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THE RATTLERS END THE SEASON ON A GREAT NOTE The SLO Rattlers scored seventeen runs in the last two games

San Luis Obispo, CA (August 2, 2010) –

The San Luis Obispo Rattlers The SLO Rattlers ended the season with a two game winning streak. The longest winning streak the Rattler had this year was a six game streak that from July 6 to July 17. The Rattlers shutout four different teams this year. Three of the games were 11-0 shutouts. In July they had back to back shutouts with an 11-0 shutout against the California Wahoos and the next night a 6-0 shutout against Team Vegas. The SLO Rattlers had a 21-26 record, a 13-15 home record, a 711 away record, a 1-0 neutral record, and an 11-25 CCL record. SLO Rattlers batter Gabriel Loweree has the highest slugging percentage at .438. Daniel Howell has the second highest at .436 and Brett Wise’s is the third highest at .435. Brett Wise has a team high .484 on base percentage. Gabriel Loweree has the second high on base percentage at .432. Davey Schultz scored twenty-three runs. Chris Hoo, Daniel Howell, Tommy White, and Scott Phillion are tied at three with hit by pitches. Davey Schultz and Jimmy Allen have a team high four sac bunts. Davey Schultz and Robert Vickers have team high two sac flies. Rattlers pitcher Richie Mirowski lead the team with a 1.64 ERA. Mike Massari had a team high four wins. Rattlers starting pitcher Jeremy Gonzales led the team with ten starts. Pitchers Mike Massari and DJ Gunderson led the team with twenty appearances. The Rattlers had ten saves with Marc Damon getting five of them. Richie Mirowksi, Kirk Fridrich, and Jeremy Gonzales led the team with 44.0 innings pitched. Mason Radeke had a .095 opposing batting average. Scott Phillion, Kyle Wise, and Gabriel Loweree are the only three non pitchers to not commit an error. Joe Etcheverry had a team high two hundred and thirty-five chances and two hundred and twenty-two putouts. Robert Vickers had a team high ninety assists. Joe Etcheverry had turned the most double plays with thirteen. Catchers Brandon Lee and Chris Hoo are tied for the lead in caught stealing by with eight batters caught.

Rattlers Batting Stats

As a team, the Rattlers batted .245 with sixty-three doubles, eleven triples, six home runs, and 183 RBIs. Brett Wise has the highest batting average at .348. Gabriel Loweree has the second highest batting average at .344. Joe Etcheverry led the team with thirty-eight hits. Davey Schultz had thirty-seven hits and Jimmy Allen had third-five hits. Joe Etcheverry led the team with ten doubles. Daniel Howell had seven doubles, Robert Vickers had six doubles, and Justin Crumply had four doubles. Daniel Howell led the team with twenty-eight RBIs. Joe Etcheverry had twenty-five RBIs. Nigel Morton had a team high two triples. Daniel Howell had six home runs. Robert Vickers had a team high twenty-six walks. Joe Etcheverry had nineteen walks.

Pitching Strikeouts The Rattlers pitching staff has struck out 389 batters this year. On June 2, against the Cal Poly Club Team, the Rattlers recorded a season high 16 strikeouts. On June 20, against the Santa Maria Valley Packers, the Rattlers recorded a season second best 15 strikeouts. Richie Mirowski led the team with the 53 strikeouts.

Stealing Extra Bases The SLO Rattlers are 45 for 58 in stealing extra bases this year. Nigel Morton has the most stolen bases with nine. Six players are perfect when it comes to stealing extra bases.

Going… Going… GONE! On June 2 the Rattlers got their first home run of the season from Daniel Howell. He leads the team with four six runs. He hit a grand slam on July 13 against the Santa Maria Valley Packers. On July 31, he hit two home runs in the game against the Conejo Oaks.

Rattlers on a Roll The hits continue to come for the Rattlers. Jimmy Allen has the longest hitting streak at ten games. He recorded a hit in every game from July 5 to July 21. Davey Schultz, Joe Etcheverry, Robert Vickers, and Matt Anderson have the second longest hitting streak at eight games. Davey Schultz recorded a hit in every game from June 30 to July 18. Joe Etcheverry recorded a hit in every game from July 3 to July 20. Robert Vickers recorded a hit in every game from July 5 to July 21. Matt Anderson recorded a hit in every game from July 23 to August 1. Scott Phillion and Jimmy Allen have the third longest hitting streak on the team at seven games. Scott Phillion had a hit in every game from June 13 to June 23. Jimmy Allen recorded a hit in every game from July 24 to August 1, 2010. Davey Schultz and Tommy White have the fourth longest hitting streak at five games. Davey Schultz recorded a hit in every game from June 1 to June 5. Tommy White recorded a hit in every game from June 3 to June 13.

It Takes Two… The Rattlers have turned twenty-two double plays this year. On June 13, in the second game of the doubleheader against Team Vegas Baseball Club, the Rattlers turned three double plays.

Searching for the Cycle Joe Etcheverry and Zach Steele have been the only two players this year to come close to hitting for the cycle. They were both a home run shy of the cycle on June 29 at the SLO Blues.

Outfield Goes the Distance Center fielder Davey Schultz threw out a Santa Maria Pilots runner at home trying to score from second on July 12. Right fielder Zach Steele gunned down a Team Vegas runner trying to score on a fly out on July 18. Left fielder Matt Anderson caught a fly ball in left field foul territory with a Barons runner at third trying to score and he threw out the runner out a home on July 29.


For more information please visit or email Cherie Smith at The SLO Rattlers Players Awards night is August 2, 2010.

SLO Rattlers Press Release - August 2, 2010 (Final)