavities. Like the giant crystals of Naica in Mexico, the crystals of Pulpí are gypsum (calcium sulfate with two water molecules). García-Ruiz says, “To reveal their formation has been a very tough task because unlike in the case of Naica, where the hydrothermal system is still active, the large geode of Pulpí is a fossilized environment.” The team performed a study of the geology and geochemistry of the abandoned mine where the geode was found, including a detailed mapping of the underground mining works, which has been used to allow the tourist visits in the mine. They found that the crystals of Pulpi formed at around 20 °C, at a shallow depth where the temperature fluctuations of the climate are still perceptible. These temperature fluctuations, being below the maximum solubility of gypsum (40 °C), led to the dissolution and recrystallization amplifying a maturation process that is known as Ostwald maturation. Says García-Ruiz, „This is somewhat like the temperature cycles in crystal quality control in industrial processes.“ A continuous supply of salt for the formation of the crystals was provided by the dissolution of anhydrite (the anhydrous form of calcium sulfate), the mechanism accounting for the formation of the large crystals of Naica. Because of their purity, the crystals forming the geode cannot be dated precisely. But indirect constraint can be done:

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