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Fears Subside and Safety is Ensured with a GPS Child Locator Keywords: GPS child locator, GPS child tracking A parent’s top priority is the safety of one’s children – however, there are times when it is not possible to remain informed of a child’s whereabouts, especially as that child grows older and more independent. Some parents elect to keep tabs on their children by providing them cell phones. However, others choose to be more vigilant when it comes to their children’s safety and elect to use GPS child tracking services to monitor their location. These services allow parents to track their children in real time with the use of a GPS child locator device that can be easily placed in a child’s backpack, clipped to a belt or shirt, or it can be hidden in the car of a teenager. With nearly 2,185 children reported missing every day, it is important to reduce the risk of harm by using a device that allows parents to follow their children throughout the day without the need to be physically present. GPS child tracking services provide the sense of relief a parent only has when their children are in their arms. The location of the child is picked up in the device by GPS satellites that then reflect the signal to the device of the parent’s choosing – typically a mobile phone or a home computer. Parents can view the child’s location either when they themselves are on the go or when they are expecting the child home at a certain time. In addition to real time tracking, these devices allow parents to set up boundaries marking different locations the child typically frequents. A parent can create virtual boundaries in the tracker, such as “home,” “school,” or a best friend’s house. The device will alert its owner when the child enters or leaves the areas that were previously set up. Parents will be knowledgeable of the time it takes for the child to get from one point to another, so it will be helpful in determining when to expect the child and when too much time has passed. One of the only companies that offers real time tracking in an affordable device is ChildTrack24-7. This company has the smallest GPS child locator device available on the market and includes an account with the GPS company Garmin to easily track the movements of the designated children. Learn more about the benefits of this device and help calm those fears by visiting

Fears Subside and Safety is Ensured with a GPS Child Locator