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The Purpose of the Plan of One Wholeness Now The purpose of the Plan of One Wholeness Now is to place our inno-sense in its proper celestial order by undoing the unnatural influence that body fear has imposed on whole sensory perception. The way this happens is by consciously introducing miracles into the unconsciousness to repair the emotional damage that has been done by introducing body fear into whole sensory perception.

Miracles work in time. All of time is regulated and controlled by the collective unconscious memories of those who inhabit said dimension. In 3D, we define our reality according to what we believe. Each belief is independently supported by individual consciousness. Many beliefs are passed on from generation to generation, which keeps them alive in the conscious mind. However, there are many unconscious memories that fill 3D time that do not contribute to the health and well-being of those who live in the 3D world. These are memories that have been contaminated with body fear. Body fear makes what is called a dead zone in time. Dead zones contribute to the unnatural belief that there is something in time that is harmful. These dead zones account for all disease, lack, hate, guilt, unhappiness, loss, depression, starvation, and the list goes on. If it were possible to eliminate the body fear that believes and supports this insanity in time, it would be possible to eliminate the unconscious memories that support the dead zones in time. There are 8 billion people in our world today, with billions of other people who have lived and died in the time that is defined as 3D. All of these people, both living and dead, have added to the distorted unconscious memory value that supports the dead zone in time. The purpose of the Plan is to provide the miracles necessary to build a miracle bridge across the dead zones in time. The only way this is possible is if we the people individually agree to support this Universal Plan by becoming actively engaged in said Plan. The Plan itself is 6000 years old and must have access to our individual free will if it is to work for the good of the people, and for the good of the whole world. Because free will is a Spiritual Right, the Living Laws that protect these Rights cannot be violated. For this reason, we the people must be willing to use the value in our free will for an individual higher purpose, and also for the good of the whole world. The Plan involves restoring individual inno-sense. Inno-sense is understood at a higher sensory level as whole sensory perception. This natural ability was lost individually lost due to an inaccurate understanding of what our emotions were for, and what the intellect is for. Individually, we have learned

to unconsciously place intellectual value in charge of our emotions. This has shifted the natural order of things. Because of this, we are unconsciously supporting dead zones in time, which are destroying our world. Before any problem can be solved, the whole problem must be addressed. Because the problem we are facing involves repairing time, where all unconscious memories are stored and support a fearful past, we are individually and globally in need of a Plan that will show us alternative solutions, which will repair time with miracles where the problem actually is occurring. This involves restoring whole sensory perception at the body level. This can only be done by being willing to relinquish body fear. By restoring inno-sense, or whole sensory perception, it is possible for our free will to be placed in its proper celestial order, thereby not only healing us individually, but also healing our world as well. The benefits of the Plan to restore us to One Wholeness Now are the restoration of whole health, whole abundance, and whole happiness. This will grant us entrance into the New Earth. The New Earth is waiting for the people, as its purpose is to house those who agree to the new conditions necessary to establish a New World.

The target of the Plan is not religious, nor does not include any idea that would interfere with specific core beliefs that would violate personal integrity. Its soul purpose is to exchange fear for Love, or miracles, by helping the individual understand and stabilize the proper celestial order of their personal free will. This will re-instate their higher identity value. By being willing to accept the Higher Laws of the Universe by undoing the gross violation that has been perpetrated against their inno-sense, the people will first open their mind to miracle value, which will replace fear, and then become aware of what it means to relate to everything in inno-sense, or whole sensory perception. This is also defined Universally as meeting the conditions of One Wholeness Now.

There is much information that is essential for the individual to learn and understand if the Value of Heaven is to be restored to the individual, and our world. Because our world has been held in a fearful bondage that has lasted for thousands of years, it is essential for us to begin to use our free will according to the terms of the Laws that protect it. This will give us access to Living Laws that do not obey the paper laws that this paper global society relies on for its reality.

The purpose of the plan of one wholeness now  

One Wholeness Now is a Universal Plan to restore Whole Sensory Perception to the people by integrating miracles into their unconscious mind...