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Mental health and wellness support online

Mental health market size is HUGE! $15Bn spend on mental health and behavioral therapies

168M annual visits






avg visit fee



of these visits are treatable through


$15Bn Market Size

The model for Traditional Private Practice OďŹƒce is broken Why does this happen ?

42 % stop at 3 to 10 visits

20% Cancelation

High turn over rates & High cost of customer acquisition

Practitioners spend a lot of money to operate their business


20 %


spent on billing and advertising

spent on rent and booking

extra oďŹƒce expenses

= This means private practices are making just


out of a 80-$100/hr billing

We built Welpy to make a difference We started talking to patients and providers to see if we provided a tool that help providers to organize their business in a better way and offer patient an easier access to mental support, if it would result in streamlined operations and customer acquisition for providers and if the experience would be a lot better for patients as well

Would it work?

So we tested our ideas

1000 users

Beta testing with Survey on patients and practitioners

Here is what we learned:

Why people in need don't use traditional therapy?



Social Stigma

Too Expensive


Long Distance

No Instant Support

Tele-Mental health is fast growing

60M people in need =


468M 25% of americans are suffering from mental health deases

60% of cases are untreated

Representing a potential untapped market size

annual visits

= $42Bn






avg visit fee


Introducing Welpy

Welpy makes mental healthcare and wellness support easily available via mobile device.


It’s on demand, affordable and available 24/7

Here's how it works

Select a Pro - By specialty, price, rating, etc

Talk to a PRO - IM, video call, or phone Free or Affordable - Secure payment, Scheduling, NotiďŹ cactions

This is our improvements Product Status READY to make revenue Launch of Version 2 in March 17 (integrating network of providers)

Users/Providers status 1000 Users on Beta test Version 1 2000 Users on waiting list for Version 2 200 Practitioners on waiting list for version 2

We are


Patients and practitioners will be using welpy in a most secure way

Version 2 MARCH 17

Business model

Free registration for patients and providers


Pro Provider

Welpy takes 18% of each transaction Pro Provider Subscription (50/mo for premium provider features - analytics, automation, etc) Sponsored links (Featured listing)

Distribution / Market strategy Private practice professionals



Healthcare insurance plans


EAP insurance Brokers


= more patients =





$ $ $

The power of our technology “Welpy allows providers to earn 20% more revenue, compared to traditional practice” Providers Receive: Access a targeted audience Paid promotion to the community Decrease booking & invoicing expenses Reduced cancellation rates Increased payment guarantees Everything they need to work from any where. From finding the customer, to providing the booking system & the payment system

Patients Receive: Free community support, without being obliged to make online consultations with a Provider Search for qualified providers matching their needs. (price range / location / rating / speciality) Online consultation with as little as 15 Min sessions. Option to remain anonymous. Instant msg consultation, voice or Video call consultation.

Competition Why Welpy is different?

We Focus Only on mental health and wellness.

Mental health by Welpy is also about nutrition, sex, family, relaxation, professional life... We cover all

It’s easy to use

Unique approach

licensed professional in 5 clicks

Self monitoring with community or Online consultation with professional. Choose what’s more convenient

GTM Strategy

Value proposition

Convenient - Anonymous - 24/7


Partnered with 200 practitioners Intermediary marketplace - 18% commission on each transaction


Welpy simplify the access to mental health issues for people in needs and streamlined operations and increase revenue of providers

Revenue stream

First Focus on 1 target audience (Marriage issues) and then extend to others segment as: sexuality, nutrition, addiction etc‌

Metrics - Beta test V1

Welpy - Traffic Aquisition (Social)

Welpy - Traffic Aquisition

70% 30%





Customer acquisition cost (CAC):


1.30 $ US Cost per loyal user (CPLU):






3 $ US

We have the right team to execute the plan




MBA in ISG Business School, Paris, 2004. Branch co-founder of UK marketing agency TLC marketing. 2009 founder of luxury golf fashion brand L'etiquette. Distribution in 150 stores worldwide. Sold 70% of the company in 2013. 2014 founder of Welpy: Innovative mobile platform for mental health support. People lover, aimed to make their life better

Academic background in Marketing and Finance. Started in financial communication and marketing in Paris for Artemis subsidiary (Francois Pinault holding). Co-founder & CEO of a nearshore outsourcing digital and mobile agency based in Paris and Moldova (35+ employees). Partner & Manager for Continental Europe of a vertical marketing US startup (finance & insurance). Sold in 2015 to Quinstreet (Nasdaq: QNST). Wine lover: owner of a French Champagne brand. Like travelling for business and leisure.

University degree in Data Processing and Computer Science. 10 years of development experience. 20 applications developed. Managed groups of developers 40+. Examples from portfolio: Business Molodost, social network for young startupers. Expert, most popular app in Russia for HR recruiters / App for tow truck services SPARX. Passionate about programming & creating new ways to make life easier, invent electronic appliances and robotechnics.


Capital Needs

We are looking to raise We're looking for investors to join us in tackling a

$ 4 2 Bn

$900 K

untapped market that is in need of conveniency, anonymity and affordability to make mental health support easily available via mobile device

$900K will provide us a 15 months runway @ a $60K monthly cash burn

Use of funds $

Cost Structure


Key activities

Team (development) Software services & hosting Infrastructure Marketing activities Paid advertising Customers acquisition Providers acquisition

Development team: 8 engineers

APP Developpment Market validation Customers satisfaction Marketing activities Customers acquisition Providers acquisition

Support team: 4 persons Founder/co-founder: 3 persons


March 16

Macrh 17

June 17

Jan 18

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Phase 5

Beta test V1 1000 Users Feedbacks Market needs

Build V2 matching: Users feedbacks Providers needs

Launch V2 Partnered 50 PRO Market fit Price adjustement

Marketing push Start making revenue Growth patients base

Extend segment Extend distribution Growth PRO base

WRITE ME! I would be honored to share with you our viewing of how to change and improve mental health industry

You can find me at

Welpy presentation  
Welpy presentation