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OVERVIEW Dear all, I am Cherie Tam, Presidential Candidate of the Undergraduate Law Society this year. Just two months have flown by since I began my legal studies, yet this little time has managed to convince me of my desire not just to be part of the community, but to contribute to our desires to elevate the Faculty of Law to new heights. Leadership in an academic backdrop is something I have yet to experience; the chance to lead a student body of almost 400 people is something previously unimaginable with sports teams and various other programs. I hope to successfully accommodate and integrate the wide range of interests within our student body, and reenact an environment ideal for nurturing future successes as to make us all proud. I believe our students and Faculty would greatly proliferate with the ULS’s work – a cause I am wholehearted dedicated and committed to, that we would share your concerns unequivocally and pave our ambitions to reality. An easy-going person, with my strong communication and interpersonal skills has helped establish a wide network of connections that would prove resourceful in event planning. I would also describe myself as a strong team player and leader, possessing an edge in settling conflicts, identifying individual strengths and problem solving. In addition, being reflective allows me to evaluate performances and come up with valid and realistic improvements. My stance is that there is no person bigger than the whole, hence arrogance sits no place with me and discourteous doings will not be tolerated. This ensures you, with your concerns and opinions are always heard and acted on by the ULS team. I am aware and ready of the responsibility that is bestowed with such a position – presence, confidence being vital elements alongside the demeanor to represent and serve Law students of CUHK. Past experiences have sufficiently endowed me with the imperative skill of leadership, including captaining sports teams, organizing volunteering projects amongst others – activities that wholly tested my organizational abilities and time management. I am confident I would be able to cope with ULS duties no matter how strenuous, that your needs are guaranteed to be listened to and followed up in our best efforts, that I possess the aptness to work alongside and guide our ULS team to deliver a truly enjoyable and unforgettable year for you all. Yours sincerely,

AIMS & MISSIONS Through my Aims & Missions, I hope to accomplish my overall goal of accommodating the wide range of interests within our student body, delivering an excellent experience reading Law at the institution, and most of all reenact an environment ideal for nurturing future successes as through the following: 1) Enhance relationships between the Faculty and students, bridging communication gaps; as well as between students 2) Ensure and create opportunities for self-development, enrichment and welfare 3) Foster a harmonious learning environment and the holistic integration of the student body 4) Promote outside image through increased interactions between institutions and legal bodies

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•Inauguration Ceremony •Joint-University Legal Professional Basketball League •NA Photo Day •Little Lawyer( if possible) •'Receive my love please!' •Annual General Meeting •CC Photo Day •Shaw Photo Day •Interview and CV Workshop •UC Photo Day •Faculty Photo Day •Talent Show •Careers Talk •Fairtrade Day

•Graduate YearBook


•Orientation Camp


Septemb er

•Second Hand Book Sale •Internship sharing Session •Boat/Yacht Trip •Joint Law University Night


•Joint University Law Conference •High Table Dinner •Volunteering Day

Novemb er

•Legal Soccer League

ACTIVITIES 1. Inauguration Ceremony Target: Years 1-4 students About: The inauguration ceremony marks the start of the newly elected committee who will serve the Faculty of Law community for the period of a year. Lawyers and other esteemed persons in the legal field will be cordially invited to give speeches and congratulations to successful candidates and extend messages to other students. There will be a drink reception with refreshments, a platform for conversation and exchanges. The aim of the activity is to motivate the committee as through the words of the guests, to officially recognize the start of their work and consult with the committee if needed. 2. High Table Dinner Target: Years 1-4 Law Students and the teaching staff at the Faculty of Law About: The High Table Dinner involves a welcoming speech by our professors and a lucky draw session with exciting prizes for attendees. The aim of the activity is to strengthen relationships between students, and between students and staff, and to act as a source of entertainment in our stressful studies. 3. Orientation Camp Target: Year 1 Law matriculates About: The Orientation Camp includes various ice-breaking activities – more typical and iconic games being ‘City Hunt’ and ‘CU Hunt’. There will also be water games in order to elevate atmosphere, having received complains last year from people who were quite upset of not having a ‘fully-wet water game’. The aim of the activity is to organize a welcoming reception for matriculates, facilitate relationships between matriculates and existing students, and allow delegated participants to take part in leadership positions.

4. Photo Days Target: Year 4 students About: Photo Days have both ‘College Photo Day’ and ‘Faculty Photo Day’ as composites. A balloon bridge and other decorations of choice will grace shooting venues at College Photo Days, in order to provide graduates visually stimulating photographs. The aim of the activity is to mark the progression of traditional rites of passage and create fond memories of undergraduate life. Endorsing graduating gifts for graduates are also on our part well-wishing them into their futures. 5. Joint Law University Night Target: HKU, CUHK, City University Law Students About: The Joint-Law University Night allows students from different Universities to go out and meet each other, engaging in past-time activities and also arranging catering services for refreshments and drinks. The aim of the activity is to foster closer ties between institutions, allowing students from different backgrounds to mingle, socialize and establish connections and friendships. And most importantly, to relax, enjoy and have fun! 5. Joint University Law Conference Target: HKU, CUHK, City University Law Students About: The Joint University Law Conference, which was also held this year, has been a very successful function and has benefited students’ in broadening views through discussion panels on broad topics. The venue would be appointed after relevant discussions later. The aim of the activity is to foster closer ties between the Law Departments of different institutions, and appreciate different trains of thought and legal knowledge through interactions with varied minds.

6. Joint-University Legal Professional Basketball League Target: HKU, CUHK, City University Law Students About: The Joint-University Legal Professional Basketball League is held annually between the 3 university law teams. Students are welcome to watch and support their friends and to interact with students of other universities. The aim of the activity is to allow students between institutions to know each other on a more personal level, encourage healthy living with an emphasis on sport, and provide a well-needed break between academia. 7. Legal Soccer League Target: HKU, CUHK, City University Law Students and lawyers of the Bar Association About: The Legal Soccer League is a soccer match held between the four parties. Similar to the Basketball match, students of all years are thoroughly welcome to spectate and join in the fun! The aim of the activity is to allow students between institutions as well as those in the legal profession to know each other on a more personal level, and encourage healthy living with an emphasis on sport. It would also serve as a time of entertainment and socializing. 9. ‘Little Lawyer’ Program Target: Years 1-4 students About: Though an activity first initiated by lawyer and former Legislative Council member Leung Kah-kit to Curpadis, there is possibility the program could be extended for another year. ‘Little Lawyer’ is a secondary school program set up by Leung to designate more exposure on legal studies for secondary students, whereby CUHK Law students are recruited as volunteers to educate, promote and provide insight on reading Law. The aim of the activity is to offer students a chance to contribute by all means to our community, to promote our Faculty through increased interactions with secondary school students and possible media exposures for a good cause, while establishing vital connections with top legal experts of Hong Kong.

10. Interview and CV Workshop Target: Year 1-4 students About: Interviews and CV workshops will recruit lawyers from all backgrounds to give advice on preparation for careers, ranging from imperative resume-writing abilities to soft and hard skills the legal profession seeks these days. There will also be a session on mock interviews, providing students with a rare opportunity to engage in conversations they will soon mirror in the near future. This activity aims to well-prepare our students for the outside world, making even better and well-rounded individuals to promote and enhance our reputation. 11. Careers Talk Target: Years 1-4 students About: Career talks would be given by barristers, solicitors and legal advisors in order to facilitate a holistic understanding of working in distinct legal fields. The provision of career talks provides students with a deeper understanding and realistic portrayal of what legal careers would be like, further encouraging a smooth transition from graduation to employment. 12. Volunteering day Target: Year 1-4 students About: Collaborating with certain organizations or hospitals organizing volunteering work for our students gives deeper insight into societal issues and needs. Volunteering work that pertains to specific fields additionally act as an opportunity to enhance career suitability (e.g. environmental law enthusiasts may be interested to engage in WWF volunteering). It is imperative to note the nature of volunteering is on the basis of voluntary, decreasing potential interference with studies and personal engagements. The aim of the activity is to offer an opportunity for self-development and fulfillment, and in the meantime demonstrate our samatarian characters to the general public.

13. Talent Show Target: Years 1-4 Law Students About: The Talent Show invites students for a chance to perform and showcase their inner muse with group or individual performances, and to display a rarely shown side of you to all of us! A prize for the best performance and best costume will be included. The aim of the activity is to promote interactions between the CUHK Law student body ‫‏‬through leisure and recreation, and to enhance creativity and encourage interesting minds. 14. Sampan/Yacht Day Trip Target: Years 1-4 students About: The sampan/yacht day trip acts as relaxation time for students who want to step out of the studying zone and invigorate the mind and the body. Food catering services will be organized, and activities, games and facilities provided – the trip so far is planned to be concentrated at the Sai Kung region by Aqua Pacific. The aim of the activity is to promote bonding between students, deliver an enjoyable and fun experience for relaxation, and to enjoy and appreciate the stunning environment we living in Hong Kong are blessed with. 15. ‘Receive my love please!’ Target: Years 1-4 students About: As a celebration for Valentine’s Day and its romantic tributaries, the activity allows industrious students to attend to other interests as through the help of us. Students may order flowers or chocolates to be delivered to other law students anonymously or may decide to be named. This is a fun activity that creates a sense of atmosphere, and in doing so may serve as a chance for students to de-stress.

16. Internship Sharing Session Target: Years 1-4 students About: Internship Sharing Sessions allow legal enthusiasts to share their invaluable experiences and insight, expanding our minds and clearing up any potential questions. The aim of the activity is to exchange opinions and get a deeper understanding of how things operate in the legal profession, pivotal to many of our future careers, and an opportunity to know what is expected of us. 17. Fairtrade Day Target: Years 1-4 Students About: Helping the less fortunate is our duty both as informed law students and as global citizens. The Fairtrade Day is an event where booths are set up and fair-trade goods sold or used in food and drinks sales, and student interaction is promoted. Certain items such as coffee and chocolate will be provided for free, in order to draw more attraction into visiting the fair. The current plan is to hold the Fairtrade Day a period before the exams start, invigorating students through such an activity and helping them relax before battling for their exams.

WELFARE 1. Second-Hand Book Sale Target: Years 1-4 Law Students Second Hand Book Sales allows alumni and seniors to sell legal textbooks and other publications to younger grades. A popular event annually, payment and ordering procedures will be kept efficient in order to gain productivity and also ensure accuracy of dealings. The aim of the activity is to tackle financial concerns amongst students of buying textbooks and other school materials, while promoting an environmentally conscious regime and image. 2. Folders/Notebook Targeting Years 1-4 Law Students, the creation of a CUHK Law folder/notebook is cost-feasible will be an original inventory that seeks to benefit our students, and orders will be dispatched and dealt by with a local manufacturer. The aim of making and distributing such products is to establish a stronger sense of identity and belonging in CUHK Law, while being practical in assisting students in organization and betterment of study and revision methods. 3. Graduate Yearbook Targeting Year 4 Law Students, the Graduate Yearbook will be designed by the Publication Secretary with help from outside publishers. The aim of the Yearbook is to act as a piece of invaluable memory of undergraduate life, and the reminder of their Alma-meter will offer our graduates the incentive to strive for CUHK values and to reminiscence their time here. 4. Zip-up Hoodies Pioneering a new design of hoodies by adding zips at the front as to deviate from custom, it is an innovative style that students can wear in and out of school. Hoodies are a cost efficient and popular choice of attire by university students, and in cooler months act as a good go-to choice for going to school and other places. The zips allow the hoodie to be easily wearable, so students could alternate their choice between strongly air conditioned rooms and the warmer weather outside.

5. Range of Accessories Men: ties, sleeve buttons and tie clips Women: Blouse pins These products will be obtained for law students as through a supplier, and prices will be adjusted for students hence it will be affordable. Accessories are a good addition to welfare, especially in times of emergency when students are suddenly summoned to events, especially business formal events. The fact that law students are often involved in formal occasions that require such attire also makes the inclusion of the availability of accessories desirable and useful. 6. Laptop Cases Computers are an instrumental learning tool that many students bring to school, for example easing the process of taking notes and also a chance to do assignments and various works. As a result, laptop cases are popular accessories and help with our schoolwork. The most common laptop sizes come in 11 and 13 inches and the cases will accommodate these dimensions, and will bear the ULS logo. Manufacturers will supply our orders. 7. Student Discounts Discounts for shopping and dining will be obtained for law students, in areas ranging from Tai Wai and Sha Tin (due to proximity to the University) and to Causeway Bay (being a hub for many social events).





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